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Hey /adv/ I moved to a new town like 2 years ago and I feel like I've gained such a bad reputation in such a little time span. Main reason being someone tapped my phone and PC and saw how much porn I watch on a daily basis which is a lot. And two I called a store I was on the phone with a coworker at a store I was reapplying to and as I was looking for something they asked for I was getting aggravated so I began to grunt and make moaning type if noises like when people have temper tantrums. To make matters worse I picked up the phone and said" yea gimme a sec I'm almost coming" So, right after I said it I thought about and told myself damn that sounded really bad! So yea now I'm pretty sure everyone in town thinks I'm a mega perve and I don't know how to mend my reputation. I've already tried to quit porn I watch it like once or twice a month now but what can I do to mend my reputation?
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hi /adv/ how do i stop becoming infatuated with famous people im 19, female, been single for a year and a half and painfully lonely. i keep fucking becoming infatuated with famous people. i cherrypick the ones im most attracted to and just get weird about it, to the point where im so unattracted to anyone i meet irl (doesnt help that everyone in my area is fucking ugly) will i ever grow out of this bullshit? and if not is it actually possible to find a person that makes you feel all happy and stupid like that? in all my previous relationships i felt next to no joy. pic related: me when i realized im going to die alone
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>Become friends with girl over internet, she lives on the other side of the world >friends for a couple months, talk about various stuff >learn she has a boyfriend, doesn't really matter at this point >A few months ago she learns I'm sort of submissive/like being ruffled. >Intentionally starts saying sexual stuff to push my buttons. >Knows that it messes with me and that I like it. >Says that she likes doing it to me and that I'm cute. >Has teased me about me "liking her". But >Still mentions her boyfriend sometimes. We haven't talked in a few days. What do I do??
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Is it normal to be jealous that a really good friend of mine has a bf? She is the only girl ive ever met that I can easily talk to (she loves vidya, anime, has decent tastes, etc) I dont tell her how jealous I get and try to hide it when she talks about him in front of me. I just wish I could have someone half as good as her. Is it normal to feel that way? Or should I just be glad im best friends with her?

College Rape Culture

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I had been dating this same girl for my first two years, one night we were having dinner and she gets a phone call and starts freaking out. She had to go clear her room as someone was coming over, I thought it was a relative or something A guy arrives, later on I got the chance to talk to him when she wasn't around. Turns out he was her fiance I talked to her about it later and she said her parents forced her into it + she didn't love him etc and like an idiot I believed her She was never the same after that and became pretty abusive, she'd put me down all the time and would flirt with other people right in front of me We lasted a few more weeks before we had a few major arguments and split up In the last argument I told her I had thrown everything away she ever gave me + wanted nothing to do with her anymore The end, right? A few months later, just before my exams I get a knock at the door It was two Uni officials. I had to sign for a letter and read it in front of them. The letter was from the Dean of the Uni, my ex had claimed I was some stranger who had been sexually and verbally harassing her They came down on me hard, my exams were fucked, they didn't give me a single chance to defend myself, nor was I allowed to speak to anyone about it or else I'd be expelled I did say to the Dean during my disciplinary meeting that I can prove she's lying, he said he didn't care. As far as they were concerned I was wrong because she said so Luckily for me, I did keep a lot of the letters and photo's from when we were together. It took six months of letters to the Chancellor + Head of the school just to clear my name In the end they let me re-start my course, I'm now qualified and working I lost 3 years of my life + almost lost my future all because of her mistakes So if any of you are in or going to college, remember your education is the reason you are there. Those girls have little to lose by messing up you on the other hand have everything to lose so be careful
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I said something really mean to my girlfriend and now I'm in a pickle. >Girlfriend's friend says that a guy's dong grows a whole inch for every 10 lbs that he loses (for you britbongs, that's 25 mm for every 4.5 kg lost) >This is obviously stupid bullshit but I do the math in my head and realize that I could grow an 11 inch (280 mm) dick with her flawed logic >Realize that she's just trying to drop the hint that I should lose weight >Get defensive >Tell her that if I was in great shape, I wouldn't be dating her friend >Girlfriend begins crying >She's quiet for the rest of the night until I leave I must've hit a really sore spot. For reference, we're all 20 years old and the two ladies in the story are fatter than I am. What can I say to gain my girlfriend's self confidence back?
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Alright /adv/ need some advice here. Need some of your brutally honest opinions. I'll try to condense this as much as possible but here goes. Basically I'm still in love with my ex but its a little more then the oh I just want my ex back normal business. I dated her for about a year and she left me for someone else and I had 0 contact with for a full year. I eventually heard from her again and found out from her she had moved a good 9 hours away with him. She basically apologize said she still loved me this is while she was still with him. We talked for a bit while she continued to hide I was back around, she had told me how big of a mistake it was and how terrible of a boyfriend he was. Shortly after they broke up he left her there and he moved and left her they. She stayed and got a job in the area she was in and lives alone. I'll skip ahead to now as that was back in january or so. A few months ago an addiction I had for years caught up with me, I had stopped completely while I was with her and started up again after we broke up and I lost my job (mind you this was a good IT job making 15 and hour) and ended up back home. I had called her after not talking much for a few months besides snapchat on occasion and told her what happened she knew about my problem as I was doing it while with her and stopped after I told her about it. I told her I still loved her and it won't change she basically said maybe its best if we start trying to see other people and said I was loved and I would get through it. I didn't hear from her besides a few snapchats here and there which was the norm. Now come to the present 4 months later I did exactly that. I met a really nice girl while I was back home and we started dating, I got my old job back that I had lost and moved back to where I was before. Too much shit continued in next post.

Sex that almost killed me

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Dear /adv/ I had sex a few hours ago with my girlfriend, and it was mindblowing. Insane, crazy, rough, loud, ruffian sex. When I blew my load, I blew my load. My head felt like it exploded. I couldn't feel my face, or my whole body for that matter. My heart rate soared. It's been hours, /adv/, and I feel like I'm an insane person. My heart is still throbbing. Has anyone ever gone through this? What the fuck kind of sex was this? Am I going to die?
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Girlfriend is a completely different person when she is with a certain set of friends She hate having her photo taken Never uses social media for anything She hates dressing up (she is more rock chic, jeans and boots and coloured hair) She tends to be shy and introverted around new people With other friends she is always telling me what they get up to down to the finest detail >With this certain set of friends (3 girls) She is always posing for photos, uploading to facebook and instagram and checking in She spends hours getting ready and really dresses up beautifully and pretty, a complete departure to what she normally wears around me Outgoing, daring, always talking to new people when shes with this group With this group of girls, its entirely secretive, its never talked about, even photos on facebook she never comments when people ask questions about them Is this wierd that she is like a different person ?
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I think I have feelings for my FWB, I thought I was past it and it turns out im really not. We've always been really close and she did feel the same at one point but now she's not really into relationships. How do I deal with these feelings whilst continuing to hook up with her? Is that even possible?
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I'm feeling pretty lonely, /adv/. About 2 years ago I got out of a 2-year relationship (the only one I've actually had) but I started up a friends with benefits sort of thing with the same girl 6 months-ish later. That continued right through to a couple of months ago, but she found a guy she likes (over the internet and interstate, no less) so obviously that didn't continue. I was pretty miserable and lonely during the 6 months between the relationship ending and the FWB thing beginning, and I'm feeling the same kind of loneliness now. I desperately want the kind of intimacy that I had in both situations (we did cuddley things whilst FWB) and, honestly, I don't think I'm coping too well without it. So, I don't know what to do. I don't feel specifically bad about that girl - as much as I did like her, I know full well that she didn't treat me too well - as much as I just feel like there's a great big hole in my life. Like an idiot I'd gotten pretty heavily invested in having that sort of relationship with a person. I'm at a loss as to where to go from here. I'm currently jobseeking after obtaining a qualification and my habits are reasonably introverted, so there's not much of an obvious way forward for me. If I've missed out some details, I can elaborate. I want to improve, find someone else or just do something to make myself feel better, so anything to that effect is great.
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Guys, I'm fucking panicking. I recently fingered my girlfriend after she had given me a blowjob; the semen was swallowed by her, but I recall squeezing one last droplet out, getting it on my hand and then wiping it off. I may have used that hand to finger her soon after, and I didn't wash my hands. Her last period was about a week and a half ago. How likely is it that she'll get pregnant?
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dated a girl for 4 yrs, ~2yrs into it she made a friend at her work (Jane) that I got to know also. Her work friend was my favorite out of her friends and i always liked doing stuff with her (as in platonically, i never cheated on my gf or anything even remotely close to it.) 3yrs in gf wants to lose weight and I support her in it, but it eventually backfires on me. tl;dr she leaves me to get with other guys. I was in bad shape over it, and Jane was one of 2 people who helped me out through it. Jane had figured what was going on between my ex and myself and was disgusted by her behavior. They are no longer friends. Since then Jane and I have become better friends and I can tell that she likes when I'm around. She lives in a different town and I let her know whenever i'm also going to be there. Last time I spent the weekend with her she cancelled plans with another friend to spend the day with me. At first she said she was busy for the first day, but then later told me she cancelled her plans (although she said she didnt want to spend the day with her friend anyway) cont.
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>just moved out a few months ago >spent 1,500 on a furniture set, pic related couch included >boyfriend comes over, always sits on circled side of the couch (never sit there myself) >yesterday he mentions that it's ripped >extremely fucked up, obviously from someone plopping down and ripping it (he's kind of a big guy and he is rough with things) >blame him for it >he won't admit direct guilt and only says sorry when I ask if he's going to >have to move on past it to bother enjoying a movie He's still in bed and I'm out here typing about this because I'm upset. My $500 brand new couch just fucking destroyed. I bought all of this back in mid-April and don't think that I bought a protection plan on it and I'm not sure what to do. Can a pleather couch that's ripped in such a way be repaired? Also, was it right of me to hold my boyfriend accountable?
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How do I stop being gay? I like dicks but the whole gay rights/pride bullshit is a massive fucking joke to me and I wish it didn't exist. The idea of dating a guy/having sex with one repulses me too. Gay marriage is retarded. I've already had sex with guys and I didn't like it. However, I wouldn't like to have sex with a woman either. Sometimes I do get horny and want to hook up, but as soon as I finish jacking off I realize just how bad an idea it really is. The next step is to stop jacking it to dicks. However, just being branded as an asexual is fine to me. I just don't want to be considered a homosexual. How do I go about this?
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hey /adv/ it would be good if someone could help me... >meet a girl in school 1 year ago (im 18 btw) >we talk and stuff >I'm usually happy person, always laughed and smiled and she liked that >she had a boyfriend, was in fight tho >we hang out and talk for a while >summer break comes up >" i want u to text me every day anon" >ok >we send eachother thousands of texts >she says she loves me >me too ok >she breaks up with bf 3 or 4 days later >we can't see each other for 1 month cos she's out of town >fml.jpg >we didn't text almost whole month >she comes back in town >gets back to boyfriend >there was some shit concert going on, we meet again >talk for 10 min about stuff, she says she has to go with friends >ok >summer break ends >she finally breaks up with bf >she starts texting other guys >she became weird, not as she used to be >mfw I fell so hard for slutty girl >mfw I can't give up on this please tell me other plans except for getting over it also, is it possible that she's acting kinda slutty because she just broke up? >
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Hey guys, I really really need advice. I just got a bunch of bed bug bites yesterday, and its the first time it has happened. Im a poor college student who can't afford an exterminator, but I want to get rid of them before school starts. I must have gotten them after sleeping at this girls place. Im prepared to sacrifice everything in my apartment. Clothes, mattress, and.. Actually that's all I have. What's the chance of me being able to get rid of the infestation by throwing all my shit out? Also, can you guys please give me good tips on making sure they're completely home?
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I started the no fap September challenge. I want to read as much books about women during this free time. Any recommendation ? A bit about myself >I am 22 year old kissless virgin >I have no skills when it comes to women >Not that attractive > I have few intrusive suicide thoughts once a week but I know how to deal with them Picture the girl of dream.
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