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Hey /adv/ I started making these stickers with stencils/pen/paint. I sold a few of them to people at bars and to my friends. But I want to find more places to sell. Where do you think would be a good place to go where I could walk up to people and ask them to take a look at my work without seeming rude? I live in cali so an obvious one is artwalk but anywhere else people might be receptive?
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Ladies: I took my girlfriend ring shopping today and it was a but of a surprise. Needless to say she almost started crying, even thought I said "we're going for a look, it's all good...you don't have to cry" So ladies, why the emotion? Tears of happiness?
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Hey /adv/, I wanna ask you a question >There's this girl that I was really attracted to for quite a while. >She doesn't seem difficult and If I didn't fuck up the first time, I might've gotten her >due to a certain situation, I lingered around instead of stating my intentions >found myself kissing her ass or trying to find validation through her. >was even rooting for her to get a guy which was really pathetic. >Over time, feels like her respect decreases >Giving out commands to me like a dog >rejecting my ideas without even explaining why >always having this disgusted face and disapproval you see when I make the smallest mistake >Months pass and she's still my friend >Even slept with her a number of times >It isn't even awkward after that >Kind of lost attraction because she treats me that way I don't mind being friends with her because she's a decent chick and all. But I barely feel a connection with her besides her treating me like that. It's my bad that I was treated that way and I don't blame her for treating for that. I've decided to stop kissing her ass and probably tell her that we need to set some boundaries. I'll probably tell her that I don't like being treated this way. And don't worry, I will act respectable. Am I just over thinking thinks because I used to like this girl or should I go through with it? Your thoughts on this /adv/?
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Let's just have a talking thread right now. How are you guys doing today? How's your week/year/life going? To be honest I'm pretty shitty as of late, been sick and getting bored with my gf and still stuck on an old flame. Got work in like 30 minutes and I'm just generally tired of my life.
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tl;dr: I'm a Dom who wants to understand the slave/sub mentality better. I understand wanting to have a slave or a submissive, obviously, and it seems to me the most natural thing in the world to desire. What I do not understand is why a person would want to submit to a life of being someone's personal property. Would any subs care to explain their feelings on the matter? I feel that by better understanding this I can become a better Dom.
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Is Long Island a good place to live? I want to still stay close to Manhattan and the other Burroughs but I want to live somewhere less urban. I thought of going up state but remembered LI.
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>14 years old >make friends with a girl in highschool >proceed to have a fucked up relationship all of sophomore year >she lies about having a terminal illness >lies about doing dangerous things to get attention >lies about being abused by her father >threatens that she'll hurt herself if I don't write her stories about her and the history teacher (it was fucked up) >when I find out the truth about the illness, she goes on living life as normal as class president/popular while I stew in hatred with no friends >get over it after highschool >2 years after graduation, have my own place, going to school, have loving bf/better social life, things are better and I'm more over it >mom calls me up and says girl sent her a letter apologizing to me >tell her to throw it away and hang up Is it better for me to just leave this all alone? Like, fuck, I had a nice evening with my bf planned and now all that I want to do is message her on Facebook and tell her that sending her an apology letter won't make up for being an utter cunt and that I'll never forgive her.
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Hey bros, I need help deciding on which hooded jacket to buy I thought about buying the black hoodie, but I don't want somebody to accuse me of being a nigger at night. The white one would look a bit odd though, hanging out with friends. You know, wearing a raincoat.

all fucked up

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First time here, i live my life alone 90% of the time Dont Really talk to anyone Im not st8, not gay, not trans So what the fuck? Have very little intrest in sex Like to be a tease sometimes (male slut) not whore Have only had 3 real relationships Cant do a one nightstand really If my heart not there, my dicks not either
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Hi /adv/ I came here a couple weeks ago I am feeling pretty down having a bad month. I just need someone to talk to really. My little brother is addicted to drugs and causing a lot of problems for my family. I had an internship and I am a first year I have not learned anything what my employer was asking me to do. Despite that I learned and submitted prototypes of layout designs and they did not like it switching me to draw the comics for their company. I am not sure how to go about that because I do not do art for free, it brings down the value of your work and also makes me feel like an art slut or something. I only do free art anonymously and do it to cheer people up it is also practice there is a difference it feels right. I just had a funeral last weekend in which my cousin flirted with my boyfriend the whole time I am very afraid of dead bodies and the family made me go up to the corpse and talk to it I have only slept 3 hours since. When I do get sleep my brother wakes me up coming in the door screaming high at 4am throwing shit. Today I found out my favorite aunt who taught me how to draw and be the person I am today has cancer. I do not know what to do anymore. I feel like I have no emotions lately because I am trying so hard to avoid them because I feel like I will explode if I do.
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> Cons I'm frustrated, unhappy and bored with my relationship. And it will probably not change. We have almost nothing in common. He does not stimulate me intelectually. He leaves me sexually frustrated. I'm very bored since we have no mutual interests. We have different goals in life, different paths we want to go. I cry alot of frustration. He never finds the right words to say. > Pros The thought of being apart from him fills me with deep sadness and regret. I know that he thinks of me as his soulmate and that I make him a better man, and that he will be devastated. I don't want that. I care for him alot. He loves me unconditionally. He is nice and handsome. I miss him.
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I just had a proposition for an internship in a Harvard start up, is this a good opportunity to network ? Will I be able to follow some courses (without any certificate of course)
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I, and my whole family, hate my mother's sister. She once helped my mom take care of us when we were little, but now she's a leech to our family. For the last 10 years, she's been coming to our house whenever she feels like it, with her own key (thing none of us, even our dad, has ever agreed with) eats, sleeps, showers, does laundry and sometimes brings our little cousins, but that's another story. We pretty much hate everyone on my mom's side of the family, since nearly everyone is a drug dealer and she almost got myself killed after threatening one of them. She's always trying to help them lending them money, driving them places, taking care of them and shit. My mom never lets anything out of her chest, that's how she was raised, and it makes me fucking angry. So: >Be me >Get home >Hear the AC's on at mom and dad's bedroom >Go there >See mom crying >Remember my aunt's been in the hospital for a week now >Remember she's obese, has heart complications and this might be it for her >She notices me >"I'll Just leave, mom, i'm just making this harder for you" >Leave >Lay on the couch, thinking on how she must be feeling >"I'm her son, i should at least be with her" >Go back with her >"It's ok mom, i'm not gonna say anything" >Silence >Listen to hear agitated breath and how she's holding tears >"It's ok mom, you can cry if you want to, there's nothing wrong with it" >Still doesn't cry >Still holding tears >Rage >WHY THE FUCK DON'T YOU CRY, YOU'RE NOT FUCKING 15 ANYMORE, YOU DON'T LIVE WITH YOUR FUCKING OPRESSIVE MACHO FAMILY YOU CAN FUCKING CRYAWOHGGLAWK >"Ok, mom, i'm just gonna be here next to you if you need anything" >Fall asleep It kills me knowing my mom holds a lot of shit. My aunt's the last thing she's close to and she may die. I don't really know if it's advice what i'm looking for, just share your thoughts on this. Also, am i a douchebag for not caring about my aunt?
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>be awkward but okay looking me >work at subway (sammiches) which is cool >cute that is always nice and social oh and she has a nice ass >now works part-time at this subway >now we have to work together every weekend >uh-oh i know where this is going >she is very cute and sexy and my type (brunette, petite body, real nice girl) >it's okay i can handle this >she always smiles at me, our talks are always nice and funny never awkward or uncomfortable, is less talkative with the others >fuck i love these moments with her >she likes cool movies and tv-series >argh >and she likes anime (NGE and Fma) and the vidya >oh boy I know she has a boyfriend because she comes with him often so I really don't want to feel like this. I wish I could do something but I can't even hang out with her after work because I asked her once and she said 'i don't think my boyfriend will like it if I get too close with male coworkers'. I still don't want to give up.
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I'm pretty fucking lost, or at least I feel fucking lost I'll try to keep it short, because the problem is most likely very common and I've been on this board for a while. I know the usual answer but maybe I'll get some more specific tips I've been single for the last 6-7 months now. From a relationship of about 4 years. I never had to go pickup chicks from a place, I always had a gf from school and then from uni I work in a field where there are basically 0 women. My salary is pretty good, I don't need more money, have enough saved up My problem, or at least what I think my problem is, is that I'm in a particularly unsuitable place for a person like me. I'm an expat, living in Amsterdam, NL. I'm quite a bit below the average height of women around here, and I don't think I'm that handsome to make up for it. I'm probably about average or something, I don't even know for sure. I manage to seem confident, I have a good sense of humor, I have friends, I have lady friends with which I go out and have great times. I just can't get an actual girlfriend and it's killing me. It feels like I'll never get a gf here because I'm too short. What do I do? It seems like all the girls that go to bars go with a bf, or aren't looking for anything, let alone a short dude.

gf trouble

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gf wants me to sleep over, like 2 days ago I said I would because I knew if I said no she's prolly bitch n moan or go emo but truth be told I seriously don't want to sleep over there tonight i don't even know if i love her anymore so sleeping over is like the last thing i want to do, might tell her i got called into work as an excuse but shes so persistant, when we close at work now were done at like 1am, she'd still say i can just walk there after which in my opinion is pointless im just bored of/with her, when we hangout she never knows what she wants to do, never ends up suggesting anything, so we end up sitting around all day/night. doing nothing which, alone or with friends is fine, but with her its just meh i just don't know what to do about the whole situation anymore..
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Hey /adv/, I'm 19 never been in a relationship or fucked before and was wondering how people these days do that? Like the actual process of going out and meeting someone and how that works. I don't have high standards or anything, just want to chat with some girls. Also I go to community college and I don't live in a huge town.
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Went out for some drinks with a girl last night whom I met on the internet, seemed to go ok but I'm not sure how to go with things from here We've still got a nice text conversation going, but what do I do about setting up another time to go out? Did I fuck things up by not making a move on her last night?
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Does anyone else here really struggle with crossdressing? It's an intense urge I can't stop. I've been this way for as long as I can remember. Whenever I masturbate I always have the urge to wear women's clothing. And even when I don't masturbate, I get an erection when I do. Is there any way to get rid of this fetish? Or am I basically just stuck with it?
i bought the wrong thing on... 9 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
i bought the wrong thing on ebay, and soon after i sent a message to the seller asking to cancel it, the item shipped. is there anything i can do at this point? this happened last night (~12 hours ago) and i still haven't gotten a reply. pic unrelated
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