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What do I tell her to keep the momentum going? This is the first time I got a positive response to a pick up line on tinder
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Hi /adv/. So I am 16 and here is my story : I am an alcoholic who doesn't work and I live with my parents. I tried to kill myself back in november and they signed a paper stating that they are legally responsible if anything happens to me until I am 18 (so they can't kick me out, thanks god). But they are getting really tired of me (not that I am doing anything really bad, just staying in my room and drinking, admittedly with their money). Also they never talk to me except if they want me to do something, don't cook for me and don't clean after me so I'm not really a full-blown leech. Now it pisses them off that I drink and am dating a person they don't like, so they decided they didn't want to keep me under their roof. They are going to let me live here for 2 more weeks (I have my end of year exams coming) and then put me in a mental institution. So my questions are : 1) Can they force me into a hospital even though I don't have any severe condition, and I am still doing good if not great at school despite my drinking ? 2) Can I deny my drinking in front of a doctor, or minimize its extent, or would it only make matters worse ? 3) What can I do to be left alone? Getting a job is an option, moving out is not since they signed that fucking paper and are forced to keep me two more years. Thank you in advance
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Hi /adv/ My college is requiring me to take a 4 semester foreign language course to fulfill some of the general reqs. I'm thinking that if I need to suffer through this bullshit, might as well make it somewhat useful to me in the future. I want to take Chinese since their economy is rapidly growing. However, the timing conflicts with some of my other courses. Is it worth it to take Japanese instead? Is their economy still in the shithole or are they slowly recovering?
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>open a twitter account in 2007 or so >use a funny nickname >never really used it >yesterday some guy asks me if he can have my account since he likes my nickname >apparently he really wants that name How much can I ask him to pay for it? I'd ask him for 400 dollars, but might that be too greedy?
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>29 male >watch porn and masturbate but its very mechanical >had crushes but never felt urge to have sex with anyone or anything (never been horny) Am I asexual? Is it possible to learn to be horny?
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Hello /adv/ 18 year old betamax here, parents have left on vacation and older brother wants throw a party. I live in a relatively small town and you can never not throw a party without people hearing about it, I'm against it cause I don't want random people coming over and stealing shit or bringing drugs or underage kids coming over and then getting injured and my parents getting sued for all they're worth. How do I cope with this cause I think I might stress myself out.
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Can anyone advise me on what to do when my nose is red like pic related? It's annoying, since I don't drink alcohol or anything that could cause it, but it's there and it makes me look awful.
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Hi /a/. How do I deal with people wanting to hang out with me all the time? I really hope that this doesn't sound like a thinly veiled bragging thread to anybody because it's far from an enjoyable experience. I just have plenty of people always asking me to spend time with them. I don't know why, I don't go out of my way for them, and in truth I don't really think I could refer to them as real friends because we don't have very personal relationships. Hanging out with these people feels like a commitment, or an obligation; something I'm contracted to do. Yet for some reason I don't feel comfortable saying that I don't want to hang out with them. I think they're all nice people but frankly I prefer spending time by myself. Several people I know always push if I say I don't want to/can't hang out that day and it's frustrating because I shouldn't have to say anything more than "I'd rather stay home" and I definitely shouldn't have to get probed with questions trying to qualify my desire for alone time. But I'm nonconfrontational and don't know how to just tell people 'no' without worrying that I'll burn bridges or whatever. Am I just being too beta? Is there any way I can put myself ahead of people without automatically considering what they want?

Caught smoking weed

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Sister caught me smelling of weed and told my mom. What can I tell her to make things better. I'm a good person, I just prefer weed to alcohol. Im'm 18 by the way.
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itshappening.gif I recently joined a fraternity because someone invited to me to rush and I liked them and they liked me. Next week we are having a formal/date night kind of thing, so I have to ask a gril to go. I didn't know what the fuck I was supposed to do, as I've never had gf or been on a date or anything of the sort, so I asked my RA because I feel comfortable around her, and she said no. Basically, since I almost never talk to any girls, I decided that it would be a better strategy to just ask any girl that I am barely acquainted with to maximize the probability of finding one that will say yes. After all, I have nothing to lose except my dignity, and even that is dwindling. I asked a girl that lives on my floor today, and (holy dog shit) she said yes. I'm starting to worry that I sperged out and she said yes just as a joke and doesn't actually mean it. I mean, I never talk to her or anything. Am I overthinking things?

Does she like me?

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I was sitting at a table, she walked up to me, smiled, and asked what school I go to. She had a lollipop candy in her mouth when she did - which I didn't find arousing but certainly different.
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>be dating girl for a reasonable long time >suddenly says she's not sure if she wants anything to go further >doesn't want to get "attached" Why is this a reason? Probably has trust issues because of exes+family leaving, and i'm pretty sure this isn't like some excuse reason, but still I really don't know how to respond to this.
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So here is the thing, I'm a pathetic loser who never had a girlfriend and so on, I started college late and I'm surrounded by people younger than me. So there is this girl which I barely talked to. She would some times ask me to borrow my laptop, I told her she would only talk to me to ask something from me. Later she starts talking to me and we mostly talk about stupid things, like her many boyfriends and stuff, some times she would become really embarrassed and laugh, it was kind of cute actually. One time she wanted to hug me, I smiled at her but I didn't hug her or anything because that took me completely off guard and I just moved to side, I also stopped paying attention to anything I believe she complained a bit and I said to her something like "I get scared when someone shows me affection out of the blue" Once I saw her sitting alone and she seemed a bit sad, I approached her and asked if she wanted to talk to me about that, she said no, so I leave her be, later it occurred to me It would be nice to invite her a coffee so I went and told her if she wanted one, she refused saying she had to go somewhere else she was.. very energetic went she told me that. Now she doesn't speak to me any more, when I stare at her she just look the other way some times she also seems disgusted? I don't know, she pretends I'm not there and just stare at her phone, she also avoids me whenever she can. Shit hurts man, hurts real bad man. Of course there is more, like me saying something really stupid to her because, of course, I don't fucking know how to deal with a girl, there also the age gap she is 20 and I'm 26.
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My neighbours dog attacked my nephew. He is 7 years old and is defenseless. I charged the dog and kicked it's ribcage so hard it started squealing and ran away. Bitemarks on his arms and legs. Now the tricky part, the dog died from internal bleeding. And my neighbours want to press charges against me because of this.... I didnt want to KILL the fucking dog, but if i wouldnt my nephew would have died, no doubt. Am I fucked?
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The only thing I'm self conscious about is my weight, and it occurred to me that I can fix that aspect of my life by eating healthier and exercising. However, I've been running out of energy every time I go out for a jog recently. I've really only been super low on energy this week, and I'm on my period -- I don't know if that affects things or not. However, I've been running for about 3 weeks now and I want to improve so I can build up the endurance to run up the big hill by my apartment soon. Is there anything you would suggest I do to have more energy? Especially when my period comes, because I really do think that's affecting things... >tl;dr How do I have more energy when I run? Pic not related.
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how to I shove a glass bottle up my asshole watching mlp porn without the fucking thing breaking and cutting my butt to shreads?
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[Pardon my poor English] >met a girl >insta-crush >misunderstanding (later sorted out) >got to know her >trapped in friendzone, tried to fight my way out of it. >rejects me and the next moment she confesses that she HAD a crush on me >1 year after the rejection, and deep in friendzone, thinking otherwise >second try, second rejection >mother of all fights, ended up calling her a bitch. >3 months later, a friend convinces her that we shouldn't be like that > wasn't aware of that > thought she changed her mind by herself > 2 years in, suddenly stops having any sort of contact with me (given we used to talk everyday) >learn from a lad that knows her that she never had a crush on me, only said it to retain the status quo of the friendzone >tells him thatshe had strong feelings form >got mad >deleted her from fb >ignoring her in every way >can't get over her, no girl satisfies me as much as her >that's pretty much the tl;dr version of the story >help?
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My friends graduation is in an hour, should I be dressed up or just wear normal clothes?
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You know, the shitty part about being someone who cares too much and gives advice to any person that wants it, is that in the end you're not left with anyone but yourself to listen to your own problems. No one but anonymous strangers on an imageboard. Isn't that kind of sad? Every day I'll sit for hours and counsel friends, family... anyone that's in need and just needs someone to talk to. And then I find myself needed just one friend to vent to, someone to listen... and they aren't capable of doing the same for me. They don't know how to respond, all they can do is say "It'll be alright" or if it's someone online rarely more than a ":\". I give as much as I can. I mold myself for others as much as I can. Because I want them to be happy. I don't care if my happiness is affected. And even still, it just doesn't work. I'm ranting now. Not about my actual problem, but about the problem that I have no one to help me like I help them.
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/adv/ there is a concert in town and it's the only reason to get out and socalize with people outside my shitty workplace. I don't have any friends to go with, so any advice on how to interact with people and cover my ass if they ask who I came with or what kind of music I like. Also is Powerman 5000 any good anymore I know nothing about them.
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