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Hey 3DCG,I made this thread to... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey 3DCG, I made this thread to request if someone can open the following 3DS MAX files, save them for 3DS MAX 2011 and then upload them. This would be very much appreciated. There's 2 save files in the zip, they include a safe model made for a game called blockland, the models will be placeable safe bricks. Link: https://docs.google.com/uc?authuser=0&id=0B8SNfLOJ9kJva1lleGE2NFBKVm8&export=download
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Do 3d modelling programs exist for phones and are they any good?
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Please: i need some explain on how to crop a .ojb file in order to make differents .obj files

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I want to be honest by start saying that I have no interest on 3D desing (for now). But im trying to do a clip in after effects that requires the use of .obj files, more precisely, a human body. I already have the body in .obj, but i need to partition it, in a way i would end with .obj files of his head, his arm, his foot, etc. The question is: Would anyone tell me which program do i need for this? And how? I already have blender and photoshop cc 2014
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what is the cheapest way of doing 3d motion capturing and why isn't there an open source, 2-consumer-grade-cameras-solution for blender yet?
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Hey /3/, I'm about to make a big decision in my life right now. I've got an application to Bournemouth Uni that was just accepted, but I'm also currently doing an Architecture course in Florence, which is very competitive and would be sort of a shame to leave. I've already somewhat tried Computer Animation at Bradford, but the course there was garbage along with the rest of the city so I don't know if I got the right experience from animation yet. Thing is, I realized that I don't really enjoy 3D animation and modelling that much. I much prefer things like level design or 2D animation. My long term goal is to be an Art Director. Still, would it truly be worth it to go through 3 years of Computer Animation even if I found it tedious and would only really be there for the 2D aspect? On the other hand, Architecture is a beautiful course and I'm heavily leaning towards it right now. I draw a lot as well, and I would want to take advantage of my abilities. I don't need you to tell me to go or not... I'd just like to hear from people who have taken 3D modelling and animation courses.
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What does /3/ think about the World of Warcraft cinematics? Or any Blizzard cinematic for that matter! Really well made, no? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLzhlsEFcVQ#t=248
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did ANY of you actually sell something on turbosquid? if yes, what and for how much.
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Behold, Lord Yog Sothoth: http://youtu.be/5iUKndubs4Y
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Why are my textures overlapping? Shows up in renders too. Depending on the angle one will overlap the other one. Maya here btw.
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so, how do I create wallpaper paste inside blender? with its long, gooey strands and it has to be more opaque the thicker it is on the surface.

Toon Shading / 3d anime

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Im very new to 3d animation but I want to get better. I've been doing blender tutorials on Youtube and they have been fun. Eventually I want to be able to make 3d Anime Cartoons. I like the style of Roosterteeth's RWBY, and would like to figure out how they make their cartoons. Whatever you think about the show (I haven't started watching it), I think it looks very good and is the style I want to be able to model in. Does anyone here know how to do it? Toon shading seems very hard to get into. Are there any good tutorials for it? What program is in my picture? Is there a best program for toon shading?
0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view. Spawn at beach. You see the loli models they converted from 3DCG > MMD > Unity. How do I get them to render like Pic related

Head toplogy help

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Trying to model a basic base head with all the edge loops that I can then prettify in zbrush and add to my base head library. How can I fix the toplogy on this to make it animation-ready? I feel like it's almost there (tested it in smooth-mode) but the line that goes from the nose to the mouth doesn't create the creases I want. A paintover of some kind would be greatly appreciated
Not the best place to post but... 4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Not the best place to post but since a lot of you are also proficient with 2D Anyone interested in working for a nearly finished mobile game for 50% of the profits? You would have to match the style in the image, and be available to work at least 5 hours 3 days a week for about a month. You'll need flash for this project, and I will teach you how to use myself. It won't take more than a few hours for you to get started on it and I'll always be there guiding and reviewing your flash work pointing out any errors, so you are covered. If you are interested, send me an email over coderguy8@hotmail.com with some of your relevant sample work. I have already released some flash games (some were frontpaged on newgrounds) and one mobile game, so this is for real. All that is needed is art assets so I can finally release this thing. A few notes: >We will sign over email (extremely simple process) a contract that stipulates the terms, and where it states you are entitled to 50% of the profits >I will add your email to itunes connect and to google┬┤s play store so you can check out sale numbers yourself, full transparency on that >After you have done some work, I can pay you a small symbolic amount (say $50 or $100 dollars depending on the amount of work done) if that will make you more comfortable >3 artits already worked on this project. You might have seen me posting here before. The original artist is a good friend who now has health problems and can't draw as long so he quit and told me he forfeit his 50% share. The second artist made 1 unfinished enemy and disappeared, and the third made 3 enemies and quit after the finishing the last enemy, as college started again and he couldn't find the time to draw anymore. I ended up paying him a small amount for his time to end things in good terms. All previous artists have signed documents stating they have no % share on the profits anymore, so I have 50% to share with someone again.
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Hi everyone. I'm a noob in 3d editing but I want to do, I think, two easy things. I took from internet a model of the folding stock of the SPAS 12 shotgun. I want to remove two things and make a hole in the design. I use Blender, but have no idea how do it XD. Any tips??
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I'd like to know what is the most common way of making a low polly model from high polly model as well as normal's map baking from that model? I've made a high polly model in Zbrush and now I want to make a low polly version that's going to be used in game. I looked up and it seems that there are several ways to do it and I have no idea which one is better. Soft I am using: -3ds Max 2012 -Zbrush 4R6
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ok guys so i need the mirror to be bassed on the origin of the red axis you see in the picture, but for some reason whenever i add the mirrir modifier it makes it go there, i dont use the mirror much so im probably missing something

Job Offer: Sketchup Modeler

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More than a week ago I posted a notice looking for someone familiar with / knows how to use Sketchup, AutoCAD or other 2D CAD Formats. While I am grateful at those who responded, there seems to be a bit of misunderstanding because nearly all the price quotes are for finished rendered images / animated movie walkthrough which is not exactly what we are looking for. Basically, what we need is a "Native" Sketchup model based on 2D CAD Drawings. Model must be layered and grouped to make viewing the inside of the model easier. Model must have basic textures / color. No Rendering / Shadow Bake required. Preferred but not required, Sketchup 8 format. (See illustration attached) Job is per project basis. Email us at: info@solterraph.com Please, give us a price quote and how long will it take to do. (Example: A home/house and a Large Factory). Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Regards, John

What's Blender good for?

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Hey /3/ I'm just going to begin my journey in 3d modeling and I was wondering what Blender is good for? It's cheap and I'm a poor guy who can't afford 3ds max
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