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What are some ways of making money online? I have about a month so no long term stuff, just quick money
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So /adv/, I failed out of college after my first year, and I managed to get 12 out of 24 attempted credits. I was doing much better in the second semester, but my grades got pulled below the 2.0 academic probation minimum from failing a class, and I'm looking into my options now. My friends from upstate/college have been amazingly supportive and nonjudgmental, and compared to Long Island (where I live) they seem like a genuine crowd of worthwhile people, which now that I'm out of high school and the years trudge on, seem harder and harder to find, at least here. I could go to the local community college for any amount of time, and then transfer (it's only 2k a semester, so basically I can use the low cost, commuting and working college schedule to think out a plan) or stay for 2 years and get an associate's of some kind. There are financial and social factors pushing me towards either, being that the people here are generally snobbish (sorry LIfags you know its true) and although the upstate NY atmosphere isn't exactly ideal, I could get an apartment with my friends next year if I get good grades in CC and reapply. But I'm not sure what to do. Please help if you've experienced anything like this
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I'm a big supporter of the whole - friends come and go. Even the best friends forever bullshit passes and people go their separate ways. My question - how can I know when that time has come, and what's the best way to tell them that this friendship isn't working

An unexpected phone number

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So, I was at my job as a doorman for this dive bar last night when this girl drops her phone number on the book I was reading when she leaves. It was really fucking weird, especially considering the only time I had talked to her was when I asked to see her ID. I'm interested in contacting her, since she was pretty cute and I'm desperately single, but I have no idea what to say to her. Any ideas for breaking the ice when I contact her, and setting things up for a date?
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I can't roll a good cigarette for shit man. I can get the tobacco packed decently. The problem is when I'm trying to tuck the paper and actually roll. Then it crumples or instead of tucking in, it slides up and crumples. Shit is tough. Any advice?
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My gf recently got lice from a familiar,I'm meeting her tomorrow, we haven't seen each other in a long time and we won't see each other for another week. WHAT TO DO
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I drunk dialed my love interest last night she refuses to tell me what I said but seems very happy about whatever it was and always has this shiteating grin on her face when we skype. She's also been saying the L word whenever she has to log off. WHAT DID I DO? SHOULD I BE WORRIED? WHAT IF I MADE A TOTAL SPAGHETTI TOSS?
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What's the best way to off myself? I'm so tired.
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First of all i'm sorry i'm posting about it 3rd time in like 4 days, but it can't get out of my head. I 2 times missed when some of you guys replied, and when i came back you weren't there anymore so now i'll refresh this thread manually every 1-2 minutes and give you as much information as you need. So here it comes: I developed some unwanted feelings for my cousin. Long story short, we met after 10 or more years (when we saw each other last time we were in our VERY early teens, and before that we were childhood playmates). It was alot of fun to spend some time with her, but i felt that it's going in a wrong direction. Still, drinking, dancing etc. and it's really easy to stop giving a damn about "trivial" things. I won't be seeing her in a long time, but i can't go back to my old pace of life. I even invited her to go visit me (we're living really far from each other, and last time it was me visiting her family) which she was excited about, but we still didn't set a certain date. Also, we haven't talked in almost a week, which makes me really anxious. On the other hand i am clearly aware that i shouldn't even be thinking about such things, and drop the idea of trying to hang out with her even more. And there is my question to you guys. Would you in my situation try to follow your feelings, or would you rather listen to your common sence and try to force yourself to forget? I am really torn because deep inside i can't wait to see her again, but on the other hand i am well aware that making any moves could mean a disaster. Also for anybody asking: i think our grandparents were siblings, so we're not that close of a family. Ps. If you're seeing it for the 3rd time and think i'm annoying with all my rant, just ignore the thread. It is the last one about it i'm gonna make, so please bear with my for that one more time. And i'm sorry for my not so great english, i am not a native speaker.
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/adv/, how soon (if ever) do I tell my new girlfriend about my severe depression that I went through in college, and my alcoholism that I've got a pretty decent handle on? I haven't been depressed since I was 22 or so, and now I'm 27, almost 28. Sure, I get bummed out sometimes, but like a normal person would, and I doubt it's coming back. Still, it had a big impact on me from 13-22, and I almost dropped out of college when it got bad to a certain point. It could be something my friends or family bring up in the future technically, but for the most part, it's a subject they all prefer to avoid, since they thought I was off the deep end and not coming back. With the alcoholism, I've gained a lot of control over it. Since I was 17, I was either polishing off a bottle of Jack Daniel's every two days, or drinking 10+ beers every day, with only a few months here or there of sobriety to speak of. Recently, I've really cut back on my intake, and when I'm with her, I've had no problem going out and having one or two beers and calling it a night. Still, this is something I feel like might become more apparent over time, because some of my friends are pretty heavy drinkers. Plus, my 10 year reunion is in just a few months, and I'm sure a bunch of people will reminisce about my ability to pour back JD like it was nothing. So, when do I bring this stuff up? Or, do I just let it come up as part of someone else talking, and explain later?
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I'm scared to start a relationship and a family. I don't want anyone else to depend on me. I don't think I could put another person before myself. The thought of letting someone get close to me just doesn't sit well with me. Growing old alone is sounding more and more appealing to me every day. Am I going to stay this way or will I grow out of this? Pic unrelated.
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I need advice /adv/. It started when I started to hang out with some guys from my football team. They saw I was weak and wouldn't do anything bag so I became a punching bag to them. After a while I stopped hanging out with these "friends" and started gaming. For the first year I gamed alone. But then I met irl people to play with, They seemed ok and nice. So skip forward around a year and a half. They also find out I am easily to intimidate and won't do anything bag. But since we mostly speak online they start to call me autistic, retarded and shit. I acted like it wouldn't hurt me, but trust me it hurts. Skip forward to yesterday. We were in a skype call and for fun I called the "leader" gay with another guy because for the lolz. He should know that. But he kicked me anyway as he usually does. (In our skype call he has full power and no one can kick him. I once said we needed a call were everyone can kick everyone but then they told me to shut up.) So I asked him through steam to add me again and then called me again autistic, moron and shit. Always replying: u mad? I've been there before and he usually adds me back in around half an hour. But this time he didn't. So I logged in his skype. (I knew his pass from when we wanted to start our own youtube channel) and read all the stuff they wrote while I was kicked: "He is always acting autistic, and I won't ever add him again. He had it comming for over months now. Always starting shit with *insert other friends name here*. (Theres this one guy I can't stand and we usually have a kick fight)" "Yeah finally he is gone." ect. I used to go to school with these kids and there the ones I stand with during breaks. And irl when they come over to watch football it is just fine and shit. But behind the computer they act all different.
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It's the middle of Summer vacation and I still don't have a fucking job. I really wanna get a manual labor job or anything where I don't have to interact with retarded people and get to work with my hands and actually do shit (and not cleaning/janitorial). I've got a HS diploma from a great school so I figure that should help a bit, but I have zero work experience and it seems lots of construction jobs require training. Any advice on how to just jump into an alright manual labor job without needing experience? (and preferably no drug policy cause muh bud)
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Hey /adv/. Femanon advice needed. I recently realized I have a crush on one of my female friends. Shes not single though so I'm currently just trying to get over things. But some things feel odd. I caught myself thinking romantic thoughts and being jelaous and all that bs a few months ago. Since then I've been trying to see her as little as possible but in the last month shes been super keen on doing stuff more often. Things like asking to play videogames together on a daily eventhough her bf is basically available at all times and probably wants to play more than I do. Then she wants to start exercising together on a regular basis all of a sudden. Again her boyfriend is 10x more available for this kind of stuff than I am. Its most likely not the kind of attention I would want from her and this probably in my head. But is she being too friendly? Does she want something else than a friend? And I dont mean "something more than friends" I mean like a friendzone lapdog or something. Should I just back off completely?
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Hi, /adv/, I have to write a letter of thanks to someone at my old school for letting me stay despite financial difficulties through senior year. I don't know what to say but without him I could never have gone senior year (or maybe but it'd be tough, you get it) What should I be writing? Should it be meticulous or from the heart, etc Thanks
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I need some help here bros I am struggling from some pretty bad agoraphobia I have a hard time leaving the house for work, or college or even shopping with my GF in a city 30 minutes away I have a family trip coming up to California for 3 days 2 nights, and it is like a year away and I am stressing out, and worrying about it non stop. I get really anxious before I have to go anywhere, and if I don't end up going I get really depressed, and mad. Anyone here who has had to overcome similar stuff, and advice on how to get through it would be awesome.
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Hey /adv/ So this guy keeps harassing my girlfriend, absolutely hates me for no reason and does shit like squeeze her ass - which is frustrating for me and awful for her. I can't get too extreme because he's her brother's friend, and I couldn't fight him as he's 4 years older and about 40kg bigger than me. Anyway, how the hell do I get him to back off and stop doing this crap?
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Okay, I need some advice. There is this guy I love. We met through the internet. We talk nearly every day. He says he has feelings for me, and that he loves me, all of that sort of stuff. While this is all great, he just got out of a relationship with this one girl he fell in love with. It was over the internet. She left him. Im not sure if it was for someone else, but I know she left him. I think it was because she felt she didn't deserve him. He's brought her up to me before, several times, and one time while we were on the subject of me being so introverted, he asked "do people exhaust you?" he sounded eager to hear me say yes. Later when we were talking about her, he told me that people exhausted her. This tells me how much he thinks of her, and how much he loves her. He says he still loves her, though im not sure if he is still in love with her. So, im here now, and he knows I won't leave him. But I feel like he loves her more than me, and I feel like im never going to live up to her, how he felt about her. Im getting super attached to this guy, but I don't want to get hurt. Will I get hurt? Will his feelings for me ever be able to compare to his feelings for her? If someone was in love with someone, will those feelings be able to fade enough?
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What do I do when all the girls I'm dating are nothing else then replacements of one perticular ex? I'd like to win her back, I've always wanted to win her back, 2 years and 3 gf's later I still want her back.. what do?
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Hi /adv/, I'm going to be graduating high school next Spring and I don't know what to do with my life. I will be applying to several top-tier schools but I am now unsure if I can get in. If I don't get into those top-tier schools, I feel like I shouldn't even bother going to college altogether. What is the value of going to college and obtaining a college degree in the current state the US is in? (Disregard the different values of degrees by major) What should I do if I opt out of the decision to go to college?
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