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Is it possible to have a cage-free snake? I was considering getting a snake in the future, but whenever I come to /an/ ai only see them in terrariums. I was wondering if it's possible to have a snake free roam around the house. If so, any reccomended types of snakes? Can they live with other pets as well? I have a small dog. Thanks in advance. Pic unrelated.

Leopard Gecko General

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I've recently inherited a leopard gecko. She's not like most that I've seen. she's like blue/grey color. but anyway, I received her without much notice and was only able to throw this together with old decorations I've had from past pets. I'm using a che and porcelain floor tile. I'm going to get a heat mat later this month too. In the big hide to the right I keep the middle floor with moist sphagnum moss. Is there anything that I'm missing or doing wrong in general? sorry I would havehad it all set up before but like i said I wasn't expecting to get her.
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What did cats and dogs eat before commercially available kibble?
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>mom has two small dogs >never trained them so they're anti-social and insane >overfeeds them and gives them junkfood >she also feeds the raccoons that come around our house because she is fucking crazy >she literally buys a big bag of dogfood JUST for them every week >everyone tells her to stop fucking feeding them because they're wild animals >they have begun to destroy our roof and live there in the winter >my mom literally thinks the raccoons will starve if she doesn't feed them >I keep telling her that raccoons are fucking wild scavengers >they do not give a fuck about her and would eat her if they could >keep warning her that having swarms of raccoons around the house is a bad idea >doesn't listen >goes to walk her chihuahua yesterday >he sees a rogue raccoon and goes after it >raccoon bites or scratches his ear badly >she has no money to take him to the vet (neither do I) >for all she knows, he could now have rabies or some other disease >DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I've been wanting to call animal protection people on her for while but never had anything serious. Is this enough? My mom should not legally be allowed to own ANY animals. She is a complete fucking moron.

Training Troubled Dogs

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A relative of mine has a 3 year old unspayed female Akita that has just grown to be sour. The dog has bitten people before (2 recorded; hospital visits) and has caused a broken ankle via jumping on people. My relative has given up on the dog, however his idea of give up isn't to send the animal to a rescue, get a professional or get the dog euthanized. His version of giving up is tying the dog out back, occasionally letting him into the house. As he put it, the dog is under 'house arrest'. He is not against putting the dog down, however he would only do so if the dog mauled someone. Unfortunately, with the way this dog is being handled, it is not a matter of if but of when. I'd like to prevent this if I could. While I have some knowledge on training, it was a lot of pit bulls that were brought to a shelter, and in comparison pit bulls are easy mode to train. I would love to know how to go about this without getting maimed. While I do have a vague idea, I'd like to hear some other tips and tricks from people with more experience handling aggressive dogs. Some back story on the dog; My relative got her from a 'breeder'. The bitch was bred at 6 months old to a mature dog that was legally considered potentially dangerous for killing another dog. The puppies were kept in a shed most of the time excluding when adopters would come to see them. Then the puppies were brought into the kitchen, and the parents had to be locked outside due to stranger aggression. The puppies were let go at 6 weeks, the akita in question has had an ongoing problem with UTI. She now weighs a little over 100lbs. Not good on a leash, not good with strangers, kids, or animals. How should I go about this? ITT: Tips, tricks, stories, etc about training aggressive, fearful, or just difficult dogs
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I kind of want to get a ferret but I'm only home(and not sleeping) maybe 4-5 hours a day, if I got two ferrets would it be lonely or is this just a bad idea? I've never owned a ferret before but I'm willing to learn everything I need to know about it.
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If I had my own apartment, I would spoil my kitty/dog so much. I'd give him or her so many toys, and delicious treats, and he or she would always have cool water to drink. And he or she would get a red leash. And I would name it Ness.
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I went to /pol/ and someone said I should ask /g/ because its a tech based question. I went to /g/ and they said I should ask /biz/ because its to do with money, but /biz/ recommended I go to /int/ and the /int/ said and I quote, "why the fuck would we know?" and told me to go to /trv/. Although those guys were helpful it was mention that as /mlp/ actually use bitcoin they would more info, they however said to ask /a/ and /jp/ as they have more experience in bitcoin use. On /jp/ somebody said and i quote "go ask /v/, they seem to respond better to off topic things than they do video games." from here I went to /d/ on /v/s advice but /d/ said that /hm/ is quite an intelligent bored and to ask them, they said a previous /hm/ user who now goes on /an/ knows a lot about bitcoin, So my question goes... Bitcoin is slowly becoming used through out the world, and more and more popular, see related pic. Once governments start to regulate and tax it and they will see related article.(http://www.smh.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/calls-on-the-government-to-regulate-bitcoins-20140710-zt221.html) Will Bitcoin then eventually become a world currency, thus then bringing us one step closer to a one world government? Another question I have is could you create a currency to be a rival with Bitcoin and to compete with Bitcoin? Would we have a privatized currency that is free from outside control?

Shrimp in fountain???

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Hi, this could be in DIY forum.. I'm building a small water tabletop fountain, it's got a capacity of a quarter of gallon, one liter of water. I've seen some shrimps living in half a liter ecospheres.. can I put a shrimp or two in my fountain? what about a snail? triops? or should I only plant it? I'm planing to put a water poppy and maybe something tall to balance the composition, maybe a dwarf pappyrus don't worry I don't plan to put a fish, not even a single guppy hehe pic related: it's similar to what i'm planning thaaanks
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are kangaroos the descendants of tyrannosauruses'? they look alike
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https://www.arkive.org/random-species Roll an animal. If you get a plant, reroll. You will immediately transform into that animal and spend the next 48 hours in that state. You retain your human intelligence and memories, but otherwise have only the natural capabilities of your new form. How fucked are you? What do you do to survive? How many /an/ons will be eaten by their own pets?


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Any vets frequent this board? Interested to find out what the /an/ demographic is
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Hey /an/, I'm no regular here but I have a question I figured I'd ask you guys. Also, possible feels ahead; you've been warned. A year ago today, my dog passed away. She was about 13 years old, almost 14. For the last two years of her life, she developed a heart disease. I forget the name, but it had something to do with an excess of fluid in her heart. However, her behavior didn't change until the last 6 or so months she was alive. She would eat less and would sometimes have trouble breathing. She would be so sick she'd be unable to move for up to a week, and then be perfectly fine for up to a month, before becoming visibly ill again. I had to change her diet to nothing but water, rice, and ground beef. The vet said she was in a bit of pain but nothing serious, however I would sometimes be woken up by yelps of pain in the middle of the night that wouldn't stop until I held her tightly next to me. It was obvious that she was in pain and was suffering. The vet gave her 8 more months, basically saying she had until around december. Obviously she didn't make it that long. So a year ago this morning, I found my dog dead in my living room. She was laying on the blanket bed I had made for her, with a small pool of (what I presume to be) dried blood around her mouth. Her mouth and eyes were open, and I didn't remember hearing anything in the night. She was also in the position she would usually be in while sleeping. So this is where I ask you - did my dog die painfully? Please be honest, as either way I'm glad she isn't suffering anymore. It's just been on my mind for a whole year. Did she die quickly? Did she experience any pain? I'd like to at least find closure in the fact that she died somewhat peacefully. Thank you in advance, and please, be honest. Pic related, it's her about 4 months before she passed away.
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Anyone know what kind of bird this is?..

Baby Quaker Parrot

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Sup /an/, first time poster here. I saw a bird related thread on the catalog but it wasn't really pertaining to what I was going to ask, so I'm going to make this thread. If I'm encroaching on some /an/ etiquette, please let me know (I didn't want to hijack the other thread). So here's my situation; I bought a young quaker parrot two days ago. This is the first "larger" bird that I have ever owned that is at this stage in its life. I have had a budgie around this age, but it unfortunately passed away three years ago. Anyways, my concern is that one of this baby's "toes" is bent up at the front. Like to the point where the claw is turned sideways at almost 90 degrees. I didn't notice it until I got home, and I am not sure if it affects the bird. It is a little clumsy, and it can't climb very well, but I am assuming this is due to its being so young. It just started chewing off the feather chutes it had on its wings and back, for reference. Will this present a problem later on in its life? It doesn't seem bothered by it whatsoever. My second question is more of an advice gathering. I'd just like to hear/read your own experiences in keeping a young bird, your dos and don'ts and just anything in general you can think of. At the moment it is sitting under my chair. It seems to like dark places, and generally will move away from my finger if I try to get it to step up, but with some coercion it will come up. It's very quiet, but sometimes makes little growling noises. It really perks up when it comes time to feed it, however. I'm about to sit down and do some research on the subject, but as I said I wanted to have you guys' help if you're willing to lend it as well. Thanks in advance, /an/.
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I stopped and watched a few flies that landed on me, because it tickles. They -kiss- me with their proboscis, and move to another site to -kiss- me with pic related. Are they tasting me? Smelling me? What? It tickles. I know flies are notoriously clean, they clean themselves like cats frequently(but beware where they "spring" up around), so I'm not very concerned about the tale that they vomit on everything they land on. If they do, maybe it's just saliva, so so it's still just a ticklish kiss every time they land. So... Educate me?
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So /an/ i have a problem. my cats hate eachother. my family didnt introduce them correctly and now everyday for the past few years they have been torturing eachother constantly. what can i do?
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Cute dog thread? >pic related
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How do you tell if owning cats if for you? I've never touched a cat or really interacted with one. No one I know has one and people don't exactly walk with them outside, plus I'm allergic to them. I have owned rats, ferrets, and a dog before and I've read a lot about cats. I'm really curious about cats.. Maybe I should ask to work with them when I start volunteering at an animal shelter.
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Sup /an/. Iv recently come to an odd spot in my life. I have an older cat who as of late I have noticed having problems. Weak jumping and hushed or near muted meows. She sound like shes constantly hoarse. But that aside she seems fine. What Im looking for is advice on care and such for an older cat. Any advice?
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