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Anyone know any good kyokushin places in NYC? I've tried the internet, but I'm guessing some of the good ones don't have websites.
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dont know if this belongs to /k or /sp, but ill give it a try i want to buy a bow, i wanted to know if u guys can give any recommendations stuff that is probably relevant: >have never used a bow >not very into sports but regular workout >average fitness >175 height pic kinda related
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-OFFICIAL NXT THREAD- Keep all discussion here throughout the show. Streaming link: > http://smackyourtv.com/ This week in wrestling podcasts: > The Ross Report - Sean Grande > Talk is Jericho - WWE Summerslam & Jim Norton remembers Robin Williams > The Steve Austin Show - Mick Foley Pt2 > Piper's Pit - Monday Night RAW & Hacksaw Jim Duggan > OSW Review - Capital Carnage 98 > AE Podcast - Starrcade 1997
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sailing is an alternative sport too. lets have a sailing thread. any sailors out there? offshore, inshore, dinghies, one design, IRC, even fucking match racing, get in here and share your experiences/funny stories >inb4 sailing isn't a sport
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30sjoX1kuYg you now know the inspiration for Toph in avatar was the most autistic looking fatty to ever grace kung fu

Ice bucket Challenge! NANO VERSION

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First BJJ Tournament

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Hello /asp I have been training BJJ (No gi and Gi) about 5 days a week for the past 2 months and I am now entering a No-Gi amateur tournament Sept. 6. >What to expect, any helpful tips, dos/donts? Currently doing about 3 miles road work every day and lifting as well to help out w/ conditioning etc.
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It's 3PM, and I woke up. I don't feel like getting up, so I got up anyway… and moved to my sister's bed to catch some zzzzzzzzz for little while. I heard a boom, so I looked out of my window and I saw a fucking bear (it fell out of the tree). Whatever. I got up, and tied my white shoes. Shame I wasn't wearing my black kobe's, so I could dream of putting up 81 some day. My mom started bitching at me about some shit, but I was like w/e bitch and slapped the shit out of that cumdumpster. "I'm about to go make some serious dough bitch, fuckoff"; I hopped on the net and got right in the online game. I played some bum at 25/50, who I later found out to be Jesus… needless to say I lost some bling to say the least. Cursing and howling like a mongoose, I took a break to get grind off my mind… so I went to mcdee's to see my homies and get some chow. On my way there, I saw a homeless guy riding that bear from before (I know cus it had a missing leg). While waiting for the usual #13, I noticed a guy just chillin with a deck of cards and a box in hand. He was wearing a two piece bathing suit, a thick coat and… fucking clown shoes (Who is this clown?)?
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>Just learn MMA if you want to defend yourself >Just learn a set of martial arts based on a strict ruleset meant for sports and not defeating the guy trying to grievously harm or outright kill you How fucking retarded are some of you? No, BJJ and Judo are fucking dogshit for any kind of self-defense, you fucking shit, talentless, clueless idiots. Shut the fuck up and stop spreading misinformation.

Keysi Fighting Method

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So what does /asp/ know about KFM? It's big claim to fame seems to just be that they used it in the Nolan a Batman films, but that doesn't speak much for its real world applications. Given that it's a pretty new system, you'd think it would be relatively realistic, but I have no clue.
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Anybody here fence? When u fence, I prefer foible.
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So guys, i just had my first day of tomiki aikido. One problem: the sensei was gone. Really old nip, probably caring for a dead kid or something. Anyway, > really nice dojo, been around for twenty six years > good reputation, etc. > walk in and there's like three black belts, so not all hope was lost. Until one of them tells us to practice irimi nage, and all the black belts are just working with each other, helping no one. >we start doing some dastreetzbrah shit and I get the feeling compliancy is key, so I decide to test that shit >other guys turn, decide to resist >fuckfuckingfuckmywrist.PNG >holy shit >start paying attention to black belts, obviously know what they're doing but never thought in they're lives they'd have to teach someone else All in all, I don't really think the hate for aikido is necessary, but I see where it comes from. Sensei is supposed to be back next Friday, so I'll report again then. Until then, Im staying the fuck away.
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>give Ambrose a huge push >match at summerslam >building rivalry >immediately put him on injured status good move, Trips
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So I have to do a beep test as part of a physical assessment. The requirement is 7.1. Last time I did one I was in high school and I think I got around 13 but I was heavily into athletics at the time. I can easily go 5x 2 minute rounds kickboxing or rolling should I be right for 7.1? I'd go actually test it with the beep test mp3 (and I intend to) but it's been raining for a week straight so all the nearby ovals are closed.
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It's been a while, so I'm checking back in. For those of you who are not up to date, the story thus far: Wu challenged me to a fight. I accepted his challenge, causing him to make excuses and back out. People continued to give him shit about it, and eventually Bagua-jujutsu issued a challenge to me as well. This challenge was accepted under the only condition that the match be recorded. After much hem-hawing and claiming that recording a fight would diminish his honor, he finally agreed to fight some time in November when he will be in a presently unknown location somewhere in my home state. He has yet to provide a more specific time frame. At some point, anoher poster agreed to fund the fight so that it could happen sooner (among making other promises), but he has since disappeared and is no longer in the picture. Current conditions are that the fight will be recorded, and that we will both wear MMA gloves. I will wear a gi and he will wear what he called a "kung fu shirt." I hope he intends to wear the pants, as well. One update on my part: I have purchased a pair of cheap-ass, made in China MMA gloves. I thought it would be fitting for this event.

Eternal CMA Thread #6: Finally Shaolin Fighting Edition

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Finally, the moment you've AALLL been waiting for! The shaolin temple is hosting a fighting event!!! May this once and for all show how powerful qi training is? Or will it turn into another UFC style event with ground fighting dominating the fights? WE"LL HAVE TO SEE FOR OURSELVES!!! >http://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1577767/shaolin-temple-plans-host-its-first-kung-fu-fighting-event

[Pro Wrestling General "Eddie Guerrero Tribute Edition"]

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RIP you talented motherfucker
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