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I have a cat that likes to go outdoors - he typically goes out in the morning and returns at night. Now that the weather is getting colder I'm a bit concerned if he should happen to stay out all night. At what temperature does it become problematic for a cat to be outside for a long period of time?


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I need some advice guys. I went outside to visit with and feed my dogs today and noticed they both had identical marks on their foreheads with a small amount of what seems to be dried blood. I believe someone tried to shoot them with a BB gun of some sort. They both seem fine but I'm worried about them. I can't take them to the vet because they're slightly malnourished from me not having the money for food for them but as of last Friday I've fed them twice a day. I'm at a loss for ideas and I don't want who or whatever hurt them to do it again and succeed. What should I do? I have pictures of both wounds if anyone needs to see them.
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What brand of dog is this?
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Anyone have any experience with being a veterinary assistant? I don't think I'd make it a career but I'm thinking of doing it as a part-time job.

Guys guys please I need answers for my cats sake

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So, I accidentally slammed the door on my cats head. I saw him sleeping and didnt realise that he would follow me and sort of just swung the door to close it, it wasn't a huge loud noise slam, but definitely pretty hard, the problem here is that it hit my cats head as he was sniffing and snooping around behind me. He's been acting kind of dazed for the past 30 minutes and I'm terrified that I might have given him brain damage. Shold I take him to a vet ASAP or just monitor him for a bit and see if he gets better?
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Snails. I have 7 of them and I love them all. They look so cute eating.


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Hey guys, i think i have a cold, what do you recommend i do to get over it asap?

I'm not sure what might be wrong with my cat

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I have a dilemma /an. I've browsed here before but now I come to you all with a problem. One of my cats had a hairball yesterday (his first) in the late morning and then every few hours he vomited up a small, roughly quarter sized amount of clear liquid. If he continued I was going to take him to the vet though he stopped doing it last night. All day today though he's been lethargic and hasn't eaten and he's remained in hiding most of the day, only coming out from under the bed a few times. What might be wrong and should I take him to the vet in the morning?
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Whats the best aquarium light for plants for a 20 gallon long
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Found a cat outside my house. I'm in student housing and I can't keep it, but I've let it in and fed it and now it's quite comfy. What do? Pic related, it's him/her already on my housemate's lap.
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Hey /an/. I've been thinking of getting into venomous snakes (I'm an experienced snake owner). My only interest is in an eyelash viper, I've got no interest in any other venomous snakes. I find eyelash vipers incredibly beautiful. I have no intention of being bit, and I am seeking advice from a friend who keeps venomous herps, but my question is this: how deadly is a bite from an eyelash viper? I've heard claims that it can kill you and I've heard claims that the worst it will do is leave a nasty scar. Some help would be appreciated pic unrelated
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What does /an/ think about Shiba Inus?
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I'm watching the news and some Husky mix got attacked by loose Pit Bulls. The news officer called them "wild, nasty Pit Bulls". It's always goddamn Pit Bulls. I don't know if it's misidentifaction or no one mentions other breeds. Probably both. Whenever I hear "Pit Bull" I always imagine it's not a Pit Bull breed.
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>my vaccuum sucked up my hamster when i was trying to do something funny >i almost got a hart attack the second it went down the tube and in the vaccuum >quickly turn off the vaccuum and hear my hamster moaining in pain >i had to quickly find tools to open up the vaccuum and it took FOREVER >i had to smash my vaccuum open with an axe and hope i dont hurt my hamster in the process >tfw by the time i opened the vaccuum the moaning had stopped saw his crushed body bleeding, the tube got smaller in the vaccuum and he was stuck in the vaccuum with great pressure on him, crushing his body after a minute or so >tfw i almost killed myself afterwards this happened yesterday, i hate myself so much pic related, it looked exactly like this one I WAS ONLY JOKINGLY TRY TO LIFT HIM UP WITH THE VACCUUM BUT HE WAS SO FUCKING SMALL oh god im feeling like killing myself again
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What are animals you like or think cute than others don't? I can't convince anyone that rats are GOAT pets and awesome wild animals, way more fun to own then a hamster or cat. All they do is cry about how a mysophobe can have a 'gross' rat (I have 5) and think rats are disgusting. Baby rats are something special too. Pinkies are adorable but even rat people dislike them. They look too embryonic.
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>your dog is out back being a dog >you have gone inside to get something you forget for your dog >you hear the sound of wood breaking and loud barking >this happens http://news.yahoo.com/woman-sues-owners-dog-killed-her-pit-bulls-194920139.html how do you react
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What do you think of this, /an/? >http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2539136/The-eight-year-old-Wisconsin-girl-pet-coyote-called-Wiley.html
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Hey /an/ Today I have some topics to discuss with you guys. Any comments are appreciated! For the past few years I've been really interested in visiting a national park and just being alone (or with family/friends) with nature. My Agriculture teacher talked to me about Yellowstone because he went there a couple years ago. He said he didn't like it because 95% of the people who went there didn't even go in the park-- they stayed in this big cutdown area for campers and tents. Probably all on a couple of acres. He also talked about how people went apeshit when they saw something as mild as a deer. Maybe that's just because where we live deer are common. He said that Yosemite was the park I want to go to and not Yellowstone as much. What are your thoughts on some of the national parks in the U.S. and what they offer? The only two I know are Yellowstone and Yosemite, so Im looking to broaden my horizons in that area. Another interest I've taken up is Kayaking-- what do you think about it? A thought I have on parks is what you can do while you are there. I know you can camp, hike, and kayak. I know hunting is allowed in some parts of parks but I have never been interested in it even though I live in an area where hunting is very very popular. What are your thoughts on hunting? On hiking-- aren't there dangerous animals to watch for? I know many campers bring guns but I havent even shot one so Im definitely not prepared for that. Sorry for the large amount of topics-- Im kind of excited about just going out there and enjoying the park when Ive never really been in an environment that encourages the enjoyment of nature. Im also excited about hearing your guys' thoughts on it. Thanks
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Any vets on /an/? I've already consulted a vet but they pretty much just told me to do everything I've already done. I'm extremely worried about my dog. My mom bought over the counter flea medicine for her, only because it had the promise of being the same as FrontLine. Later on in the day, I was petting her and noticed she was somewhat lumpy. She has a skin condition that causes dry, patchy skin so I didn't think anything of it until the next day. When I woke up, I went to go bring her outoutside and her entire body was bumpy. When she went outside she had diahrea and when I came back in I found puke everywhere downstairs. Yesterday I started treating her with benadryl and pepto bismal, and its helped a lot. But now she will barely eat or drink, and will rarely even get up. She also has a massive tremor. I want to bring her to the vet so bad but its sunday and they only do emergency visits, and I don't have the money as it cost so much more. Has anybody heard anything about allergic reactions to flea medicines? Is it serious enough to be worried about? If there's even a possibility of her dying ill spend every penny I have at the vet but I really don't have the money. Advice?
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Hey /an/ Amateur ''gardener'' here. I came here a few months ago with a shitload of questions, will do the same again. 1) Do my plants look healthy? In each pot I made a first layer of vermicompost and a second of normal dirt. 2) Would anyone be able to identify the plant with the little ''fruits''? I putted lavender seeds there, and on the side of it, that plant grew. 3) When I transferred all these plants, I gathered in another pot their old earth, which is muddy, too humid and most likely not really good to use. Is there any way to restore it? 4) How can I improve their overall states? 5) Any tips on arugula? Buried some seeds in the same type of pot. Pic related, mint.
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