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Can anyone with experience with antidepressants explain what they are all about? I'm being prescribed Nortriptyline, an antidepressant, to deal with what my doc thinks are migraines. Could also be maybe chronic fatigue syndrome, something serious (pending a brain scan in two weeks), or something else. My symptoms have been discussed here at length before, but basically i have debilitating fatigue, nausea (worst in the morning, when I try to exercise), and a constant headache. I also get random episodes of even worse headache and nausea.
i go to musicians institute... 5 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
i go to musicians institute and am in the guitar program,now when i talk to people about it,how do i "sell it", i gotta admit,studying guitar instead of marine biology or even culinary arts, is kinda hard to make people take seriously about what i do,i believe in myself though! i just can't help but feel the air of "wtf he's studying guitar?" when i mention it,so tell me /adv/.....how do i tell people about what i do with more conviction? >and sorry for any grammar mistakes,i'm really simple

Advice Thread

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So I'm this twenty year old punk, but apparently I give really good advice. My purpose for doing this is not only to try and help my peers but to also learn more about myself. So ask me questions and I'll answer them.
Hey /adv/. What motivates you... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey /adv/. What motivates you to succeed in life? For me, it has to be spreading my genes. Possibly in a genetically hypergamous way, if I make enough cash / become alpha enough. It would be great if me at 135 IQ and 7/10 looks could impregnate a female with 140+ IQ and 8/10+ looks. That would really make me happy. I'm gonna make my kids successful. Not necessarily in a stereotypical super-strict punishing way but if kindness will make my kids more successful, I'll be kind. I'm yet to research all that yet. I just want my genes to be immortally successful.
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Posted this yesterday but didn't really get much traction. I'm not really good in bed. My GF is super busy career woman, so we only get to have sex once a week or so. I really care about this girl and want to do my best to make our sex life good. What can I do to get better in between sessions?
A good friend and I are slowly... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
A good friend and I are slowly beginning to drift apart. We have known each other for a good amount of time, and ever so slowly, things are fading away. We hardly ever hear from one another, and when we do, it is always fairly brief. We rarely see one another, as it has nearly always been. I have always been the one who has to initiate conversations and plans to hang out and such, which isn't at all my strong point. I'm rather distant and reserved, always leaving the talking to those who carelessly do so (I'm not anti-social or anything, socializing just physically drains me). We both have different plans for the future. He is staying close to home for college, and I am moving to the Pacific Northwest soon to escape from this "home" that reminds me all too well of a cage. I often feel trapped here--like I should leave everything behind to rot and never return. We have once discussed this, and we both know it is slowly starting to happen. I know that ultimately, nothing can save our friendship from fading. I just wish circumstances were different--that we lived closer, that we talked more, that we could escape together, I don't know. He is one of three of the only real friends I have. He is loyal, and does what he can to keep me from staying in a bad mood all the time. Even so, I feel like it wouldn't matter to him at all if things faded away. He would go about his life, and I would go about mine. Things really wouldn't be much different. Not sure if I should just let it die or try and make it a little further in this stalling friendship. pic unrelated.
so I'm not sure if this... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
so I'm not sure if this would really fit under This subject but I kind of am In a bad situation because I got to school with a group of people some of which I used to get along with but that went down hill and now it's a huge conflict between me and him and I was told by a friend who doesn't go to my school that if I get in some deep shit he can help me (he's in a fairly large gang can't remember which one though) but anyways I found out that that the person I might end up beating the shit out of is actually a drug dealer a day this is where I don't know what to do because what he deals it to some of the people who are supposed to help me and he also has a lot of people who need to pay him back in some way and I'm not sure what to do from this point I also have family that are all gang affiliated but I don't talk to them much and I don't know if the gang that is supposed to help me is against my family's so what do I do?

How can I be more attractive?

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Hello /adv/, I'm a 24 year old guy and I am having a hell of a time attracting women. I'm not sure if its something I'm not doing or if its something I'm doing wrong. Can I get a little help? Thats me in the pic.
Okay so, I saw a LARPing... 11 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Okay so, I saw a LARPing poster today at school. I recognized one of my classmates. They have a wiki page I've been laughing/crying for a good hour I'm afraid the moment I walk into class tomorrow I'll lose my shit and not be able to regain it. How do I avoid this
I'm 24 years old and my... 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I'm 24 years old and my life has no direction. I'm a virgin and have zero real friends, next to zero internet friends. I go outside maybe once every two weeks to get some food. I lift (starting strength) with my home weight set, done it for about 6 months but I am weak and am hardly improving at all. I study Japanese every day for no real reason any more, since I stopped spending time on anime/video games. People used to think I was smart, but I feel stupid. I have no drive for anything. I have no self esteem, and no social skills. What should I do?
>Date last night started so... 9 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
>Date last night started so magically >She comes over, I cook he a lovely dinner, pour some surprisingly good wine >She's wearing a pretty outfit, she obviously picked this dress for an occasion >We follow our lovely dinner up with some vodka >Lots of vodka >Watching Casablanca, my choice of movie >We kiss >yes.jpg >We are now kissing in my bed >Making out a while >Lift up her dress >Put it inside her >She asks for it harder, wants it harder and harder, asks to have her hair pulled, etc >Take her dress off >Things get kind of blurry after that >Wake up this morning to her underneath me >Woke up because she is moving and crying >Bruises on her lovely neck >Bruises on her beautiful breasts >Bruises on her thighs >She can barely walk because apparently I fucked her in the ass too much >I don't own lube... >I fucked her in the ass without lube >Help her up to the bathroom >After 30 mins in there trying to clean up she's ready to head home >Try to help her into her clothes >Her pretty dress is all ripped up because apparently I tore it off of her and it has love stains on it from being underneath us last night >She can barely walk because her asshole hurts so much >Manages to drive home >Haven't heard from her all day Why does life suck so much even when it goes right?
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Should I jerk of to her?


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Hey /adv/ I need to gain administrator rights in my office Pc, since I can´t even change the damn hour that has summer time enabled, and also to be able to use my usb, change my desktop, and everything. I have already tried ophcrack for windows 7 and unfortunately it didn´t recovered the password. Is there any other OS or program that can give me the admin password, or at least change the administrative rights for my user? Thanks.


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So i managed to get myself a little buddy down around my asshole and the other day when i was taking a shit, my external hemmorrhoid started bleeding quite alot. I had a shower and doused the bastard in alot of warm water and then kept on using wet wipes to keep clean. I woke up with a fair amount of blood down there and now im at work (deskjob) with wet wipes inbetween my asscheecks after a washup. Pain or itching isnt an issue its just the bleeding thats annoying. What the fuck do i do? Id rather not go looking for creams or something, i have work to do. Also, how did get it? Im pretty active (1 40min hike every day and also gym 4 days a week + pilates, tai chi) I was out camping the other day and it got quite cold, i may have been sitting on a cold surface for 4 hours or so, maybe thats it? Thats when it blew up at least. Ive had one before a long time ago but that one was due to a LAN session. Also, you have my sympathies femanons, dealing with this shit once a month..

Severe Anxiety

Severe Anxiety 4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I'm 18. I have horrible social anxiety. It has almost completely destroyed my life (so far). I can't even talk to people socially without getting really anxious. What can I do to change? How do I get rid of this terrible anxiety?
Hey, without context, can you... 5 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey, without context, can you tell me what this person is trying to get across? Also, if there's a board here to ask questions that aren't directly related to advice, I'd love to hear about it. Until then I'll keep posting here. Thanks.
I'll try here, since fit... 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I'll try here, since fit doesnt wanna help. I'm aiming for pro muay thai \ boxing. Right now I weight around 81. Been doing SL for about half a year now. However I am interested in the Heavy Weight category (around 91) but one of my trainers advice me to drop to 77 and be in Welter. Heres the thing tho... I am not a good looking guy, have a long face, kind of ugly and I hate being skinny... so... what do? What kind of routine should I pick to go up?
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