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Anyone have any advice on moving money / items from one person to another with no trace?


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I miss high school adv. >was filled with self-loathing and drowned myself in indie music. >never got girls but I was in a circle of friends with different characters >a psycho, an agressive guy and your typical handsome tall athletic man >It was honestly the best years of my life even if I was a bit miserable. How do I relive that kind of experience or feeling? Or is it impossible now that you're 20 and above?
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Okay so I need some advice guys. I work with these two girls who have been giving me hell calling me the bossmans "favorite" because I keep my phone in the office and they let me text when im not busy. I work my ass off and have been there for 2 years while one has only just started working a month ago and the other a few months ago. Hannah is a big old fat bitch with fucked up bleached and pink hair. Shes like obese and always has a dirty neck. And hailey has to be anorexic. Hailey is pretty confrontational and bitched at me 3 times in 2 days, I really really want to go off on her. The problem is im pretty quiet and introverted and nonconfrontational but I know I need to say something to get them to get off my case and let me do my job. I need comebacks for these cunts. Mean names. I already thought of telling hannah to go wash her nasty fucking black neck and hailey to calm down, the holocaust is over she can go eat a cheeseburger now. And that she looks looks like a skeleton and her bf looks like freddy kreuger so they can go back to the horror movie they came from. But I need more, im nervous. Pic unrelated >Tl;dr I need comebacks and mean names for a fat bitch and a skinny bitch
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hey /adv/ anyone here in a relationship and going to University next year? I'm moving away, only 20 miles or so, but im moving away nether the less. my girlfriend is staying for the year and is then going about 100/200 miles away I love her very much and our 1 year relationship has been blemish free, she's the kind of girl i always dreamed of settling down with and as it stands i think i could deal with her being my only ever sexual/emotional partner. however university life will mean i will meet many new people and as will she next year, since i'm attached to her so strongly i can see me worrying and getting jealous etc does anyone have any experience with what to expect in this siutation??
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So i'm your stereotypical teenage girl-- sensitive, jealous, lots of girl friends, I love to go shopping, clothes, am picky about food, nonviolent, etc. Except I'm a 20 year old straight male. My personality is entirely feminine. I was raised by my mother and aunt, my father left before I was even conscious. This is probably the reason, I'm guessing. It's beyond the point of girls awkwardly asking if I'm gay. They just straight up assume it. Like there's no doubt in there minds enough to even ask. Gay guys hit on me all the time. Girls who aren't just my friend are consistently turning me down on account of how girly I am. They even say I text and speak womanly. I'm visibly masculine looking, I have facial hair and am not ripped but at least in fairly good muscular shape from going to the gym. I'm not fat. Having plenty of supportive female friends is cool, I guess, but I'm starting to get frustrated. I'm not sure how to dispel this feminine aura I give off, I tried lying about my hobbies and even speaking differently but somehow it makes no difference, like there's no hiding it. Girls know. I almost with I was gay at this point, I'd be happy as fuck. But alas, I want the pussy. And the pussy avoids me. What can I do?

need a job

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I never had one and I am willing to do anything. this is my story~ I had a breakdown and have ever since been incased in a neet shell for 2 years! my college course of a games design degree was useless and I developed a fear of going outside and so never went outside or talk to people unless its online. But I want to change! I am willing to do anything and I have wrote a c.v and I am from England yeaah!! *cheers* see some of you are local haha. So would anyone like to helpme. Anyone like to add me on Skype and give advice or meet up with me??? I would love to work abroad doing anything, I have no skills really but I really need to broaden my horizons. Any career advise or anything I should study? thankyou for your time
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I'm home for the semester because of reasons, /adv/. I want a job, I guess. For weed, vidya, and to keep myself occupied. What's one of those jobs where you basically just sit and mess around on your phone/vita/laptop/handheld whatever and occasionally do something like sign someone into a facility? You know, a job where the input matches the output (where $8 of work per hour looks like $8 of work per hour)?
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How do I be completely honest with my therapist (he's a psychiatrist)? I'm afraid he'll put me in the mad-house if I tell him the truth, that I romanticise about my own death, and see it as an option to rid myself of this burden that all my guilt and emotions are, and how I actually purchased insulin and syringes that I keep deep in my drawer for the day when I finally can't take the pain of existance and this charade I play everyday, pretending I'm ok and smiling.
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anyone who's got experience with broken/loose toenails? I bumped my big toe a few hours ago and my toenail came very loose but didn't completely fall off. it was bleeding but didn't hurt much. I just left the toe on cause I didn't want to force anything and put a bandaid on it. As I said it doesn't hurt much but I'm wondering if it's smart to keep it on (loose as it is) will it grow back like it should? or should I remove it completely to avoid an ingrown toenail?


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What do you do to treat tics? I can't stop shifting my nose side to side. It's actually gotten to the point where it's harming the skin. The more I think about it, the more I want to give into the tic.
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Hi, /adv/, I don't usually post here but I don't know what to do. My life is a wreck, I can't land a job, I'm living with my dad and his mother and feel like shit all day every day. The only good thing in my life is my relationship withmy gf, but it's tearing me apart, my gf is depressed and can't get help because of her job schedule. She feels like killing herself every time we talk and I can't help her. I love her, I really do, but sometimes I can't stand her suicidal ramblings. >pic unrelated
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>Broke up with my gf two days ago and she's contacting me over some pictures. Don't know what to do! She (27) fucked up the relationship to my understanding, to hers, I (m,25) did it. I think she created the problem because none of my friends or relatives understand such behaviour and reaction to a fight, especially when it was a very small one. We fought like twice throughout a year and her reaction was way, way worse than the actual problem. In fact, her reaction was the problem and the reason I thought I didn't want to be with her. I couldn't trust someone swinging from being perfect 5 months in a row and 'crazy' or uncontrollably mad out of the blue or something not that important. >She thinks I fcked up because I broke her trust talking to her brother (she's right on that one) and making her family worry. Add to this the fight we had which started everything. She said she couldn't be with me after all. >I thought I don't want to be with someone that would act like this and fck it all up over a tiny issue. So we broke up. Right before doing so she asked me to email her the pictures I was storing in my pc. Nothing especial. Pictures of her with friends and relatives, with her niece, with me... I was keeping them because her phone was full. She wants them, not that she doesn't want me to have them. She's texted me again today "sorry can you send me the pictures, please? Thanks" I don't know what to do. I know the best thing would be to send them and forget about it but I feel toyed. If I send them it's like I still give her what she wants even when the relationship is over (and I think her behaviour to overreact was based on this. I always gave her what she wanted). If I don't, I might be a bit immature. What should I do?

Something inside my foot?

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Hey guys, so when i walk i slightly feel a bit of pain on this spot on my foot. I had it for like a month already and i haven't thought about too much really. I don't know but i think it might be something inside my foot. Any idea guys?
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A girl I've been hanging out with and talking to a lot said "I find you more and more attractive everyday". I said "haha you must have a crush on me". She said "I'm starting too". Was she just joking? I changed the subject. A few days ago she started talking about what if we started dating and I changed the subject and she said "oh yea way to change the topic". Does she like me? I am seeing friends today and she said if she went she'd say she was my gf to them for some reason. I don't want to get hurt or friendzoned. I really like this girl but I don't want to confess my feelings for her. She still hangs out with her ex-bf who treats her like dirt.

break up

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break up >me 21 > first breakup where I've been dumped >finding it hard >can't eat properly >feel sick all the time >was a week ago >is this normal what do?
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Can anyone provide a logical reason as to why men need to wear condoms anyway? Most STDS are harmless, it's impossible to catch AIDS from a woman, and pregnancy can be easily prevented with the pill. It seems like condoms are another tool used just to emasculate and screw over men, like circumcision.
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Hey, I consider myself kinda straight but I am curious. So I have planned to meet up with another guy and experience things. I want to do this but I'm scared as hell and I still miss my ex. I will be okay right? PIC not related
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Hey /adv/ I need some help and kinda just need to vent >be 19 >always had a hard time making lasting connections >relationships/friendships only last a few months each >never really open up about certain things to anyone >be pansex >finally find a girl I dig >get along so well >pretty much my only friend >finally open up to her about some shit >it upsets her >next day I dont hear from her >day after I text her telling her sorry for upsetting her and if she wants tk hang >her response "sure" >you mad? Whats up talk to me >idk I think I need to detach myself from you >well...youre my best friend...what do I do >we can still be friends >havent heard from her since The last couple of days/nights ive snapped her pictures of things she likes. She'll open them and won't respond. Yesterday she posted a pic on IG with a new girl.... Ive just been taking midnight drives alone to all of our spots. Sit there and listen to Wilco. I have no one to talk to it about because I have no friends except my sister but she doesn't know im pan.. I feel so lame. Someone please just talk to me >pic related she drew this for me on snapchat while she was in greece


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Hey /adv/ I've put myself in a pretty not-good fix. So I've started dating this girl, pretty, interesting, keeps me on my toes. But I kind of feel like I only asked her out because I took her virginity. Now honestly I'd probably just go with it and date her for awhile and let her get sick of me, but I leave for the Army in 2 months and I know for a fact that when I go she'll be crushed, but the thing is if I break it off early it'll be just as bad for her. I guess what I need help with is how can I soften the blow for her?
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