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I love my boyfriend and he'd do anything for me & told me he loves me unconditionally but yesterday he told me that he realized he still loves his ex (they broke up 9 months ago but they talk all the time). Him talking to her so often never bothered me but now I don't know what to do.. if he hasn't gotten over his ex, being with him isn't fair on both of us if he's too emotionally immature. Help?
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Hey /adv/ I'm really rusty with flirting with girls and I need some tips. Has anyone got any good tips on flirting with girls like techniques, timing, little things, etc?
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Have you ever been in a relationship with a woman who's completely dry down there? How was it? I met this girl recently, she's 19. She wanted us to be a couple, but my problem is: She has absolutely no sexual impulse whatsoever. She never did anything sexual with another male. Never. She only had one boyfriend (two times, same guy) and kissed some other dudes, but never engaged in sexual activities. Apparently the guy didn't even get to second base. She shows no desire, no interest in changing that anytime soon. I think dating her would be like dating a child, holding hand, kissing, saying sweet stuff, that's it. Is there any point?
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difference between missing someone you broke up with and just feeling lonely, discuss
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I need medical advice. I had mild sunburn (not as bad as pic related) on my forearms. The burn itself has since healed, but in a small patch on my left forearm, it is still tender to the touch. Is this normal? How long should it last?
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>got into an argument with a female co-worker >it was over some menial "don't put this here" shit >She's 100% convinced it's my fault >I'm 100% convinced it's my fault >Later that same day I was really busy and she tried to say something to me about some work related thing and I shouted "FOR FUCKS SAKE I FUCKING KNOW" because I was rushing and she was like the 5th person to say it to me >I probably shouldn't have done that >haven't spoken in 2 days >She was basically my only friend at work >I might be leaving in a week >Don't want to leave off on a bad note when we had such a nice work relationship/ friendship for like a year >She's the type of person to never apologize >I still don't feel like it's my fault What do?
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19 and I have an interview for my first job at a supermarket. What do I say if they ask me why I want to work there? I just need a job. It's a supermarket. I can't say it's been my lifelong dream to work there. I'm not nervous or worried but I'd rather be prepared. Any other questions they may ask me?

Shady Job offers?

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The position of a representative in details: The work takes less than 1 hour per day (2-3 days a week). The process is the following: We sell an item at auction and receive the payment from the buyer to your Paypal account. Then we confirm the delivery of the item by tracking information and add the tracking to the Payment for confirmation. Once the money is available, you will be able to withdraw the money from your PayPal and wire it to us. We will give you the instructions with calculation how to wire the money to us and how much to wire. In the instructions you will see in details: your 5% commissions. paypal fees. transfer fees, and everything else necessary. We pay all expenses ourself, so you don't have to cover any of our expenses at all. You have a fixed salary - $1500 per month. 5% fee from each deal. The fee is paid at once you accept the payment. Activation process and start. Requirements (This information needs to be specified in the reply message): - Your full name: - Your home address: (P.O.Box is not acceptable) - Your phone number (to be reached by our operator) available any time during the day, preferable with no voice machine! - Your PayPal e-mail: (should be upgraded to VERIFIED PREMIER UNLIMITED). Important: You should have 'Premier Verified' PayPal account. And the most important is that it should be Unlimited. The best way to lift any possible limits - contact PayPal and ask them to lift all the limits (for sending and withdrawing) We wait for the required details from you, then we will give you the rules for your studying and confirmation. Then we will have a phone interview with you and you will start working immediately. How shady is this job offer? Will give full details as I get questions.
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Hi /adv/. I am a pretty awful person socially in general, and I'd really appreciate if some of you guys had tips to help me improve my conversations and general awkwardness. I guess my problem isn't that I'm scared to talk to people, I just get tongue-tied really easily. I feel like people have so much to talk about, whereas my only interesting trait is that I'm doing fairly well in my studies (not something really worth talking about anyway). I don't follow any sports, don't really have any noteworthy hobbies and tend to be a bit quiet in a group. I feel like I'm not an interesting or outstanding person in any way, and it's seriously screwing with making friends/meeting girls; in the last year or so the only people I've gotten to know have either approached me or are even less socially skilled than I am. I know I should stop being such a massive faggot, but every time I go to say hi to someone new, something in my brain stops working and I end up looking boring and somewhat stupid. What do /adv/?

Summer flings

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How does one start a summer fling? Does it just happen after calling a girl out or is it a proposal/contract thing like FwB? I am heading to a huge party in a couple weeks, with a good chunk of women that have flirted with and known on and off. I like the sex, partying, fun shit/events aspect of a summer fling but I don't want any mega emotional/family shit involved. I have some family issues, taking care of a parent recovering from a srs head injury, and just want to have fun on a weekday/weekends during the summer - without the emotional connection of a srs relationship. thanks pic unrelated; m/24/employed/fit
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I have a hairy fetish. Like a huge one. Femanons, how would you feel if your boyfriend tells you to stop shaving, at all? From the neck down of course.. I have a feeling this is going to put a girl off if i get a girlfriend
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Hello /adv/, my mom is normally a gentle person, but lately she has been drinking a lot, working around the house too much, yelling at my sister when she told her about my mom's drinking, calling herself a bad mother, and she hasn't been to her job in over a week. I have never seen her like this before so do you guys have any idea of what's wrong with her. She's 44, by the way is that has anything to do with it
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Taking the SAT tomorrow, I really need some tips, guys.
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How do I stop feeling like everyone is alien to me?
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>Masturbate without lube for years >Need the friction >New girlfriend gets so wet I can't come with her What should I do?

How can I make someone fail a drug test?

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What are some ways you could secretly make someone fail a drug test without them knowing? I live with the person and have access to all of their things, food, etc. They are being tested for alcohol as well.
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>be me >my girlfriend brakes up with me >she tells me she still loves me but we've grown too far apart >she says she'll talk to me again after a month of no contact >says if we talk again and things are good she would get back together but not to "wait for each 14other" what now
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I think I may need some sort of therapy for anger management. My angry emotions seem to be seepng into different parts of my life and it's freaking me out. I've tried meditation and listening to people like fucking Osho and all it does is leave me feeling inadequate which in itself makes me feel angrier about being angry. And driving. I swear, every day I have to drive to school or work I just get more and more fucking angry. I wish I could run over everyone. I can't even play sports with my friends anymore because I get angry and try to hit them with the ball or just flat out try to fucking fight them. I had always been emotional, aggressive, confrontational, stubborn and had violent urges, but I could generally stay in control. Nowadays anger just fills me up and I'm always two seconds away from snapping and yelling at someone. I think I may even be developing some sort of intestinal issues. The other day I took shit and it was just full of yellow bile. A normal, solid, dark shit but also like a liter of bile. Like someone shot gooey lemon Gatorade up my ass. What the fuck, /adv/?
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I finally gave up and shut down my okc and pof accounts. I'm so sick of this everyone needs a label shit. I got shot down by a woman for being a straight cis male. What the fuck does that even mean? Is there any woman out there that isn't going to slap a label on me? What do I do now? I'm rubbish at starting conversations in real life and I hate bars. Should I just starting getting drunk every night and hope for the best?
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So, I have a couple of questions /adv/ about sunbathing. How do you get into it and do it properly? Like,for example, let's say you're a white european with chestnut brown hair, light brown eyes and pale skin. Think of Anne Hathaway or Katie Holmes. How do you go from sparkling in the sun to a decent brown colour? And like, much time should one aim for the first time? an hour? two? Sunscreen, yay or nay? How often do you need to repeat this?
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