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How bad do fish hooks hurt fish?
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Hello /an/, This is my first time posting here, I don't know if I will get much help here, but I don't know where else to go. I'm gonna keep it as short as possible. I'm on vacation at my grandparents house and they have a dog there. When I came near the dog to play with it and check him out and all, I noticed he had a red spot on his back, it looked like he had hurt himself recently. I told my grandfather and he looked at the dog, he said that he probably hurt himself the day before when it was raining, and that he quickly wanted to get inside his doghouse but scraped his back in against his entry. He was licking it alot so it really hurt him. Days have passed and I started to check him out again, what I noticed now is that he doesn't seem to lick the spot anymore, and that the red spot had turned dark. Now, what I'm concerned of is that he might not even feel pain anymore because his back is dead... I looked at the rest of his skin and it's normally pink. Is this normal? Will he get fully healed again? Also, on the side, his balls are also completely black, I don't know if they are dead too or if it's normal, I don't know. Some help would be wonderful for me and the doggie. Just in case you are wondering why he hasn't been brought to the vet, well, let's just say that in the current situation he will sooner die than get help. Either he gets healed himself, or he's done for. Again, some help would be nice.

Butterfly Conservatory

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I have a small 6x6 metre garden with 11 feet stone walls all around, which I want to convert into a butterfly conservatory. Ideas to make this crazy idea feasible? A net roof? A glass roof?

Cat Problem

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Okay, I'm not expecting too much of this but I thought it'd be worth a shot. I'm looking for ideas to present my local Humane Society (and other relevant animal programs) with new ideas to tackle the enormous cat overpopulation issue in my city. I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I am aware that there are places with worse cat populations than here. But I'll give you the estimated numbers of cats we have in different scenarios in the city. Ferals: Over 100 Humane Society- up for adoption: 67 Humane Society- drop offs, surrenders, quarentines, and adoptables: over 100 Kijiji (Canadian craigslist): 196. These numbers spike up from early Spring all the way into Autumn. My city does not have regulated cat bylaws. Cats do not have to be altered, tagged (collar/microchipped) or vaccinated for rabies. Basically we are shit. There are quite a few people within the city limits who are a part of the Humane Society's 'catch, fix, and release' program. It's more recent, but it has made an impact, however small. But the numbers of household cats who get pregnant/abandoned has not gone down. Again, I'm not expecting much. But if anyone lives in a low-cat populous area, what's our secret?
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To preface this, I'd only like legitimate answers. I don't want anyone to whine about me trolling. Hey /an/, after doing some research I came to the conclusion that it's a good idea to start feeding craigslist kittens and feral kittens to my snakes, the reasons for this is: - It's cheap or free, yet nutrient rich - The people willing to pick up a craigslist kitten would likely not properly care for it, leading to more unwanted kittens to be produced - Feral kittens are virtually always destined to die painful deaths at a young age. * The death by my snake (only by those who will not eat prekill/frozen) or by humane euthanasia (with my home made co2 chamber or neck breaking) would not compare to the diseases, injury, poisioning, or starvation they would die from - Feral cats are extremely distructive to the environment. - It helps cat/pet overpopulation in either case - The kittens do not die painfully - It is legal where I live. I have even asked officials of the legality of killing your own pet/ferals, and completely without unnecessary pain. Even with a snake, it is legal Is this a wrong thing to do? I can't find any reason against it besides people only liking cute kittens, not liking the idea of feeding any animal to another animal(which is idiotic), or thinking they're worth more than mice, rats, and rabbits for generally being pets.
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I keep on hearing stuff about pets and illnesses. How can you tell the early signs? With cancer for example in humans it's typically somewhat obvious even early on. You don't just hit rock bottom one day. With animals they can't exactly tell you what's up.
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I honestly don't know what to do /an/ English Pointer is my dream dog, i already talked with a very good breeder, i have the money and everything is set up and ready to go. the bitch is pregnant and i'm on the list for a male. But on the other hand i know too much about purebred dogs, i know that a mutt will be healthier and better genetically and evolutionary. I went to a few dog shows and i saw how disgusting that thing is, how no one even care about the dogs health and judge only by aesthetics. I know all that, but i still want an English Pointer. why
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Went to a pet shop with a friend and came across an South African Giant Leopard Tortoise. I have alway loved the tortoises at the zoo so i decided to get it despite it being $200 bucks. Took a few pictures and though i would share. If you have a turtle or tortoise..post it.

Anyone familiar with bird/gun dogs?

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I'm looking to get another dog soon, either a Wirehaires Vizsla, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, or a German Wirehaired Pointer. I'm looking for a dog that is- -able to stand the cold and heat -affectionate -obedient (with training of course) -reliable off leash (again, with training) -large and active enough to keep up with our lifestyle (active outdoors year round) -willing and able to work/play in the snow -weight 50-70lbs -has a wire coat I'm looking for a dog that will be my companion, and a service dog for me. I have raised and trained my last two service dogs, so I have plenty of experience with socialization and training. This dog would be mainly my dog. We currently have another dog that is a Border collie/Pitt mix. She was originally trained as my service dog, but she has always preferred my husband. So I need a dog of my own. We live in a Colorado ski town, so being ok in the snow is a MUST. There is snow on the ground about six months a year, with the snow reaching 4-6 ft deep in our yard. It will be a while before we actually get a dog, for now we are doing research and visiting shows (conformation and performance). Does anyone have any experience with these dogs? Pic related, Wirehaired Vizsla

single working guy wants dog

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I am a single working guy. Live in a decent sized 2 bedroom apartment. I had a dog until me and the girlfriend split and she took him. I work 8 to 5 monday through friday. I can come home most days on my lunch break for about 20 minutes to let it outside. Do you think it is advisable that I get a dog or pup of some kind? I was thinking greyhound, boston terrier or corgi as far as breed goes. Pic related its my last dog, I miss him so much.
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Greyhound thread? Greyhound thread. I'm a New York fellow and I've gotten curious about this breed. I normally focus on dogs individually rather then breeds.. They sound like a good apartment dog from what I've researched and are mellow as balls. I've known about Greyhound rescuing and the welfare problems of Greyhound Racing for years though.

polydactyl thread now!

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How do you fucking kill these things?
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How do you tell if you're a Cat Person? I'm into dogs more but at the moment can't have a dog. I'm wondering about cats but I've never interacted with one.


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I am only posting here to out an absolute POS. this sick fuck took pictures of young cats, in woods near his house prob? and put them up for sale on CL. I pointed this out to him and he has since emailed me back threatening shit. IDC about about some disgruntled loser threatening me, but when he replies "Good luck fuck nuts .... Its gone ... Went to pound to be put to sleep ... Maybe u should try to stop that .. And rescue it from them .... U fucking moron ... :)" I hope this abusive excuse for a human might be unfortunate enough to have to rely on someone more compassionate than himself. This guy left his phone number available tho lol 4591492073 . pls call and make your concerns known? thnx n gobless
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Bug identification? Sorry I can't get the best pictures. It was flying in a very erratic way like a fly and smashing into things. I could hear it's wings beating quite well when it was flying. Grabbed the nearest thing I could for size reference.
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Hey /an/ I have had my dog for fourteen years and within that time i can knock off on my fingers the number of times he has had an accident in the house. however, over the past twenty four hours he has twice shat in the house. first time was about medium in size, the second time was really small. I hypothesize that when we used to let him roam about freely in the yard he was eating something unusual, so for the past week we have either put him on the line or walked him. could a change in diet like this be responsible? He is not abnormally bloated, and seems to be following his routine of going out when he needs to just fine. anyone want to help shed some light on this? I am calling the vet later today because it's lol only 6 am.
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Have you fed your animal companion today?
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ITT: Post your state's bird or tree Virginia here, the Cardinal is our state bird
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