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hey /b/ i need your advice so recently i got this fags snapchat name and posted in on /hm/ and told them he was gay and i took a picture and sent it to a a few mates, and this autistic cunt heard about it and got the screen shot and told his mum, who in turn told my principal and i cant be fucked getting in trouble for this shit, what do? pic not related
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Im kinda scared of casual sex for several more subtle reasons than just hitting her up: >What if she dislikes my apartment Ok we can go to her place >What if i cannot cum, or don't get hard and it will all feel like a failure This one is harder. >What if i freak out when she agrees or something >Or just stands there expecting me to do something obvious that i don't know I feel like there is a huge risk i might actually run away from the entire situation. Ok, so i obviously won't get laid, but in theory..

Prego wife just started to have mood swings, I need help

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My wife is now 30 weeks in and has now decided it would be a great time to turn into a psychotic scream machine. My brother, who has been staying with us for 2 weeks, went from awesome person to public enemy number one just for putting his bare feet on the ottoman. I'm asshole of the year for paying for 4 meals the last 2 weeks when we all went out together. Anything I say is taken out of context against her. How do I fucking manage to keep my shit together and not cause a miscarriage? I know I have to ride this out, but I it's hard not to call her out on bullshit and misunderstandings. Any advice will do.
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I'm a good guy. I tend to go out of my way to help people and never ask nothing in return,. The tragic part of all this is that people always disappoint me. Here in my college we have this project in which a group of students research things with a professor. I joined the group recently but we get along well (most of the time), we meet weekly with the professor and we work together. Recently we organized this event, a sort of book signing, for our professor, in which he would talk about the book and I was going to be right next to him, introducing him and taking questions. Everything worked out fine, pictures were taken and everyone felt happy about it. But today something that really annoyed me happened. See, I'm actually a pretty sad person, last year I couldn't even leave the house at night because of my depression. I have always hated the way I look, I'm awful, I have all sorts of skin conditions, I'm fat, and I've never been with a girl in my entire life. I'm a 3/10 tops. So today my professor, who is a really nice looking man (a lot of girls have a crush for him) recently shared an article that was made about this event we organized. In the article there was a picture of me next to him, he said a lot of nice things about the article and then he said "But, what a beautiful lad anon is... isn't he?". I know that most of you wouldn't even care about this "silly" comment, a little joke that guys made often make taking a piss out of each other, but the irony in his comment is incredible hurtful to me. I know I'm ugly, I'm terrible in the fucking picture (as always), but why did he feel the need to make that fucking observation? To hurt me even though I did nothing to him? I know I'm hideous, why make me feel even worse about it? I don't even know how to reply, not even know if I should. I know that most of you will call me a faggot and I get it, but there must be someone here that understand how this feels like.
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I'm graduating by the end of this year /adv/. My ex broke up with me a few months ago. And I started to realize I never took control of my life. I mean, my ex was the one to start flirting with me... for sometime I didn't love her at all, but with time I started doing it. I don't know why I'm majoring in electrical engineering, either. I kinda like it, but I don't know if it's the right choice. Or what would be. I feel lost. I don't know who I am. I don't know why I am doing the things I'm doing and I don't know what I would rather do. I just feel lost. Really lost. How to discover who I truly am? Is there such thing as a true self, /adv/? I can't stop thinking about such things... I think I might be getting depressed.
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I'm 23. How do I stop acting like a pretentious snowflake and grow up?
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I bought a flight that is 30 something hours and I need to change it. The lady on the phone wants to charge a huge amount of money for changing flights... Can I dispute the charges on my credit card and go buy a whole new intinerary?
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Hey /adv/ Need help, I've been feeling the following symptoms throughout the past couple months >Sharp pain in side of chest (right side always) >Dull pain slightly to the right of the center of my chest >Dull pain on the left side of my chest, under armpit Please help me /adv/ -Pic Unrelated-

First Time Writing Music.. Ever

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Any advice, opinions, or inspiration for another write? I generally write a page of poetry and it always ends up as a rap and I'm a computer guy so I decided to craft something up considering I have nothing else to do.... What do you guys think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vvnf895nuE4&feature=youtu.be
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where do i meet new people? i only ever meet people i find attractive at conventions and conventions are pretty shitty places for getting to know people
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Live in a down town college town. So, I see a lot of 18-20 year olds. All in all they don't bother me and I understand that for the most part I was exactly like them 5 or 6 years ago. Hell, I'm pretty close to some of them. One youngster in particular I work with. I'm really proud of her she does great at her job in the cafe. Always on time and isn't constantly bitching. She's Puerto Rican and from NYC, surprisingly doesn't act like an absolute nigger. The other day we were on break at the same time setting out front discussing politics and music two things she's very smart about. After a while she got quiet and with a very insecure look on her face she asked "would it be weird if we went out and did something?". My first thought was "hell nah, you're cool and sexy as fuck" my second thought was "I'm 24 and you're 18". So, my final answer was "Yea we can chill sometime". We awkwardly exchanged numbers. For the rest of the day she kind of avoided me with the exception of a smile and brief eye contact. I really don't know where to take it from here. She's really cool actually and I do like her but I don't know if it would be strange due to the age difference. I don't want to just play her or hide her away if we do get into a relationship. At the same time however I feel that if it is socially acceptable I'd love to see where this goes. Do you guys think it would be weird? Any /adv/?
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I was born in 92 (22 years old now) and I started coming across videos and stuff from my childhood, which I hardly remember. The most interesting thing is a video on youtube thats a 4 hour recording of tv in 1990. Its close, but i started thinking about what I would remember; Does anyone have any videos on tv back in 2000? pic unrelated
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>23, bachelors degree, working part-time in m field of study >Not making enough to move out of parents house, lives in a shitty Midwest area >All of my family and friends live here I went "WWOOFing" (farm volunteering) with my boyfriend in Washington state and loved it there. Our farm host wants us to come back to help with the farm and has offered us a place to stay rent-free, would let us work and find other jobs, and we would get a chance to build a tiny house/shipping container house and basically start fresh. It's land near Seattle so we are not in the middle of nowhere. Do I drop what I have here and move across the country to start a new life? I work in art + design and my partner is a massage therapist, which have big markets in the Seattle area. HELP
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Hey /adv/, I have some questions for you. Is foreskin restoration worth it? Should I attempt to surgically/non-surgically bring it back? I am aware that once the skin is cut off, the nerves are gone. But will restoration at least bring more pleasure/comfort? I feel like I have been robbed of my own humanity by Big Brother Jew. I hate my fucking country. Please help.
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Dear /adv/, An acquaintance needs help constructing a doctors note. We have names, a letterhead, etc. etc. Any advice that can be offered, resources such as templates that are known about, past experiences that can be learned from are welcome.
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Hey there /adv/ britbong here, basically my parents are pressuring me into uni next year. I'll be 19 because I resat a year at 6th form and they don't want me to 'waste' another year. My parents are gonna pay for it as well so i'm not wasting my own money here and it would be nice to be able to leave home sooner then later. I was looking into a computing degree (not comp sci because i got very average grades) >Is this worth pursuing? >What sort of jobs could I get with this?
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Is not knowing who you are anymore a sign of sever depression? I feel like I never had a base personality or anything and I've been told by people that I change yearly extremely. I have severe anxiety, derealization, depersonalization, manic depressive disorder.
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/adv/ how do I fix my problem >be 20 >out of college for this semester due to letting my financial aid go to shit >probably wont go next semester if I don't get money soon >never worked before in my life, have no experience >have been applying to places for over a year now with no luck >family in rough financial time and I feel like shit for not being able to help >finally get called for an interview at gamestop to be held on monday night I desperately need to get this job, how do I not screw this up?
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this is probably a really normal problem alot of people have but here's my story. i can't stop hating weeaboos, ive met weebs irl and i don't like it, i don't dislike the persons, i just dislike weeaboos and their activities alot >write fanfiction >speak japanese >discuss edgy animes >discuss japanese culture i dislike all of this. /adv/ please tell me how i can learn to stop hating weeaboos, i don't like to hate others but i can't help it. pic unrelated
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So I got stoned last night and my girlfriend was telling me about her aunt who was mudered (she was close to her and it still bothers her deeply, like she almost cries about it) and I told her I didn't remember her ever telling me that I then went on to ask her an irrelevant and stupid question. This was last night and now she will not talk to me except in extremely short phrases. What do I do guys? I already tried apologizing. I feel like such a dick right now.
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