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What are some ways of making money online? I have about a month so no long term stuff, just quick money
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I've been on two dates with a girl and I was thinking of getting her some flowers the next time we meet. What kinds of flower should I consider?
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>meet girl first day of march >i just had gotten out of a rough breakup >she had been left by her finance 2 months prior >use eachother as emotional pillars >see eachother just as friends despite it being obvious there was something 'more' >go to concerts and hike together, nothing too "date" like >things are progressing nicely >we finally kiss >we finally become intimate >the entire time we base our relationship on good communication and an understanding that there is nothing wrong with taking it slow if we feel uncomfortable about anything >a month ago she starts acting much more "loving" towards me >also proceeds to spend a lengthy amount of time venting about left over emotions from last relationship >i suggest (with a poor word choice) that perhaps we take a step back until she's over those emotions (i had said "over your ex") >she gets mad >i wait until the next morning and explain myself >she says she understands, tells me not to worry about it >3 uneventful weeks go by >suddenly shes betrayed i didn't think she was over her ex >explain once again it was just i don't want to rush her into a relationship if she's not emotionally ready to be in one, and that it's her call >next morning tells me basically "can't pursue a relationship right now, i'm not ready for one" >wait 3 days and then ask to talk just to figure out what the hell was happening >"not your fault but you got me thinking and your right, i'm not ready" that was 3 days ago, i'm giving her space for the time being, but what in the hell happened /adv/? i'm not even sure if i can even ask her to hang out anymore or anything pic unrelated
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>Girl sends me a pic and "good morning big boy" >My phone company is trash and I can't fucking see it >This girl is trying to fucking sext me and my phone company is interfering >Have to ask her if she has kik >I can feel the tumour growing inside of me >virgin mobile
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I think I was sexually abused from a very, very young age. If you heard all of this would you assume that I was? Am I just being paranoid? I started visiting a psychologist last week because I’ve been suffering from an eating disorder for a while now. Her evaluative questions were a lot about “have I ever been sexually abused, head injuries, do I have headaches, can I remember things, lose track of time...” I mentioned that alcohol and weed leave me in a foggy, auto-pilot state for weeks to months. I no longer smoke, but occasionally drink. She mentioned that I had a dissociative traits. From a very young age I always felt myself being sexually aroused. I vividly remember age 3 being the time that I started “masturbating”. I don’t know how I learned to masturbate or why it felt so nice, but it was something I did ever since I was little and I did it often. I would go over my friends houses in preschool and I was always the one initiating “doctor” games. I touched other kids a lot. I always assumed these were just normal behaviors (even now I don’t know if it still is). I would sleep in my parents bed up until I was 9 years old and I remember a lot of time them engaging in sexual activities, I usually tried to fall asleep as quickly as possible, or pretend I was and not move. I worry that this might have been when things were happening to me. This is incredibly uncomfortable to even type out. I feel like that was a time in my childhood I block out, I was scared to sleep alone so I slept with them. I slept on the very edge of the bed because it was so uncomfortable. In high school I dated a guy for 5 years (including my freshman year of college) for 4 years that we were together we tried to have sex, a lot. I always found it physically painful and I could never allow anything to “enter” me. (con't)
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My girlfriend and I have been dating for like year and a half by now. When we started, sex was out of this world. Every time I caressed her, she would get so horny even without me even trying. That were the first 4 to 5 months, then she started getting less aroused by me, I thought it was normal that things would cool down a bit. Fast forward to the present and now we barely have sex anymore. When we started dating, anything I'd would get her sopping wet but nowadays the fucking Sahara desert is wetter than her cunt. I just can't seem to come up with anything to arouse her, I'm trying harder than before and I started going the gym an I am fitter than when we started going out yet won't initiate sex anymore. I have started to feel jealous and I don't even know from who. I WANT to feel desired but can't. Her past is also bothering me since: - She lost her virginity at 16 to some Junkie who had been sleeping around with other girls at the same time and was an asshole. - The first time we fucked, was in my car because we got so horny we couldn't stop and had to go plan B. - She told me that the guy who lost her virginity with was a "mistake". Recently I found that she had another mistake more and was about to have another once when she went on vacation a few years back. - Her previous boyfriends were assholes just like the one he lost his virginity with. - Once she tried to put horns on one of his boyfriends although she said she couldn't do it in the end. The fact that she even tried, bothers me A LOT. At first I didn't care about all this (I found about the second "mistake" recently). I simply thought she was more open to sex like I wanted. But since she became so frigid I started to think that she was at first into me at first only because I was only "a new cock to fuck". She always says she loves but I don't believe her anymore. I think she is only fond of me but wants a new cock. She What to do? Sorry for writting the damn bible in verse.
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Hello /adv/, What motivates you? What drives you through the day and helps you complete your life? How do you go about making goals and completing objectives? For most of my life I have felt empty. I've never had any ambition or motivation. When I was young I would just do whatever I wanted and that was fine, but I'm 21 now and I've been spiraling down the drain for the last 4 years. I'm not sure what I want to do now. I barely communicate with anyone, I stay shut in my house, and even with all the time I have I squander it away. Anytime I try to pursue my creative ambitions, I'm only met with artist balk. I can't imagine anymore, I can't create anymore, and I always feel like I shouldn't do anything. It has gotten worse in the last 5 months. What keeps you from sitting on your ass all day and tugging on your dick in front of a computer screen?

I'm stupid

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I have a habit of getting on girls nerves, mainly the ones that like me.. How can you fuck someone and get frustrated by them.. I annoy girls.. why is this..
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So I'm going to an event soon and do not want to meet any ladies. What do I do? I think there may be more girls than boys here and don't want to become some desperate girls target again
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Ladies and gents. How do you like your Girlfriend or boyfriend to dress? Do you mind if they wear almost the same clothes when they see you? why or why not? should a man or woman know how to dress themselves by a certain age? Does the type of clothes that your partner wear determine partly whether or not you are attracted to them? What about men and women not spending any money on clothes and continuing to wear the same 2 or 3 outfits? would that bother you? I just want to hear what both men and women have to say.
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Whenever I talk to girls they always end up calling me cute at some point, i'm guessing this is bad, how do I go about fixing this? >inb4 becoming a car mechanic, growing a beard and talking about how to be alpha in all your conversations. I'm 24
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Planning to get my first tattoo with my best friend today. Called the shop then went in. Only one artist in, busy. His apprentice (also the person I was fucking in love with in high school) took our number and said he would talk to the artist and let us know when to come back. It's been a good few hours. I am insanely anxious and I really want to get it done today. I'm friends with the apprentice on FB, talked to him about this beforehand. Is it far too obnoxious to message him and ask if he thinks they'll be able to get us in today?

From best friend to girlfriend/boyfriend

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Has anyone here made a boyfriend/girlfriend out of their best friend? If so, how is it like? Is it awkward, or does it work better because the two know each other so well?

Can you sign a contract as reparation for damage?

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Let's say I damaged someone's property and he offered to let me pay him to replace the property plus an additional amount to compensate for the inconvenience on him. If he made up a contract for me, would it be legally binding? I know of contracts where if I do X, I get Y. But in this case, the damage is already done... I don't know if I'm making sense. I guess I just want to know if it would be legal for him to charge me several thousand $ for damaging his stuff or if the only way for him to enforce it would be through court.
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So I'm a loser. I have no social life, am a 25 year old virgin, and am attracted to kids. To me, children (ages 9-16) are the only females who ever treat me like a human being, and I have developed a reliance on being around them for basic human intimacy (no I'm not a child molester) I get that women are the sexual selectors of our species and they have to be picky, but don't they realize that they are pushing decent but socially anxious men out of the gene pool? I have positive traits. I'm just avoidant and paranoid, both traits inherited from my schizophrenic mother. I'm pretty much hitting rock bottom. Should I just kill myself?
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Why do I feel compelled to prove myself to the girlfriend I dumped months ago?
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my boyfriend went somewhere he knew I did not want him to go without me. how do I let him know I'm mad without being too mean?
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Hey /adv/ What is success what is failure? Why almost everybody around me is successful in my eyes except my self? I have a fresh graduate engineering job with lot's of responsibilities and good money. I don't look perfect as I am kinda chubby. People around me even if they are in a relationship or not seem to have people around them that really care about them. While I think I don't. I know several people and I try to socialize a lot but nothing goes too deep. I live alone abroad away from my family with no parents or really close friends. Even though I dated/slept with some girls the last years since I moved abroad I never managed to have something stable with a girl in my age (26-27) or younger... How can I improve? What can I change?

He doesn't know my real age

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>be asian female hanging out with new white guy in same apartment complex during power outage >somehow end up having sex >doing this almost daily for 4 months now >still thinks I'm 12 from some joking I did when we met that he took seriously (I'm almost 19) If I tell him that I'm actually 19 is there a chance that he will break up with me? Should I tell him or should I just keep it a secret? I've kinda been playing up the lil'girl thing for his approval when I realized he liked that about me so I know I'm mostly to blame, but he's a little distant in some ways because he thinks I'm so young that I can't relate when he's really only just 3 years older than me. To the guys here, would you be upset if you found out your gf was lying about her age? Would it be grounds for breakup or is it something that can be worked out?


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How mentally sane shouid one/ does one need to be to become a psychiatrist? Is choosing this direction a bad decision if one isn't?
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