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In the past year I have grown incredibly close with a woman. The beginning of our relationship was just like the beginning of any romantic relationship, but at one point she said she wanted to just be friends. So, over time we became best friends. I fell in love with her hard. Every now and then she'd say she was in love with me too, but she'd often go back and forth. Sometimes we'd hook up. Most of the time we didn't. As I got to know her I learned that she's had a very difficult life. Both of her parents have spent a lot of time in prison, she was repeatedly raped by her step-father as a kid, and recently she has escaped an abusive marriage. She has never had someone positive in her life and without me she'd be alone. I've promised her that no matter what I'll always be her friend. I love her too much to let her be alone. I know she loves me dearly too. Now, she's begun seeing a guy, something I've been dreading for a long time. Last night she stayed over his place for the first time, and I went through an absolute mental torture. It was so bad that I know I can't handle another night like it. If I keep her in my life, I know this is how it's going to be, and this night will happen again. But I love her too much to take her out of my life, and again, I promised that I'd stay in her life. But for my own sanity, I need to be able to move on, and I can't do that if things continue the way they are. How can I abandon someone I care about so much? How can I allow myself to keep going through such torture? What do, /adv/?
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Guys, I need career help. I want to get into medical school to become a surgeon. In 2011, I went to a university and I did okay in terms of grades. Halfway through the second semester (Spring 2012), I came down with OCD and it destroyed my life and my grades. I went another semester before realizing I had to get help (I was extremely suicidal) and my grades continued to suffer. I moved back home and transferred to a university closer to home because I didn't have health insurance at the first unversity. I was receiving help for my OCD but my schooling still took a hit and I went two semesters at this university before having to leave because of academic suspension. I took a semester off and though I haven't fully recovered, I can take classes with a sound mind again. I transferred to a community college and I'm on track to make a 4.0 this semester. I want to transfer to another university in hopes of going through their pre-med program. Is there anything I can do or did my OCD ruin my life?
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I have a drug test in a few days. I am 5'10 and weight 145. Here is my marijuana history. From February to May I smoked one/twice a week, first time ever smoking. I stopped the whole summer. I smoked once in September, then I smoked twice on a weekend of October 11-12. Will I pass?

Relationshit advice

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Hello, /adv/, this is my second time on this board. Last time you guys were really helpful so I turn to you again. Greentexting to minimize the tl;dr >5 years ago I had an on off relationship with a girl, let's call her A >at the time A and I were both struggling with mental health issues so shit never worked out >current day, I am in a serious relationship with boy, let's call him B >B and I live together, we've been dating for a year and living together for like 8 months (yeah we were quick to move in together) >I love and adore B, and our relationship is very loving and caring, and when we have sex it's usually fucking amazing >however we have sex very very rarely because most of the time I just don't feel like it >enter A back into the equation >she is 2 years married >a while ago she got a bit drunk with me, and confessed that her marriage is going down the drain and that she still likes me and wants to be with me >I turn her down but I can't stop thinking about her afterwards I'm torn between my feelings of love towards B and my old complicated feelings towards A. I feel like B and I moved in together way too fast, and that I am too young to settle down for marriage and stuff, and that I am missing out on life and other, non-straight relationships. However, I also love B and everything I've accomplished with him, and I know, logically thinking, that he is a better partner to me than what A could ever be. I guess, if I could, I would have a break with B, have a short passionate fling with A, then get back together with B, satisfied having explored other options. That's not really an option though as B is old-fashioned and passionate about me being his first and only love. I feel gigantic amounts of guilt for even writing these feelings down so you guys don't have to call me a cheating bislut, I can take care of that myself. What do?

Physical Science

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Ok I already know I'll be either ignored or chewed out but I need help understanding a question for my Physical science class. Im not asking for the answer but on how to understand it so I can get the answer myself. This is from the chemistry part on how chemicals react. Question is as follows Note in table 20.1 that bond energy increases going from C--N to C--O to C--F. Explain this trend based on the sizes of these atoms as deduced from their positions in the periodic table. Attached is the table its talking about. And in the next post ill post what I think I understand.
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There's this girl that lives sort of near me that I spoke to a lot last September and we lost contact, I never got a last name is there any way I might be able to find her?

Need a strong winter coat.

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Last winter was awful and I need a coat that will keep my whole body warm. It is only mid-November and we are getting below zero with wind-chill, so I need something rugged. Does anyone know of a miracle coat that can keep my torso and legs warm? Do I need more than just a coat to keep my torso and limbs warm?
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I frequently alternate between living my life on my own and loving it, and pining for a girl to spend time with. However when I have sex after some time I always go back to wanting to live on my own. Which is my true nature? I don't know which is innately myself, because they are so opposite in nature. I feel a little like a freak because I want to live on my own.
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Can /adv/ help me get over my SO of over 6 years? We've had an overly clingy, unhealthy relationship. I get crippling anxiety when I try to end it. I can't afford to be crippled by anxiety or overly depressed. Too many tears wasted away already. I just want to move on. How do?
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There's this girl I kind of like but I'm not sure what's going on or where I stand. The kicker is she's a lesbian. However we constantly joke about being a married couple, and when everyone's ripping on us about being together she chimes in and says stuff like "when we fuckin?" And whatnot. I guess another reason why people probably think we are together is because she comes over every so often. We usually get drunk together and end up watching porn or something but nothing comes of that. At parties whenever I go somewhere, she accompanies me for a smoke, and just hovers around me. When I host my own parties, she helps me out more than she should. I don't know where I stand. Someone told me to get her drunk and just try to kiss her but I'm not like that.
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If a girl publicly fangirls over hot celebrities, models and actors, is that a pretty good indication that she's a slut?

Sister issues

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Well, it happens that my sister think she is pregnant but for me is just stupid. She has been taking pills for about 2 months to prevent pregnancy, also the last time she had sexual intercourse his boyfriend didn't use a condom, besides he pulled out before they finished. She says she suspects something because her period hasn't come yet since the 14 of this month, I said to her that it is a matter with the pills that makes her period delay. The problem with this is that we live separated, she can't buy tests to see if she is pregnant, neither go to a doctor. What should I do?
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/adv/ I can't live here anymore. Last winter I told myself I would leave here by a years time and never come back. Living here in ubearable, my house is so poorly maintained and old that during winter all the cold air comes in through the window and the window has ice on it. I have a space heater on full blast and a humidifier right next to me and my fingers have been numb for 15 hours. Winter hasn't even started and last years winter was so bad all my friends treated me like shit and abondoned me and I was stuck in my freezing room by myself for such a long time and I couldn't leave my house because the rest of the house was so cold it felt like a prison, but worse it was literal isolation. I live in the middle of nowhere and only have a couple hundred bucks to my name, usually I'm good at finding jobs but there's very small businesses and i've been in and out of jobs. I can barely hold a job because of all this stress. My house is so cold and sad I'm lucky to get 4 hours of sleep a night so I have to go around with everyone asking me what's wrong with you, you look sick, are you tired? I'm running the fuck away, what the fuck do I do? All I have a high school diploma and some computer skills. My whole life has been like this if idk how long it's going to take until I kill myself but I know it's coming soon, I might as well try to run and die on the streets so I don't have to die cold and alone here. The streets sound much nicer.
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How do I compliment my boyfriend? I adore him and want to call him handsome but it seems not the right way to put it and seems weird when I say it. I try cutie but that's all I use. I'm so used to complimenting my girl friends like how they look cute today but how to compliment a boy??? the hell
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Tricky family situation. Basically my mother recently sent a letter to her parents describing to them physical abuse she underwent from her father as a child. They had never spoken about the matter before and it has been nearly 50 years since. Their relationship had been mostly good until that point, with regular visits from our home in dc to theirs in CA. As a child I had a great and fun relationship with them and had no idea about my mothers abuse. When she sent the email, her father responded defiantly saying she had overstated the severity of it (although much had been confirmed by her sister who underwent the same trauma) and in some cases deserved physical punishment for being so badly behaved. Now, her parents don't speak to her, don't send her birthday gifts as usual and refuse to see her despite her attempts. She just wants to talk abou her feelings but they are not interested. Her parents have continued to try to maintain warm corespondence with the rest of the family, sending holiday gifts and letters to others but not her. They recently sent me an email wishing me a happy thanksgiving and asking to talk about my life these days on the phone. I feel extremely uncomfortable talking to them now based on the cold treatment they've given my mother which has put a lot of strain on the larger family. Am I right to tell them in a response that I want them to try to resolve things with my mother to heal the now broken bonds in the family, or am I overstepping my bounds as a grandson? I feel like I can't pretend to be okay with all of this.
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I wish I wasn't so goddamn shy. I'm 20 already and if I don't get my shit sorted soon I'll never get anywhere in life. Goddammit why am I so goddamn shy. Is it like autism or something? Is it because I was vaccinated? Is it vidya? Telling myself to stop it, dammit, doesn't seem to do anything. Help me, /adv/.
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So, im 20 years old. And finally got a girlfriend, I have no fucking idea what to do with her or talk about. I've been in convent schools my whole life and a shut in TV and Vidya buff. But I've stopped those things and have started to get a social life. Pls halp. How to boyfriend? >inb4 Autism. I know.
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Ok /adv/ whats your best advice on showing interest in a girl. In a way so she ''gets it'' or something Pic maybe related ;)
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Hey /adv/, I have a problem. I'm in high school at the moment, and generally life is good. I have friends, I get invited to parties and my social life isn't non-existant. I get a fair share of social interaction, but at the same time everything feels so superficial. I can't say that I'm very close to any of my friends (at least from my perspective) and every time we hang out it just feels off somehow. I have a lot of acquaintances and friends, but there is no one I can really say that I'm very close with. I don't feel depressed or feel like I'm hated, but it's just that none of the social relationships I have feel entirely genuine. Maybe it's just from my perspective, but somehow I feel that something is missing. I don't have a girlfriend either, so maybe that's a reason for this voidness inside of me. Any ideas /adv/?
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>21 >Virgin >Pretty average looking dude, have decent body Am I fucking doomed to be a virgin? All college girls seem to want is a dude that can fuck really well, but I'm a virgin, and obviously can't. Seems like my only hope at this point is to hire a hooker, and get some experience under my belt that way. What do I do? Shit seems completely hopeless if you didn't fuck a ton of girls in high school.
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