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Hey /adv/... Since i dumped my gf years ago, i have been trying to get back on track. After getting over her, i started lifting, running, learnt to drive, traveling, playing vidya and basically doing everything i wanted, i got my life back. But i have a huge problem, talking to girls. I just cant fucking do it. I have seen the simple pick up videos and im trying to do things like that, but fuck is hard. I cant do shit. I go out, with my positive mind, excited, looking forward to talk to some girls, but as soon as i see one my brain fucks up and freezes. I start getting thoughs about "she may have a boyfriend" "she is too beautiful/ she is too ugly" "she looks busy" "she looks lesbian" You know pretty fucking stupid excuses. I dont want to get laid, i dont even give a fuck about getting dates, i just want to be able to talk to girls, i want to stop being scared of them, i want to feel in the same channel and able to start a conversation with any girl without even thinking about it. How do i fix my fucking brain? >inb4 an hero >been thinking about it More info: Im 28, dress ok i have sense of fashion, exgf said im not ugly, i had 2 gf before, 1 for 6 years, 1 for 6 weeks. Pretty much i call this woman phobia or something.
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I love my boyfriend and he'd do anything for me & told me he loves me unconditionally but yesterday he told me that he realized he still loves his ex (they broke up 9 months ago but they talk all the time). Him talking to her so often never bothered me but now I don't know what to do.. if he hasn't gotten over his ex, being with him isn't fair on both of us if he's too emotionally immature. Help?


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What are some ways of making money online? I have about a month so no long term stuff, just quick money


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Anyone have any advice on moving money / items from one person to another with no trace?


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A couple of days ago, after many hints from friends who I assumed had inside info and myself (incorrectly it would seem) picking up on signals that weren't there before, I decided to tell one of my very best friends - who I've known for 10 years - that I liked her and wanted to have a relationship (obviously not phrased like that). And as you may have guessed the answer was no. I'd been into her for a long time but had figured that she didn't feel the same way so never did anything about it, for fear of fucking up one of my best friendships and messing with the dynamic of my group of closest friends. Anyone else come out the other side of a similar situation friendship intact? Despite talking about it and us both saying it's not going to make it weird, realistically I see this as the beginning of the end. It's not like my life sucks (although I'm in my late 20s and my career leaves a bit to be desired), I'm reasonably lucky - and I've had some good relationships too - but spending time with her is one of the few things that has ever made me genuinely happy.
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How to deal with being a failure and never being able to accomplish your goals?

My dog has SA

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>rescue puppy in early January >was well aware she had a bad life start but willing to put the time and effort into making her feel better >always patient, housebreak her quickly, make her as comfortable as possible, no pressure >grows extremely attached to me after a few weeks >suddenly I can't even leave the house without chaos ensuing (barking, howling, high pitch whining like someone is beating her to death as soon as I step foot out of the house) >take it slow, try to desensitize her to being alone, take keys, put shoes on, pretend to leave, don't leave >repeated this hundreds of times since I got her, literally spent days doing this but she still has the exact same reaction, no progress whatsoever >contacted the vet, got medication but it doesn't work, it only adds the fact she looks as if she might faint any time to the usual panic As someone that also suffers from anxiety (but is in therapy), I completely understand the feeling and I know she is hurting. I really love my dog, she has brightened my life from the moment I got her, and has helped me make a lot of progress. But it is time for me to start going outside and participate in activities where I am not allowed to bring a dog along. I want to try to get a job (at least part time) before the Summer, but I know I can't, I would end up getting evicted pretty quickly (already the neighbours complain and all I do it leave the house for half an hour to get groceries). I don't know what to do, /adv/. I don't want to give this dog away, but I know I can't sacrifice my own life for her sake either. Has anyone ever been in this situation? What helped, if anything? I even considered getting another dog, but if it doesn't work I will only be adding another dog to this situation.
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Hello there, I'm in a cognitive behavioral therapy group and I think I'm in love with a girl I met there some weeks ago. This feeling started growing stronger when we had to do an exercise where she had to touch me, she grabbed my hand and she started touching on the tip of my fingers with her fingers, it was an awesome sensation, but a bit awkward too because we had to do this with our eyes closed. I felt like she was trying to say something or maybe is just wishful thinking? lol This week another thing happened (or not), we had to work with a pair and the therapist told me to join her, we had to write some stuff about our rights, I was calmly trying to think what should I write when I look at her paper and gasp to myself when I see a beautiful draw of a couple sitting with eachother on a chair, manga style. I couldn't believe my eyes and my heart started racing like never before, all I could say was "You are very good at drawing". So the big question is, do you think these two signs mean there's a thing building between us (hopefully love)? Thanks and sorry for my English
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so this girl txt'd me to go out to dinner; so I suggested a place and then took her - picking her up from work on the way; and seemed to go well, then towards the end , she was like, what now? so i suggested some decent bar; and she was like ok; so then we were driving back and as we were passing by the road where her work is, she was like, why dont you drop me off ? so i was like ok you can do anything you want. then she was like, I had fun and hugged , and then got in her car. so like; should i just assume it was bad and not do anything; or should i txt to get a drink; its been a few days
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>meet girl on okcupid >she asks to KIK >make first move >haven't heard from her in two weeks >says shes busy >always online How long would you wait it out /adv/ before cutting the cord?
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Hey /adv/ I've been seeing this girl for about a month now. I'm 20 she's 18, graduating this summer. We really seemed to hit it off and the last 2 nights have been getting intimate. She told me that we're "together" but we're not officially together. I havn't asked her further on that. To get on with my point, last night she started talking about ehat we have in common and what we're opposite in. She goes goes to church, more of a party-goer than i am, and she's a lot louder than i am. In a sense that she talks more than i do. I asked her if it was a problem or if she foresees it as an issue and i didn't get a clear answer. I really dig this girl /adv/, hoe can i be more "loud" so to say, or to be more like her so we connect on another level? Pic related, it's her.
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>be 12 >learn about porn (probably before this but w.e) >500% sex drive >be 15 >no more sex drive bc masturbating >be 18 >still no sex drive, but i have a girlfriend that needs to be fucked everyday or she gets sad wat do? are there pills for this? its not that i cant get hard i think part of it is because im scared to have a little anon jr running around
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Hi /adv/ Femanon here Just wondering, how kinky is too kinky? Oviously the majority of people on here are probably into some weirder shit than the average, but what do average people consider "too weird"?
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/adv/, how do I find a job that pays > minimum wage without much experience? I'm 19, and I'd like to go to college, however I have zero family and no financial backing... Minimum wage seems near impossible to support yourself and go to school, even if you bury yourself in debt.
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