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What are some ways of making money online? I have about a month so no long term stuff, just quick money
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Now that Ex-hentai has been gutted, what is the best way to kill myself?
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I need just need to know. When writing a resume what would you suggest what your personality qualities are? Should I put any in the first place? " enthusiastic able bodied male seeking fulling work to buy food and escape crippling angst. Good conversation skill."... Can I get suggestions on what to write?

I have the psyche of a robot

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> be me > be 28 years old > socially isolated from 12-26 > go from being a typical Gentoo-compiling neet hermit at 26 to a swole, well-dressed, driven, and mildly sociable guy today > go from being a laughing stock of grills passing by to getting lots of lustful looks Here’s the problem: I no longer have the desire for a gf. Worse, I’ve become somewhat indifferent to even sex with qts (hurr hurr, OP is a fag). I used to be an embodiment of That Feel Guy a 2 years ago. Now, the thought of getting into a relationship seems dumb as hell. I think the root of the problem is that I see every social interaction as two or more actors doing a game-theoretic dance dictated by context, each trying to maximize their personal functions. At work, the dance involves withholding certain information from others, making your boss look good, etc. With a group of guys heading out for post-work drinks, it involves controlling the dynamic, being the centre of attention, etc. With grills at a party, it involves flirting, touching, etc. And that’s exactly why it all seems hollow. I feel like I’m just going through the motions to get something that others tell me is the be-all, end-all of a man’s existence. Personally, it’s about as appealing to me as pecan pie. It’s nice, but I wouldn’t jump through the hoops that other guys jump through just for a chance at a nibble. The same goes for dating. A guy and a girl who barely know each other go rock-climbing to build sexual tension, then converse over dinner (which the male pays for to signal to the female that he’s a good provider and worthy of siring her offspring), each party putting up a facade because wouldn’t it be awful to be exposed as a normal human being with fears and insecurities. It’s just so contrived and pointless. I’d rather spend my evening reading an academic paper on photonics. I’m either psychologically damaged or I’ve attained satori. My bet is on the former. Can someone shake me out of it?
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..............fuck am I going bald?.. I never seem to lose hair, and ever since I was young hairdressers have said my hair is extremely fine/thin.. I dont know if I am being paranoid....


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I am currently in a mens rehab facility for being an alcoholic. I have been sober 11 months now and have completed this 10 month program. During.my stay at this facility I have started a friendship with a wonderful female for the past 5 months. I have provided her with a phone so we could talk after I found out she thinks im cute. We have talked quite a bit over this time, and I have become quite attracted to her. I have told her how I felt in love notes, but not really in person. She thinks im handsome and likes me and my style. She calls quite a bit. I feel almost like I love her, I have never felt this way about anyone. She seems so perfect for me and makes me so happy and joy filled. A few days ago I sent her a really long text , actually 4 seperate ones...explaining that know that I have completed the program I can move on, but I will stay around for her if there is a chance of us starting a real relationship. >you have to understand this is not a normal situation.IE I can take her on dates and we can hangout.we cant contact is forbidden. So I told her I would like to discuss us, and the future in a text because I didnt want to put her on the spot and make her make a rash decision.I wanted her to think about it. She did not answer any.of my text or phone calls the next day. She did call today and say she skimmed through them . (12) total. She said she didnt call the other night because she was on the phone with her brother. He is going to bootcamp and wants her to move back to WA state to watch his kids and wife.... from SC were we are. We had talked about maybe moving in together when she completes the program. I fiqured I could save up by than. >so she maybe is moving at the end of the week back to Washington. I mentioned moving with her she said "that would be a big step"...I dont want to lose her. I have a feeling we are going to discuss this tommorow. CONT.
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I have this really weird smell thing going on. I can randomly bring up a smell and remember a variety of things. It makes me sad because my past makes me sad. It happens so often and sometimes I'll describe smells as colors and idk smell is just such a strong sense for me. Is there anyway I can make it go away? I don't want to think of my past anymore and be horrifically saddened by it
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/adv/ I have girl problems. I need you to help me with understanding the psyche of a hot girl that I met online. >We met on Instagram, we really hit it off and start texting. >she says things like "omg that is my new favorite thing ever," calls me "bae," and "we were made for each other." >finally arrange to meet >spend the day together laughing, talking about feminism, criticizing jeff koons, etc. >meanwhile she is saying things like "you say everything that I'm thinking," "I need to introduce you to my friends," "you're the yin to my yang," etc. >we arrange for a second meetup tomorrow to meet her friends and stuff >She hasnt responded to any of my texts since we hung out, but posted a video of me on instagram a few days later, and liked a photo I posted. WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME? WHY WON'T SHE TALK TO ME EVEN THOUGH SHE IS SAYING ALL OF THESE REAFFIRMING THINGS? IS SHE JUST BEING FAKE? thanks in /adv/ance.
>car has catalytic... 25 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
>car has catalytic converter >unable to buy those cooking things for carbon monoxide >even if I could buy aforementioned, there's no way for me to cook them in a small room like the bathroom or my bedroom >guns not readily available, illegal >nobody will help me >just spent two hours trying to get the mains to shock me to no avail, electricians report surviving this many times anyway Need quick, easy, painless suicide. Help.

Weight Loss

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Hey /adv/ I've been losing weight really easily for the past month. I've lost about 10 lbs. so far, and it really has not been challenging at all. Here's what I've been doing 1. Eating whatever the hell I want, including sugar and whatever else. Absolutely no dietary scheme or rules that I would just abandon in a week anyway. 2. No intense exercise, because it just makes me want to eat more. And again, I would just quit in a week, so fuck it. You don't need exercise to lose weight. 3. Eating small portions of everything. Never getting the "I'm full," feeling. 4. Choosing low calorie and easy to prepare snacks (green tea, coffee, vegetables, tuna, etc.) and drinking lots of water. These are things that I can treat myself to frequently so that I'm not consuming bad shit all the time. 5. Going to bed moderately hungry every night, which is my body telling me that I'm going to bed at a calorie deficit. That last one is the key. If you are going to bed hungry, most likely you're doing everything else right. You can literally modify or change altogether the above plan as long as you're going to bed at a calorie deficit. What do you think? I hope this advice was helpful for someone.


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Ok guize I have to bring this to your attention because it is really difficult for me to decide picture related (5) I don't know which one you guize recommend so I want to know your opinion.
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I'm afraid of my vagina. I haven't penetrated it in the 20 years of my existence. I have panic attacks when I think about it too much. I had a panic attack in biology class in high-school when we talked about hymens. It all seems so scary to me. Having my hymen torn, the pain of penetration and sex, not to mention the plethora of other terrible things that can go wrong I keep learning. UTIs, yeast infections, HPV, accidentally sticking something in your urethra instead of the vagoo, hitting your cervix, awful pap smears, not to mention cripplingly painful cramps when you period. jesus christ is there anything that can go right with vaginas other than feeling good when you rub it? And even then I hear only some women can even orgasm from sex. What's the damn point of it all? And childbirth.. I'm a virgin and I have awful nightmares and actual real fears of becoming pregnant even if a man looks at me. Problem is, now I have a BF and he expects me to do sexy stuff. I've been holding out for 5 months and I really want to make him happy, but the thought of putting anything inside me makes me fucking cry every time. Help me, /r9k/ I need some serious help and some advice on how to not fuck myself up when I finally do the do.
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I really think i'm fucked guys, So I was hanging out with a friend from work today we have each other for about 2 weeks .She seemed rather nice not really that good looking but really nice and sweet. Anyway she came over we watched a Walking Dead marathon because that's why we started talking. And one drink led to another and just out of no ware she sit on top of me and started to make out with me. I just pulled back and pushed her away and just said chill out. then she got worked up saying sorry non stop then she just told me she had to go. next day I get a text from her saying she went to her church and told her pastier about me and her family and now she tryin to make me going to church and shit with her. For gods sake tell me what I should do!!!
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I'm an aspie NEET who wants to get it together and leave the nest, but knows almost nothing about college. I've been out of school since '07 and have done jack shit with my life. I'd like some advice pertaining to higher learning- What would be some material to study over before I tackle college? I'm considering taking core curriculum classes. Anyone have some good websites & infographs that explain basic college facts and info for the absolute retarded? What are some good certs to aim for? I have almost no idea what I'd like to major in, so I'm going the cert route until then. I'd like to go for that before I take on any two to four year classes. Is distance Learning worth it? I have no car and am dependent on others to get places. Is living on campus worth it? I'm at a point where I want to leave home and get the hell away from family, but have almost no real independent living skills and thinking of the potential neck-high debt kinds scares me. I'm looking at UT Arlington & Tarrant Community College if it helps.
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How do I end the fucked up cycle of violence, anger and need for dominance/submission that in my head? I keep trying to fuck women who remind me of my mother. She was perpetually drunk and extremely emotionally erratic. She was the sort of person who would out of no where start screaming at me over some minor thing, and would only stop when I was completely humiliated and submitted. Immediately after, she'd shower me with obsessive love and affection. Throughout my childhood I literally thought I was in a romantic relationship with my mom - I even tried to french kiss her when I was 7 because I saw it on TV. She encouraged it - she told me she wished my dad would die so she could marry me. She brainwashed me hate my dad and humiliate him every chance I got. When I hit puberty all I wanted to do was fuck her. She'd get in bed with me to wake me up - she'd give my barely clothed body long, sensuous massages while I was fucking rock hard. By the end of my teens this got so ugly that I had had numerous emotional breakdowns as a result of this and had come very close to some horrifying violent actions (no details). Ugh fuck I still get hard every time she yells at me. So now whenever a girl insults me I get hard. It doesn't matter whether it's done with affection or whether it's done in anger - it all triggers my fucked up mommy issues and it gets me off like nothing else. But at the same time I still feel humiliated and fucking submissive. I've been so fucking violent over the course of my life - tons of fist fights and whatnot; these feels seriously make me want to go out and get into a bar fight just so I can get off on some violence. So yeah I just briefly dated a girl who reminded me of my mother and these whole issues were blowing up. How the fuck do I get past this shit?
hi /b/, im fixing to graduate... 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
hi /b/, im fixing to graduate college and i need advice on what type of job i should take up. majored in programming and im am pretty experienced in computer hardware and a LITTLE bit of security. what shall i do? what would be easiest to get into that makes decent money a year? im single, but i might plan to get an apartment soon with gf, unless she gets one because she is rich as fuck.
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You must never do this

How do I publish this book?

How do I publish this book? 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I've seen books with the official Star Wars title and Lucas Arts logo that are written by different people. Do those people work for Lucas Arts, or do they sell their book Idea to the company and get royalties? Or what? I have Ideas for novels I wish to write that have Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, Iron-Man and Deadpool. How to I do this without getting sued up the butt? Do I have to buy copy rights, or do i give my hard copies to Marvel? Will I get royalties? How will I get payed? Do I just give the hard copy to a publisher and they do all the work for me, or do I do everything by my self? I am really determined to get my works published, but as I mentioned, i don't want to get sued by Marvel. What do I do?
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I don't give a shit about anything. >Drop out >neet for 4 years >no job >no friends Until last year I was letting myself die, just waiting for it. Then a girl came around out of the fucking nowhere, and almost made me reconsider my position. But it's not going to happen, there's too fucked up shit, I realized I wouldn't be able to be in a relationship because I'm too focused on myself, I'd rather be alone. I wanna go far from this girl, travel for a while with the money I have left and then kill myself. Butmost likely go back being a recluse waiting to die.
Should I sell an old game... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Should I sell an old game through amazon or eBay? I'm wondering because i want this game to be sold quickly at a higher value.
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