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Anyone else here have tinnitus? Tips on dealing with it? It started a little over a year ago because of listening to loud music and I adjusted pretty well over time. At first it was in both ears, then it suddenly switched to mostly being my right year. I got really used to that, since it seemed like less noise, but now its back to my left ear. I tried using headphones sort of off my ears, just hanging behind them, but I guess that still took its toll after a while. Anyway, anyone else?

Financial Advice

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So currently, I am broke. I wish I could say that this is my first time spewing those words out. But im stuck. I live with a roomate, and my rent is 500, due in 2 weeks, but i do not have a job anymore as i threw a bitchfit and quit. i know thats one thing, but even when i have the job i cant save any money. seems like i just make it every month. I do smoke and drink, and waste a lot of money there, but i want to be able to make enough that i can do everything and still profit at the end of the month. A gradual rise in my saving. How can i use my money to make money? ive sold weed before but i dont want to get intouble with the law. Give me some cash tips, how do you earn it? and if anyone is feeling generous, a solid meal would be nice.. Paypal: CLUkacs95@gmail.com

Ask a Homemaker!

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Here we go again! Tips and advice on cleaning, cooking, laundry, pet care, gardening, homesteading and long term relationships.
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What does it mean when you date a girl for a month, she breaks it off, you guys start talking as friends, agree to hang out platonically and end up having sex one night? She said I was in the friendzone a few days before, too. I don't know if this means we're FWB or that she wants to see me again. Either way, the sex is great and I want to ride this for as long as possible.

Friend has moved in with me : a few issues

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So my friend has been kicked out of his house and I dont want him in the streets, I let him into mine but now I feel like a dick because I want to help him get his own place straight off. The problem is: >My house is small and already housing 4 people >I value my personal space and life >I don't want any conflicts to happen between him and the rest of us I told him that we should think long term and see if we can get his own place and that I dont want things to go on too long because it cant be good for both of us.
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>be me >be in second to last year of high school >just had maths exam >get results >33/63 not too bad i guess >not very good at maths but like it >find out from friend what class sets we be in next year >it's lowest class >class where exam only goes from F to C How do I tell my parents? They know maths isn't my best subject (I'm excellent at everything else, though, including science) but they explicitly said if you get in the lowest class your future is over. How can I stop it?
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>Going to get lunch with ex tomorrow >We ended on good terms >I still like her, not sure if she's interested in me >Reasons for breaking up: said I was clingy and because of her depression+anxiety >She's been going to therapy, slowly straightening out her disorders >I've given her so much space to the point where she's the one who asked me to get lunch with her How do I impress her or basically "plant" the idea that we should get back together without being forward about it? The tl;dr details of our breakup: I loved her a lot more than she loved me, IE I was clingy. This didn't mesh well with her depression and anxiety, which really hampered her ability to reciprocate those feelings and I came off as annoying because of that. She's been attending therapy but I've basically only talked to her once or twice in the past month and a half, so I'm not sure how it's going. She was the one to suggest lunch however. I would really love to get back together with her because when things were good, we were really happy together. I've moved on to the point of understanding what will be will be, though, and have started pursuing some other potential partners, so I'm not hung up completely on this. It would just be nice. The pic is also an accurate depiction of what I do to pretty much everyone, although I am an ENFP

wtf yo

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So I went on a church retreat a couple of weeks ago and I met my best friends sister. She's really cool from what I got from those 2 days and she seemed to kind of like me. We hung out alot, and she pretty much gave all of the sure fire signs that she's pretty fond of me. She's really pretty and her personality rocks. So, I mean. Of course I've thought about it. I've considered it aswell. Problem is, after the trip. She basically started ignoring me. I have no clue what happened she just up and stopped. I have to start conversations now and she replies with the amount of energy an annoyed person would respond with. So I basically gave up. I just want to know what you guys think happened. Another thing that might help. So I had a big crush on my best friend for a while prior to the trip and she made the decision to turn me down and go out with my best friend. I know how bad that sounds. I know that makes her sound like a total bitch. Well it does make her sound like a total bitch but she's not ok. Anyways, on the car ride back home from the retreat. I rode with my best friend and her sister. It was just the three of us and the driver. My best friend subtly brought up the decision she made and proceeded to apologize. I dont know what's gotten into her at that moment because she kept calling herself an asshole. Anyways the sister overheard us and apparently she didnt know about it. The sister then agreed that she was an asshole. But maybe her knowing affected her outlook on me idk. When we got back she seemed normal. It was immediately after the retreat when everyone went home when it happened. In any case, halp?

Need help with my friend who moved in

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I want to help my friend (who's staying at mine) move into his own place but I don't want to feel like a dick and put pressure on him. He just got here but I want him back on his feet asap. I find it hard to cope with other people especially in such a close space. I'm really finding it hard to tell him 'yo lets sort something out' because I tried to say 'lets think long term and get a plan going'. He said 'dude whats the deal I thought it was cool' so I think I came off all wrong. Help?
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What to say against a qt3.14 on whatsapp when you don't really know her? Story: One of my best bros gave me her phone number and said that we would jut click fantastically, but how should I start the conversation then?


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My dogs recently ran out of the house and were lost for a short period of time. When they returned, I found a tick crawling on my leg and 2 more on one of my dogs. Is there any way to make 100% sure there are no more? TLDR; How to get rid of ticks
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So the other day I realized my boyfriend might have anger issues. If I'm wrong please lmk. The situation went like this >in car with two friends and bf >near festival in my neighborhood with cops everywhere >we have a half O in our car >bf is blowing clouds with his ecig >say "hey you shouldn't do that i don't wanna attract attention from the cops" >he says "so what it's an ecig it's not illegal" >"it is for people under 18" (he is 17) >"well I have a full grown beard" >"I mean not really but you don't look old enough and I don't want them to have any reason to come over here" >takes it the wrong way >insulted >he says "driver we can't go anywhere till anon gets out" >drama infront of friends >"what seriously do we have to do this now" >keep arguing >he drives me to my house >says "get out" >I keep saying "can we please just stop this it's ridiculous" >escalates >screaming >"WELL I GUESS IM WALKING HOME WITH A HALF OUNCE" >he gets out and starts walking >I get out and try to calm him down and offer him a ride home >says "FUCK YOU GET AWAY FROM ME" runs off >friend finds him and drives him home Like wtf, This kind of blow up thing happens at least once a week now, but last year it would never happen. He used to be VERY patient. He smokes a lot of weed, would that effect his attitude over time? Is this an illness or just him overreacting? I was calm the whole time. Should I try to talk to him about help? He won't be willing to take any medication or pills for it.
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Why couldn't I wake up this morning, /adv/? I went to bed around 10pm but kept falling back asleep this morning until I finally was forced up by my grandmother around 1pm. I got enough sleep but I just felt so, so, sleepy. This is a reoccurring problem I have and I really need to be productive in my days.


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I want to arrange my own rape but i have some concerns >I want to know it's not a real rape but not expect it >I want it to be a stranger but someone i would fuck if we had dated >I want it to last several days Best way to hit all these marks?
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if i wash a towel in a washing machine that has a dirty stain on it eg shit, blood etc etc. After the towel has dried, is the dirt now sterile? I can still see the stain on my towels.
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I'm helping my dad move out, and he's in kind of a hurry I found my mom's wedding ring, and I don't want to just stick it in the big box with all her stuff in it (who knows what could happen) what should I do with it so it doesn't get lost? my dad's gone and won't be home for a while and he'll just say "throw it in a box" anyway
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I have to write up a CV for a job oppurtunity that just sprung up today. It had to be written within two days. I've never written up a CV before, I just finished school and I'm going to Uni in September so I've never really had to. Please can someone help me. Any websites that are good for this and can you give me advice? Also what should I prepare for if a telephone interview occurs? Please help guys, I need the money over the summer for when University starts.
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Has anyone ever pondered this before? I was born on the 2nd of Feb in India >inb4 curry But I live in America where it is still the 1st of Feb but its the 2nd at my place of birth. When should I celebrate my birthday in America?
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Sup /adv/ So, I've been around the block. Right now I'm dating this chick and she is... insanely tight. She is the tightest girl I've ever dated. Sounds awesome, and it is. I love having sex, so does she, and we go for a long time. Problem: She is multi orgasmic and when she cums, her vagina squeezes me pretty hard. This makes me soft sometimes, or requires a lot of concentration to stay hard, which prevents me from finishing. In general, I take a while to finish and have an easier time doing so when using my hand than a vagina, as well. So.. I'd like to enjoy sex more. Got any advice? Things have improved, when we started, it was painful for her for me to go all the way in (I'm longer and thicker than average). She rather likes it now but yeah. Another thing, she doesn't like swallowing (but will, sometimes, cause she knows I like it, and she won't kiss after I eat her out (doesn't like the taste of herself). I don't like that so much. Previous exes would lovingly lick/suck me clean after but I don't think itll happen with this one. So.. input to help things? Been thinking about trying a cock ring, but never used such a thing.
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Thinking of a namechange on League of Legends, Im looking for opinions for subtle offensive names that arent swear words or are blatantly offensive. I was thinking of Justin Beiber or Your Boyfriend Also opinions for names would be appreciated.
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