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I'm thinking in studying LDA (liscence in Digital Animation/art) since it uses what i'm good at the most i think but i'm not actually sure of how things might go in the industry, i'll have to fucking work in the industry before i can just "settle down" and do my own projects yet you know how the workflow is today so i'm scared i might not even get a job, what are you guys actually working on? (as in profession) pic related, a very crappy airplane i made, i'm barely starting to use 3d
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saw dawn of the planet of the apes. I predict it will be the winner of best vfx for the oscars. It is just so good. The facial animation is the best I have seen just above avatar. Also great tier story.

Bored and need a project to practice

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If anyone has a 3d model of an architectural scene or room i will texture it, light it and render it for you. I'm bored and need a project. Scenes can be exterior or interior. Will be vray.
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any good videos on learning organic modeling?

The worst idea ever

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I am going to do something against every ounce of better judgement I have a post a work in progress thread of my film. The image posted in this first post is the first frame that will appear on the screen for 3 seconds and will be the title card and credits. It is going to be a full length feature film based on Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis/Die Verwandlung". I have been working conceptually on this film for over 7 years and it is nearing completion as I need to move on with my life, as much as I would like to continue to improve my skills and improve the conceptual elements in the film. For the record I am 28 years old and have been pursuing a career in art for probably close to 13 years now, before that it was just an interest in drawing cartoons etc. I attended SCAD for 4 years with a 5th year taking some courses and working on this film, but technically left without a degree even though I had enough credit hours to graduate because I was fed up with certain elements of the administration there. This film will represent many years of struggle, hard work, research, tears etc. Originally this film was going to be a short feature, but it has turned into a full length production over the course of its development. I was originally going to gather a team to help me complete it, but I have decided against that and am now just doing the entire thing by myself. That is all that really needs to be said, my twitter account is here: https://twitter.com/paulemclaughlin and the final film will be uploaded to my youtube and vimeo accounts hopefully within the next 4-12 months, or possibly sooner if things transpire quickly. Expect regular updates as I am pushing production of this out the door as quickly as possible because I have moved back in with my parents and have been living here for the past 5 years working on this film. Take care.

c4d question

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i know not a lot of people on here use c4d but i need help with it. I'm creating a falling scene and i need to use dynamic animated clothing while my character is falling. Like when the character is falling, his clothes are subject to forces like wind. I need to know how to create such cloth with the cloth tag that it would stay on my character. Any help would be great.
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Wip 'em out big boys. Old dead is here. >>430078
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Just finished my character. Any crits?
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Alright, so I tried out a polypainting tutorial, and I think this looks okay, but obviously not up to snuff.: http://imgur.com/iEM3s2w,CF5Jjow,5Ki6Xji Is there any general tips that you guys could give to make this thing come to life? Any trouble areas that I could fix? I'm fairly new to Zbrush, so if there's some sort of plugin, button, or function that I could or should utilize, please tell me! Any and all help would be appreciated, and thank you!
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Hi /3/ I was redirected here by /g/ so apologize me for being a newfag. I have the following problem/question: in Inventor 2012 I have 4 nearly identical parts, that were created by duplicating a "mother" part 4 times and then making small changes in every copy. Now, whenever I want to change something to the base, I have to do this in all 4 parts individually. Is there a way in Inventor to have parts "inherit" changes from other parts, so I only have to make the changes once and they are automatically distributed to the 4 copies? Sorry if this question has been asked before. This would save me tons of time!
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So I rarely come to /3/, but every time I do there's at least software war thread. I apologize in advance if I start another one. I wanna make videogames. My ultimate dream would be to make it as an indie, and I really don't see myself ever going for the AAA studio-type jobs. ( implying I'll ever get that gud, I know) But keeping my goals in mind, should I really concern myself with making sure I'm good at using industry standard software? I have a professor right now who told me it's a waste of time learning Blender and the like because no studio I'll ever work at will use them. But I've been using Blender for video game mods and such, and I'm starting to get comfortable with the interface. I guess what I'm asking is if it's really important for me to use the "right" software if I want to get into this industry. (also if the industry expects me to know zbrush and maya and the like do they honestly expect me to do so without resorting to piracy because as a starving student i do not have a couple thousand bucks to blow on software and the "education" versions a shit)
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What the hell is the actual anatomical name for the type of limb that animals have where the wrist/ankle actually makes up a knee. Are they any harder to rig than a humanoid limb?

Particles in Unity

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How do I achieve this look? How can I get the fire/rain to get that look? And the assets? is it a custom shader? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mafqOj3bwgs
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if im using zbrush and have a model thats like 10 million polys, then use decimation master to bring it down to say 1 million. Can i then add even more detail back to 10 million and then use decimation master again to bring it back to 1 million and so on and so on?
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how does autodesk "know" if you bought their license or not? Can't you just import your model into blender and export it to get rid of any distinguishing metadata? is it just an honor system
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2-2R-mpin0 Feedback please :)

Need help with an .STL file

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ok guys, i just got a box on my porch this morning, it was my new 3d printer, i have some experience with 3d models. not much tho, i was able to calibrate it fine, and load the software fine, and looked thru thingiverse fine, got my file, loaded it, and the print started fine, obviously there was an issue. the issue being this printer has issues going from straight up surfaces to a horiztontal surface, this was an underneath surface, it failed, so the past couple hours have been me trying to learn more abou 3d models to fix my issue, im failing and i would like the request of someone who knows theyre stuff! this is where you guys come in, my request is simple, i need a single part of a 3d model cut off, and thats all. i lack the software and the knowhow to do it, and i know this is a SUPER simple thing for one of you, heres the link to the file i would like edited, and the image here is what id like removed. Can someone please help me so i can make my first print without fail! (and costing me $ this filament is pricey) I need the file to STAY .stl and be leveled, u guys know what Im talking about. Thanks in advance! I will totally post a picture here of the successful print once its done! it says 2 hours ish for my .2mm print speed. Again thanks in advance. File I Want Used: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:21730 If someone doesnt mind doing this awesome favor for me that would rock, when you got it done, let me know if theres a place you can upload it for me from? maybe a link? however you wanna do it, i look forward to it. -HumbleAnon
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Meanwhile, on bizarro /3/...
Trying out 3d texture painting... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Trying out 3d texture painting in Photoshop CC. Got all these separate meshes so I can single them out while painting. > Export OBJ > Open in Photoshop > Meshes are merged together Is there a way I can get my meshes on separate layers in Photoshop without having to save every single mesh to a OBJ?
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Looking for beginner ideas to model. What is your earliest model you have saved or remember making? Pic is my very first project.
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