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Why would a female ever take nudes of herself?

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What the fuck is wrong with women /adv/? Just help me understand.. females... WHY WOULD YOU EVER TAKE AND DISTRIBUTE A NUDE PHOTO OF YOURSELF?! What the fuck is wrong with women? I don't get it /adv/... I am a guy and you can bet your fucking LIFE I would never take a nude of myself let alone take a nude of myself AND give it to someone. I mean... are women LITERALLY fucking retarded? This whole "J-Law" thing is a complete fucking shit show. If only she were not a RETARD for the the 5 minutes it took to take those photos. Why /adv/? Why would a female ever take a nude? Help me understand. I can't think of any GOOD AND LOGICAL REASON...
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Alright /adv/, I thought about posting this on /an/, but I think it fits better here. Is it considered weird for you to be going over to a potential bf/gf's place and find out they keep reptiles, or any other non traditional pet that isn't usually considered cute? I've got 3 geckos, and a number of live vivariums. I'm starting to get ready to date again after my last and only long term relationship ended, and I don't know how to avoid people thinking I might be weird when they find out my hobby.
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So I'm at college and I went to the cafeteria for dinner. My suitemates are working out and I was by myself, so I got my food and looked for a spot to sit alone. (I had sat alone for the last two meals and hated it because I hate being alone in general.) I couldn't find an open spot at my usual table so I sat across/diagonally from this girl who was by herself at the end of a long table. I began eating and we started talking about stuff like where we were from and our majors, etc. Her roommate sat next to me (wasn't aware she was there) and talked a bit as well. It just felt like forced small talk to me so I ate really quickly (1 because I was hungry, 2 because being in the presence of women makes my social anxiety flare up especially if they're just humoring me politely) and left the two of them. I felt really bad because I figured I probably made things uncomfortable/awkward for them. (I DID say "mind if I sit here?" and she said "yeah go ahead" but she probably just did that to be polite.) Also she was looking at her friend mostly and not me when talking so I assumed she wasn't comfortable with me there. I'm sitting in my room now just being really despondent and sad because I can't make friends and the only time girls are nice to me is to be polite. I try to be a friendly person and I get angry with myself for not taking more risks and going up to people, but when I DO try stuff like this happens. Also I never at any point got their names so maybe I should've done a proper introduction? Please help, I hate being like this.
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Is it ok to try to bang a couple subordinates from work? Im the girls boss, i kinda hired them to bang them. One has a bf and a great ass, the other has no bf and great tits. I kinda pussied out on asking any of them out, actually i asked the big tits girl out but her grandma was dying/died around that weekend so i guess thats why she didnt agreed to meet outside. How do i pull this off, what do? Oh im 29 them 25. Pic unrelated
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Ok, so i joined this dating site, and i talk with this one girl, and we start talking about anime, and we talk for a few days, then she just stops logging in and havent logged into the dating site for a month. And i kinda liked her, so i tracked her down, and i know how her name,phone number and adress. whats a not so creepy way to get into contact with her? she have seen a picture of me, so she kinda knows what i look like. any help pls?
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Really dumb question, but ill ask anyway should I intentionally let a girl win a chess game against me after I've beaten her 10+ times?
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So /adv/ >20 >Virgin >No friends >Majorly Depressed >Worsening Anxiety >Sleep around 4 hours a night due to above. >Actually worse on meds >Therapy not effective either >No job >Dropped out of University >No end in sight I've tried being social and had a large group of friends. Tried going out most days. Tried exercise, gym ect. Are some people destined to be miserable? I can't remember the last time I was truly happy.
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I'm 26 and I am utterly alone. I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like when I go out that it's just impossible to meet women. I have no friends and so there's not much of a social life. Do I just go places by myself? I don't see myself being too successful in picking up. Or do I just hire a classy escort and find intimacy that way!

Female Masturbation

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Hi guys, if you found out a girl you liked masturbates, would you be put off her?
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I am trying to set up a facebook page to use for tinder. How do find people in the same boat to add as friends? Shouldn't there be groups for this? What about those fake facebook profiles that add you as a friend then they spam your page shortly after. How do you find a lot of them?
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Long story short a friend and I made some super autistic animations several years ago, deleted them and reuploaded them under another account. Neither of us want the videos up or remember the account info. All of it contains copyrighted shifty punk music. How do we get this shit down? Pic unrelated
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I really just need some advice right now. There's just a lot on my mind right now, and I have no one to talk to. Hopefully I can get some help here. >phimosis, need to get circumsized >unsure if "friends" are more than just acquaintances >no one to call a best friend >even when people do talk to me, I always think they have an alterior motive than just talking to me >paranoid >can't afford education past high school >Only thing I'm good at, at least 3 people are better and younger >really low paying job >grades barely above average >no motivation to do anything/better myself/put effort into anything I do >no gf/ though promising opportunity >can't decide if i want to ask her out/deal with possible bullshit right now >parents separated yet living in same house, really tense all the time >both in debt, pressuring me to get grant/scholarship/bursary >try to act equally to both, but prefer father >mother sees this and as a result I am on the border of being alienated from her side of the family >mother thinks she understands me and what I'm going through >clearly doesn't >tries every fucking day to talk to me, I just want her to leave me alone >hate her spending habits, buys a bunch of useless shit for me and sister, yet there's a broken stove, fridge and dishwasher in the kitchen, all from when the house was built in the 80's >Decided to aim to become a high school music/history teacher, but unsure if that's what I really want to do
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Sup /adv/ its been a while. Just a simple question tonight: What kind of asshole drops the 'what are we' relationship question on you out of the blue (via fucking text btw) THEN gets your reply of basically 'lets keep it casual' and when you ask for a response he texts an HOUR later 'my phone is dying i'll text you in the morning.' WHO I ASK WHO? wtf does that even mean?
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So I got a job recently at Starbucks and I really like it. It's my first job and so far, so good. I particularly like working the front register because people who come to Starbucks are generally more open to socializing so I get to joke around, make people laugh, have a conversation, and put a smile on their face which really makes my day. But there are two things that are really grinding my fucking gears. 1. I have a coworker who, long story short, tries to help me since I'm new but simultaneously criticizes me as a human being. (She said that apologizing is a sign of a lack of confidence, even though I said it quickly, under my breath because she closed the pastry case which I left open and I was busy putting food into bags). 2. I have some customers who treat me like shit. I've been called stupid and lead through my job like I'm an idiot by people who do retarded things while ordering. Always people who want to add two drinks to their order after paying, no make that one, but put this in it so you have to remake it. One person asked me to not ring her up yet because she had to go grab money then acted like I was a goddamned dog fetching her newspaper. I really like it there, but this stuff really puts me into a fowl mood for the rest of the day, and it affects my performance, sometimes making me act somewhat rudely to customers. So, /adv/, how do I at least deal with it so I don't get upset over people being dicks?
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Why am i such a pussy? why am i so afraid of joining the military?
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So, I don't really know how to fully express this dread that I constantly feel, I want to reach out and tell someone about it but I don't know how and I don't know to whome I am supposed to. I believe I am hearing a constant stream of ridicule, telling me that I am not good enough that I look awful and that I am a shallow vein shitty person. This intensifies at night when I am trying to sleep keeping me up into through most of the night. They feel often uncontrollable but part of me thinks that it is just my own insecurities. I remember from when I was very young I used to see slight movements in shadows and hear faint voices calling my name from a distance behind me, causing me to respond, turn around or become startled. Additionally I get distracted incredibly easily and focusing is a massive task yet somehow I find it incredibly stressful if everything in my living space isn't meticulously organized and clean. I will often become stressed out over trivial shit if things aren't in their place. Social anxiety is a big problem too; I hate large crowds and I start to think people are following me with horrible intentions or the sense that I am being watched. I can't really describe it but I am very attracted to the idea of suicide, I like the concept that I could be the one who chooses when and how I die. The depression component of it all comes and goes in waves where I will get this blast of over confidence and energetic euphoria followed by bouts of despair and loneliness, and with each cycle the feelings get more and more intense. I am afraid that one day the wave will get so high or the valley will get so deep that I will do something I wouldn't do if I was stable. What should I do?
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Help, I have just realized that I'm a failure and I have no reason to live except for my boyfriend. I don't deserve him, I feel like I drag him down and I feel like I'm just a bother. I'm a slut, all I've done in college was fuck, party and drop out, I only dated idiots and assholes who just used me. I only started dating my currently boyfriend and realized how much of a shit life I was leading. I came from a well off family that paid for my college ( they still send me money for fuck sake) and he had to go through the military to pay for college, he has no family and grew up poor. He's everything I'm not, He's smart, funny, strong, cute and understanding. He got his masters in engineering and is the main bread winner in our relationship. He makes over 100,000 a year and I make 12 an hour working at a coffee shop. I try to be good enough for him, I feel like I'm annoying asking him to explain things to me when he talks to me about things or events. The only thing I have going for me is my looks and the only thing I'm able to offer him is sex and blow jobs. I'm not very smart, I cant keep him entertained intellectually, so I just try my best to keep him sexually satisfied. I should leave him so he can find someone better, but I'm selfish, I love him. I'm terrified of him leaving me, I wouldn't know what to do with my life. Recently I starting thinking about getting pregnant just to keep him in my life, but I cant bring myself to fuck him over or trap him like that. What should I do? I'm trying to better myself by going back to school for something useful and trying to understand current events so I can keep up with him. He already pays rent and all the bills so I can focus my money on college again. I just feel so useless and unneeded.
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I'm 19 and my girlfriend is 17 and found out she dated this trash before me. Am I wrong for me to think this is wrong? I wasn't mad or really upset just taken back and had to rejudge her character, which is nice mostly goody-goody girl and this seems WAY out of character. Pic related: I almost rank it up there with dating a black guy.
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