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What are some ways of making money online? I have about a month so no long term stuff, just quick money
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I've been on two dates with a girl and I was thinking of getting her some flowers the next time we meet. What kinds of flower should I consider?
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If a girl says she had a sex dream about you then she's obviously into you right?
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my boyfriend went somewhere he knew I did not want him to go without me. how do I let him know I'm mad without being too mean?

He doesn't know my real age

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>be asian female hanging out with new white guy in same apartment complex during power outage >somehow end up having sex >doing this almost daily for 4 months now >still thinks I'm 12 from some joking I did when we met that he took seriously (I'm almost 19) If I tell him that I'm actually 19 is there a chance that he will break up with me? Should I tell him or should I just keep it a secret? I've kinda been playing up the lil'girl thing for his approval when I realized he liked that about me so I know I'm mostly to blame, but he's a little distant in some ways because he thinks I'm so young that I can't relate when he's really only just 3 years older than me. To the guys here, would you be upset if you found out your gf was lying about her age? Would it be grounds for breakup or is it something that can be worked out?
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Hi, I am going to study at UvA in Amsterdam next year, do you guys know any good fraternities to join? I was thinking A.S.C/A.V.S.V. Thanks

I want a long distance relationship...

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>be me college student/mcworker >november 2013 >meet girl online >get her number >ohshit.jpg >this is the first time i have ever been happy >fast forward to today >i feel like I am in love >i still havn't seen a picture of her >we talk on the phone almost every night Is this going to end badly for me? I really like this girl. She is 18, and I am 19. She is deathly afraid of relationships. I once told her my feelings a month or so ago and she said that we can never be in a relationship. She has no friends of her own. Is there anyway that I can move this to a relationship? I really like her, and I really want to be her boyfriend. How can I get a photo of her or convince her that relationships are not as scary as she thinks they are? pic related, it's me... not that it matters
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Hey /adv/. I've been with this girl for 7 years now, since we were both 12, now 19 - met at the statrt of secondary school, relationship was strong through secondary school and even college/sixth form when we went to separate schools, then to separate unis. Had shit happen but we've always been happy together, Like the same sort of things, got on, that sort of thing. The relationship became open a couple of years back and we started having FwBs but that was never an issue. But for the past 8 months she's been having medication and treatment for what seems to be a lot of mental issues. It's had a big effect on her and frankly she's a mess - self-harm, overdose attempts, all that sort of thing. I used to drop uni classes to travel and see her when that first started happening but now it's become something I'm somewhat desensitized to. I've felt like shit the past few months because of her state and she realizes and therefore feels even worse herself, which I fear has turned this into a catch 22. I love her, but overall the past few months have put me into a state where the only thing I think I could do is leave her, taking the pain and pressure of the relationship off of both of us. The problem is while the relationship is being strained because of her condition and both of us feeling it, I want to make it work because well, it's clear we still care for each other if I haven't left already (Well, when she's stated she'd rather die than leave me.) I don't know, /adv/. TL;DR, I want to make it work and last, but it's all painful right now and I can't help but shake the best thing to do is let go.
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Alright /adv/. Last night I got myself my first blowjob, everything was going great, we had been kissing prior to the blowjob and I was hard as fuck, but when she started blowing me I couldn't cum. I literally couldn't cum, she used her hands for like 10 minutes and I just didn't cum. I stayed hard. Help.
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I started an office administration job a week ago. The job itself is alright, apart from my boss. She's VERY strict, comparable to an old fashioned teacher. Doesn't ever smile or interact with people in a friendly manner. She's only 21. I'm older than her by a month and she treats me like a child (usually calls me "boy"). She mentions her sons in almost every conversation (who she had when she was 15 and 16) which have nothing to do with the job at all. She wears nothing but sleeveless turtlenecks and smart trousers even though the dress code is casual. Her work attitude contradicts her social life since her facebook makes her out to be a duck-faced nightclub party girl, and seems to have a different boyfriend every month. I mean fair enough, she does her job, but is there any way to befriend her or at least get to properly know her on a social level? I tried once, and she blanked me.
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I browse /r9k/ too much for my own good and it's fucked up my views of girlfriends. I can't have a girlfriend who's dated boys before because I have invasive thoughts about her being fucked by them, and I get insecure about my own sexual abilities compared to theirs. I can't have a virgin girlfriend because she won't know what she's doing, I'll have to teach her everything, and sex won't be enjoyable. What the hell do I do? Should I talk about this with my therapist or will there even be anything he can do?
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My life is a mess and I have a serious behavior/emotional disorder +adhd, they aren't sure exactly what but think it's bipolar which landed me in the ER. I am so tired of it. I'm not on the right concoction of meds yet and still have huge anger issues where I want to hurt people badly. Does it get better? I'm a nervous wreck recently because of meds. I'm trying hard at uni but my mind is so disjointed and foggy sometimes and my work varies from A grade to D and I put in the same effort... I know I can do better but it's hard and I'm just upset. My friends are supportive but they have their own issues and I need to find more positive people to be around but I don't know where to find them. I'm currently seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist but I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. I guess some encouragement would help I don't know my head is so foggy
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so i've been a long time depressive / dysthymic person. i want to change my way of thinking towards a more positive way. i want to enjoy life again and have fun. my psychologist mentioned cognitive behavioral therapy, but didn't elaborate so far. he told me that i should read up on it a bit on the internet. that i did and find it very compelling. you could almost say i'm enthusiastic about it. i already started a bit with analyzing my negative though processes and the errors in them. i was surprised how much it could help. also, someone on here told me to start showering cold every day, for at least 30 days. and that too feels amazing (once you're out of the shower). one important goal for me is to revive my social life. i do have a couple of amazing friends, but i want to expand on my aqcuaintances and meet people when going out. so, do any of you people have any experience with either of those two, or just general advice for my goals?
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So in a couple weeks I start full-time university. Havn't studied for 6 years and I'm fairly nervous. Wasn't a retard in highschool, marks in the 80s. What do I need to know? Your study techniques? Etc. Gimme advice for once!
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Ok so heres the story. I recently met this girl who is 16 and has gotten knocked up by her 16 yr old bf. The problem i really care about helping this girl out but she is so set that she is gunna marry this guy and that they are gunna have a happy family. Long story short he has anger issues and has threatened to hit her, a job he barely works part time at and not to mention he mooches off the mom who lets him stay there. How tf do i snap this girl out of it. She really likes me but thinks staying with this guy is a good idea.
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I fingered my asshole today and it didn't really feel like anything the sensation of pulling out was kind of nice but not in a sexual way but more of a cleaning your ears way not sure what kind of advice I'm expecting on this

getting a girlfriend

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please help /adv i need tips on getting a girlfriend anything help thank you.
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Hey /adv/, I'm wanting to get back into the dating scene after several mediocre "attempts" of asking girls out. I want to figure out what I did wrong in my last relationship and prevent those problems... >previous relationship lasted a year >was rather tame and boring >she was really passive in the relationship.... >we pretty much got together out of a mutual need for eachother's attention (that's the best way to describe it) >we never got intimate... for whatever reason she was really opposed to physical contact (never explained) >we often found ourselves doing nothing.. I would just come over to her house and wed sit on the couch and watch tv... >i always tried to please her. I didnt let her walk all over me or anything but I made it my goal to keep her happy... >we broke up out of lack of interest in each other.. I thought I liked her. It seemed like she didn't really desire me. pls halp tnx
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I am very angry now /adv/ I applied for this internship at a non profit company as a Graphic Designer they gave me the position but later said they wanted web design done which I have not done yet. I tried my best but could not self teach myself in time. Instead the owner moved me to on of their other companies as an artist intern. I thought it was pretty cool. They said they were putting me up as their staff listed as an intern and got me to fill out a bio. Owner was happy with my work I was learning nothing just doing art for them. Then this mother fucker comes in telling me that all my drawing must be changed cause she wants it no reason. Couple hours after she requested she submits not my art but stuff off google. I finished the work and they never used it. Had to re email the lady asking why I still was not on the team she asked me to refill the questions again. I have been there a month tell me anons what the fuck is going on.
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sup /adv/. I'm just here to offer advice. I've been with the same person since we were 15. we are 24 and 25 now and have had a happy relationship the entire time. it was also long distance for a year early in the relationship. but it doesn't need to be relationship related advice im also a generally happy person with a lot of friends im willing to offer advice on anything. >TL;DR ask me anything.
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