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Hi everyone. I'm a noob in 3d editing but I want to do, I think, two easy things. I took from internet a model of the folding stock of the SPAS 12 shotgun. I want to remove two things and make a hole in the design. I use Blender, but have no idea how do it XD. Any tips??
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hey /3/ how do you like my project
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>2 years ago >be 3d student >think i was good enough to get a job in the vidya game industry >be happy as fuark >start applying for jobs after graduating >not getting any bites >"oh thats ok the industry must be kinda slow right now" >months pass >"hmm this is weird, I haven't even been asked for an interview yet" >a sweat down my forehead starts to drip slowly >start examining my folio more closely >compare my folio to professionals in the industry >realize I was fucking pathetic at modeling and no company in their right goddamn mind would hire me >be on verge of suicide >uninstall Maya >cry self to sleep almost every night >give up all my hopes and dreams of being a modeler for Bungie or 343 >come to grips that modeling wasn't my destiny >realize my place in this world wasn't sitting in front of a computer modeling high polygon weapons, vehicles and buildings >one day wipe ass with 3d degree then flush down toilet >start learning to program >get in industry as programmer >am happy >will never open Maya or any goddamn 3d software again
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why is it that if someone has SOME triangles in their mesh and people spot them, they lose their shit and shit all over the artist until he gets rid of the triangles? what's so bad about having some triangles in your mesh? I understand that it might make problems in animated areas but what about parts where almost no deformation takes place? what about mixed scenes with quad characters and triangle objects like stones?
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Starting my first UV map; Automatic mapping to start, then selecting parts I want to be a single 'island' i cylindrical map it and everything seems to go bad... Hope my picture helps.

Job Offer: Sketchup Modeler

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More than a week ago I posted a notice looking for someone familiar with / knows how to use Sketchup, AutoCAD or other 2D CAD Formats. While I am grateful at those who responded, there seems to be a bit of misunderstanding because nearly all the price quotes are for finished rendered images / animated movie walkthrough which is not exactly what we are looking for. Basically, what we need is a "Native" Sketchup model based on 2D CAD Drawings. Model must be layered and grouped to make viewing the inside of the model easier. Model must have basic textures / color. No Rendering / Shadow Bake required. Preferred but not required, Sketchup 8 format. (See illustration attached) Job is per project basis. Email us at: info@solterraph.com Please, give us a price quote and how long will it take to do. (Example: A home/house and a Large Factory). Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Regards, John
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Well I just posted this but I can't find it on the board so I'll try again. This time a little condensed. Someone posted a cool vid involving celestial perspective. >if want >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNlLnaJiGY8 Awesome, but inaccurate. TLDR description of why inaccurate by creator. Fuck that shit: open blender Used cross multiplication to get the necissary values for a solar system to scale where earth is equal to one unit. >01 = diameter of Earth >30 = distance from Earth to Moon >11 = diameter of Jupiter Deleted cube Added UV sphere Scaled to .5 times the size (1 earth = 1 grid cell) Duplicated Earth Moved 30 cells right Rotated 80 degrees along X Scaled to 11 times the size >Jupiter is now where the moon would be (assuming, probably incorrectly, that the distance of orbiting bodies are measured from the center rather than the surface) Select Earth Select Face on Equator Period on number pad to bring in. Realize I might as well be a satellite Zoom in with mouse Earths mesh tears around view port... So /3/, how do I get a human scale perspective from the earth cube. And how can I go about making sure the view port size of any renders or video imitates what dimensions of what a human might see while looking at the night sky? I really wanna know what it would look like to see Jupiter drift by at that distance.

Texture thread

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TEXTURE THEAD. Programs. Tuts. Work. Inspiration. Critical reviews. I'm currently working on photo realistic skin and organic creature textures, any help? Some inspiration as well
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How do I fix this? I don't want to create any more loops or end it near another section with a different flow. 1/2


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So, cgpersia is gone - what's you alternative if there is any? I actually liked the forum quite a bit. pic not related
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I have a question /3/ as a 3d artist i try to have the knowledge of and the skill to create anything. my strongest skills are human/creature anatomy aliens and hard surface sculpting in zbrush.... i tried learning poly modeling in max for cars and such and i faild hard and it wasn't really my thing, i didn't have a feel for it.. same with architecture... so /3/ is it bad that i can't do these things? should i focus on learning it or just focus on my specialty, which is zbrush
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Is there a way to draw textures seamlessly in Photoshop? Like, pic related, when you overlap the seam, whatever you're drawing passes on to, like, over there? There's probably a name for it, but since I don't know it, I couldn't "Google it".
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Hey /3/ I just started with CAD modelling and i finished my first thing. took me about 20 minutes because i had to look sometimes for the values. What do you think?
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>>438231 Hi /3/ Wanted to ask you guys a question, I'm gonna be starting a basic CAD class, but in order to join I need to buy a laptop that can run Solidworks. Do you think an i5 4210u is good enough to run Solidworks relatively fast and reliably for an intermediate type of project? This is an idea of what I'm thinking of getting http://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-2-in-1-13-3-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-500gb-hard-drive-black/5827062.p?id=1219163973258&skuId=5827062&st=categoryid$abcat0502000&cp=1&lp=1
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My boss asked me what software he'll gonna guy for me to use; ArchiCAD 18 or Revit? which one is the best investment /3DCG/? (we do projects in Scandinavian countries)

Gun Download

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Well I created this gun in blender fron a friends drawing and I pretty much have no use for it so if you wana download and use it go for it. I also suck at texturing so its plain white. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0eZU1x1ioZEcWtRRzRqX0p6dU0/edit?usp=docslist_api
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Hey /3/, is any of you guys making a living or at least stable income from selling 3D models online? I want to get into this market, but I don't know if I will make enough out of it to call it "stable". I am not looking for 4 figures income, maybe something around 150 to 300 dollars a month top or so. Nothing too fancy. How good do I need to be if I want to make that much? Pic related, what I made like half a year ago with Blender. I use C4D now, but I don't know how good I need to be to start selling. Just need some indication, sort of like a goal for self improvement.
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Noob question here, but please help. So i'm trying to import a model from sketchup into 3ds max, but the topology always looks really fucked up when i load it into max, and it's always split into 500 objects. How do i fix this?

rendering help

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So I've been working on this animation and now suddenly certain frames of the animation just render white. If I start rendering at frame 1 it'll just give me white frames for the whole thing. If I start rendering at frame 53 it will render fine until a section later in the animation where i get a chunk of white frames again. I've tried moving everything into a new scene by important objects one by one and test rendering each time and it doesn't seem to be an object causing it. I tried moving the file to another computer and the frames that it will render are a completely different set than what my main computer will render. And if I try to render a final gather map, rendering just won't even start. And if I take out the skylight none of the objects will render, it will just render the environment map, but I won't get any white frames. I'm using 3ds max 2014, mental ray engine.
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I'm in the design phase of a game I'm going to be coding and modeling by myself. I was wondering if it would be better to model buildings as one large building or multiple small pieces and add them together? I'm using Maya, Unity Engine, and C++.
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