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How many case fans does /g/ have? 1 x 200 mm (front) 1 x 140 mm (rear) 1 x 140 mm (top) 4 x 120 mm (top) 2 x 120 mm (HDD)
Hey /g/, I'm trying to... 5 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey /g/, I'm trying to work on a outdoor level in Unity based on a real life location and I was wondering if there was an easier way of going about getting the general topography down and then going in and cleaning up the details. I'm trying to get a height map of park but I don't know where to look. I was thinking about trying to use something like Google Maps or Google Earth but I'm not finding anything. Does anyone know a good location or a method of extracting a height map of a real life location?
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There was an article a few months back about some program that takes photographs and is able to determine depth and then render the photo into 3D. Does anyone happen to know what it was called?
Can anyone tell me which... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Can anyone tell me which program renders images fastest using mental ray: Maya, 3DS, C4D or Blender?

Should I continue?

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First time moddeling a car. Wanted to know if my Tube001 has any potential. It's supposed to be a MGB GT
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Does anyone here have experience with Solidworks? What would be the cheapest way to get started? Any tips or advice?
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Who is the Bob Ross of Modeling?
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I've got some problems anitmating on Blender, figured I'd ask here- Mostly its problems with parent/child object relationships between character models and objects. I'm trying to animate a person with a rifle in their hand, so I want to set the rifle to be a child to the person's hand. But every fumbling method I've tried to set the relationship has ended with "The Thing" style results with either the rifle or the person deforming in pose mode. My other question right now is if there is a way to set a parent/child relationship for an animation, and then partway through the animation break that relationship so the child object can move freely. For me this is for a rifle magazine, which I want to drop free from the rifle during the course of the animation. (I've already done a short animation of a character holding, shooting, and reloading but it looks shaky as hell because I had to individually position every separate object.)
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I finally found the free time to watch the Creature Factory 2 tutorial, only to find that it requires a stingy subscription and no one's torrenting it. Any substitutes that'll teach me how to do most of the fancy techniques the CF2 tutorial covers? (They're mentioned in the viewable intro video).
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>ITT: Rigging in Blender My experiences went as >Okay, this is complicated >Holy shit, alright yeah that's done. >Why isn't this working? >What the fuck. >HOLY SHIT FUCK WEIGHT PAINTING. >Give up. Anyone know how to do it? I can't seem to download riggify anywhere either.

"Things you wish you knew" thread?

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Hey, /3/, it's to share some knowledge for those who are struggling. Post lingering questions that you may have, or shortcuts, tricks, or plugins that generally make modeling, rigging, rendering, etc. easier. [spoiler]I'll start Does anyone have any Zbrush maneuvers that can make this sculpt, like, not suck? http://imgur.com/wdLWFoI,pmpB9BX,buA1MNW#0[/spoiler]
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Opinions on Cell or Toon Shading? It's something that I've only started experimenting with but find that it's actually got the potential to be better for 2D animation than the likes of Flash. cell shading for those who don't know is using ink and paint (in 3DS Max at least) to flatten your 3D models to comic style 2D if you so choose...
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I attempted to make garrosh hellscream. any thoughts? wish i was as good as the guys who did the cinamatic, cuz the that shit looks awesome p.s. how long do you think it took them to sculp garrosh in that cinematic, just wondering because i have been timing myself lately
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i'm a beginner on video editing and im trying to make a video of map overview of a unity browser game. is there any program that reads unity web player so i can convert this map into a 3d model?

1500 free materials for cinema 4d

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1500 free materials for cinema 4d : http://www.cinema4dtutorial.net/?p=3236
when dumbass teens think being... 12 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
when dumbass teens think being a game designer is getting payed six figures to sit in a air conditioned room, come up with awesome and edgy game ideas, do half as shitty sketch of your ideas and have it made it to a game and kick back and play video games all day I been a professional 3D artist in the industry for about a year and a half now (not too long) I decided to take part time 3D animation classes in my local community college because i didn't feel like self training myself the same way i did with 3D and because i can afford it... one of the required classes that comes with 3D animation is illustration and today was my first day in that class, professor asks everyone to say a few words out ourselves and this fucking kid raised his hand and said "I can't draw, that's why i want to learn art so i can be a game designer" and this 1 other kid came up to me after class and asked me about my job and he said "wait, i have to create al the shit in the program by hand? can't i just draw it on paper and have it do it for me?" as he hands me a shitty drawing of a dragon drawn on a piece of loose leaf paper its funny how some people thing the gaming industry is fun and games... don't get my wrong, i love my job and its fun for me but these people take it to another level
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hey /3/... rate my hole please
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/3/, im tiered of making full body, game ready models in t-pose and having nothing to do with it cuz they're basically just static meshes. I want to learn simple animation to add a little life to my models such as walking, running and just breathing... As of now i hardly know anything about animation, where would you suggest i start? and is it too complicated? do i need to devote a lot of time on it? does it consist of just bone rigging and adding controllers or does it go deeper?
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Hey /3/, I need your assistance. I am going to purchase a new laptop for 3d purposes and am on a tight budget, 500 dollars. I know this is more of a /g/ thing but seeing as /3/ is so interwoven with computers and /g/ generally laughs off these kind of threads, I would truly appreciate your guys' help choosing a laptop in my price range with the right specs. I'm sorry if this is irritating to see considering the relevance to /3/, but you guys are my only hope here. Again, even if it's just tips on what brands I should aim for or whatever, I would be truly grateful.
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Hello /3/, Could you give me an advice how to solve that? I'm kinda new to this, and I don't know why does it mess up. Thanks for any help. >pic related
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