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What are some ways of making money online? I have about a month so no long term stuff, just quick money
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How to forcefully become the person I imagine my self to be? Like not be scared to ask questions and do things without fear, so I can enjoy the things in life?

Help me out here - masturbation

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So I've been livong with my boyfriend for a year - I usually go to sleep around 11pm and shortly after my boyfriend locks himself in his office to "work". He usually doesn't get to bed till 3-5am. This has been going on solid every night for the last 6 months. Our sex life sucks because of it - when I've brought it up he turns it around and blames me for our sex life. Facts: -I know he's paying webcam girls -He says he has to every night or he gets anxiety. -He never initiates sex and if we do have sex he's not interested - I'm at least a solid 9 (fit, good looking, and 7 years younger than him) I've never lived with a guy, but I'm starting to think this isn't normal because it's affecting our relationship. Could I get some input on this? Am I really at 100% fault here?

The Claw Machine

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>be me >be 15 >be in Marching band >have girl like me >be around 115lbs >she's around 220 >she really likes me >I never really thought of her >taking three day trip >on the bus >she sits with me >merp >she starts to talk to me >we talk for like 3 hours >how long is this ride? >i take a nap >she gets upset because she didnt get to keep hitting on me >she gets fucking crazy >she reaches into my super skinnys >she touches me >be me still sleeping >have her hand be like a falcon talon >think of the motion like a claw machine she claw machined my dick >be me >wake up freaked the fuck out >look at her >she kisses me >get off bus ten minutes later >say nothing >dick is bleeding >she follows me for the next three days Beware... The Claw pic related
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Should I give up on this friendship? I've been talking to this guy for about a year now. I don't really think that he gives a shit about me, and just talks to me when he's bored and nobody else cooler is available. Whenever I'm the one who starts the conversation, He barely even tries to talk to me. I get five words out of him at the most. A friend of his told me that the guy likes me, but I'm not so sure. He could clearly care less about doing anything with me. He'll play video games with all of his other friends, but he never asks me to do anything with him. I'M always the one who asks. A few days ago, he was having some issues with his family, and. I tried my damnedest to be there for him, and I give him the most comforting words I possibly can before I go to bed. He said "it's probably fine". I couldn't believe that he just shrugged me off like that, like what I said didn't even mean anything to him. It's probably fine. Damn, that hurt. What should I make of it? At this point, I'm so fed up with being treated like a tool that I don't even know if I should even bother.

i need some help

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Alright so I've liked this girl for 8-9 years now and I genuinely feel that I am in love with her. The problem is that i want her really badly yet she wants this other guy who i'm pretty sure is gay and flat out told her that he doesn't her. Facts: > we've known each other since 5th grade and are best friends currently. > I am almost positive that she knows that i have feelings for her. > I've been doing the nice guy routine the whole time ( that's just the way that I am so it's genuine not a act) > She constantly tells me that she is over him but she always does the signs of flirting with him (and i mean by the book and it's unmistakable) > I don't actively seek out other girls; friends, FWB's etc. > She is very emotionally fragile. All of my friends that are girls tell me that i should ignore her for a while and and try to make her realize that I am a great person and miss me and what not. that's a problem because we talk almost everyday and if i did that it would probably damage her a lot if i just left her and being the nice guy i am, my subconscious won't let me live with that. so what do?
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I spend about 16-19 hours a day lurking on /pol/ How do I stop this? I feel like /pol/ is changing my life. Before /pol/ I would view myself as a pretty peace loving person and I felt that everyone was equal. But, now. Everytime I see a black guy, first thing that come to my mind is "nigger!", see a jew at walmart, first thing that comes to mind, "gas him!" and I really do feel that Hitler didn't anything wrong. Picture very much related

Is my assessment correct?

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hey /adv/ I have a problem with a chick let me just give some background first >Be me >really like girl lets call her derpette >hook up with derpette at party >next morning while we're spooning and we're talking she tells me that she's kinda seeing someone (as in its a hook up / booty call but not serious) and she's not sure where it's going >think okay i like this chick and if it's not serious i don't see why i can make a play i don't know this clown anyway lets call him derp >2 weeks go by i call text asking if she wants to get together and do shit at least once every 2 days >I'm always the one initiating it >always something stopping it though whether it's work or old plans with friends etc. >think okay.jpg >call derpette to set something up hey what do you know she's free, I've got work tho >how about after work then? >she tells me maybe i don't see why not >spend rest of the day trying to think of anything that we can do at night >decide that there isn't much and another time would be best >call her up and tell her that >"yeah anon that's true besides I've got derp over anyway" >I say "yeah that's fine maybe do something later" >hang up go get something to eat then remember where i heard the name derp and what it meant he was already there at her place before i called and before she could have known if i had anything good planned. i realize that the plans were tentative but having the other guy around when we had those plans hurts my feelings, makes me feel like a fool and an asshole so in spite of still keeping her as a friend I've decided to stop pursuing her romantically >basically what i want to know is Are my hurt feelings justified? or am i just being an overly sensitive little bitch? am i right to cease my romantic pursuit this chick? pic unrelated
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Help /adv/. I've had a pain in the left part of my throat for about two days now, and so I had a look down my through with a torch, and noticed some white stuff on it. Upon trying to wipe it off, one of these just popped out of a hole, even though I used barely any force. I kept pushing and they kept coming out. My question is, what the fuck are they, and is it bad? Please help me.
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Hey /adv/, give me some quick tips before I go to bed please. So my gf and I have been dating for over 2 years now and we're extremely honest with each other, we tell each other absolutely everything and believe everything the other says. So recently we were talking about sex/sexuality and my gf mentions she's confused with her sexuality. Neither if us have had sex before and she says she's not ready. I entirely respect and am willing to wait but this sexuality thing scares me a little. (We don't live together by the way). I've also felt under appreciated in our relationship too, recently and we mostly text but sometimes call each other. And recently instead of saying "brb" or "gimme a sec" or whatever she says she hasn't been saying. She's just been leaving or conversations for hours at a time (we usually talk a lot) and I know it's because she has things to do but just a "brb" would be nice. I also do little things for her like visit when she's sick/come over frequently and she barely visits me. Tonight I asked her to send me a link to a thing she had and she said "can't you just look it up yourself" or something and it made me just stop and think. So seeing as we're so honest toward each other should I just come out and talk to her about feeling unappreciated/scared? Am I just being a whiny bitch and it's just a thing that'll pass? Would like some quick help, thanks /adv/.
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Guys, are psychiatrists actually helpful? I worry that it's a field that's not well understood, and the cures they provide are the modern day analogs of bloodletting and trepanning. Or worse yet, that the diseases they claim to cure have been invented to create a need for a saleable product. In other words, I'm fucking terrified of these people. Secondly, how do you know if a trip to them is in order, or if you're just a piece of shit that's looking for an easy excuse to your problems? I worry they'll be overly eager to diagnose me, either because they want my money or because they enjoy finding something wrong with people.

sex general

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How do I (guy) become better at vaginal sex? I can last long enough, I can eat her out well, but I always feel like I'm kind of boring when it comes to positions etc. Mostly I do just missionary, (reverse) cowgirl, doggy and some other things but other than that there's little variation. Can anyone give me some tips or good positions?

I'm 21 years old and what is this?

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Am I drifting into a burnout or something here? I'm 21 years old. I found myself a full-time job just after my 1 year conscription. Which was a god damn miracle given the economical depression of Finland. The wage is great, my co-workers are all great guys and even my bosses are 10/10, the job is everything that I wanted, in a way. I get to schedule my meetings and plan my days as I want, my bosses don't intervene if I make money for the company and I'm pretty much completely independent, even tho it's somewhat stressful and if you fuck up, all the blames on you. I really liked my job, I was motivated and the power player of our team for the past 3 months (and yes, that's only 3 months, I heard that getting a burnout would take really really long), but now I have suddenly lost all interest in the job. Today I just lay in bed, couldn't give two fucks about getting up and doing work. I feel like my job has no purpose and that my job isn't respectable, and that I shouldn't be allowed to feel any pride in my job and that there was no future to my career. Even if I was the power player all the time and an important part of our team. Now I don't care about anything anymore, I feel like doing nothing, I'm exhausted all the time and even getting up from my bed has become problematic. My friends tell me that I'm stressed all the time and tense/angry. These days I tend to get angry and frustrated waay too quickly. My job isn't the only thing in my life, I do have friends and hobbies, I go to the gym 4 times a week and cycling 4-5 times a week. All of my days are filled with all kinds of activity. So what the hell is this? Is it burnout or some different kind of depression or something like that?
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Hello there /adv/ TL;DR Longtime girlfriend wants a "break" after she cheated. I don't want to just let her go and make her think our relationship isn't important, but I also don't want to cling desperately to something dead and let her see how pathetic I really am. If we take this break, I'm terrified it will end up permanent. Details below: >Been with the same girl ~4 years, since high school >Fukken sweet relationship filled with good times and athletic sex >Similar interests in sports, TV, music, hobbies >All in love and that gay shit >Full intentions to wife this bitch >~6 months ago visits her sister >Says one of her brother-in-law's friends, Chris, expressed interest in her and felt her up on a dance floor >Confesses, says she was just drunk and didn't know how to stop him without ruining everyone's weekend >Trying to stay rational. I'm pissed but this relationship is important to me, and I'm not going to throw it away for a mistake like that >Life goes on. Forgive and forget. Things go back to awesome. >~1 month ago I'm out of town, visiting my parents >Text one morning "Anon, something happened. We need to talk when you get back." (Cont.)
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So ok I've flirted with a guy (guy1) on internet and we expect to see each other this summer because actually he works away. but there is nothing serious between us yet and we've only met just one time for a date but I've dated another guy (guy2) these last weeks and we had sex but our relationship is not serious, he's not my boyfriend however I've made a mistake I've sent a message on the phone on guy1 but it was in fact for guy2 (asking him to see him for Bastille day) Now guy1 seems jealous and doesn't want to talk to me I've said that guy2 was not my boyfriend but guy1 seems stil angry at me I don't what to do or what to say. It makes me sad because I really like guy1 Help
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I feel like I'm on my way to becoming a broken man, if I'm not already there. I'll give you a quick rundown of my life. It seems like all circumstances have led me to this point of doubting everything that I think has made me who I am. Born and raised in middle-class suburban America, wasn't spoiled but wasn't needy. I was always satisfied with what I got as I watched my two older sisters grow as well and learned from their mistakes as well as my own. I didn't have many friends as I went into high school but I stick with just "being myself" and it worked out in the long run. I had an amazing group of friends by the end of my senior year and I remember thinking about how grateful I am for them. Throughout high school, I was also fixated on the same girl for years and never made a first move until I took her to senior prom, which is the last time I talked to her. She absolutely would have gone out with me earlier but I was too scared to ever do anything about it. Start college. Things are going great. I move into a quad with three other guys. I went to a medium-sized state school where everyone was from pretty close by. Everyone who I met already had their own group of friends from back home that all ended up going to the same school, so it was naturally difficult. I did my best to overcome it, but I ended freshman year with pretty much no friends that I would be able to call a true friend. I partied freshman year but still never got anywhere with a girl. Immediately after freshman year of college, a traumatic event occurred in my life and sent me into a spiraling state of depression and anxiety. I was forced to reconsider everything about my life. I lost my friends, I lost the trust of my family, I lost my job, and I lost my intended career track. Everything shifted negatively in a matter of days. So I went back to school that fall, and devoted myself to work. I had changed my major and had adopted the attitude that... (cont)
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I'm hung up on someone who isn't ready to let herself be with me. She has been in a relationship for a few years (with someone I'm vaguely friends with), and over that time there have been a few bad incidents, such as her experiencing a family tragedy and being taken advantage of by a predatory cunt while she was vulnerable and grieving, who she found herself falling for until he sexually exploited her and even physically injured her (two different occasions, it wasn't quite how it sounds). Because of that, she now feels enormous guilt for cheating as well as insecurity for almost falling in love with someone who turned out to be a terrible bastard and she feels a responsibility to stay with her boyfriend who doesn't love her, and who even left her once (before she knew me) but went crawling back. So now she's in this loveless relationship with someone who is eager to find someone new and ditch her at the first chance, yet she won't end it herself because guilt is causing her to delude herself into thinking the relationship is right. She started drifting towards me some time ago, because she's much more intellectually and emotionally compatible with me. We became very close and have come to know each other better then they do, and she has even admitted that she knows he wants someone else, and that she knows she's just staying with him because she's afraid. Cont...

getting of the grid

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hey 4chan, so this is what i want to do.i want to disappear of my parents grid. because they make me go crazy. im 19 year old guy. i dont have a drivers license or work and i finished school. im going to give an idea of how my parents are. basically my parents are lazy as it can get. think that i have to do all the household chores. i want to help in the household but they are commanding me to all of it. in a not nice way. the only thing my parents do is. play angrybirds or bubblewitch saga on the computer when they are not at work. lay in their beds until far in the afternoon and smoke sigarets. they also let our house go to waste our bathroom is super filthy. the porch is broken it rains through. they only mow the grass in our garden once a year. we dont even have warm water in our house! if my parents want to wash themselves they heat water on a hot plate. i always wash myself in cold water. we are not poor. my parents could afford those things.but they are to greedy. a couple monthes ago they spend hundreds of euros on a automatic coffee machine wich grinds fresh coffee beans. instead of buying us gas for warm water. you know its summer now so i dont really mind cold water but in winter times its really fucking cold no warm water means no heating for the house too sure we have a small stove but that heat is only good for the living room. we also have some cats and they give them more love than they ever gave me in my life. and if i need something from them they make stupid excuses to not help me. a couple of days ago one of the cats brought a dead bird in the house and layed it in the living room. they threw it away when it start to rot after a couple days. they did not even bother to tell me about it the brid laying there on the living floor.
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so how come in my relationship, i go days of being madly in love with my girlfriend, holding to her every will, only to go days of almost hating the girl and being plagued by thoughts of other women? is this what being in a relationship is like for a lot of people? is this a bad thing? or am i just getting over my head about fucking the same pussy? picture unrelated
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Ok adv so this is my neighbour and i know her since i was 5. And wanted to fuck her since i was 11. How to do, what to do?
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