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Anyone have any advice on moving money / items from one person to another with no trace?


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>start dating new guy >things are going great, know he has to go back to college soon but not for awhile >plays college football and still has to get his medical/get cleared >continue spending time together, says he wants to come up and see me on weekends >I got back from vacation yesterday, he picked me up from the airport and tells me he's leaving for football on Sunday >He's a great guy but we've only been hanging out for a month, I want to keep seeing him but I'm not sure if him going back to school will work out >This school is 2-3 hours from where we live and he says he comes up frequently enough Any similar situations out there? Can an LDR actually be functional?

Additional College Loans

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So I need about $20,000 in additional loans to fill in the gap that my Federal Financial Aid cannot help me with. My parents are unwilling to help and in all honest I have nothing as far as credit (neighter good or bad as I have no credit history at all). So what can I do to acquire the rest of the funds I need to make the next two semesters happen. Please advise.
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Grill here. I have no female friends. I don't hate other women. I'm not a huge raging cunt. (at least, I don't think I am) I think my problem is that my personality is autistic as hell and girls can sense it. Pic related, this is the kind of shit that cracks me up. I have a couple female friends who are always "too busy" to hang out with me, and when they do hang out with me they often don't understand things I make references to or understand things I find amusing. I'm not total sperg-level. I am heavily (perhaps more than other girls I have met) interested in fashion, make up, and other girly stuff like that. I think I'm an agreeable person with a lot of patience. The only girls I've met who enjoy hanging out with me are the ones who surpass my sperg level. (Worthing noting I don't actually have autism/aspergers but I am pretty socially inept and have strange interests) Normally I wouldn't be too worried but lately I've just been clinging on to my boyfriend and I think he wants me to go hang out with other girls. Poor guy.
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Hi >Have GF of 5 months now >She knows I have a foot fetish, so lets me do whatever I want with her feet, and damn does she have nice feet >Recently been getting into her fetishes too, she was slow to open up about it >She has a blood fetish >Wants to cut me and shit and do things with my blood, namely ingest it so I can "always be with her" How would you even go about this? I'm assuming we would both have to be tested or some shit. Anyone know anything about blood fetishes?
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What does one really do if you fuck up college? I don't feel like i have any identity or worth anymore. I can't really get a job, because i can't think of anyone with a sane mind who would want to hire someone who has spent the last 6 years fucking things up. Most of the time i can only see one way out, and that is death, because i can't seem to find the strength to repair all the damage i've done to my own life so far, and i can't really deny that it's not all my own fault because it is. Life seems hopeless and not worth living.
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Dating this 30 y.o and I'm a 23 y.o virgin. I've done everything except penetration. I have an another insecurity too. My penis is average, 6x5 but it's tiny when flaccid. What do? :(
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>want a facebook profile >nobody to add >nothing to post >don't like to talk to people I just feel so left out. Everybody looks at me like I'm some fucking weirdo when I tell them I don't use Facebook.
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So I've been talking with a guy on OKC for a little while. I like him, and I plan to ask him out, but I'm a bit of an autist and I want to time it right. We're both currently out of town, and we won't be able to meet for another 3 weeks. So should I tell him now that I want to see him 3 weeks from now, or should I just ask him then? Also what's the standard amount of time between meeting and fucking? I'm pretty inexperienced and don't want to come off as either prudish or slutty.
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I've never thought I was very attractive. I'm 5'7, never had the best skin, and just never thought I was a good looking guy. I've always been extremely confident, but never have I thought myself to be physically attractive. I'm 23 and a male. Then, I got hired at this fine dining restaurant four weeks ago. All of my co-workers, the men and the women, are extremely attractive. One of these girls, I swear to you, 9/10, nervously came up to me and introduced herself, giving me her number. I also overheard this same girl asking about me to another co-worker who is also gorgeous. She said I was attractive. I guess the point is that I'm just now figuring out that I may not be as unattractive as I thought. Any tips dealing with this? It's a lot to take in at once.
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i'm i going to die ? >i don't want to go to real doctor
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I have a few questions about the after effects of rough sex, because I'd like to know what I might be putting my partner through (consensually of course!) before I attempt it. Does your anus hurt the day after rough anal? Does your throat hurt after throatfucking? How does the vagina compare? Also, general sex questions I guess.
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Hi /adv/, How do I dress more femininely? What kinds of clothes would suit me? I've tried wearing dresses but I feel gross in them. I don't know how to put on make-up either, or what make-up would suit my skin for that matter. I'd ask my female friends, but I think I'd die of embarrassment, so I'd appreciate any advice. pic related, its me.
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my gf said that if she would get accidentally pregnant, she "wouldn't be sure if she could abort it". The only protection we use is the pill. now i haven't had sex with her since and I want to start using condoms again. how do i bring this to her without giving her the feeling that i don't trust her? i do trust her as a person, but 1. i'm not sure how safe the pill is (99% isn't sufficient if you have sex twice a day month in month out) 2. we are both pretty heavy drinkers and sometimes she vomits in the morning and took the pill only 3-4 hours before
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Not using your muscles make them atrophy and weaken. Not taking any actions and remaining sedentary seems to weaken your will and initiative in a similar manner. I know exercise is supposed to help against depression, but what other activities would do it too, I already do some exercise but that only occupies an hour or two, and spending the rest on the internet and 4chan is rotting my brain, what kind of activity can one do in an apartment to disconnect from the idle surfing and feel a bit more active? I do play games and they provide a nice disconnect. But I'd rather find something that makes me leave the computer.
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Any guy housewives here? I guess I'm not technically a housewife, because I'm not married, but me and my girlfriend have been together for over 10 years. I have a really bad anxiety disorder, so it's really, really hard for me to hold down a job when I'm constantly having panic attacks and entering survival mode for no reason. So I just stay home all the time and get stoned and make sure the house is super nice and all the errands are ran. She makes plenty of money. We don't have any interest in children. I don't have interest in any other woman. She's cool with me looking at porn, but honestly I'd rather just wait and fuck her later. Any other dudes got it made in the shade as housewives? Got any tips?
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Guys, my sister brought this home, and I don't know WHAT to fucking do, It's scared shitless. Kinda turtle is it? I also need immediate food, because I don't know when it last ate. Main question is, how do you care for a turtle?
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Greetings /adv/. As a recent college graduate, I now need to think about paying back my student loans. Sucks obviously, but I got a job that will let me scrape by. Anyway, I'm wondering about my credit score. I can pay all the loans no problem, but will it be even better for my credit score if I get a credit card and use it to pay them off?
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I want to make friends but I'm not sure how. Does anyone have advice on how to make that happen for me? I feel lonely and want a group of friends to do things with etc. I'm 20 and have had a bf for the last 4 years. In high school I was quiet and self kept, didn't look to make friends because I was shy but the prettiest girls in school always befriended me. Now that I don't go to college and I'm still that shy girl I don't really know how to make friends. Btw, high school gfs are either away at college or I stopped talking to them for always trying to take me out to the bar/club scene (full of retards I can't have a decent conversation with) that I'm not really into.
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