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30th September 2014
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28th September 2014
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Anyone had any experience with it? For about a year and a half now I've been dealing with both. My anxiety is mostly gone, took me over half a year to get over it but one night something happened in my brain and I ended up with Pure-O OCD. Basically, it makes you imagine everyone naked, or getting fucked. Sounds funny but its hell. You cant even think about someone without terrible images popping up in your head. it's hard to deal with sometimes, has anyone had this or have it now. How can I get over this?
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>been friends with a grill in my national guard unit for about 1 1/2 years >we started hanging out alot outside of drill weekends, went to a concert and ive stayed at her place for work (she lives 1 1/2 hours away) >shes driving down to where I live and we're going bar hopping downtown, and shes going to be staying at my place. >shes a 6/10 but a genuinely nice person and I really enjoy her company, wouldn't mind taking it to the next level >only catch is since we see each other every weekend its going to be akward as fuck if I get rejected, also now im a NCO (sergeant) and shes junior enlisted(despite being a year older), its not explicitly forbidden since im not directly in her chain of command, it would look shady. I really get the feeling she likes me,if shes driving over an hour just to spend a night with me especially. I just have to be very delicate about this, any advice would be appreciated.how should I make a move in this situation?
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What compels people to point out to their parents that they were sometimes flawed in their parenting? It accomplishes nothing, the past can't change, and yet lately I find myself doing it more and more. What is it? Bitterness?

Too much stuble?

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How much stubble is too much stubble r9k I don't like shaving This is 3-4 days Is it a neck beard? Is it stubble? I've heard girls like stubble and I don't like shaving I'm trying to get myself looking moderatly decent for tinder as I want to try to start using it and getting all that free pussy everyone never shuts up about on /adv/ Clean shaven? 1 day? 3 days?
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Hey, I'm pretty attractive, but I think I realized today I give off 'anti-sex' vibes. I think I intimidate girls, but I feel like I'm just awkward and a little jumpy. How do I get inside sex primals?
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Hey /Adv/ I was born with a facial deformity. In order to deal with the low self esteem, I turned myself into someone that was confident and outgoing, focused on achieving great things. Determined to do something great and not let my appearance let me down. In reality, I just became a Narcissist. How do you deal with the realization you are both mentally and physically horrible - what do?
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Ok /adv/, this is going to sound really stupid, but maybe you could help me here. Back in april, I lend a laptop to a friend of mine. I wasn't using it that much, and he wanted to use it himself, so I decided that why the fuck not, for a short while anyways. This was some packard bell laptop I found long ago, it had its flaws, the thing is alive because god wills it. We both are pretty poor people in a sense, so since he seems like he wants to keep using it, I decide to sell it to him. He doesn't have much money at the moment so I just tell him that I can wait for a few months. I don't constantly remind him of that payment either because I know his situation. Anyways, 2 days ago I ask about it and he's all like "well, it just stopped working and I don't know what to do there, so I called this guy to fix it but he didn't manage to". When I get back home, the thing is really badly put together, half of the screws are gone, has some greasy stuff all over the motherboard and a lot of cat hair as well (I can recognize it well, pic related). He really wants the thing to work, and I manage to fix it. But instead of telling him this, I think of two options: 1. Tell him that the thing doesn't just work, keep it to myself and not sell it. I kinda still have some use for it and this has seen better days. I can't really trust him to take care of stuff. He's really determined to get the think to work, even paying "extra" but I didn't even get paid the normal price yet. 2. Lend it back, sell it to him knowing that the thing doesn't work so well anymore, and that if it didn't die now, it will in less than a year. Tell him that if he doesn't take care of it while I don't see my money, I'm taking the thing back. So I'm asking, what's the morally right thing to do here? I can see that he really, really wants this to work, but fuck me he's troublesome.
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What do i do with my youth? I want to look back on my youth and not regret wasting it, what would you oldfags suggest? I am currently first year in college, studying IT networking.


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Hey people, jus need some advice bout this girl I'm with. To get to the point dated this chick for 2 years an was a rocky relationship a year and half threw. But we broke up for a week an see her one day then find out that that next day she fucked another guy...it always comes up in my head. I can't stop it and it angers me...I've learned to distract myself from it. But what the fuck do I do guys? :/ Still with the cunt/honey.
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Any tips on how to fall asleep quick/easier? Long story short, really messed up life & shit from the past tends to keep me up. Usually stressed about something. Lost my job recently due to being stressed & not thinking clearly. I even remember being young(21 now, meaning when I was 10 or so) & still having the same problem, even when I wasn't that stressed out. I either have to be exhuasted to where I can't keep my eyes open or otherwise I can't sleep like a normal person. Anyone else with the same experience/similar situation? If possible would like to not take medicine. Have tried before, even on low dose, stay sleeping damn near the whole day or to sluggish to even get out of bed. Help me /adv. I just want to sleep. ;_;
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What foods should I eat if I only eat 1.000 cal. max. a day?
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I have a mental block to having sex with my BF - He had a few performance issues in bed over the last month or two - Seen a doctor, got all cleared, its psychological issues that hes been worried about, letting ,e down in bed and was too embarrassed to tell me. He has only recently opened up in the last 2 weeks to be. Doc is going to give him viagra pills as a confidence booster - He was reluctant to talk about it to me, so I got worried something was up, thought it was he was cheating and that I was doing everything wrong and couldnt satisfy him - He was always able to sexually satisfy me, either through oral or penetration, he always goes down on me, always makes me cum, and fucks me (not as often as id like) just whenever I go down on him he couldnt keep it up - He says he has never been able to cum through blowjobs (Ever!) - Its made me nervious about going back down on me incase it happens again - I now have a mental block and am afraid its damaged our sex lives after 9 months of being together - I want to work through this, and we have agreed to take sex off the table until it feels right again, not forcing the issue. - He has agreed and told me how much he cares for me and if I feel taking sex away will help me, he is willing to work through it - Really dont know where to start to address the issue, I feel a lot it is now more on my psychological side when it started off as him. I tried questioning him multiple times over the last 2 months and only recently did he open up. It sort of festered so long it really made me second guess myself. How do you even begin to work through this or address whats now a mental block. I just feel the longer we leave it, the bigger a stumbling block it will become. I love sex, but Im scared to go back to him abuot it
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I will be going to college when I am 25. Almost 24 right now. Is my old fag age going to destroy my sexual opportunities? How many of your parents pushed you and fucking helped your ass with getting into college. College wasn't even a fucking topic in my house. And all my mom said was "GA Tech- GA Tech - GA Tech" because she wanted her son to have the prestige. shit... 0 help getting in. Went to DeVry instead. 0 perspective on college until too fucking late. Fucking god... airforce drop out dad who married my highschool graduate mom out of guilt. fuck no wonder i pissed on my certificate when i was drunk
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My boss has me working a bunch of extra shifts throughout the week on top of my regular contracted hours. I'm fine with this however one of the shifts i absolutely hate because it's a back to back 12 hour shift. I need an excuse to not work this shift but i dont know what to tell him, he know's im not studying at the moment as i have deferred from uni until next year, so i need something legitimate to get me out. Help please.

Is three better than two?

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost four years, we have an amazing, mature relationship with a lot of love. A couple of nights ago we were watching a porn together while messing around and he was vocalizing a fantasy of watching me bottom for another guy or us bringing in another bottom, basically a three-some. I'm torn with how I feel about it... Of course initial ego reaction is "What I'm not good enough?!" Lol... On one hand I love the idea of having that sort of sexual experience with him and also fulfilling a sexual fantasy for him. On the other hand, I worry about possible jealously (probably mostly on my part) and the fear that anything less than a three-some would be boring or that having sex with me alone just wouldn't do it for him anymore. Maybe silly fears on my part, but I'm the type to over think things a bit. Mostly, I just don't want something stupid to ruin such a beautiful thing that we've got. At the end of the day I know my answer lies within me and me alone, but I'm curious to hear other peoples stories, experiences, thoughts, & /adv/.
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so /b/ros, so i'm thinking of taking mdma,molly or ecstasy for the first time any tips on what to take? What preparation is needed? etc.
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Can anyone tell me why my cum smells like piss ?
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I think I'm going crazy > can't grasp the concept of life > difficult for me to realise that I'm in in a world of 7 billion+ > just can't see myself leaving home > don't know if this is just a teen phase, too scared too ask > don't wanna tell parents, worried they'll think the same > mfw
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