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I need some advice on ideas for programming projects. Been self-taught for about 2 years now & recently have hit a brick wall in my learning. Literally any suggestions welcome.
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He /adv/ trying to get to some files. This happened to my videos, documents and music. Anyone know how to fix this.
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How socially acceptable is it to take someone's girlfriend? I'll give it to you straight: >meet girl end of last semester >cute as hell >enjoy talking to her >too short a time together to make my move >starting college soon again >she'll be there >planning to start hitting that hard >found out she got some boyfriend over summer, goes to our college BTW, I've never done anything like this, but I'm up for a challenge. Any tips appreciated.
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Me and my friend with benefits were fucking in her apartment and I came on her roommate's stuffed teddy bear from pulling out. How do I clean that shit off in 20 minutes??!!!
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I'm a nervous driver. I finally got my drivers license at 22 years old, but I'm still scared to drive. I at least got on my first try. I need to be able to drive to school, but I'm so scared to get on the road. I'm afraid of hitting people. What I'm most afraid of is changing lanes. I have no idea how people do it. I turn on my signal, but I'm scared that they will speed up and hit me. I also have problems checking if I am able to change lanes or not. When checking my mirror, cars seem so close behind, so I end up looking back completely which is really dangerous. Can anybody give me tips? How the hell am I supposed to practice without killing anybody?
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Will letting go get easier? I hold grudges pretty bad She just hopped on to the next dick.
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I want to kill.myself but I don't know why. Any psychologists here that can help me?
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LDR - or more specifically, short-term long distance in a hopefully long-term relationship. We have been dating for 4 months. We fell hard and fast and talked about future. Went exclusive very early on. About a month ago he left for school. I'm going to visit in three weeks. I'm kind of scared that he might lose interest, or might already be losing interest in me. I want to keep up interaction like texting, phone calls, and Skype, but I feel like the quantity and quality of those interactions are slowly diminishing. Maybe he's just got a lot going on. Maybe he's tired. He says he loves me, he sends me gifts and assures me he can't wait to see me and can't wait till this is over and we can be together. He says he absolutely without a doubt wants to stay together through this. My questions are basically, am I just being insecure? I haven't told him I feel like that. Just that I really miss him. How can I shut my brain up and not worry about this? Is there anything I can do to help him see how much he means to me, how much I miss him? Pic unrelated
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Is everyone secretly sad inside? Is it just movies that make me feel like life *should* be happy?
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Ok, so there is this guy I was seeing. He seemed like a nice guy and smart so I talked to him and we had one ice cream date. He didn't touch me or anything and the talk was kind of boring and he didn't even finish his food. So I figured he just wasn't too into me. Well my friend who is his roommate said that he is just shy and takes things slow. So after finals, I text him again and we talk for a few days. Everything is consistent and it's nice. He texted goodnight when we finished and it was fun conversation. So he invited me to study and we have a study room where we talk for a little bit in between studying. It was nice. He asks if we can study the next week and I say yes. When we meet up again, we talk for like 3-4hours and I'm sitting close to him and looking into his eyes while he talks the whole time so he knows I like him/want a kiss. He then has to go and gives me a hug, but I kind of expected a kiss. We hang out (cont)

need a job

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I never had one and I am willing to do anything. this is my story~ I had a breakdown and have ever since been incased in a neet shell for 2 years! my college course of a games design degree was useless and I developed a fear of going outside and so never went outside or talk to people unless its online. But I want to change! I am willing to do anything and I have wrote a c.v and I am from England yeaah!! *cheers* see some of you are local haha. So would anyone like to helpme. Anyone like to add me on Skype and give advice or meet up with me??? I would love to work abroad doing anything, I have no skills really but I really need to broaden my horizons. Any career advise or anything I should study? thankyou for your time
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The other day I was given an underage alcohol citation (19 years old). When they searched my car, they also found about a 1/4 of weed. When I received my underage alcohol ticket, I was told to wait to hear what they were gonna do with the weed, after about 5 minutes, I heard nothing, then they packed it all up in an evidence bag, and said I was free to go, no documentation of it at all Did they drop the charges for the weed?

Vaginal Discharge

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For a very long time now, my discharge has been yellow or greenish-yellow, but not malodorous. The normal color for discharge should be clear or white. It does not cause me any pain. I'm 22 years of age, and a virgin, though I HAVE used, and continue to use, a dildo to masturbate. What's wrong with me? Maybe its because I used to use vaseline as lube for my previous dildo? My current one is awful as well: its made of jelly and after 9 months it still stinks like some sort of plastic.
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Indian males seem very disadvantaged, least desired sexually but at the same time lack role models. Black people have what, Kanye West? Michael Jordan? Barack Obama? White people have 90% of celebrities. SJWs dont give a fuck about us, anti-racists don't give a fuck about us, racists fucking hate us. The only role models Indian males seem to have are self deprecating motherfuckers like Russel Peters and various youtube vloggers (that mainly live in Canada). We also have DJ Khaled. Fucking DJ Khaled. We get this fat sack of shit that doesn't do anything but yell "we the best" and have a lot of connections to famous people. Who gives a shit if he's Palestinian, by the way, I'm not even fucking Indian but Americans like to call anything from Palestine to Iran to fucking Burma "India". We're short, weak, and the only person we can look up to is Sanjeed Hibargagonga or whatever the fuck, who's this smelly asshole that works in IT and that's what our families want us to aspire to be. It's fucking disgusting, we're damned from the start. Less individuality is given to us than black people, people assume an Indian person prays to a purple Rhino and doesn't eat meat and bathes in curry before they assume a black person only ever eats fried chicken and watermelon or whatever stereotypes 13 year olds like to throw around. The only difference is the Indian stereotypes get thrown around by people over the age of 20. White people get to be default either way. I just fucking hate my race. I don't hate the people of my race, I hate being my race and I hate the fact that the only people of my race I see who are socially successful and happy are "srs" motherfuckers on that fucking Bodybuilding Forum who look like bollywood actors and think Zyzz is equivalent to jesus, buddha, shiva and Allah combined. What's the point of being the least socially successful race? I hate these self improvement tips, since race matters, and some are inherently disadvantaged at social success.


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so i'm a senior in high school and i have determined i wish to become a professional welder. what type of qualifications do i need to go and become one? does grade point average matter to become one? what different career paths will exist for me? where can i go to get formal training in welding?
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I'm home for the semester because of reasons, /adv/. I want a job, I guess. For weed, vidya, and to keep myself occupied. What's one of those jobs where you basically just sit and mess around on your phone/vita/laptop/handheld whatever and occasionally do something like sign someone into a facility? You know, a job where the input matches the output (where $8 of work per hour looks like $8 of work per hour)?
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Hey, /adv/ I'm 24, and I just graduated uni, and have a fairly well paying job for where I live. But I've also recently come into like $160,000 and after paying on my student loans I still have like 140,000 left. I'm single and I live alone rather cheaply. I;ve never really wanted for anything but I've also never really had this much money before so anyone have good ideas on what I should do.
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anyone who's got experience with broken/loose toenails? I bumped my big toe a few hours ago and my toenail came very loose but didn't completely fall off. it was bleeding but didn't hurt much. I just left the toe on cause I didn't want to force anything and put a bandaid on it. As I said it doesn't hurt much but I'm wondering if it's smart to keep it on (loose as it is) will it grow back like it should? or should I remove it completely to avoid an ingrown toenail?

Please help

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I'm a 19 year old girl who became homeless a few hours ago. I have no job, no money, and nowhere to go (no friends or family to move in with). Emergency/charity accommodation costs 20 euro a night and I don't even have that. Any advice? Anyone know where the safest place might be for a girl to sleep on the street?
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Has anyone here ever dated a mommas boy? I've been dating my boyfriend for 10 months he's 25 and I'm 22. We rarely see each other. We only 10 mins away from each other. I joke around and call him my weekend boyfriend because we usually only see each other on the weekends. I would like to see more of him but don't to be a nag. Our only form of contact when we are apart it texting, but he usually takes over an hour to reply. Which is so freaking annoying. We don't talk on the phone. He's never called me. I've called him numerous times and he has only picked up 3 of my phone calls. But when I'm with him if his mom or sister call/texts him he has no problem replying back and answering their phone call. And it bothers me because I feel like I'm shit to him and he doesn't care about me. And I just would like to be his first priority, or at least be treated the same way. When were together his mom nags and shouts his name for him to do something for her he has no problem doing it. But if I ask him to meet me somewhere for coffee is declines it.
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