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>be me 20 year old virgin >all i can think about is sex >need to fuck something >fap 5 times a day EVRYDAY >feel like shit evrytime i fap /adv/ prostitute?
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Cybered with a girl once, she wants to do it again we were playing dare or skype and I got her to get naked and poke herself. When we were playing she asked how I felt about a LDR. I said I wouldn't be into it. thing is she's friends with me on skype and has my full name should I delete her in case she is a crazy bitch?
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>tfw Calc 3 exam tomorrow >mfw I have no Viagra looks like I'm not going to study...
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I've liked this girl that goes to my uni for a while, but we've only started talking for a month or so. She seems really happy and excited when I go up and talk to her, and we have nice chats. Recently she's been telling me how she wishes she had a boyfriend, and also how she wishes she could be more perfect and whatnot, but I don't think it's an insecurity thing. Does she want the d, /adv/?
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as someone who is moving out of home pretty young, is there anything I should know or read? Im pretty much going from fully dependent to independent. car, medical shit, finances, insurance, housing etc.
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/adv/ Should I buzz my head? I currently have long hair, and I'm looking at the clippers, very tempted...

Opening a truecrypted windows

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Hey guys. i secured my pc 2 years ago. wit ha windows 7 inside true-crypt. i can figure out the true-crypt pw but the windows password i cannot even imagine what i could have been using back then. so i looked up how to reset the 7 pw. its possible with a win 7 cd or any other repair medium able to change and copy files on the hdd. but how can i access the true crypt disc? need a tc able live disc or something like that. has ubuntu live tc? i didn't create a tc rescue tho and its only possible when you have a tc'd drive. so you cannot burn a tc rescue from a fresh tc install. any tips or ideas how i can repair my one and only notebook?
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When speaking about school, what does it mean to "try one's hardest/best"? Does it mean spending every free second trying to understand and improve my knowledge about the subjects I will be tested on? How does one know if he is trying his hardest? I tend to have a hard time finding a balance between work and play.
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So I can't see to keep a boner when I'm with my girlfriend. She can get me hard easy but I can never keep a boner very long. We can't have sex or do any fun stuff because I just lose my hard on so fast. Is it psychological? How can I keep an erection when I'm with her? I went to the doctor and I'm perfectly healthy. Anybody know how to combat this?
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Why do girls on OKC not reply to messages? I mean ~ 2/10 reply to a completely normal message, in a way a completely normal person would, independent whether she seems like a popular person or not. Also 'replies selectively' seems irrelevant according to my experiences (and anyone with that status should really re-evaluate things, how is this even acceptable?) . Keep in mind I live in a small European country with a very limited pool, like a couple of hundred users, maybe a few thousand. What is this mystery?
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Shit. I'm new to applying to internships, and I didn't know you had to follow-up. It's been about a month since I applied for my earliest choices - is it too late to email follow-up now?
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So today i practiced a speech in front of an audience, and even though i was moderately prepared and confident, i started to feel woozy, and a couple times my speech slowed down. Part of it was dehydration because i drank no water, but i think my nerves speed up the process, because i was ok before starting my speech. I was told it was a good speech, but it could have been better. So I'm here to ask for public speaking tips. I appreciate whatever i can get.
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I am 23 years old and still do not have my driver's license. You have no idea how ashamed and embarrassed I feel DAILY because of this. My boyfriend even threatened to break up with me if I do not start driving by the end of February. The problem is, I am terrified. I do not know what the hell I am doing and I am so afraid I am going to wreck. At work I sometimes cry thinking about how I am a 23 year old whose father drives her to work. I still live at home but work full-time and I am a full-time college student currently taking all of my classes online. I just feel like I'm so...weird. I am so embarrassed to even sign up for driving lessons because of my age. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you so much.

ADHD-PI therapy

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Alright, so here's the deal. I've been diagnosed with ADHD-PI ever since fifth grade. I've recently switched to a new medication that, while it's doing wonders for class concentration, isn't helping me much with my main problems: my lack of motivation, my terrible work ethic, poor time management, etc. Now, in my psychology class, I've learned about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which in a nutshell challenges irrational thoughts you have and uses techniques to change your behavior. Should I try a CBT session during the summer when my finals are done?
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What's a good way to chase your crush? without being the one that's submissive? example: >says she can only go to the gym friday. >i say alright il be there at 6. >says 'Can you come a little earlier :)' >i say sure. does agreeing to time changes and all that based on her schedule a good thing?
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Earlier this year there's this girl I've been hanging out with because of common friends. We also went to the same university together, After some time she invited me to a party of one of her friends. During that time I discovered that she likes me. She's cute and I see no reason why she's confident enough to think I like her as well. However, I came from a 5 year relationship and I still think of my ex (yeah I'm a faggot but I'm working on it). So when we go out next week after the party I told her that I'm still not ready for this. She insisted but I told her she shouldn't get her hopes up. She got a bit crazy about that and wrote on Facebook about me and how much of a asshole I am. I ignored it. So now after a few months I saw her on Facebook with a guy I knew in college saying they are already dating. She also drop some hints that this guy is better than me. Well truth be told, that guy is a massive asshole who lies to women and he also still owes a pretty big amount of money to me which he doesn't want to pay. tl/dr I rejected a girl who likes me and now she's dating an asshole. I mean she's a nice girl and deserves better. Should I do something or stay quiet? Also please help me to move on. My ex is already seeing someone yet I still think about her. There are also other girls wanting to date and ask me out but I said no.
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I just finished my second day working for UPS and I feel horrible. I know it'll get easier, though, according to my friend who works with me. I'm a pre-loader; I load the trucks before they go out for deliveries. Can anyone who's worked for UPS or a similar company give me advice?
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Little bit of a silly dilemma I have here. So I was sitting in class this week and my friend and I were talking about girls. He points out a girl in class and tells me he thinks she's hot. I sort of agreed. I wouldn't say she's hot, but she's definitely cute. Now, the problem is that I kind of want to make a move on her, but I'm not sure if that would be a dick move. My friend said that he doesn't want to talk to her or anything, but I think it's mostly because he's shy. I on the other hand have no problem speaking to girls and whatnot. What do? I don't know if this helps or not, but she's like the only attractive girl in our class. Should I make a move, try and help the bro out, or just leave things as they are? Odin bless you. pic unrelated
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So /adv/, seeing my overall lack of success or ambition in life, I have come to the rough conclusion that I am an inferior element of society. Now, that shouldn't be a problem, but I am also awkward, unsociable and apathetic. So I can't just shut up, stop "hoping" and enjoy what I reap, because I don't even enjoy anything. Seeing all of this, I can't really find any reason to go on with life, what do, exactly? This is something that is so deeply ingrained in me that I'm pretty certain all amount of therapies/meds won't help at all.
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How do I get over the fear of vulnerability? Each time that I think about opening up, letting someone in and allowing them to see me at my lowest I get discouraged. I don't know why I feel like this. I don't want to rely on someone. I don't want to continue pushing people I know care about me away because I'm afraid they'll see me care. I don't want to be taken advantage of. I want someone there to care, someone to talk to, someone I can connect to but I have stopped talking to friends, I don't know how to start talking to someone new. I'm scared, terrified even, that I'm going to end up alone because of this but i just don't know how to get over this fear.
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