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Yes, I asked /k/, they don't care.

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How do I become immune to bullets? I'm afraid of being murdered, and a gun of any size will only protect me if I'm aware of my enemy. >no one wants to murder you There are people who kill at random for the joy of killing. Remember the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting? Are you saying all those children were gangsters or politicians? I need a reliable means of self-defense that doesn't begin and end with "kill the other guy first". Otherwise what's the point of leaving my home?
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So. Let's say you have someone's email and password for facebook. They gave you this data to allow you to access it. You do this once but it locks their account, notifying them and requiring them to do some verification to unlock it. I want to pull a (mostly) harmless prank on them through this, but don't want facebook notifying them on their mobile or locking their account again. If I log back in will it trigger this again? Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? I want to be there and see their reaction in person, not have them know ahead of time.
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So I made an online dating profile. A few people have visited my profile, including this cutie the algorithm matched me with. Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips? Specifically about what to see in first contact, what not to say, success stories, etc. I'd really appreciate any input.

messy roomies

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Hello /adv/. I come to you with a problem I've had for a while, in hopes that you would be able to provide some advice. >be me >living in apartment with 3 other roomates, >one guy, 2 girls, and me, anon. also 3 cats >2 floors, pretty spacious >because of this, my roomates think its okay to leave shit everywhere. It doesn't get horrible, but it is very unsightly they rarely wash dishes, and when it builds up, they never wash them. whenever I confront them on this, they agree that there is a mess, but deny responsibility, or say they will clean it later, but it never gets done. its the same for things left around (ie, legos, toys, books, papers) and then there is their cats. the litterboxs always smell horrendous, and 5 days out of the week the whole first floor smells like shit, the worst kind you could think of. is there any way I can confront them on their hypocrisy without sounding like a douche? >tl;dr messy roomates need to clean up their act and don't know how to confront.
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Hey there /adv/ , so I have this thing where I constantly look tired , even though I sleep at least 8 hours when I go to bed , it's really making my entire face look bad and I don't know what do about it. Any advice on how to fix the problem? On a sidenote it's also pretty recent.
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Since this is exam period I thought it would be a good idea to ask here. Does anyone here study using the Pomodoro method? This is working for 25 minutes, take a five minute break, then the third break you take must be 20 minutes. I'm doing an internship and they've put me on mindless data entry duty so I've been using this method so I don't become a robot. However, I've just been doing constant 25 - 5 - 25 - 5 - 25 - 5 because I don't think my current task is hard enough to warrant a 20 minute break that often. I've been thinking of using this for working when I go back to university next year but I'm unsure of the details. Is your entire day based on 5 and 20 minute breaks? Do you have to cook food and eat it within a 20 minute break? I know that sounds idiotic but I'd probably feel guilty taking around an hour for dinner when I've accumulated enough slacking off time. I've never used this for actual studying so I'm interested to hear how it's worked out for people and how they structure their day using it. Also feel free to use this thread for exam advice/tips etc.
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So, I'm in a rather sticky situation here. Last Friday night I had sex with my love interest. Yesterday, I'm telling a friend that "Hey man, I got laid!" He asks her name and I tell him that it's confidential and he backs off. I say just don't tell a certain person that I got laid. He says alright. He tells one of his friends about it and that friend of his immediately tells the guy I didn't want to know that I got laid. He is told that I banged his sister (which I did), but I didn't want him to know. He firmly believes that I lied about banging his sister and wants me to apologize to her face to face. What should I do from here to avoid losing these people as friends.
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Hey /adv/. I come to you with a Mother's Day problem. My mom is a remarkable cunt. I am going to make the sacrifice to take my son to see her on Mother's Day, however. Now, she thinks that she can control my life by throwing "tantrums". That is, when she doesn't get her way, she goes on rampages making bizarre accusations towards me and basically will or do anything possible to get a stir from me. She's had a history of calling the cops/showing up at my house at 3 AM out of the blue sobbing. She's a psychotic bitch. Now, on Mother's Day she has inadvertently told me that she wants me to show up at some breakfast at a certain time. She has not yet actually "asked" me, just had other people tell me about and mentioned it saying "and your idiot brother thinks he's not going to show up". I have not yet told her that I can't show up for this breakfast ordeal because I will be spending it with my husband and our son, but I will show up later to give her a gift/let her see my son and what. Seems easy enough. However, I am certain that when I do tell her that I won't be able to show up at her scheduled time, she will go on to throw one of these tantrums. I still plan to show up regardless, but I need some tactics to deal with this cunt. I've done ignoring her, walking away, pretending not to notice that she is being a cunt. If anyone has experience dealing with this type of cunt (insistent, narcissistic, childish, oblivious to reality), please give me some useful tactics you might have. It will be greatly appreciated pic unrelated

Sex Advice

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Hey Everyone, Been married for about 2 years now, and the lack of regular sex is just killing me. I mean we DO have sex just once a week is not enough for me. What can I do to fix this? I have an extremely high libido, and find myself jerking it in the bathroom at work almost 5 days a week. I have spoken with my wife about it, and she is just not interested in sex really. She was hardcore into sex VERY regularly up until about a year ago. We were drinking last Sunday, and she confessed that she wouldnt be surprised if I had a girl on the side to satisfy my needs. I don't and i reassured that to her. But she made it completely clean that having a side chick would NOT be ok with her. any thoughts?
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At what age would you say it's too late to make something of your life and work towards a career you want?

UTI/STD advice

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I had sex with a girl a while back. She looked clean, smelled clean, tasted clean, and said she was clean. Anyways it's about a week or two later and I feel like I have a UTI. Like my only symptom is that my wee wee constantly feels like I have to pee. It feels kinda uncomfortable but doesn't hurt or burn ever. I don't have insurance or money for a STD screening but as long as I don't have any worse symptoms and I'm only having unprotected sex with this one girl, is there any harm? I keep checking for shit like discharge or strange smells or strange colors but everything seems normal. Is it common to get UTI's from sex with someone new if she smells clean?
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okay so theres a guy in one of my classes ive had a crush on for weeks. but im super nervous shy girl so i would never talk to him myself. i know, i know.. but thats just how i am. anyway we were put into groups and i was in his & we got a long fine. we had one class left & i wanted to try to talk to him before or after. but that didnt happen, so i was like, whatever. but after the final, i was the last to finish, he walked towards me after i left the classroom and asked me how i did and stuff but i wasnt expecting to talk to him so i was sooo nervous i acted like a complete retard! i have really bad anxiety so whenever before i talk to people eetc i do like breathing exercises and literally practice talking. i wasnt ready for that it was unexexpected and i acted so f-ing nervous and idiotic. and i think he was like oh uhm ya this girl is actually weird. but i really liked him & i feel like he talked to me on purpose after class... i mean why else was he walking around outside until i came out ? it didnt seem incidental to me. should i add him on fb? i dont think he even knows my name but i have stalking skills so i found his. if i do, should i message him & what should i say? or should i just forget about it competely..
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Do girls find other languages hot? Like, if I talked in French or something. What if I talked in Spanish during sex? Or Japanese? What if I talked Chinese during sex? Would that be hot?
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Has anyone ever hooked up via craigslist before? Just want to know what the red flags to avoid are. I responded to a NSA personal and she just emailed me back. She gave me her number but I'm not sure if I want her to have my number or if this is some kind of scam. Is this normal or am I just being paranoid?
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I am 23 years old and still do not have my driver's license. You have no idea how ashamed and embarrassed I feel DAILY because of this. My boyfriend even threatened to break up with me if I do not start driving by the end of February. The problem is, I am terrified. I do not know what the hell I am doing and I am so afraid I am going to wreck. At work I sometimes cry thinking about how I am a 23 year old whose father drives her to work. I still live at home but work full-time and I am a full-time college student currently taking all of my classes online. I just feel like I'm so...weird. I am so embarrassed to even sign up for driving lessons because of my age. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you so much.
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I need some serious advice. I'm in love with I girl ive never even talked to. I can't stop thinking about her and it's driving me to the point of the depression. Can someone seriously give me some advice on what to do, or words of encouragement?
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>girl wants to go camping >sure why not >she's getting excited for the trip >she gets drunk one night and starts asking what kind of porn i watch >eventually admits she has a bdsm fetish >something is definatly gonna happen in that tent so i ask you /adv, how should i fuck her
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Hey /adv/ here is the story. >Know awesome girl >We start flirting and shit >Decide to go out, tells me she wants a relationship with me after a few dates >Okay, because I want the same. >3 weeks later or so, she changes her mind and just wants to be friends, bur wont explain why >I finally get her to explain, and she says its because she is afraid of hurting me >I tell her its a risk I'm willing to take >She says okay, and I'm happy thinking were going to keep moving forward >THE VERY NEXT DAY, she changes her mind again, and says it isn't happening but hopes we can be friends >Christ, make up your mind. We will see about the friends thing >She starts texting me last night and heavily flirting with me >I respond, thinking everything is good now >She just texted me and apologized for the flirting and doesn't want to mislead me and again says we should be friends. WHAT IN THE UNHOLY FUCK? I literally just chewed her out. I told her it was extremely unfair that she kept doing this to me, and I was getting extremely frustrated with her shit, and left it at that. Put all this shit aside and this girl is fucking amazing, but what the fuck is her deal? She keeps telling me its because she doesn't want to "hurt me" and that she doesn't know who she really is and what she wants. Should I literally just contact with her? I don't know if I can take this anymore, but its still not clear whether or not me and her are ever going to have a chance.
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I like me better drunk and I get drunk at least once a week. Is this bad?

I'm pretty much totally fucked

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I started Venlafaxine (Effexor) after trying to kill myself. I had been on prozac. I've been taking this for a short time now and it has not in anyway made a difference yet besides the dry mouth side effect. Can anyone give me insight into this medication or tell me if I'm fucked or map out my entire rest of my life for me or some shit something.
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