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sex with a '''''''heavy'''''' gf. how does it work? should i just give up and stick to oral? is that normal or depressing?
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Guys, I need career help. I want to get into medical school to become a surgeon. In 2011, I went to a university and I did okay in terms of grades. Halfway through the second semester (Spring 2012), I came down with OCD and it destroyed my life and my grades. I went another semester before realizing I had to get help (I was extremely suicidal) and my grades continued to suffer. I moved back home and transferred to a university closer to home because I didn't have health insurance at the first unversity. I was receiving help for my OCD but my schooling still took a hit and I went two semesters at this university before having to leave because of academic suspension. I took a semester off and though I haven't fully recovered, I can take classes with a sound mind again. I transferred to a community college and I'm on track to make a 4.0 this semester. I want to transfer to another university in hopes of going through their pre-med program. Is there anything I can do or did my OCD ruin my life?

Should I try repairing our friend ship or is it not worth it?

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There was this girl who moved here this past spring. She moved into my neighborhood right next to my best friend's house. We would always have a few beers or throw a party after work over the summer and she gradually started coming to more and more. Eventually she had a fallout with everyone else because of drunken decisions she made. We however became bestfriends, we would text eachother everyday, but not in conversation only to make plans. We preferred to talk in person. I hung out with her almost everyday. One night at a party she told one of my close friends that she liked me, and I had liked her for sometime, but I didn't want to risk losing such an awesome friendship, but my friends eventually convinced me to ask her out so I did and she said yes. The week after I asked her out she acted very strange and made excuses not to hangout. She told one of my friends that I had made things weird between me and her. I've been devastated and everytime I see her it's when I'm already belligerent. So when I see the guys she brings to the parties I get pissed off. I know this is wrong, so I apologized for the things I've done when she saw me like that, but she just ignores me. I want to repair this friendship so bad, but I feel like if I do I'll just continue to like her. She has treated me like ****, and several of my friends agree with me.
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Evening /adv/, So I come to you with a dilemma I hope you can help me solve. For a while now, I've been head over heels for this girl I know. She's absolutely amazing, my kind of 10/10. Last night, I finally told her how I felt and asked her on a date; the conversation went like this: >Me: Anonette, I like you, a lot, and I have for some time. I'm not sure how you feel, but I'm cool with that because I know how I feel. So with all that, if you're free and interested, maybe I can finally get you that meal I promised you sometime this week. >Her: Aw Anon that's incredibly sweet of you. But I'm seeing someone, I can't, I'm sorry. I think you're a very kind person and if you still want to get food as friends I'd love to. >Me: No hard feelings, can't blame a guy for trying. >Her: I'm glad you feel you can be honest with me, I appreciate it >Me: Of course. If you ever want to take me up on my offer let me know >Her: Ya sure! We should this week From here, it pretty much progressed to us probably going to lunch on Thursday, pending any schedule conflicts. Now my issue is, I'm still head over heels for her (I've had a crush on her since I met her, but it wasn't until recent that I grew closer to her), but I don't want to overstep my boundaries. I don't mind continuing to pursue her as I don't feel like I've anything to lose as I've still got my whole life ahead of me and she definitely seems worth it. I just don't know if I should take a step back and continue to build our friendship while waiting to see how things progress and potentially getting my chance at some point or if I should continue to be friends and move on. I know right now, my mind and my heart (as lame as that sounds) want to do the former, I'm just not sure. What do /adv/? tl;dr - OP has a huge crush on this girl, but when he approached her, she said she was seeing someone, but he wants to keep pursuing her and is unsure what to do
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/adv/ I can't live here anymore. Last winter I told myself I would leave here by a years time and never come back. Living here in ubearable, my house is so poorly maintained and old that during winter all the cold air comes in through the window and the window has ice on it. I have a space heater on full blast and a humidifier right next to me and my fingers have been numb for 15 hours. Winter hasn't even started and last years winter was so bad all my friends treated me like shit and abondoned me and I was stuck in my freezing room by myself for such a long time and I couldn't leave my house because the rest of the house was so cold it felt like a prison, but worse it was literal isolation. I live in the middle of nowhere and only have a couple hundred bucks to my name, usually I'm good at finding jobs but there's very small businesses and i've been in and out of jobs. I can barely hold a job because of all this stress. My house is so cold and sad I'm lucky to get 4 hours of sleep a night so I have to go around with everyone asking me what's wrong with you, you look sick, are you tired? I'm running the fuck away, what the fuck do I do? All I have a high school diploma and some computer skills. My whole life has been like this if idk how long it's going to take until I kill myself but I know it's coming soon, I might as well try to run and die on the streets so I don't have to die cold and alone here. The streets sound much nicer.
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Tricky family situation. Basically my mother recently sent a letter to her parents describing to them physical abuse she underwent from her father as a child. They had never spoken about the matter before and it has been nearly 50 years since. Their relationship had been mostly good until that point, with regular visits from our home in dc to theirs in CA. As a child I had a great and fun relationship with them and had no idea about my mothers abuse. When she sent the email, her father responded defiantly saying she had overstated the severity of it (although much had been confirmed by her sister who underwent the same trauma) and in some cases deserved physical punishment for being so badly behaved. Now, her parents don't speak to her, don't send her birthday gifts as usual and refuse to see her despite her attempts. She just wants to talk abou her feelings but they are not interested. Her parents have continued to try to maintain warm corespondence with the rest of the family, sending holiday gifts and letters to others but not her. They recently sent me an email wishing me a happy thanksgiving and asking to talk about my life these days on the phone. I feel extremely uncomfortable talking to them now based on the cold treatment they've given my mother which has put a lot of strain on the larger family. Am I right to tell them in a response that I want them to try to resolve things with my mother to heal the now broken bonds in the family, or am I overstepping my bounds as a grandson? I feel like I can't pretend to be okay with all of this.
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I wish I wasn't so goddamn shy. I'm 20 already and if I don't get my shit sorted soon I'll never get anywhere in life. Goddammit why am I so goddamn shy. Is it like autism or something? Is it because I was vaccinated? Is it vidya? Telling myself to stop it, dammit, doesn't seem to do anything. Help me, /adv/.
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Hey /adv/, I have a problem. I'm in high school at the moment, and generally life is good. I have friends, I get invited to parties and my social life isn't non-existant. I get a fair share of social interaction, but at the same time everything feels so superficial. I can't say that I'm very close to any of my friends (at least from my perspective) and every time we hang out it just feels off somehow. I have a lot of acquaintances and friends, but there is no one I can really say that I'm very close with. I don't feel depressed or feel like I'm hated, but it's just that none of the social relationships I have feel entirely genuine. Maybe it's just from my perspective, but somehow I feel that something is missing. I don't have a girlfriend either, so maybe that's a reason for this voidness inside of me. Any ideas /adv/?
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Hi guys ive got a girlfriend with Pure-o OCD Shes just started to get ROCD but shes had HOCD POCD and just general OCD with bad thoughts. I have fitness goals and im in college. I dont want to be made unhappy or get any psycolgical effects on myself but i also want to help her. I like her alot shes not just a girl i want to leave and ill find another. Up to now it hasnt been a problem to me but now that its ROCD she starts talking about how sometimes she wants to break up. At the moment she wants to take things slower so she can have time to think Has anyone got any advice? any tips? Anyone with any similar stories?
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what can I do with a debit card I found without it being traced back to me? I found a bent debit card outside my apartment complex today, and I'm assuming it's no good (because why else would it be bent?) but on the offchance that there's still funds on it, is there anyway I can use it without the action being traced back to me? I got laid off when my company's local branch closed, so I'm pretty hard up for cash right now. got food stamps, so I don't need to spend it on that, but is there other ways I can use it that aren't risky?
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How do I convince my parents that I want to drop out of college? I am at community college right now and have been flipflopping on what my major should be. I have absolutely no direct idea on what I truly want but right now I am thinking finance. Though truthfully I probably will just switch because meh... My parents want me to transfer to a 4 year university even though I don't see the point anymore. I have 0 motivation and no plans. Yet the are pushing me so hard to keep doing this shit because they think it is the only way for me to be successful and get a job. They have this mentality that I have to be better off than them financially. And I have to live the same life I did. Aka big house in suburb with kids and wife. I was thinking just getting commercial driving license and doing that. But I probably will be disowned. Give me advice plox. As I have 0 friends and nobody to talk to about my problems ;___: pic unrelated
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>20, virgin >White >All the girls I seem to attract are chubby hispanics The fuck is this? I'm not really into chubbies at all, but they are like fucking drawn to me.
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So after being a beta pussy most of my life, I'm finally going ahead with no-contact this time. My ex got in touch recently and I just can't do this anymore. Is NC really as failproof as people say? Its become a bit of a cliche but its the best option in this situation I'm sure
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A 30 year old with asperger's has latched on to me and is overly friendly and constantly messaging me and inviting me places no matter how many times I turn him down. He knows where I work and comes in for hours at a time. He's a graduate and still attends societies. We're both in the same society and talks to me constantly on socials, nobody else talks to me at socials because they don't want to talk to him and so socials aren't fun for me anymore. Socials are the only time I get to see some of my friends. Pic related, before that I'd told him I couldn't meet up with him because I was working and then he said he'd come to the shop instead so I tried worming out of it by saying I wouldn't want to get told off by having him come in and chat. He came in at half 4 and stayed til closing, talking to me all the time, talking to other customers and freaking them out, and then following me to the stock room and fridges when I was putting stuff away How do I get him to fuck off?
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My girlfriend has been super busy with school recently and really stressed. I want to be supportive of her schooling because it's important, but I also really want to see her. Am I an asshole for suggesting she make some time to see me? I don't want to guilt trip her into taking some time from her work, but maybe she's craving it too and just needs me to make the first move.
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All through my high school career, I barely managed to scrape by. I got barely passing grades, even repeating some classes. I graduated a year late. Now, I'm finishing my first semester at a local college. I only passed one class, political science 1101. I have a passion for politics, psychology, and sociology. I majored in software development because I felt that it would make me more money. I'm smart as all hell but I'm a terrible student. I don't know what to do and I feel useless. Two nights ago, I bought five whipped cream cans from Wal-mart, went around to the side of the building, and inhaled them all. I blacked out and woke up to some employee kicking me. I panicked and ran into the woods, where I passed out again. I just don't know what to do with myself. I know I'm a nice guy and my physical features are far from abhorrent but I have no friends. The only people interested in me are people who want to hook up with me for a night, and I don't do hookups. None of my exes want to talk to me, and all of my friends were so emotionally abusive that I was forced to cut them off. I feel so alone. What can I do to stop this madness. I don't want to an hero but it seems like the easiest route these days.

Depression Discussion

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I am making this thread so that people like me can discuss their depression and maybe offer advice (that's the name of the place) that doesn't include "seek help". Mainly I just need to get these things off my chest. I hope I find understanding people who can help me here. I hate talking about these things face to face because when I talk about the fact that I am suicidal you can see the faces of people change and their perception obviously alters. There are no places where people can discuss this stuff anonymously online. I am lonely, My friends all live in different places to me, I don't want to get into a relationship because they are complicated and I want a relationship because I don't feel whole without one. I am an artist, I create music and graphics (bachelors in graphic design). I went into these things because they made me happy and now I am depressed by them because they are the only things I do and they are both subjective to people's interpretation and tastes and they are completely underappreciated. I have been thinking about learning how to invent but I am 30 now and it seems like such an uphill battle. Every day is a struggle just to go to work, and one of the only reasons I do so is so that I can get to an internet connection to talk to people and hopefully find some kind of reality in which I can be happy. I am very sensitive - I tend to cry very often at work, and try my best to hide it.
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Posted this in another thread but it seems dead so here I go. I'm currently a junior, Bio major pre-med, but I'm terrified of taking the mcat and the medical school admissions process given the solid grades everyone posts on sites like mdadmissions and such. On top of all that I feel like chemistry is a huge weakness for me and I'm scared for what is to come. I have no ECs almost because they either turn me down without explanation (volunteering at hospitals) or ask me for previous experience (research) which I have none since everyone says the same fucking thing. My question is, what are some solid ECs I could get on my side to really have a "hook"? As a junior and for the med school application process, is it wise to join clubs (comic book club) and do a year of wrestling in hopes of joining the wrestling team? Thanks for the advice, feel free to use this thread for other college advice
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Girlfriend just left me 4 days ago out of no where. >2 years and 10 months going out >beautiful, intelligent, great sense of humor, strong morals >always happy, never any problems >cook, do housework, etc. to help her out >everyone looked up to us as the perfect couple >I never constrained her space and always encouraged her to hang out with friends >uni lovers, but recently she had to move 4 hours away (in which I did visit her about every 2-3 weeks) for a masters, while i shadowed/worked She flat out says she doesn't love me. Looking back on conversations and such I would have never guessed that this would have happened. I have had other relationships, but I really feel like she was the one I will always be in love with. She also says she needs time to be independent. She wants to keep me as a best friend, but I don't think that could ever work. What do I do? Just let her go?
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Completely lost and alone. That's honestly all I could describe my life for the past 2-3 good years now, I'm not so lazy anymore, I'm not such a bitch...I mean I'm still really insecure except my anxiety doesn't bother me anymore. I feel like as a person, I feel inferior because I can't build value and interests like others do. Because of this, I'm socially inept as they get, I can't say more than a few words to a person, I literally haven't had a conversation forever. I go on average about speaking 50 words a day, I know I'm not alone...but is this normal for a 21-22 year old male? I've been feeling like this for the past 2-3 years. I feel more dead than those who say they are depressed, I forgot what that kind of depression even feels like.
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