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Anyone have any advice on moving money / items from one person to another with no trace?


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Just out of curiosity, when someone treats you like a petulant teenager is it better to shrug it off and play along with it like it doesn't bother you, or try to assert yourself as an adult?
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I don't like anything. Whenever I look at people my age, I find they're doing things I'm simply not doing. They like to hang out with friends. They like to go places. They like to drink, and do drugs. They like social gatherings. They like trying to find relationships. They like pursuing all sorts of trivial facets of life, whether they be pleasures or hardships, that all add up to a grand misadventure in the end of the day. I don't do any of that. The few times I've tried I felt like it was a waste of time and didn't make me any happier. I don't like trying to make friends, forming relationships or people in general, not even my own family. And while this might seem like an ample opportunity to pursue things that actually matter, I don't do any of that either. The few times I've tried I was just as unsuccessful. I'd go so far as to say I've never actually succeeded at anything meaningful in my entire life. Is there a cure for being this kind of asshole? I feel like the ultimate answer is "try harder," but it feels like everyone around me falls into these arbitrary parts of life without trying at all.
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My girlfriend used to have sex with her brother before we got together two months ago. She confessed this to me today, and was almost crying. She's such a hot little thing. Holy fuck, I shit you not, 9/10. Fucking amazing in bed too. 19 years old, damn. Well, why did I mention her brother? Because incest turns me on so much. I'm not gay, but I'd do anything to have a MMF threesome between us. She's a freak in bed and so am I. What concerns me is that she was crying when she admitted this to me, and she was ashamed. She's glad it's over now. So how do I bring this up?
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>23 >been going on dates/fucking a 7/10 34 y/o milf for the past 4 months >actually starting to get serious feels >shes seems to be hesitant of any commitment, hasn't even invited me to be her +1 at her cousins wedding. Is she just reliving her youth by having me as a boytoy? Her ex husband was military same as me. She likes riding with me on my crotch rocket , going on bike rides,and meeting up with my friends, but I have yet to meet any of her friends, is she embarrassed? The sex is great but I just dont see this going anywhere and I think I might be starting to fall in love, I just feel safe and secure around her.

Mattress Shopping

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GF and I are looking for a new mattress and we've written down a couple that we could go with but they range between $1200 and $1800 (the one manager knocked the $1800 one down to $1100, but I know that mattress prices are marked up astronomically to begin with) We can comfortably afford the prices but we'd obviously like to get them lower. Should *I* contact them or should I let *them* sweat it out and contact me?
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About a year ago, I had my first break-up. I wasn't even in a relationship with the girl - she was just a close friend and fuckbuddy - but it ended badly and hurt a lot. After a couple of months I realized it was going to take some time to get over her, so I disengaged from going after girls, and focused on improving the other things in my life. The problem is, I find nothing fulfilling anymore. I work out regularly and am in the best shape of my life. I started putting more effort in my work, and graduated with a first-class degree. I now have pretty good career prospects, and I've been accepted onto a program to volunteer in Africa. I still have a large circle of friends, and a pretty active social life. Despite all this, I just feel like my life is on standby until I meet someone great again. How do I enjoy being single again /adv/?
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I can't deal with stress anymore. Any kind of pressure or criticism at all sends me into a crippling panic. i have no concentration or focus, I get flustered and can't think or concentrate, I get clumsy, and generally just want to run away and hide. I've been like this for about a year. since then I've lost one job as a camp counselor, been laid off as a dishwasher, stopped going to college cuz I couldn't handle the 2 classes I was taking, went into a deep depression that lasted months. I had a panic attack (never had one before) when I was driving in the city cuz I got confused on where I was going,. tiny inconsequential things give me wild mood swings, either sending me into a rage or crying.I fucked up big at work today and now I'm panicking that I'll lose this job. I don't want to end up in another long depression. I can't even function. wtf do I do?

Overthinking much?

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Hi /adv/. I'm obsessed with archiving games in case piratebay goes down someday cause I'm always stressing about the fact that I'm not fully enjoying myself as much as possible, as if joy is a task that has to be accomplished efficiently because of my limited time on earth. One of the feelings I love the most is being comfy. It's why I like the winter so much - staying home, playing a videogame, having a warm cup of cocoa. Getting lost in my head. But I can't accomplish that state since I feel mortality is drowning me, like I'm in an hourglass and the sands are drowning me. tl;dr overly obsessed with the limited time we have on earth that I can't enjoy myself Btw I'm 22.

Requesting Help

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Anyone ere have any experience regarding anxiety, derealization, panic attacks, delusions, depressions, solipsism, existential angst, pure-OCD, and everything in between? I fucked myself up after smoking weed daily for a good couple months. one night I had a panic attack after smoking (post family member death, really had an effect on me in terms of fear of death and anxiety) and reading some shit on /x/ and have been having lots of LSA (limited symptom attacks) in between. I fear that I'm either insane, psychotic, some sort of schizo, or completely fucked. It's hard for me function now and I ignore my bodily needs and social needs aswell. my days are mostly spent in bed trying to battle my own thoughts. I've heard that this has happened to other people too and at this point I'll seek any advice or justification I can. currently taking Xanax and will soon be undergoing CBT. so, what do?

Sex in Public

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My girlfriend really likes the idea of sex in public, ie- parking lots, the park, the car. We've done it before multiple times, but I'm uncomfortable with it because I hate the idea of getting caught by a police officer. Does anyone know the laws regarding public sex (specifically in Missouri), or where I can access such information? Or advice for feeling more comfortable with public sex generally?
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Thinking about majoring in Math in college and I have a few questions. A) What's the level of rigor in a Math Major? I'm assuming that it's harder than business, but easier than most engineering disciplines. Is my assumption correct B) Will I have time to do other things while majoring in math? I know some engineering students who pretty much live in the library C) How difficult would it be to get above a 3.6 GPA? This is important because my GPA will either open or close doors to various career paths in the military as I'm also doing ROTC. To be competitive for the fields that I want a shot in, I would need to have a GPA above 3.6 or so. In the military, GPA matters much more than your major. If anyone could provide some insight, I would appreciate that!

recovering from hoarding

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I have a shitload of stuff in my room. Old toys, figurines, ornaments, decorations, rolls of fabric (great-grandma was a tailor), other things like that. 90% of it is too worn out to sell. 99% of it, I'm not using. I don't buy anything I don't need anymore. I already managed to get rid of most of my stuffed animals by sending them out to orphanages, but those hard toys are either too damaged or part of a set, so I don't know if anybody would accept them. We don't have charity shops here. I don't have any friends who have kids to give this stuff to either, and even so, I really doubt they'd want it. Thing is, the whole hoarding situation occurred because in my family, who lost everything due to the war, it's almost a sin to throw anything away. So now I find myself on top of a hoard I don't want yet can't part with. I imagine all those things laying on some rubbish mound or other for millions of years and I feel guilty, so guilty, even though it's not my fault. It's so fucking ridiculous and irrational, yet I can't overcome it. How the hell do I deal?
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What was your childhood like, /adv/?
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never posted here before. I need help with this girl that i feel might be into me. about 3 weeks ago i took my now ex gf to kickback with friends where this girl was at(ill call her victoria). 2 days later i hung out again with that group of friends this time without my ex as we broke up the day before. Victoria asked me where my gf was and i told her we broke up. she asked why, what happened all that. now during this time i noticed her and I catching eachothers eyes for about 5 seconds then looking away multiple times. later on i sat at the table with her and she was asking me what are you doing in school, blah blah stuff like that. we hung out again recently and we keep catching eachothers eyes. am i reading too much into this? was she sizing me up asking what im going to school for and all that?
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I'm devastated about Robin Williams' suicide. I'm weeping after reading about how Chris Farley died. What should I do?
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my girlfriend is really shy about one of my fetish ,even if when we did it she appeared to like it ,i asked her and she said she tought so....but now she doesn't want do talk about it ,how do i make her shyness desapaer? pls /adv/
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So I've had an online friend for nearly a year now that I've never honestly had much of an attraction to beyond our friendship. I met her recently at Comic Con in San Diego and I developed a deep infatuation for her. I've basically built up our relationship as a platonic one until this point and I can't get her out of my head. Even worse, she has a small crush on my best friend. Is there anything I can possibly do at this point?
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guys, how do I get color id's? /b/ just fucked with me. I want dem colazzz
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