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Just broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years. I haven't felt better in a long time. However, I've been having some recurring dreams of my friends girlfriend although I don't consciously think of her romantically. Why is this happening?
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Where can I download Epubs besides the piratebay?
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What hope is there left for older guys? Im 28. never had a girlfriend. I work as an attorney now... I have a house, a convertible, I lift weights... not the best of fitness I can't believe everyone lied to me and said i would be beating women off with a stick. None of them give a shit about me. Its never going to happen... sigh. It really is to late isn't it. Whats left for me? where do I go to find a girlfriend now?
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Hey, /adv/. Best place to check on the net for NSA hookups? Craigslist has been remarkably slow the last week.
I've been sore all day,... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I've been sore all day, no appetite, hot as hell and now I've just had diarrhea, that was worryingly green. All I had was a meat pie, and one of my roommates friends sprinkled some crystal from their grinder on it(Marijuana, for those who don't know). Would this have any adverse side effects, should I see a doctor? I've had something similar before and it passed quickly but this is persisting longer than usual and the green stool is new. Nature's Profit because green.
knowledge is power or... 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
knowledge is power or ignorance is bliss? i think it depends on which ignorance you have and which knowledge you have. if you can spend enough time on the one thing you want to get good at to make money then it just comes down to decision making when youre equipped with the acceptable amount of knowledge. we learn from pain which is the reason we have pain. we learn eventually how to stay clear of painful outcomes. nobody gets a life free of pain. we sometimes need to be reminded that everythings going to be ok. i always think of people generally having a good sense of morality. when it comes to artistic endeavors a quote by walt disney makes alot of sense to me. "if you arent having fun with it youre doing it wrong." i think this is true from personal experience with arts and music. say what you want about people who have 'delusions' of spirituality. it makes their lives have meaning and is a morality guide for those who need it. science will progress just as it always will even with the religious folk so dont make it your priority to antagonize them. all of us are created equal so dont get down on yourself when someone is better at something than your are. you might feel a great deal more than that person. dont feel insignificant because theres always someone out there who you matter to. if you find yourself depressed without anything to do, take a minute to relax and think rationally about what could make you happy for a while. suicide will never be the solution to your life so dont give that horrible idea any thought. remember that you are strong enough to take on this life and remember to embrace the strongest person that lies within your self.

Need help tracking phone

Need help tracking phone 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hi, /adv/. Some girl started calling me and texting me on the phone, honestly feeling creeped out cause she had a couple of personal pics of me. Anyone know how I can find out who this person was by their phone number?

College help?

College help? 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I really should have done this sooner, since I have to start applying for colleges soon, anyway: In my state, there is a program that lets me get two free years of community college, as long as I transfer to a four-year university afterward. Queestion is: should I do the two-years-free dealfor general studies, and then transfer, or should I just get my degree from the community college? Which, on average, would cost me and my family the least possible amount of money?

Being Alone

Being Alone 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Before I start, this is going to be a wall of text. So for those of you who won't be bothered, thanks for stopping by. Ok, so to start, let's get the basic descriptive things out of the way. I am in my late 20's, never had a girlfriend, never had sex, never done any sexual related activities. Now this isn't all about women and sex, but also friendship/loneliness. I'm currently going to school. I'm a few years in. I have a couple different groups of friends, but not any that I hang out with often. 1 group is the people I see at school so I see them everyday. This doesn't really count as hanging out though. The other group is other random friends. We'll call my school friends group A, and the random people group, B. I'll start by describing myself first. I am one who has a really hard time expressing my own feelings. I'm shy, and never divulge how I feel about most people. I never talk about my problems with anyone. I usually end up spending most of my time on my own doing whatever. I guess you could label me as a stereotypical 'nice guy'. I always try to help others if I can. Now to describe group B. Group B was the group I started hanging out with years ago. 1 guy in the group and me were really good friends. We hung out a lot, and had a bunch of stuff in common. As mentioned above, I never really talked about how I felt, but I helped him through all of the shit he went through. I was the only one he talked to about many of his problems. Knowing this didn't change how I felt about sharing my own feelings though. I still kept them locked up. But now, with his 'replacement' of me, it seems that the emotional lock we had has evapourated. >Continued

a girl.

a girl. 8 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
so I like this girl. she has a boyfriend. her and I recently made out. I feel really guilty about it. on top of of that, I found out that she also made out with one of my friends. what do. (pic unrelated)
Just had one of those... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Just had one of those "What the fuck am I doing," moments. I'm 20, and been in the Army for a year and have nothing to show for it, financially. I have no plan to save money, and I wish I could do it better. I don't feel like I fit in at all anywhere, and I believe I have a superiority complex that somewhat stops me from having a normal friendship with people. I just feel like a bad person.
Feels like theres someone all... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Feels like theres someone all up in my business, watching what i do listening to what im thinking, this is happening 24/7, i keep trying to figure out who it is but it changes all the time in to people i know, and now im starting to hate everyone i know, because this shit really is pretty mentally crippling making me go crazy and im more and more pissed everyday, dont know what to do how do i get rid of this shit. Its even fucking with my dog.
So, sexless anons who have... 7 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So, sexless anons who have visited a strip club and received a lap dance from a gorgeous woman: Will the fantasies subside? Will I forever be tempted to go back and get another lap dance in the hopes that it will become sex (which it never will)? I went to a strip club with a (female) friend, partly as a joke and partly out of curiosity. She decided to buy me a lapdance from the most gorgeous girl there. She mentioned wanting one, so I bought her one too. It was fun to experience/watch, but (as expected) it ultimately just made me want to fuck. Well, nogf and no fwb, so I haven't fucked in a while and now I'm like addicted to the idea of fucking this stripper. Will it stop if I get sex elsewhere, even? She was so gorgeous.
http://voices.yahoo.com/why-women-hate-men-59218.html?cat=41I... 19 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
http://voices.yahoo.com/why-women-hate-men-59218.html?cat=41 I have read an article on "why women hate men," which made me worried. A lot of conflict in history was caused by men, and men are portrayed negatively in media. Like the article said, I will never understand the hardships of being a woman, such as being stalked or the pain of childbirth. How can I feel proud to be a man again when a lot of people say being a man is wrong?
Should I make a move /adv/?I... 33 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Should I make a move /adv/? I mean she's only 21 and even though I look young I feel I'm too old to be starting a new relationship. All my friends already are marrying and have long term relationships while I am still starting. I mean you know these girls. If she rejects me then word will spread around that I am a rejected loser and hitting on young women.
So /adv/ I need help, I like... 4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So /adv/ I need help, I like this girl and she is saying she likes me back, but it's more complicated. She wants to be friends with this guy who she kind of likes. He keeps kissing her, and she doesn't resist or kiss him back. Well I think she likes me more in a trust kind of way, I have been planting seeds in her head that this guy just wants to pound. She is believing it. She has some trust issues from her last relationship. I am also closer to her age, this guy is younger. What do I do, i'm about to throw this guy down a flight of stairs. I'm gunna lurk for awhile, so if you have questions of advice ill answer. Please help me I don't want to lose her. Also she doesn't date people based on the way they look.
should i shave my beard down... 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
should i shave my beard down before i go to this korean bbq place with my friend tonight? we went there last night but it was too late. as soon as i walked in, i was the only whitey and everyoen stared at me i swear to fuckin god

How do you stop loving someone?

How do you stop loving... 6 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I've been separated from my girlfriend for over five years now. I still think about her every day, every hour even. I miss her. I'm almost 30 and I've only been in one serious relationship. I've had enough relationships to know they're not for me. I'm not in the right position in life with the right disposition to match up with someone acceptable. I'm OK with that. I'm actually happiest when I'm alone, but yet I still think about that girl every day. My doctor has recommend medication but I'm afraid of it. It makes me worried that I'll change too much and I feel like it's just a catch all for people they don't know how to help. Has anyone else been so long apart from someone and had trouble forgetting and moving on? People say that time heals, but after five years I still miss her the same as when she left.
I'll keep it short.>Be... 5 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I'll keep it short. >Be me. 6'3, 240, bearded, generally masculine. >been job hunting, writing music, etc. Backstory: >gf of 5 years leaves me. We grew apart over time. >get depressed, start being average dude playing music at house parties, getting drunk, various drugs, random whores >off drugs now, still working on music. No girl for about a year Dilemma: >2 girls show up in life >one I care for, the other is fun too, both have 'red flag' issues Girl 1: >older, slender tight body, 8/10? >drinks a little, outgoing, old friend from HS >still stuck on ex, not sure if she likes me even >suddenly hits me up wanting to hang out after I see her and my crush is reignited Girl 2: >a little thicker, still cute/sexy too, my age >fun, sweet, seems really interested >big issue: teen mom, no baby daddy, no other guys >real busy between work/school/child >known her since age 5, she started after me when my m8 started back with his ex and she tried to put girl 2 with me >no drinking/smoking, still fun to hang out So, how to handle them? Anything is open. Ditch them both, pursue one/fuck one, let it ride, whatever. Opinions? Related stories?
I have no idea why, maybe... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I have no idea why, maybe curiosity, but I just smoked weed for the first time in years. Took two big rips before calling it quits. I am an idiot. I need to pass a test in two weeks for a job with a friend sticking out their neck. Will this effect me?
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