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30th April 2014
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>lost hair when I was 18 >now 23 >look like shit bald >could be 7-8/10 with hair >bought a supply of minoxidil a few months ago >used a couple of times and then stopped because I'm afraid for my cat >don't really like the feeling of greasy shit on my scalp What should I do? Anybody used that stuff here?
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>take nap >wake up a few hours later >Try to get back to work >still feel groggy and shit an hour later Okay what should i do to get rid of the groggy feeling? Just try and drink large amounts of caffeine and hope it helps?

the amazing spider man 2

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does anyone know where i can watch the amazing spider man 2 online for free
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I'm a seventeen year old girl and I'm a virgin by choice. I'm hit on numerous times a day by idiot boys at school. Not to be conceited, but I could easily get dick. My reasoning for staying a virgin this long is simply because I want to have an actual connection with someone before I fuck them. Sue me. My question is what should I expect my first time? What have am I not being told? I watch a ton of porn due to my sexual frustration, and it has probably totally skewed my idea of sex.
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i am a girl and i want to know how to be good at sex how can i make it enjoyable for him also how to give a good blowjob
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I'm about to fail my finals because I've been to depressed to study. I wanted to study, but I was just too tired and couldn't concentrate. Somehow I've just being doing nothing all day. I have a ton of exams and no time left to study for them, if I even could. And if I get even one bad mark, I'm screwed for life. What do I do?
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girl who I thought was a friend and ex cheated on me with in high school is now orphaned, knocked up, and the bby daddy bailed. poetic justice. am I a bad person or is this what white trash who can't keep their legs closed deserve? sidenote: her name is Brandi yes with an I. like a stripper.
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Do most of you bitch posters realise that your problems could be solved by manning up and going up to speak to that girl you like or ending a relationship you're not happy with?
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In a matter of months I'll be attending a university to finish my 4 year degree. While this is an exciting prospect, I can't help but be scared shitless. I have no other way to pay for what I'll need other than loans and a part time job. The thought of leaving home to an unknown region with such doubt makes me sick, literally. My parents tell me that debt and stuff like this is part of like, that it's inescapable and that a degree is my only real way to broaden my horizons. I'm excited to live on my own, just these set of circumstances and the speed at which they hit me has me more stressed than I should be. I know at the end of the day this will be an experience that'll better myself, but in the back of my mind I have this horror that something will go wrong
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Any bros here using fluoxetine? Im having pstd symptons since 2 months and my doc told me to take those to quiet the symptons a bit. Are they worth it?
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This is incredibly stupid, but I'm worried that a hypnosis fetish I used to play around with, on a fetish RP board, is gonna come back to get me if I try creative works on the internet, like someone finding out about it and making a massive deal out of it. While I used different handles on these RP boards, I still get freaked out about it.
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i have a question /adv/. the past 2 gfs ive had have always had nicknames for everyone except me. i dont mind it, i just find it odd. this is more of a psychology question but is there any particular reason for this?
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I like science and know I want to study some kind of engineering or computer science, but I'm not sure about what degree would be better to study. Marks high enough to do whatever I wanted. Any recommendations?
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Idk what I'm feeling or why, but its been creeping into my mind these last few months after my first long term relationship suddenly came crashing down nearly 3 years into it. I was looking at my old computer I had before I met her, which was also used my first two years of college. Looking at my hard drives contents which almost stood as a time capsule of my mindset and interests of the past and the self left behind in it. I almost felt like something in myself was lost. It was like I had forgotten something important about myself or in myself, and those memories being awoken in my mind scratched away in my mind looking for whatever was lost. Its weird, looking back its almost like I'm looking at the hard drive of a long lost friend or sibling, not my own. I feel like I'm not the same, that something in me has innately changed and I don't know if its for the better or worse. I feel like in those years with her I have been changed irreversibley, parts of me died off or were lost and others grew stronger and developed, and I can't tell where the new me and the old me begin and end. But both feel completely different and seperate, not one in the same. All I know is I have this deep feeling of loss like something is missing within myself, not her, but rather some part of me. That was there before and served as part of my personality but was lost and now my mind wishes to rekindle that which was lost. Like I lost myself in these last years and in her. WTF am I feeling? Hopefully someone can look in at this and give me some ensight into this feeling.
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Broke up with gf of 4 years a little over a week ago. Is it too soon for random hooks up? I'm a bartender and as douchey as it sounds, it's not exactly difficult to find a girl to bang out. I'm torn though.. I want to get laid but I feel like even if it fell into my lap I'm not sure if I could pull the trigger.

Getting over her

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It's been a god damned year /adv/, and I still can't get her out of my head. I'm 19 now, almost 20, and I met her in my 10th grade social studies Class. It took a year to start dating, and we spent a healthy two years together until I threw it all away. I kissed some broad from work in a drunken stupor one night and felt all high and mighty. That combined with the stresses of college, (aircraft maintenance engineering. Even though I had As in most of my classes,) and I decided I was better off just dropping it all in my pursuit of cooking. So when that went nowhere around June last year, I realized my mistake. I dropped out of school, broke up with the best girl to ever be in my life, and fucked up what could've been another few good years, if not the rest of my life in the pursuit of poon. She's now been seeing some pseudo famous musician for almost a year now and I just want her back. She was one of the few people I trusted with my emotions. I'm a pathological liar but not to her. She was the best friend I've ever had and I feel like I've torn my world asunder over this whole thing. I haven't even started a relationship with another girl, slept with a few floozies here and there but all I could think was her. How do you cope with it, /adv/? I compare everybody to her, she pops in my head at random times. I broke down fucking crying behind the wheel at a buck ten on my drive to work, because our song had come on the radio. I dreamt about her last night, and every few nights for the last year. I realize I have my whole life ahead of me but I got too comfortable with the idea of having someone to support, as well as having them support me. I feel useless, unmotivated and empty for no fucking logical reason. Why.

Is TurboTax the Mark of the Beast?

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