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30th September 2014
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Living as a NEET

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How do I live happily as a NEET? I've been living as one for almost three years because of mental illness and suicide is one of the first things I think about every time I wake up.
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First of all pic unrelated Anyways, so I've been going out with this girl for about 3 and a half months now, and I am quite attracted to her, and she's quite attracted to me.. This is the first real, serious relationship I've been in, I've been in relationships before but they were basically just messing around for a week or two Anyways, even though I like her and she likes me, and there is no sign that either of us dislikes the other in any ways or holds any sign of contempt, I've come to realize lately that I'm someone who is not meant to be in a relationship, for now, at least. She's not doing anything negative to me, she's not holding me back or anything, and I enjoy her company, and it's the same with her for me, but I just can't help but feel that I'm someone who is not supposed to have other people to really worry about at this level.. I don't know, I'm confused, and this is why I'm here. I kind of want to end it, but I want to be with her too. Can I just get some advice, maybe get talked through this? Thank you..
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Sup, /adv/. I am currently studying in uni and live in a campus. So, I gotta worry about what I eat. I could go for instant noodles since I don't exactly care for the taste, but people say it's not really healthy. What are some relatively easy meals I can make that don't require a lot of money to spend on groceries?
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For those that recognize the picture this is your update. I called the escort service again and they sent her. I opened the door and there she was. I could tell she was a little upset that she had to come back. Although, when i opened the door and saw her I said hello... lets call her Sabrina. She said hi back. And then she asked me if I remembered her. I about shit my pants because if I said just said yes than I would actually be a truthful asshole who fucked her anyway ( I am an asshole). I said not at first and told her that after when I was letting her out I finally remembered and asked if that's why she was crying. She said it was. I apologized for not recognizing it earlier. I asked her if she would like to go get dinner. She said yes and we went out. e saw a movie and then got some food. We got caught up on a lot of things. She was actually doing pretty well, but some of the jerks she works for or with, I can't remember, abuse her sometimes. That kind of got my blood boiling, but nothing was said. Eventually we got back to my place and had some more conversations about stuff and talked about our high school days. We didn't do anything sexual, but I still paid her anyway. I asked her if she would like to do this again and she said yes. I'll be seeing her again on Thursday ( for free). She mentioned that being an escort wasn't that great... understandable. I still want to try to get her out of it if she wants my help. I'll keep you guys posted.
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>Had plans to hang out with a guy I've been seeing. >text him earlier to double check the time, he says he has some errands to run so 730 instead of 7 >texts me around 720 saying he is home and do I want to go there or him come there >say I don't care, either is fine >he then says he has work stuff to do, so another night The fuck just happened? I can't decide if he genuinely is busy or her didn't want to hang to begin with?

What do?

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So I'm going to go on a date with a girl tomorrow but we haven't decided on a time to meet up at. Should I message her now and ask her when she wants to meet up or just wait until tomorrow to ask her?

"Having some trouble holding your shit together...?"

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What do you do when you're faced with grim mental issue as well as a grim financial issue? To solve the financial issue seems to be ignoring the mental issue and putting yourself to the grindstone, then possibly becoming psychotic for ignoring the mental issue. To solve the mental issue is to take a ton of time off that could be spent working, then to possibly become homeless for taking time off. Do you see the pinch I am in here? What the fuck am I supposed to do? Also yes, I have already been welcomed to 'merica.
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a little break from all the girl posts I think I have some serious problems /adv/. I can't sleep like at all. I will lay down, no phone or computer hour before, and watch the clock go until midnight, maybe even longer. I get so angry. Every time I am almost asleep, my body jumps me back awake. There was lightning yesterday. I didn't think it was lightning at first. I thought someone was taking pictures of me, which is silly because you can't see me though that window, but I though it. When it gets really dark, I see the dots like everyone does. But since I was 8, I now always see them. Multicolor dots everywhere. its not like they disrupt my vision or my ability to see things, but it makes it hard to read books and such lastly, I see figures when I sleep. the best way to describe him is a black-skinned Jeff the Killer mixed with the purge masked. I have nightmares every night and he shoots me in them. I wake up gasping for air, kind of like the hag I guess. so /adv/, what the fuck is wrong with me? Should I tell someone, or will I be put in the mental ward?
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I don't really know the best way to describe this, so bear with me guys. I've always been a really indecisive person, as well as extremely unmotivated. I'm sure that's not uncommon around here. I've always had poor grades and gave up easily on things because of it. I also feel I can safely declare myself a timid person, though it may be biased coming from my own mouth. I want to change this very badly. I want to be more decisive and capable. To that end, I've looked to my current hobbies for inspiration, but I'll come back to this shortly. A family member has offered to sponsor me if I try to return to school. As much as I like the idea of increased social interaction, I don't feel like it would be the environment I need in order to change myself the way I want. I feel I would benefit better from some sort of physical stimulus. I want to ask if I can, instead, take a martial arts class instead. The problem is, I feel like that would be too selfish a thing to ask of a family member who's offering to help me out. The classes would probably be cheaper than classes at the local community college, however, and if I'm going to go back to school for real, I want to fix my motivation issues first so I don't waste any money failing classes. Pic related: Martial art of choice happens to be kendo. I've always liked swords and other medieval weaponry, and there happens to be a public kendo class taught in my town.
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how should i message a girl that i like from a dating website? i know how to talk to people, and i can be outgoing and entertaining, but i feel like i'm faking it sometimes. i'm physically disabled and don't go out often, my body is fully functional, just really frail. and i was abused pretty badly as a kid so... i'm not normal. at all. but i'm okay with that. every time i talk to someone while hiding that stuff, i start acting more social and entertaining but i'm dying inside. it feels really unsettling to message a girl and say something then mention that i'm not healthy, but the longer i wait to tell someone, the harder it is for me. and i'd rather be rejected over it right away before i get attached. i also don't want to seem like a manchild, because i know i can seem pathetic. i can't express things easily with words. people have complimented my pictures, and i've even been offered money to have sex with someone. but i hate that. i want to reach inside my chest and pull it apart and show someone how ugly i am and i want to protect that person, and talk, and make art, and cook, and touch, and have sex. should i just say that? it seems retarded/off-putting but at least it's honest. i don't feel like wasting my time anymore.

Over Thinking

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Soo ... How do you know when a guy is using you for sex?


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I wonder why two men holding hands sometimes get faces of disgust and when I hold hands with my gf I see people with a baffled look on their faces. This has to stop in society. Any1 else experience this?
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So. Recently my friend has gone insane and started falsely accusing me of raping him.. What the fuck do I do? Can I take him to court? He was institutionalized about a week after he snapped but he was onoy in there for a week and came out even more convinced I had raped him. Now he's telling everyone he knows, including my girlfriend that I raped him. He's come up with all kinds of delusions of how it happened, or should I say how "each one happened". Can I even take him to court sense he was recently put in a mental hospital? I just seriously have no idea what to do...

/r/ rec for an email service

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hotmail asked me for my phone number gave me a week then i had to, so i put bullshit in and now i can't access it what's a good email service? not really thinking of doing much with it other than setting up accounts on sites to use them.

I really fucked up... :(

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Hey /adv/, I did something really stupid, and I need to know how I can fix it... >be dating this guy for about 6 months >he's everything I could ever ask for >handsome, passionate, funny as fuck, and most definitely the smartest man I know >reminds me of a mix of John Wayne and James Bond One day, we were eating dinner together, and our conversation began to shift towards political matters and the war in Iraq/Afghanistan. I made a comment that went something like " I'm glad I was actually smart enough to go to college instead of joining the military. All it does is fuck up your mind and make you unstable." He didn't bat an eyelash, he only just kinda smiled and looked down at his plate. I didn't think anything of it. The next week or so, I was hanging at his place, and he told me he was going to buy something for dinner, and I decided to stay behind. I ended up snooping around in his closet, and found some military uniforms in dry cleaning bags hanging in his closet, with US MARINES and his last name on them. I also found a box with a plaque inside that had "Sergeant Anon" engraved in it, with a bunch of signatures with notes saying goodbye. I had no idea he was ever in the military, and I feel that I may have really hurt his feelings with what I said. How do I go about saying I'm sorry? Do I just pretend like it never happened? Or do I admit to snooping around? He hasn't mentioned anything, or acted any different, but it still bothers me. Any advice?

How do I into street smarts

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How do I acquire street smarts/become quick witted/sharp? I don't how else to say it, but I feel flat out dumb. People say things to me and sometimes they pass over my head or they take awhile to sink in. I'm slow with some things and it bugs me. What can I do to become a sharper person? Am I just fucked in life or what?
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My girlfriend an I sometime go for almost a month without sex. We're 22 and 23, and we've been together for 7 years. We'll fuck twice a week or so for maybe 2 months out of every year, but that's the exception. I'm arguably a little more attractive than her and I have a big and girthy cock, though I'm admittedly pretty shit at foreplay/setting the mood (I usually give her a full body massage and start teasing her pussy, at which point she convulses away from me). I'm also a bit of an emotional bitch sometimes, but only in comparison to her (a stoic tomboy). We're both fit, she has her own place, we're both fairly sociable, I'm really attentive and loving, etc. I don't really see anything obvious. I used to think it was the pill, but she's been off it for about 6 months now. I used to think she's cheating, but I've done my fair share of sleuthing in the past and never come up with anything remotely scandalous (though she has more guy friends than me, and visa versa, to be fair). Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can more easily turn this girl on?
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I need to deal with anger, /adv/, and I need to deal with it in a healthy way. I'm way too used to breaking stuff, verbally abusing my family, and doing horrible shit on the internet when I am angry. Doing so only increases my anger.
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