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What are some ways of making money online? I have about a month so no long term stuff, just quick money
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I have a problem. My gf is slightly...possesive? Agressive? Basically it started awhile back. > Went to a party last fall. > me and gf are dating for over 2 years now. Living together for over a year. > We both talk with peope, she talks with her girlfriends. Never talks with guys > I don't mind talking with guys or girls > See she's glaring at me when i talk with girls, even tho it's just casual conversation > This one girl is hitting on me. > I try to back off, absolutely not interested. > She pushes me on a sofa and tries to kiss me > She's absolutely wasted, i' trying to dodge everything. Close to shoving her off me. > gf sees, basically runs across the entire apartment, pulls the girl off me and punches her in the face > breaks her nose > both kicked out of the party After this incident, she became really tense if I even look at another woman. The only girls that I can talk to, are from our family and the ones she' friends with for a long time. Even then she says she gets jealous. I'm basically forbidden from having any social interaction with any other females. Even if some random girl asks me for directiosn or whatever, and me and my gf are together at that time, she gets really tense. Quickly interrupts me, says that we can't help and drags me away. If anything, she's really REALLY timid. Like, she's still really socially awkward, quiet, small and so on. I've tried talking with her about it and she simply says she can't do anything or control it. I started to think if this could be a problem later on? Any advice? She almost snapped a few times after the party incident and I wouldn't want her to attack someone else just for asking for directions. I don't need to have any female friends, but it gets annoying when I can't talk with my childhood friend, visit my mother or cousins.
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My FWB is into really rough sex, but I'm the complete opposite. I've tried to be rougher, but I get worried that I'm hurting him too much or that I'm marking him too hard. Also, when I'm too rough with him, I feel kind of rapey about it, even if he insists that he likes it. Help me? Give me advice? Call me a faggot? Anything.
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I've been trying to treat my mental illness issues for about 3 weeks now, but I feel like it's pulling me and my boyfriend apart. I see a therapist regularly now, was in the ER last night, now trying to make an appointment with a physicist. I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet, but I had to be evaluated for brain tumors and tons of blood work. I've been having a horrible disconnect from myself and reality, hallucinations, headaches, my brain is basically working at 50% so all this is causing me to feel very depressed. No one in my life can really allow me to open up to them, and on top of all this I'm working constantly so my symptoms are only spiraling from stress. I've made it clear to my boyfriend that if he wants to take a break from me until I sort myself out, that fine. He tells me he'd want me to be there for him if he was having these issues, but he's acting a lot more distant. He hasn't asked any questions about how I feel, or try to make me feel better. It's honestly making me really sad. I think he's never dealt with someone close to him struggling with a mental illness, I just want to get better so that I can better the relationships in my life.
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Is it wrong to keep talking to people that are borderline in love or heavily infatuated with you when you don't plan to reciprocate anything on the level they want? In the past month I'd say I went through a period of bi-curiosity, which is now fading fast. I had my fun and now the fascination has faded I'm ready to go back to what I prefer. I ended up posting my cock on rate threads and got a whole bunch of positive attention and more than a few emails from cute enough guys, and a few of them have progressed to us talking every day and playing games and even at one point jerking off together. The problem is the two I am talking to now are getting so attached to me it's a bit awkward. I had made clear at the start that I was only doing this for fun and to try something new but they're both loners and have got so attached one of them has told me he loves me and talks about us like we're in a relationship to which I've said isn't okay, and gets jealous of me talking to other people and the other is desperate to talk to me every day and is practically begging me to make sure I spend time with him on his birthday. Initially I enjoyed talking to them because it was hot but they're both nice guys and I'd like to be friends with them but I'm done with the bi-curiosity. I've made an effort to talk a bit less with them and make conversation way more casual, but to no effect. The attention and affection they give is nice and I really appreciated it, but as they get more involved in it and I get more distant I feel like I'm setting them up for a fall. Should I break contact or just restate my stance? I like them enough that i don't want to hurt them but at the same time I'm annoyed for them getting so attached when I told them I was only doing this for fun.
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how do i GF?
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where can I find cybersex on the internet? I need ladies to seduce.
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>21 year old guy >Unemployed / Student >Living with my mom My mom is hinting that she wants me to get a job. This is totally reasonable, and I understand that I should get a job. I'm a terribly uninspired person, jaded to a certain extent and can only see myself applying to contact center jobs for the near future. I've worked one of these jobs before, and it was hell for me. The mental exhaustion and anxiety produced by this was terrible. Regardless of the mentioned above, I'm willing to go back into such a job, provided that I can stuff my face with pills in order to not care about having to work a shitty job. The questions: what pills should I be looking for? How should I approach a psychiatrist in order to get a prescription? Any side effects I should be mindful of? Feel free to comment on whatever you see fit, and thanks in advance.
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>tfw split with ex 6 months ago >tfw check my inbox 50 times a day in the hope she has messaged me I just can't stop thinking about her. She was the only chance I ever had for happiness. I got lucky and ended up blowing the only opportunity I'll ever have. She was everything to me and like a fool, I couldn't see it at the time. I still can't believe we broke up, it still won't sink in So much pain, so much craving, so much frustration I wish I was dead tbh
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I'm not a regular so I'm clueless to some of these memes. What's the fedora thing about? Spaghetti? And there was some acronym which I can't remember that seemed to mean being a shut-in, what's that an acronym of? Thanks for helping out a newb, /adv/!
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Is 5 inches too small?

Skill Me

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>Lost parents to fighting >Lost girlfriend due to doubt in me >Lost school because I had to move >Lost my best friend to drugs >Lost my ability to do *any* physical work I know all the "answers" to solve this, but it's all so far away, and I don't see what's worth it in myself anymore. I miss everyone, I miss my old self, and I just don't want to wake up anymore. Pic is default Windows 7 picture.
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What can you tell about my shoes? Are they really that bad? I like them. Yes the stains are permanent

Iphone 5

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Can anyone help me bypass sim activation on verizon iphone 5 running ios 7.1.2 :( lost my sim and my father in law tried to help by resetting it to new. :|
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>need to give bday gift to girl neighbor >barely know her >not a serious gift just something to get to know her >for some reason my father tought it was a good idea to give her the gift in my place >probably said something to imbarass me >heard her coming to thanks us, wasn't very excited It's fucking done isn't it?
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Long story short, I was getting interviewed by company X, got the THIRD interview, it was good until one of the managers asked me about my expected salary. I said I wanted X, then asked me what would I say if they offered me slightly lower than that, and I said that I would think about it, and that if they offered me what I wanted I would instantly accept the job. At the end of the interview he told me they were going to call me ASAP. It's been a week already, I think playing hard could have affected me. Should I call and tell him I'd settle for less? Should I send him a mail instead? He's a manager.
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I live in West Virginia. It's not a good state to live in, but it's made worse by the fact that I live in a very rural area. Despite this, I've never learned how to drive. My two brothers and one sister never learned either. I'm 27. They're all older than me. My father passed away earlier this month and now my mother is the only one in the family who can drive. It places a huge burden on her. I need to learn to drive - I actually decided to learn back in June, when my father started getting real sick, but I had to delay my plans because my birth certificate was nowhere to be found. My father ordered my birth certificate before he died, but it didn't arrive until after he died. I passed the written test easily and now have my learner's permit, but I have to admit I'm a bit scared to get behind the wheel. Because I live in such a rural area, there are no driving schools that I could go to. My mother is going to have to teach me, but I have to believe my father would have been able to teach me better. I love my mom, but she's going to be fairly busy and will inevitably be exhausted by the time she gets out of work and can help me get some practice in. What should I do? The nearest driving school is in the state capitol, which is a few hours away from where I live. I know many people learn to drive without a proper school, but how long would it take? If I can only get an hour of practice a day - if even that - it feels like I won't be able to learn by October when my permit expires. After October, winter weather would make my goal more difficult.
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So I started talking to this guy online after a very recent, long-term breakup with another guy, and I can feel myself slowly falling for this person. At this point, it's a strong crush, even though we've only really been talking for ~1 month. I don't get the feeling that it's a rebound, I genuinely do like this guy and look forward to talking with him each day. It's actually really weird how we just clicked almost instantly and how many interests we share. I'm 90% sure he feels the same and that he also knows how I feel, we aren't exactly subtle with our flirting. The thing is though, he won't admit his feelings to me, if he does have them like I suspect, and I get the feeling it's because our relationship would be LDR and he's not comfortable with that. We'd be able to visit each other every now and then, but not nearly enough for frequent contact, as it would require either a long drive or flight money. I'm not sure if this is the reason, but this would just be my guess. /adv/, are LDRs ever a good idea? I've only had relationships with people who live close to me and who I can see daily. Should I at least meet this guy first before telling him my feelings? Also, how do I tell if distance really is the reason he won't tell me his feelings rather than something else?

Girlfriend that doesn't like weed

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Okay so i thought it was a great idea to tell my gf that I was high yesterday, she responded with a blunt "Wow" over text and she hasn't talked to me until then, it's the afternoon of the next day and still nothing, how do I make her believe that i'd never do it again? Cause in all honesty I had no idea she was so against it.
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So I just had this conversation with my girlfriend... Her: I need that note (she has to get one from work) Me: What note Her: For the apartment Me: Ah.. Yeah, we do Her: idk how Me: Can _____ drive? Her: Not talking to her Me: K Her: What? she's talking shit all the time Me: Nothing Her: Yeah right Me: ? Her: You're all pissy with me Me: No I'm not Her: Mhm Me: *"Okay" fingers, thumb and index making a circle, the rest out, trying to say I'm fine* Her: Holy. K I'm done I'm going somewhere else for the night Me: What? How am I pissy? Her: You are. Wow I text you because I care about you and want to talk not to bully you and be rude Me: Im working, shoveling, and I'm unusually content about it. Get the letter whenever you can, I'm really not concerned or bothered Her: You're being rude!!! Pce see you whenever Me: No, I'm not --- Somebody explain this to me, please?
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