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30th November 2014
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i went to bed earlier and, while in the process of trying to sleep, i felt my body shake three times. like, the ends of my limbs just sort of spazzed out. then my brain just sort of stopped myself from sleeping for a little bit. eventually, i did fall asleep for maybe 40 minutes. then, i woke up and the shaking thing happened again, but just once this time around. but i eventually just decided to get up. but when i did, i felt super anxious and i didnt feel as if i was in my own body. like, i was definitely in control of my head, but everything else was just there? im kind of afraid if this means im going to have a seizure soon or something? my friend said it's probably a hypnic jerk, which sounds just like it, but im not sure if its something more? and, any ideas how to calm this odd spike of anxiety im feeling? im watching a really chill stream on twitch and it's helping a bit. thank you in advance!
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>used to be a diligent student >lost motivation to go to classes >found opportunities to earn a living doing internet work >I can draw and do simple animations >Someone scouted my work and gave me an opportunity to earn some cash for drawing stuff >I feel like I wasted my parents money if I don't continue college >Am a Computer Science college student and I love my subjects >I hate subjects that don't have anything to do with Computer Science. >I like math dear /adv/, please give me motivation to go to school or how to get the motivation to go back to school. Also, AMA you think will help solve my problem.

Finally coming out of betahood

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So here's my story guys: >just got into college >In HS was the weird kid that hated things just to troll the school >get to school and meet this girl in physics >she's pretty cool, we have a lot in common >like seriously the coolest person i've met here besides my bro >go to a show that she helps put on >plays shitty music, but was worth it because got her number and a lunch the next day with her >find a lot of common ground, can tell she likes to talk to me >weekend goes by and i don't know how to set up conversation other than asking how the weekend went >she had a bad day and i ask her to lunch today to maybe talk it out >says she can't really talk about it but we're having lunch on thursday >get to class today and we exchange brief conversation about class >get jealous and somewhat angry when i see her talking to this guy next to me and giggling So i just don't know guys, i've never done this stuff before and i don't know if she actually likes me or just puts up with me. if anyone has any ideas on how to get to the bottom of this pls respond

Eating Disorders

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How would you describe anorexia to someone? please help /adv/
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Are arranged marriages doomed to fail?
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Alright /adv/: I have this weird feeling that most of the people I consider my "friends" are just people who would rather... put up with me (for lack of better words) than actually hang out and enjoy my company. I typically only get invited to big functions that most, if not all, of the people I associate with are invited to. Rarely is it "Hey, me and a few people are doing stuff, come hang out with us". I don't really think I do much to piss other people off (aka I don't go out of my way to be a dick to other people, unless they are to me), but I can't really explain the nagging feeling that most of these people just put up with me because I'm there, rather than enjoy the time they spend with me. Is this a normal thing? Perhaps I'm looking at everything the wrong way, but someone said something in jest (I hope), but there was enough "bite" behind the comment to make me think about this and feel it. If this is actually a problem, how do I got about changing it? Like I said, I don't really act in a way that would be off-putting to people, but I'm not exactly the most outgoing person there is. Pic unrelated
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How do you initiate sex with a female? This girl I have been hanging out with recently is going to come over, weve already kissed and cuddled so I want to go to the next level. I'm a virgin and I'm pretty sure she is too because shes awkward and has put up with my fumbling flirtations so far. Basically, how to I get physical with a shy virgin girl without freaking her out?
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>be on bus >very cute girl keeps fucking looking at me >whatever, why not. Smile at her >she keeps the most neutral, poker face ever >no reaction, not even disgust, didn't even look away >I feel stupid now, bury my face in my tablet and play angry birds the rest of the way This has happened more than once. I can't shitting help it. I see a cute girl looking at me, I have to smile. But shit, I need a fucking response, even if it's disgust.
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standing infront of your computer tons of tabs open people chatting away on mumble elbow resting on chair, hand holding face up drunk ass shit 3 in morning out of school going for 22 gonna hide out among the ranks? nah son you're gonna be homeless soon
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To be honest, I'm not quite sure why I'm here. I never go here, this is the first time I'm trying. I'm just doing it on a whim. I'm expecting to be told to kill myself, but whatever. Anyway, things have been getting really rough for me recently. I've been getting panic attacks whenever I'm in a situation where I feel alone and left out. (For example, very common, any situation where people have an entirely different opinion than I do, and I'm the odd one out.) I've also had the distinct impression that people want me gone. Like, you know when you see someone who does something the exact same way as you do, and then they get "Aw that's adorable!" or say something and they get the whole "Aw poor you", while when you had the problem you get tossed under the rug? That's been me for the passed several months. People seem that they could care less if I disappeared, yet again, same situation, this other person goes "Boo hoo", and 20 people will come up with a tissue. So here's where I ask my advice. For the first part, how am I suppose to handle having an anxiety attack when I find I'm the odd one out in terms of touchy opinions. And for the second part, how do I deal with this, with this other person? Should I flat out ask the group "Hey, have I been ignored, do you want me gone?" or just pass it off as dumb coincidences?
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>ordered a new CPU from Amazon >2 days later, it had not shipped yet, it said it was processing/prepping for shipment >request cancellation >get an email saying they couldn't cancel it because it was too far in the process >whatever, went to bed >got up, checked again around noon the next day, it still had not actually shipped >sent an email through the support thing asking if it could be refunded >got an email from a person saying they tried cancel the item but it was too far in process and can't be done >checked back around 5PM, it still had not said shipped, still processing >sent another email, more detailed and a bit angry asking why can't they cancel something they haven't sent out >no reply >9:57 PM I get an email saying it has shipped, whatever, the return process is horrible so I'll just keep it. the tracking says they actually shipped the item at 4:46 PM >just checked my email to see I got a message from Amazon inquiring about my email around midnight saying they have refunded the item What's going to happen and what should I do? The item I ordered still says shipped on my orders page, has the option for tracking. Thing is, I paid with gift card balance, they did in fact refund it and it's there. Any advice? Can they cancel the shipment despite the fact it says it's been taken by the carrier? Is it possible I can get my order and keep/spend the balance?
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>with girl for a few years >madly in love >she plays the old "breaks up right before so it's not technically cheating" game >we break up. Not completely amicable. >Talk to her mom about it because I have nobody else to go to. >her mom has been in the same situation many years ago. We can relate. >talk for a few hours. >turns out her mom has been feeling sexually repressed and wants to become a swinger. >I tell her that I'm incredibly attracted to her and she reacts positively. Would I be an absolute bastard if I hooked up with my ex-girlfriend's mom? How do I go about this? I need to play this smoothly.
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be 21 femanon > in relationship for 1 year with scientist guy > he is pretty successful > helps a lot of people > wants to marry me and have kids after 3-4 years > I don't want to have kids > says we are smart intelligent good looking people and must have kids. > I don't want to have kids > he says he want to have kids as he is tired of all the stupid people breeding . > why cant he breed > tells me if I cant have kids there is no point to being together > what do ?
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I've been dating my girlfriend for 5 years. I'm attracted to her, she can cook, she loves me, her family is pretty cool. I hate dating, I just want to buy a home and have kids, she's pretty cool I wouldn't mind being stuck with her until one of us dies. Should I marry this girl
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How do you deal with stonewalling? There's this girl I've known and sat with in class with for months, and out of the blue she just starts pretending I don't exist. If I initiate, she replies politely and I can still make her laugh (politely). If I don't, it's like I'm not even there. On top of this, she doesn't reply to any of my texts at all. Never did. I know the stock answer is >return the favour and move on but we bump into each other daily and still sit together in class. It feels more awkward by the day, and I just can't understand why this is happening if we got along so well in the beginning. I may have been inappropriate when I tried to make a move on her, but moved on after she shot it down.
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I had an anxiety attack 22 months ago so I went to the doctor. At first he prescribed me Paraxotine 12.5mg CR and Alprazolam 0.5mg to be taken at night for 10day then switched to Venlafaxine 37.5 and Clonazepam 0.5mg. Doses were 0.25mg Clonazepam in the afternoon and 0.5mg with Venlafaxine 37.5 at night for 40days. Then he tapered the dosage of Clonazapam to 0.25 in the afternoon and 0.25 at night increasing the dose of Venlafaxine from 37.5mg to 75mg to be taken at night for 20 days and finally came down to 0.25mg Clonazapam and 37.5mg Venlafaxine at night 20day. As I started to feel good he told me stop the meds. I was felling pretty good for last 16 moths and suddenly the anxiety attacked kicked back. So I again went to the doctor and he prescribed me 12.5mg Paraxotine and 0.25mg Clonazapam at night for 20days. After staring the treatment in five days I called the doctor and asked him if I can lower the dose from 0.25mg to 0.12.5 and he said it's okay. Is tapering from 0.25mg to 0.12.5mg ending up with 0.6.25mg with a duration of 5days for each taper okay? My age is 27. Please help!
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I ask her to sit down next to me. She's sitting down next to me. I said "Do you wanna cuddle" she starts laughing. I get nervous and said "Oh, I didn't mean it like that" she starts cuddling with me. She starts rubbing my chest at times. I slowly put my hand closer and closer to her butt. My hands are sweating so much that after 15 minutes whatever spot on her clothes my hands were on were completely damp so I had to keep moving my hand for comfort. Eventually she got up and started sitting. But then she grabbed my hand and put it on her inner thigh and she was rubbing my hand with both her hands. When I took her home on the bus she put her one leg inbetween both of mine pointing towards me. DOES SHE LIKE ME DOES SH ELIKE ME GUYS
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I have a MtF transgender friend who is currently dating a guy. However she hasn't told her boyfriend yet that he still has a "tool" attached to her. She told me they already had sex but only anal. Up till now I don't get as to how his bf didn't notice anything unusual while they are doing it. Anyhow I told my friend to tell her bf about it because I'm the one who introduced them both together. I also don't want the guy beating the crap out of me if he is not into dating that kind of "woman". So anyhow, what should I do /adv/? I can't anymore persuade my friend to come out but she's already about to meet her bf's parents.
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I think that this could be potentially eye opening. Guys: list your fears, hangups, and anxieties regarding sex, relationships, and courtship. Girls: list your fears, hangups, and anxieties regarding sex, relationships, and courtship. Also be sure to identify.
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I was banned last time for reporting issues with abuse. I'm confused about this. A whole week of being banned for asking advice about stigma, abuse in foster care and being coercively forced onto disability by social workers trying to up their numbers for funding purposes. How do I deal with extreme abuse, victim-blaming and being labeled for things I didn't do? And don't fucking bad me this time please.
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