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Help with identifying a spider

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I saw this spider a few days back in my yard. It was ~3-4cm big in diameter (1 - 1.5 inch). Looked kinda like the headcrab from Half Life 2. It was dark brown with a whiteish abdomen, which also had faint brown lines here and there. I've never seen this spider here before and this one scared the crap out of me, mostly because it crawled on the bench behind my head. Anyways, I wanna know what species that spider is and is it dangerous. Pic related is my attempt at illustrating it.

Epic Slow Motion Dog Leap!

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Anyone else addicted to cool slow motion videos? I like watching them and making them when I can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc7G_ta2ht4&list=UU9uTwMqfb8RlgixRIau-FwQ
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any bird watchers on? i need help identifying a bird. we only saw it for a half second, but it looked like pic related, except a darker brown all over. about 18 inch wingspan. well, i think its a bird anyway. this last weekend a few friends and i took my jeep up into the mountains of north western Pennsylvania. we came to a dead end where an oil well was and i decided to get out and check out the oil pump. as i got out i heard something moving in the vegetation off to my right. i figured it was just the wind. i took a few more steps and heard it again, this time i knew it wasnt the wind. then, it growled, kind of like a dog when it wants to warn you to fuck off. i quickly moved back to my care and hoped in. my friends stayed in and said what was that noise? so i knew it wasnt just me hearing things. i went to my trunk and got my gun (because im a fuckin american) and we all got out to see if there was a wolf or something. we slowly walked towards the area we heard it, listening to hear if it ran away, we didnt see or hear anything. there was nothing there. this creature that was growling moments before, had just poofed away. we walked all over the area looking for someting, but didnt see anything. then about 10 minutes into our hunt, we heard the same noise about 50 yards infront of us. we look out and see a bird flying. thats why i think its some weird bird that can growl. >tl;dr does anyone know of a bird that would be in the forests of north western pennsylvania that growls?


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Heads up to anyone in or near Salem, OR: There's a chick who was just on the news that has 25 bearded dragons she needs to get rid of or they get euthanized. Check out fox 12's website for more info, if interested. I'm not an /an/ regular but figured you guys could help these poor fellas. The lady gave CPR to one that drowned and saved it's life but the apartment manager heard about it and informed her they are not allowed there, so she has to get rid of them or they're killed. Fucked up imo, but hopefully a few of you guys can save some.
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Rate my pussy /an/
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oh boy

What plant is this?

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Hi guys! Just wondering if anybody can help me recognise this plant. As you can see it seems like a mini version of the original is growing off the flower, since these appeared the rest of the plant seems to be dying out. Problem is it was a gift and I don't know how to search for information on healing, culling or propagating it correctly. I live in southern spain, if that's any help.
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How could I ever forgive myself? I was being an asshole at times. I would chase her out of my room when I perceived she had been there long enough, not allow her to go up on my desk, and generally just be a freak. I became conscious of dust and hair in my room and kept her out sometimes using that as an excuse. She loved me so much and I was such a prick sometimes. I just don't know. My mental fuckups have left my with these horrible feelings. In the days leading up to us putting her down, I didn't even spend every waking moment with her, even though I thought she might be near the end. I was such a fucking idiot, and typing this makes me want to cry. I don't know how I can live with myself knowing what I did and didn't do, because I think of it daily. Now when I think of her, I remember the times I shut her out, the times I wasn't nice to her, the times I should have been there more. I try to think of the good times too, but it's not enough.
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Why can't i hold all these cats?
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What happens when you cross a Welsh man with a sheep? OH WAIT
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Is this already a strain of guppy? If not should I breed it?
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Post awesome prehistoric megafauna.
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How common are intersex dogs? I know that in humans it's anywhere from 1 in 200 to 1 in 5000.
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Dogs need not apply http://austin.craigslist.org/sci/4715013455.html
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Anybody ever heard of Micro-Hippos? I just bought a baby one from this guy I met online and I'm keeping it in my back garden. He says it will only be about the size of a small dog when its fully grown.

Boxer Help

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My Boxer has had this bump on here for about two weeks. My family isn't worried about it to much, they believe its a skin tag. Its soft and is on your thigh. It has grown some bit since it first appeared. What do you guys think it is?
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animal assasinations

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Stable's staff shoot dead perfectly healthy ex-racehorse and dump its body on horrified owner's front garden - because she hadn't paid £30 bill WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Kit was being kept in a DIY livery field owned by GG Centre in Raskelf, Yorks Rider Beckie Warner, who leased the horse, had not paid £10 weekly charge She told the centre she planned on paying the fee at the end of the month Owner told Ms Warner, 26, that Kit would be tied to a tree if she didn't pay An hour later, Kit was left in her garden, dying of a single gunshot wound Owner of GG Centre claims they could not get horse safely into a box So it was 'put down humanely' by a licensed specialist in the field, he said RSPCA said horse was physically healthy and was killed illegally with pistol Police arrested two men - aged 36 and 53 - on suspicion of criminal damage Ms Warner: 'I'm distressed how somebody could put a bullet in its head for just £30' Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2795929/equestrian-centre-shoot-dead-perfectly-healthy-seven-year-old-ex-racehorse-dump-body-owner-s-garden-unpaid-bill-30.html#ixzz3GYle6DNd Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
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My cats coming down with a fever. his eye is swollen shut and I can't afford to take him to the vet at the moment (parents also want me to watch him die). Any way I can fix him?
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