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31st August 2014
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Anyone have any advice on moving money / items from one person to another with no trace?


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So I'm wondering if my boyfriend would be into bro/sis role-play. He always comments on how tiny I am, how he likes to pin me down, etc. Last time we had sex he said: "I can see why you said you give off the little sister vibe to some people. It's true. But honestly, I think it's really hot." I blushed and made some comment about how we look alike and then he was like, "And we're the perfect little age gap (5yrs)... oh, wait, that would be 2-3 for a friend's little sister. This is more like you were about to start high school after I had finished." I don't know if this is a bad thing but I got really wet and we had some crazy sex. Do you think he's trying to suggest a role-play scenario? I'm too shy to ask unless I'm pretty sure!!
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My girlfriend has a strong Texas/Dallas accent and it's kind of embarrassing when she speaks around my (English, upper middle class) parents. Is there anything I can do to make her stop, or to make her lose her voice?
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I lost my virginity at an old age (24, from the Middle Eastern, so yeah) and sex still makes me nervous. I get really nervous and literally start shaking every time things become sexual with a girl I am attracted to. I am obsessed with my lack of skill/experience. At the beginning I was preoccupied with losing my virginity and believed that everything will be alright after I do, but it only got harder. However, there is that fat female acquaintance who I am not that attracted to, but when she invited herself to my place and asked for sex in a semi explicit manner I was not nervous and I did it. It was obvious that I was new into this and we joked about it. She then offered to be my FWB and teach me what I need to start getting comfortable with other girls (or something like that, her own words). I am considering accepting her offer. Your thoughts?


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I've been seeing this girl a few times now and we've reached the point where kissing is natural and obviously desired. She obviously wants me to kiss her, and flirts with me, and I put my arm around her as well and we sit really close in an intimate setting etc. But I just cannot work up the nerve to kiss her. The idea frightens me and I just can't do it. I am seriously trying to make myself do it, but taking the initiative is just so hard. Any ideas on how to work on this?
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So I am in college. Meet a girl that shares some classes with me out one night. Landed up making out with her. We've been seeing each other for the past few weeks and I can feel that she is into me a lot more than I am into her. Dont get me wrong, I really enjoy spending time with her and she is attractive. I just dont feel anything, I want to, but I dont. I feel like a piece of shit for leading her on too. I want to end things, but still be friends with her? How do I do this? I don't want her to hate me. Shes a virgin and keeping herself for marriage, I respect that. I am also a virgin, I just dont want her to think that I dropped her because of this, which she is probably going to assume. It honestly isnt the reason. I really think she is into me though, I mean she let me finger her a few times. Apparently I was the first guy that she ever let do that to her and she has been in two long term relationships... I really do wish I felt something, but I dont. Im not repulsed by her at all, but making out with her seems like a chore and it shouldnt... I really cant fault her on anything, she has been the perfect girl I am just a fucktard for not liking her. I really dont know what to do.
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hey /adv/, any advice on dealing with anxiety? i've got my driving test on monday. this is now the 3rd time I'll be taking it. every time i've fucked up because of nerves and forgetting basic shit. my teacher is mad because he says i'm one of the best/most natural drivers he has ever taught and he can't understand how I keep fucking up. how can i get my nerves under control and not blow it this time? it's just getting worse because i've already failed twice so am getting really anxious about passing this time.
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are penises supposed to curve up?

I'm Done.

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I'm in my mid-twenties and have always been a big drinker, mainly weekends or big events. Trust me when I say the amount I'd consume was ridiculous. I recently started a laid-back job that is great, save for the pay. Due to my inability to cope with the high-stress of my last job, I began drinking almost every evening, usually to excess. This went on for two months before I left. Now that I'm able to take a step back and see how destructive this is, I want and need to stop. I also don't want to end up with tons of health issues like some other alcoholic relatives. Is it safe to go cold turkey after such a history of drinking?

Jobs, what the fuck?

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What the fuck do I do with my life? I'm so overwhelmed right now I don't even have a clue what to do. I have no idea what to pursue for a career, everything that looks alright always ends up being a bad idea and all the advice people give me is always later contradicted by other people. In high school I thought it would be a good idea to be an english teacher. Everyone thought it was a great idea, my teachers and guidance councilors said it was great, my parents were happy and wanted me to go to university. Well I get to my second year when I find out how impossible it is to get a teaching job in Canada. Furthermore I realize that I will get no other job with an english degree. So I dropped out, worked for a while, paid off all my debt and saved up a couple grand. Then I thought for a while about what I want to be and came to the idea of Athletic Therapist. It's something interesting, I love kinesiology, the health care field was said to be expanding in Ontario and all health related jobs were a good idea. I emailed an Athletic Therapist I saw once and asked her about it and she said she loved her job and that it was a good idea, that work could be hard to get but its always there if you look for it. So I started taking classes so I could meet the requirements to get into the program. Well guess what I injured myself and went back to see that same therapist. Today as she was working on me we were talking and she mentioned how hard it is to make money these days, that even for her its not great and she considers herself extremely lucky to have found work at a clinic and that her current intern is freaking out about finding work and doesn't know what to do and she can't help her because she doesn't know either. What the fuck? So now this avenue looks like a dead end as well. I guess she didn't want to break the truth to me over an email? Or just that canned enthusiastic "yeah I love my job, you can do it too if you work hard enough!" bullshit people say.
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Hi /adv/, Need some academic advice. My advisor, who I'm supposed to be doing research with this month disappeared. He went to Kashmir, but we were supposed to be checking in on the regular - we scheduled a Skype meeting for 8/12 that he never showed up to. I sent a follow up on 8/12 after the meeting was scheduled asking if he was ok and letting him know about my progress and questions, but I haven't heard back. I sent another email 2 days ago updating him on my progress and re-asking my questions, got nothing back. He's usually very hands on and accessible - we've been working on this all summer, and I've got emails at least every other day all summer to show for it. I'm worried he's dead or annoyed at me for asking so many questions. What can I do to figure this out? I really need him to look over the paper that we're writing together before I submit it to a conference on 8/30. A friend suggested emailing a colleague to see if he's heard from my prof, but my prof is a new hire and if he is just on vacation and doesn't want to deal with me, I don't want to rat him out. I'm going to have a final draft of this paper done by tomorrow. I'm thinking if I hear nothing by Tuesday I'll contact his colleague just to see if he's OK. Is that reasonable? Is there anything else I can do to figure out WTF is up with him?
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I need some advice on ideas for programming projects. Been self-taught for about 2 years now & recently have hit a brick wall in my learning. Literally any suggestions welcome.
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He /adv/ trying to get to some files. This happened to my videos, documents and music. Anyone know how to fix this.
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How socially acceptable is it to take someone's girlfriend? I'll give it to you straight: >meet girl end of last semester >cute as hell >enjoy talking to her >too short a time together to make my move >starting college soon again >she'll be there >planning to start hitting that hard >found out she got some boyfriend over summer, goes to our college BTW, I've never done anything like this, but I'm up for a challenge. Any tips appreciated.
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Me and my friend with benefits were fucking in her apartment and I came on her roommate's stuffed teddy bear from pulling out. How do I clean that shit off in 20 minutes??!!!
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I'm a nervous driver. I finally got my drivers license at 22 years old, but I'm still scared to drive. I at least got on my first try. I need to be able to drive to school, but I'm so scared to get on the road. I'm afraid of hitting people. What I'm most afraid of is changing lanes. I have no idea how people do it. I turn on my signal, but I'm scared that they will speed up and hit me. I also have problems checking if I am able to change lanes or not. When checking my mirror, cars seem so close behind, so I end up looking back completely which is really dangerous. Can anybody give me tips? How the hell am I supposed to practice without killing anybody?
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Will letting go get easier? I hold grudges pretty bad She just hopped on to the next dick.
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I want to kill.myself but I don't know why. Any psychologists here that can help me?
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LDR - or more specifically, short-term long distance in a hopefully long-term relationship. We have been dating for 4 months. We fell hard and fast and talked about future. Went exclusive very early on. About a month ago he left for school. I'm going to visit in three weeks. I'm kind of scared that he might lose interest, or might already be losing interest in me. I want to keep up interaction like texting, phone calls, and Skype, but I feel like the quantity and quality of those interactions are slowly diminishing. Maybe he's just got a lot going on. Maybe he's tired. He says he loves me, he sends me gifts and assures me he can't wait to see me and can't wait till this is over and we can be together. He says he absolutely without a doubt wants to stay together through this. My questions are basically, am I just being insecure? I haven't told him I feel like that. Just that I really miss him. How can I shut my brain up and not worry about this? Is there anything I can do to help him see how much he means to me, how much I miss him? Pic unrelated
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