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>used gf's laptop last night with her permission >both of us are 18 >together 6 months >we have a biology project due this week >save a photo for biology project to her photobucket >stumble upon photo of her spooning with some dude >she recently hung out with last week >not sure how to feel /adv/
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Question for girls. How do I appear less intimidating to you? Do women just not like beards or something? I'm 25, good looking, fit, perceptive of other people's thoughts and feelings and always have something interesting to keep the conversation moving. It occurred to me that I scare girls- especially because I'm often attracted to shy girls. I've had experiences where they obviously like me, but are reluctant to get involved because I make them feel inadequate. I don't like having sex outside of relationships, and even this causes issues because if I don't instantly try and fuck a girl, she just feels like I'm not interested. Words only go so far it seems... Once upon a time, I was a sad virgin lurking the chans every day and feeling like I'll be alone forever. I worked so hard to become a better person. I learned a bunch of instruments, got in shape, graduated uni, got my shit together. But it looks like it worked too well and now I'm one of the untouchables Strangely enough, and to the benefit of a lot of you guys out there who worry about this, the most success I've had with girls was when I was a loser in university- I was depressed all the time, awkward in any social setting, I'd just sit around and play Oblivion instead of doing anything social- yet I'd randomly meet a girl at a party, and they would take an active interest in me. Once a girl gave me her number out of nowhere on a train and we fucked all summer WHAT IS LIFE?

How to virgin

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Hello, you beautiful people. So after thinking I knew how to have sex, know I'm feeling like a virgin again. Why? Because it's my first experiences with a virgin. This must have been asked a thousand times, but... What do I do? More specifically, we had sex twice now, by my penis barely went in. Which leads me to think her hymen is still there. And then I try to push it, but soon it just hurts too much for her and we gotta stop. And yes she was pretty wet already. Applying extra lub didn't help enough. Also her vagina seems quite small and I think this makes it might make it more difficult - I might be a little too big for her regardless of her "virginity" I think. So what do? Just getting somewhat frustraded with this (she is too) and wondering if any of you guys and girls went though something similar.
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/adv/, I have a very strange predicament that's putting a major strain on my relationship. Me and my girlfriend have been together 2 years, and we both have health issues. Mine are more severe, but hers almost cost her her life when she was born. Due to various complications, a sphincter in her esophagus does not function properly, she has bad acid reflux. She is also missing a major vein in her neck. This means she gets bad heartburn, headaches and she vomits. Often. Usually at least once every 3 months, sometimes more. She said one time she vomited at least once a day for a whole week. This is a problem considering I have a crippling phobia of vomit. It has spread to include a fear of germs, of foods, etc. I would give up my arms if it meant I'd never have to vomit again. Given my phobia, though, I almost never do. I have maybe 3 times in the years since I developed this phobia. I'm not sure where it came from, but it's there. In truth, given all my health issues, I should vomit just as often as my girlfriend, even more. I take odansetron (which is used for chemo patients) twice a day just to function properly, because I get bouts of debilitating nausea among other symptoms. All that being said, she just today had an incident where she, at school, got very dizzy, saw spots, then shortly thereafter vomited. All this within a couple minutes. This makes me nervous considering I was going to see her today, but what irritates me is her complete lack of understanding why it happened. She claimed it was just dehydration. She always claims it's dehydration. I wish she'd understand she gets migraines. My mother has had them all her life, and when I told her about it she said that's exactly how she knows a migraine is coming on. My girlfriend still denies it was a headache causing the vomiting, despite her now having a headache that's lasted for 5 hours afterwards. I love her, I do. But this is so stressful for me. What should I do? I can't see a therapist. >pic unrelated
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I have a habit of skin picking, picking at acne or anything that I perceive as a blemish to the point that I have scabs/scars. Has anyone had experience with this? How do you deal with it?
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Does it ever seem like the idea of love has absolutely no place in a successful relationship? It's like it's all about money, power, and making the other person dependent on you. It's like there's absolutely no point in love or even liking the other person. So there's this girl that I like. First, she is very attractive. But a lot of girls are attractive, or have bigger boobs, a better ass, etc. I'm more attracted to her wit and her fun personality. But it doesn't even matter what attracts me to her. What matters is what I provide. And the truth is that some college basketball player with 50 friends and a 10 inch dick can provide more than me, irrespective of my feelings towards her. So what the fuck is the use of these tender feelings anyway? Keep in mind this is from a male perspective, I don't care how rosy and loving a girl feels about the guy pounding her cunthole. I think being loving is a liability for men. It sets us back.
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I'm a 25 year old recluse virgin. This thing is really painful me at night mostly when I going to sleep and the only thing I can think of is that. During the day I'm mostly ok. The problem is that I'm recurring to everything to fall asleep as fast as possible so I dont think about it on bed. Which is the most uncomfortable moment for me. From prescription meds to alcohol. None a good way to solve my problems. Everything is temporal. Plus I live in ha area where murders are very common and cartels targets old people. I can't leave home for a night just in case. I'm the protector of me family and I got no backup they dont know how much I cry during the day so I can have at least a week of peace. Does anyone here have deal with it without addictive ways like alcohol or pills? How can I soften this incommodity of such thing? sorry if you dont understand me I'm drunk as hell.

What do?

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Where to begin? My girlfriend of 2 years moved out a week ago. She said she couldn't deal with my occasional temper tantrum. Anyway, through this last week I've tried to force myself to be at peace with her leaving but to be honest, I've barely been a functioning human. I wake up in the morning, my first instinct is to roll over and get warm next to her. All day she doesn't leave my mind for 5 seconds. I'm basically on auto-pilot all day at work. It's fucking exhausting you guys. Heartbreak aside, there's the logistics of her moving out. I live in Los Angeles, it's expensive as shit here, and one person just bailing out will put your shit in financial ruin real quick. I don't know how I'm going to pay rent next or subsequent months. Not to even mention utility bills, gas, food, etc. TL;DR: Girlfriend who's lived with me the past 2 years is gone and I'm probably about to be financially destitute. Stress is bearing down on my mind's ability to figure out what the fuck it is I should be doing right now. What do I do?
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Alright bros, I have a finalized plan, in how I'm going to start my band, tell me what you think: An Internet-wide (worldwide) band try out campaign to recruit musicians to form a band. It’ll be promoted as an opportunity for young, creative, and aspiring musicians to join a band that’ll eventually become one of the greatest and iconic bands on Earth. It’ll be similar to answering a traditional musician wanted ad, but on a much grander scale. To properly select the right musicians, the genres of music that the band will play will be displayed, and people can record themselves covering songs, submitting their own songs, submitting lyrics, submitting themselves jamming over a recorded backing beat, etc. To convince people to trust my talent as well as traveling away to fully join the band, I'll connect them with industry insiders and record labels that I've been in contact with, I'll fully display my music chops, my bio and role in the band, my vision I have for the band, and my finances. Establishing music chemistry before the band members move here will also he a top priority. Half of the musician’s total traveling expenses (visa, airline travel, luggage) will be paid for, no matter the distance. From the start of the band’s hiring process up to the band’s debut album release and beyond, people that are casually interested in the band, along with the musicians that won’t make it, will be able to follow (and share) the band’s progress through music releases, live show recordings, band updates, etc. which will eventually establish a growing fanbase as the band matures.
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>haven't masturbated for 2 months straight and still don't >still don't feel any benefits What am I supposed to feel?
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Hey /adv/ I have fantasy of choking someone during sex and releasing all my anger in them. What's wrong with me and why can't I stop these thoughts?
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Would you let someone use your ebay account? A work friend of mine want to use my account (his got banned due to him being 18) he want to sell some stuff and said would cut me in on the profit. If I give him my password can he hijack my account?


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Fucking hemorrhoid is killing me. I've had this demon thing for over a year now but usually I'd just apply some cheap cream and the itchiness would go away. The cream had stopped working. I am in constant agony, not only does it itch but it now also hurts like hell every now and then. I've made a doctor's appointment for thursday, but I have to work tomorrow. What the hell should I do? Does anyone have experience with hemorrhoids? I don't know where else to turn /adv/, please help me! I am desperate!
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Feeling a lot of stress right now over something that I, for the most part, can’t control. Could really do with some helpful advice. I’m an introvert. People tend to think of introversion and extraversion as ‘loners and party animals’ which is where my dilemma comes in. I’m very talkative, I love making friends and I love spending time with and having fun with people which leads people to think I’m extraverted. However, I NEED my own space, I NEED to retreat and have some alone time. Equally, when I’m exhausted and have had a long, hard day at work, I need my own space and alone time to recuperate. My boyfriend and I are a perfect match because he’s pretty much the same as me in the above. Except his body doesn’t take it to the extreme that mine does. If I don’t get the space, alone time or rest that I described above, my body goes into what I’ve come to known as the ‘socialisation hangover’ for the whole day. I get a hangover worse than any alcoholic hangover I’ve ever had. My head throbs, I keep almost vomiting, I am severely dehydrated, I can barely eat and I can hardly process words. If anyone tries to talk to me during this time, I have to bite my tongue to hold back tears because their talking to me during this time just makes me want to sob uncontrollably. Until September I’m living at home while my apartment gets renovated. My family are quite unsympathetic to me trying to shut them out for my sanity’s sake and their response can either range from “Anon we’re so worried about you let us help you” to “Anon why do you have to be such a horrible fucking freak?”. I’ve told them the reasoning behind them and told them about my introversion but they don’t seem to listen. I’m sick of my body doing this, I’m sick of feeling like a freak and almost crying because someone’s talking to me. (1/2)
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>be sperglord 26 yr old ugly-fat autist fuck >boss wants me to do a video presentation for some damn convention >going to be posted on the internet >don't feel like being judged and finally end up as a meme somewhere What is the best excuse i can make in order to get away with not doing it?
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What's the best way to make ~$100 within a week? I have two jobs already lmao

my fucking penis

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Hi /adv/ I"ve made the lamentable mistake (or have graced myself; either/or) of geting incredibly morning drunk off a slapdash bourbon my brother's cooked for the past several years. Damn good stuff. But it had me thinking. My girlfriend's ex was 6' 5", half-white, half-chinese. I'm 5' 11", half-white, half-vietnamese. I have it in good authority to believe that his penis is signifccantly larger than mine, despite our asianness. It makes me feel really shitty. Holy fuck. My penis is 5.2". Genetics... I have nothing else to say at this point. Hold your glorydicks in gratitude.
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okay /adv/ im a huge fucking faggot, partly because im OP but i have the chance at getting a qt3.14 gf by my standards and i have no idea what to do. ask her on a date? just ask her for a relationship or what? i have no fucking clue how these things work cause im a huge fucking autist. please help
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I am horrified. >Earlier today >in high school (I'm an 18 year old senior) >In computer class >Matron of my friend who's crippled is sitting behind me >We joke almost every day >Browsing 4chan archive for /r9k/ >There's a dick in the OP of a thread >I minimize >I accidentally open a picture of a lady with a see through dress >Hear a gasp behind me >Close picture as fast as I can back to Wikipedia page >Look behind me >The matron was standing up to leave >She looks me dead in the eyes >my fucking face >I turn back around and I hear the door close as she left Okay so how do I pull this off? Do I act normal and joke around with her as usual? Should I ignore her? If I try to make a joke to her and she doesn't respond I will be forever shamed. Am I over-stressing this? She's a lady in her early 20s and she dresses very conservatively and properly, I don't know if she'll just laugh it off as it being an accident on my part.
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How long should you be in a relationship with someone before you move in with them? I know moving in with someone will completely change the relationship. Right now, I'm looking to work a lot this summer and move out of my parents place by September. I'm 21, I used to live on my own and loved it, but health and financial reasons put me back a few steps. I don't have very many friends I'd want to live with and I don't know if I'd want to live alone but I think I'd like living with my boyfriend. We've been dating since November, so by September it'll almost be a year. He's stuck living with his parents too, we both hate it. I think the cheapest way to live move out would be to live together, but I know there's a lot to consider. What should I think about/pay attention to while making this decision? I haven't brought it up to him yet, but I've been highly considering it. We spend a few nights together a week, which are all really nice. We're both incredibly laid-back, agreeable people. Anyone have advice/experience with moving in with a significant other?
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