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It took me almost three hours to translate and typeset this into English. Enjoy, guys. It's a story about love. <3 http://postimg.org/image/veezjvxvx/
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So my family just found out that our dog has heartworms. He's a black mouth curr and we don't have the money for the treatment so we set up this campaign to try and save him. If not enough is raised he'll have to be put down. You don't have to give, but I hope some do so that we can get enough to save him. I'm posting the link which is where you can donate and it also contains more information. Thank you. http://www.gofundme.com/bia554

Bad pet owners

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>Neighbor's Pomeranian breaks out of their backyard and comes into mine >Sees me and starts barking up a storm >Ignore it >After like 15 minute it's still going >Walk over and kick it in its face as hard as I can >It falls over on its side and I give its leg a good stomp making sure to savor the nice "crack" I hear >Toss the little fucker over the fence and head inside People need to learn to control their animals. If the little fucker didn't learn its lesson and tries that shit again I'll stab its eyes out next.
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I'm worried about my dog, /an/. A little background on her: she's 8, is a rescue, her old owner beat her and broke her back, which quite understandably has led to a lot of back problems for her. She used to have heartworm, and she has inflamation on her belly sometimes. She also got shots a couple of days ago, if that matters. First, she constantly wakes up in the middle of the night (1 and 6am last two days ago) to pee. I don't know what the deal with this is. She's been very lethargic today, not greeting me/my flatmates when we arrive home. It seems like she's out of breath a lot today. She rarely wanted to go outside, refused to chew a fresh bone, but ate treats/peanut butter. I gave her a pain pill just in case. But she's not even getting up to go to her usual bed. I'm really really worried about her because I love her more than anything in the world. Is she just having an "off" day or is this something horrible? Pic is her breed.
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Hey, /an/ons, I'm looking for some advice. I'm finally moving into a house out of my tiny as hell apartment and I'll be looking to get a dog within five months or so (once I come back from studying abroad). It's got a decent sized yard with plenty of running space (the yard spans along the whole side of the house into the front) and the house has plenty of room as well. Thing is, there are a few breeds of dogs I've set my eyes on but I'm not entirely sure which would be the best for me. I've always wanted a Siberian Husky, but I'm a little wary that I'm not as physically active for a dog that I've heard needs a lot of physical activity-- my friends keep telling me it'll be a pain to own, too high maintenance, or that it's going to dig holes in my yard or jump the fence somehow. I've never really known anyone who has owned a Husky, so I'm only familiar with what I've researched online. I'm also wondering if these are just behaviors that I can deter with responsible training as well. The other two breeds I've been considering are the Finnish Lapphund or a Shiba. The problem with Finnish Lapphunds, though, is that I can't seem to find any breeders in my area at all and they seem rather rare and therefore inaccessible. Some other things to consider, I suppose is that I live in New England so we have quite a contrast in the seasons and that we consider having a second dog as well (either an australian shepherd or a yorkshire terrier, if it matters although that's my mother's decision). Despite owning many cats, reptiles, fish and the like over the years, I've never had the chance to truly raise a dog. I used to work as a pet sitter, so I'm very experienced with how to take care of dogs, but I'm just wondering if you guys think that a Husky is, as my friends say, 'not worth the trouble' or if I should consider a different breed to raise.
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My labrador is 3 years old and for the most part has always been fit as a fiddle. During the past 3 weeks she has started developing this rash and losing a lot of her fur. Has anyone experienced this with their dog? What could it be? I just went out today and bought some ointment from pet smart that’s supposed to help relieve her, but if it doesn’t I will take her to the vet in a week. For now though, I want to know what the hell it could possibly be? It’s starting to spread from her entire under belly to her legs. pic is her
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what the piss is this? Source is the Field Museum on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/field_museum_library/3349699954/
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I just got an iguana. I don't want it to be lonely but I don't know if iguanas do well with other animals. Would it be a smart idea to get another same-aged iguana to play with my new iguana. I have a 20g tank. They are 8mo and 1 year. I've only ever raised dogs and cats before.
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I just found a solitary flea on my cat and i'm freaking out. She's indoor only, does this mean my house is infested?


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I've never been to /an/ before but my kitten died last night and I am pretty upset. This is him.
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I heard some where that there are fish that look extremely similar to guppies, but are cold water fish. am I being trolled? If not what are they called?
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my mother's deadset on getting one of these things. savannah cat. probably a F2 or F3 now, even though I dont live here anymore I dont think its a good idea. I've only read bad things about these kind of cats and I'm legitimately afraid for the life of her other pets (she has two normal cats already, one is a siamese. and a very small dog). I've read tons of stories where exotic cats play so rough they hurt or kill other pets, and even claw their master pretty hard. Thats what I read anyway, and I never saw any of them so I can't form an opinion Anyone has experience with these cats and could give me tips of some kind? There's no convincing happening, so I just want to make sure she does it right

Should I be concerned?

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I have a male 4 year old black part maine coon. Last time he was weighed he was 18lbs. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and is fixed. And he is eating and drinking water normally. However for the last 5 to 6 days he has been acting really weird. I have a black recliner chair in my bedroom where I like to draw. He has been laying on the back of the chair trying to be as close to me as he can get. His butt is usually on one of my shoulders or he lays with two front paws on one side of my head and his back paws on the other. He also growled and twitched in his sleep 2 days ago. I petted him and he stopped twitching and growling and slept peacefully for another hour before he got up to eat. This is weird behavior from him. I can't really afford to take him to the vet if this is just something really minor; but I dont want him to be getting sick and find out later it could have been prevented by going to the vet earlier. any one have any advice?


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I've decided that 90% of you are retarded and need help. I'm not talking about the pet owners that post here I'm talking about the majority of anons who act like they're peta. So I'm going to stick around and actually offer help unlike you fuck wits who say some of the stupidest shit. >tl;dr I've come to fuck you in the ass. Here have some animals to keep it /an/ related I've got 6pets that live happily. And yes my kitten goes outside.

Dog overheating

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So i own the fluffy fucker over on the left (Akita inu, 2yo). But i worry that everytime i try to walk her lately she looks exhausted after 20 mins or so. Only got her in september from someone who couldnt control her (good as gold now) and used to regularly walk 2 hours without any problems. The only thing thats changed recently is the weather as were now getting 17-19°C. So does anyone know any tips for getting the dog to cope with the moderate temperatures were getting, would really like to start mountain walking again like i used to with my lurcher. Thanks in advance
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http://news.yahoo.com/giant-african-snails-seized-los-angeles-airport-174803958.html >Officials say the snails were disposed of through incineration. Sure they cause destruction but how hard would it be to get rid of them? They're fucking huge and easy to see. I don't see why they're banned as pets.

Can I switch a dog's diet for a week?

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So, I'm dogsitting for my aunt and uncle and their dog won't eat. She's a collie mix ~35-40lbs. They said she usually doesn't eat except for when at least a few members of the family are in the kitchen with her (usually when they are eating dinner). They usually board her when they go out of town and she will barely eat. I feel really bad for her and she is obviously stressed out. She won't even eat her treats. She will eat people food though, so I tried putting cheese in her food, but she just picks out the food and eats the cheese. Then I remembered that my mom feeds her dog chicken breast, brown rice and green beans, so I made a test meal, but they only had green beans in the house so I went out and bought some chicken and brown rice, made it and she ate it. The thing is she didn't eat any of the rice, just the chicken and the green beans. Can I keep just feeding her chicken and green beans until her family gets home on saturday? How much should I feed her? Is there any way to cheer her up (she's lethargic except for when I'm walking her). Pls respond
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I just purchased a small watch chain/lizard tail, and a small aloe vera. Theyre still in the tiny 2" pots they came in. I have a large bag of potting mix (miracle grow moisture control), will this be okay for succulents and for them both, or do I need a specific mix for cacti thats got better drainage? Or can I add gravel to the potting mix I have? Second question is, how much light and water do they like? Third question is, where can I get a relatively shallow and wide planter or container to put them both in for a nice display piece? I was thinking something like a glass dish thats square so I can layer green or white gravel, soil, and the plants? Is this a good idea or do they need normal pots with normal dimensions like my other houseplants? Sorry for noob questions
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Is this one of the best appearances by an animal in the history of cinema? The way he responds to the line >Hi Doggy in such a breathtaking way still amazes me every time I rewatch The Room


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Anyone feel generous enough to help my cat SJ? He got stepped on and his tail is messed up. I took pics a couple days ago. Any financial help is appreciated because I am broke with college loans.
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