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So /adv/... How did you make your long distance relationship work... Anything fun to do?
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How often should you talk to a girl that you're friends with and really care for? I've known this girl for 2 years but somedays I just don't feel like talking to her and just doesn't say anything either somedays. We talked some yesterday but for some reason today I want to ask her how her labor day weekend went. Should I just wait until tomorrow when the two of us will meet up to eat, or does it matter?

Bone/no bone

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I want to bone this girl, and I don't know how to go about it. Story: I'm 22, not virgin but inexperienced. She's hot. I'm leaving the country for a while, and I'm horny as can be. She drives me crazy. I don't know what she thinks of me. Guess it doesn't matter too much. We're friends, I proposed we do the nasty once before, she answered maybe, I'm smart enough to realize that's a no but fool enough to think I might still make it if I do it right. She still likes to meet up. I don't know man, can I do this? Should I even try? How? Fuck, she thinks I have plenty of sex. She assumed, I didn't correct. It made my ego feel good. fucking women, man. How do I deal.
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I'm writing a bucket list, brainstorm what I should put on it? I'm currently traveling around the world working
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I need some help! A friend if mine texted me this but I'm not the best person handles situations like this. A few things to note first. She mentions "clawing" which she does instead of slashing her wrist cuz that leaves too much evidence. Clawing allows her to have some illusion of control over the pain. She has been a bit under pressure from her parents for not being a able to find a job yet, she has been trying but so far no luck. She also has a tendency to push herself away from her friends including me. I don't know what to call it but she doesn't hate us. Maybe its just laziness or she doesn't have a need to be with a group of people. As far as I know, she isn't all that bothered by it, but I try and hang out with her from time to time. Here's her text. "Hi. Its 6am and i hvnt slept. Everything hurts so much ive been clawing at my chest and head to make it stop. It wont stop. I read a book to distract me and it did, but id finished it already and now i feel the reality of my problem skewered thru me. One picture. On the net. And here i am on the edge of crazy. Again. I'll get over it but it will happen again n again n again. I'm still sane, but im not xur how many more episodes i can handle. Everything hurts. Everything feels horrible. I cant turn it off. I'd never kill myself. But i wish someone wud, just to make it stop. Sorry to drop this on u so early/late...i needed to get some of it out. Theres only so much that clawing can do. I feel so weak n pathetic n i hate myself so much right now. I wanna be dead so much ryt now...but i cant. I hate myself for being so weak. Hating myself more as im writing this to u. The length of this text shows how reluctant iam to send it. Im not asking for help. Just needed to tell someone. Dont ever say anything about this to anyone."
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Hello /adv/ I have been a lurker here for a few months already and I would like some financial advice if you please. I am currently studying Law at an average Uni at my shitty country. My dream is to study international law and eventually become a diplomat. Is this feasible if I am dumb as rocks and also 22 years old already? (i'll finish my degree in the middle of 2016) keep in mind that money is not a problem my asssets are somewhere around 1.5 million dollars. Also what are the best universities to get a degree on international law?
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Hey /adv/, first time making a thread here. So here's the deal. I've completely fallen head over heels for this girl l met over the summer. We met in my drivers ed class (I waited a few years to learn how to drive) and so for three weeks every week night I'd sit next to her and we'd chat and have fun conversation. Got her phone number, snapchat, facebook, the whole deal. Often times she'd be the one to start a conversation too, so I don't think I was being overly pushy. Class ended and I kept texting and talking with her, pushing for time to hang out with her. She just recently moved here from across the country so l knew she didn't have many (if any) friends here and I wanted to be that for her. Eventually she told me something along the lines of that she's a huge introvert and gets extremely nervous anytime she goes to hang out with anyone, and that she'd been avoiding spending time with me. I told her that was ok and that we could keep being friends through text and we've been talking lots since, but I really want to see her again. How can you become good/close friends with an introvert that you never see? She goes to a different highschool than me so l dont see her any time in school. Btw lm 18 & shes 16. Pic related; it's what l think of her
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Why does my girlfriend having smoked pot recently with some people (socially) bother me? Rationally, I see it on the same level as drinking - which I do occasionally for the same reason she got high, in order to loosen up and better handle social anxiety, but there's some strange part about it that bothers me. I fear that it might become a bad habit, or cause me to lose her, but I don't know how this is any different than if she were to be drinking. In the past, I held a pretty adamant stance against the use of pot which I've since relaxed and changed my view over, although I still haven't been particularly interested. Other people doing it don't bother me at all, but I felt a deep sadness when I learned she'd done it. I feel like I need to talk to her about this, and what I really want to get across is that I just want her to be safe. On the other hand, I'm debating whether or not I should just try the damn stuff and get rid of some stupid preconception I seem to have about its use. I'm rather confident in myself, and trusting in her - I just wonder if this is some weird insecurity that I didn't know existed until recently, or what a possible remedy might be.
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how have a 10/10 coming to my place tomorrow to watch a movie. what do to get laid? or better: how not to screw it up?

Make Me Millionaire

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Download and install a App from : http://play.appstore.buzz Please share this video on social networks. I need that 2,000,000 people installed a free app, this will make me millionaire.
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I'm young and frustrated Should I go travelling?
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what to buy with my first pay check, it's 500 dollars i received from working 2 weeks as a maintenance associate at wal mart. don't recommend save up
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So uh I live in Florida been living here for maybe 8 years, and I'm feeling pretty homesick and want to move back to California. I miss it alot, and my parents said they are willing to send me up there until they get money to move back up there but I wouldn't know who to live with. The thing is I'm 17 and they only know one close friend/family that would be willing to take me in; but they are very family oriented, so they are with each other 24/7 and I don't like that at all. I like to be dependent and do my own thing, I'm 17 I don't need to be with them like some Disney World family group bullshit all the time. I know it might seem I'm being a brat about it but I want to enjoy it and have privacy and solitude. Is there like a way I can maybe find someone that would want a roommate even though I'm 17? I'm a very clean person and pick up after myself, I could get a job, and I have a car. I just can't take it in Florida any more.
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So I'm going to South America soon for 4 weeks with this incredibly pretty girl that goes to my school. Now we are just friends but I know that we are both attracted to each other, just nothing happens cause we're good at just being friends and we dont spend too much time together to get to an emotional level of a relationship. But, we do connect in a lot of ways and it probably would work if we did go to the next level. She and I already payed the $400 deposit because we're going in a program (It's a volunteer trip), so we wont be backing out any time soon. However, that all sounded fine but about a month ago, until she and my best friend of 5 years started dating after "talking" for about 6 months. I want to go on the trip with her for sure because we'd have an awesome time. But, I am wary because I don't want to get to that emotional level with her and come back to the States as a couple and my friend hate us both. WHAT DO I DO TO AVOID THIS?

How do I gym?

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I'm a freshman this year, I go to a private school and the rules are a bit different. Last year we didn't even have gym. This year we do, I am the polar opposite of an athlete, I don't know how to play a single sport, how do I successfully gym without embarrassing the shit out of myself?
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I'm 23 and I don't have any real life friends. My mother was out a few weeks ago and she ran into an old friend of mine from about 12 years ago. One I'm not particularly keen on meeting up or talking to, due to theft of some of my favorite books, always asked for favors and money, but when I really needed help, was nowhere to be found, and it was always me having to initiate conversations or hanging out. My mother gave out my number and asked my old friend for their number. I don't want to talk to this old friend because: >Can't trust a thief >Don't feel like always having to be the one starting conversations >Friendship feels rather one-sided >I don't want it look like my mommy has to make friends for me About an hour ago, the friend texted me a generic 'how are you? what are you up to?' text message. Should I respond? What should I do? Am I really being such a gigantic loser? All I really want to do is not respond at all and let the past be the past.
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Good day /adv/, I am a high school student in my last semester of 12th grade (from the US, and 18 btw) who is looking to attend a university when I graduate. I have been taking college level courses from three different locations and have racked up about 24 credits with a GPA of 3.8 that should transfer to my university of choice. The problem is, one of my first college level courses I took I received a D in due to a sub-par final assignment. I had not planned on reporting this grade, and decided to write it off as a learning experience. How screwed am I that my university of choice states that "Applicants who do not report all college coursework or who falsify any part of their application or the documents required to complete the application process are subject to disciplinary action."? Does this mean that I must report this grade? I did not take any other courses from this location.

Which one?

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Okay guys I'm confused as fuck and it doesn't help that I'm already terrible at making decisions. So I'll set up the situation. One girl is B, and another girl is C. > B's story; meet B last year at school in class, she kinda knows me and I kinda know her. Decide she's cute -nice tits, the ass was fat, blonde, cute laugh- start swooning. We become really good friends that text every so often and talk a lot in school. Honestly doesn't go much farther than friendship. Summer break comes, go into alpha mode and lose 40 lbs. grow out hair to that perfect flow lenght. V improved. Kind of gave B cold shoulder during summer cuz thought she didn't really care about me the same way. See's me back at school in sexyme.0. Kinda think she wants the D and I'm pretty sure I could start up a relationship with her. >C's story: This girl is great, loves all the same music as me, loves art, poetry, literature, has a greater appreciation for that stuff, kinda scene girlish/emo (which is also my thing), short, pixie like hair (hnnnnggggg thats tha stuff) nice tits too for a small skinny girl. She's great and I had a thing with her a while ago that died off because of poor communication. She's got a lot of the stuff that I love in a girl and I think I've got a good chance at rekindling things again and doing it right this time. >> Here's the problem /adv/ I'm a diverse guy, one minute I wanna write poetry, the next I wanna go clubbing, the next I just wanna play vidya games with friends, and then go to a sporting event or even play one. Girl C is amazing, fucking fantastic, but she's somewhat of a reserved girl that isn't into doing all the same things I'd be into (like clubbing, sports, and stuff with my friends), and I don't think she'd get too close with my friends either (which is a big deal for me). Girl B however would be able to do all those things, but I'm not sure if I'd love her as much as I would Girl C. What do /adv/?
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