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Hey /adv/ I'm thinking about dying my hair white (like Snow White) would I look good with it? Pic related it's me
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>take girl on date because I notice she's eyeing me in class > have a pretty good time > ask to hang out later, she doesn't respond > suddenly asks me to take it slowly, starts using me for tutoring and shit > run away because she obviously isn't interested >still starting at me in class What do I do about this girl?
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How do one go about getting misunderstood in more than 90% of the arguments happening? I seriously can't have a conversation with anyone without having to correct them on what they think i just wrote / said - what the hell world?

How should I tell her?

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>> Had sex with a love affair recently. >> started licking her cunt >> gave me a turnoff because the smell was a bit awful >> Didn't tell her cuz I didn't want to insult and hurt her. However chances are that we will have sex again and I think I like her but I dunn how to tell her the matter mentioned above. besides for me she is too passive while having sex (probably she is so shy) which I also like to tell her but dunno how. Any suggestions?
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What is the thing you feel most guilty about, mine has to be lying to my boyfriend about being short of breath, is that bad?
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So I need a bit of advice. I'm a college student and I recently got burned by my ex of 2 years. She up and decided being a city away meant she wanted to throw everything away. I grew up, fast forward 2 months. Meet a girl at school, we get along, we've been hanging out for a few weeks, we don't text or communicate much outside of hanging out which is new for me, so I assumed i should just play it cool. Then a week ago my friend introduces me to someone who lives in the same town as my ex, but we hit it off. We've been talking non stop since we exchanged numbers and I think we connect more but Im not gonna get the chance to hang out with her in person unless I make a choice. So the question is, do I risk getting hurt with distance and be with the girl I like a bit more? or do I start something with the girl in town and have a relationship with someone i can see whenever I want?

standing up for your self or opinion.

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How do i draw the line between standing up for myself or giving my opinion in an emotional way. (Pic of my dog not related)

Trolling-Business Proposal

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This will be to Liu Chang if thats what his name is he wants a buisness proposal as I found in my spam box so I thought why not let 4Chan users which will have lots of fun:P send their ideas (trolling) to his email. Whether anonymous or not he will be mad. Original email(Fake): I am Liu Chang, can you work with me on a business proposal that worth$15Million? for more information contact me with my email: liuchang85@qq.com Have Fun Trolling!


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get me the fuck outta hea

forgotten password

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So there is a livejournal account that was for a group project once upon a time. I don't remember the password, and so can't log in to post the final pieces, because I am an idiot. Worse, the password reminder email is set to send to a mail.com email that was deactivated for infrequent logins. (I can't log in to the email, but I can reset the password using my alternate address, for whatever good that does me. I also can't sign up for the same email again, because it's in the hideous limbo of deactivation, and they won't ever re-issue it.) How do I get into either account now? (If I didn't think hypnotism was BS, I'd try and find someone to make me remember.)
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trying to un-neet myself and get a job unfortunately, I broke my foot in a freak accident and I won't be able to get an easy holiday retail job what jobs don't require physical labor that I can get? All I've come up with is being a callcenter person


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I'm making a new blivon file and I need your help. I need: >Name >Playstyle (be specific) >goals >challenges >race >what to do with face Pick one and roll, winners are 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and 55 >let's go /adv/
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Alright, first time posting on /adv/ but here's my situation: >23 >About 2 years out of college, still living with parents >Trying to find a job, save up enough money to move out >About 2 months ago, my Dad (70 years old) trips over our dog in the kitchen and breaks shoulder (specifically the humerus) and needs surgery (reverse total shoulder replacement) >He gets the surgery after about a week of putting it off (was convinced surgery would kill him, since he has a blood pressure problem he's obsessed with and he's had two small strokes in the past decade) >Since my Mom (early 60s) is working all the time and she's the only one bringing in money, that leaves me as his chauffeur >Dad's a cantankerous, stubborn bastard: hates the dog and blames it for what happened (the dog is a 9 year old golden retriever that was in it's usual sleeping spot), keeps bitching about everything from physical therapy to things he hears about on MSNBC, has to stop at the supermarket every time I take him anywhere, >Barely see friends anymore, can't find time for job searching either >Every time I bring something like this up Dad says I'm being selfish >It's worth mentioning he is a Class A hoarder, nearly half of the house is inaccesible due to the crap he's accumulated over the years (there are newspapers dating back to the 90s, old receipts from entire rooms that I haven't been able to go in since I was 9) >Dad says he might have to borrow money from me to help pay his medical bills (I have roughly three grand in my checking account, that's it) So what should I do? I can't just leave my parents - I don't have the money and they both have debilitating health conditions, but I don't want to have to take care of them until they're gone. At the very least I just need to know how to deal with my Dad before I burst a blood vessel from sheer rage
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Sometimes when I'm on 4chan, I have brief conversations with people who share similar interests with me and who I seem to get along with, and sometimes I'm interested in talking to them again outside of 4chan and maybe legitimately getting to know them a little bit. How do I suggest talking outside of 4chan without it seeming weird?
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What do?

How to initiate sexual conversation?

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It is nearly 11pm and I want to text this girl I met a few days ago. I want the convo to explore her sexual side though. We chat and theres a chance of us dating but I secretly am looking for a relationship that would include sex because she invited me over to her place sometime this week but Im not sure if its worth it. and yes im aware that an invintation probably means sex but texting her the past 2 days she seems kinda dull and uninterested. tl;dr: please be my wingman and tell me what to say to get the ball rolling. I was going to ask /b/ but that I'm not looking for a roll thread where I say crazy shit. I haven't even said "Hello" or anything yet so let's start from there.
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There's 5-6 more weeks left in the semester and after that I'll probably never see the friends I made again. Well, I might see them, but I'll never have a reason to hang out. I feel like I never end up keeping the friends I meet during these short semesters. It's like after the semester ends, we all go our separate ways. I'm not really good at socializing outside of school so I don't have many long term friends. Honestly, I only have one good friend and he's one I've had since highschool. Anybody else feel the same? I'm not really good at initiating relationships or keeping up with friends.
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I like making people fall in love with me, but generally lose interest when they do and feel the need to move on. What is this?
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I'm feeling so down over a guy I like. It's so stupid too, I shouldn't be head over heels for a guy I barley know. I mean he's in my class and we have talked quite a bit. I can't seem to just stop thinking about him. He's provab just a really nice guy and sees me as a pretty cool friend. I wish I could ask him out but the one time I did he said he would go but when I asked about it later in the week, in person, he backed out. Anyone else overthink about people you have a crush one?? It kills me and makes me feel lame
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I need help understanding a little something about females here. I'm theorizing something I MAY be correct on, but I could be way off here. Tell me what yall think: According to "the science of sex appeal" women are at their sexiest when they are the most fertile and ready for sex and most likely to get pregnant. They tend to make themselves look sexier, they talk sexier, they're nicer, their skin changes color, etc.... But then, I also know and understand that women go on their period if the the egg in their uterus doesn’t get fertilized, that lining is released from the body as blood through the vagina. And of course they get PMS and act all crazy and irrational. So logically, it sounds like its safe to conclude then that if women don't get fucked when they're most "ready", the next few days afterward they can turn into complete psycho bitches. And the only way to spare them that is to fuck without a condom and get them pregnant. Am I making sense here or am I way off?
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