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Is Digital Tutors /3/... 8 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Is Digital Tutors /3/ approved? I'm just starting out, and I chose 3DS Max over other programs because of the amount of tutorials it has, and seeing how nearly the entire website can be acquired for free I went with DT. Thoughts? Are they any good? I've gone through 30-50 hours pure video alone and I'm checking if I've done the right thing.
I have this black and white... 14 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I have this black and white texture here that is supposed to be applied in some way to the course. Where does it go exactly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7jOETxZb4k It looks like it makes the trees 3d because right now they are 2d and flat. Any ideas?

A bit of advice in the right direction

A bit of advice in the right... 8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hello /3/ im sorry to be a noob and stuff but we all were at some point right :(. I wanted to ask if someone knows tutorials for Maya to creating low polygon scenery for Maya? I tried to google a lot and found only a few but they were not really tutorials and they were for Cinema 4D and Blender (or well the blender one i can somehow see what he is doing and relate to Maya) so i did not really know how to relate that into Maya. What i wanted to do is basically something in the line of this http://31.media.tumblr.com/d4697bf9ac03493940c49ae13e5e49d7/tumblr_mgbea303Kb1r46py4o1_1280.jpg http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/cmsdata/features/3438069/Waterfalls-688.jpg The tutorials videos i found were: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckgLop3vceg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOJJdxWMvbo http://vimeo.com/53733403 :-( i admit i am still a complete noob, i have been only modelling for a few months now and gotten the basics, but i feel completely retarded on low polygon stuff, since most of the links and tutorials i can find are for detailed modelling so i have been practicing that :-( can someone push me in the right direction where i might find tutorials or able to study a bit of low polygon modelling like in the pictures and videos ? :-( Pretty please..
So I got bored and made this... 13 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So I got bored and made this thing. What can I do to improve it after I add in the head and the texture?
I'm going to setup the... 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I'm going to setup the second arm of a character. Setup consists of triple joint chain with ik-fk blend, ik-fk switch and a forearm twist system I invented. I'm bored tho, so I thought if anyone is interested I might stream it on G+ with an account I just made Consider it as a free rigging lesson...? If no one shows interest I'm going to rig it alone, of course. But this might be fun.
Hi, could anybody give ma... 2 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hi, could anybody give ma advice on how to model a city/town to be used in a car game? I am planning to model my town and wasn't sure how to go about it, my initial thought was 1. get google maps area shot 2. model out the roads from the picture 3. start working on pavements and fences 4. finish up with houses Does that sound like a good plan?
any way of making freeze... 14 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click to view.
any way of making freeze transformations not reverse normals on a mesh with negative scale in maya 2013 ? (apart from upgrading to 2014 )
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZRSqR6p3gIWell,... 5 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZRSqR6p3gI Well, /3/ What do you think of this masterpiece?
I just found this boardAny... 9 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I just found this board Any thoughts on CAD? Its wut I do
Why are Maya/Max so expensive?... 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Why are Maya/Max so expensive? What can these applications do that every other renowned 3D package can't? I've tried many 3D software before; learned in Maya, now a C4D user, and while I'm no expert by any means I know most decent apps can do modeling, texturing/shading, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering just fine, unless it's a specialized app like Modo, Zbrush or Houdini. Seriously, can they work on a higher poly count than the rest? Higher than say 100 millions? (I rarely see people working past 50 million since they use proxies, etc. And I've worked fluidly on a C4D file with more than 26 million in the past). Do they support obscure technologies? Better renderers? (Vray is supported by most apps anyway and Mental Ray is shit compared to Vray) What?!?
Hey /3/i am currently... 4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey /3/ i am currently modelling a complete monopoly game. but i need some helpers, to model the tokens for example. if you wanna be part of this, contact me and tell me what you're good at. chanbud@gmx.de lets make this awesome!
/3/ super noob to sketchup.... 7 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
/3/ super noob to sketchup. Yeah, I know.. it's sketchup. But right now it's all I have to use. I'm trying to match this photo but have no idea where to put the boxes since there are no buildings around. Pls halp?
I spent last week learning... 11 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I spent last week learning ZBrush and completed this over the weekend. Thoughts?
Animating this... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Animating this "show" is a fate worst than death for an animator
I need help creating some... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I need help creating some low/mid-poly spell effects. Best way to animate them? >How do I make an object appear and disappear in an animation >Particles? I really don't know where to start other than geometry with an alpha texture. Also how do I into vertex alpha for better lookign gradients?
Is anyone here good with Maya?... 7 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Is anyone here good with Maya? I'm working on an animation with HumanIK, and the scale tool suddenly stopped working properly. It's supposed to allow me to drag the whole body, but nothing happens when I pull at the handles, unless I cross over from positive to negative or vice-versa on an axis, in which case that bone's linked part of the model flips 180 degrees. The rotation tool still works, and I have nothing pinned down (according to the HumanIK). I already tried resetting the scale tool. What should I do now?
I'm just starting out on... 6 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I'm just starting out on texturing. I've been working on making a texture from scratch, and so far I think it looks okay. What can I do to improve on it?

3Ds Max FumeFX Fire Effect

3Ds Max FumeFX Fire Effect 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So, I've been trying to... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So, I've been trying to teach myself 3D Modelling, been using Blender, and this is probably my first real attempt. Hands and feet I just slapped together because I'm not too worried about them at the moment. Anyway, I was wondering about how to go about the eyes. The character's design has the eyes change depending on the angle you view him at. In this picture, it looks good from the front and side views, but any other view, it looks off. Also, the eyes are visible from the top and back of the head at the moment when they shouldn't be. Any suggestions? Something to do with normals? Is it even possible? Heck, can you even have a model appear in a game or something with the x-ray still on?
ok /3/I'm planning on... 21 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click to view.
ok /3/ I'm planning on converting this animation (my sketch) to 3D to make sprites on unity. But I have a question: How can I model the skirt animation? I seriously doubt blender cloth engine will replicate the 2D feeling. What should I do? shapekeys?
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