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31st October 2014
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It's my first year in college, and I'm a Chemistry major. Is a BS in Chemistry any good? I have been thinking about switching majors, maybe to something like Computer Science with a minor in something else. I do like both fields, but I'm kind of stuck between the two. Which is better? Or should I go with something different? Any tips?
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Im a skinny guy and I recently realized I have feelings for a fat girl Is it really easy for a skinny guy to pick up a fat chick?
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a year and a half ago I fell into (and was diagnosed with) a very severe depression, and have since done a shit ton of work to get better, and I have gotten a lot better in a lot of ways. However the last month or so I've been getting anxious for no apparent reason, which has slowly been making my feel depressed. I was doing tinder but not seriously because i'm not looking for a hookup, and was about to take a break from it for a while when I matched with this one girl about 2 weeks ago. we met for dinner and I ended up having a really fun time, and she said a couple times that she wanted to do it again, and a friend of mine who is a girl said that it went really well also when I told her about it. I've been messaging her casually on tinder and she said she will let me know when she has time to meet again (she is really busy with stuff), but i'm afraid shes starting to lose interest. And now thats really giving me anxiety because I dont fall for very many girls, and she actually is a lot of the things I find interesting. There are a few other trivial things like work and stuff that i'm dealing with, but this is the one i feel i have the least control over and the one i'm most hopeful for. so basically i'm falling apart again and I dont want to be back where I was this time last year. What do you do when you feel like life is sucking and you start sometimes wishing you could just stop existing? also, I eat well and I lift seriously 5-7 days a week, so diet and exercise are covered
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Just a random vent, need to get shit out Pic not really related. Too much stress, can't sleep, can't eat, can't fucking leave the house with out fainting. I don't want to talk to anyone but I don't wanna be alone. I'm just getting sicker and more violent. Haven't actually cut myself in awhile but I'm still beating myself up. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to be with my boyfriend cause of the stress and I tell him but I just can't do it even though all we do is fucking fight. He wants to break up too sometimes but he can't do it.. And his fucking mother wants to keep the child I'm placing for adoption and raise it as the fathers brother. fuck that. That's just not fucking right. He doesn't want it. At least that's what he says to me but he fucking lies all the time.. I just wanna be fucking normal for once. But I know if I say the wrong thing to someone they will fucking send me to a hospital. I'm just so lost...
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How do I stop it in the short term? Test tomorrow. I'm familiar enough with the material that I can't muster more motivation, yet I know I should do more which gives me anxiety. This is a constant loop for me, how can I pony-up here?

60 days apart

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My gymnast gf just returned from a competition abroad. Meeting up at airport 2nyt. Pic related
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Just bought a mouse repellent wall plug-in thing. Is this going to fuck with my bird?
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Should I kill myself /adv/? I'm a burden on society and a few people would be a lot better off without me.
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Any anons go to basic? Any experiences?
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Im kinda scared of casual sex for several more subtle reasons than just hitting her up: >What if she dislikes my apartment Ok we can go to her place >What if i cannot cum, or don't get hard and it will all feel like a failure This one is harder. >What if i freak out when she agrees or something >Or just stands there expecting me to do something obvious that i don't know I feel like there is a huge risk i might actually run away from the entire situation. Ok, so i obviously won't get laid, but in theory..
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>3 years unemployed, quit my previous job >Backpacked through Europe, Asia, S America due to depression >Currently in NYC jobless >Have a girl I'm dating >Recently found out my blood test is borderline abnormal. Low glucose, high BUN, high creatinine, I smell like ammonia. Basically signs of kidney failure >Had high blood pressure all my life due to adrenal gland. I'm in shape and refused to take meds >Kidneys won't ever heal >Mom has cancer Should I tell the girl I'm dating? I'm thinking about just going nuts with the rest of my money until I die. Maybe travel again, stay in a 3rd world country and do cocaine until I die. Or should I move home and spend the remaining time with my mom? I contribute almost nothing though.

My brother is a cunt

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Pretty much every day for 6 months to a year now, he hides behind stuff when I come upstairs and jumps out at me. Despite the fact I expect it, it still scares me every time, because I'm a pretty paranoid person. Every time he walks past my door, he shouts 'Gay' or 'Black' at me. I dunno if I'm gay, but I'm not black. He's just told me to go fuck one of my friends and I'm pretty fucking sick of him and his racist/homophobic/general asshole behaviour. What do. (I can't leave home for the next three years minimum, so I'm stuck with him till then.)

Marriage advice

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Hey /adv/, need some insight and advice if you can. Back story: wife and I bought our own cars before we were engaged, and now we have a baby, so needed to upgrade one of the cars. Wanted to trade in her car and she start driving mine to work as it gets better fuel economy, and she drives to work while I work at home. We do need two cars due to our work, my school (mostly evening classes during the week), and the kids schedule. She convinced me to trade in my car instead as I owed more on it than she. I went and picked it up from the dealership (7 hours of negotiation) on Friday. I will be paying for the car out of my paycheck, while she continues to pay on hers. She wants to drive mine around on the weekends, and if I need to go anywhere, I drive hers (including to school). I am really not a fan of her car. Here's the question, should I let her drive it as she sees fit, or should we continue with driving our own cars mutually? Tl;dr: should the wife drive the new car, or just hers? Pic related, its the new car Thanks /adv/
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I'm in this fucking charlie brown play and i dont think i can do it. I auditioned and thought i'd get a smallish part (even specified that i didn't want that big of a role because i have a lot of shit going on) and be fine but i ended up being charlie brown. At first I was like "it's ok you can do this you've just got to work hard" but the play is in two weeks and i dont think i can do it. I dont know any lines, i can barely sing the stupid ass songs because im too afraid of singing, i dont like the director, im not friends with anyone else in the cast and they all talk to eachother. its far too late to quit, but i just dont think i can do it. what do i do?
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Hey /adv/ Need help, I've been feeling the following symptoms throughout the past couple months >Sharp pain in side of chest (right side always) >Dull pain slightly to the right of the center of my chest >Dull pain on the left side of my chest, under armpit Please help me /adv/ -Pic Unrelated-
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I was born in 92 (22 years old now) and I started coming across videos and stuff from my childhood, which I hardly remember. The most interesting thing is a video on youtube thats a 4 hour recording of tv in 1990. Its close, but i started thinking about what I would remember; Does anyone have any videos on tv back in 2000? pic unrelated

Should I drop everything and move across country?

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I have a life-changing decision I must weigh. I currently live in the midwest in a not so nice area, I'm 23, graduated from college with a degree, I work part-time in my field and do some side work as well, I don't make enough to move out of my parents house, I haven't had a lot of luck finding a better paying job in my field, and chances are if I did, I'd have to move to the nearest major city, where I went to college but I am not interested in living there. Almost all of my family and friends live in this area, as well as my love, my partner. We both have an open invite to move across the country to the pacific northwest. We did some work on a farm up there 'wwoofing' and went back home. The farm owner is thinking of expanding his land and has invited us to come back and live on his land rent-free as long as we helped out. He is fine with us finding other jobs and even offered to help us build a tiny home/shipping container home. Even though its a farm, its near the metropolitan area of Seattle. My partner would greatly benefit since he is a body work and alternative health practitioner which is HUGE over there compared to the midwest. I work in the arts and I could potentially hunt for new clients and avenues of work. Do I drop what I have here, mainly friends and family, to move 2000 miles with my partner of a year to try to start a new life? Even if my partner and I didn't work out, I would still have an opportunity to work on the farm and use it as a spring board to find a new place. I'm 23 and newly out of college. I don't feel 'stuck' as of now, but my partner is a few years older and has made serious efforts start his life here in the midwest but there just isn't much interest in his line of work. He wants to get the hell out as soon as possible. I'm a but more slow and cautious. I'm spending a lot of time thinking of my future and possibilities. Weighing my options. Has anyone up and moved across the country for better prospects?
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Is being with someone really all that it's cracked up to be? I've sorta come to the conclusion that I'm undatable and I'm wondering if I'd be happier if I stopped trying. Is anyone out there alone but happy? Is that a thing? Inb4 bitter virgin beta, because that exactly what I am. Llama unrelated
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Hey there /adv/ britbong here, basically my parents are pressuring me into uni next year. I'll be 19 because I resat a year at 6th form and they don't want me to 'waste' another year. My parents are gonna pay for it as well so i'm not wasting my own money here and it would be nice to be able to leave home sooner then later. I was looking into a computing degree (not comp sci because i got very average grades) >Is this worth pursuing? >What sort of jobs could I get with this?
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Is not knowing who you are anymore a sign of sever depression? I feel like I never had a base personality or anything and I've been told by people that I change yearly extremely. I have severe anxiety, derealization, depersonalization, manic depressive disorder.
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