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Not sure if this is the right board to ask, but I'm in serious need of (creative) advice! For my final year project, I was tasked to create a short video that promotes successful graduates in the retail scene. I have talents that include a fashion entrepreneur (wholesale, business), a cake entrepreneur, a senior manager working in a retail store such as Topman or Uniqlo, and a stock manager at a supermarket such as Walmart (deals with fruits and stuff). I believe there's a certain negative connotation towards retail (e.g. It's all about folding clothes, lack of substantial experience, all about stocktaking) and I am seeking to dispute that. However, I can't seem to derive at any form of idea that would help me achieve that. Any ideas? Much thanks. pic sorta unrelated

Anxiety shit

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For the past few months, my anxiety has been making me physically ill. I've always had general anxiety as a child but it wasn't until four years ago did it actually become a reoccurring, permanent problem. I start community college in January and I'm excited yet terrified with each passing day I'm going to bomb badly and waste my money away. In the meanwhile, I've been working part-time but on my days off I get bored and that's when my anxiety peaks. I live in a small town and I exhausted things to do years ago. I have no one to talk to how nervous I am because I've lost contact with them. I've contemplated making a new FB so I'm not so fucking lonely but I don't want to have to deal with "why didn't you add me?" from my family. This morning I woke up at 4am with a panic attack. I felt woozy, jittery and nauseous, my normal symptoms. I fell asleep last night in a worry-like state so that no doubt contributed. I managed to take a bite out of a granola bar, thought I would throw up but I didn't. After eating that and a few sips of water I felt better. Now my head and body just feels heavy, like it has been. I'm gonna go out for some exercise later to feel better. I just needed to let this all out somewhere.
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I have 50 dollars Buying anal toys/panties Help me find a good combination of both that is under 50 dollars Inb4 underage Ty
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I just found a shit-ton of mold, anyone know what species this is? Am I going to die if I stay for a minute longer, or is it not that urgent? http://imgur.com/a/5aLun
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Femanon answers preferred, but either is fine. I asked my gf for a break, and she didn't see it coming at all. I was hoping we could remain friends or keep things friendly, as our current lives for this season/semester are really intertwined (same job/sharing classes). But we've pretty much ended up dropping contact with each other, even though we see each other often in our lives. We just sort of end up ignoring the other's presence. We are both pretty shy people without many close friends each, so we really had eachother. Now seeing her around campus she is always alone, and for the most part so am I. Currently, I want to be with her, perhaps to not be her boyfriend, but just a companion. It's hard to explain, but I feel that this relationship wouldn't work in the long run which is why I called for time off, but by calling for time off, I put us both in a void of loneliness. If someone asked for 'time off', how long/short do you think is reasonable for this period. I feel that each day passing is making this rift even larger. And if they did call for it, would you even want to see/be with them?
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>>4 yrs ago. be 20. Steady job. training for upper management >>Injure my leg doing yardwork - Torn ACL + Damaged MCL >>No insurance - couldnt afford it >>Loose job because "I cant function properly / efficiently" >>ff 3 years >>Leg still messed up. Can't afford to get it fixed still >>No job still - plenty of interviews though >>potential employer always seems to find a reason to not hire me - most interviews usually end like this -- >>*sees me with a slight limp* >>Your application says you dont have an injury like this... sorry we cant risk you damaging company merc/property. cant hire you or >>We found some highschooler that will spend most of their time fucking around than actually working. bye. -- >>friend suggested applying for disability until I get back on my feet >>Need proof of disability >>Need $3000 scan of my leg - cant afford >>forget that idea - back to job hunting >>ff 1 year to today >>still no job I got turned away from 2 jobs today (One because my background check "got lost in the mail, so we hired someone else", (I shit you not) and another because My friend works there (she got me the interview) and their upper management says "its against policy". I feel like Im at the end of my rope. I've been applying anywhere and everywhere I can find. I cant get a job. Im tired being dependent on other people. Im tired of feelng so useless all the time. Right now I just... dont know what to do right now. Feel like giving up on everything.
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So hey. This weekend, I went out on a date. Things went great, we shared a lot of mutual interests and hit it off really well. She came back to my place, we had a couple drinks, and had sex. She stayed the night over, until I had to leave for work in the morning. Everything went great. But where the fuck do I go from here? I've never properly "dated". I've had girlfriends and friends with benefits in the past, but never really done the whole "Dating" thing

Trade of Lumber pre 1750AD

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Hey guys, we don't have a history board, so I thought I might try asking this here. I have summative essay due mid December. My assignment sheet is the included image, but basically I need to prove that globalization using extensive trade routes occurred prior to 1750AD. I decided to choose lumber as what little I knew seemed interesting. The problem for me mainly is I can't find any information about actual lumber trade. I found plenty of information about the use of lumber, as well as lots about the lumber trade occurring during the colonization of North America, but I need information predating that. Is anyone here knowledgeable about lumber trade routs in history - anything that I can use to begin digging properly? I'll be asking around in several locations, doing more looking, and hanging around this thread. So if anyone has any questions or if I wasn't entirely clear please feel free to ask. I appreciate any and all help or pointers that are offered.

Bad memory

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My memory sucks ass. How can I get it better? I know I can't get to a level where I have an eidetic-like memory, but I know there are ways to improve it. My life would be so much better if I had a solid memory. I hate forgetting everything about anything I do. It's like I learn something, and even if I perfectly grasp everything there is to understand about that, all the knowledge I got from that suddenly falls in a bottomless well, never to be seen again. Pic unrelated, just an interesting image.

General dating/relationship advice thread

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Alright, this is a thread where you can post things about relationships/dating and receive advice...i guess it's for things which aren't big enough to have their own thread or whatever. I need advice on; Girl i'm dating now is teasing me SO bad, literally, she'll tease the fuck out of me, telling me she's horny and got all these naughty pics of herself etc. Then she sends me one the other day and teases me with a non sexual one today. I want her so bad..but the teasing just drives me crazy, i like teasing, but when they put out and give me something at the end, whereas she's just teasing me super bad for long periods and giving me practically nothing. I'm not acting desperate to her or needy, but she knows i like being teased so i think she's taken it a bit too literal and is just doing it too much. I've taken her out 2 times, was supposed to take her today, but she was ill so we cancelled and i just told her to let me know when she's free next week, she replied with 'okay, will do :P'. We haven't kissed yet but we've had physical contact...shy's very shy in person too. I've expressed that i do not want a friendship with her and if that's what she's after then i'd no longer want to see her or keep in contact. She even tries to bust my balls about being friends, for example she'll say we're going to become best friends and we'll be bros... It's just frustrating me because i don't know where i stand with her as of now, until our next date. She's always trying to bust my balls but i don't let her get away with anything too serious on that matter. I've never had anyone tease me or bust my balls so much. On our dates she seems to have high levels of attraction, whereas on IM she's like a fucking master troll. Wat do advice? >TL;DR >Girl teasing a guy way too much >Guy is going insane >how does he cut the teasing down so he can keep his shit together?
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>finally decided to see the doctor about my premature ejaculation >it's a female doctor Should I ask for a male one or will she be OK?
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Ok adv, I am usually a /pol/ dweller (only /pol/ decides who is degenerate) and this is my first time on /adv/ so hear me out (/pol/ dosen't get it) I have a girlfriend that i love very much and have had for well over a year, however I often become depressed for never having been with a virgin, it makes me feel unfulfilled, inadequate, beta, you name it, it is tough sometimes. so can you please help me cope? is there anything you think about to help you with that Thanks guys
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Hey /adv/ I'm 21, Australian, Female. Ask me anything.
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What do you do when you have been told "You have between 6 and 12 months left"? All i can think of is don't want anyone to be able to find where i am when i die and i want to be the one who says when i die, not dying in a fucking hospital with 16 cunts making me feel like an arse hole standing over me. happening on my terms and i want to be having the time of my fucking life when i do it . So any suggestions? what is something you would want to do before you die?
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Can you guys help make my first PC build cheaper? http://pcpartpicker.com/user/PabloPablo33/saved/GqRqqs I'd like your input and help trimming unneeded parts or other suggestions.
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I think I'm having a manic episode Can't sit still to the point my hands start twitching if I'm not geared into something. Constant stream of thoughts, everything all at once, all the time I sat down on the piano and started playing Rachmaninoff that I've only half learnt, then switched key without realising. And I've been playing five finger filett for so long I ruined my chopping board
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So this girl I've been seeing and talking to started to ask: Is it better to stay friends? Thing is, I already kissed her and did sexual things with her. I know she's attracted to me. Now I haven't seen her for 3 weeks because she always says she's busy or when she wants to do something I'm busy. The day before yesterday I told her I would come over but she told me her parents would get angry cuz of homework and shit.. So I told her nevermind then.. Yesterday she asked me if I was angry, I said nah and answered shortly because I was at the gym. Today out of nowhere she asks if it's better to stay friends Haven't answered her yet, what to say?
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I was awarded a small scholarship recently, and now need to write a thank you letter, but am having trouble coming up with things to include in the letter, and how to say it. I want to be genuine but everything I write sounds like it came from a form letter. Any advice? pic unrelated
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G'day mates. Wanna talk about something thats on your mind, give us a post and i'll give you my thoughts on the matter. Got some past experience with a whole variety of stuff so hit us up and i'll see what i can do

How do I learn?

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How do I find out how I can learn the most efficient? I'd like to find that out with what methods and strategies. Furthermore, how do I learn? Especially stuff I've never dealt with before.
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