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Anyone have any advice on moving money / items from one person to another with no trace?


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How do I into adulthood?

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Help me get my first job, /adv/. If you don't want to cringe, I would suggest you keep on scrolling. 19 y/o 'Murricunt NEET with absolutely no social skills here. Yes, I'm pathetic. Yes, I am a shameful existence. That doesn't need to be pointed out. I'm doing my best to try to work on not being a complete cunt and get my life out of the gutter, and I figured getting a job would be the best thing for me. My roommate is leaving his job at McDonalds soon and is going to put a good word in for me. He keeps telling me that the job is piss easy, that it's great for a first job, and I won't have any problems once I learn what to do. I would take this chance in a heartbeat, but my only problem is I don't know how to talk to people. I can't stay like this my whole life, but I just don't know what to say, when to say it, what to do in certain situations, and so on. I have everything lined up for me and I'm basically guaranteed the job, I just don't know how I'll handle it, nor how to deal with public humiliation when (not if) I do fuck up. How do? I'm not good with numbers, either; will the machines calculate everything for me, including change? If not, I'm basically fucked, you wouldn't believe how retarded I am when it comes to math. I'm not sure how I even graduated high school. I swear I'm retarded/autistic/both. >tl;dr >getting first job but have no social skills >how do I not fuck up
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So this just happened to me on tinder. Do you think she's just bullshitting me because I didn't say yes? If so do you think there's any way that I can save this?


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I have repeated mental breakdowns. I am both a victim and awful person in other people's eyes. I'm paranoid, enough so to be put on anti-psychotics. Can't afford treatment. Going to college soon, no real plan. Incapable of making a realistic path for my future, although I'm average intelligence. I have nothing to be thankful for my life is falling apart, or so it seems... mainly, I just cannot live anymore. what do?
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Okay guys, got a gf. But I'm not sure she's a keeper. What's your opinion? >21 >Has slept with 5 men before me (no long serious relationships) >Great sex, very kinky likes being spanked, choked, I get titjobs, roleplay, anal, etc >Lame handjobs and meh blowjobs, though >awesome long cuddling >likes pleb vidya, anime, and her nerdy beta orbiter friends got her into magic and dnd >Fat >Low class trailer trash family >adores me >curses too much >thinks I'm judgemental but doesn't think she can do better so she doesn't really fight me on it (she's right on both counts) What do you think? Can a loser from 4chan do better than this?

basic mechanics

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What's up, /adv/ I'm supposed to calculate the momentum for all angles: 0<?<pi/2 with regards to the point O. The given values are a=0.8m , and the distance AB is actually a force moving upwards with 2.5kN, OB is a distance of 3*a=2.4. Note: AB is a cylinder
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Anyone here got dermatillomania or other self-destructive anxiety problems? I'm a girl who used to absolutely despise her appearance due to several things happening, and somehow I managed to get this really fucked up habit of standing ages in front of the mirror and looking for imperfections. I don't have acne, but I have oily skin with shittons of blackheads. The thing is, I'm sort of okay with myself nowadays, but if I don't pay attention to myself I still occasionally drift away after I've washed my face in front of our giant bathroom mirror and pick at/destroy my face without even realizing what I'm doing. It only ever happens when I'm particularly angry/anxious/depressed, but I have to live with looking like a fucking meth addict for a few days every time it happens. I've tried therapy, not for this problem but for the "root" of the issue and it hasn't really worked, and SSRIs just made me worse... Anyway, I'm slowly getting better at controlling my impulses and using that negative energy on stuff that isn't harming myself/picking at my face, but it still happens sometimes. Just recently I managed to make my forehead all imflamed/sore from picking at it and it looks ugly as shit.
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>24 y/o KV >No friends >High school and University were shit >Working a dead-end job until I can find something on my level What's supposed to be the best time of your life (high school or university, depending on who you ask) is over. I have practically no life experience and I'm horribly limited in my social capabilities. It feels like my life is already over. From this point onward, men will be more and more busy with their families while all the good women are getting in long term relationships or getting married. I'm already reaching the phase where there are only leftovers, it seems. What do? Is there any hope for me or should I just accept that I missed the boat a long time ago?
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How do I lose a serious tan I got after a couple days on swimming in the sun with no sunscreen?
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Hello. My girlfriend had her period like 2 weeks ago but just the day before today she told me she is on her period again. Another thing is that today she had blood but she said that it was not normal period blood, it was like she was scratched or something (something highly unlikely as she has been away for a while so I couldn't have scratched her by mistake). She is going to call her gynecologist but can someone tell what could be going on cause I am really starting to get worried
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So I'm recently out from a very long-term relationship, and thought I would try the online dating thing. I have been sending conversational messages with questions and info. from profiles, but I was wondering something. Would it be imprudent, or creepy to send follow-up messages to those who didn't respond and ask why they didn't? For constructive purposes. I generally feel pretty malleable, and the whole "profile thing" just seems immodest and artificial anyway, so why not tweak it using feedback? If someone just isn't attracted, that's fine, but if I'm making missteps along the way with someone who otherwise might have been interested, I would like to try to be aware of those. TL;DR : Asking why someone didn't respond on dating sites for constructive purposes, y/n?
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My mom makes the simplest task the most infuriating ones this is an example of shit she's been doing for years >on tuesday, decide that Im going to clean the inside of my car on friday, mention it to my mom >she reminds me constantly to not forget to clean my car >like 3-4 times a day constantly >it's only thursday and now the thought of something that was simple is now annoying >I don't want to do it because I've stressed about it when I have to say "okay, got it", "yeah I know" every 6 hours Am I go fucking crazy or is this a normal thing for moms to do?
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I get the feeling the more time I let go by the harder will be for me to fix my shit. I'm kinda tempted to just get on my bike and go away, maybe ride for a few weeks and then off myself. Technically I know what I shoul do, but I just can't live with the feeling that everybody thinks I'm kinda retarded and a failure, and that they have to take care of me. Prove them wrong? too late I already fucked up, I honestly would rather just go away.
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I don't want another tattoo, so I was thinking of getting my tongue pierced. What's the best way to do it? Less painful and the sort here's some ass for advice
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I got this bullshit wart on my foot that's damn near impossible to cover with duct tape to suffocate it. If you didn't know, duct tape is probably the best way to get rid of wart on your body. About two weeks ago, I bought Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Wart Remover which doesn't do jack shit. I used the shit like two times a day for a week and the shit's almost empty. I know the directions say not to use it that often, but online reviews say the shit doesn't work in one use and that you SHOULD use it a few times a week for best results. I'm almost out of the Dr. Scholl's and I was wondering, could you use salt and ice to freeze a wart away? The two form some kind of super cold bond that sticks to whatever it's touching. As painful as it may sound, it is, but that's none of your concern. tl;dr, can I use salt and ice bond to freeze away a wart?
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My girlfriend's hair is rapidly thinning and it scares me. I don't know why, if it's her birth control, stress, or something else but over the past 5 months my girlfriends hair has thinned a LOT. Weirdly only along the part of her hair at the side of her head....but it's still really damn thin, like under light I can see a lot of scalp. I'm worried because it's really unattractive and I can't stop focusing on it. She used to have such full hair and it was something i was really attracted to. And now I can't stop thinking about what will happen if this gets worse and if I will be dating a balding like really balding girl. I mean this girl is amazing and I love her and we've been together for a little over a year and a half. But fuck it's really unattractive. With her old thick hair though she's fucking so attractive.


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Hello forum users! TL;DR: I want to bang my new roommate whats the best way to do this So yeah basically its just us 2 in the house for the rest of this week, people are moving in this weekend She has been really nice and she keeps dropping hints about not wanting to sleep in her bed alone (mentioned it at least 5 times in 2 days) We've touched longer than normal if that makes sense. She hangs out in my room and even lays on my bed. We've been kind of reserved, not overtly flirtatious (even though its just us in the house) i think just because we don't know each other and we're supposed to live together for the next 12 months so neither of us wants to make a mistake but i definitely think she wants something to happen and i know i do. She also keeps saying she wishes we had a movie to watch and i know what that means I probably could have gone for it yesterday but i was being a pussy because i was pretty blazed you know how it is. Today i am definitely not blazing until later but i want to make something happen tonight because people are moving in on Saturday So how do i make a move when we're both laying on my bed talking? I'm going to try and subtly touch her but idk how to make a physical move like this without creeping her out which can't happen cause i gotta live with this bitch for the next year Pic related: what i feel like right now. I want to stop analyzing the situation and trying to interpret signals and just do it just get into it yanno
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Recently got into a relationship, and I think I'm becoming obsessed. When I'm with her everything is fine, but when she is away I'm either really sad, or I become physically I'll How can I rid myself of this obsession? Also, how can I make her obsessed with me? Thanks in advance for the response.
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>broken big toe >no cast, just bandaged and in one of those goofy boot / shoe things >right foot >want to drive is it safe? i drove around the block and it seemed okay but i dunno. i'm sure a doctor would say not to just because it's ultimately safer, but i don't see a lot of extra risk from any other day
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