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Stray cat?

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Hey /an/, /m/ here, not sure if this is the board for this but I'll try: about 2 nights ago I walked out of my house around 4 am cause I had to be somewhere early. When I opened the door there was a cat there. I thought it was a stray cat since there's a bunch that roam my neighborhood and they get scared easily. I tried scaring this one but it just stood there looking at me and meowing softly, it didn't look scared or angry. At one point it tried to go into the house, which I thought was strange. I walked past it to my car and the cat followed and finally left once I started the engine, and dissapeared into the darkness. About 45 minutes ago I came back from a friend's house, it 7 PM over here. The cat was sitting in front of the walkway that leads to the door. It was just sitting there, and my mom came to check it out, she started petting it and asked me to bring her a piece of grilled chicken we had. I did, it didn't eat it, she brought it some water, and it didn't drink it either, the past hour its just been sitting in our backyard now, my sister is with her, and the cat walks between her legs, brushing its body against my sister's legs. My mom said to check on the internet what to give to stray cats, cause this one according to her is very skinny, and she thinks it might be about to die. I don't think it might be stray at all, I never seen a cat act like this in my neighborhood. What do? sorry for pic, first cat related image I found on my 4chans folder

Exotic pets

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I have a 2.5 gallon fishtank; and I am inquiring what pets I can house. I am thinking of a spider, or maybe scorpion; but I'm open to any ideas.
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Hey /an/. Found this wind scorpion and I want to keep it as a pet I built a place for him and I fed him a small garden spider. I was just wandering like how often do you feed hat do you feel them and like just general care for them. Thanks

wolf-dog discussion!

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The dog in the foreground is Cavall. He's a year and a half old, one half chocolate Labrador, one quarter Alaskan Malamute, and one quarter timber wolf. Now, I love wolves, but I've always heard that wolf-hybrids are tough pets to keep, and I believe it. Behavior IS partially genetic, after all, and wolves don't have the history of domestication that dogs do. I would not want a half-wolf as a pet, but I decided to take a chance on the quarter-wolf. The main thing I hear about wolfdogs is that they will constantly test their owners for dominance. Cavall hasn't shown any of that so far, and acts submissive not only to the humans but to the other dog. He is extremely friendly, though. He literally wants to be friends with every person or dog he meets. He even acted happy to see his vet last time he got his rabies shot, which was pretty hilarious for us. His one flaw is that he's slow when it comes to training. We really couldn't get anything done with him as a puppy other than house training. When he was about a year old, he started to pick things up a little better - sit and stay. The basics. Leash training is still a work in progress, as he wants to hold the leash in his mouth all the time. (I cope with this by holding it up over his back to keep it out of his line of sight.) Overall though, my family loves him and agrees that I picked out a great dog. (I did meet his parents when I went to choose him from the litter, and the first thing the half-wolf father did was come up to me and lick my chin.) I'm not speaking FOR wolfdogs in general, or against them. I really just want to know if /an/ has other experience with diluted wolf hybrids and whether Cavall is typical or not.
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/an/ help me. I was away for two month, so my dog stayed with my mother and sister. Now I come back and he has fleas, they didn't do anything to treat him, they are all over his legs and belly and he already removed all the hair from his belly. What the fuck can I do.
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What kind of plant is this ?

Any frog lovers here?

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A friend found this bird on the street before the cat got to it, unable to walk or move much. Didn't panic or flap its wings or anything either. Does anyone know what I can best do? What stage of life the bird is at? I'm in a pretty isolated town and there's no vet.
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Is it possible to have a cage-free snake? I was considering getting a snake in the future, but whenever I come to /an/ ai only see them in terrariums. I was wondering if it's possible to have a snake free roam around the house. If so, any reccomended types of snakes? Can they live with other pets as well? I have a small dog. Thanks in advance. Pic unrelated.

Leopard Gecko General

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I've recently inherited a leopard gecko. She's not like most that I've seen. she's like blue/grey color. but anyway, I received her without much notice and was only able to throw this together with old decorations I've had from past pets. I'm using a che and porcelain floor tile. I'm going to get a heat mat later this month too. In the big hide to the right I keep the middle floor with moist sphagnum moss. Is there anything that I'm missing or doing wrong in general? sorry I would havehad it all set up before but like i said I wasn't expecting to get her.
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What did cats and dogs eat before commercially available kibble?

Ear Mite Help

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Hey guys, I need some advice on cat ear mites. I took a friend's elderly cat when he lost his house a while back. When I got him he already had a curled ear from mites and my friend said they had treated him with no luck. We treated him and still, a few months later, we had to take him to our vet to get his other ear lanced. Both ears are curled now and he still has mites. I'm pretty sure hes given them to my other cats, but hes the only one showing discomfort from them. I'm out of work right now and my family's money is tight, but I have to do something for him. I can probably get him some off-the-shelf mite medicine next week, but until then, are there any home recipes for cat ear cleaning/mite treatment? Hes at least 12 years old, long haired, and probably over 10 pounds, so I'd like to avoid giving him a bath if possible. Thanks
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So I'm finally decorating the patio of my apartment and I need some ideas for foliage and flowers. We really want to do some over-the-rail planters with red flowers (to match the red patio door), but we want some coverage if it is possible — i.e. the "overflowing" effect that you get with hanging flower baskets, but over the side of the planters. I don't know if this is possible (definitely not a plant person, more of an animal person) but are any red, hardy flowers that can hang over like I described and survive the south Texas heat? And if not, what flowers should I get that don't hang over, and what overflowing greenery should I plant in front of them? Sorry if my descriptions are shit, it's pretty hard to describe in words without an image. Pic related — the kind of over-the-rail planters we want.
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>mom has two small dogs >never trained them so they're anti-social and insane >overfeeds them and gives them junkfood >she also feeds the raccoons that come around our house because she is fucking crazy >she literally buys a big bag of dogfood JUST for them every week >everyone tells her to stop fucking feeding them because they're wild animals >they have begun to destroy our roof and live there in the winter >my mom literally thinks the raccoons will starve if she doesn't feed them >I keep telling her that raccoons are fucking wild scavengers >they do not give a fuck about her and would eat her if they could >keep warning her that having swarms of raccoons around the house is a bad idea >doesn't listen >goes to walk her chihuahua yesterday >he sees a rogue raccoon and goes after it >raccoon bites or scratches his ear badly >she has no money to take him to the vet (neither do I) >for all she knows, he could now have rabies or some other disease >DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I've been wanting to call animal protection people on her for while but never had anything serious. Is this enough? My mom should not legally be allowed to own ANY animals. She is a complete fucking moron.

What is this?

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Found in so cal
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Can someone tell me about this frog I found in my mailbox? I live in Michigan. There are lots of toads around here, but this is only the second or third frog I've ever found here. He's a lot friendlier (read: less scared of me) than the toads I usually find. He also has sticky feet and has no trouble climbing up the sides of the canning jar I'm currently holding him in.
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To think I used to dislike cats.Goddamn was I wrong. Any tips for a new cat owner?

iggy azalea fancy feast

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outdoor cat kennels

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I'd like to have a large fenced in area outside for my cats. Whats the cheapest and best method? Either home made or store bought. I don't really have any tools or building skills, but we have a rabbit hutch that looks like it was easy to make..
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hi /an/, i have a question regarding my pet rat. i'm going on a family vacation tomorrow for 4 days - i'll be able to feed him friday and monday, so that's 2 days he'll be alone. will he be okay if i leave him alone with a lot of food? i feel awful because he doesn't have a cagemate (i know you're not supposed to have 1 rat, his last cagemate died and we're looking to get him a new friend soon). and will he be okay food-wise? i would let someone watch him but i dont know anyone who wouldnt be freaked out handling rats. what do you guys think?
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