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Accused of asking someone to cheat

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Dear /adv/ Of earlier today I was accused over asking someone to cheat on their boyfriend, not going to go down into specifics but long story short i checked my phone to only see multiple messages from someone i have not seen in over a month accusing me of asking his girlfriend to cheat on him. What do? >pic unrelated
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In a relationship with someone I want to be with, but not over ex. Ex just broke up with their lover. We talked for a little bit, just civil chat but I'm wary of doing anything that would hurt my current relationship, I've cheated before and don't want it to turn into that (lover knows and we worked it out a year ago). Now me and ex aren't talking because they still have feelings for their last lover and couldn't even handle being friends with me. But I still miss them, our relationship before I got with this rebound was the most intense and funnest part of my life so far, partially because I had more freedom in my current relationship. My current relationship may be more boring and my lover clingy but I don't think I want to risk ruining it because of that, those things can be worked on right? My question is either 1 how do I get over this ex and/or 2 is it possible to be friends with them knowing they have their heart elsewhere now? bb gotes bcuz cute
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got a precalc final in an hour and I havent studied shit. could someone tell me a good website or a good cheat sheet I could print out and hide during the test? thanks
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>Been seeing this girl for 2 weeks >Had sex with around 5 girls in the 6mo before (not bragging, just integral to story) >Used contraception with all but one who said she was on pill (didn't cum in her anyway) >Find out crazy cunt that I had sex with 2 months ago has a chlamydia >get tested, tell girl I'm seeing about me being tested >tell her I'm like 99% sure I'm sti-free (which I was, no symptoms) >I wear extra-safe condoms anyway >Find out I have today I have chlamydia >my treatment coming in post tomorrow/monday >Need to tell girl I'm seeing about it today What is the best way to go about this? What should I expect?
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Hey /adv/ I constantly have this pain in my stomach, it's a physical pain but not due to any illness or obvious reason. It's been there for the last 2/2.5 years and I'm getting pretty sick of it. It's been getting worse lately as I've completely lost interest in, well everything. Anything of value or 'importance' is completely meaningless to me because i know that deep down everything is the same. I've been seeing the world through >pic related lately, just as a green web of elementary existence because everything is the same when you go deep enough. >takeout i ordered, made by some guy who hates his job and made that item for the 100th time that day >favorite character that died in a tv show, actor probably went for a smoke break 20 mins after that scene > cool book, just some guy wrote it >travel to exciting places, its not exciting to the people already there >playing games, painstakingly coded to do the exact same things depending on your actions by some guys who spent hours there >listening to a banging tune, oh this was made on Ableton through a boring process that is probaly half fluke in term of sound design The list goes on and on. Basically the more i try to do new things the more i realize im never gonna get that buzz because i've already accepted everything is the same and meaningless. I want to cry, but have nothing to cry about. Meeting friends is fun but I get the pain even worse when i go home to my shit family, also this year i feel i've lost some friends due to my college location. What do I do fit? I dont want to kill myself because then i wont see what happens in life, but that's about the only motive i have to stay alive. and it's a pretty weak curiosity. So, yeah, I guess it is an illness, depression. What do guys? ;_;
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I hate my life everyone I trust ends up fucking me over. I buy pointless shit to shroud my depression and I am lonely as fuck. Please can I get any help

Dental Implants

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Anybody have any experience with dental implants? My teeth are terrible & really prone to cavities because of their shape so sometimes I think it would be a good idea to replace them all with implants. Would be cheaper than fillings & crowns.
Wednesday:>her: anon can we... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Wednesday: >her: anon can we talk friday? about serious stuff. about us. >me: sure Tonight >me: when do you want to talk tonight >her: I don't remember anything I was going to tell you. I was half sleep telling i guess. >me: you have to remember something otherwise you'd have told me you forgotten earlier >her *gets defensive about me not believing her* was I in the wrong? if you plan for something two days in advance there's no way you would forget and not anything up til the night of.
Hey everyone. Basically I got... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey everyone. Basically I got invited to a 21st tonight, and have no idea what to get the birthday boy. I'm not that close to the guy, so I only want to spend about $10, mostly because I feel it would be seen as creepy if I spent more than that. No idea what to get in that price range, any ideas? Pic unrelated.

in a cluster fuck and depressed

in a cluster fuck and... 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
long story short, I was dumped over something insane and stupid, I have been trying to work things out and re patch things. I spent over a year trying to break through a friend zone with a girl whom: Has un-diagnosed schizophrenia and diagnosed anger issues Was ridiculed and bullied in school most of her life Was abused and used intensely by her first boyfriend Was raped and abused by her second boyfriend End result she can be a cold ignorant selfish shut in and a massive bitch to boot. Who hates people and affection. I've been heeding her request to give her space, and I've been doing things like cleaning without her asking. (we still live together as roommates because rent has skyrocketed in a disgusting manner) I finally got a on call job where I will be making 13 bucks an hour and it's all union. Money won't be a issue or food. Yet it feels like I am yielding nothing. It is depressing, I am also under suspicion of her fawning and trying to flirt/date with some idiot she gave a pity fuck years before I met her. Luckily for me he lives nowhere near here. And she sucks at budgeting and saving so no traveling for her. I know it sounds despicable thinking like that, but I love this damaged goods. we've been happy before, and have been there for her when there where bad problems. A part of me wants to just give up....But I keep clinging and hoping my efforts make it through. I've cried over her and over some of the conflicts we've been in as they happen. I rarely ever cry, which means something. I have been talking with her when are in the same vicinity about fixing things and what else I can do for her....it feels fruitless sometimes. What else should I do?
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Hello /adv/, basically I'm out of ideas and need some help. I'm currently in my first year of college taking summer classes, and I have never had a job. Not even part time or a summer job. My parents really want me to get a job and I really want to get a job to help them pay for my schooling as well as make money because I'm broke as shit. The problem is that since I've realized this and have started applying to places and calling and constantly trying and trying and trying I've gotten fucking nowhere. No luck whatsoever. Best I've gotten is a few interviews which ended with no call, even though I know I did well. I think the main reason I'm not being hired is because I have no experience. But I need a job to get experience. At this point I literally do not care what job I do, besides obvious stupid shit like selling myself or anything illegal. Is there any way I can find a job quickly that will at least pay me minimum wage? I don't really care what kind of work I'm doing, beggars can't be choosers, you know. TL;DR: I've been applying for jobs for a while and haven't gotten shit. I need to find a job fast, don't care what it is.
Is it normal for a guy to... 6 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Is it normal for a guy to smell his fingers after fingering a girl? Why would a guy do that?
Men: how many boners do you... 30 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Men: how many boners do you get a day?
My mom's brother just... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
My mom's brother just passed away at 39. He left my aunt and three small children behind. My family is in shock, and no one knows what to do at this point. I need some sort of direction to turn in...some sort of advice.

Advice on overcoming fear of public speaking?

Advice on overcoming fear of... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey, /adv/. Come this Monday I'll be begin a 4 week public speaking class. Needless to say, I have a huge fear of public speaking. I took the class to face my fear so to speak and get over it and I was perfectly fine signing up for it. But as the days get short and shorter until class starts and I read over the syllabus and I can't help but feel nervous again. Needless to say, I'm frightened to death of public speaking, so any advice that you can offer to overcome this fear or anything I can do to make it go by easier would be appreciated. Sharing past experiences, things you did, anything will help. Thanks a lot.
I got a spare hour before... 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I got a spare hour before preparing to go out with this girl. I'm pretty calm and chill, but I'd like to have more opinions on her behavior. >Been in relationship with this girl (A) 4 years ago >(A) is subtle, indipendent, intelligent to a degree, sometimes hateful >She broke up with me because she was jealous and couldn't handle it (she was 14, I was 17) >Tried to talk about it for weeks, she didn't want to, eventually give up after a stupid ass answer >Start another relationship a month after that with (J) >Fast forward two years and a half >Girlfriend (J) cheats on me with some kid who gets her drunk and high >Break up >One fucking year of depression >Almost a year after that break up, (A) adds me on facebook >Note that was the second time she tried to and she tried to call me once >We start talking, we meet at the park and talk for a few hours >She has a boyfriend, she really changed a lot, in a good way >It's not really serious with her boyfriend >In the next 2 weeks we get to the main topics, like what really happened years ago and how she felt >I know she suffered a fucking lot >Ask her out one afternoon >She says "I'm very busy today, what about next weekend?" >Weekend has come, she actually wanted to see yesterday too but she couldn't move from home >She says "I'm free until 20:30" (also leaves me a song) >Ask her if we're not spending the evening together >She answers "are you surprised? I have a boyfriend" Now, I know there's a lot of sexual tension between us, and we got a lot of unfinished questions, plus she's been very open to me, melancholic and even a little flirty. I'm not unexperienced in these matters, I know she's probably faking and she brought up the "boyfriend" card because she thought of it as a problem first, still I'm unsure how to act. I've been through a shitty, shitty year. I got drunk a lot, I started smoking, I was sleepless and the only relations I've had with the opposite gender has been occasional, sterile, sex.
how to be good at kissing?have... 8 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
how to be good at kissing? have you kissed somebody who was a great kisser? what did you like about it? also gifs and webms of kissing

Should I just start begging women?

Should I just start begging... 47 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I am 24 and still have not had a girlfriend. I believe I am a average looking guy. I am not a "bad boy" or whatever and I may be a bit boring but I mean.. come on? How is it that I haven't had a girlfriend? I have dated women but the women always end up not wanting to pursue things. I know it might be me but I honestly don't know what else to change. I mean, how much of me must I change? What is changing too much? What isn't changing enough? I just want to be able to enjoy the human existence.. isn't part of the human existence finding a mate? It drives me CRAZY when I see like 15 year olds with boyfriends and girlfriends and it makes me wonder "How is it that they can do this... but I can't?" The only thing I haven't tried yet is begging. Should I just beg for my first kiss? A woman would show pity on me right? Maybe a pity kiss? SOMETHING!? Is this the wrong route to go? I am at my wits end here.
Yesterday i was supposed to... 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Yesterday i was supposed to have a great time. I hit it off with this girl in my class and we were supposed to get coffee but she somehow forgot. We conversed around 3 of our plans but she said she'd let me know what time she was available since she was swamped with errands. She ends up never calling so i text her around 8:30 to see if see still wants to go out. She messages me back around at 10 saying shes really sorry and that she left her phone in her in her purse on silent. She then said that we should do something on sunday since she has family visiting today. What do/ what happened? This girl seemed really into me and i did not expect this to happen. Was it really and accident or is she giving me the run around?
Methylphenidate.What are its... 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Methylphenidate. What are its affects on long term cognition? If one were to take one (54mg, time release) tablet of Methylphenidate for a week or two, what would that person's cognitive state be like a month and a year from when that person first took the methylphenidate? A person wants it's affects but doesn't want any long term negative affects. Should this person take the methylphenidate.
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