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Hey guys. Weird situation here. I've been having trouble sleeping lately and so the other day I dropped 25mg of OxyContin to try and sleep. I ended up getting way high (and had a wonderful night) but the urge to do it again is almost overpowering. I've held off so far but it's 4am, I can't sleep, and the pills are just sitting there. Should I take them? Are there side effects? Honestly the high I got last time is one of the best things I've ever felt in my life. Better than sex any day.
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I jack my penis to the thought of reaper of the cards. is this something my mum should be helping me with? is it okay that I don't have a spotter for this? please help! my dog is in urgent need
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Hey guys does anyone know of anything I can do on NYC for halloween this friday? I have this cute girl i wanna go out with but no ideas as to what to do. Parties and balls are prefferred, she doesnt like scary shit.
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Quick question /adv/: I have a date party coming up that im supposed to go to. Basically me, my friends, and our dates would drink, go hang out at a bar and dance, and then go hangout at a small house party. I was thinking of a skin a girl I know, but I'm not sure if its weird or not. I talked to her at a couple of parties in the past month or so since we have mutual friends. I got her number a few weeks ago but I never texted her. I've seen her on campus since then and said hi and stuff. I wouldn't feel weird asking her in person, but it feels awkward sending her a text. Should I go ahead and text her, or try to ask her in person? If I wanted to ask her in person, I wouldn't know how to even find her
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I applied to a full time job that I am qualified for. The recruiter called me and apparently they are only doing interviews one day, the day I work a double shift at my current job, I have a two hour period where I can fit in an interview but they are not available during that time. I told her I was free Thursday and today but they are only holding them tomorrow. She said that she really liked my application though and would call me for the second round of interviews at the end of the week. Should I believe this? Did I already lose?
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>fall of sophomore year >registration started 8 days ago >been undeclared for 2 months after switching out of engineering >have to choose major by the end of this semester >still change my mind about it every other day >I make decent to good grades in math and sciences but I find no joy in doing them >doubt that things I'm great at and do enjoy are worth getting a degree in (foreign language for example) Jesus fuck, I am totally lost. Are there any non-STEM majors at all that are worth going to college for?
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I feel awful. This past Saturday was a pub crawl. My girlfriend hung out with her friends and I hung out with mine. I recently realized I have a thing for Korean chicks. Really bad. Like the day before this. I'm driving my friend home at midnight from Pub Crawl and he gets a call from a meth junkie girl he knows from NA because he's a counselor type guy. She needs a ride home. So I picked her up and took her home with him and we hung out. And she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her body is insane. Then I took my friend home. Then I came back to her house. We talked all night. Smoked weed. She was really into me. She told me she had Hep. C. We didn't do anything. Just kissed. She has a fucking 10/10 chiseled meth body in all the right ways. I slept in her bed for a couple hours and then we talked a bit and I left in the morning. It's just that my jacket is over there. And I want it. And it makes me feel awful. But I can't dig deeper. Just ignore her and appreciate the trade off of seeing her naked and fooling around for a jacket? If anything comes up she is just a crazy dope slinger? Be amiable and be honest and ruin my relationship? I guess I'll just ignore that anything ever happened. Pic fucking related. Why are they so sexy?
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i just joined this study group for an exam on facebook. some guy posted something about specific review materials and asking what people thought about them. i left my review and dude messaged me asking if i could send him copyrighted notes and stuff because his finances are all fucked up. should i ignore him or help him out?
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So my gf's mom and 30 year old sister are toxic, angsty buttholes I've found out recently that gf's late father once punched her mom square in the face and wrecked her sister's art project back in his raging alcoholic days. I know domestic violence is terrible and unacceptable, but these women have just been straight up bullies the entire year that i've known them. Is it weird that I feel like what he did was most likely justified and almost kind of commendable? Keep in mind that both women still resent him and hate his guts, despite being just as abusive towards my gf (sister has punched her in the face, mom has rage problems which resulted in bad anxiety and all kinds of issues, sister is dependent on weed and drinks nightly, despite hating him for being an alcoholic) I've found myself living vicariously through that moment, despite being the biggest pacifist imaginable and knowing since I was little never to hit a woman. I guess i've always found it commendable when someone stands up to a bully. Is it weird to think this way?
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It's my first year in college, and I'm a Chemistry major. Is a BS in Chemistry any good? I have been thinking about switching majors, maybe to something like Computer Science with a minor in something else. I do like both fields, but I'm kind of stuck between the two. Which is better? Or should I go with something different? Any tips?
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So I remember reading this thing a handful of months ago, it was about gaining a new skill at a competent level in like 10 days or two weeks or something. All it was about was practicing a shitload during that time and maybe something else, I can't remember. There are a few things I want to give it a shot at though so I'm trying to remember what the hell this thing was. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
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Hello /adv/ I need help. I just noticed someone stole my laptop by climbing through my window. I live in the ghetto so I'm thinking its possible it could be end up at a pawn store. How can I get it back? Is it necessary to file a police report? The laptop is password locked is it possible they might try to unlock it at a geek squad at best buy? I'm also having a nervous breakdown because my sister lives here and I'm worried about her safety.
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just be 2 o'clock already. so i can tire and give out. ... i'd rather wait this shit out. i'd rather stay awake ... i just need that money to come through. so i can finally relax. i wont spend it all. just some. i just need to get steady again. i'll be slow and cautious. save 10%. jesus shit. i just missed my dealr . last time it came in at 1am. why is it taking longer this time? is it 2 am? fucking shit. i really can't wait. maybe i am stuck with a girl that is holding me back maybe i am doing too much weed and not enough work. fuck if i would have broke it off with her, i wouldn't be in this situation. i fucking hate her. she is so fucking useless. all she did was sleep all day and complain about her stupid hair. yeah. i barely move forward to. but she just wants me to carry the entire weight. fuck i can't even fuck other bitches right now. i have no respect for anyone. internally. everything about me is fake. we are who we have to be. fuck it. not being fake. being the nice guy... all that shit talk is the equivalent of religion. playing on people's goddamn needs as social creatures. THAT SHIT DOESN"T WORK WITH 300 MILLION FUCKING PEOPLE WE'RE NOT ALL THE FUCKING SAME fuck 17 more minutes and i MIGHT get my fucking money. i hate eating like shit. i hate this debt. i hate having to "care" i'm taking less and less shit from her everyday though. fuck her. she's worthless. people are worthless in this world and i'm too nice to recognize it when it's infront of me. the only thing she was good for was teaching me how fucking worthless people will be when they tthink they can ride out their stock build. she's a pretty girl. just come through already....2 am.. in the fucking morning. then i need atleast another hour to enjoy my fucking smoke and get some shit to eat. and fucking get rolling. goddamn. no more bullshit . no more stupid purchases. i'm tired of living this life. always weak. always. she thinks of me as weak
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Greetings, people of /adv/. I need some help to plan my exchange semester. I want to go to the UK and my options are the following: —University of Manchester —Exeter —Nottingham —Sussex —Westminster —Strathclyde Anyone from the UK that could tell me which do you think is the best for me. I'm Mexican and I'm in my second year of my International Relations Bachelor's degree. Thank you in advance.
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so i see that there is a lot of thing dealing with confidence or relationships. so heres my Q and i need a bit of backstory of me. so i have slight brain damige from being a epoleptic chiled(i grew out of it in 4th grade) but as a resolt i have a lot of troble in most forms of writin comunication with people (i am 23). but at the same time i see a lot of people do that whole thinking thing and i dont know what thats like... is it like i see on most shoes where it's internle monolog of what your thinking? is it s-suposed to be empty i go with the easy rout when it comes to options and actions. do i have to be in a relationship, do i have to drink, will i ever have a life outside of my bedroom and work, am i crazy or just stupid? why is it that the only emotions i can get a hold of is anger and sadness not like i cry cause i am sad moor like the empty hole sad that you get when looking at b/w still shots of ruind biuldings....shuold i stop being self depricating, how would i even do that... >_> is it odd that i have had this thaught as long as i can remember (granted thats not to long cause i cant remember anything befor 5th grade)
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Hey evry buddy Hoping to ask some help, i really like animal cosplay but not quite sure how to ask my wife. Slow or just strait up.....thots? Pic not related
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Britfag here, I'm applying for uni next year, how important is the personal statement in getting me a good offer? I am going for mechanical engineering.
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I don't think I'm cut out for school, I do fine on the work but never make due dates and dread every minute of it. I ace all the classes I like and get D's or F's in the ones I don't. I'm mechanically retarded, I've never owned a car or been under one, I don't fit in well with older blue collar people that dominate trades, which makes the work unbearable. What is left that I can do so I don't end up a cashier for the rest of my life /adv/?
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I'm travelling in Spain and I'm pretty sure somebody screamed "lala" at me.. Tried googeling the meaning but couldn't make any sense of it. Do you know if there is any slang connected to the word, or a similar word? Not that there is any big issue, but I had a feeling I'd heard it before, and I've grown quite curious.
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ITT: How to make a couple extra hundred a month I was laid off from work about 3.5 months ago. My fiance makes pretty decent money by himself but not enough to pay all the bills so I came up with the idea of renting out our extra room to an older lady for $400 a month to solve that, but just barely. In the past I've always been the breadwinner but right now I'm having a really hard time finding a job that won't look crappy on my resume. I've always had management/corporate positions in the past but right now it seems like nobody is hiring for anything other than minimum wage positions that seem like a waste of time. The kind of places where you'd just mop floors, flip burgers or cashier. We're also moving to the other side of the country in July. I looked at some of the freelancing websites but they all seem to have a bidding system that people from other countries like India and China win for .27 cents an hour. What are some good ways to earn maybe $200-$400 extra a month? I'm certified in IT and Web Design if that helps.
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