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Shitty taxidermy

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Does anyone else enjoy heinous, abominable taxidermy?
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I brought my dog into the vet and was told he has a tumor on his foot that needs to be removed, and was given a $1000 dollar estimate for the surgery. I can't afford to pay it all at one time, so my vet suggested I apply for CareCredit but I was declined since I have no credit, and no one to co-sign. Does anyone know of any ways that I could pay for this over time, without having credit? I've looked and can only find things requiring credit.
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Our neighbors upstairs left for Peru and our landlord (the neighbor's mother) found these turtles in her apartment. She brought them to us, asking to take care of them. We gave them clean water from bottles to replace the dirty water they were swimming in before, but other than that we really have no clue how to take care of them or what kind of turtle they are, what food they need, and if they need a bigger bowl/something for them to stand on.

Training Troubled Dogs

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A relative of mine has a 3 year old unspayed female Akita that has just grown to be sour. The dog has bitten people before (2 recorded; hospital visits) and has caused a broken ankle via jumping on people. My relative has given up on the dog, however his idea of give up isn't to send the animal to a rescue, get a professional or get the dog euthanized. His version of giving up is tying the dog out back, occasionally letting him into the house. As he put it, the dog is under 'house arrest'. He is not against putting the dog down, however he would only do so if the dog mauled someone. Unfortunately, with the way this dog is being handled, it is not a matter of if but of when. I'd like to prevent this if I could. While I have some knowledge on training, it was a lot of pit bulls that were brought to a shelter, and in comparison pit bulls are easy mode to train. I would love to know how to go about this without getting maimed. While I do have a vague idea, I'd like to hear some other tips and tricks from people with more experience handling aggressive dogs. Some back story on the dog; My relative got her from a 'breeder'. The bitch was bred at 6 months old to a mature dog that was legally considered potentially dangerous for killing another dog. The puppies were kept in a shed most of the time excluding when adopters would come to see them. Then the puppies were brought into the kitchen, and the parents had to be locked outside due to stranger aggression. The puppies were let go at 6 weeks, the akita in question has had an ongoing problem with UTI. She now weighs a little over 100lbs. Not good on a leash, not good with strangers, kids, or animals. How should I go about this? ITT: Tips, tricks, stories, etc about training aggressive, fearful, or just difficult dogs

Cat Braisé

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Cat Braisé >1 cat cut in serving-sized pieces dusted in flour with salt and pepper >1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil >6 artichokes >2 1/4" thick slices of slab bacon, diced >1 small sweet onion, diced >4 cloves garlic, minced >1 carrot, diced >1 lemon > 3 small tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and diced >1/2 c. dry white wine >2-4 c. homemade chicken broth >garni of 4 flat parsley stems, 6 leafy thyme branches, 1 bay leaf tied up with kitchen twine Salt and pepper >1/4 c chopped flat-leaf parsley (optional)

Saltwater/Deep Sea/Ocean general?

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>you will never ever have a pet blue whale
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ITT: feel feels >tfw your dreams are better than reality >those dreams will never become real
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I kind of want to get a ferret but I'm only home(and not sleeping) maybe 4-5 hours a day, if I got two ferrets would it be lonely or is this just a bad idea? I've never owned a ferret before but I'm willing to learn everything I need to know about it.
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If I had my own apartment, I would spoil my kitty/dog so much. I'd give him or her so many toys, and delicious treats, and he or she would always have cool water to drink. And he or she would get a red leash. And I would name it Ness.
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Calling those in Western Canada and Western United States I'm especially asking those in Alberta, Canada. There is a surgically accurate killer of cats in my city and am asking for help. My cat was mutilated with exact and disturbing accuracy and half of it was carefully place on my neighbours lawn with the other half still missing. This is of surgical or veterinarian expertise. I have been an oldfag since 2004 and have seen history be made on this board, watch Moot, helped in anon, took the pool, and have been the chaotic neutral, seen so many gets, been there for the start of 9000, helped Egypt, and all the "pics or it didn't happen". I am begging help from those north of the border or anyone who might know anything about these incidences. To those who are Caturday lovers, Longcat/Tacgnol, Nyan Cat, cat owner, et cetera... please, help. Please reply and I will give further details on the incident or I will know that Chan will never care about what is happening to so many people and these poor and very loved kitties in the world.
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My sister has a betta fish and she keeps it in this small shitty plastic tank with one fake plant. Nothing else. No hiding places or anything. She also has never cleaned its tank. I feel really bad for it. So what are some basics for keeping bettas? Ive never really taken care of fish before but i think i can do a better job than her
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I have a problem with my Holland Lop Eared. I have had this guy for about a year now and it has been toilet trained, until recently it started pissing and pooping all over the place coupled with its sudden bad mood (Keeps biting my hand). I really have no idea what is happening.
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I have a whole bunch of acid-loving plants in my garden, and a disgusting flavored coffee in my pantry. I was hoping to either dump the remaining grounds into the compost bin or directly to the soil, but I'm not sure whether what was used to flavor the coffee will damage the plants. Can't find a straight answer through google. Anyone know?
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>bird nesting on a Starbucks sign Would lighting up the sign lower the baby birds' chance of survival?
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So im thinking of getting myself a caucasian mastiff puppy, along with a norwegian forrest kitten. i had a few questions before i looked into ways of getting them. 1. i know caucasian mastiffs are generally used as guard dogs, and i wanted to know if i raised them around a lot of people, would one be able to become a family dog, and be friendly to strangers as long as i remain friendly? 2. would the dog have any conflict with the cat? i mean, if i raised both of them side by side, they shouldnt fight or anything, right? 3. would raising them together change their regular instincts? i saw something once about how a husky was raised around cats and acted like a cat its entire life, would my cat act like a guard dog, or my giant dog act like a kittycat?
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Anyone know what kind of duck this is? Mallard, mottled, black or something else?
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So /an/, Im about to buy a ball pythong in a couple days or tommorow afternoon. It will be a baby one, and for the time being, he will be put in a 10 gallon fish tanl. In a couple of months I will upgrade to a 30 gallon tank Ive never handeled a snake before, and I need a pet that is low maintenance. Any tips? I know that they eat about once a week, need proper tempermant and stuff. I will put a heat lamp, a heat rock, a log/cave thingy for it to hide, already have a snake waterbowl. I know that they dont bite as much as others. Any tips? I will also buy like a 5 pack of frozen mice pic unrelated
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What are some fun plants to grow? Fast results are preferred.
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Found this guy 2 weeks ago outside wondering around full of fleas so I asked around if anyone lost a cat and nothing. So I got it vaccinated, deflead etc. I love this guy. Anyone know if he's a certain breed of cat? His tail is HUGE and he's so young.
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Do you great tits where you live?
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