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Anyone have any advice on moving money / items from one person to another with no trace?


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/adv/, I think I have depersonalization/derealization disorder. Another thread gave me the idea to simply google what I feel, and I happened across it. http://psychcentral.com/disorders/depersonalization-derealization-disorder-symptoms/ It sounds exactly like how I function. The feelings that are present but not necessarily "felt", a third person view of myself, and even the feeling that my reflection isn't really my reflection. Seems the same vein of thought, but where I am doesn't always feel quite real either. Exactly like being behind a glass wall. No real question to be asked, but I needed to say it somewhere. In real life it's hard to tell people these sorts of things, as it ruins my carefully crafted social connections. Maybe someone else here feels similarly..
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I need to confess some things I've done in my past. From ages 6-10 >pissed all over the toilet seat and lapped it all up >beat up two kids. one for not saying his ABCs right and the other for not returning my crayon fully stenciled >smelled and licked every member of my family's feet, young and old, ugly and qt, male and female with no discretion >smashed a girl's nose in for being a cunt to me. She needed surgery to get it corrected and it turned out she was tsun tsun for me. I did not get in any real trouble. >sat under a girl with really smelly feet and lightly fondled them while her friends talked to her and all but ignored me including her mom that came in to get her and ignored me as well >made two girls with down syndrome unbuckle my belt and pants at recess at age six >got two girls to sit on top of my face at age 8 There. I needed to get it off my chest. I don't care who listens and I dont care if you believe it, but if you guys could share experiences of things you did as a kid I'd probably feel better about it. How can I forget these memories w/o using a shrink?
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Can someone just tell me I'm going to be OK? >18 years old >first generation only child >have no family except my parents >rich >attending top 5 business school in the fall >set to make 150k a year out of college >arab mix, pretty fucking ugly >hate how I look >incredibly awkward around people I don't know, especially girls >no real hobbies I'm going to be ok, right guys?
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I'm devastated about Robin Williams' suicide. I'm weeping after reading about how Chris Farley died. What should I do?
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my girlfriend is really shy about one of my fetish ,even if when we did it she appeared to like it ,i asked her and she said she tought so....but now she doesn't want do talk about it ,how do i make her shyness desapaer? pls /adv/

Mental Health

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A bit of history: I am a 25 year old female with no drug or alcohol use. I have a previous diagnoses of anxiety, related to PTSD, depression and insomnia. I have, luckily been sleeping, eating and functioning just fine. However, i am under a ongoing and ungodly amount of stress at work and home. What has me worried is that I am experiencing symptoms that i have never had before, in short I am hallucinating. The other day I was on a road trip and thought for a second I saw a distorted deer figure standing upright on the side of he road and before that an old lady draped in black. It only lasted a blink of time, long enough for my brain to register that the solid figure I was seeing could not be there. Has anyone else with anxiety experienced this while under stress? Should i go back to be re-evaluated?

Medical Prognosis?

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About a year ago in July, I took 200, 200 Mg Ibuprofen in an attempt to kill myself. I threw it up, but recently I have been feeling pains in my abdomen, although not severe, they are noticeable. My urine is sometimes cloudy. I am wondering what sort of long term damage I may have caused. I do not want to go to a hospital, nor do I want to ask my doctor.
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I just don't know what to do with my life. I'm 19 years old. My family is urging me to go to college, but I refuse because I don't know what I want to do with my life, and coming from a poor family I don't want to rack up debt just on the off-chance that I might figure it out in college. I've been trying to get an entry-level job in the meantime while I figure it out. More applications sent out than I can remember. Not one response. I couldn't even get a job through the one connection I had. I have applied to a job at every place I can think of, and now I am down to just Craigslist ads. And I can't even get a response from those. I just want to be making money, but that seems impossible at the moment. So now the days are just flying by as I sit in my house perusing job ads, playing video games, and trying to figure out what I want to do in the long term. I feel like I am rotting, making no progress in life at all. Has anyone here ever been in this boat before? Any advice on finding a long-term goal in life, or just for getting a job in the short term? I am stagnating, I need to do something. I feel like the last year of my life has been for nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
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Okay /adv/ I need your help (Obviously) Basically, I shaved my pubic area like a retard and it got infected. I've been using antibiotic cream around the area as well as showering and cleaning the area three times a day and it seems like it's going down. I was told by you to use antibiotics as well as the antibiotic cream, but if I can, I'd much rather avoid that conversation with a doctor. My question, is that i have antibiotics that were given to me for a strep throat type of thing, and they're called Azithromycin Can I use these to help speed up the process of reducing the affected area of my genitals? Or will it not help/make it worse. I don't know much about antibiotics and if taking specific kinds if you have a different kind of problem is bad for you. Thanks in advance >gif unrelated
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ive spent the last 2 hours kicking and crying in bed cutting myself and taking aleve and meloxicam. i dont want to die i just want someone to help me but no one cares enough to do so because they're sick of me being depressed and anxious and mean all the time. i'm sick of it too. i dont even know what kind of help i can get. pic only somehwat related
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Hey /adv/, I'm going to be going to MEPS soon to enlist in the military and could use some advice on my application. Things I have against me: >ADHD >took Ritalin for ADHD (not in 8 years) >went to counseling for 4 months 5 years ago, nothing diagnosed >not on application but right on line for hearing standards What should I do? Leave the stuff it asks off? Try to get current doctor to sign off I'm not "affected" anymore? >inb4 don't try, I want to at least see if I can make it >pic related, branch I'm enlisting in
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Hey adv. dumb fuck here who got into emotional relationship with GP. Both realise. GP moved away. I moved away. Now, emotional wreck. Tried going to shrink, managed to get the one Indian (inb4 racist), talk is hard. Have history if sexual abuse, former alcoholic, depressed schizo. tldr; got into emotional relationship with doctor. What do? How to move on?
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>make account on OKcupid >too pretentious for the pleb girls >not pretentious enough for the pretentious girls what do
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My only current choice for living arrangements is... basically something you'd see a squatter live in. It is my legal property. and it's more or less free. It has doors that lock, four walls etc, but there is fiberglass piled everywhere, including adorning every wall and the ceiling, as if they were never fully built. Large damp clumps of it, along with ceiling remnants, occasionally fall to the floor in the night. I've heard endless shit about fiberglass, and even if every last bit of it's bollocks, it's not like it's a big pile of fluffy pillows. So my question is, exactly how much will my health be fucked if I live within these walls for prolonged periods of time every day, as a very long term arrangement?
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Heya adv, was wondering what you would do in my shoes. so I'm gearing up for military. All I gotta do is work on my pull ups and I wait about 6 months, and I'm good to go. I scored a 96 and I bypass their quotas. Thing is, my computer is here (1500$ insurance claim for USPS) and I have an ok gig, but no transportation, my grandma is a nurse that is frequently on call. Now, I doubt my claim will come through, so I have no car and civilization is a ways away. On the other hand, I can go with my parents in their trailer to their home they are gonna fix up and sale, in a small travel trailer. means fast food, junk, no reliable way to eat healthy or get exercise, as well as having to live in a small confined space with my family (read: my mother is an extreme victim narcissist). But I can more likely find a job, and transportation becomes a non-issue. They may also cover a month of two of my bills.
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So I am in a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) And it was going great for a long time. Until the girl started talking to me less and less,and then talked to me more and more then she keeps having mood swings every fucking day. I can't tell if she is just bi polar or is she is just doing something behind my back. I have been a bit paranoind before since well I have had prior experience to cheating so of course I would be a little on edge but you decide. Below are some excerpts from our chats. "Hey ---- before i go uhm Your life its not only me so ...well i dont know how to say it but have fun see you later" "Well i dont like to say you are mine it sounds ...weird to me now but i can say i want you to be with me!" Darling I love you so much i cant wait to do all yne things we said and we are still planning to do together oh boy oh boy And you know im super excited to get to know your family and now ... knowing all those things i want to introduce myself to your parents so bad and I love you so fucking much no one will ever be mine but you!!!" So what do you think people? Cheating? Mood Winger? Bitch? Keep in mind some names were taken out for protection.
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Ok /adv/. My favorite NBA team has just opened up an internship in my city, and I really want the position because: 1) this would fulfill my last graduation requirement 2) I need money I have been watching this team since I was three years old and they need a writer. Writing is all I want to do in life, and to have a chance at doing it for pay from my favorite sports team would be a dream come true. Do you have any tips for what my Cover Letter should say? I want them to know how passionate I am about this position without seeming needy.
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Were you ever mugged? what kind of advice could you give? tools you use to protect yourself? I'm tired of feeling anxiety when I go out at night, and think about buying a gas bomb and a kubotan
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