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28th February 2014
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I don't know what to do, /adv/. I'm hungry but can't eat. My doctor says I have IBS and he put me on Zantac a few weeks ago. Some days I'm fine, others I feel like I'm gonna die. I get hungry and I usually eat twice a day but I've been fearing that now. Eating makes me feel worse, even when I take the meds before or after eating. For 1 or 2 hours afterwards I feel bloated, gassy, queasy, and generally uncomfortable plus I poop a lot. It sucks. Hunger pains suck, pains from eating suck. I don't know what to do
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> I'm in a good LDR for 8 months now, cross-country, we've met three times and amazing. > Recently gf started working 2 jobs, she sleeps in one of them, in February she had 2 days off and 3 nights at home, other than these 5 days she was working > She's crazy as fuck, always fighting, I decided to lower contact but still she can't take me she can barely take care of herself > In April she quits one of the jobs and will have a stable 5 weekdays work with fixed hours > Contemplating if I should leave or wait this extra month trying to be nice to her and not dealing with her bs (which is quite hard) what do?
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Do cock queens actually exist? ;_; Am I fucked with my 13cm dick?
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What do you do when a girl seems genuinely interested in you, but "can't think about that sort of thing right now?" That's a generic as fuck excuse but she has a totally legit reason for thinking that and it's the kind of thing that has a finite amount of time it can be used for. I haven't been acting like an orbiter and I plan to keep it that way.
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ITT: how to overcome social anxiety?
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I don't know anything about facial hair. Are there any other "taboo" styles of facial hair like the neckbeard? The only style I can grow seems to be a goatee. I don't know the social connotations of such things. I started to grow it out for the first time and a couple girls yesterday said it looked nice, while another girl told me I look "rapey." I don't know, is facial hair usually such a polarizing topic?
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What do you do when your work starts consuming your personal/social life? I've worked 4/5 evenings (2:30 - 11) and i'm working sunday aswell so i'm missing out on going clubbing with my friends and spending time with a girl i've got a thing with. It's fucking horrible, everybody in the factory working evenings is single, fuck, i only see my family which i live with once or twice a week and i live with them.
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I have no idea where to post for help, but I figure I might post here in hopes that someone may help or direct me towards a place I might be able to get some 10 years ago I had a mandibular jaw extension. During that surgery a bracket from my braces fell into my cheek, and they said it was fine, it would come out. I had completely forgotten about it. About a month ago I noticed minor swelling on the inside of my cheek behind my molars. Today there is noticeable, painful if I clench my teeth, swelling and an open 'hole' which has flesh poking out that is behind my molar. Swelling is solid and the pain when I clench my teeth goes away when I lift my cheek. There is no bleeding, but I taste a 'surgical' and metallic taste if I fiddle with it. I don't have insurance or my immediate reaction would be to go to a dentist. I tried googling, for metal foreign bodies, is this normal behavior? Is it just my cheek pushing it out?
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How do I find a meaningful purpose/career/goal for my life? pic unrelated
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hey so I've been with my boyfriend for a couple of years now and i have been kind of unsatisfied with him, which he is kind of aware of. he's never really done much for me sexually - not for lack of trying, but he just doesn't... do it well. I have tried to guide him through it but I've never had sex with anyone but him so I only know so much, and I really wish I could just have him do these things without me having to guide him through every single step of the way. It's not really a turn on when you have to do all the work, I guess. I try not to bring it up/make a big deal out of it too much because I know he is kind of insecure about that stuff and I know that he really wants to make sex good for me, but he really can't. I don't think I've ever had a proper orgasm with him, and the other times that have been kind of close (only to have him come too soon or he gets tired I guess) were with me helping. I do tend to lie sometimes when he asks if I'm kind of disappointed and I reassure him that I'm not, because I don't want him to just get overwhelmed with pressure and not be able to perform that way (which has happened in the past). That being said, I HAVE told him in the past and he knows that he hasn't really made me come because I don't tend to fake orgasms (if anything, maybe just exaggerate them a little sometimes??) I know I said I don't want to guide him through stuff but do you guys have any ideas on what to do? Also I know you might say that I am just shit at sex or he doesn't actually care but I've given him some amazing sex from his p.o.v because I just get really into it + tease + lose my boundaries. He doesn't seem to be able to do that though, or adopt a dominating kind of attitude towards it which is really frustrating sometimes. Also, I don't know if relevant, but I am in better shape than him & have tried to get him involved in a bit more physical activity, but without much luck.
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Can you be addicted to getting girls to want to fuck with you, thought its no option for you? I have a gf, we have at least 4 times a week sex and i would never cheat on her...in reality. But: i never really stopped getting girls to tell me that they would fuck with me. Some from my hometown (i had to move because i joined the airforce) and many i find on a german chatroulette (i'm german). I believe my problem is, that i was a virgin until i turned 19 and i thought girls just dont want me. After i lost virginity i had 6 girls, including my gf in 7 months and since 13 month its just my gf. I really dont want to cheat on her, but somehow it drives me crazy to know i could have had around 20 girls by now. Its not about sexual desire, but about my self-confidence.
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hey adv Have any of you gotten pink eye from wearing contacts? if so should i go to the doctors ASAP or just ride it out? and how contagious am i?
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My secret crush said that she loves me the other day whilst we were hanging out with some other friends after school . Over the past year i lost 56 kilos and have become alot more popular with friends , what does she really mean when she said I love you? sorry for poor description
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How do I find guys who like saggy tits? Not just someone who doesn't care about tits, but one who even prefers them saggy and small.
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How can I stop getting jealous at other people?
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Question for femanons, green text info: >be in uni >move in to dorm >be in CS program >meet pt 3.14 girl from another computer department there down the hall from me >we both love pokemon >she is very hard core pokemon player, her favorite game and she EV trains >she is probably the shyest person I've met ever. >want to ask her out but not sure how >female friends suggest a hand written love letter >because they are something rare in this age, and even more so among computer majors. So basically I am thinking about printing this pic out at the bottom of a page, and writing the letter to her above it. Femanons how would you react to being given a letter like that, if you too were as hard core in to pokemon as her?
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I need some pro arguments why sleeping with other people in a relationship is such a big deal of breaking trust. For example: > cheating is wrong because it makes the other one feel worthless
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Alright /adv/ I need some advice >Be 18 >Dad is a drunken alcoholic >My brother was diagnosed with autism, so he wasn't the social type >Dad freaks out one night, and hits him >We both still live with him >Fast forward 3 years >Living like hell, he is a mess and treats us like shit >Exam coming up, late at night he blasts the fucking stereo so I cant sleep for my exam >Have an argument with him one day >He throws me out of the house and says I should find somewhere else to live So now he wants to get in touch with me again, is it okay if I don't want anything to do with him?
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My sleep patterns are becoming out of hand. I slept until 4 pm today (Britfag) I am at university and my lectures don't always require me to get up early, so I just go back to sleep. Halp.

What do?

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Basically I told a girl I was dating that we needed a break for 1 week ( "week" ends tomorrow) to show her that I am not a type of dude who's rushing.. you know.In reality I did it to go on a date with another girl who I liked also now but she appeared to be a total CRASIEBICH now I have no clue how to "re-start" everything with the first girl,I mean how should I start a conversation with her via messaging in a normal way or what should I say, I know I'm an asshole...and any femanons can tell me what she might of thought about all this "break" thing during this week... (sorry if I make no sense English is not my first language)
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