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Chris Weidman challanged Jon Jones. Is it weird that my heart beats really hard right now? Jon jones said he will fight, and "Be careful what you wish for." What would happen if they fight? Also I am so dissapointed that Gustaffson fight is cancelled:(
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>Thank you Jesus >Thank you my lord >Thank you my Sorcerer God >You are the one >Thank you for this gift of reality and all the world >Calm these winds Jesus
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Good day, this is my first time on /asp/ I'm 18 and I have never done any sports or martial arts. I'm 6'3 and weigh around 155lbs and that's skinnyfat so there's like really small muscle% I have been interested in training in martial arts, but I have never signed up because I'm afraid I would be ridiculed, seeing how I'm pretty weak and frail. Should I get in shape before signing up and what style would be good for tall and skinny guys? I've heard Northern Shaolin Kung Fu styles are good for tall people?

Eternal Aggressive Inline General

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Info - http://pastebin.com/3V0FuyHC Get in here, and have fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klFVxGAacz0
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What do you guys think of submissions 101? I quite like their videos. Obviously it's no replacement for actually training but it's handy for picking up a new trick now and then
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>go to /asp/ >expect alternative sports >Not 1 post about the best and most alternative of alternative sports ITT: Bocce Genearal
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I was born without the 4 teeth at the bottom. I would like to be able to fight. it's a manly thing to be capable of. i've never been in a fight (23) do people lose teeth a lot during fights? will i just have to get mine knocked out and replaced?
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So, I've been told grappling in CMAs is really, really subpar. Why is that?
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Anyone else think Paul Heyman is actually pretty fuckin' awesome? I bet in real life he probably reflects his heel character: loud mouth, liar, abrasive, obnoxious But goddamn is the dude impressive. His performances are always excellent, he's an excellent storyteller/shooter, his promos (especially, during his time at ECW) are some of the best ever, and he's responsible for innovating and (imo) making wrestling fresh and interesting again.
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Hey /asp/. Been doing MT for 4 months now. Just had my first sparring session with one of the instructor. I've realised that I'm sloppy with blocking punches and most of his jabs just slip right through my hands. gib tips on blocking pls sorry for bad english

/aspwrestling/ General - "There will never be a $9.99 edition, but here's Kenzo Suzuki" Edition

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> Summerslam predictions time Cena vs. Brock Miz vs. Ziggler Reigns vs. Orton Ambrose vs. Rollins Steph vs. Brie Paige vs. AJ Swagger vs. Rusev Jericho vs. Wyatt


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El luchador mexicano, Alberto del Río, fue despedido de WWE por conducta antiprofesional y problemas con un empleado. De forma sorpresiva, este jueves la página oficial de la empresa anunció la salida del luchador nacido en San Luis Potosí y que se había desempeñado con gran éxito dentro de la empresa, al grado de haber conquistado el Campeonato Completo y el Campeonato de WWE. WWE anunció el despido del hijo de Dos Caras después de seis años de relación con el luchador, en los cuales tuvo rivalidades con las estrellas más importantes de la empresa; sin embargo se limitó a informar que la decisión se tomó por conducta antiprofesional del mexicano con un empleado de la empresa. Durante su estancia en WWE, consiguió además de los campeonatos más importantes de la empresa, también conquistó el Royal Rumble de 2011 y el Money in the Bank de ese mismo año.
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hes been arrested again and bellator dropped him
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ITT we list activities that are actually more useful for fighting then TMAs: >gymnastics >ballet >bodybuilding >powerlifting >rock climbing >armwrestling
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How come nobody talks about krotty anymore? I had this weird epiphany a few weeks ago when talking martial arts with my gym buddies. How come Karate has all but disappeared from the casual consciousness of martial arts-as-sports watchers? Is it because the UFC has increased the visibility of BJJ/MMA or is Karate like most traditional CMA and not actually as practical as they were advertised? Honest question. When I was twee (80s), every martial art was "krotty" and nobody knew anything about judo, ju-jitsu or any other grappling art form. Now, nobody talks about karate, even though a cursory google search shows more karate dojos in my area than all other martial art styles I can think of off the top of my head combined. What gives?


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Casual here. What did /asp/ think of Warrior? Was it accurate from a technique standpoint? Also could anyone recommend some actual MMA fights as hype/dramatic as the main character vs Koba?

The REAL reason Alberto Del Rio got fired

The REAL reason Alberto Del... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
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What does /asp/ think about TKD?

MA practice

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Too much of this board is spent attempting to quantify effectiveness of various martial arts. Who is even posting these God/High/Mid/Low/Shit tier lists of MAs, as if they have really spent time practicing in the curriculum of all the styles they list like Icelandic kickboxing, or Peruvian kungfu, or North Dakotan Tai Chi or whatever, and can realistically rate their effectiveness in street combat. It's just shitposting. Martial arts are not just about fighting and self-defense from others; some do it for point-scoring competition, others for concentration and discipline, others as a spiritual exercise. Of course a well-rounded /martial/ art needs to include a solid fighting curriculum, but the only constant in the world is change; not everyone involves themselves in the arts to learn how to fight other people. At the end of the day, martial arts should be about promoting all-around health, right? Deflecting a punch is the same as lifting weights or going for a run or eating an apple instead of Cheetos. It all comes down to self-preservation. All of this "hurr what style is better for wrecking fools with" is silly, most of your daily life is spent being civil and pedestrian anyway. Pic related, it's a bunch of people who aren't thinking about fighting off assailants, they're just moving and breathing and feeling good about themselves and their daily routine. Discuss.
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Should I be taking MMA or Krav Maga?
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