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Hey /adv/, I'm getting bored of playing league all day and decided I want to take up a real hobby. Anyone got some good ideas for me?
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I rarely come here, but then I rarely feel this way. I'm looking for some sincere anon advice for a simple situation but one which i just can't fucking seem to wrap my head around: >Me and femanon are friends >Used to be more than that >Now she has a boyfriend >She has suffered from depression for a long period of time >I've tried my best to be a supportive friend: check in on her, invite her out, etc. >She usually responds, but always in mono syllables. >Whenever i invite her anywhere she just doesn't respond. >Most questions too. >Despite this, the rare time we get together she appears chipper and friendly. >Never uncomfortable around me. It's like. I can't tell whether she's emotionally distance because of her depression or whether things are broken between us since her boyfriend. And i feel like such a pathetic beta because i prostrate myself incase she needs me. But should i really just cut things off until she makes an effort for me? Who else has had friends with severe depression?
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Sup /adv/. I plan on formally proposing to my high school sweetheart turned LDR girlfriend of 4 years. I plan on visiting either during the holidays or Valentine's day. What are some creative ways to pull this off? Pic related, the ring I'm getting. >inb4 fake ring She actually requested one. She works at a jewelry store and knows all the shit behind DeBeers diamonds.


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Here's a fucky situation for you all. >Be me >Talking to a 10/10 >Will only message me if I message first >She's in College >We have dated in the past I want to get with her but I feel like I'm wasting my time. Am I?
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What do you think about doctor who? I think it is really cool series, one of the best in the world. The new doctor Peter Capaldi is NOT better than Matt Smith but he is good. What do zou think about Capaldi and Smith? Also we can`t forget on David tennant. He is sexy. Thanks for answers...
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lesbian recently getting out of the closet I want to meet other lesbians, I've been considering going to a lesbian bar, what should I expect? is it a bad idea to go alone? I'm 24 years old and completely inexperienced by the way
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I'm going to MCM Comic Con on the 24th. It's my second time and I'd like to try cosplaying as something, but I'm black and though I don't care for people who say blacks shouldn't cosplay, I'm just not sure what to cosplay as or even how to go about it. Any advice for this cosplay noob? :)

advice on dating

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hi, i like girls that are Asian or petite, im a bit chubby and live in Tucson Arizona, do you know where I can find a girl like that or recommend me a legit dating site that doesn't charge me 39.99 after the trial and it's free?
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hi /adv/, i'm a 21 yr old outnproud gay dude from a very small conservative town. i've been talking to this guy whos 32 (always liked older men) and i'm invited to a '''social gathering''' he's throwing. sidenote: i have pretty bad social anxiety & more sexual/relationship experience with girls (dunno if he's a top or bottom yet. i'm a strict top) & just generally nervous about the whole thing. i've never really had a steady boyfriend, hence the small town thing. can you groovy people give me some advice/encouragement? it'd be greatly appreciated. pic very unrelated.
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Okay, here's the deal, I'm a college student who recently got together with an old friend. My school life recently has been very stressful with trying to balance work and school, so she's been a blessing at first, now this bitch is starting to get crazy, like sending me depressing shit and making me worry about her, and I don't really need this shit, I don't really believe she is because she's pretty well off and isn't even in school or working right now, she's living off her parents. Should I just break up with her? she's really bringing shit into my life I don't need or even care about for that matter.
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Guys I'm starting to get scared >be me in year 6 went out with the most popular girl in the year >cheated on me >got over it >throughout high school people have always made jokes about me going to 2nd base with her >not true >I'm still friends with her on Facebook and realised she is bi >not really relevant >now about to start college and she's coming back >people still bring up the joke >scared someone will mention it and I'll get an arse whooping What do
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I'm 24 and pretty socially awkward. Some things set me off more than others, but generally I feel that as I am, I am going to have an extremely hard time in my future trying to land any serious jobs or make any new acquaintances/friends due to how difficult it is for me to socialize with others. I feel like I don't get my points across when trying to communicate, and I don't know when or how to end a conversation properly. I walk away from most conversations feeling like a fool and replaying the scenario in my mind multiple times, thinking of ways I could have handled the situation better. The thing is that I really do have a desire to talk to others and have conversations, but most of the time when I'm talking to people I tense up and feel like I'm on the defensive and stumble to pick the right words. I feel that getting over this is essential if I want to live any sort of decent life, but I want to do so in an effective, long-term way, even if it means a lot of hard work on my part. tl;dr - socially awkward/social anxiety sufferer looking for advice from anon's who have found ways to deal with theirs with positive long term results
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Used to have friens called the group. back breakup with gf, best friend lost to drugs, moved out of state to religious sticks, not religious. No sex, no friends, live alone for 2 years. Not ugly, not tall. I need friends or something but im weird fag who doesnt know how to be cool enough for ppl to like. Also, money is tight, still in school but classes like comp sci with old people. What should i do?

"Lost, confused, and alone"

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I don't know how to make myself happy... How am I supposed to expect other people to be happy with me if I'm not even happy with myself? I feel like if i come out it will help me get away from falling back into that stupid husk of a person people think i am. Having to hide the real me for 40+ hrs in a week just makes it that much harder for me to be genuine the rest of the time. I dont know how to change the way I think and i just feel so alone because i dont think anyone else can help me. I feel so helpless... I just want to be able to me genuinely me all thje time and not have to worry about keeping up a mask. I wish I could find something that would make me feel whole/complete/happy when my fiancee isn't around. I just feel so empty like i am waiting to fill myself up once i feel like me. I dont really know what I want to do, other than not be a bum and not work in factory production. I've tried too many hobbies to still feel so empty and worthless. It doesnt help that whenever I do something i am somewhat proud of other people just mock and and tear it down. If other people dont respect me how can i respect myself... I can only "be the bigger man" for so long. I just feel so empty and worthless because I don't think people really want to hang out with me ever and it's just kindof forced on them. I am finally moving in the direction i want to be regarding my transition, but i feel like i am getting held back from steps i want to take. Or just like i am following what other people i now know have done by progressing but still feeling like i am doing it worse because they have done things i want to do/am ready for i just dont feel i can. I understand i am allowed to be different and my own person but its hard when i try that and people act like i'm jsut some fucking dumbass.
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>Be friends with this girl >Hug and shit >Really close >Suddenly she stops talking to me >Months pass, I stop giving a fuck >She talks to my friend >She says that she's sad because I look depressed because of this situation and that she wants to be friends with me again but without the hugging and shit part but that she's too scared to tell me because she thinks that I'll call her whore >I don't really give a shit about her anymore, I'm naturally this depressed >She's a nice person, yet I have 0 intentions on being friends with her anymore, simply because I don't see her as nothing anymore >I have to explain this shit to her How to begin? Do I approach in real life or should I just text her and explain her that I don't really care about it?
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So in high school me and a girl became good friends. very end of junior year we start dating.We end up dating for barely over a year with 2 minor breakups in between. I loved her more than anything, thought I would marry her one day. got really rough towards the end, my feelers got hurt. A year and a half we don't speak, text, or see each other. I thought about her a lot and occasionally creeped her twitter because too beta to talk to her again. few days ago was alumni night for my high school. I go to see all my friends but she's the first person I want to see when I arrive. we still don't talk because awkwardness is intense. still check her out though. go home and don't even hang out with any of my high school friends. lifestyle choices of a loser right here. That night she texts me. I text back. We talk a lot for the next few days. almost positive that we are both into each other. invite her over to watch the stars in my hot tub. secretly hope to woo her once more. night is successful beyond all dreams. she stays the night and we do a little bit of the naughty. we both missed each other a lot. She says she has changed to be less of a bitch (she did do some kinda mean stuff before, the butt hurt healed though). be happy.we are both afraid to tell family and friends because they probably won't approve. (we were both super depressed about being apart apparently) the next day she says she wants to take it slow, she's too nervous. next day she says she doesn't want to do anything and instead wait to see if this is a good idea. now she doesn't want to really talk all that much. I never pegged her as a girl that would just hookup with me for a night but it feels like that right now. what do I do? I'm getting feelings again. excuse the rookie post, part time lurker
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Hey there guys. So I asked this girl out on a date without telling her its because I think she's cute. I'm about 80% sure that she likes me, how should I tell her I'm interested in her? I mean I did show interest asking her out, but I want to know how I should tell her. Should I be like "you know the real reason I took you to lunch is because I think your really cute and want to know more about you." Or something else? Also if anyone's got some first date advice, lay it down. >pic unrelated but I need one.
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What do I do about my nervous tick. Stressed at work recently.
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Why does life have to be so complicated? We just all want to be happy right? Have a job and somewhere to live, friends and someone to love. Yet even a normal life seems so hard to obtain at times. If i didn't have my parents i'd probably be a bum on the streets now.
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