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Hey /3/ what method or programs do you use for unwrapping. I personally have always enjoyed roadkill or 3d coat. But ive not been enjoying it as much. Is there any modern version to doing this because i wish i could just push a button and get a clean unwrap. Dont say that's not possible, its lazy, but not impossible.
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So, I've gotten decent at making models and rigging them, but what I really want to do is make some (simple) gaming environments, and I don't even know where to fucking start. Could I get pointed towards some literature? A related question would be if there are any special factors to making a gaming model to consider aside from trying to reduce/be efficient with the total amount of polygons. (Yes, I've read the sticky, and I'm just looking for some literature, not for anons to have to sit here and explain programming to me.)

How to make toonish character

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Hello, I was wondering how to make toonish style, low poly character like these, I work with blender. If you know any tutorials (books?), even with other softwares, please share them with me. Or if you can give me some directives, that would be nice. Thanks

Buying Old Versions

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/3/, is there a place to buy old versions of Maya? I'd kind of like to get a commercial license for Maya 2012.
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hey guys anybudy has this i'v been trying to download it from http://www.3dcadbrowser.com/download.aspx?3dmodel=69858 apparently the only place they have it but no luck so far the membership to download it is to expensive can somebody help?
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Anyways I was messing around in xnalara when i saw these helper/adjuster bones. It got me wondering. Is there a way to make two different bones move relative to each other? Like have one bone rotate 45 degrees by X, then another rotate -45 degrees by X. Is there a way you can do that on 3ds max?
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/3/ I need assistance. Im new to animating and i learned how to rig my mesh, my bones and controllers are rigged perfectly, but when it comes to adding it to my mesh the weight painting stage what fucks me over... the pills are thin ass hell (as shown in picture) with huge deep red area of effect that is almost unmanageable... any ideas how i can fix this up?
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