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I'm currently renting a place for two months while I wait to move in to a different place. I ended up having to pay quite a lot for it and the wi-fi does not work. When I mentioned this to the landlord they said the wi-fi was "free" so basically fuck you - it doesn't work. To my way of reasoning this doesn't make sense. I rented the property because wi-fi was included as an amenity and I would not have done knowing I couldn't get an adequate connection for the time I'm here (and I need the wi-fi for work and study). Surely you cannot rent out a property with a bunch of "free" or "complimentary" shit and then not give you those things just because they were free.
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Guys I'm starting to get scared >be me in year 6 went out with the most popular girl in the year >cheated on me >got over it >throughout high school people have always made jokes about me going to 2nd base with her >not true >I'm still friends with her on Facebook and realised she is bi >not really relevant >now about to start college and she's coming back >people still bring up the joke >scared someone will mention it and I'll get an arse whooping What do
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I'm 24 and pretty socially awkward. Some things set me off more than others, but generally I feel that as I am, I am going to have an extremely hard time in my future trying to land any serious jobs or make any new acquaintances/friends due to how difficult it is for me to socialize with others. I feel like I don't get my points across when trying to communicate, and I don't know when or how to end a conversation properly. I walk away from most conversations feeling like a fool and replaying the scenario in my mind multiple times, thinking of ways I could have handled the situation better. The thing is that I really do have a desire to talk to others and have conversations, but most of the time when I'm talking to people I tense up and feel like I'm on the defensive and stumble to pick the right words. I feel that getting over this is essential if I want to live any sort of decent life, but I want to do so in an effective, long-term way, even if it means a lot of hard work on my part. tl;dr - socially awkward/social anxiety sufferer looking for advice from anon's who have found ways to deal with theirs with positive long term results
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Well. I think I've goofed. >Be me >Somehow land a smoke show of a girlfriend >She's cool as fuck. Real laid back. Great girl >Currently in school two hours away taking 20 credit hours (7 classes) this semester >Don't get to see her as much. >Went to a party a month ago. Say hey to my roommate's girlfriends. They have their friends with them. They are annoying girls but fun. >Known all of them for years >Talk to one of them. Find out she loves cars >holyshityousrs.jpg >She and I hit it off and talk about cars. My girl knows nothing about cars (but likes to learn from me and seems curious about them). >New car girl friend and I love to talk about cars. Always posting funny car videos on each other's FB walls. >Car girl asks if I am going to a party she is going to. >I am. She says she's excited. >Tell her about this new car humor blog I had showed my girl. >Girlfriend was wanting to skype tonight. Suddenly decides she doesn't want to. Says she can see I am 'stuck on the video blog' and doesn't want to bother me. >She's gone silent. >Suddenly starts tagging me in all the pictures she's taken of me, even from a year ago. >Posted something funny on my wall. >Uh oh. How fucked am I? Pic related. Its her.
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Hey there guys. So I asked this girl out on a date without telling her its because I think she's cute. I'm about 80% sure that she likes me, how should I tell her I'm interested in her? I mean I did show interest asking her out, but I want to know how I should tell her. Should I be like "you know the real reason I took you to lunch is because I think your really cute and want to know more about you." Or something else? Also if anyone's got some first date advice, lay it down. >pic unrelated but I need one.

Music shows

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This is a weird problem /adv/. I'm 21 and I go to some underground electronic music shows in the SF bay area every once in a while when I'm visiting family on a weekend. The people are cool and I like the music, the art, and the cheap drinks. It's a lot of burning man folk, and art to follow. The weird part is that it seems some of the people who I thought I was cool with have actually been partially dissociating themselves from me lately. They don't talk to me as much at the shows as when I first met them. I move around a lot, and no one I grew up with listens to this sort of thing so I go alone. I think what's happening is it looks like I just don't have anyone to hang out with several times in a row and might not be "cool" enough or something, as well as the fact that I just don't go very often (once every couple months or so). It may be a cultural thing, these are city people, while I grew up in the suburbs and have a hard time relating in general. I used to spin fire and go to music festivals with them. These are people who organize large camps and events, some of them have money to burn, and now it's just weird. I messaged one of the more social girls in that circle a few months ago to catch up and then nothing. Even blocked me on a separate social website altogether. I don't know what's going on but I really like the music being played so I just want go for that. It's not so much about being "in" on things as much as it wondering why people who I thought were my friends are now acting like I don't exist. Could they be expecting me to do something? What could I be doing wrong? I'm not socially inept, but I do feel like I have a hard time fitting in being more of a computer guy. I want to go to the shows for the music and art but it leaves a weird taste in my mouth and makes me want to just say fuck em and never go again.
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What do I do about my nervous tick. Stressed at work recently.
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>Talking to girl I like in class >We've become decent friends >She's going to leave to head back home this winter >Starts talking about this guy who likes her who she's not interested in and dreads that he'll eventually have the courage to ask her out before she leaves >Trying to find excuses to get him off her back such as faking a boyfriend or that she's gay >mfw I'm also a dude who's interested in her trying to work up the courage to ask her out before she leaves She actually was talking about someone else. A friend of her brother who one of our other friends knows as well. But still, God damn was that discouraging as fuck. I probably should even be bothering with her since she's leaving this winter but I wanted to at least try. On the other hand though she's really flirty with me, and I don't know if the fake boyfriend bit was a hint or something.


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How to become more extroverted. Be me, around one person I can generally show the full extent of my personality, pretty good banter, witty shit to say etc. Although when I get with my group of friends who are loud personalities I totally shit down and withdraw from the conversation. What the fuck is this? Anyone deal with this Currently muscle training and working on image to improve confidence but will that be enough?

Woo another one of these

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Hey guys Been here a while but first time OP Me: >late teens, kissless Virgin >not clueless just inexperienced (if that makes sense) >pretty confident and social, not beta much Basically the story is I go to uni with this girl, we're pretty good friends, talk a lot etc. early on, she took me the wrong way and shut me down in terms of a relationship, which at the time I wasn't looking for specifically. As time goes on though I realise we have a lot in common, and I think I might be slowly falling for her (though tbh I could be very wrong). We've made plans to do something and ever since, all I can think about is what that's going to be like, my imagination is running wild. Guess the point is: is it worth trying something and failing, or keeping the platonic as is? Any /adv/ or stories from you guys would be awesome. If not, congrats for reading this far
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Can someone explain to me how Max Wertheimer's study of Gestalt theory is related to movies? >motion after effects >linear perspective >binocular disparity >stroboscopic motion
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looking for a new fountain pen what would you recommend?
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>be me >about a 7/10 on average >have like, 2 main fwb online >have had plenty of relationships but nothing felt right, except for this one fuck up that turned out badly >have best bud who's histrionic and bitchy at times >have other friends, but none of them are very close >slack off and get behind in school work >starting to get lonely as fuck >starting to lose interest in things like old passions >wanting to be loved How do you find love? How do you manage to have such a good life? I hate myself sometimes, and this is why. No matter who I have in my life, who likes me, I'm not pleased, I want to find someone that /I/ will like. I want to be happy. What do?
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I need /adv/ today. Am 21 yo. F, 4'11'', 100 lbs. Im in a great long relationship with a good looking and clever guy. I generally dont feels this way but recently i cant get this feeling of being awkward out of my head. Similar to awkward tween years, where youre too old for kids stuff and too young for teen stuff, iv felt to gross to be pretty and too stupid to be smart (for a womern). Have also been uncontrollably babycrazy lately and want to turn all of that off. Anything?


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What is atm the best imageboard script (open source) atm? Best backend features such as moderation, captcha, Antispam etc. included) I am thinking about starting own imageboard in my own country/language.
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I was going out with this girl, then I cheated on her with my best friend, he was really keen on me. A week or so later I felt guilty so I told her what had happened. We later broke up and she told everyone. He's not out so he got really angry. He wanted it kept a secret so I lied to all of my friends and said I made it up so they all hate me for that and he hates me for telling her in the first place but I love him more than anything - I'm not fussed about loosing my friends but any ideas how to get him to forgive me?
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I made a thread about this last night but I didn't get many responses. I was practicing drawing women recently and I came up with a character that made pic related happen. Now I want to draw rule 34 of me and her. Is that weird even if I never show anyone?
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Hey /adv/, I'm not sure if this is the right place to go. It's a little embarrassing, but, I have a hard time washing my dick. Like, the head is super sensitive to pretty much everything, when I pull back the skin, it also hurts a little when I do. I don't want my dick smelling like a dumpster behind Red Lobster. Does anyone know what's wrong?
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need your help /adv/, ShitNon hacked facebook group and can't get it back, but need it back, how do I get it back. >inb4 not a hacker >inb4 ask Fuckerburg -pic unrelated-
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Tomorrow I have an internship interview. I've had a few in the last months and I've been unsuccessful, so I'm trying to make a better impression. Every time, the interviewer will spend like 5 minutes explaining what they are and what they do, while I sit there, not giving me time to ask anything or contribute. How can I make this phase of the interview more of a conversation? I always gather info about the company so that I know if they ask, but it seems rude to interrupt them to point out that I already know. What should I do?
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