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>tell boss I'm planning a week vacation several months ago >she's okay with it >talk to her the week before leaving >she's still okay with it >leave for my vacation >near the end of the week, about to come back >boss sends me angry email asking why I haven't shown up in 2 weeks (when I've only been gone for 1) >is still mad even when I brought up how we talked about it several times of course nothing was put in writing because this was a part-time job is she out to get me? I can't think of any other reason for someone to so adamantly deny something like this.

Tinder photos?

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So I want to try using tinder ( my friends use it and they been ragging on me to give it a try and they swear by it) But from what I understand it uses photos from your facebook? Some of the photos on my facebook are me as a kid, some are me at my high school prom with my ex, etc etc, photos I really wouldn't want to use for tinder Can I select the photos? Should I just make a fake FB and stuff it with a few slefies for tinder?
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So tired of life man... Been building for years. Broke up with a great girl a couple of years ago. We split for a variety of reasons. Most of it boiled down to a bland sex life, my resulting cheating, and our brooding over a couple years to the point of going our separate ways. Have had a couple of meaningless relationships with fantastic sex, and a couple of rotten, awkward breakups. For about the last year things have been getting worse in other ways though... There's days (<3-4) where I'll only get out of bed to piss, shit, or eat. I haven't exercised meaningfully in maybe 1.5years. I've lost around 40lbs of muscle and gained about 40 in fat. Which is a problem being a firefighter. I add extra shifts ontop of extra shifts just so I can avoid going home to my shitty house which I haven't done a thing to maintain in years. I'm developing a heavy belly... I get short of breath and pain in my chest doing simple things. I can't even run a mile anymore or crank out 25 pushups. I stopped calling my family. Haven't spoken meaningfully to my parents or siblings in months. Despite that my sister is being deployed soon, her newborn which the rest of the family is going nuts over, and my parents' decaying health. I drink way more. Jerk off about 8 times a day. And the biggest thing i usually do is move from my couch to my bed. This is depression, right? My life feels like a slow train wreck. And I can't do anything about it.
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So here's my story guys Dated this girl from Tinder for the last 4 months She's a former heroin addict that moved to my state to get clean Her family sent her We're both in our twenties She's been in and out of treatment for years now Anyways So she relapses after having 16 months sober Tried her best to dump me or leave me before it happened too but we couldn't muster an actual solid disconnect As in we weren't seriously together but still felt together She ended up not only relapsing but fucking the dealer and sleeping at his house He's just another dude in his 20's luckily and I actually have mutual friends with him which is fucked She ends up telling me a few days after it happens Two of those days she spent with me telling me still loves me and trying to kiss me I took care of her while she was sick from the dope too I freak the fuck out Bang my ex on my birthday and it doesn't help Here's where it concludes
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I went on a date and had a good time. She said she did too. I messaged her and she hasn't responded, and it has been 24 hrs. I know people check facebook at least once in 24 hours. Is this bad? Why not just say "I'm not interested"?
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So, earlier this year I hooked up with this girl a few times, but then she flaked on me and it didn't go anywhere. I took it in stride, she suggested we be "friends" in the way that you just really just amicably stop talking to each other. Hooked up with some other girls and got busy with other things and mostly forgot about her. I'm in a casual thing with this other girl now, and I'm not really seeing it going anywhere mostly because our schedules don't really wirj, The other girl was out of town for the summer, but now she's back in the area for school, I texted her the other day to gauge, I don't know, I guess just her reaction to me conceptually, and it wasn't NEGATIVE. I suggested we hang out again sometime (ambiguous wording, I know) and she agreed, but said she was sick and that we'd "make plans" when she was feeling better. I figured that was just a nice way of declining, but that was yesterday and today she tagged me in this thing on social media. Just curious if you think it's worth fucking with? Like, do you think she's under the impression this is a "just friends" get together I'm setting up? Like, I invited her to check out my new place and she seemed interested. I mean, the last time we were alone together we had sex more than once, so...
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I think I might be gay I've been with this dude for 10 years and I've always identified as bi but now I really want some pussy
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I'm going to study college math for my computer science degree. I need good recommendations of books that would help me repeat basic math from highschool and books that would help me understand college math faster.
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Im scared of chatting with people online. It wasn't like this before, but now i am. How do i get over myself? I feel like this shit has gotten worse. I always freak out and disconnect after like 3 sentences.
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So I bought some meatballs. On the front it says "fully cooked" but on the back it says "ensure product is heated to 165F." "Ensure" doesn't sound like a mere suggestion. Should I risk eating them cold?
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I'm going to buy sex toys for me and my bf. I'm already getting the usual stuff for me (dildo, vibrator, etc) but what kind of sex toys are good for guys? I don't want to ask him because I want to surprise him, but I don't want to pick something that sends the wrong message ("Hi honey, I got you these anal beads to try ;) "). There are some vibrating cock rings that sound kind of interesting but since I don't have a dick I have no idea if that is for everyone or not, haha.

Crazy Suicidal Ex Help

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Hey /adv/, I have an ex girlfriend who is pretty fucking crazy. She thinks that saying "bless you" and saying "hi" in the hallways is my way of getting back together but i don't want to get back. Im just trying to be a nice guy. I have a new girlfriend and today my ex came up to my girlfriend and I and then said to my girlfriend, "Why the fuck arent you looking at me?" and "Why the fuck arent you talking to me?" I told my ex to go away and then she went into the cabinets and cried in there for an hour. This is at school btw. Later in the day she grabs me in the hallway and then argues with me. She phsyically assaulted me and alternated between saying she loves me and hates me, then said that she just wants to get back together but I really dont wanna go back to the crazy bitch. I told her that I don't wanna date but i still wanna keep an eye out for her cause i dont want her to become a drug addict or kill herself (she's shown signs before). She said that the only way she wont do any of that is if we start dating again. I dont want to date her but i dont want her to ruin my life. I want to stay friends with her to make sure she's safe, since I feel like anything bad she does is my fault. What do /adv/? It took me more than a year to get out of this relationship, but I still care about her and don't want her to die, I just know that a relationship with her won't work, and I was miserable to whole time I was with her.
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Do people post picture of themself on 4chan to get feedback on their looks?
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/adv/ I need your help. I'm surrounded by filthy profligates who indulge themselves in underage sex,drugs,constant drinking,stripteasing. Britbong here. How do I fight degeneracy? What am I supposed to say when a degenerate tells me "Its her body she can do what she wants" when I tell said degenerate that underage sex is degeneracy? In general,how do I remove degenerates? Any tips on removal of those who practice in kebab-tiered debauchery would be much appreciated. My country is full of teen sluts and disgusting plebs. I'd like to stop people close to me or people with potential to actually get somewhere in life from fucking up completely and becoming nothing but a useless waste of oxygen. Thank you.
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What the fuck is this on my leg? I only noticed it earlier today. A pinch? Has something bitten me? Rash? >inb4 OP has cancer, aids, any of that
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would you spoil a girl as long a she met your 10/10 standards? >pay for rent, food etc. in exchange for sex and house cleaning
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About six months ago my ex and I had a huge fight and broke up after I found out she lied to me heavily. I loved her very, very much. She then went to back to her other ex, which was the cause of the fight and someone I hated, mostly just to spite me. She's been with him ever since. I honestly can't think of anything worse she could've done. I haven't felt good since. Not one single day. I started working out, I went out, have some friends, but still feel dead every time I think about the two of them. I can't process romantic interests at all anymore. I refused two potential relationships in this time. The last time a girl kissed me I just stood there and then sat on the sidewalk feeling depressed for half an hour. How do you get over utter emptiness that just won't leave?
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Anyone know how I can find an effective brand of caffeine pill for a good price?
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