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I love my boyfriend and he'd do anything for me & told me he loves me unconditionally but yesterday he told me that he realized he still loves his ex (they broke up 9 months ago but they talk all the time). Him talking to her so often never bothered me but now I don't know what to do.. if he hasn't gotten over his ex, being with him isn't fair on both of us if he's too emotionally immature. Help?
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Texting this girl I've had crush on for about a year. >her: "sorry for weirding you out the other day, your view of me seemed to have shifted a lot." >me: "that's because I thought you were so innocent! Haha my view didn't shift that much tbh" >her: "I am innocent" What should I say next?
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I've asked a girl I've known for a few weeks (on the internet) to become boyfriend and girlfriend. She told me she didn't want to be right now, and she'd rather Skype with me first before considering anything. She also apologized if she sounded rude or anything. What does it all mean? Is she telling me to fuck off or try again later? Women are weird, but I need your help as to what to do, /adv/.
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I've been talking to this girl for a few months now, got her number over twitter and we seem to hit it off well. I met her once at a local event and we had a good time, and I promised to see her again. Its been a few weeks now and I recently have tried taking her on a date but the first time she flaked out the day of the date and was busy the next day. She still said she wanted to see me and that it was unfortunate that she couldnt see me at the time planned. I recently deleted my twitter account because I got sick of it, and I later typed her name in on twitter to look at some pictures of her. Turns out she has a second twitter account and posts pictures of her with another guy from like two weeks ago. Since finding out I havent replied to any of her texts in a few days. What should I do? Im kind of tired of trying when I can find other girls who live much closer to me that dont already have interests in other guys
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So i fucked up and lost my wallet in school. There were some rolling papers, a glass pipe, few industrial hemp seeds, and a few stickers with weed on it.There was nothing illegale in it. Can i have troubles if someone will find it?? Can I get suspended, or smth?
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My Girlfriend and I have been together for about 3 years, and its had the usual ups and downs of any relationship. But recently I've noticed that I don't find her company enjoyable. It seems like I'm being suffocated because she's basically living with me. And when I tell her to go home she just gets upset and STAYS ANYWAY. What's my best course of action here? Should I ask her to take a break? I don't even know how that sort of thing works or Do I just break up with her and get it out of the way. This option is also very hard because leaving someone you've been spending 90% of the past few years with seems impossibly difficult. TL;DR: Should i take a break from my gf or just leave her?
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Do I have to be in love to be in a relationship? How do you know if you're in love?
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Alright. First time here. Looking for some advice. I'm always looking for these 8/10 ladies but I'm about a 6.5. I find most of these chicks I bring home to be nothing but a flesh bag of hot sex. I'm looking to settle down with a good girl, but the only intellectual women I can find are a bit lower on the totem pole. I can't seem to find any ladies with similar interests. I have a bachelor pad, nice car, and a great job. I'm 23 and lonely as fuck. How should I go about finding the lady I'm searching for? I'm out of school, so the only time I run into any ladies is when we're both piss drunk at the bars. Wat do?
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I am planning to go to New Zealand for a year for work and travel. Does anyone have experience with this?
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how do you abate the shame of giving up.
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I loved this girl before I got married, actually had a huge 3 way fight that resulted in me attempting suicide. A few years after this I married one of the girls, and haven't talked to the other one since. There was a restraining order that her dad got, not sure if that is still in effect. But really I just want to know; should I just carry this to my grave, or should I talk to the ex? I have been obsessing over it for the past year. I am happy that everything turned out okay, but I still miss the first girl a lot. It's pretty fucky.
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How do I become wealthy without selling out and working a job I hate? I'm just about to graduate with a degree in psychology, and looking at graduate jobs is just depressing. Pic unrelated
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Hi there everyone. I have a question for the more financially motivated among you. I have been broke for my entire life and despise the idea of simply working to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck. I've recently come into a situation where I have a friend who can lend me the necessary funds to start my own business, get it up and running, and slowly reimburse them for the initial seed money or perhaps co-own with them if I put in all the work to set it up, which would finally allow me to realize my dream and create a stable, peaceful life for myself. I am just wondering if anyone can give me any advice or any resources on how to go about turning money (my limit is between $3000-6000, perhaps more if we both split the profits) into a profitable business run from home, or otherwise how to invest money into more money. Even just being pointed in the right direction would be wonderful.

is this a problem? I think it might be.

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Every time I see my girlfriends exposed body I get rock hard and eventually leak precum. This also happens if I fantasize about her lips. How can I get in control of my cock? I'm just too turned on.
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hey guys, most people see me as that smart quiet guy, but in reality, im a total airhead. Any tips on how to into critical thinking and problem solving
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So I has passed my telephone interview over a couple of days ago and have an interview for Monday. It's for a part time retail job at 02, which is pretty good for a student like me since it's 12 hours and I have a bit more money. However, they want me to do a presentation as part of the interview. What kind of presentation? Anything that I have a passion for. Could be a hobby. Could be something you're really interested in. And really, I don't have much to talk about passionately aside from my year on the course (I've done quite a bit of work experience for a radio station and I found some interesting stories over the year in my course) or the dreaded topic called video games. Is an employer really going to look at how the presentation is done or are they going to focus too much on what the subject is? I know the point of the presentation is to show off how good you are at convincing others and whatever subject I pick, I have to make it interesting and convincing for my potential employer. But does the subject itself make any preconceived negative judgement? What would you recommend? tl;dr: Job interview next week. Is a presentation about what you're passionate about. What do.
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This probably isn't the best place to ask this but i really, sincerely value your guy's opinions on this. So some friends of mine just got married and everyone is so happy and ecstatic about the whole thing. Then, here I am just sitting here thinking if I should get married or not....I have been dating the same girl for over 3 years, we get along good but I just don't really see marriage as a big thing. I mean, yeah, throwing a big party would be cool but i can do that anytime can't I? My friends are not in a stable job by any means (the wife is still in school) and neither am I yet. I work in Japan as an English teacher, the pay is OK but pretty low all things considered and the job is not secure at all. I wanna go back and get a master's degree in the states next year so I can't really think about getting married, yet here I am thinking about it. What is your guy's opinion on marriage and when is the "right" time to get married ideally?
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I was pretty unhappy at home and spent most of my time socially withdrawn, but I thought it was because of work and general life dissatisfaction. I went travelling to try and fix it, but now I'm stuck in a foreign country and I don't want to do anything. There's nowhere to be alone and nothing to occupy my mind. My flight doesn't leave for another two months and isn't refundable. I don't know what to do, this is horrible. I can force myself to go out I guess, but I've been going out and doing things for the last month and I still feel like shit, so I don't know what's the point. What should I do?
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It bktheres me thst my gf has a bunch of shit her EX bougnt for her. What do? Things range from clothing to electronics phone,computer etc


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So I found out by snooping that my girlfriend had been talking to a guy behind my back and hung out with him a few times months ago. He is a Mexican from her work, and she is a Spanish major. So of course. Anyway, I flipped shit, wanted to break up, but we ended up staying together. She claims she was just using him to help with her Spanish. I told her I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a second chance. She is the first girl I've ever loved, and we've been together for years. Months later I'm here at the beach with her and her family. I go snooping here and translate all of their messages. I find out that she and the guy are still talking. He tells her he loves her and she says it back. She says that she is at the beach with just her family and not to feel jealous because I'm not here. She wishes he was here to see the stars with her. I confront her about it, and she says it is all a misunderstanding and that she is just trying to keep her Spanish fluent. She starts crying and saying that she only loves me and I can't break up with her because it's just a misunderstanding. I've decided to play it cool and break up with her once we get back home .. in a week. Is this the right course of action? I mean I know it is. But I'm just so fucking exhausted from this whole thing,
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