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I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct board to post in, as i'm looking for a bit of advice; even if it isn't necessarily social advice. I've been looking for a creative outlet for some time and I've recently started doing mini "rants" that are intended to be humorous. I only have one right now but I have several more that are going to be uploaded soon and I was wondering if you fine guys and gals had any tips or helpful criticisms that I could apply to this video, and future ones? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ-QYtt0yPw I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to watch even half of it, especially those who offer advice!
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My boyfriend and I got into a fight. I called him a faggot (which is kind of silly, now that I think about it, since I KNOW he's not one) and he hit me. My friends are telling me I need to dump him and get the cops involved, which seems like an over reaction. Or am I like one of those abused wives on TV now?

hobbies that are interesting and gives u something to talk about

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>be male 20 >kissless virgin with no friends >dont talk much, nothing to talk about and no one totalk with >want to change >start going to the gym and start running >enjoy it, i might actually make it >work weekends, but nothing to do in weekdays >going to apply to uni next year >dont enjoy playing vidya anymore >crazy excess time in weekdays >nothing to do looking for hobbies that are interesting and that can give me something to talk about and keeping my mind away from depression. Also how do i improve socially and get friends?
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Hi /adv/, this is my first time here. I'm mainly a /k/ommando, but I also go on /vr/ from time to time. I'm 18, single, live with my Grandma, and work a part-time (manual labor) for chump change. I'll gladly provide more info if you guys want. I'm depressed. It just seems that every day, life just feels a little less worth living. Not suicidal, I'm just... Sad. And angry. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, I'm becoming increasingly withdrawn*, I'm lonely, and my relationships with my friends and family are deteriorating. How do I start rebuilding my life? What do I do? *I was always an introvert to begin with, so this is NOT good. I don't want to sound like a special snowflake tumblrite, but I'm pretty sure I have avoidant personality disorder.
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Help. Smoking what to do.
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Is there anything I can do against a receding hairline at the age of 21? It's not that I didn't expect it to happen, since all men from my father's side and from my mother's side are bald to some extent. But I didn't expect it to start so soon. It's clear to me that it's predetermined, but I worry that it will make me less attractive.
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Hey /adv/ I'm sick of the normal life. I'm a chill guy, I got my own place, I got a job, etc etc Now, I really want to gtfo. Not die, but basically pack a bunch of clothes and travel the world on foot or something like that. How do I do it? I have the motivation and guts, but I don't want to go and die 2 weeks later due starvation. Thanks
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Words cannot describe the level of sadness and anger I am feeling right now. >be with girl for few months >well call the girl Pup >Pup is bi, recently told me she broke up with gf and wanted to get with me >I like her too so we get together >goes good for month or so >Pup's ex gf is her best friend >Pup's ex hates me >so does another one of Pups friends that she considers a brother >about 5 weeks ago Pup tells me she needs space >okay.jpeg >she wants me not to contact her unless she contacts me > do it >for 2 weeks she keeps asking to hang out and keeps on texting me >no problem >week after two weeks been feeling badman because she hasn't spoken to me in a week >can feel something going wrong in the pit my stomach >Fri last week comes >"Anon, my feelings for you roller coaster too much. The fires are like embers now" >she says the no contact of last week will be the norm now >she tells me she still loves me >I still love her >she cites religion one of the main reasons we aren't going to be together long >was never a problem before though >she still wants to see me >but only whenever she wants >feelsreallybadman.png >need to collect myself >now this fri >no contact all week >feeling bretty bad >friend who is close to Pup (not brother friend) tells me brother friends and ex gf have been talking smack about me behind my back >telling Pup she should break up with me >Pup says she was only with me for the money and my looks (to friends) >Pup now saying she needs new bf and she broke up with me >combo of anger and sadness 4 me She didn't even say we weren't going to be together anymore. She only said we'd be seeing eachother less. I'm not sure what to do now, I've never been able to connect with someone on such an emotional and intellectual level. I really love her....what is your suggestion /adv/?
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Heya /adv! Quick question that I've been struggling for for a couple days. Heres the situation: My best friend's girlfriend is trying to set up a surprise trip to a concert for him. She invited like 3 of her friends, and me. My friend loves country music, so it's a country show. I cannot stand country music AT ALL. Should I feel obligated to spend 50 dollars on a concert that I know I am going to hate? I mean christ one of the guys is the singer from hooty and the blowfish...it's going to be so bad. I don't know how to say I'm not going without being a dick.
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Is it possible to live a good/normal life with emetophobia? I'm not trying to overcome it.Not now at least. I know it'll ruin my life,but i'm just trying to find ways and tips to improve and stay away from things that could trigger my fear.
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I lost the first girl I ever loved (we'll call her M) due to stupid shit. I keep thinking I'm over her, but I keep proving myself wrong out of nowhere. My relationship with her ended three years ago, and some weird shit happened with her second boyfriend. I've been happily dating my second girlfriend (L) for just under two years now, and lately have been telling myself that I love her... but I keep thinking about Emma. Despite now attending different colleges, Emma and I keep in occasional contact. She's dating a guy who seems awesome for her, and she gave up tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to stay in the same area as he. A year ago, on Facebook, she told me "If you, for some reason, ever wanted me back, I'm almost positive I'd leave B---, or anyone else for you." I know I shouldn't ask her, that even to think of it is wrong, but over the past two days I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Next month, a mutual friend is being married. I know she'll attend, and I assume she'll bring B---. The way I'm feeling about her and our previous relationship right now makes me think I should skip the wedding. I don't know what I might say or do if I were to sit through a wedding at their table or something. I wouldn't be total spaghetti about it, but I'm worried. I've considered just asking her to tell me something along the lines of "I'm a different person than I was three years ago, you're a different person that you were three years ago, and what I said back then is no longer an option." The above is what my brain is telling me, but I'm still hopeful and anxious about even the possibility of seeing her again. It makes me feel really guilty about my relationship with L too. L is my best friend, and I think I love her... but the past two days I've been consumed with this weird lovesick longing for the past. Should I go no-contact? Should I go as far as to avoid a wedding I know she'll attend? I'm confused and lovesick and guilty.
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>be 20 years old, living alone going to local university in midwest USA >take prescription 20 mg Adderall 2x a day for ADHD (if you don't believe ADHD does real, just assume for the purposes of this question that it does) >today after eating breakfast, about to take medication when suddenly cat on my desk knocks off my open bottle of pills into an air vent >pills spill into the vent and are unreachable because apparently the air vents in my apartment are really deep >have over two weeks before I can refill my meds >mfw over two weeks without medication So how does one go about getting a refill on Adderall without arousing suspicion of being a drug dealer or abuser? I wouldn't really care if this were the summer but I'm in my last semester of graduate work and these next two weeks are crucial for getting shit done. tl;dr: last two weeks of prescription adderall I take have been lost and are unattainable, how to go about getting a new script?
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What should I say to this girl that I'm pretty sure still likes me from high school? She broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago, and while I didn't want her in high school, I want to try something now.
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We can all agree that a make orgasm is vastly more important than a female's in all ways, right?
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So it's not like I'm completely worthless. I have friends, have had girlfriends scattered throughout the past 5 or so years. Even had a couple 6 month jobs. But on the other hand I'm just kinda trapped in this cycle. I'll get a job, lose the job 6 months later, then I'll start freeloading off my family and friends. Family for room and food and friends for drink of course. But I'm getting sick of it. Or am I? If I was truly sick of it wouldn't I have fixed it by now? Whenever I make some mental note to do something with my life I find something more entertaining to do that involves me sitting down and looking at my monitor. How do I break out of it? I don't wanna get another short-term job and come right back to where I am now. Every time I have the job I tell myself I won't do it but it always happens. For 5 years it's been this way and the sad thing is, I think i'm sub-consciously satisfied with my life.
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Are there any good tips for a beginner chess player? My friend keeps trying to help me avoid the common mistakes but I can't even see what I'm doing wrong half the time, plus the normal chess sites don't really help.
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>Been with girlfriend for 5 years >get along fine >have still not asked her to marry me If you were my gf, would you leave me by now?
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I'm talking to this asian dude for a while and he's the cutest and most respectable person I've talked to. He has an interest in me and I really like him. We text and sometimes he initiates conversation but it's mostly me. We've always talked about hanging out and stuff but plans never happen. I really wanna take it to the next step but I don't wanna seem too pushy. Should I keep going?
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