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Is it possible for a single artist to render this dreamlike color study effect in 3d animation (no photoshop postproduction bullshit) convincingly?
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Hey /3/, I need your assistance. I am going to purchase a new laptop for 3d purposes and am on a tight budget, 500 dollars. I know this is more of a /g/ thing but seeing as /3/ is so interwoven with computers and /g/ generally laughs off these kind of threads, I would truly appreciate your guys' help choosing a laptop in my price range with the right specs. I'm sorry if this is irritating to see considering the relevance to /3/, but you guys are my only hope here. Again, even if it's just tips on what brands I should aim for or whatever, I would be truly grateful.
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Why is it that when i uv mappin that when i unfold a mirror'd geometry piece it goes crazy only doin this about a week so be ez lol
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Hey, i need a low poly model that looks like the old guy i made in make human, anyone knows where i can find one?

Zbrush question

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Hello fellow artists! I have a question about Zbrush. As far as i remeber there is a button that locks rotation around the object so it will be always centered when you move around it. I googled for that button and couldnt find it. Please can you help me and tell how to lock that shit?

I want to commission some 3D fighting stage's. I want advice

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I want these created exactly in 3D, but some things re-imagined such as making the tree's ,ground,sky,clouds more realistic looking. I want to know the sort of budget i'll need for these, would $1000USD be enough to be taken seriously by a 3d artist? or would i be taken more seriously if payment was an hourly rate? what time frame would i be expecting for this, what's the best way to get it built what program? is there anything else apart from UDK,Unity crisis etc thats a good engine to build and run it in. what's involved for this project such as dividing things into group's the background,foreground, lighting illumination,shaders,textures resolution, etc? do I need to make a PDF explaining what i want or game document. do i need a higher resolution and concept art for this stage, will there need to be contract between myself and the artist involved? can the clouds be done with particle effects using 3D max. or is there plugin that can be used?. would a matte painting for the background be a good choice? what sort of polycount would i be expecting for this?. how do i get that skull to show through the clouds only when lightning strikes in the background, like its glowing. should the rain be a looped animation?. im hoping someone can use their imagination, and think up different way's this could be accomplished. and im hoping those same guidelines described to me can be used to make more 3D stage remake's. I wish to get as many as i can done. if you have a portfolio 3D environment work you've done, and your qualified id like to see your work. maybe you will get picked for the commission and payed with paypal.
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Person who worked on a 3D model of Vivian James, are you here?

DINO animated short

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3d print of Ebola-chan

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Can anyone make a 3d print of the /pol/ goddess Ebola-chan? We would want it for our shrines to her
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/3/, im tiered of making full body, game ready models in t-pose and having nothing to do with it cuz they're basically just static meshes. I want to learn simple animation to add a little life to my models such as walking, running and just breathing... As of now i hardly know anything about animation, where would you suggest i start? and is it too complicated? do i need to devote a lot of time on it? does it consist of just bone rigging and adding controllers or does it go deeper?
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Hello /3/, Could you give me an advice how to solve that? I'm kinda new to this, and I don't know why does it mess up. Thanks for any help. >pic related
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