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I have a medical question and I know that /adv/ is teeming with certified medical professionals, so I figured this was the best place to ask. How dangerous is it to have kids after the age of 30? I do want kids eventually, but I'm 23 now and not only am I strapped financially, but I just don't feel I'm responsible enough or mentally prepared to procreate any time soon. On the other hand, I know this is close to the age a lot of people start poppin' out chitlins and I don't want to wait so long that I have a high risk of my offspring being born with mental defects. On top of that, I've had ovarian cysts and been told that I probably have endometriosis (though that much was never confirmed) which puts me at a higher risk of becoming infertile the longer I go without getting knocked up. And yet, I can think of few things more terrifying right now than finding out I'm pregnant. wat do

Avoiding Autism

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ITT: Short tips on being social Since many people drop spaghetti when socialising I thought It'd be cool for us to drop short tips from learned experiences and general things to avoid or do when socialising >Isolate her before trying to kiss her in a party >In a group people don't care much about what you say, just drop a few generic comments here and there
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I have nothing to look forward to I got a smallwage job that I do just for the money. I live with so little money isn't even a problem I don't have any passion, any talent, I don't connect to people so I don't make friends anymore (i have little empathy and quite honestly people piss me off) I'm not suicidal and I don't think I'd ever roll this way. I'm only sad when I have nothing to do, so I just play videogames whenever i have free time. I'm not exactly depressive, but I'm not happy either. I'm just okay I'd really like to get good at something. I see people do great things and it makes me feel bad because I'm not even close to their talent. I see great solo indie games being made and I can hardly mod a game. I see great drawings and I can hardly draw stick figures. I hear great musics and I can hardly play any instruments I've tried picking up many things but it all ends up the same: It passionates me for a week tops, then I stop. I stop because videogames are more fun, I stop because I'm at a point where I have to interact with others, I stop because it's too hard - you name it so, well, I guess theres no hiding I'm a lazy fuck. I need to get over this lazyness though I though about just cutting videogames out of my life, but I'm afraid that would just make me really, really sad. Videogames are quite literally the only thing (that I know off) that gives me fun So of course I'd try the next sensible thing which is just, play less and try to pick up skills instead. but I feel bad about the games I'm not playing and the time I'm spending. I feel like I'm spending my time whenever I'm not having fun and this feeling just fucks me up i'm rereading myself and this post is a mess, but I guess I'm asking how to find fun things to do, or give up on videogames
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Do women really prefer large cocks (>8") over average ones (6-8")?
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Trying to buy a specific type of older CRT TV off craigslist. Here's the story up until now: I see an ad on craigslist this Monday selling the type of TV I'm looking for $40 which I'm more than willing to pay for. I shoot the selling an email saying I'm interested and I can pick it up today. I get a reply saying that she is busy until Friday, and that I can pick it up then, and she would send an email on Thursday to set up a time and give directions. Fast forward to today, I get her email and she says that she wants $70 for it, and I can pick it up on Sunday. She also included directions to her home. How should I proceed? I do want this TV, but at the same time $70 is on the high side of what I was looking to pay for it, especially after we had agreed upon $40 earlier. I'm not used to dealing with these kind of people. Preferably I'd like to get her to lower the price, but I doubt the direct method would result in that. How can I play this anyway where I might get the TV for the original price, or at least cut from $70
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Going to Denver next week to visit some family and friends. What are some cool bars to go to and meet 22-28year old girls? I would ask my friends but they all don't go out much.

Whats the best way to view your entire Youtube history?

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>be laptop >Youtube > History Greeted with a big wall of what Ive watched, and no way to get all 8,000 on a playlist What do?
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Friends having a party Saturday to relax after finals. Girlfriend is also coming home Saturday for Mother's Day. She is bitching because I want to spend the majority of the day at the BBQ. I haven't seen these friends in a couple of months and one returned from the Navy recently. She wants to have most of the day just the two of us, but I want us both to go to the party and unwind. She is making it out to seem like I care more about hanging with my friends over her. What do /adv/?
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Check em.
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Okay so here's the deal, I'm starting to get upset with my life lately because I feel like I've been slacking on everything. Work,fitness,music,chores. I feel like I have no time for anything besides going to work which isn't what I wanna do,I wanna have fun and love life but it seems if can't because I have so many things to do , I haven't played guitar in a whole which is my favorite thing to do, I let myself gain like 30-40 pounds around my stomach,and I feel like things aren't getting done around my house and I've been going into work late because I can't sleep until like 6am . Does anyone have any advice they can give me with time management,fitness,and maybe how to fit everything to where I get enough sleep? I'm tired of being a sloppy lazy person who can't get things done.
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Hey /adv/, when do you think is the right time to get married? Right age?
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does anyone here have any success on selling on ebay? I'm trying to sell some expensive luggage, bags, briefcases and that kind of stuff. How do i market the items? I ask this because non of my items have sold yet and the price is well below retail.
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hey /adv/, im going to keep this as concise as possible; i was looking for a pair of headphones and knew that my dad had taken mine so, i went to his room and opened the door and he was fucking my mom i dont mind that they have sex at all, but i feel like theyre going to make it awkward, so how do i make it less awkward pic unrelated
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Any advice on my cover letter attached below, Please forgive my Spelling and/or Grammar. Dear Sir/Madam, Enclose you will find my Resume' In regards too the job position of Front office receptionist at [Insert Business]. If you haven't read my Resume' yet, My Name is [Insert OP's Name] and I'm a 22 year old student at [Insert Higher Education Institute] I consider myself a hard worker, I find that I always need to at least look busy even if there is nothing too do, I'm very hands on and find that being shown to how too do tasks efficiently and effectively provides better re-enforcement too replicate tasks, I'm quite computer literate and know how to use a computer or programs for that matter in a manner that exceeds the average computer user, That being said I'm a quick learner and able to replicate tasks in a fast and efficient manner. Many people consider me approachable whether it be over the phone or face to face, I'm motivated and why I will not lie I Don't have a genuine interest in the serviced apartment industry, I take all jobs seriously and perform them too the best of my ability, That being said I'm a stickler for improvement, which shows in my work ethic over time.
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My boyfriend finished inside me the other day, however, I have a contraceptive implant. I have no idea when my period should be coming, as with the implant this is irregular and can be spontaneous. I have had tender breasts for the past few days though, which is usually a sign that my period is near. But, this can also be a side effect of the implant. What are the chances of me getting pregnant?
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tried posting this on /b/ but no interest. is there a way to just get a test for cancer without first having a doctor have to stick up my anus? im lead to believe i could possibly have anus cancer but i dont want to jump to a doctor sticking his hand up there before a possible just scan? what do you guys think? its been going on for 6 months and there cant be anything else it could be i dont think
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I think the problem with a lot of men, especially these men known as betas, is taking women too seriously, giving a shit about women's opinions. how can I get rid of this tendency of thinking of women as my equal instead of getting argumentative over stupid bullshit they bring up? it's like arguing with a child; you're just lowering yourself to their level. also, how to keep your women in line/ thread.
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>know that a woman I know is having an affair for the sake of money and a future six figure job >know that she is a sociopath >know that she is a Law-School graduate about to take her state bar exam My inner white knight is killing me, but my inner common sense is screaming that she is dangerous if I fuck with her. What do?
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Hey all, I have no idea why I would pose this question on one of the most misogynistic places on the internet but here goes. My boyfriend fell asleep and in my bout of insomnia I decided to go on his computer and turn on netflix, to my surprise he leaves his porn folder open and being the masochistic idiot that I am, I look through it. I find some normal facial-abuse/rough sex type of porn, some child porn and SO many sex tapes and lewd photos of his exes. I know it was wrong of me to snoop, I fully admit this (although, he looks through my phone all the time). So now I'm just up late unable to sleep amid these findings, I just feel kind of sick to my stomach. I love him and all, I just feel really gross after seeing all of these things. How can I just forget about what I've seen and continue to be a normal girlfriend? Shit, I don't even really know what I'm asking my head is just racing so fast. tl;dr Found my boyfriend's disturbing porn folder. How can I get over it?
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Is there any computer wizards out there? I just don't get computers...not an oldie My computer has worked very well for the year or so I've had it. But now all of a sudden it has become very very sloooooow these past few days... Like I have to wait a full minute almost just to start a fucking program (yes I timed it) What can cause these problems? What can I do to fix it?
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