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Sitting on his lap

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I'm a 18 year old girl, I'm not "fat" I'm 5'7 135lb I'm pretty slim. But my boyfriend always wants me to sit on his lap and I worry that I'd be too heavy for him, or this is going to sound idiotic but sit in the wrong place on his lap and accidently hurt him. Is there a certain way you are suppose to sit on a guys lap so that it doesn't hurt?

the goyim know

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So /adv/ I have a problem mainly that I can't seem to keep my dick hard during sex with my gf. as background I am 21 and she's 19 both in college. I am computer science and she is animal science. We have been doing sexual things for a month and a half and I make her cum most every time I eat her out. The problem is I just can't seem to get my dick to stay hard or sometimes even get hard in the first place. She has done multiple blowjobs for me and many times I just stay soft. Other times we fuck and it feels great but my dick slowly starts to go soft even though it feels good. The only trick I know that gets me hard a majority of the time is 69ing with her but that can also be hit or miss. What's worse is this shit keeps fucking with my head so if I feel and sort of bending I feel like I have to finish soon or else risk a floppy cock. She loves sex and so do I but this floppy dick shit is starting to fuck her up too because she feels like she is inadequate. I also masturbate every morning with porn. My plan is to try and do it every 3 days so I can build up. What else should I do? This girl is amazing and I don't want to lose her because my cock is being a bitch. also any tips on getting a girl to orgasm while fucking? I can do it while eating her out pretty easily but don't know wtf to do for fucking when I actually get going. pic related it's me when my dick goes floppy.
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I'm going to Amsterdam for a business trip. I'm a woman. I'm thinking about going to the red light discreet. I was wondering, would the prostitutes in the red light discreet allow me to have her? I have been told girls weren't allowed to do so in Hamburg, wondering if its the same there
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/adv/ I have such an odd problem. I sleep 7-8 hours a night depending. I go to sleep around midnight, wake up at 7, and finish getting ready to go to work by 7:15. Because of how my house is and the bathroom schedule, i sleep from 7:15 to 8:15 and then go to work. But for no reason I'd knock the fuck out at work as if I got no sleep. I feel that because I have to read blocks of text, that's what puts me to sleep. Either that or something is wrong. What do?
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>>4 yrs ago. be 20. Steady job. training for upper management >>Injure my leg doing yardwork - Torn ACL + Damaged MCL >>No insurance - couldnt afford it >>Loose job because "I cant function properly / efficiently" >>ff 3 years >>Leg still messed up. Can't afford to get it fixed still >>No job still - plenty of interviews though >>potential employer always seems to find a reason to not hire me - most interviews usually end like this -- >>*sees me with a slight limp* >>Your application says you dont have an injury like this... sorry we cant risk you damaging company merc/property. cant hire you or >>We found some highschooler that will spend most of their time fucking around than actually working. bye. -- >>friend suggested applying for disability until I get back on my feet >>Need proof of disability >>Need $3000 scan of my leg - cant afford >>forget that idea - back to job hunting >>ff 1 year to today >>still no job I got turned away from 2 jobs today (One because my background check "got lost in the mail, so we hired someone else", (I shit you not) and another because My friend works there (she got me the interview) and their upper management says "its against policy". I feel like Im at the end of my rope. I've been applying anywhere and everywhere I can find. I cant get a job. Im tired being dependent on other people. Im tired of feelng so useless all the time. Right now I just... dont know what to do right now. Feel like giving up on everything.
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So hey. This weekend, I went out on a date. Things went great, we shared a lot of mutual interests and hit it off really well. She came back to my place, we had a couple drinks, and had sex. She stayed the night over, until I had to leave for work in the morning. Everything went great. But where the fuck do I go from here? I've never properly "dated". I've had girlfriends and friends with benefits in the past, but never really done the whole "Dating" thing

Trade of Lumber pre 1750AD

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Hey guys, we don't have a history board, so I thought I might try asking this here. I have summative essay due mid December. My assignment sheet is the included image, but basically I need to prove that globalization using extensive trade routes occurred prior to 1750AD. I decided to choose lumber as what little I knew seemed interesting. The problem for me mainly is I can't find any information about actual lumber trade. I found plenty of information about the use of lumber, as well as lots about the lumber trade occurring during the colonization of North America, but I need information predating that. Is anyone here knowledgeable about lumber trade routs in history - anything that I can use to begin digging properly? I'll be asking around in several locations, doing more looking, and hanging around this thread. So if anyone has any questions or if I wasn't entirely clear please feel free to ask. I appreciate any and all help or pointers that are offered.
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>finally decided to see the doctor about my premature ejaculation >it's a female doctor Should I ask for a male one or will she be OK?
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What do you do when you have been told "You have between 6 and 12 months left"? All i can think of is don't want anyone to be able to find where i am when i die and i want to be the one who says when i die, not dying in a fucking hospital with 16 cunts making me feel like an arse hole standing over me. happening on my terms and i want to be having the time of my fucking life when i do it . So any suggestions? what is something you would want to do before you die?

Dating Ugly Girls

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Do you ever really get over the fact that your girl fiend is ugly? She has a great personality, which could last forever, while looks is only superficial. I am having a hard time moving forward, she may not ne what I want, but she could be what I need. (No that's not her pic)
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/adv/, I have a weird problem. Whenever I'm involved with a hot girl. As in, above a 7, I fall stupidly fast. I get infatuated. Creepy. Clingy. Start checking their Facebook 1000x a day. Things usually break off after that due to how weird I am. Now, I've dated lots of women and even had healthy, stable relationships but all of them were in the "cute" range. I can almost regularly go out and meet "cute" girls and initiate a romantic relationship with them--but when it comes to anyone who's really attractive, I lose my shit completely. It has happened to me with 5-6 different women over the years, and one of them was even my best friend! And now she broke off contact because she thinks I'm a huge creep (which I was acting like when we were seeing each other.) I'm fairly handsome, well-off and articulate, but I guess I'm also shallow and insecure. If it helps any, I was morbidly obese through High-School and then got my shit together sometime in College. Any theories on this? How do I stop doing this? It's almost like a fever comes over me whenever I'm with a certain kind of girl. What's my problem and how do I fix it? Pic related--a Random girl I was able to pick up at a bar a while ago. About what I mean when I say "cute."

what to do with my hair

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I could use an advice here, I don't know what to do with my hair. They are thick and full of cowlicks... They also stay in the air, I don't use any conditioner or gel I thought about cutting them in buzz like I use to but I've been told to let them grow till they fall down I'm a bit loss... Any advice will be appreciate
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So this girl I've been seeing and talking to started to ask: Is it better to stay friends? Thing is, I already kissed her and did sexual things with her. I know she's attracted to me. Now I haven't seen her for 3 weeks because she always says she's busy or when she wants to do something I'm busy. The day before yesterday I told her I would come over but she told me her parents would get angry cuz of homework and shit.. So I told her nevermind then.. Yesterday she asked me if I was angry, I said nah and answered shortly because I was at the gym. Today out of nowhere she asks if it's better to stay friends Haven't answered her yet, what to say?

turned off by stinginess

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ugh so the guy i'm dating is insanely stingy. i'm not used to this type of treatment. i usually date guys who pay for most/almost all of my stuff and i'd pay for some meals/activities out of courtesy and respect. the exception was dating students, but even then they'd pay at least 60%. i like things this way, because i feel like guys SHOULD be the ones paying for most things, especially if they make more. this guy though... asked me to pay for half his gas. it was the biggest "boner killer" of all time. he also offered to pay for HALF MY MEAL, and wants me to pay for contraception. he's a student, so that's his excuse, but i cant help but feel less attraction for him and feel like he's less deserving of my time and care. what should i do?
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What to do? Job engineering related - Proposition for small company, have to give answer tomorrow. - Interview ongoing with a bigger company, not sure. I would prefer the big, but the recruitment process take time and maybe other candidate. Just have to say "yes" for the small one. Should I say no to the small company and take my chance with the big?
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Hi, I'm reaching out for help and advice. All my life I have never really fit in, it's only now that I'm a bit older (I'm 18), and in the last few years or so that I've began to really think about it. I struggle to connect with people and make friends, I've never had a group of friends to hang out with everyday, people who invite me out, call me or actually give any indication that they like me. The friends I have had have all been eccentric or weird themselves. Some of these people I like, some I don't. Overall I have been very unhappy since I was about 8 or 9. Before that I was as happy go lucky as any other little kid, however I do remember not making friends as easily or readily as some. When I was 9 I 'tried' to kill myself, but haven't tried since. I've been realizing over the last couple of years that I have serious problems. If I don't change I'm worried I will lose the will to live, my motivation, and my love for life. This doesn't mean to say I don't have good days too, I do, and I usually feel great for the rest of the day, maybe for a few days after. But my neutral state now seems to be very depressed and unhappy. I find that drugs and alcohol do let me connect with people, at least for a while. I can make friends when I'm drunk, and then as I sober up I can feel that dissapear. TLDR; There's something wrong with me, I don't know what, but I need to know how to fix it. Thanks.
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I've been seeing a girl for about a month now and we've been getting increasingly closer. Recently she's been pulling away though. She hasen't responded to a text I sent for almost a week now. I can't tell if she's lost interest, testing me, or just really busy. Should I send a text or just leave the ball in her court? I don't want to seem really, but I do want to know what the deal is.
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I think I have selective mutism, but I'm kind of old for that now. My counselor can't treat me because I can hardly talk to him. He keeps asking me what he can do to make it easier. I don't know. He's probably going to cut me off if I don't come up with something. Any suggestions?
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I always wake up early and feeling tired and sleepy because i'm so goddamn hungry and thirsty. many times I barely have enough energy to get out of bed and eat... so I was wondering if this is normal, and how can I solve it. maybe eat a shitload of protein before going to bed?

Time to try sth new

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Cheers /adv/, last weekend when I was home alone and bored outta my mind, I decided to make a list of stuff I've never done and do one thing off it each day, for now. I'll try doing it for a week and see how it goes. It seems I'm kinda boring and unimaginative though, my list is pretty much empty. Got any ideas/random stuff you did? btw I'm a student, so keep the cost low guys.
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