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so never kissed anyone but this girl 8/10 is asking me if i wanted to have a fling with her but she's also going to after another guy I've never kissed anyone should i go with it or wait and have my first kiss with a girl that actually cares
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HELP! NEED TO MOVE OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME! Is it possible to move to another state, go to community college there, and then transfer to the university in the state that I want to go to? This is some advice that I was getting in my previous thread. I'm 19 and have the ability to get like $1000 together if I absolutely have to.. in the last threads I've made about where to go to uni, EVERYBODY says to just go the CC & transfer route. I have to move out by spring so I can't stay here and it's pretty mutual so I want to get out anyway. This means I have about 2.5 months to figure out where to go and be ready to leave. I MIGHT be able to get a car by then. If I get a 4.0 with fun extracurriculars at some community college in the state of the uni that I want to go to, isn't it fairly likely that I'll get accepted as a transfer? Also, if it's (WAY)cheaper, couldn't I just live in my fucking car and have a PO box?
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show my dad how to use computer duster >okay dad you've gotta hold it two inches away and hold it completely straight without tilting it >I demonstrate >I say "remember, short bursts!" >he grabs it from me, he's intially following my instructions and then he starts tilting it >I start standing a 8 feet away from him >he starts spraying it full blast right up against the fan and everywhere else >I tell him you're spraying it too hard >he says "dont be a baby" >I'm now standing 12 feet away and hiding around the corner while facing the other way >I look around the wall >he puts the computer on its back >I said "you're not supposed to turn it upside down" >he's turned the can horizonally and starts using it >I said "um, okay, bye" >I go back inside Am I a pussy? I remember one time I was hanging out with my friend and he showed me had stolen a computer duster from Walmart. Then he started huffing it at the park and then we stumbled across some stoners. They started inhaling it as well. I told him "I have to go get something..." and walked home as fast as I could
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boyfriend and i only have sex once a week and i'm wondering if this is the average. mind you i have a higher sex drive than him but he seems to think we have sex "a lot" in addition to just fooling around, but I worry that he's just making excuses and isn't attracted to me anymore. We've been dating a year and he was a little avoidant about sex in the beginning as well. I dunno, I'm paranoid that he might not even enjoy sex with me or think I'm attractive or something I guess.

advice on my situation

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quick recap on my situation: Piece of shit criminal/in and out of jail whos the father of my sisters child is coming into my 2 year old nieces life and threatening to hurt me (multiple times on facebook and text I have saved) for trying to tear him apart from my family. Im pretty successful have no criminal record. I don't care much for fighting but I will if I have too. Should I fight this chump or let him hit me then watch him go to prison again for battery? I guess, im asking what the grown up decision would be here.
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where do i meet new people? i only ever meet people i find attractive at conventions and conventions are pretty shitty places for getting to know people
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Any illegal immigrants on /adv/? How do you guys survive without getting caught by the freedom police? Yuropoor here, planning on packing up my life and coming to the land of the free.
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Live in a down town college town. So, I see a lot of 18-20 year olds. All in all they don't bother me and I understand that for the most part I was exactly like them 5 or 6 years ago. Hell, I'm pretty close to some of them. One youngster in particular I work with. I'm really proud of her she does great at her job in the cafe. Always on time and isn't constantly bitching. She's Puerto Rican and from NYC, surprisingly doesn't act like an absolute nigger. The other day we were on break at the same time setting out front discussing politics and music two things she's very smart about. After a while she got quiet and with a very insecure look on her face she asked "would it be weird if we went out and did something?". My first thought was "hell nah, you're cool and sexy as fuck" my second thought was "I'm 24 and you're 18". So, my final answer was "Yea we can chill sometime". We awkwardly exchanged numbers. For the rest of the day she kind of avoided me with the exception of a smile and brief eye contact. I really don't know where to take it from here. She's really cool actually and I do like her but I don't know if it would be strange due to the age difference. I don't want to just play her or hide her away if we do get into a relationship. At the same time however I feel that if it is socially acceptable I'd love to see where this goes. Do you guys think it would be weird? Any /adv/?
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Due to some very idiotic financial decisions my parents are now broke, which leaves me as a student with just enough money to survive November before I'm broke as well. Before you start suggesting flipping burgers, bad news is that 70% of people under 30 are unemployed here. My chances of finding a full or part time job in the real world are next to none. Only good news is that I only need 200$ a month; 150$ rent + 50$ food. Is there a way to earn some money online? I'm not from the US, so mturk is not an option. I'm male, 20, dyel mode (with some abs) and long hair. Somebody suggested camwhoring, which seemed interesting (ass long hair, twink, 8" dick, somebody must have a fetish for some of that) and relatively okay paid - if anyone has experience with this, do tell. Any other suggestions are, of course, welcome.

Should I drop everything and move across country?

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I have a life-changing decision I must weigh. I currently live in the midwest in a not so nice area, I'm 23, graduated from college with a degree, I work part-time in my field and do some side work as well, I don't make enough to move out of my parents house, I haven't had a lot of luck finding a better paying job in my field, and chances are if I did, I'd have to move to the nearest major city, where I went to college but I am not interested in living there. Almost all of my family and friends live in this area, as well as my love, my partner. We both have an open invite to move across the country to the pacific northwest. We did some work on a farm up there 'wwoofing' and went back home. The farm owner is thinking of expanding his land and has invited us to come back and live on his land rent-free as long as we helped out. He is fine with us finding other jobs and even offered to help us build a tiny home/shipping container home. Even though its a farm, its near the metropolitan area of Seattle. My partner would greatly benefit since he is a body work and alternative health practitioner which is HUGE over there compared to the midwest. I work in the arts and I could potentially hunt for new clients and avenues of work. Do I drop what I have here, mainly friends and family, to move 2000 miles with my partner of a year to try to start a new life? Even if my partner and I didn't work out, I would still have an opportunity to work on the farm and use it as a spring board to find a new place. I'm 23 and newly out of college. I don't feel 'stuck' as of now, but my partner is a few years older and has made serious efforts start his life here in the midwest but there just isn't much interest in his line of work. He wants to get the hell out as soon as possible. I'm a but more slow and cautious. I'm spending a lot of time thinking of my future and possibilities. Weighing my options. Has anyone up and moved across the country for better prospects?
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>23, bachelors degree, working part-time in m field of study >Not making enough to move out of parents house, lives in a shitty Midwest area >All of my family and friends live here I went "WWOOFing" (farm volunteering) with my boyfriend in Washington state and loved it there. Our farm host wants us to come back to help with the farm and has offered us a place to stay rent-free, would let us work and find other jobs, and we would get a chance to build a tiny house/shipping container house and basically start fresh. It's land near Seattle so we are not in the middle of nowhere. Do I drop what I have here and move across the country to start a new life? I work in art + design and my partner is a massage therapist, which have big markets in the Seattle area. HELP
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Hey /adv/, I have some questions for you. Is foreskin restoration worth it? Should I attempt to surgically/non-surgically bring it back? I am aware that once the skin is cut off, the nerves are gone. But will restoration at least bring more pleasure/comfort? I feel like I have been robbed of my own humanity by Big Brother Jew. I hate my fucking country. Please help.
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Hi guys, I have a problem, when I use handbrake to compress and change the file type of my video's it cuts the bottom of the video off, any ideas? This only started to happen today btw
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Hey there /adv/ britbong here, basically my parents are pressuring me into uni next year. I'll be 19 because I resat a year at 6th form and they don't want me to 'waste' another year. My parents are gonna pay for it as well so i'm not wasting my own money here and it would be nice to be able to leave home sooner then later. I was looking into a computing degree (not comp sci because i got very average grades) >Is this worth pursuing? >What sort of jobs could I get with this?
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anyone ever think about joining the french foreign legion?
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this is probably a really normal problem alot of people have but here's my story. i can't stop hating weeaboos, ive met weebs irl and i don't like it, i don't dislike the persons, i just dislike weeaboos and their activities alot >write fanfiction >speak japanese >discuss edgy animes >discuss japanese culture i dislike all of this. /adv/ please tell me how i can learn to stop hating weeaboos, i don't like to hate others but i can't help it. pic unrelated
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So I got stoned last night and my girlfriend was telling me about her aunt who was mudered (she was close to her and it still bothers her deeply, like she almost cries about it) and I told her I didn't remember her ever telling me that I then went on to ask her an irrelevant and stupid question. This was last night and now she will not talk to me except in extremely short phrases. What do I do guys? I already tried apologizing. I feel like such a dick right now.
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Hi everyone. Pic not realted. I need to but this out of my chest. Answer if you wish. I met a girl in college a month ago. Everything went perfectly fine with her. The first weekend after we met, i asked her out. She said yes and was excited to go. She didn't go. She got mad at me because I didn't answer her messages fast, and didn't call her... ok. Everything was the same, I asked her out on the other weekend. She went to a party the day before we scheduled, and a few hours before we were supposed to meet, she sent me a message saying she wouldn't go. I got mad at her, I said that I didn't like what she did and stopped our 2 weeks long whatsapp conversation. I met her the other day in college and said I'd never call a girl out 3 times. She said the first time didn't count, she was mad... I ended up saying i'd give her another chance, but I really got mad at what she did and ended up not wanting to ask her out at all... The thing is, 2 weeks from the day we talked, we met and talked again, everything went so smooth that I finally felt I could ask her out again. And so I did. But she said she is getting to know another man. I said I understood it, after all, I really do. I made her wait. Now it's the sad part, somehow I started feeling really bad for what happened. She wanted to start a 'friendly' conversation with me, but I just can't be her friend, I know where that leads. I'm really sad now, that our great vibe came to an end without we having a chance to deepen things further... Yesterday I cried a lot at night... Today I'm cring too. I think I fucked it all up, but everyone says she fucked it up by not showing her interest with actions, only words... Nevertheless it's me who's ending up alone again, sad again, and feeling guilty... And that always happens when I feel something for anyone. Well, that it, thanks.
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I should hang out with this girl today, 5/10 She's desperately begging for my dick Her way to let me know that disgusts me, her approach is way too harsh I don't wanna go out with her anymore but I don't know how to tell her without hurting her feelings
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I am a web developer. I've been at a place for almost 2 years. Total professional web development experience around 3.5 years. Feel burned out at my job. I don't think I want to move into another web dev job. I don't have much clarity around an alternative. I have around 6 weeks annual leave accrued (which means after I resign they will have to continue to pay me for six weeks). On top of that, I have savings, but they are low, only about 6 weeks absolute maximum there. So, I should be able to survive at least two months after I quit... there's lots of web development work around, but I don't think I really want to do that. I guess I should not be looking for work at christmas time.... so maybe I should stick it out for another month or so. Ah, but what the fuck will I do when I quit? The problem is, the longer I stay, the more burned out I feel, and the less optimistic I am about finding other work or doing anything else.
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