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How To Break Up With Suicidal Boyfriend?

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tl;dr Basically what it says on the tin. I want to break up with him and live my own life again, but he's told me numerous times before that if I ever left him, he said that he'd definitely kill himself. I want to be free and on my own again, but if he killed himself, I don't know if I'd be able to deal with the guilt. What do?
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My girlfriend will often use her period as an excuse not to do anything sexual with me. My question is: don't periods make you hornier?
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How will I get rid of my Anxiety to certain situations? Let me explain. Four years ago I started to train for certain exams. I did average and passed the first part of exams with flying colors but the later part of exams, two months after the first part, I had a mental breakdown preparing for the exams. Now I have created a sort of mental block. When I think about the exams my heart beats faster, I start to sweat and feel like shit. Sometimes I have nightmares, being on that exam. Nothing disturbing is happening in those dreams but I feel depressed and shit. Like if I know death is glooming right around the corner but there is no obvious danger seen. How will I get rid of this negative feelings toward the exams. I don't want to fail but also I don't want to kill my dreams. I'm willing to try meditation, yoga etc. to strengthen and heal my mind. What to do?
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I am 21, moved to a new state early 2013 because I never found a job in my home state, been working a job at a non-profit organization since moving and looking to move to a better paying job or career. Problem I have is with references, wouldn't say introvert but I just really don't have anyone close to put down. Don't talk to anyone from my old state other than parents, haven't made friends here except my gf. I don't even know if I should put my current job down, my higher ups (who I have never seen other than twice) aren't responding to my emails about other job related stuff and are general assholes. I heard most don't really check references or just put down friends saying they are previous supervisors. What should I do when a job application calls for references?
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Whole family have no idea what to do with my cousin. Any ideas adv how to deal with her/ set her straight? >18yo cousin in Art highschool (not US) > already fails almost all subjects (9) >refuses to go to classes, blames parents on not waking her up early, not doing breakfast etc > spends almost all time with current boyfriend > now wants to change schools to much worse one to be near boyfriend >blames parents on everything that went wrong, especially mother >probably has no friends in school, never really had in past because of attitude >always had "better than everyone else" "its teachers who are stupid" attitude >has health issues, faints from time to time > last time in hospital refused her mother to see her >always had very strong relations with father to the point people saw it as creepy (including her grandpa etc) Right now she is not only destroying her life but whole family (parents argue, father also blames mother, breaks stuff).

Self Hating Issues

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Hey advice, i often having feelings that i am a terrible person and i deserve ntohing more than a bullet to the head and a shallow grave. I had a relatively good life, but i feel like i don't deserve it and that someone else deserves it. Essentially, i really hate myself and want to die not because life is hard but because i don't believe deserve the joy of life. Sometimes i have fantasies of people beating the shit out of me and people i care about abandoning me
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>ex texted me an hour ago >want her back >chose not to answer to make her long for me or whatever bullshit people say works >don't want her to lose interest to the point I'm a gross entity >don't want to be at her beck and call like a beta faggot What do?
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Half of the advice here is to love myself. How do I do that?
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I worked hard to like myself and it worked for a long while. But now i lost it, and i'm sinking deeper into depression. I've lost a lot in my life, and i decided to leave her, she isn't worth it, belive me. Now i'm alone, and the only group of people i consider friends don't really feel the same way about me anymore. I try to fit in again, i used to consider them brothers,we grew up together, but it isn't the same anymore and it's hard to move on. I'm in pain, the fuck i'm supposed to do?
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Roommate agreed to take care of my cat while I'm on vacation so i don't have to hire someone. I agreed to pay him. He will be feeding her twice a day and will let her roam the house, just making sure she doesn't get into trouble. I have a motorized litterbox so he wont have to deal with that. It will be for 6 days. What's a fair amount to pay him? pic related, my cat
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I met a really cool girl on OKC about a month ago. I closed my account and never actually met up with her. I'm too stressed out and preoccupied for dating or women in general. How do I keep in touch with her? I kind of flaked on her and she was really into me, so I feel like a shithead. But she was gorgeous. I go out a lot and meet a lot of women, but she really stood out.

This girl....

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Ok man I need this girl in my life. Me and her went to middle together and so we know eachother and I got her number. We were both into eachother at points in time but I was a pussy and didnt do anything about it. We go to different schools and I have not seen her or talked to her in probably a year. How can I start talking with her again? You know like what can I say to her to start talkin again? Call or text? Help me out homies!
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So let me start out by saying I am 33 years old and male, and I've been married for 7 years. We've been (well I've been) having some relationship problems for a while now. The sex is usually good but every few days I can't cum when I fuck my wife and usually close my eyes and imagine I'm with a man instead of her. I mean that's pretty normal stuff, I read a study how gay thoughts were extremely common in straight guys. The problem is, I cheated on her. With a guy. I posted a craigslist ad and it was supposed to be just a blowjob, which I did and enjoyed it a lot. But he wouldn't stop and demanded that I offer my ass to him, he basically wouldn't let me leave the hotel room unless he fucked me so I complied. So here's the predicament. His cock had some kind of sores on it which I didn't see until he was finished fucking me (he was black and they were on the base of his dick which only showed up when it was flaccid). We also didn't use a condom and he blew a load in me. So the next night my wife wanted sex and I gave it to her without a condom and now I'm terrified that I gave her herpes or even HIV. I don't want to tell her because it would ruin my marriage, what the fuck do I do?
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Advisors I need your help >Me: 25 yo, 6'0'', white, not fat. >Still beta virgin. Okay, because degree reasons I have to go and stay for a week in a research institute near beach, to do stupid science... but I have to go with a girl, I had been fucking friendzoned by this petite latina qt ? 3.1416 girl for almost the entire career, and this shit needs to just stop NOW. I still dont known if we are gonna share room or stay separate, anyways, the place is almost isolated, only 6 persons work there, so its a pretty relaxing site... I dont want to send threatening vibes to her, the most far I have went was touching her legs one time like massaging while watching movies, but she doesn't let me kiss her, neither finger her, of course I have hugged and hold hands with her, but doesnt seem to last. How the fuck I aproach her in a good and naturally way, I dont known how to let those feelings to flow, I really want to cuddle and touch her all night, but dont wanna looks creppy or neddy. Fuck the nerves are killing me. How the fuck I exit this stupid friendzone?? I depart tomorrow. HALP BROS, HOW DO I SUCCESS?!
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All my male friends are boring, they work all week and go clubbing on weekends, no variety what so ever. This is their life. I enjoy clubbing from time to time, but not every single week at the same clubs. Therefore I have no wingmen to help pick up girls. However, 2-3 times a week I'll go for lunch, bowling or some other activity with one of my many female friends, but generally avoid trying to pick up a girl when around them, even though we're friends, it just seems a bit.. disrespectful(?) and slightly awkward when explaining 'Oh her? Nah - we're just friends'. If I was having a coffee with a male friend and turned to another table to chat up a girl, they would high-five me and call me a sick cunt, where as when I've done it in the past with female friends it just seems a bit tense. I don't completely discard whoever I'm with, male or female, I just talk to a pretty girl for 5 minutes then return to my friend. Is this all in my head or am I a cunt for doing this? A female opinion would great.
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I can't keep my dick hard during vaginal sex with a condom. What should I do?
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Not sure if this is the right board to ask, but I'm in serious need of (creative) advice! For my final year project, I was tasked to create a short video that promotes successful graduates in the retail scene. I have talents that include a fashion entrepreneur (wholesale, business), a cake entrepreneur, a senior manager working in a retail store such as Topman or Uniqlo, and a stock manager at a supermarket such as Walmart (deals with fruits and stuff). I believe there's a certain negative connotation towards retail (e.g. It's all about folding clothes, lack of substantial experience, all about stocktaking) and I am seeking to dispute that. However, I can't seem to derive at any form of idea that would help me achieve that. Any ideas? Much thanks. pic sorta unrelated
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super /adv/engers i've been dealing with depression (which is now chronic) since I was 13 (now 18). I see a psychologist, I take fluoxetine (prozac), but I can't seem to get a grip or get better. I've fucked up my first semester of college really bad but the disability center may be able to help me...that's problem number 1. Problem number 2, is that I was in love with a girl who was a foreign exchange student my senior year of HS, and of course she had to go home. We talk but with the state I'm in I doubt we'll be able to stay close in four years, and that hurts, but that's life. I know how to talk to people, and girls, but I've become a recluse. Even though I like myself, suicide seems like a logical decision to me. Sometimes I feel like that, and other times I feel content until I remember my reality. The reality that I just don't care anymore. What can I do? I've been doing music therapy and that helps, but when I'm not doing that I still consider just ending my life. It's not healthy but it seems so logical to me. Like I'll never regain any care. sorry for the block of text
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I'm 23, been out of college for over a year with a shitty degree, unemployed and living with my parents, and I'm going insane. Parents are driving me nuts and I want to start a career to finally sustain myself but I have no idea where to even begin. Morale is low because the US is falling apart and it makes me wonder if I should even bother or if I should just say fuck it and slit my wrists. What do, /adv/?
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>20, femanon >Met this guy in one of my classes recently >Think he is pretty cute, has an interesting face >Pale white like casper, but has very dark features >Start talking to him >He finally beings making eye contact and seems comfortable with me >Even when we talk, he speaks very little, but it is clear he is paying attention to everything you say This guy is... different. I don't know why, or how, but he is. When he looks at you, its like he is looking right through you, he also seems to read people like open books, but is nearly impossible to get a read on him at all. You can't ever tell what he is thinking, while he almost always knows what you're thinking. He just has this strange presence about him. But the more time I spend with him, the more I like him.
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