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What are some ways of making money online? I have about a month so no long term stuff, just quick money
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Hey dudes and dudettes, so my relationship with my current girlfriend of 4 years has come to a close for myself and I've had enough but I'm not sure what steps I should take to do it as nicely as possible....we live together and have bought a heap of shit together like tv etc, got two cats...I don't know where I'm gunna move cause I can't move with family and my real close mates are still at home with parents.I feel a bit lost and indecisive and just need an extra push in the right direction so any help is appreciated, thanks.
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Sup /adv/ so a friend decided to play a game on FB where you write her a poem if you like her. I wrote her, but she hasn't written back, she seen it earlier today, I figure she's probably got alot of mail, coz well, she's a cute girl imo. Here's what I wrote, I used to write silly poems when I was 17-24, now im turning 27... Dunno if I got the magic still so here ya go. what should i write to you? I havent have a clue The words cant come in my mind like they should as if i am studdering, or just stunned I remember first time meeting you, I had nothing to say I wasn't even sure if we could of become friends the similar interests but a sense of rivalry? as if two paddlers were unsynchonized but it took time and practice our guards being let down, yet doors cracked open with a chained lock still not sure what to expect, but there are a few nods, yeses and why nots There's a gut feeling it should come out, times I felt I had already slipped Unsure I still join the sortie I am on a mission as like everyone else the objective is in sight and it is either now or never many others are dropping their bombs, confessing what they see, think, and like about you I look around me and see dozens, vomiting their feelings toward you afraid of if it will be right to say my throat feels dry from just even thinking about sending this to you but I must persist, its now or never, nothing to lose I like you Your eyes, your hair, your neck, hands, nails, mignoge style it was apparent to those who know me the final nail in the coffin were the furry cat ears I know I am in alot of competition over you but the valor I have will bring me the best spoils of war, you Pic related its me being a creep
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Poorfag here. I've been looking at airport parking, cheapest I can find is £59 for the 5 days I want to stay However. I'm considering leaving the car off road in a housing estate then getting an open return train ticket for £6. Is this a good idea? Pic somewhat related
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I didn't go to sleep last night, i took 36mg concerta (Prescribed) this morning. Now i feel happy for 10 mins, then it turns to sadness and repeats like that. Did i fuck up /adv/?
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How do I transform into a better version of myself? I can't stand the face I see in the mirror. I can't stand the clothes I wear. I cant stand that I don't have anyone to talk to besides my coworkers. I hate all aspects if my life. How do I improve me?
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>tfw talk to girl daily >tfw like eachother and get a long great >tfw met on okcupid, never met in person >tfw make plans to go to the park and have some drinks and play around on the swing set and walk around >tfw she cancels at the last second >tfw she says lets get breakfast in the morning today >tfw agree >tfw i dont know what to feel /adv/ pls help
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Anybody with a crooked back? My lower back is crooked, scoliosis. It does give a nice butt, but it's mostly a little uncomfortable. It doesn't hurt, and is a result of my right leg being a little too short. I need to muscle my right thigh and do some exercises. So I'm doing them, but was wondering if anybody was in the same situation, or had advices to give.
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How do I learn to love myself? I've always been so hard on myself almost my whole life, to the point where I hated myself and kept working on myself but it was never enough. This led me to rely on other people for my happiness, because I always hated myself. However I learned that I cannot rely on others because you can't predict their actions and then let yourself become upset when they don't meet what you wanted or you aren't how they wanted. I need to find a foundation in myself first. But I already find almost nothing I like about myself since I compare myself to everyone else. What do.
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>yet another girl stops replying to me Fucking sigh. I'm not even afraid of rejection. It's just that every day I see no improvement, and there's no end in sight, and it hurts. How does one keep their spirits up?

Feelings of anxiety with sex

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I'm so bad at relationships with other people, mainly due to 'my father' molesting me at a young age, since then I have been traumatised and unable to commit to any real relationships, the sexual aspects of my relationship have been affected especially by it. He done things to my private parts, things that can't be undone. He was my real first lover and stole my virginity at a sickening age of 8. Even at that time, I knew it was wrong but the most sickening thing about it was, deep down to the core I enjoyed it. The ecstatic sensation of my father whispering in my ear with his musky coffee breath as I bit down on the pillow as he went in dry still sends shivers up my spinal cord. The feeling of being part of someone else, them kissing tenderly on your neck, their seed deep in you was blissful, even at that age. He told me he loved me, he told me I was special, he smiled the whole time. I knew it was wrong, but it felt right. Anyway /b/, any pointers for relationships? Advice and tips will be appreciated.
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I know a woman whose child has a genetic disease, and I have a strong suspicion she is exaggerating the severity of her child's symptoms in order to receive attention, pity, and money. I think she is taking advantage of people's kindness. She puts on a great act, and nearly everyone believes her. I also think that she might not be feeding him properly, and is pushing to have a g-tube (which is a direct feeding tube to the stomach) put in her child so she can receive more money in disability benefits. What can I do to help the child? How can I expose her for being such a piece of shit? Is this justifiable to talk to a social worker about her actions?

How to tell if she's in to you

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So, I've started talking to a girl recently. I notice she's got a bit of a social personality. Not quite a flirt but she seems to get along with just about anyone. But lately we've been talking and texting a lot. And she said yes to going out with me one day next week How should I approach this situation. Should I let her keep being flirty or should I make a move or see how she feels
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I'm married. And I'm about to go on a date with another woman... I randomly decided I'd post an ad on Craigslist, looking for a "spark" (conversation, etc). And suddenly an hour later I'm contact bye a really cute woman who is not only fine with my situation but single as well. And in a few hours we're going to grab dinner. Oh god, what am I doing? I feel super guilty and super excited at the same time. Shame me or prod me on 4chan. Be the angels and devils on my shoulder. Should I go through with it?
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Hey /adv/. I'm a 28 year old femanon who has some things to ask. I have a ton of anxiety and I even hear and see things that I know aren't real, or rather that I am generating them. I've tried anti-psychotics and piles of antidepressants but nothing really changes. Although with the anti-psychotics I just felt like a dumbed down version of myself. They just were like a global suppressant. I don't know how to get a job or maintain relationships while I'm like this. Anyone have a similar experience or any advice?
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How can i earn £400 in 2 weeks as a poor student with no job?

Oral advice thread.

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Any advice for oral on my girlfriend? I've done it to some of my ex's, but never to this current gf, and I want it to be better than usual. >also, feel free to post any interesting experiences you may have had in the past.

Male-female friendship problems

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It's gonna be long, long story: Background info: Femanon, 24. I met this guy at the party; we have been friends for about a year now. I'm this type of person with small social circle, not very interesting or attractive. He is golden boy type - handsome, popular and outgoing. Yet somehow we hit it off. We would flirt jokingly and spend a lot of time together, and I would often wonder what's going on between us. I think we friendzoned each other, but it didn't work out that well. I started developing feelings, he was giving me mixed signals (inviting for dinner or movies, telling me how important, good or lovely I am for him, and so on). But at some point he started telling me about other women, how they are hitting on him or how pretty one or another is. It made me upset of course, but we were still friends, still had long conversations every day, had lunches together etc, so it was fine. Some time ago I got hit with depression. This episode lasted for about a week, I was forced to take a sick leave because I couldn't function. Anyway, I bumped into him on my way back from hospital, and he proposed grabbing a beer. I was walking crap so I declined, he suggested another day, I said I don't want anything from him, he asked if I'm angry with him and I said truthfully enough that I'm just sick and tired. BAM! I'm better now, but something is going on with him. I try messaging and texting him, wanting to talk like we used to, but he ignores me or gives me curt, laconic answers. I suggested meeting, but he declined saying he's sick and tired. I asked him flat out whether he's angry or done with me, and his answer was nope, just sick and tired. He said something like we will talk soon, but here we are few days later, still no contact. I'm really lost here. So my questions to you, /adv/: >any guesses as why he acts like that? >how can I rescue this situation? >is there a point to be friends with him at all, or male/female friendship is doomed? I really miss him.
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i'm going fucking crazy. it has been a year and 3 months and i'm still not over my first fucking girlfriend. soemone fucking help me. the urge to fap to pics of her or just think about her all the time is really strong sometimes. but there are also times when i'm perfectly fine and don't think about her for months at a time. i had a dream about her last night someone help me i'm shaking and shit man fuck

About ordering checks..

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Last week, I ordered a box of check in TD back, but they didn't send me any checks after a week. I'm wondering why they don't send it and feel bad about that. How can I receive checks which have been ordered there? If they don't send it, can I have my money back?
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