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Possible written warning

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I need some advice, I could receive a formal warning at work for use of tools, Anyway cut the long story short, I went out to do a job with another colleague I work in a industry with the use of power tools, hand tools, outside work etc etc, I went to pick up one tool and realised I needed the other hand tool so I dropped the hammer to grab a shovel, The bloke I was with went crazy started screaming all this shit of "you've worked up a name for yourself throwing tools around etc etc" Anyway I've never thrown a power tool around since I know the price of them but I applied for a promotion a while ago and my manager had asked around the depot of how I treated the tools and considering people I work with survive of gossip and general bullshit like that I'm led to believe somebody has told him. Now here's my problem is understand this issue if it was $800 power tools but this is just with small hand tools Now I'm paranoid as fuck that im going to catch a written warning don't know what to do except it or kick off about it
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hey /adv/ i have been talking to this girl for about a month now and until now i have never "truly" been in love with anyone but whenever i talk to her i get mixed feelings it feels like part of me wants to be around her and the other part just hates her and i just dont know what to do i cant decide weather or not to tell her this or make her hate me
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Are arranged marriages doomed to fail?
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I've noticed a lot medical questions on here, and they are usually answered in just a a dozen posts or so. So how about we get a general medical advice thread. Obviously this isn't a good replacement for a doctor, but if you have an issue that you are not sure if you should see a doctor for or are thinking about trying some new medication/procedure it can be useful to talk to others with experience. So post things like ED/premature ejaculation, period issues, pregnancy scares, medications and their side effects, medical procedures, and whatever else you fight be facing.
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>on first date with a girl >she says "what do you like in a girl" >don't know what to say >tell her "I don't know" >she kept pressing the question >she says "do you like submissive, dominant" >told her I couldnt answer Wat does this mean? What should I have said?

Causing a thief some trouble.

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A thief decided to steal my phone a few days back. The SIM has been locked, IMEI forwarded to police etc. However, the thief who stole this iPhone 5S was tracked down on "Find my phone" - shortly after, said person removed phone from said service and managed to lock down the connected MacBook Pro. >Been fucked with >What can I do? Tl;dr how can I rek thief
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To be honest, I'm not quite sure why I'm here. I never go here, this is the first time I'm trying. I'm just doing it on a whim. I'm expecting to be told to kill myself, but whatever. Anyway, things have been getting really rough for me recently. I've been getting panic attacks whenever I'm in a situation where I feel alone and left out. (For example, very common, any situation where people have an entirely different opinion than I do, and I'm the odd one out.) I've also had the distinct impression that people want me gone. Like, you know when you see someone who does something the exact same way as you do, and then they get "Aw that's adorable!" or say something and they get the whole "Aw poor you", while when you had the problem you get tossed under the rug? That's been me for the passed several months. People seem that they could care less if I disappeared, yet again, same situation, this other person goes "Boo hoo", and 20 people will come up with a tissue. So here's where I ask my advice. For the first part, how am I suppose to handle having an anxiety attack when I find I'm the odd one out in terms of touchy opinions. And for the second part, how do I deal with this, with this other person? Should I flat out ask the group "Hey, have I been ignored, do you want me gone?" or just pass it off as dumb coincidences?
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I cheated on my boyfriend tonight. It was the best sex I have ever had. He ate me out (something my boyfriend hated) and I orgasmed 4 times in less than 30 minutes. What do now? >ldr until july because college
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>tfw got my gf pregnant and she refuses an abortion I have two choices right now >move to france and restart my life or >stay and take care of the baby what do I do bros?
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Hello, adv! I've been depressed for 6 years, having anxiety for one, and the last weeks I've been struggling with paranoia. I have so many stupid theories on how my life might be in danger.. How do you deal with crippling paranoia? It eats away at me pretty much all my waking hours..
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My laptop fell with my mouse still in the usb port and the port broke(plastic part is bent upwards). The laptop has a blue(broken) and a black usb port. The black one for some reason does't allow for the left mouse button to be clicked fast or else they won't register but right clicking fast works fine. How do I fix the blue one or make the black one work normally.
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Hey /adv/ Any SPU scholars in here? Would like some advice on random stuff. Like, what professors to take/avoid, and saint peter's life hacks.
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Anybody know c++? I need help with my code. I'm trying to make it output random numbers 1 through 10 until you tell it that it's right. #include <iostream> #include <ctime> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; int main() { int ranNum = 0 ; srand(time(0)); char choice = ' '; do { ranNum = 1+rand()%10; cout << "Think of a number 1 through 10 and I will try and guess it. \n" ; cout << "Are you ready? (Y/N)" ; cin >> choice ; choice = toupper(choice); { while (choice == 'Y' || choice == 'y'); { ranNum = 1+rand()%10; cout << "Is the number you are thinking of " << ranNum <<"? \n"; cout << "(Y/N) \n" ; cin >> choice; choice = toupper(choice); } if (choice == 'N'|| choice == 'n'); { ranNum = 1+rand()%10; cout << " Is the number you are thinking of " << ranNum <<"?\n"; cout << " (Y/N) \n" ; } } } while (choice == 'n' || choice == 'N'); cout << "Do you want to play again? (Y/N):" ; cin >> choice ; choice = toupper(choice); (choice == 'Y' || choice == 'y'); cout << "Told you I would get it. \n"; cout << "See you next time. \n" ; return 0; }
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My girlfriend has been dealing with a lot of issues recently. She recently moved back to her mom's. I helped her move along with her friends, but couldn't help the next day because of work. I sent her a message after work saying if she still needs help moving or with anything at all to let me know. Then I sent a text saying I hope she's well. Didn't hear from her in days, and when she did text me it was just to say that I remind her of someone on a tv show. I said okay and made a joke about it. No response. later that night I texted her asking what she was up to and said we should get together because I haven't seen her in a while and have been wondering about her. Nada. Next day she texts me saying sorry she's been so crazy and that she's been feeling ill. I told her I hope she feels better soon and asked her how's she's been doing otherwise. No response until a day later when she sends me a seemingly random pic about thinking outside the box in the middle of the night last night. Am I doing something wrong here? I'm trying to give her space because she seems to want distance, but I wonder if I should try to be more involved because maybe she wants that. I don't know. I'm confused and am not sure how to proceed. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Anxiety in a relationship: Does anyone get this? I feel like every situation triggers my fight or flight instinct, as if every bad thing or mistake I make will count towards some bad consequence, like getting points on a drivers license (if you get me). How can I calm myself in order to think rationally, without thinking that every tiff will lead to a break up? >Yes I suffer from anxiety, just to clarify.
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I've been jerking off to a lot of cheating gifs (on /gif/, naturally). It's not a fetish, it's one of those things that are better imagined than done. I've been there, I went psychotic for about 3 weeks and stalked like a professional the entire time. It makes me angry beyond belief. I think it's some twisted way for me to get off on feeling angry and strong, because I know if it happened, I wouldnt quit until somebody was dead. I feel pathetic when I'm done, and I need to stop. Recently I've started going to pages where girls brag about fucking other guys behind their boyfriend's back and how they love it. My question: How do I stop? I'm not turning into one of these guys. I'm not some pathetic little man, and I'm not the type to ever put up with it, so I don't know why it's so hard.
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Around Christmas i need to decide which country to go to for my exchange semester. I can choose from nearly every country in the world due to us having over 160 partner universities. Of course i dont want to go to warzones or the like, i like living. Im currently based in Germany and in the past ive been to England and New Zealand for exchange semesters. I only know English and German therefore. Would like to go further than Europe. Also i want to fuck as many girls as I can and finally score a threesome. I am 1,88, fairly attractive and have been in bed with 27girls so far. Where would you suggest to go, in terms of easy lays but still hot girls. I heard Asian and South American girls drool over Masterrace people.
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Any advice how to deal with my short height (1,68 M) I just lose a little bit confident when I know almost everybody is taller, also leading to some issues with flirting girls because they are either taller or just the same height. Pic unrelated. Tl;dr: How to deal with my short height
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Are these flags displayed correctly? >should the confederate flag be on the left side? >should the stars on the union flag be on the other side? I found this: http://www.txudc.org/confederateflag.html >When the U.S. or Confederate flag is displayed flat on a wall or in a window, the union (canton) should be at the top and to the observer’s left. The flag should never be used as a covering for a ceiling or as a drapery. It should not be festooned, drawn back nor up in folds, but should always be allowed to fall free. When the flag is displayed other than from a staff, it should be displayed flat or suspended so that its folds fall free. The flag should never be fastened, displayed, used, or stored in such a manner as to permit it to be easily torn, soiled or damaged in any way. It should never be draped over the front of the platform, the speaker’s desk, or a lectern. It should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise. But I'm not sure what that says. Shouldn't the flags placed to be viewed through the window from outside?
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Alright, /adv/. I'm thinking of creating a new Youtube channel. What would you like to see?
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