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Hi /an/, can anyone identify this breed? It's currently 8 months old, so I'm wondering if it'll grow more, if so, how much? Thanks in advance.

How can ants be so based

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The past couple of days I've been reading about ants and I've been thoroughly shocked. They are pretty much the most advanced animals on earth. Ants are one of the only species that are not only hunter-gatherers (they grow funguses and some species even grow larvae that they carry around to feed). Another species build nests from leaves, using silk of their larvae as a building material. Also some other ants carry out raids and steal larvae of other ants to use as slaves. They are the perfect society, multi-faceted, engaging in a wide range of activities and they can coordinate such massive efforts. Seriously ants are more advanced than humans were half a million years ago, when they discover culture and science we're fugged

What breed of dog should I get?

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I'm all for adopting from shelters, don't get me wrong. It's just that, with raising a dog being such an undertaking, I want to know what to expect. I've done plenty of googling, but it's hard to look up every breed of dog and truly predict which will be the best based on a few lines of description of their personality, so I figured you guys might know better. What I'm looking for: 1. not huge 2. not dumb 3. doesn't tend to be a barker. I know all dogs will bark and you have to train them; I don't care if they bark up a storm if someone is coming to the door, I just don't want a breed that tends to not shut the fuck up. 4. doesn't tend to be cunty toward other people. I don't have kids but I don't want it to start chomping at my friends' kids and then have them think I raised it like a monster. 5. won't eat my cat That's about it. I don't mind if they need grooming, and I am extremely active and live in the hills so I can walk that dog a fucking ton. I'm currently considering an australian shepherd or one of the retrievers. What's your favorite bro-dog breed?
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My little boy will be arriving in late august if all goes well. I have a dog and a cat. The cat will be fine I well spoiled my doge. She's used to a lot of cuddles and gets restless if you go through half the day ignoring her. She is a very good and polite doge, but she needs a lot of love and she needs to give a lot of love. At what age can the baby interact with the dog safely without her being a danger to his health? Anybody have stories or experience with attached/spoiled pets and newborns? Of course I will take some time away daily just for cuddles with my pooch, later on I will take her with me and the baby for walks so that she doesn't feel left out or threatened by the baby. But I want her to meet him properly and spend some time with him to get to know him.

Hatching Chicks

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Alright /an/ this is the first time I've visited this board but i need help. I have chicks in an incubator right now that are hatching. 2 are out and there's at least 2 more. Wtf do I do with them after they dry?

Stop hunting of endangered animals.

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Kendall Jones. I want 4chan's help to shut her down. kendalltakeswild is her facebook. Look out for the change.org petition. Help us.
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I'm moving out of my place soon with my wonderful dog and I want her to have a really great diet. I'm vegan and: no, I don't want to try and make my dog vegan. But I do have a problem with buying brands that support the awful meat industries and want to avoid it. I will be making my dog typical veggies that are good for her, but as far as animal protein I am thinking locally bought eggs and fish. I've read a lot of people saying don't feed your dog raw fish and a lot saying its totally fine, though? Thoughts?
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Is it irresponsible to get another dog, on top of the one I have, if I am going to be going to college full time and working part time? I have the opportunity to adopt a sweet four year old pug, the same breed as my dog that I already have, that is a year old. I was thinking that having another dog to play with might be beneficial to my own, and I am pretty wealthy and would have no trouble having both dogs in doggy day care and walking/playing with them both anyways. My dog is a year old and is very friendly and meek towards other dogs, and so I don't think that he would be a problem. Thoughts?
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What kind of rabbit is this /an/?
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I apologize for its mangled state, but could any of the etymologically inclined here help me ID what I just bludgeoned in a state of sheer anxiety and panic? Maybe 1.5 inches, So Cal desert area. Thanks.
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What is this bird. Sorry for the bad picture. In Clearwater national park
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Hey /an/, is it possible to tell what kind of caterpillar this is?
Question, /an/. This is... 3 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Question, /an/. This is apparently a Devil's Backbone, not mine. It wasn't growing at all in its old location for a full three years, but a move to a new location sparked growth. Apparently, the left branch is natural, but the right one has white discoloration, shriveled leaves, and green triangles on the leaves that aren't shriveled. Yet this branch has grown at a normal rate alongside the apparently healthy branch. What the hell is going on here?
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Was /an/yone here today there to see this fuckface get his asshole raided? I wanna hear about it firsthand.


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I work outside with plants and noticed this insect hanging around our salvia a lot. There's three that seem to be there constantly. One, which is in the photo is about the size of a large bumblebee. Two more are always around it and look the same but are about half the size. I thought they were just honeybees but they have vibrant yellow coloring, not much fuzz and they hover a lot and don't make the standard bee buzzing noise in flight. So then I thought they might be a really accurate-looking hoverfly, except they are quite aggressive and will fly into other bees (honeybees, bumblebees, even wasps) as well as each other. So what the hell is this? Couldn't get a better picture or a larger one, sorry.
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Hey, /an/. Me and my girlfriend have been thinking about getting some kind of ground-dwelling bird, but we are still unsure about what kind of bird we want. We have a medium-sized backyard and enough room for a small pond. What would be the best choice? Chicken? Ducks? Pheasants? And what "breed"/species should we get?
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What brand of dog food do you recommend /an/? My puppy is about to get her second bag of adult food and I'm wondering if I should switch. She's normally pretty healthy, but every once and a while she throws up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Also she doesn't seem to be in a hurry to eat this stuff. Pic related is what she's on now.
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Is it immoral for me to let next door's cat into my house and give it attention? I'm not trying to steal it or anything and I don't feed it. They have 3 cats, maybe this one just wants some more attention. I mean it's only coming here because it's not getting what it wants at home right?

4th of July Sucks Now

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Anybody every used tranqs on their dogs for thr 4th of July? We're in a new neighborhood which is apparently chock full of firework enthusiasts. One dog is a little scared, one dog is fucking terrified, and the cat gives no fucks at all. We bought a Thundershirt for the 100% terrified pooch but it doesn't seem to help much. Next year I want to get tranquilizers for both dogs, and me and my wife just for funsies. We got downers for our last dog (RIP) when we moved from Texas to CA, but have any of you had any experience with chemical help on the 4th?
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Alright /an/ so I caught a cat at work today, and have brought him home. I believe it to be about 7 months old as it was part of a batch of kittens born just after Christmas. Now he doesn't seem to be feral or aggressive but very nervous. It's let me pet it in general and when I've fed it, it's also meowed a normal cat meow several times. I don't really have any intention on keeping it but I do wan't to get it to a state where it is comfortable around humans or me at the least so I can find it a good home. So any suggestions on how to approach this. tl;dr caught stray cat at work, very nervous but not aggressive, wat do.
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