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I love my boyfriend and he'd do anything for me & told me he loves me unconditionally but yesterday he told me that he realized he still loves his ex (they broke up 9 months ago but they talk all the time). Him talking to her so often never bothered me but now I don't know what to do.. if he hasn't gotten over his ex, being with him isn't fair on both of us if he's too emotionally immature. Help?
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I'm in a bit of trouble. I've been talking to this girl from the Philippians online for roughly about 6/7 months and we are having great chemistry and it has gotten to the point where she starts calling me "baby" and other things girls say to guys when they show affection. She keeps saying things like "I wish you were here" and "Oh how much fun we would have if we were a couple" and although it is pleasing to hear these things, it also is making me have feelings towards her. I want to go see her but at the same time I don't know if it is worth it. She has been the only person that has been putting a smile on my face. I'm 19 and she is 20 and I figure if I save for a while I might be able to buy a ticket to go see her. My heart is saying "go see her" but my brain is telling me, "Don't go, it's way over your head." I don't know what to do... Any advice will help >pic related that's her

Could I get some help understanding what it is I'm looking for?

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So just about every day, I sense this greater purpose for myself, but don't feel like the time of this purpose is going to be anytime soon. I push through everyday with a bit of a droll mindset, knowing I'll go home after work to play games or listen to some music for a long period of time until I rest for tomorrow's repeat of today. Lately I've been having these dreams that sort of throw me in out of body experiences, only to realize that the person I thought was me is really someone else entirely, but that I feel like I'm connected to spiritually (if that makes sense: Me, but it isn't me...that sort of thing). I don't feel like I'm lost in life, but rather waiting for something to happen, and when I grow impatient or wonder if I could pull myself out of this slump on my own, a number of bad events happen, as if a chain reaction to my seeking something new. I've labeled myself as someone with a bit of a curse, and have even had others acknowledge this with the sheer bad luck I've had in my years. I've had lovers come and go (and with my own issue of not being able to let go easily, it's taken its toll on me) and friends do just the same. I've traveled an fair amount in my time alive and still felt very unsatisfied with how everything has turned out for myself. I just feel like there is more for me, and that I need help from someone more socially connected to the world and more in tune and in control of their thoughts and emotions to sort of guide me or present the things I need for a better understanding of who I am and where I should be. I dunno if any of this really makes sense to me, but I will state that I'm only 21, I work in a supply warehouse, and that I am a strong introvert with a poor ability of conveying what I'm thinking.
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>24 years old >don't drink or do drugs >quit fapping >no sexual/romantic prospects >few friends >work full-time in a McJob >train lifting or boxing every day I'm proud of my discipline at the moment but I'm starting to slowly freak out. It's like a creeping, insidious depression that is pervading my daily existence, like a panicky feeling of losing control I don't know what to do. I think I'm gonna start seeing a psychologist
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Have you ever had a group of people try to include you in their gatherings and be your friend, then completely mess it up because of your lack of social skills? Now they avoid me and I completely understand why, I shouldn't have friends and I'll very likely die alone in a house full of cute animals.
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Has anyone tried dating while in a foreign country? I've been living in Japan for close to a year now, and I just don't know how to date a Japanese girl. I'm learning the language, slowly, but until then it's just a big game of lost in translation. Also, all the girls I meet out in the nightlife are in their 30's. I am mid-twenties, and I can't find anyone younger than 31. Also, assume she can speak english and she's tolerant that I cannot speak Japanese. What would we even discuss? I feel the culture barrier is still fairly strong. Any advice? It's getting ronery.
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help me /adv/ so much shit... >be me 3 years ago >in relationship with awesome girl (9/10, smart, funny, similar interests, etc) >move to her city (she moved for college) and live with her >open own company >betterthanexpected.jpg >good money, on my own, own business, hot smart gf, life really going well. >gf lost her job >we start arguing >i cover bills etc, spend all savings, car breaks down but we have hers so ill worry about it later >august 2013 she leaves me >have to move back to home town with mom since i had nowhere to stay >try to repair relationship, things quickly go downhill >ex goes batshit on me, strait up hates me, starts dating new guy in 2 weeks >business dies since it was built in other city >due to details, no car, no money, no job. >stop eating and sleeping thanks to stress, black out one morning and break my knee >cant walk, much less work because of broken knee >gf continues to hate me and be strait up bitch, give up and end contact after 5 months. >mom was already low on cash due to reasons >mom diagnosed with cancer >i fracture my tailbone trying to work with gimp leg >cant work even more now. everythings piling up on me. the breakup alone was enough to put me in the shit, but the world has decided to throw plenty of shit my way ontop of it. im hurt, unable to walk, cant work, my mom has cancer and im the only one to be the care giver and bill payer, but i have no job, cant work, god... i just dont knwo what to do.
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Working from home has absolutely killed my productivity I am allowed to work from home 3 days a week, and like most people in the company it is killing my productivity. I barely work, nobody checks up on us (have been doing fuck all whilst at home for the best part of 3 years now) Im not the only one who it affects, because a quick glance online and I can see my Team Leader playing Xbox, and a few other team members watching Netflix. I work from home because it significantly reduces travel costs, and money spent on food / meals etc, but I feel its killing my productivity and ethos to work, yet last year I got a promotion and a raise. I feel conflicted because the majority of the company does fuck all, and we seem to be getting away with it. Any advice ?
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I'd like some help in dealing with something that arose yesterday >be in car with partner of 2 years >talking about something, he mentions an ex >says he thought she was the one/still has a part of him that still loves her >mentions how they would stay up late talking all the time and that it didn't really end, just sort of wierdly fell apart It's got me thinking now though. He still says there's a bit of him that's in love with her still. Even though it was years ago, it's starting to worry me in terms of what if he happens to come across her one day or they start talking again. I don't know if this is a potential problem to the relationship or not and I just wanted some advice from you guys in terms of if anyone's ever had a partner still be a little in love with an ex/ how that went or if this is something I should be worried about.
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I'm in deep shit /adv/. I've been a NEET for quite a few years, but do to circumstances out of control I can't continue that lifestyle (also even if I could I still want to stop being a NEET). I'm gonna try to start my job hunt tomorrow. Problem is I've got no personal references and the only work experience I've got was a month I worked as a telemarketer back in 2011. How do I get around this on job applications? That almost all ask for references/experience, but I've got almost none. It's a self-perpetuating issue that's probably one of the main causes keeping me a NEET. Also I failed (well, stopped attending) college so I can't even use that as an excuse. Also my social awkwardness/exceptional shyness doesn't help but I'll just force myself past that one.
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So my ears have been stretched at 1" for a couple years ago. Idk if I was bit by a bug (being allergic to most bug bites) or my ear got infected. Ive put the plug back in and have been soaking it in sea salt. Is there anything else I can do?
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>the day I admit I might feel something for a girl is the day I see her laughing with another man I have two options: Kill myself, wich I've been thinking about for a while now, or turn into a vegetable.
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Making this thread again as I fell asleep after only about 3 replies About 2 weeks ago, gf phones me up to tell me it isn't working basically, get dumped Wednesday, I get my results from college, and post an attention whorey status on facebook about how I managed to get a 1st Saturday, she sends me a message, after having literally no contact for 2 weeks, saying "I saw your status the other day, congrats on doing well in your degree, you deserve it with all the work you put it! :)" It may be worth noting that me focusing on my work and exams probably got her butthurt, as she was complaining about how I never texted her back quickly, and how I was quite often tired and didn't want to do much with her recently (due to spending ages in the lab/doing projects/studying for finals). This was only the last month or two, before then we were absolutely fine as I wasn't busy all the time. Do I even bother replying to her? I still miss her like crazy and I'm upset and angry, but I don't just want to tell her to fuck off. Why is she even doing this

''Don't Judge By Looks''

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Is he right and I'm 'slut shaming' or am I right and my he's a faggot? A few months ago, our school had a musical with this school. People were excited .. I was interested to meet other girls but wanted to choose carefully the girl to talk to. Im extremely introverted and insecure about my looks so appear as shy. Anyway I noticed that most of the girls weren't that attractive anyway. They were loud, wore fake tans, dressed 'promiscuously' and hang out with the 'bad guys' in our school. We have cliques in our school but they aren't black and white. (Set defined). The most attractive girls to me were those ones with natural beauty who never tried to look like they went clubbing every fucking day. Interestingly they were also the ones who were quiet, introverted, and politer. I shared this theory with my 'friend' He told me just to talk to any random girl. I really though kept on asking him if we could go talk to one of the ones I liked. I think if must have annoyed him enough and he called a random girl and basically embarrassed me in front of the whole cast. I was pretty mad after that. We got over it. He asked me though not to talk about the 'slutty' girls as they were his friends. I decided not to. He said he told them not to talk to me. Didn't understand the rationale behind that but… Then after making a joke he said he told all the girls I called 'slutty' what I thought of them. Which was a probably 40% of them. And since I was the only dark Indiani kid, I stood out. Now every time I see one of the girls outside school, they give me this disgusted look. One guy tried to get one of them to talk to me cause he knows I'm shy and she refused. She didn't say anything but I definitely know the reason. I didn't even go to the reunion cause it would just be goddamn awkward. Do I deserve this or was I right in my beliefs Will post pictures of the types of girls
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Okay fags, help a fellow gayfag out. I am 19, my boyfriend is 19, we have a good relationship. We make a good couple, we are total opposites, but he treats me right, he gives me love and patience that, being a temperamental personality, I have never found in anyone, and we simply get along. It's simple as that. I like him, he likes me, we laugh, we go out, we dont put much thought to it. We have had some issues as we discover eachothers flaws, but we work past them, and talk about it, and are honest with eachother. He is completely happy, what is wrong with me, 4Chan? I am in a relationship most people would be yearning for yet I have cold feet.
My boyfriend has had 2 serious... 5 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
My boyfriend has had 2 serious long term girlfriends before me. He is my first ever serious boyfriend. It makes me feel like he is just going through the motions with me and that I am not special to him. Is this feeling normal? How do I get over it?
>ITT: psychotherapy... 4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
>ITT: psychotherapy discussion. Are you seeing a psychotherapist for something, such as a mental illness or some kind of issue? Let's talk about it. >What do you want to work on in therapy in the near future? >What do you feel are major roadblocks to your recovery / treatment?
Hello /adv/I can't stop... 10 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hello /adv/ I can't stop eating my nails and the skin around it so my hands look fucking disgusting. How can I stop? It's like an habit for me now...


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i don't mean to brag and be pretentious this is purely to explain my situation i've been going to private school and i just graduated, up to 10th grade i've been a terrible student and a selfish arrogant little asshole. my parents were wealthy enough to buy me shit and i always got what i wanted. in 11th grade I was a very good kid, stopped being arrogant and selfish, i completley changed. my parents were very proud. and this last year i've been phenomenally good, people love me, my parents are incredibly proud and i'm going to a top 50 worldwide univrsity. I'm more intelligent, more selfless, more likable, more handsome and more of everything good.however my parents now only make enough money to pay for university. and all my friends and family are very rich. i'm not angry, just a bit annoyed, because i've done so much effort and i've achieved so much in such a small amount of time but i'm not being rewarded for it. sure my parents are proud, but i'm not getting anything. when i was a kid i got what i wanted even if i didn't deserve it. now my parents actually apologize to me and promise me things they will never be able to deliver. it doesn't bother me that they can't buy me anything, but i kind of want to live a bit, go party with my friends, take a girl out for dinner, travel and all that good stuff. i could go to my rich uncle for money, but that's dishonorable... my friends are always trying to pay for me and telling me it's ok, but i want to be a man and pay for myself... i dont know how to react or what to think or what to feel.... help me out
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I need some advice on passing a drug test for a job. What have you done to pass a per-employment drug test? Where was it for and what did you use? Fake pee, someones pee, & general discussion of stoners...
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