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31st July 2014
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What are some ways of making money online? I have about a month so no long term stuff, just quick money
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My girlfriend recently mentioned that I'm not being as romantic as I used to be. I want to show her affection. We live together. Aside from making her a personalized music mix CD (she loves those), does anyone else have suggestions I can steal? I'm running a little low on energy (we've been fighting recently, so we need this).
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I think this pic sums up many threads that appear here. >how do I get gf ? >I want a virgin wife >im so lonely

Buy Battlefield 4?

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It is currently priced at 19,95€ on Origin. I am torn between not wanting to risk blowing my money (the EA refund thingy probably gives back EA wallet...) and purchasing the game At the moment my rig is barely capable of running it, but I'm about to upgrade. Do I seize the occasion?
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So /adv/ after losing my job I couldn't afford my apartment anymore. I moved in with my father. Got kicked out three weeks later for not letting him micro manage my future. My brother got kicked out shortly afterwards for hanging out with me. We put our stuff in storage and stayed at our sisters. We both had some money and where going to just stay a couple weeks well we found a place together. My brother didnt like any of my suggestions and came up with no apartments of his own. Fast forward to 8 months later. Still have 6 people (including us) living in my sisters two bedroom apartment. I have sold just about all of my stuff that was being stored in our storage. Payed 1.5k so far storing our stuff. Still seems to be little to no interest in finding a place. I met up with my mother that lives out of town today and she said my brother was telling her that I don't like him anymore, and I don't want to find a place with him. Thinking about just saying screw it and moving on my own. I'm so done with living with a 1 year old that screems all night and his older brother that's constantly throwing fits. Paying $200 a month to store what all short of two small boxes isn't my shit. My brothers cool but I can't stand this lifestyle what should I do?

Hair loss, low self-esteem, and dating.

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I recently was broken-up with by my boyfriend of almost ten years. Very devastated and on top of that I was kicked out of my apartment and left without a car and job. Basically I'm very hurt and stressed out right now. Anyway I'm here to ask some somewhat embarrassing advice. I'm 27 years old and never really dated ( I was in a relationship for almost ten years, after all), and I have no idea what to do. Aside from being worried about the stuff I guess is obvious (will the same thing happen again? how do I know the relationship will last after the infatuation period? ect.) I'm also really worried about my hair. My hair has been falling out and is very thin and it makes me very self-conscious on top of my previous self-esteem issues. Should I just post photos/meet people in wigs and risk them later leaving me when they find out about my hair loss?

FwB How close is too close?

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So, I'll just greentext because it's easier >move in with friend >become fwb >super awesome >been fwb a few months >at the beginning fucking a lot not hanging out much >now we hang out all the time >cuddle >kiss >flirt publicly >take romantic baths and showers >basically act like a couple >ask about feels >allegedly there are no feels >seems like there's some feels going on Is this normal, it seems like...too much. I've had a fwb before and it was basically just being bro and having sex, this is really in dating territory to me.
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/g/ was no help. How do I root my HTC one M7 /adv/atars.
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I just got a blow job from a girl with chlamydia. Wat do? Can I get chlamydia? Pic unrelated
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Here's an odd problem I get with my little sister. I'm 27 years old and she's 7 years old, she's my half-sister, we don't live in the same place but since 2 years I've been visiting my dad a lot and she's really liking me, with the kind of adoration you can get from kids that age. While she's always defensive with her sister and brother her age (10 and 5) and slow to obey with her parents, she's obeing my every command when I babysit and always nice with me unlike the others. For exemple, when picking a game, the others will always pick something they like, but she will pick something she knows I like. Anyway here's the issue. One year ago she had a really bad night (teeth pain apparently) and she was allowed to sleep with me. Since then she always ask to sleep in my bed when I'm at my dad, but after an half-dozen time her mom decided she was too old for it and put an end to it. But now her parents are going on a romantic vacation for 2 weeks, the others kids are going in camp but she managed to be allowed to stay at my new place for those 2 weeks. And of course she asked, well, begged to sleep with me. On one hand I know it's not good for her and parents are disaproving, on the other hand it's really important for her, she's constantly explaining how she feel alone at home (to the point of tears) and is clearly craving for some attention. I'll add I actually like to be around her since she can actually handle a serious conversation (when her 10yo brother can't speak about something beside himself) and she has great tastes in TV shows and anime (heavily influenced by me of course but still). So what would you do ? > In b4 pedo jokes, please let's go pass this.
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How much masturbation per week/month is healthy?
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So some common advice here to improve your situation is to be interesting. That in and of itself is understandable. My question is, how do you become interesting? Most people arent interested in the stuff I am it seems, like history and physics. So what subjects would you suggest I look into?

Coming out to parents?

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My mom is extremely religious and has been dragging me into church with her since I can remember. I feel like I don't really have a choice to attend church or not and I am 19 yrs old? how can I tell her that I don't follow her beliefs. /agnostic I should probably tell her after I move out, because I am afraid I won't have a place to live afterwards. I still depend on her for tuition/food/shelter and can pretty much ask for whatever I want. But I'm tired of wearing this mask around her. I tried vaping inside once and she said "Do not let this into this christian household. I won't allow it...." She also told me not to let things like this "enter my temple" >lol halp when I was younger and watching pokemon/dbz and other animes, she would tell me to change the channel because they looked like the devil. If I had a temper tantrum back then, she would rub oil on my forehead and go into srs prayer mode
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Im making an OK Cupid but i have a few problems 1. Im at a junior college currently undecided for my major but I should be transferring to a Uni soon. 2. Im unemployed nursing an injury that may require surgery so i can't apply for jobs I don't know how to get around these two temporary problems
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Just come back from my first ever festival. Took ket, mdma, a tiny bit of coke, nos and smoked a lot of weed over the course of 3 days. I came home and I had this tab of acid in my drawer. I've never taken acid before and it hasn't been stored properly - although it's been away from sunlight, it's been at room temperature for 2-3 months so could have degraded. I took it 8 hours ago and nothing really happened but I've felt very very anxious all day. Been on and off crying a lot. I keep trying to sleep but every time I start to drift off I get this fucking awful pulsating in my head that shocks me back awake again. Just need someone with more knowledge/experience to please tell me what's going on here? Could there have been something else in that tab? I'm not 'tripping' but I'm definitely not feeling myself. Is that just because I'm on a comedown from everything else? Please help me calm down.

Am I a bad person

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I was at my friends grandmother's house and she offered me a slice of her cooter pie. I tried to hold back but the harder I tried the worse it got. I started laughing uncontrollably, I felt so bad. Prior to this I have never heard of that pie. I have heard of chicken pot pie, but never cooter pie. I now know what it is, but I feel horrible about laughing so hard. Am I a bad person?
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Sup /b/ well here I am to make a stupid thread but please bear with me since I will try to make it as short as possible. Fact is that I am to graduate as an accountant (in my shitty country is a career which takes 5 years) after ten years of idling by (i am soon to be 28). Well things is that I am pretty good at what I do still I feel empty since I know that this path will not grant me options outside my country and that I also like coding (which perhaps I am still a noob but I know if I try it I would be pretty good). So I was thinking to start another career related to the aforementioned hobby but I do not know if it will be the rigth choice since it would take me another 5ys, at least, to graduate and I will have to be a freshmam all over again but this time being an old dude but damm I want to do it. So /b/ what do you think about this?. TLDR: Kind of old dude wants to start another career with somewhat better prospects while being good to the first one.
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I don't know what to do /adv/. I've been with this girl for about 8 months and it's been pretty good, we get along even though we're very different on an ideological level most time and we have sex often- it's nice but I'm starting to feel the need to move on. She's responsible, sexy, loving- and miserable all the time. She's been under a lot of pressure since she was young, she's the eldest daughter and her dad has been sick with a long term terminal illness since her early teens and her brother has autism. Since we've been together she's been finishing up her Master's which has been tough on her as well. Her 'friends' don't really like her, they grew apart after college and when they get together they ignore her and kind of jump on anything she says- admittedly she's pretty socially dumb but I'm not sure if she has any real friends. She doesn't say anything about it but I'm sure she notices it herself and before we got together she was in an even darker place. Oh and she can't hold her booze, she uses it as a crutch but often becomes insensible after five drinks and then I have to mind her, she recognises this problem but keeps doing it anyway. The girl is becoming very dependent and her sadness is getting to me. The entire relationship I've stressed that life and relationships change over time, that we're just people but she's still becoming attached and the weight of it is making me feel very guilty. I want to have fun with someone; not carry around they're emotional baggage because I'm their only friend... When I used to say I love you I meant it, now I say it because I have to... A few other variables in the situation: my friends have since hooked up with her 'friends' so I'm afraid of being cast out of my own circle if I leave her and I invited her to my sister's wedding next month when things seemed sunnier. What do I do? Tl;dr: My girlfriend is miserable, pretty isolated and a bit of a lush and I feel guilty for wanting to leave her, what do I do?
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I have bad dandruff. Normally I only get it in the dry cold winter, but it's equally bad now. I have very short hair. I've tried going days without showering, I've tried taking only cold showers, I've tried shampooing with anti dandruff shampoo 2x a day. Nothing works. Should I try a different shampoo? Is it possibly related to diet?
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So I didn't want to put this on /hm/ cause I didn't want to have to put up with all the rage so I'll put it here. Anyways, I'm gay and just came out a little over a year ago. I've had a one six month relationship since then and not much experience with anal sex. Since we broke up I've been seeing other guys and it's going well from the most part. One guy I really like wants to fuck. I don too. It's not like I hate anal sex, I'm just scared I guess since I don't have much experience. Plus he's 8 inches and thick. Any advice for getting used to the feeling ? I'm looking for a way to make me more accustomed and comfortable with having people fuck me.
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