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Hey /adv/ any thoughts on how to last longer in bed? (Not a problem of mine, just general curiosity. I just think about naked grandmas. lmfao)

Study overload

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I'm overloaded with study. The reason of this i'm totally confused. Can't decide what to do. Need help

Relationship goof

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So theres this girl right. We met at a party not to long ago and since then we've been out or coffee and lunch a few times. Problem being I'm an absolute goof with people skills and I don't know weather she's interested in me or not. I can't see her from now until december because of conflicting uni and work schedules but I really want to ask her how she feels. Should I call her or something? I don't want to send her a text. Help a brother out (Image related)

Dating someone with borderline personality disorder

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Has anyone out there ever been in a relationship with someone who's been diagnosed with BPD? If so, what was the relationship like? Successful, crazy, intense, a total mind fuck? I'm asking because my girlfriend just told me that she had been diagnosed a few years ago. I didn't know what the fuck "BPD" was until I got home and did a bit of research on it. it sounds like I may have a pretty rough road ahead of me if this disorder is anything like I've read. I don't want to leave her, but I'm thinking maybe I should prepare myself for what's to come.

who do I choose.

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Well I have a bit of a story to tell and I think you might hate me for it but in all honesty I want to know your opinion. Of the situation and what I should do. its not a super long story but it will be a few parts. >Story time /adv/ from a 26 year old woman >Be around 15 going out with guy Lets call him B >We like each other and don't really mess around until a few months later >B and I first messed around (IE he felt me up) I didn't like that >B and I broke up >next year B and I start dating again he messes around with me I am okay with that. >B started doing stuff to me then goes down on me feels great! >I never did anything to him because I was scared >B seemed fine with it until he asked me one day why i didnt do anything to him >we started messing around one day and I finally did stuff to him >fast forward week later we have sex continue
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So i always had this anxiety attacks with very fast heart rates but now the complete opposite is happening. My heart rate gets very very slow anybody else experienced this?
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hey /b/ i need your advice so recently i got this fags snapchat name and posted in on /hm/ and told them he was gay and i took a picture and sent it to a a few mates, and this autistic cunt heard about it and got the screen shot and told his mum, who in turn told my principal and i cant be fucked getting in trouble for this shit, what do? pic not related


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Starting college soon, city school so no big frat parties, but lots of clubs. What can you tell me about them? Your experiences? Should I not pay attention to them, or are they important socially? What to do from 19-20 when I don't have an I.D.? Do you regret not clubbing enough? Do you regret clubbing too much? Is a happy medium the way to go?
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My gf of 3 years broke up with me about 3 months ago. Since then, she fucked a new guy within a few days of us breaking up, and now she is dating him. I cut all contact, but saw a picture of them together today through mutual friends, and it still fucks me up emotionally. Do you think there is something wrong with me, considering its been 3 months now? Its gotten easier, but it still hurts me really bad, especially seeing that. I still feel emotionally fucked and dont see myself wanting to date anyone for a while.
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Alright fellas, here's the dealio. I've known this girl for a year now, we're really good friends and recently she's been hanging out with me more and more. She's hot as hell, and I get the vibe she sort of digs me but she's always swooning for my buddy. Thing is, we cuddle, spoon, & sleep together but I haven't fucked her, and she's always throwing around a joke about fucking me i.e. When I'm talking about tryna get laid with her and a mutual friend (different than the one she's googly eyed for) she's all "you could just ask me" and then laughs and that's it. So, /adv/, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AND WHAT DO I DO
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HELP! NEED TO MOVE OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME! Is it possible to move to another state, go to community college there, and then transfer to the university in the state that I want to go to? This is some advice that I was getting in my previous thread. I'm 19 and have the ability to get like $1000 together if I absolutely have to.. in the last threads I've made about where to go to uni, EVERYBODY says to just go the CC & transfer route. I have to move out by spring so I can't stay here and it's pretty mutual so I want to get out anyway. This means I have about 2.5 months to figure out where to go and be ready to leave. I MIGHT be able to get a car by then. If I get a 4.0 with fun extracurriculars at some community college in the state of the uni that I want to go to, isn't it fairly likely that I'll get accepted as a transfer? Also, if it's (WAY)cheaper, couldn't I just live in my fucking car and have a PO box?
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>be good friends with girl >we talk/text/snapchat every day for months >we get really close, she's literally cried on my shoulder and told me about her masturbation habits >she asks to hang out with me to tell me the only reason she hasn't gone out with me (I had been clear I had feelings for her) is because she's afraid of losing me >I tell her she won't lose me and ask her out >she actually fuckin says yes >we make out >fast forward a week, we go out, it was awesome >I drop her off, walk her to her door and we make out very passionately >3 days later she is completely ignoring me, not responding to texts, very out of character for her >I'm freaking out wtf is going on >her best friend (who hates me) even texts me asking if she's okay >I text her after the fourth day of silence that I'm going to take her silence as evidence that she's not interested in me and I was wanted to continue the friendship (was stupid I guess seeing as I knew she wasn't ignoring just me, but I was freaking out, okay?) >she finally texts me "Just relax. I need space. It's not just you." >this was a couple of days ago >I texted her this morning asking her to look at this situation from my perspective, implying that I'm really hurt by all of this. still has not responded >all of the sudden she has snapchat story updates of her hanging out with people I'd never seen before /adv/ please wtf is going on
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show my dad how to use computer duster >okay dad you've gotta hold it two inches away and hold it completely straight without tilting it >I demonstrate >I say "remember, short bursts!" >he grabs it from me, he's intially following my instructions and then he starts tilting it >I start standing a 8 feet away from him >he starts spraying it full blast right up against the fan and everywhere else >I tell him you're spraying it too hard >he says "dont be a baby" >I'm now standing 12 feet away and hiding around the corner while facing the other way >I look around the wall >he puts the computer on its back >I said "you're not supposed to turn it upside down" >he's turned the can horizonally and starts using it >I said "um, okay, bye" >I go back inside Am I a pussy? I remember one time I was hanging out with my friend and he showed me had stolen a computer duster from Walmart. Then he started huffing it at the park and then we stumbled across some stoners. They started inhaling it as well. I told him "I have to go get something..." and walked home as fast as I could
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boyfriend and i only have sex once a week and i'm wondering if this is the average. mind you i have a higher sex drive than him but he seems to think we have sex "a lot" in addition to just fooling around, but I worry that he's just making excuses and isn't attracted to me anymore. We've been dating a year and he was a little avoidant about sex in the beginning as well. I dunno, I'm paranoid that he might not even enjoy sex with me or think I'm attractive or something I guess.
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Why am I expected to talk about my life outside of work? >I play video games and listen to music. >No one wants to talk about my specific interests. >I have no desire to talk about mundane things like my relationship or if I paid bills that day

advice on my situation

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quick recap on my situation: Piece of shit criminal/in and out of jail whos the father of my sisters child is coming into my 2 year old nieces life and threatening to hurt me (multiple times on facebook and text I have saved) for trying to tear him apart from my family. Im pretty successful have no criminal record. I don't care much for fighting but I will if I have too. Should I fight this chump or let him hit me then watch him go to prison again for battery? I guess, im asking what the grown up decision would be here.
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>TLDR: 21 and can't get close to anyone. I was adopted from birth; my biological parents were younger than I am now. My adoptive mother was a paranoid narcissist and my dad was always money first and distant. Over the years, I've grown apart from most of my high school friends and now I only have a few connections. Whenever I try to talk to people now, they get bored with me and I don't know how to become a part of any group without having been introduced by a teacher or a mutual friend.

can Ultram cause a seizures in someone that has had them 10 years ago

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Hello everyone i have a drug question i need to get a little help on. I have been addicted to Oxycodone for the better half of 2 years now. I am all out as of right now but i do have some Tramadol from a friend. Now my question is i heard that Tramadol lowers the seizure threshold in some people, I had seizure when i was younger lets say about 10 years ago. Does anyone thing that these pills could set them back off again or should i be safe. >I'm not looking for help to kick this habit i >just don't want to deal with withdrawals >tomorrow while i wait for my refill in two days.
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I have a chance to buy/try some Cuban cigars. Here's the list. wat do Cohiba 'Panetelas' Cohiba 'Siglo I' Cohiba 'Maduro 5 Magicos' Montecristo 'Open Eagle' Montecristo 'Petit Edmundo' Montecristo 'No. 3' Romeo y Julieta 'Exhibicion No. 4' Romeo y Julieta 'Churchills Tubos' Partagas 'Serie D No. 4' Punch 'Punch Punch' Boliver 'Belicoso Finos' Cuaba 'Exclusivos' Hoyo de Moneterrey 'Epicure No. 2'
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Alright I'm a guy, go to Uni and I think I might like other guys. I have an old roommate who I hang out with occasionally, and I have a feeling he swings both ways. Here's the thing, I can't tell for sure but I've caught him saying things like "Guys are good looking at this school" while we're both fucked up. The thing is, I think him and his group of friends for the most part like guys and girls. I know they fuck girls but I'm pretty sure they like guys too but it's just something really under wraps. Other friends of him have had gay things come out, but again they're the kind of group that is kind of dark and seems like they do shit under wraps. I'm not sure but I want to hook up with this guy without getting into a fight and possibly getting my ass kicked. How do I go about this?
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