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sex with a cold

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I just got a cold and I'm feeling pretty weak. both me and my gf are feeling really frisky though. she is gonna be outta town for trip for the next four days. I'm not sure I wanna fuck cause I might get her sick and ruin her trip. then again, I haven't slept with her for over 5 days now. It'll be a 9 day abstinence. should I just wait or do it?
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>have kids in your 20s, ruin yourself financially and cut the best most fun time of your life short >have kids in your 30s+, you're no longer active enough to be a "fun parent" and you risk birth defects I can't see myself ever wanting to have kids. I want to be able to roll out of bed at 10 in the morning, travel across europe, make investments on myself, do drugs etc. Once you have kids the rest of your life is decided for you. What does /adv/ think of kids? Do you want them?
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>girl i known for a few weeks in school >added me on fb yesterday >she wrote to me and we chatted in a flirty/jokey way yesterday should I write to her today or play it cool? I suck at this.
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How does one obtain a gf online? I've never had a relation or a female friend for that matter, theres not one girl in my contact list. I'm too coy to talk to any girls irl and I feel like I'd have a better chance online. I feel like a loser

surplus ammunition cleaning information...

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I am about to purchase two cases of old military surplus spam cans that contains 7.62x54r and before I do that and take my 91/30 mosin nagant to the range Is there any way on how to properly clean the ammo before use and this is a serious question here I am asking. I do not want trolls or dumb liberal idiots on here and I do not want to hear ( hurr durr throw it into the tumbler hurr durr! ) I have heard this countless of time and i do not want to fucking do that it is careless and dangerous to do that to live ammo!!! And plus I don't have a tumbler so like I said before is there anyway on how to clean the ammo because I just want to keep my rifle in a healthy condition and safe that is all...
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hey /adv/ wondering how to get rid of body acne/bacne it hurts sometimes when i lie down now and that shits spreading down my arms, making it unflattering to even wear t-shirts any advice, /adv/?
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Are little emotional triggers normal to set you off from a breakup after some time? 18 Senior, My first real gf had broke up with me back in march. Now at this point I feel like i've gotten over it. I've been pretty confident and happy these days, just had an awesome prom with this beautiful girl, who I should be hanging out with soon again. But two nights ago, I had a dream about her, and i've been thinking about her more lately, and haven't really been myself. Almost starting to miss her. And I think I came to a harsh realization. I will never ever truly get over her ever. I'll just get used to it where I forget about it, but if I see her name or hear her somewhere, all that progress is gone in a second, Is that correct? Or was this just a little trigger that set me off and I haven't lost my progress
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I'll try to keep this short. I had ass surgery four days ago. (Pilonidal cystectomy.) I was given Oxycodone to help with the pain. Oxys really bind me up. I haven't shit since a day before the surgery. Laxatives aren't working. I haven't had the urge to shit at all. I also haven't eaten much. Wat do?
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I am 6'2 150 and my main problem is just forgetting to eat. Like, I rarely eat breakfast. if I remember I buy bananas to have in the morning but otherwise nada. so I can occasionally go till 10pm and realise I haven't eaten a damn thing. I have been doing some lifting but without food it's done nothing for me. so, tips on gaining weight as a male?
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I am a 26yo fit male and have never enjoyed sex, my partners have always seemed to enjoy it but i have never came during sex even while getting her off. I dont know whats wrong with me, i ask for advice on this matter now because I recently hooked up with a very nice and attractive girl who apparently has been into me for a while, we went through the motions and although i got her to orgasm she couldn't get me too. We tried all different positions and she really wanted to please me. She took it as a slight and started crying, accusing me of not finding her attractive. Problem was I did find her very attractive, i just couldn't peak. I calmed her down by telling her it was due to the alcohol and headache meds i had taken earlier, this seemed to make her feel better. I can cum from self mastabation but i don't enjoy that either, its more a way to release the build up. What the hell is wrong with me?
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Alright /adv/ i need advice, i have been speaking with a girl who is quite volatile and could just erupt at any minute, she has a boyfriend but me and her were talking and i have now gotten myself trapped between a rock and a hard place after flirting with her because she made me think with my balls, so now she knows so private shit and i dont know if i can trust her with it but she has it recorded in a chat, so any advice?
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Been dating my gf for about a month, it's her birthday in a few days. What should I do for it? I don't want to be too big but I don't want it to be too small either.
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I took adderall for the first time today. I really enjoyed it, how easy is it to have prescribed to you?
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Hi, /adv/. I need tips to get over my queasiness, I heard something disgusting and this queasiness appeared out of nowhere. Any tips?
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Hi /adv/ I decided to post this because I'm in doubt, and don't know what to do in this situation I'll just greentext the story in parts and ask my questionsat the end. part 1 >be me >have crush, who has beautiful ass and cute face, kind of average tits but I never really cared about that as long as it's normal >talked to her a couple times before, she was always very open and kind of carried the conversation >one day she texts me on facebook, telling me that she and her friends are organizing a party at someone's place and they thought they'll invite a few ppl. >ask her about the plans etc. decide to go >we all meet at a bus stop in the friend's town where friend guides us to her place >not really talking to crush at the beginning of the party, not really acquinted with the company either >hanging out I'm actually being more alpha than what I expected of myself >decide to talk with crush, we get along although I don't really fancy her group of friends >end of meeting comes people start to leave >about 5 of us remain there when Im left alone in the same room with my crush she tells me "I think we should go" >tell her ok, I think ill leave too soon >crush's neckbeard beta friend decides to join us on the way back to the bus station where all of us originally met >doesn't really bother us we just talk as if he wasn't there >path is a bit complicated so it takes us some time to find our way back >start to talk to her about classic questions, she asks me about my friends what I do, tells me she thinks the party was cool its just that not enough people accepted the invitations >i tell her I enjoyed myself too even though I didn't really know her and the others >we get off the bus & say goodbye putin unrelated part 2 coming
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I've smoked weed three times and didn't get high once. How do I do it correctly, or could it be I'm immune?

Saving to move out

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>24 years old >Live in the suburbs of Boston w/parents >Finally Independent on my FAFSA >5-8 thousand dollars in my checking account >Just recently approved for Pell Grant money to finish my AA >enemployed right now, looking at for jobs ft or pt. I was wondering how much money should one have saved before moving out. I'll have my Master's degree completed in Computer Science with some debt by 2016. Boston is super expensive to live in. The suburbs aren't any better. I've thought about moving to NH, Maine, Ohio etc.. Someplace that is modernly reasonable for it's price.
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i lost my girl friend, she told me she wanted to sleep with someone else. how do i bring the light back into my life?
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I want to undo the corruption that 4chan has given to my psyche How can I know whether or not my position in an argument is bad? How can I know if I'm thinking like a raging retard or not? Because, right now, it seems like everybody is wrong no matter how well reasoned their argument. I feel like, the second I try to assert something, it would take nothing more than 3 lines of greentext to tear my argument apart. Would normal people ever notice if I made a shitty argument? Would they respond constructively if it was or would they write me off as some sort of loon? Are reasoned arguments a facet of normal human interaction that facilitate a dialogue between people? How often would you say that a dialogue would be anymore than retards getting frustrated because the other person won't conform to their circlejerk?

I need a circumcision but don't know where to go

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Hey Bros, I've had tight foreskin since i was very young, and its becoming a problem I keep it clean down there, but its a pain to put a condom on, and hurts when someone else jacks me off , or gives me head I've been to a clinic before and they said they'd sort shit out for me and call me back, and they didn't Should i just go to my doctor and say the same? or go to a hospital and ask for an exam?
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