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Quick and dumb thread. I have a job interview at 4pm today, and I wanna stop by a place beforehand that I found out is looking for work from craigslist. I'm getting a ride from my grandfather, who thinks we should leave super fucking early. While I understand that and do want to be early, I think 3:30 or 3:15 at the earliest is best and that he's ridiculous. He wants to leave even earlier. Both places are within walking distance from where we live. So, when should I leave, /adv/?
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lesbian recently getting out of the closet I want to meet other lesbians, I've been considering going to a lesbian bar, what should I expect? is it a bad idea to go alone? I'm 24 years old and completely inexperienced by the way
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>be me >want to study in germany >have no money >willing to work >no marketable skills So if i go to germany (with a student visa) can i find work and will the employers be willing to teach me how to do the job?
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ok internet. im a hippy vagabond minded 20 year old dude from new york going to college in alaska. this is my second year up here and i have yet to find a solid girlfriend and or friends with benefits or whatever. anyways...there is one chick who lives on my floor and she seems really interested in me (my travel stories, musical talents, looks and whatnot). so naturally we started hanging out and i find out shes super conservative christian. shes not bad looking and im not some sex deprived loser who only cares about getting it in on the first date. also she doesnt smoke weed or drink which is ok i guess. but when we were talking about evolution today she says its bullshit and then she told me about the private christian school. looking for a little insight on what i should do. should i try to establish a relationship and try to bring her to reality (where i live) or not? i know im not going to be here forever but for the time being that i live in this dorm it would be nice to get it in? also alaska is a huge sausage fest. thats why this spring im hitchhiking all over the country going west coast through canada and then to new york. what do i do? pic is my art btw.
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I've been seeing a girl for about two months now. We're exclusive, but trying to keep it casual because we've both been pretty burned in the past by other relationships. I like her a lot and am getting more emotionally invested. The other night, I slept over and she shared a lot of insecurities and intimate thoughts with. I listened and threw in my opinions once in a while. Then she asked me what I feel. Usally I don't talk about myself unless prompted. I told her I probably shouldn't say. She said tell e anyway. I told her I'm starting to get very invested in her and caring more about her than I thought I would but am trying not to because I know she doesn't want the same as me. It was the truth. Was this a mistake to share? Did I leave myself too vulnerable?

Selling Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

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Hey everyone of /adv/ I hope this is the right place to post this. I have someone who is kinda friends with me that wants to buy all of my Yugioh cards for £100 and there are over 800 an mainly commons. Some are fairly old and a lot are very good collectables. also comes with two game mats that are proper material ones and a binder that holds around 700 - 800 Should I sell them to him for that price? I think there worth more or anything I could do with them? Ideas? /image related/
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Admit post my thread yesterday, he didn't actually break up with me in the first place I just wanted to ear the advice incase he did, sorry guys but thanks for the advice
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Hey guys, I've got a bit of a problem that I could use some assistance with. Due to complications I have had severe problems getting it up since before I hit puberty, and I've only recently been able to acheive an erection. The problem is I'm 19 and have never been sexual with anyone, and I have no idea how I would fair. I'm a "grower not a shower" apparently and have a 3 inch length unerect and about 7 inch erect. And instead of going straight out it goes almost 90 degrees upwards, reaching my navel. Would I be able to pleasure a girl? What size condoms would I use?
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Used to have friens called the group. back breakup with gf, best friend lost to drugs, moved out of state to religious sticks, not religious. No sex, no friends, live alone for 2 years. Not ugly, not tall. I need friends or something but im weird fag who doesnt know how to be cool enough for ppl to like. Also, money is tight, still in school but classes like comp sci with old people. What should i do?


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>Was with her in the same school >seemed like a cool girl >started talking after we finished >we started to talk more and more >started to fall for her >One day we go camping with our friends >i tell her that i want her >she says ''we will work it out' >talk to her alot and keep falling in love >5 days ago we were at a bar >took her home and kissed her >invited her to go out everyday in the last like 6 days >she is always busy and doesn't have time Im mad in love and im lost, am i just being paranoid or might she be avoiding me?
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Any advice on learning Japanese, or a new language in general?

Incest Question

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My sister is 11 years older than me, but i want to have sex with her. She has a huge ass and big tits, and i can't resist. How can I accomplish this task.
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Hi /adv/, I posted a thread a few days ago about an issue with my bf and I. I'm OP from thread >>14882146 if you want to go back and see what it was about. Anywho, update for the people that wanted to know: he is acting like nothing happened now. I didn't ask if he saw the doctor yet, but I presume he must have been overreacting and he isn't admitting that he was wrong. Things are all sunshine & rainbows on his end hahaha. It's a little weird, but I'll roll with the flow!
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Hey /adv/ any thoughts on how to last longer in bed? (Not a problem of mine, just general curiosity. I just think about naked grandmas. lmfao)
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So this is an honest proper question as I am ignorant on such manners of religion. Is there an internal division within the catholic church. Because after talking to a few friends who are catholic. It seems like they all have their own different interpretations of what catholism should be.
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I missed an email from a really slow project partner asking me to help them review for the midterm one day before it took place, they made a snide comment about it and now I feel like Hitler Should I apologize or ignore them for being petty? I try to avoid confrontation and this is the first time I've gotten someone pissed at me in what feels like an eternity
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Hello /adv/ I was really hoping to get some advice in regards for me and my girlfriends plan of having a child. Starting at the Beginning: We're both 17, and we both have fathers who had us when they were in their late 40s, and both who are chain smokings and drinkers.... My dad has made it clear to me all my life that he wont be able to see me have kids, and that he won't live past 70 and that he regrets not having kids earlier.. So I'm shit scared of being in the same position.... I want my kid to be able to see them grow up and have a life. About me: i've been overweight my whole life, insecure and ugly.... But i do have somewhat of a life, I don't just spent my whole life as a complete nerd....I have had girlfriends, but this girl is so perfect. She is gorgeous, does not care for her weight, and is a gamer as well... plus I know she loves me. We've dated for about 3 months, and she is planning to move into my flat with me, THE CATCH IS: is that I'm currently studying a diploma in IT, and planning to go onto a Degree in IT, but If I have a kid, then I'll have to just have a Diploma, Is that bad? I know IT is a growing industry, and that i'll never have a chance to have a child with such a perfect girl ever again. Pic is me and her
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Hey /adv/ Two of my friends, we'll call them Tom and Alice, have been dating for six years. I used to be really close friends with Alice and was only friends with Tom by association, but as the years went by, I drifted from her and talked more to him. Now he and I are really close, and she and I never talk. Alice is mentally and physically ill; she's got bipolar disorder and god knows how many failing organs from countless pill-related suicide attempts, and by rights should have died years ago. Tom has been saying how he feels like he's a hostage in the relationship for about a year now because he's scared of what she'll do to herself if he ended it. Today he finally ended it, and nobody can blame him really, because the guy has been under more stress than can possibly be good for a person. He feels awful about it though, because in his words, "I know any day now I'm going to get a call saying she's attempted or succeeded", and has absolutely no idea what to do. The guilt is clearly tearing him apart, but I can't condemn him for getting out of a relationship with a person he didn't love anymore and was trapped in for fear of her life. What can I say or do to help him? I can't stand being a bystander to two people I've known for so long breaking apart, regardless of the fact I don't talk to one of them anymore, especially since someone's life is at risk.
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hey /adv/ I am 18 and for a few weeks now a girl from the chess club has been hugging me ect. Friday I talked to her on fb and she confessed that she liked me. she then asked if I liked her back and I replied with " well, I am just getting to know you". Then, we kept talking until like midnight and then she had to go because she had to work the next morning. This all happened saturday. She hasn't said anything else and its been 3 days already. I see her tomorrow again. Thoughts? This girl is pretty cute but I am a really fucked up dude. However, I am unsure on whether or not I should date her and I feel like she feels the same way?
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hey /adv/, I'm looking to get in to some light prostitution to help make ends meet. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to, like, get started with that kind of thing. How do I put myself out there and find customers? I'm 19 and passable as a trap by the way.
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