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I love my boyfriend and he'd do anything for me & told me he loves me unconditionally but yesterday he told me that he realized he still loves his ex (they broke up 9 months ago but they talk all the time). Him talking to her so often never bothered me but now I don't know what to do.. if he hasn't gotten over his ex, being with him isn't fair on both of us if he's too emotionally immature. Help?

Am i justified?

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Hey /adv. Im in a long distance "relationship" for over 2 years now, but lately its getting a bit too difficult for me. Im only getting to see her in summer and this year its probably not gonna happen. Meanwhile im stressed with finals, and usually i resort going to prostitutes. Anyways, ive asked another girl out this week, not sure if she sees me in a friendly way. Im really into the relationship that i have, but shit's too difficult for me, should i make a move this week? should i stay patient?
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I'm only a teen and I have high blood pressure, not very high but in the prehypertension range. How can I lower it slightly?
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Well, here I am. I have a good paying job, no debt,college paid for, everything a young man could want, friends, awesome parties, whatever I desire. That is for whatever reason a problem for me. Why can I not find "happiness"? Why do I feel an overwhelming depression every day? Why do I have the need an urge to abuse every substance I find. I have it all but am okay throwing it away, simply. Why brothers do I feel this way, I am sure I am not alone. So fuck you. First post in /adv/ ever.
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/sp/ was of no help. I want to be in a fight, but I'm not willing to go into street fighting for obvious reasons, I basically want someone to beat the shit out of each other until either one of us pussies out. I'm thinking of a boxing gym, but I don't know if sparring works that way and professional fighting is out of the question. maybe a MMA gym?
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>be femanon, 27 >Not married >Finishing undergrad in 2015, trying for grad school in same year. >tfw living with bf who cheated during the whole length of the relationship because of love, and being a dependent woman- hard to find ways to leave. >still getting older. put on 20lbs since finding out bf cheated. >drinking every night pretty much. I feel fucking ancient and so incredibly alone and sad. All I have is school. a stupid side job as a cashier at a restaurant. I can barely afford to pay my bills alone, and only a couple friends because I am so stupidly awkward. I moved to this state to be with him and for school, so I have no family here either. :/ /adv/, what is the best way to get out of this depression? >pic related... Before my life went to hell, I was the happiest woman in the world :(
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Are private for profit 2 year colleges scams /adv/?
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what to do when you lose all your hopes and dreams ? when the truth hits ya right in the face and everything you planned vanishes in thin air
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gonna quit my Job. how to piss off Mysterium coworkers in the office?
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life is like being a guest at a grand feast you are seated. you are left to your own devices. you meet interesting people. you have accidents. now the platters of fortune circulate among the guests. it is smells heavenly, it's contents are succulent, delectable. many are eager to take. but when fortune is offered to you, take a small morsel, thank the host for the offering, and let the server reach the other tables. likewise, when misery is encountered, grieve. but allow it to leave. the good and bad times come and go. we must come and go with them. change is constant. this is the dance of life. it is as it should be
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What do you do when all of your friends gang up against you? To the point where some people are keeping me from seeing my other friends The "reasons" range from me having a non-extremely-liberal opinion about trans people (which I at one point defended) to just using me as a scape-goat for all of their misdirected anger and bullshit

Awkward coworker

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>coworker starts pity inviting me out because i never go out >hang out with him and other coworkers/friends >he suggests we hang out just the two of us because everyone else is annoying/nofunallowed/etc >do it just to shut him up >starts telling me about his relationshits and his sexual experiences >why.jpg >last outing >drives me home, and asks me to sit and talk with him in his car >half an hour later of awkward convo >decides to hold my hand while muttering about how long it's been since he's had sex, then asks me for a kiss >NOPE the fuck out of his car >send him a text later thanking him for taking me out but doing things like that is a bad idea >he apologizes and says he had a nice time He's been really weird since then, constantly reminding me of that night, asking what I'm doing and where I'm going after work and then complaining how I never call him. Today he confronted me about not calling him after work, saying that I'm bullshitting about being asleep and it hurts him when I don't call or text him. I kind of avoided him for the rest of the day because I didn't know how to respond to that, especially at work. Why is he acting like that? How should I deal with him without making things weird at work?

What do i do?

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>see doc the other day for anxiety attacks (other problems too but mainly this) >he tried to give me a pill that last time i took it i had to go stay in mental hostpital for 1 week with suicide attempts >i say i am uncomfortable with this pill because of this >he say the danger is only in my mind and i should take it anyway >demand he give me something else (not want to hurt myself like last time. this drug was bad for me and i am afraid) >ask him to give me some Xanax because i take it before and it helps me >he seems mad, says "no. xanax is dangerous. i will give you "buspar" (drug.) take it if you want. if you decide to, i guess i'll see you in a few weeks." >ask if it will help fix me SOON because i need help NOW not in a few weeks when the drug start working >"Fine, i will give you a few xanax but not much. i give you only 10. if you want my help you will take this buspar. come back if you decide to. goodbye" I don't want to see him any more. I think he is a bad Dr. (also he is only family doc, not psych) I made an appt. with a Psychiatrist but it is in SIX WEEKS :(
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What is your online dating username? I'm a 21-year-old male and I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of one, I guess I'm not that original because all my ideas have been already taken. What is yours, and how did you choose it? I was considering Sesquipedalian for mine, but I think people might think I'm a jackass.
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How do I solve this question? (pic related) My text book only provides information on 5 digits.
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>too afraid to talk to a girl >not by the act itself but for what it comes after >don't really know how to be a friend, with a girl specially >the window of time where it was appropriate to officially greet each other is long gone >have no idea how to approach her casually >she's so fucking attractive to the point of being intimidating >I'm a fucking pussy please kill me I feel like I fucked up by waiting too long to approach her, she moved in front of me almost a year ago. I'm not a talkative guy, I don't fucking know what to say. And she smiled at me a few times and it almost killed me for fuck sake.
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/adv/, how sad is it to go to a nightclub on your own? There's an event I really want to go to, and I want to go out this weekend but everyone I know is either uninterested or working.
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Hey /adv/, I need some help. I have known this girl for 2 years now and 3 weeks ago we made out at a party and since then I have been texting her and we even met up a few times (I wouldn't call them dates). She sometimes starts a conversation with me, but it is mostly me who gets the ball rolling, anyway sometimes she doesn't reply usually after a bit of talking she just stops, I usually don't text her until the next day then because I don't want to seem needy. Do you think she is interested or is she not replying a hint to back up? I am going to asking her out next week ( I am very busy this week and I have been the past 2.) Its will be my first time asking a girl out, is going to the movies okay? I already know her favorite restaurant so I was thinking of taking her there afterwards. Does that sound okay or is there some rule against first dates being movies?

Best response

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Been talking to a girl on OKCupid for a while and when I asked what she was up to she mentioned shopping for weight loss pills. I would say she was a little chubby but I'm into that, anyway how should I respond to that or should I ignore it Pic not related
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Hi /adv/ I basically never OP here, because I rarely seek guidance on the internet. I never posted here with this tripcode. But right now I need multiple points of view, and I think I've come to the right place. Prepare for a wall of text. I'm a 21 years old French boy. Failure at school and not great at life. In 2012, I had a 7 month relationship with a girl called B.. Lovely, chubby, does not really know how to behave around people. I'm not good with social tacit rules either, but damn she could get a special price at it. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong people and shit like that, but she has a great heart. I loved her. When I stopped loving her, I broke up with her. Then after several months she became my fuck buddy. She is in a relationship since monday. Two weeks ago I met D., one of B.'s best friends, during a night out (B. invited me). D. is a quiet, introvert, and really, really lovely girl. Two tattoos, pale skin, very dark hair (natural), thin, about 165cm (5 feet 5 inches), eyes of a wolf (between blue and grey), left nostril piercing. I tried to seduce her because damn she is intelligent and beautiful and nice and kind and all I could possibly want from another human being. We ended hugging in B.'s bed while the two others (B. and V., a 33yo pal of hers) were on the other side of the bed discussing about music. Needless to say, I was strongly attracted to D. Last saturday, I met the same group. V. sloppily organized an afternoon on the shore. I came there with them, them we had an equally sloppy McD's dinner, then back home to get drunk. T., a middle school friend, invited me (so us) to a party at his. D., was bored. Bored to death. So after half an hour there and a couple SMSs exchanged from across the living room, we were gone for a walk in the city at midnight. We ended up talking a lot. And hugging. Then cuddling. And finally kissing. We are texting each other everyday. She told me she had a dream... (cont'd)
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