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Anyone have any advice on moving money / items from one person to another with no trace?


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Meeting random girl

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How do I speak to a girl I don't know and start a conversation? We make eye contact quite a bit but I just don't know what to say.
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Asked this in a current thread but looking for any other insights: Met a girl during a post-graduate course we were doing earlier this year. It finished in May and we were texting a little bit afterwards. Whilst in the conversation she stopped replying. No big deal I thought. About a month later in mid June she replies back, says 'sorry' for not replying back. I respond, text back and forth a couple of times that day. Again she doesn't reply back (after having replied back fast and with huge messages previously). Alright, not interested. Fast forward to yesterday, she sends me a message asking how I am etc. Also includes the answer to the simple question in the conversation we were having 45 days ago, then includes 'sorry haha' for not replying and admits that was 'rude', but gives no reason why. I've not replied and am leaning towards not doing so. We had got on really well during the course but I gather she's not that interested / I'm not a priority. What confuses me is why even write back after 45 days? Thoughts?
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Hey /adv/, I know you guys are proabably sick of all these whiny arse threads and shit but I'm gunna post this one anyway, I'll green text it to make it short. >be me on my way to work yesterday >just casually glancing outside the window of the bus >a face catches my attention >turns out to be an ex-girlfriend from nearly a year ago with a friend some other dude >feelsweirdman.jpg >they get on a bus as soon as I get off >the thought of her plaguing the back of my the whole of the day and still this morning So my question is, is this fucking normal? Like goddamn, I liked her a lot at the time we were going out but now I just feel like a fucking psycho still having feelings there. I try just to think of her as some chick I just fucked but it makes it worse if than anything. Sorry for this gay arse thread again. Just need to vent to strangers on the internet.

Not sure what to do

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There's this stray kitten (about a month or two old) I found in our backyard which I saved from our dogs. I tried leaving it outside our house, and it wouldn't stop following me and ended up staying in our garage and climbing up the engine of our cars. Having experienced cats getting killed inside our car's engine, I decide to take it up to our balcony and maybe find a better home for it. I checked the balcony sometime ago and the kitten was missing. It turns out that it jumped to the other side of this pretty high wall that separates our community from another. It's meowing for me I think. It's 10 pm do I scale the wall and grab the cat. Or will it be able to survive on its own?
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Guys I want an insight to your way of thinking: I don't get the whole " she was just for a fuck, you are relationship material" thing. The way I see it, if you want some girl in a sexual way, you want to be with her- only the girl is not available for relationship or you are lying to yourself about not wanting to be with her.
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How do I know if a girl likes me? First off, I never had a gf or anything of that sort for various reasons, so I have no idea. Anyway, here's the story >meet foreign girl who was on vacation in the region through a mutual friend >spend 2 days with her and some other friends >hang out with her most of the time >arrange to hang out with her again a few days later before she goes back home >in the morning she texts me about the meet up. she also mentions that she had some crazy dreams that night (which I forgot to ask about) >spend an afternoon showing her some nice spots around my city and having a good time >get her on the train home and we say our goodbyes, we'll keep in touch etc etc. >remember I was supposed to give her back a necklace I was holding on to for her >text her about it >she says she forgot about it as well because we were having so much fun Does she like me or could this just have been like a thing where she just wanted to spend some time with a local? Won't be seeing her for a few weeks/months though pic related
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Posting this again, had no replies… Ex and I kept seeing each other because we still cared. Contact on and off. She would block and ignore me. Last contact was 6 weeks ago. She said she didn't want a lot of contact or it would feel like a relation(?). Ok fine. Eventually we ended up Skyping for like 5 hours every day. This came from her side. Calls me in the middle of the night because she had trouble falling asleep. Talk to her, falls asleep. Next day the first thing she says "this does not mean I want you back" and she is not in love anymore. Feels like friends with benefits. I finally man up and want to stop this because I don't want to hear about her new bf or stories. Sarcastic: "let's be sexbuddies then ;)". She gets mad and says that is why I am a perverted man. Blocks me eveywhere. Week later receive asking ME why I blocked her? Ignore for 2 days, can't hold it. Reply. Calls me. Talk. Tells me she kissed someone. Tells me she slept with a "friend" and that he "did not really" touch her. Next day sent her a mail saying she is like the rest. A slut. I would not care if she got ran over by a car. Yes stupid and childish. I was mad and hurt. She used the reason I cut contact to hurt me. Was awake whole night. She replies with a mail saying I am a dangerous psychopath who would eventually hit her and more. Blocks me everywhere. Ignores me. Thinking it really is over now. Few days ago I search up someone on FB. Name starts with the same letters. She shows up in the instant search meaning she unblocked me. Check Whatsapp. Unblocked me. Should I block her?! Is she plotting a plan to hurt me again? I still care obviously, thought I was doing ok. My friends keep telling me I should let it go. But now I can't stop thinking "why did she unblock me? Is she curious? Does she care?" >tl;dr ex unblocks me after weeks and a mail telling me I am a dangerous psycho because I sent a mail containing "slut" and "whore" because SHE really hurt me. Should I block her?
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I'm just venting a bit here. My family is very, very patriarchal. I've known that from the start. My parents really make no effort to hide the fact that they think sons are the best, that they're smarter and easier and the pride of the family. But I'm not a guy. I feel ashamed that I have these issues when I'm turning 20 in two days, that my concerns sounds like a bratty teenager's, but I feel overwhelmed and helpless and I really want company right now. One who wouldn't know who I really am and therefore wouldn't have to shift uncomfortably in their seats. I grew up with little self esteem to begin with. It's a clichéd story, but I was bullied up to High School. My mom abuses me at home too, calling me a freak, fatso, ugly, beating me up with brooms and belt buckles, locking me in a darkened toilet, inviting my little siblings to make fun of me for being an outcast at school, that kind of stuff. But I'd like to say that I at least had okay grades. Now that I'm free from bullying, I even get tuition cuts for my great score at uni. My brother never had to do anything. He has never done any chores for 14 years of his life. He disrespect me and my parents are okay with it, even reprimanding me for "nagging". My parents half heartedly tell him to stop when he hits me, but wouldn't hesitate to beat me up if I try to hit him back. It's okay for him to call me names, but I can't defend myself. I've been trying so hard. Life is getting better, but I can't feel happy about it. I can't even getting away. My country doesn't offer student loans so if I were to get away, I'll have to give up college. But I feel like I'm slowly rotting away at this house. With all the sexism going in my society, I even find myself beginning to resent men in general. I know good people are good and bad people are bad, but it's starting to get really hard to trust men for me.

Hair advice

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Hello /adv/, sandnigger here. My hair is all wild now, can /adv/ tell me what to do with it? I want to keep them long, but how can I make them look better? Don't want to straighten them.
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hey guys A little more than a month ago, one of my teeth was hurting me very much so I went to the emergency dentist. He found a decay so he dug it and put a bandage. He said I needed a root canal. A month later I've still haven't done it because I was really overbooked. Now I'm trying to get in touch with my dentist but it seems he's on vacation. I've had the bandage for more than a month. My tooth doesn't hurt at all, but for a few days it's been starting to hurt when I eat/drink some stuff. How long can it last ? Am I risking severe tooth pain any time soon ? I'm harassing my dentist phone machine right now. pic not related
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>bf's birthday last year, got him a bag of cool things I found for him online/a homemade blanket/a card/took him to dinner at a nice restaurant >raised to give presents that are thoughtful and to enjoy doing it >my birthday rolls around >bf doesn't have a gift of any kind for me, despite dating for more than a year >dollar store card with his name signed quickly >didn't take me anywhere I know that you guys are probably going to call me selfish, but I just feel like such shit right now. I don't know what to do in this situation. I feel like he didn't even remember my birthday until a notification came up on Facebook, despite me mentioning it. What do?
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My penis gets extremly hard when I'm with this one girl I had sex with plenty of girls but with this one I feel like I'll go mad i don't know what it is what is it?
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Would you have casual sex with an old classmate who you turned down before? I just got back from a reunion dinner with people from my old highschool. A girl I turned down back then turned out really well now (she was twenty pounds heavier and was pretty much an outcast back then). Now she's hotter. Not the hottest in the room, but far above the standard. After talking to her, I think she's mentally over me now. But she's been flirting and I know she wouldn't mind something casual. We're going to the bowling alley two days from now with the others so I can probably see her again. Is this a bad idea or not? Would you guys jump at the chance?
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>be 21 >single >work for a living >summer >students come and work with us for a few weeks in the summer >having an incredibly cute 18 year old student girl smiling at me everytime i see her >alot, and aloooot of butterflies in my stomach when she does that >never really had a long conversation with her except previous week when I walked into her >Next week's her last week with us what do

meeting my Dad

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hey guys, i need some /adv/ise. im about to meet my Dad tomorrow for the first time in 10 months.(im 20) but i have no idea what kind of activites to do with him other than sitting in a cafe and talk, and that is too boring for my taste. tl;dr what should anon do with his father.

How do you guys figure out your sexual partners?

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I'm a dom, I have an on and off again girlfriend who is a sub, we've been moving into group sex but haven't really been able to figure out how to judge who would be a good sexual partner and who wouldn't be a good sexual partner. We typically just post pictures on craigslist and then make people send us there sexual fantasies. What do you do for group sex, threesomes, kinky partners?

Financial Aid

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just getting ready to go to college but I already fucked up I forgot to link my FAFSA to TAP (who give you a good chunk of cash). I submitted it 2 days after the deadline. anyone else submitted their TAP late? how did it work out?
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Hey adv, is online schooling worth anything? Will it negatively impact a student's future?
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