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30th June 2014
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I love my boyfriend and he'd do anything for me & told me he loves me unconditionally but yesterday he told me that he realized he still loves his ex (they broke up 9 months ago but they talk all the time). Him talking to her so often never bothered me but now I don't know what to do.. if he hasn't gotten over his ex, being with him isn't fair on both of us if he's too emotionally immature. Help?
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Hello /adv, I have actually never been on this board, but I've been pretty distraught all weekend.. I was supposed to go on a trip to Vegas with my gf and a friend and her cousin. Couldn't go. Ironically, that friend (who is a girl) is someone I've gone to high school with and she happened to graduate college with my now ex-gf. This is where is gets annoying, frustrating, and probably complicated: this "friend" of mine decides to tell my gf that her close friend and I had a thing, and that she gave me blowjobs, which mind you, was about 7 years ago, and she tells my gf that while they were at a club in Vegas Gf goes into furious rage, argues and says quite a bit of things, and hasn't talked to me since Friday. I told her this was way too long ago, and that her meeting friends I used to know was all coincidence, and that if I was going to continue changing to be a better man, that I shouldn't have to be reminded of my past. She tells me that bc I never told her about that, and we even hung out with that girl (whom I don't even say anything but hi when I see her) is where I screwed up. I don't feel like I'm wrong at all, esp since I don't want to live in the past if we were going to have a future. What should I do? Thoughts?
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So I started working a job for the summer and it has been a really fun environment. This job has made me feel more outgoing, as I've made a lot of friends there...but recently I feel like I've been getting mixed signals from a coworker. I don't have experience in relationships so I'm probably just over thinking everything. A couple of Fridays ago, 8 of us decided to go to eat after work. We all had some fun and then after eating we started talking about seeing a Movie the next Friday. So as the work week goes on, after asking around it sounded like the movie wasn't happening. But I was talking to a coworker who suggested that if others don't want to go if I would want to just go with her. So that's what we did. I picked her up, we grabbed some food, and went to the movie. A couple nights later she texted me about the movie and stuff asking what I thought of it all, like if I thought it was like a date. I wasn't sure what was going on in her head since she texted me this around 11 PM and it came out of nowhere. So I told her that it felt like it had been a date, but kept my answer a bit ambiguous incase she didn't feel like it was. Welp, she mentioned that her sisters kept trying to tell her it was a date but she had told them it wasn't too serious and was just 'friends going to see a movie'. So it seems like I'm getting friendzoned which sucks, but to be honest, I didn't expect much before the mention of seeing the movie together by her. That conversation was already pretty bad, but then today at work, we were eating lunch when she asked if I would want to chip in some money sometime so we could share some lunch. I personally don't eat lunch very often, and tend to just drink some soda, and she usually just eats some small snacks. So I really don't get if she's trying to use me for money, or what is going on anymore.
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Is working in the legal field the same as working in the criminology field? I'm almost finished my degree in Criminology and I want to take another 6 month Business administration course, but I'm not sure if I should take the one made for legal work or the normal one. Here are the two courses (strayan here btw) https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=11735&selType=coursesResults https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=11738&selType=coursesResults I'm not sure which one would be better considering I'm studying Criminology at uni. Can anyone help me out?
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So I am getting ready to head into a college and looking at all the paperwork and it is very stressful. I want to do something greater in my life, but college doesn't seem like a good thing to do right now. Help me out /adv/, what the fuck should I do? I am having stress headaches and short spurts of depressed feelings
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I want to break up this girl and her boyfriend so the girl and i can have sex again... whats the best way to do so? my only plans are to talk her out of the relationship or sadly to try to personal army her boyfriends facebook about false rumors

Talking to myself

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Hey, /adv/. Weird question. I talk to myself. Out loud sometimes. Like thinking out loud, sometimes having conversations with myself. How do I stop it? It's gotten to the point where I'm just subconsciously doing it, making faces and all as I carry out my imaginary conversation. People look at me and I feel like an autist. Does this happen to anyone else?
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hey /b/. I've been having woman troubles lately. in the sense that I have control and jealousy issues, and it drives my girlfriend up the wall. she almost left me tonight and I'll pleaded for one more chance. she agreed, but I'm on thin ice. my question is, do any of you have history with being control and jealousy issues? how did you handle it? how did you overcome? how can I fix this? I can't lose this girl. she's perfect.
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I've managed to get a girl that i used to work with 8 years ago to smoke weed with me (we hung out once 1 year ago but we were always just friends) I have no idea what to talk about or how to even get her to like me. i feel like im a bit in over my head cuz i messaged her with a BS ice breaker and strung off from there. tldr how do i date old friends?
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If an ex starts wearing jewelry that was a gift from you, is it because she is interested in you again?
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During sex, out of nowhere, my girlfriend pretty much stuck her tongue right up my ass. I didnt ask for it, we have never done it before, nor has it been something id ever considered doing. It made me kind of embarrassed, because well, I hadnt shaved my ass crack, and I dont think licking a hairy ass would be enjoyable for anybody. Anyway, girlfriend says she likes doing it, but im still not sure how I feel about her doing it to me. Right after, I tried to do it to her, but she said no, shes never had it done, and its something she probably wouldnt enjoy. Whats up with that, why would she just do it to me, no warning and not let me return the favour ?
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Anyone else here have tinnitus? Tips on dealing with it? It started a little over a year ago because of listening to loud music and I adjusted pretty well over time. At first it was in both ears, then it suddenly switched to mostly being my right year. I got really used to that, since it seemed like less noise, but now its back to my left ear. I tried using headphones sort of off my ears, just hanging behind them, but I guess that still took its toll after a while. Anyway, anyone else?

Financial Advice

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So currently, I am broke. I wish I could say that this is my first time spewing those words out. But im stuck. I live with a roomate, and my rent is 500, due in 2 weeks, but i do not have a job anymore as i threw a bitchfit and quit. i know thats one thing, but even when i have the job i cant save any money. seems like i just make it every month. I do smoke and drink, and waste a lot of money there, but i want to be able to make enough that i can do everything and still profit at the end of the month. A gradual rise in my saving. How can i use my money to make money? ive sold weed before but i dont want to get intouble with the law. Give me some cash tips, how do you earn it? and if anyone is feeling generous, a solid meal would be nice.. Paypal: CLUkacs95@gmail.com

Ask a Homemaker!

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Here we go again! Tips and advice on cleaning, cooking, laundry, pet care, gardening, homesteading and long term relationships.
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What does it mean when you date a girl for a month, she breaks it off, you guys start talking as friends, agree to hang out platonically and end up having sex one night? She said I was in the friendzone a few days before, too. I don't know if this means we're FWB or that she wants to see me again. Either way, the sex is great and I want to ride this for as long as possible.

Friend has moved in with me : a few issues

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So my friend has been kicked out of his house and I dont want him in the streets, I let him into mine but now I feel like a dick because I want to help him get his own place straight off. The problem is: >My house is small and already housing 4 people >I value my personal space and life >I don't want any conflicts to happen between him and the rest of us I told him that we should think long term and see if we can get his own place and that I dont want things to go on too long because it cant be good for both of us.
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>be me >be in second to last year of high school >just had maths exam >get results >33/63 not too bad i guess >not very good at maths but like it >find out from friend what class sets we be in next year >it's lowest class >class where exam only goes from F to C How do I tell my parents? They know maths isn't my best subject (I'm excellent at everything else, though, including science) but they explicitly said if you get in the lowest class your future is over. How can I stop it?
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>Going to get lunch with ex tomorrow >We ended on good terms >I still like her, not sure if she's interested in me >Reasons for breaking up: said I was clingy and because of her depression+anxiety >She's been going to therapy, slowly straightening out her disorders >I've given her so much space to the point where she's the one who asked me to get lunch with her How do I impress her or basically "plant" the idea that we should get back together without being forward about it? The tl;dr details of our breakup: I loved her a lot more than she loved me, IE I was clingy. This didn't mesh well with her depression and anxiety, which really hampered her ability to reciprocate those feelings and I came off as annoying because of that. She's been attending therapy but I've basically only talked to her once or twice in the past month and a half, so I'm not sure how it's going. She was the one to suggest lunch however. I would really love to get back together with her because when things were good, we were really happy together. I've moved on to the point of understanding what will be will be, though, and have started pursuing some other potential partners, so I'm not hung up completely on this. It would just be nice. The pic is also an accurate depiction of what I do to pretty much everyone, although I am an ENFP

wtf yo

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So I went on a church retreat a couple of weeks ago and I met my best friends sister. She's really cool from what I got from those 2 days and she seemed to kind of like me. We hung out alot, and she pretty much gave all of the sure fire signs that she's pretty fond of me. She's really pretty and her personality rocks. So, I mean. Of course I've thought about it. I've considered it aswell. Problem is, after the trip. She basically started ignoring me. I have no clue what happened she just up and stopped. I have to start conversations now and she replies with the amount of energy an annoyed person would respond with. So I basically gave up. I just want to know what you guys think happened. Another thing that might help. So I had a big crush on my best friend for a while prior to the trip and she made the decision to turn me down and go out with my best friend. I know how bad that sounds. I know that makes her sound like a total bitch. Well it does make her sound like a total bitch but she's not ok. Anyways, on the car ride back home from the retreat. I rode with my best friend and her sister. It was just the three of us and the driver. My best friend subtly brought up the decision she made and proceeded to apologize. I dont know what's gotten into her at that moment because she kept calling herself an asshole. Anyways the sister overheard us and apparently she didnt know about it. The sister then agreed that she was an asshole. But maybe her knowing affected her outlook on me idk. When we got back she seemed normal. It was immediately after the retreat when everyone went home when it happened. In any case, halp?

Need help with my friend who moved in

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I want to help my friend (who's staying at mine) move into his own place but I don't want to feel like a dick and put pressure on him. He just got here but I want him back on his feet asap. I find it hard to cope with other people especially in such a close space. I'm really finding it hard to tell him 'yo lets sort something out' because I tried to say 'lets think long term and get a plan going'. He said 'dude whats the deal I thought it was cool' so I think I came off all wrong. Help?
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