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Does /an/ know what kind of insect this is? I found this fucker under my goddamn toilet paper. Good thing I wasn't wiping my ass.
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Hey /an/, So I've been looking up some of the ways people can contribute to wildlife conservation- in particular, tiger conservation- and I was wondering if anyone is committing to one of these options. Things like "adopt a tiger" or donations (I know petitions don't mean anything). I really want to donate, but I'm not exactly trusting that the money will actually go to the cause...I've heard mixed responses over this, but what have you guys found about? pic related...from WWF's "adopt a tiger"
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Alright /an/ so I caught a cat at work today, and have brought him home. I believe it to be about 7 months old as it was part of a batch of kittens born just after Christmas. Now he doesn't seem to be feral or aggressive but very nervous. It's let me pet it in general and when I've fed it, it's also meowed a normal cat meow several times. I don't really have any intention on keeping it but I do wan't to get it to a state where it is comfortable around humans or me at the least so I can find it a good home. So any suggestions on how to approach this. tl;dr caught stray cat at work, very nervous but not aggressive, wat do.
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my mother's deadset on getting one of these things. savannah cat. probably a F2 or F3 now, even though I dont live here anymore I dont think its a good idea. I've only read bad things about these kind of cats and I'm legitimately afraid for the life of her other pets (she has two normal cats already, one is a siamese. and a very small dog). I've read tons of stories where exotic cats play so rough they hurt or kill other pets, and even claw their master pretty hard. Thats what I read anyway, and I never saw any of them so I can't form an opinion Anyone has experience with these cats and could give me tips of some kind? There's no convincing happening, so I just want to make sure she does it right
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Let's be honest, black cats are the most beautiful cats. So why are they not typically people's first choice? And don't give me that bad luck bullshit, no one actually believes that.
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I just purchased a small watch chain/lizard tail, and a small aloe vera. Theyre still in the tiny 2" pots they came in. I have a large bag of potting mix (miracle grow moisture control), will this be okay for succulents and for them both, or do I need a specific mix for cacti thats got better drainage? Or can I add gravel to the potting mix I have? Second question is, how much light and water do they like? Third question is, where can I get a relatively shallow and wide planter or container to put them both in for a nice display piece? I was thinking something like a glass dish thats square so I can layer green or white gravel, soil, and the plants? Is this a good idea or do they need normal pots with normal dimensions like my other houseplants? Sorry for noob questions


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Explain to me why TNR is good/bad. I've heard some points, both pros and cons, but I'm still not sure what side to believe, as it's difficult to find non-biased information so I'm still rather ignorant in the subject. Is TNR the best feasible way to fix the feral cat problem?

Aquarium Advice Thread

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Pic is my 20G tank setup. I have a few questions. I want to put an axolotl in it. My questions are: 1. I have already (fishless) cycled the tank for 60 days. The employee at the pet store recommended that I put two goldfish in it to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of bacteria. The ammonia level went from 0 to 1.0 ppm over the past three days, with only small water changes. Is he bullshitting me? 2. The filter is causing too strong of a current. I was thinking of putting a rock structure/platform of some sort to block the flow, but I can't find any online. Any ideas? 3. Any other advice for my tank is appreciated. Thank you!
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Anyone know of a deepweb pet store? I want to buy one of these adorable little guys! /b/ was no help...

Ask a Cat Breeder

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Tips and advice on breeds, breeding, behavior, training and other cat related stuff!
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http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/03/070308121856.htm http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1861845/ What does it say about us as a species that we use sentient beings for cruel and unnecessary experiments in laboratories?
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my girlfriend wants a birch in her garden. so today i went out to get a sapling. but i have no idea what they look like so after 2 hours i found this fucker, is this a birch sapling it was next to a grown birch and looked kind of the same.
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What are the chances of an actual ape revolution? What year would the revolt happened or is it to late for it to happen? Would humans survive?
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Please help me /an/ Today this cat broke it's foot. Obviously the right thing to do is to go to the vet, but this is not financially possible. Not with a payment plan, not with a line of credit, no way no how. Obviously a person in my financial situation, not being able to drop 500 bucks if an animal needs it, should not have a pet. But she is not a pet. She is a reformed feral cat dumped on my farm. I have like a dozen of these cats on the farm and all I do for them is feed them scraps and have them spayed/neutered because they're left here and I love animals. It probably perpetuates people dumping them, but I can't take feral cats to the pound to be destroyed when I have rats and starlings they could be eating. This leaves me in the position of needing to be able to give her the best home care possible. I have a variety of splints and bandages I can use. The foot is pretty clearly broken as you can see but is a non-complex fracture meaning that it has not broken the skin and there are no abrasions. I plan on splinting it and keeping her on cage rest. The only resources I can divert to her are the equipment I already have and my time/love. Am I correct in assuming that this may work out? I mean the worst case scenario is she has a bum/stiff leg and will be in no sorrier a state than the other strays and mongrels running around here getting into these scrapes. Or is it inhumane to subject her to my inexpert care and maybe I should scrape up the 30 dollars it would take to euthanize her? I am able to handle her but adoption is out of the question for her as she is pretty wild so it is me or the gas chamber. Sorry for the shit quality of pic, I have a shitty phone and it was dark where she was but I didn't want to stress her out posing her for pics. She seems to be in good spirits, jumping all over my counters breaking into my bread box eating my muffins and aside from limping, shows no obvious pain (although I know cats hide their pain).
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anyone see this thread on /k/ about killing puppies? da fuq is wrong with people.
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Why do birds like screaming so much in the morning? this shit is driving me insane. My 3 cockatiels scream non-stop for an hour or so during 7-8am. Sometimes I want to smash them against a wall. maybe birds arent for me
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Is there a pet (or pets) you'd really fucking love to own, but you most likely never will due to allergies, money, job, etc? My "dream pet" is an umbrella cockatoo. They're the perfect size and personality I love in a bird. I adore them. They're so damn expensive, but that's not why I can't own one. I know they can outlive me, and the thought of me dying before it does, and it's left all alone, really bothers me.
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So whats /an/s take on lost pets? Or perhaps you guys could shed some light on this subject. It has been a week now since he left and all the animal shelters here have been useless. It is always the same redirecting me to another number because they 'dont pick up animals'. My cat just disappeared one day. He's indoor and outdoor, so wandering away from the house isn't unusual for him, but one night he never came back. Is this normal outdoor cat behavior? He is fixed, but very territorial. Why would he leave his claim? Any advice? Anyone know of a similar situation that got resolved? How do I get the word out more efficiently beside posting fliers up everywhere? Every vet and pet store around here has a flier up on it.
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I'm thinking about getting a sabretooth
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Hey /an/ should i buy a bird? Are they cool or assholes? Pic related ,kinda bird I want to get
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