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Hey /an/ I'd appreciate some help on this Yesterday in a thread I talked to a guy about my cat. She has some weird thing on her head. Pic attached is it right now however it look much different yesterday. It loos like a bad cut today but yesterday it looked like a growth on her head. It was white with small red bumps on it. It was quite tender to touch yesterday, but today I washed it and she was fine. Is this a serious thing or just a cut? There are some cats on our street she could have fought with.
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Why is my bird so dum.

The Great Deku Tree

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Long story short: I got this little tree and first want to find out which species it is so I can threat it right. Some background information: I got this from a friend who himself got it from the greek club nintendo marked as the "great deku tree". I have absolutely no idea what tree it could be. Maybe someone has a clue? Second: I got some sort of pests on this tree. They are very tiny and yellow and spinn some sort of web. How do I get rid of this bastards? More pics are coming! I hope you can help me!

Breed identification

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Hey guys, just a quick question, I got this little puppy ( on the left ) from a wood box in this guys back yard about a month ago. I'm just curious to know what breeds of dogs are present within her? Any ideas?
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>It's 12.30 a.m. >slight noise outside >WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF! >cannot sleep and/or browse 4chan Why do people voluntarily own dogs? Been looking after my family's home for one day and I already regret it.
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This fag is thor, He is a great dog, he loves people, but lately, about two years ago, he has been figthing with whichever dog he sees every time he escapes home. What can I do? I don't want him to get sacrified
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My cat has a booboo. Not sure what it is? She's an indoor cat and her ear seems to be itchy..
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Is releasing an indoor cat into the outside world ever a good idea?
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I found this lizard on my back porch today and I didn't believe it because I've never seen a wild lizard in Washington state for the 14 years I've lived here. It looks like a common garden snake with legs. Can anyone identify this? Is it native to this State or is it an escaped pet? It looks fat so it seems to be doing fine even if it's an escapee. There are plenty of birds here that would love to murder this little guy but he seems to blend into the porch alright.
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>implying its not the greatest dog men ever bred the german shorthair aka Deutsch Kurzhaar is a extremely agile, strong, fierce and elegant dog. it is also a lively, loving family member - provided you educate it properly and its doing a lot of running with its owner if its not a hunting dog. these dogs have such an enormous urge to move and exercise that they will pull their owners on bycicles for miles and miles or follow him in his car.
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Just helped this fucker (a swift) get out of my balcony and back into the sky. Poor retard flew into my room until finally ricocheting from my cat to the balcony. I approached the swift wearing gloves but the bird was incredibly friendly and docile, it wasn't scared of me at all, didn't mind being touched, and as soon as I tried to take it, it climbed onto my palm and used me as an airstrip. It made a circle over my apartment building and I like to think it thanked me though it probably was chasing a fly or someshit. Now I want a pet swift, or at least a swift that will visit me from time to time. Is it even possible?

Do dogs ever marvel at human intelligence?

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Do they ever look at what we do and tell themselves "Wow my human is really smart." Or rather, considering they don't speak a language in their head, feel the release of chemicals in their brains responsible for awe or intrigue? Do they ever wonder "why" or "how"? The bond I had with my dog before she died was almost spiritual in a way. We were so close, and she seemed to show the capacity for compassion and companionship. As if she really really understood me. Perhaps I'm over thinking this though. But I truly felt a connection with my dog, it's not anything who's never had a dog could understand. Anyway... Do they ever just wonder? Do they look up to us? Or do they just have doggie respect for us as their sole provider of food? Their tendency to mourn after the passing of a master really makes me believe that there is more humanity in the heart of a dog than anything animalistic that we see from other creatures. What's in the head of a dog I wonder?
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Any cat owners? Need some help. My Aunt's cat has got something weird going on, for a few weeks she's been constipated. She took her to all sorts of Vets, but they all say she's fine. The cat shows most of the symptoms of constipation, but the strange bit is that she hasn't lost her appetite, but she can't keep food down- she can chew it but not swallow. Also, she does drink, so she's not dehydrated. My Aunt has tried Iam's digestive whatever, and the vet did an enema, but the cat is still sick. Anyone know what to do? The best thing I've found so far is surgical removal, but we really don't have that much money.
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Does anyone here support any Environmental or Animal Rights type of charities or groups? If you do, post which ones and why you support them. And if you don't, explain why.
The city is cutting off my... 6 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
The city is cutting off my power for 6 hours tonight to work on the electricity in the neighborhood. I have a 70 gal reef tank with a dozen corals, 7 fish and 2 cleaner shrimp. Will they be okay without the power heads running? How long before all the oxygen is used up and I start losing livestock? Anyone come across this problem?
So today I left for work and... 110 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So today I left for work and left my 9 1/2 week old kitten out. I have two other large dogs but everyone had been sleeping all day and I've left him out before and the dogs never harmed him. It didn't go that way today. My husband came home and the kitten was dead. I feel like this is 100% my fault. Had I put the kitten in the laundry room before I left, he would have been fine. Had I walked the dogs before I left, he would have been fine. I've never neglected any of my pets before and it kills me that when I slacked off, my poor baby died. /an/ what's your honest opinion on the matter? Do I just tell my self it was an unfortunate series of events or is this really all my fault? Pic related. Him this afternoon before I left for work.
Tonight I discovered something... 25 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Tonight I discovered something about my two unneutered male rats: they've been engaging in homosexual activity. Earlier on, I kept hearing a "squeak squeak squeak" in quick succession. When I went to investigate, I saw one rat hugging the other from behind, and pounding away. I gasped and quickly broke them up. An hour later, I heard the same squeaking and captured these images. Will neutering them both end this? I live in a Christian household, and I won't tolerate this.
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Why haven't we domesticated the Coconut Crab yet?

69 reasons you should not believe in blackfish bullshit

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Bad Guys With Animals

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There are always something good in people.
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