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I can't watch porn anymore because when I watch it I just feel terrible for not living that myself. I can't get a gf and expecting to get one is not going to happen for the near future say three, four years. So how can I get off anyways?
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Guys, gifts for your loved ones, mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, cousins. You don't have girlfriends otherwise you wouldn't be on /adv/. ITT Ideas for Christmas presents.
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Hey /adv/ I come to you because I dont know where else to go. I have the flu something fierce and after one night of nearly vomiting but fighting it back I am now suffering something even worse... Anything I eat immediately comes out the other end with a bunch of stomach acid. Think some fiber or calcium would help? Not sure if water causes the same thing but i'm trying to keep my fluids up. Any advice? (Picture kinda related)
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So this girl I've been seeing and talking to started to ask: Is it better to stay friends? Thing is, I already kissed her and did sexual things with her. I know she's attracted to me. Now I haven't seen her for 3 weeks because she always says she's busy or when she wants to do something I'm busy. The day before yesterday I told her I would come over but she told me her parents would get angry cuz of homework and shit.. So I told her nevermind then.. Yesterday she asked me if I was angry, I said nah and answered shortly because I was at the gym. Today out of nowhere she asks if it's better to stay friends Haven't answered her yet, what to say?
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I was awarded a small scholarship recently, and now need to write a thank you letter, but am having trouble coming up with things to include in the letter, and how to say it. I want to be genuine but everything I write sounds like it came from a form letter. Any advice? pic unrelated
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G'day mates. Wanna talk about something thats on your mind, give us a post and i'll give you my thoughts on the matter. Got some past experience with a whole variety of stuff so hit us up and i'll see what i can do

How do I learn?

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How do I find out how I can learn the most efficient? I'd like to find that out with what methods and strategies. Furthermore, how do I learn? Especially stuff I've never dealt with before.
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Am I pregnant? I missed a few birth control pills. Sometimes life gets busy and we forget. I'm in a long term stable relationship with another kid involved, and not ready. >seriously swollen breasts I can't walk up or down the stairs or wear a bra without experiencing pain >darkened areoles >vaginal spotting >I just cried over Doritos. > woke up this morning and puked. Still slightly naseus. >drowsy yet strangely motivated. I'm tired but don't want to sleep. I want to do things like update my resume and meal plan and garden

firefox won't let me post pics on 4chan

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I used to be able to post pics without problems on here before but lately when I tried uploading a pic with firefox I get this message saying that the connection was lost and I couldn't upload it. This doesn't happen on other browsers. is there are a reason for that?
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I'm asking for you /adv/, because I don't know how this will entail and I've never been through this before. I'll greentext so that it isn't too lengthy or an arse to read but.. >Be me in a 3 year relationship >Girl of which I have been with since I was 16 >She's just 20 and i'm a young 19 >Want's to go clubbing with her friends, but from my point of view see it as girls just going to get a cheap thrill >Compared to old friends her new friends are all girls and are slutty/flirty >She messages me saying she wants to go >Already cheated on me when we were seeing eachother so i'm very sceptical >Decide no is the answer but if she wants to go she can go single >Probably shouldn't have said that, but it's how I feel >She then shoots me down and say's basically she's going regardless so whatever, >Tell her fine and break up with her, literally chosen her friends over me I know this sounds like i'm paranoid or whatever but literally there is hardly any trust in this relationship, but it's been going on for so long I don't know how to react how shortly it has ended. We've had breakups before but they've always been short winded and we usually kiss and make up, but for now I feel different about it. I hardly see her because I'm planning for uni and she's still on her year in college, but I feel like I can't trust her enough to go out and I can't tell her not to go out. Really stuck in this situation.
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Has anyone ever worked at UPS as a Package Handler? UPS is hiring for a part-time seasonal package handler, and I'm thinking about applying for the job since it's only seasonal. I'm not sure how long it'll last but it'll be great to have some money to spend with the holidays coming up. On the ad, it says I'd be working 3-4 hours daily at either $10-$11/hr depending on the shift I choose. Before I apply, what exactly would I be getting into? Anyone here work as a package handler before?
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/adv/, I have a weird problem. Whenever I'm involved with a hot girl. As in, above a 7, I fall stupidly fast. I get infatuated. Creepy. Clingy. Start checking their Facebook 1000x a day. Things usually break off after that due to how weird I am. Now, I've dated lots of women and even had healthy, stable relationships but all of them were in the "cute" range. I can almost regularly go out and meet "cute" girls and initiate a romantic relationship with them--but when it comes to anyone who's really attractive, I lose my shit completely. It has happened to me with 5-6 different women over the years, and one of them was even my best friend! And now she broke off contact because she thinks I'm a huge creep (which I was acting like when we were seeing each other.) I'm fairly handsome, well-off and articulate, but I guess I'm also shallow and insecure. If it helps any, I was morbidly obese through High-School and then got my shit together sometime in College. Any theories on this? How do I stop doing this? It's almost like a fever comes over me whenever I'm with a certain kind of girl. What's my problem and how do I fix it? Pic related--a Random girl I was able to pick up at a bar a while ago. About what I mean when I say "cute."
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Can you hurt yourself permanently or turn gay if you press your nape on the spine with a finger or while keeping pressed move your finger from from side to side?
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I want to fight with somebody. I want to realize all my internal hate and power. Where can I find a partner for fighting?

Racist Roomate

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>roomate constantly says racist shit about asians >i am asian and this is the asian theme floor in our college >says its not a problem when R.A. confronts her because "free speech" and "she doesn't offend people because her friends are asian and they're cool with it" >which we are not
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>be 19/M 9.5/10 dating 18/F 8/10 at most >breakup >start seeing 9/10 F, lets call her Em >smart as fuck, attractive >she breaks up with her bf 2 weeks after me >we like eachother >learn today that my ex added Em's ex on tinder >she gave him her number, apparently they talk a lot >Em is fucking mad at her ex, im just here chilling not giving a fuck Was this a way to get back at me? I noticed that she was often jealous when I would talk to Em back when we were together?


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Get 50,000 dollars from dead grandfather surprise my gf with month long romantic vacation in Paris and Rome and Barcelona.. Get here everything she see.. Back home two month later cheating on me with some fucker... She didn't know I know.. Planning my revenge to invite my friends to gang bang her . Film it and post it online with copy to allllllll her friends on Facebook.. deserve it?
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Well... It's finally happened. It's me, the guy who ate cloth. It's almost 9 o'clock and I haven't had a shit. I think I am well and truly fucked. I am sitting on the toilet trying to force something out... Nothing. I Am Constipated And Going To Die Hold me...
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is it possible to be too affectionate and loving with your gf? do girls like it better if you are cold, distant and cool like in the movies?
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Help me make the right choice here /adv/ Two girls both want to come over next weekend (guaranteed sex) and they don't know anything about eachother Girl #1 is 7/10 and has a huge crush on me and want to have my kids and marry me etc etc but the problem is I don't feel the same way Girl #2 is 10/10 and it would just be amazing sex and no emotional bullshit as we're both just a piece of meat for eachother >which one should I dump this weekend with some lame excuse??
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