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This is a shitzu master race thread. +1 internet to anyone who knows any shitzu funnys that I could caption this photo with


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Hey cunts I got a few dsogs of my mate nath burning notndeally sure what to do with them, was thinking I'd keep one and sell the others to any interesteded folk who were keen. their brown and small $50 ono I don't know really when
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What method has given you guys the most success in teaching a dog not to bark at sounds outside and at things entering its "territory?" My parents adopted an old (8-9 years old) Yorkie mix some time last November. Apparently he didn't bark too much when they first got him, but after he settled in he began barking whenever he heard any noise outside and at people and cars when walking him on the streets closest to their house. It's gotten to the point that, often while relaxing at home, he'll peer out the window, watching for people on the sidewalk to bark at. I've seen all of these more recent behaviors myself, since I'm home for the summer. He doesn't bark much (if at all) when on longer walks or when we drive him somewhere (like the park, the vet, or a friend's house). It seems to be mostly when he's at or around home, so I think it's a territorial or protective thing. He's starting to drive my parents batty, so I want to help fix this while I'm here (and also hopefully teach my parents how to train him better as well). But there are so many methods out there with varying steps, I'm not sure where to begin. Has anyone on /an/ had a similar problem with a dog and found a method that worked for them? I was thinking of starting with teaching him to speak on command and then be quiet, but that was just my first instinct. I want to hear from you guys.

Aggressive Cat

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Hey /an/, I got a cat about one year ago (he was about 4weeks old as i adopted him), and everything went alright, until he started attacking me from time to time. Not the playful stuff, his backhairs go up, his tail becomes fluffy and he does the typical "angry cat" meow. He is a indoor cat (sadly) but has enough entertainment, also he is not castrated. Anyone having similar problems, tips?
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I found a wasp in a puddle just now and I want to know what to do with it. I put it on a branch to help it dry out. wat do /an/?
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Hey /an/, a friend I know recently found an injured bird and is attempting to nurse it back to health. We're trying to ID it, but google's been no help. We thought it might be a pigeon, but I'm pretty sure that's off. Can we get an ID on this bird? If it helps, he lives in Peru.

Dog Training

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Hi /an/, I'm reading up on positive reinforcement, and there's something I'm not clear on. What am I to do if shit actually happens? I mean, training is in controlled situations, but something is bound to go wrong eventually. What happens if the dog provokes a fight, eats something on the street, runs off somewhere? I'm asking since I'm getting my first male pup, I'd like to be as ready as possible. Bonus question: regarding urine marking, what do I have to know about it? I'm guessing it reflects the general behavior regarding dominance and territory? Is too much bad after he passes his routes a few times?

African greys

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Hey does anyone have any experience with these birds? What are they like? Are they good pets?
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Anyone know which animal this came from?
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Any idea what the name of this insect is?

Thinking Of Giving Up My Dog

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Hi /an/, I've got a problem. I adopted a dog from my local shelter about 3 years ago. I knew she had pretty bad anxiety when I got her, but her TRUE aggression/anxiety started coming out about 6 months into owning her. Sometimes she attacks other dogs or attempts to attack people, other times she'll just hide behind me. She throws up on car rides due to nerves. I had her in agility/obedience classes, and she wouldn't move. She would sit, and freeze up. I was under the instruction of 2 trainers, one being a vet. I've tried slowly socializing her and getting her out of the house, but I'm just not getting anywhere with her. She's so nervous and unhappy.. and I think she really needs an owner who has the money to take her to a behaviorist regularly and maybe get her some anxiety medication. I love her so much, but I've never really "clicked" with her, and since I have anxiety and depression myself.. I'm thinking I'm probably making things worse for her. Any suggestions/input?
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No one talks the way non-dog breeds have gotten. There's no "Pedigree Cats Exposed" or anything talking about horses. So, let's discuss.

Rat Advice.

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Sup /an/. So, here's my dilemma: My bf and I decided to get some rats. We couldn't find a breeder in the area; I've had past experience with 'rescuing' feeder rats, so we decided on that. Bought a REW. We spent a lot of time with her, so we took our time finding a cage-mate. We didn't want one from the same place because we worried they'd bond to each other and not us. Finally found a ''breeder'' on CL and bought two more rats. They were fine; one was very outgoing, but independent, and the other very shy, but sweet. Eventually the REW and Outgoing would begin ganging up on Shy. Shy stopped eating, and was always hiding. Eventually we couldn't deal and decided to get rid of REW and Outgoing because they became aggressive towards us. We thought we could at least save Shy and make her a decent pet. We have Shy alone now. We've named her Maddy, short for Madeleine McCann, because she's always hiding from us. She wont eat from our hands, or even when we're nearby. Runs and hides if we come too close to her cage, etc. She wont freak out when we touch her, if we get lucky enough to, but she just freezes and as soon as we turn away, she hides. The other day, I got a new baby rat. She's two weeks old and I have nothing to complain about. She's great. I want to introduce them (after a quarantine period, of course), but I'm nervous. I know about neutral ground and all, but I'm afraid either the baby rat will become shy like Maddy, or something. What are the chances I can use play-time with this new rat to kind of bring Maddy back to the light side? Is what I'm thinking of doing even a good idea? I don't want to keep Maddy alone, but I don't want to have two unsocialized rats either. >Pic semi related, my old 'rescue' rat.
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So what do you guys think of buying animals from craigslist? I know there some shitty people on that site, but what is your general opinion the act of purchasing animals from this or similar websites?
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My dog brought this poor thing to me when I was outside. I don't know where its den is to put it back. Nose was a little bloody but not damaged. What do I do?

Cost of a dog

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Hey /an/, I'm going to be getting a dog in the next few months, but I am planning to set up a "dog" account where I'm going to withdraw most dog related expenses from. How much do you guys spend on your dogs yearly, roughly? Their whole lives? I just want to sequester enough money in there so that no matter what happens I won't be in a financial bind when it comes to my dog. I'd be particularly interested in hearing from those with unhealthy breeds, or have a dog with a medical condition that needs ongoing medication. Thanks /an/!
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Hi /an/ I have a flea problem and was looking for some advice. I moved into an apartment with my girlfriend and she started to get bitten by fleas. I have not had a single flea bite. We do not have pets but the landlord has a few cats that live around the property. I caught a bug and looked at it under a microscope to confirm it was indeed a flea. What are some things we can do immediately to reduce the biting? I want to prepare an action list for this weekend so I can attack the problem. I need to confront my landlord and would appreciate some advice on how to bring this up. Thanks /an/
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I'm wanting to adopt a mini lop/Holland lop from a local shelter. I want to put a cage in my room and let her free roam in the house under my supervision. Are indoor bunnies good pets or terrible pets?
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Are hedgehogs good pets? I'm thinking about getting one but they're not really popular/common in my country, but I heard they're really popular in the VS so I thought you guys could give me more insight. I moved away from my parents for half a year now and I've been thinking about getting a small pet. Something that likes cuddling and attention, but also doesn't get sad and lonely when I have to work all day. Would a hedgehog be a good pet for me? They're adorbs
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>meet a cute girl >enjoy a nice day with her on my porch >big old daddy long leg comes out to say sup' guys >girl freaks out >tells me to kill it Instant turn off man. You don't kill spiders do you /an/?
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