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Lately I'm trying to improve my social skills and it worked quite good with the people I already had a connection to. Well most of them are socially awkward too (engineers...) so it was mainly me talking and them sticking around. Now I had my first japanese class (at uni, only class with new people and it's a small group so I think it's an opportunity) and couldn't talk to anybody. I didn't know if I could begin a conversation without it being awkward. I would've asked to my neighbour what she studies and stuff, she seemed quite merry and looked a few times in my direction, but it felt so awkward in the end of the lesson since I didn't talk to her for 90 minutes. It's a small group, the tables are placed in U shape, so you're exposed and can't chat during class. I feel like I missed a great opportunity since she looked easy to talk to. I will probably end up next to someone else next time. How do I break the ice with some of them ? The room was really silent in the beginning so it would have been me awkwardly talking to someone and 20 people observing us... What do normal people do in these situation ?


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Im searchin for a good overview of Nintendo DS roleplaying games. I have only found some very incomplete overviews.
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What's a good excuse I can use for leaving a party early? I left one this weekend and I think my friends are angry at me for it. Haven't heard anything from them since then
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It's been around a year since my last break up but I still feel completely drained from it. Started dating a girl at the beginning of summer last year. Ended up really liking her a lot, more than any girl I've known. Anyway, this goes on great until college starts, but relationship continues. Obviously doesn't end well. About 2 months in she starts blatantly ignoring me, acting very spikey and passive aggressive seemingly without reason. It was all pretty sudden so didn't know what to think. At one point in November, she just really didn't talk or respond for a long time. Then eventually >she calls eventually >"anon can you bring that thing I left at your house over sometime?" >didn't know she was at home, she didn't talk to me at all >say "uh... sure... I can do it now if that helps" >bring thing over >see her, give her the thing, she immediately says "okay... you can leave now... if you want" >taken aback by that statement because it seems out of character >we hang out, everything is pretty awkward, she is generally avoidant >she asks me to leave because she's going with her family somewhere >sounds like an excuse Eventually we break up inevitably. Pretty sure she was cheating. These things happen But even now, a year later, I just don't have a lot of interest in... anything. Even if I'm attracted to a girl, I seem to just get a thrill out of ignoring them or generally making them think I don't care about them which feels very passive aggressive. Pretty much lost all my friends just from lethargy and apathy. I feel like this all traces back to my last breakup but don't know what to do to resolve it. What should I do? TL;DR: I think I have unresolved issues with my last breakup but don't know what to do.
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Rate me. 20 yo Bachelor of Eco student. Works for company contracted to council 3 hours 5 days a week Have heaps of friends as I live in a hostel Fairly good looking 7/10 not much attention from femanons though.

Chronic illness general?

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Does anyone else on /adv/ have IBS? I was just recently diagnosed with it and was trying to find ways to cope with the constant nausea and be able to eat food without wanting to kill myself. A lot fo articles I've read are very conflicting so I was wondering what other anons did on a daily basis.

College Scholarships without community service

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Okay well I am a senior in high school. I am in need of money for college since im going to an expensive private college. I had a 24 on my ACT and a cumulative GPA of 3.49. Only activities I have done in school are National Honor Society and Computer Club. I haven't done any community service over freshman till now because I didn't think it was important. Are there any notable scholarships that I can apply for without community service or anything too competitive for me?


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What trade or career is worth training for or pursuing? I'm 21 and not sure what I'd like to go into. Thankyou for any replies.
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Is it possible to learn to draw as an adult, or is it a skill you need to develop at a young age? I also have naturally poor hand writing so my drawing/fine motor skills in general are bellow average. Is this something I can fix with enough practice?
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Does anyone here have a self-fulfilling prophecy kind of issue? For example, you see how shitty a person is, how assholish, or how beta, etc., and you tell yourself you won't become that, but you subconsciously and slowly over time become exactly what you told yourself not to. I became everything I have hated. How do I undo this? Because I always end up right back here
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So /adv/ I need some guidance. I work at a theme park, there is this Supervisor whom is in charge of another side of he park. We met through co-workers and well her and I developed feelings for each other. Skip forward 2 weeks and she doesn't text me back, nor does she seem to have any interest in me, she runs away. Her friends say she wont stop talking about me and she even said she's trying not to runaway. I'm so confused...
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Im in a world of shit, How the Fuck did i end up in the category "neet' or what ever the fuck it means >had lots of friends (associates) in school >played sport did reasonably well in school 2 years after highschool everything completely stopped, >stopped seeing my old friends >couldn't afford to further my education >looking for work non stop 1 year later fucking completely stopped looking for work, im mad, alone, pissed off, * Im completely bored of using the damn computer all fucking day, wasting my time, hoping things get better, but continue to do nothing and just procrastinate, i go out of my way to look for hobbies, and do other things but i just can't seem to find anything so im a neet now? i haven't done anything for 1 year its October and i don't recall a minute of my past year completely nothing
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i had unprotected anal sex with a black prostitute just got my test results (4 months after contact) and i'm completely free of STDs. i literally can't even fucking believe this. i'm so happy right now so i made this thread. gonna get shitfaced in a couple of hours
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im 20 she's 18 its mine first love we been together for 5 years with some breakups. we been throught a lot of shitty situations etc. But when i tell her that i want to go to college thats mean that i have to live in another city.She tries to force me to stay in my city get a job, get a house after few days we got in huge fight and we break up i didnt wanted to break up because of college i tried to tell her that after college we start living together but her only respond was that its end if i dont stay with her.Just tell me guys if i do the right thing right now im month in college i start to missing her dont know what to do.
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Quick and dumb thread. I have a job interview at 4pm today, and I wanna stop by a place beforehand that I found out is looking for work from craigslist. I'm getting a ride from my grandfather, who thinks we should leave super fucking early. While I understand that and do want to be early, I think 3:30 or 3:15 at the earliest is best and that he's ridiculous. He wants to leave even earlier. Both places are within walking distance from where we live. So, when should I leave, /adv/?

Feels real lost....

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19 not in school i dont know what to take.. my job is shit i get awful hours in a city 2 hours away. Live in a shitty anglo all white community with no jobs or opportunities and all drunk ass frat boys and inbred truck driving cousin fucking rednecks. (was forced to move to this community without any will to reject) Father is old ass 65 yr old who is gonna prob die soon mother is dying in senior home with an amputated leg also diabetic cant fucking walk anymore died twice came back to life... Phyocotic brother who i never had any bond with and never talk to one another who i sometimes wish i cud fuck him up real bad. dont have money to move out forced to get into 20,000$ in debt for tuition. feels useless and wish i was never born. living in an common wealth controlled, capitalistic, materialistic, majority white, right wing, pro Zionist society Is death the way out of this.... So
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Anyone else have a hard time cuming after they take Tramadol? My boyfriend made me squirt for the first time last night even though I took 7 of them but normally I can't cum at all on this stuff...
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I asked about this girl before on /adv/ and was convinced to go for it. Long story short there's an older girl with a kid who I like. I am fairly confident she feels the same. Before I was that interested in her she had asked if I want to come to her house. I always just dismissed it by laughing it off or saying I'll go only if I am going in that direction. Then she gave me her number saying I could maybe come over and help her with some repairs. Mostly laughed it off at the time and didn't use the number. Last week though she asked me to help her and I accepted since I wanted to use the chance to show her I like her, I don't care for her age and I don't care if she has a kid. Everything went alright at her place, I didn't do anything stupid and she was lovely as always, except she paid almost all of her attention to the kid. I didn't really have a chance to ask her out properly or get closer to her. I thought we could spend some time together and sort out our relationship, instead I felt like the third wheel and more of a friend than a potential boyfriend. Did I fuck up? Did she fuck up? Or is this just expected when dealing with women with kids? Before this I had a pretty clear idea of what I feel about her and now I feel like some ''nice guy'' who helps out single moms.
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lesbian recently getting out of the closet I want to meet other lesbians, I've been considering going to a lesbian bar, what should I expect? is it a bad idea to go alone? I'm 24 years old and completely inexperienced by the way

lost 100$ bet

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pic related. need something funny where he wont shoot me
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