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Hey guys, need some advice. I have a close female friend and I've been taking pictures of their feet in secret to look at (foot fetish here). The thing is she doesn't mind it when I touch here feet or gently tickle them when they are on my lap. You guys think I should tell here about my fetish and/or the photos and see if she is cool with it? Maybe I could get more intimate with them If I succeed. Will post the pictures if anyone is interested.
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Hey /adv/ I've had these issues for a while now, most of the way through college, and I don't know if it's just recurring effects from depression, or if there is any type of ADHD going on. So I'm a music major, and I think one of my biggest issues with advancing as a player is keeping focused on the task at hand. In ensembles, I find myself bored to tears, not listening to a word the director says, in class, I feel like I can't really comprehend what the teacher is saying-sure I hear the words, but they just seem to go in one ear and out the other, even when I'm talking to the prof one on one. Often, I find myself going through huge swings of feeling like a normal functioning person, then the eventual swing back through all the phases of depression and anxiety, until I don't even want to leave my room because I'm scared of everything. On the negative end of the swing, I become forgetful, slow in conversation, shy, worrisome, and procrastinate more than I already do. On the positive end, none of that happens, save for the mild procrastination, but I still have trouble comprehending what people say sometimes. I talked to a psychiatrist a while back, to see if I could be considered for some sort of ADHD medication again, since I had been on some form of similar medication when I was younger (12 y/o area), and they set me on a series of tests to see if I needed it-tests that I don't think really do all that decent of a job of testing for such a need, things like, press the button on the keyboard whenever a box flashes on the screen (fuck you man, I do that already), or word games, or math puzzles, nothing particularly long term testing. At the end of the tests and the interviews, they said I had cyclic depression, so I didn't receive any medication.
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Is it ok to try to bang a couple subordinates from work? Im the girls boss, i kinda hired them to bang them. One has a bf and a great ass, the other has no bf and great tits. I kinda pussied out on asking any of them out, actually i asked the big tits girl out but her grandma was dying/died around that weekend so i guess thats why she didnt agreed to meet outside. How do i pull this off, what do? Oh im 29 them 25. Pic unrelated

tl;dr Nursing career/schooling advice, does anyone have any?

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Today I'm talking with a college counselor about what classes I need to take to get into the nursing program there. My grades have been kinda shitty and I had to drop out of all my classes spring semester because I was poisoned accidentally (long story). I've tried to do research on the career but I'm still pretty lost. I chose nursing after flipflopping around (I'm 21, going to college 3 years now) because I enjoy working with people and taking care of others, everyone has always said I'd be a good nurse. Plus, I have to get a career that pays more just to live where I live now (SoCalfag). Anyway, what questions should I ask? As long as I take the classes I need and get my GPA up and such and pass the required tests, there's no reason they would bar me from the program, is there?
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Sup /adv/, A mid-sized corporation asked to meet me for coffee next week to discuss hiring me as a part time student assistant to their engineers (I'll be doing engineering work as well). I guess it's an interview but they never used that term in any of their emails with me. We'll be meeting at a coffee shop outside their downtown headquarters. What do I wear? I usually wear a suit to interviews, but I've never interviewed at a coffee shop. Is a polo, slacks, and dress shoes acceptable, or should I wear a tie? Pic related is me right now

normalfag 101

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I'm a college freshman, just started a couple days ago. I'm having trouble starting/contributing to conversations and building friendships/connections. Its like I missed normalfag 101. Pls help, I don't want to establish my self as a loner again.
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I'm weening myself off porn starting from yesterday, deleted all the stuff on my hard drive, barely looked at it today and I masturbated without it, so I came twice in about 48 hours. I think I'm making decent progress as I'd usually masturbate 3-4 times per day, and I've got rid of all my saved stuff. I want to eventually not look at it or even have the urge to look at it. I want to cut down my fapping to a few times per week, and rely on my imagination when I do fap Any anons out there who have stopped using porn?


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My partner tells me I don't know how to have fun. This obviously upsets me because I thought we did have a lot of fun but I guess, according to him, we do not. We were walking outside and it was very hot. He kept trying to take pictures of me but I told him I do not feel attractive enough, so I told him to please stop. Then he gives me that "don't know how to have fun" line and, well, the day was ruined and I felt hurt. He tells me that he drags me around in order to have fun, and I must admit that I am a little reserved and a homebody, but to tell me that I don't know how to have fun is asinine because I do like to have fun. Am I in the wrong for feeling so upset?
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Hello /adv/ I bet you can guess why i'm here. So I've been dating my girlfriend for almost 2 years now, were both in college as freshmen and I'm starting to lot attraction to her... I'm in ROTC so I'm not allowed to have excessive PDA in public and we never really did much before like we kissed once in a blue moon in public. We always saved it for when we were alone. But it's really bothering her for some reason and its no different than when we were in high school, shes really pushy and trying to sneak in kisses all the time and its getting on my nerves, the fact that she wont listen is making her look less attractive. And also being new to college all these other girls are talking to me and I don't know if I want something new just for it all to happen again. I don't know if I am the one overreacting and I need to relax or if my girlfriend is showing her true self now that there's no "parental supervision". She still finds herself extremely attracted to me even after all this time, I don't know what to do. Pic unrelated
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If I fucked a chick with minimal effort at my buddies place, should I try to get more out of this? >never really talk to her >apparently she had a crush on me, she wasn't drunk >I was too drunk and tired to finish though >she was really clingy throughout the night
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I've had a lot of bullshit trying to ask out girls in the past, be it being ignored, insulted, or otherwise brushed off. It seems like no girl can ever just say "no." Sure, hearing "no" is rough, but a straight answer is better than "hey I'll call you" with nothing in return, or being told "I'm a lesbian only jk lol not really." I feel like I've wedged myself into a position where I'm not really comfortable with asking a girl out without the voice in the back of my head saying "what if she's lying like the past five girls / just doesn't give enough of a shit to even give me the time of day?" It's kind of troublesome for me since I've become interested in someone new over the past few months. So I mean.. any advice on how to get over all that aside from "nut up and just do it faggot"? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

Disconnect from people my age

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I recently moved back to my home town, because I remembered it being a little more humane than where I was staying up north. I don't have any friends left here, so I started wandering aimlessly. I approached this group of high schoolers, kind of because they were under where I wanted to sit, and they were all fucking enamored for some reason. I'm sure they were being overly friendly, but the fact they were even trying to do so was appreciated. Here's the thing. They thought I was a sophomore or freshman in high school! I'm age to be a sophomore or freshman in college, although I'm working on getting my funds back. I tried to talk to them, but there was literally zero common ground except, "Yeah I've been there before," and, "Oh we do have the same phone." Unfortunately I'm a good companion and can be funny while I'm at it, but absolutely horrible at entertaining crowds. I can't take a group of bored people and brighten their mundane day, maybe because I'm too depressed to get truly creative. So far I have literally not encountered anyone my age about town, except some college students working in shops. When I go to the college, it's a community college that everyone generally regards as get-in-get-out. So where am I supposed to find people my age to connect with? Why am I stuck looking like a 16 year-old who behaves like he's 20? I guess that's good for fucking jailbait, but that is just not my thing. I'm literally considering doing what the narrator from fight club did, being a 'tourist' who attends random support groups, except to target specific ages and goals instead of sobbing relentlessly like he did.
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How do I get my girlfriend to send me nudes? She's insanely pure but has sent them before (said she hated it)
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Warning: Small story /adv/ How do I stop being a wallflower in college and in life? I walked into class and promised myself I wouldn't be shy and I'd relax, but first words I said were "Hello... h-hi" nervously. Then I continued to not be social the entire 3 hour class while other students are linking up, doing work together, some even tried talking to me but I freeze up... I have a friend that I'm scared to see. He knew the old BETTER me, when I was 14 I was myself. He's 24 now and a great rolemodel (social, newly wed, financially stable). I want to be like the old me, now I'm 18 and such a little uninteresting invisible pussy. So many things I want to do, but my shyness and shitty personality are holding me back... I'm a guy but I want to cry right now, I feel like there's a huge feast around me and I'm a starving man not allowed to eat anything... I tried hard to make a good first impression in college, but I ended up freezing up... Idk what to do. please please help.
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With new girlfriend of approx. a month. I know she loves me, She's told me, etc. When i'm not with her I can't help but feel paranoid that she doesn't actually, etc.. I know i'm better than that but I guess it's just circumstancial. Wat do? inb4 stop being a pussy and deal with it
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So I've been talking to this girl, and she lives about an hour away from me. She's gonna be moving down the road from me in less than a month, and she's my roommates sister. The first time we met, we got really drunk, she dumped her boyfriend, and I tried (and failed) to make some moves. We went on a few dates, then I did something stupid (I knew it was a bad idea) and got her a gift and she got creeped out, then she told me she wasn't interested in me that way anymore. Now, she's getting jealous that other girls are talking to me, and she's been flirty this whole time. Is she just full of shit and wants me, or just fucking with me?
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My girlfriend broke up with me. Three and a half years. It was my fault. I said some stuff that hurt her some time ago, even if it wasn't offensive or hurtful. She talked to me tonight and said she wanted to break up. Truth is, we had already broke up some weeks ago. We were just holding it together and trying to delay the inevitable. She was my only real friend, and although we broke up in good terms, without tears, raised voices or anything, I don't believe our friendship will resist this. It really hurts me because I loved her very much and I know she loved me too, and I'll really miss her. I just needed some place to vent. Or someone to tell me past experiences with this. I'm not really sad (not yet) or crying, I'm just .. numb.
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I need your help. I'm depressed as hell, have a useless bachelor's degree and work at a terrible job. What's a decent career that I can at least work towards to get my life on track, I just feel like my soul is being sucked away from me. I have no idea what to pursue and could really use some direction.
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