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Hi, I'm triying to find... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hi, I'm triying to find english subtitles of episodes Stan Lee's Comikaze and Ottawa Pop Expo. Any link? Thank you for your help

Photogs and cosplayers

Photogs and cosplayers 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I was following this one cosplayer for awhile chaos fox and lol I guess she got into an argument with her photog and I see this on her blog today and just laughed my ass off for a good 10 minutes. What the heck is a rental fee for photographs so it's not only the cosplayers it's the cosplay photgraphers that are drama drama drama as well. I guess he has been harassing her or something for money for a month now?

Seifuku Thread

Seifuku Thread 37 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Time for another seifuku thread! I'm looking to buy my first seifuku. I wonder where I can find a good quality seifuku. My measurements have me at a 71cm waist, but I'm rather tall. The blouse length would be a problem since the length of my blouses need to be over 50cm. Any advice?

Kigurumi pyjama general

Kigurumi pyjama general 298 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Thoughts? Home-made, bought?

Cosplay Help??

Cosplay Help?? 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I've cosplayed for quite a while now and I love making armor. After Shyvana's new splash art, I really want to cosplay her, however, I don't know how I would go on to keeping some of the pieces connected to my body? Also, are there any good places to get sclera contacts to look like her eyes? I'm a perfectionist and prefer to use scleras rather than normal contact lenses since it gives it that real dragon effect.
hey guysdo you have any... 15 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
hey guys do you have any cosplay pics for dorohedoro that isn't absolute garbage? thanks pic related

Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney 56 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Been a while but I really want an Ace Attorney thread. Selfposts are encouraged and shit, I just want some AA stuff.

Making friends at a con

Making friends at a con 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Tips/tricks/etc. Most of my friends are not into anime so I'd like to meet some people at the con that share my interest. Also best ways to keep in touch at cons and after. What is the best way text/kik/snapchat/email?
Sup /cgl/,I'm a new... 39 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Sup /cgl/, I'm a new poster, just started cosplaying at Anime Boston this year. A user just poseted this on my local anime cons' facebook page. >Hey guys. I'm a plus size cosplayer and I'm not looking for praise or anything of the sort, but I'll be following Kaddie O' Keefe's footsteps and doing a cosplay to Castle Point that I would never even dream of doing with my body the way it is. Nothing over the top, just a Hugh Jackman based Wolverine with a little twist. I only ask that if you see me, and you have a problem with me doing the cosplay that I'm doing, that you stop and tell me your gripe. I will listen patiently and hear every bad or positive thing you'll have to say to me, but really, my only request is that you say it to me, not behind my back. I understand this is risky and the thought of doing this scares the shit out of me, but I am a huge advocate for beauty in every body shape. I'm not expecting this to work, but honesty is the best step in being accepted for who you are. I'm prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. Thanks for taking the time to read, good luck with cosplay prep! http://geekinked.com/?p=473 So, fat skimpily clad Wolverine. I'm getting hyped.

Taobao Thread

310 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
FAQ (Please Read!): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E0PUag4NzqCCFZ7s2AE_QefWhni2NwvC9sxrRpKeYXk/pub Taobao Dictionary: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ams6Fl3miZSndGZIUnY0eGludFBMYVJpTF8yTWwzTEE Store Spreadsheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah--YzOvA37wdDFLclhpelRRbFlkTnNVaGk0X2tJbkE#gid=0 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Auv2fkA6DdppdHQ4dTY4c1ZMZmlTVTlidDBjakxDV2c#gid=0 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ag-ECwzn2SCPdG1PTG10dHlmSkZ2WXVCbU5KNzhwVHc#gid=0 Shopping Services Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlgllpMiw3VNdGpfWFlYazhjblh5emRjZF9qMkJISWc Budgeting Spreadsheet Template: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlgllpMiw3VNdG9qTGMwTG1sOG5SbU9KUGpBUVdsV3c&usp=sharing Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com Translate text from images: newocr.com If the above links look the same, disable add-ons (like 4chanX), clear cache, clear cookies, and/or try a new Internet browser. This problem happens sometimes. Theres also an anon that will translate stuff if you wanna keep it personal or whatever and don't mind waiting: fortranslatetaobao@gmail.com. Old thread >>7499975


5 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
She is not wearing panties
I don't frequent here so... 4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I don't frequent here so I apologize if I sound like a complete faggot. I'm trying to do a Dedenne gijinka and I can't decide what color to use for it because it appears in like, 3 different colors. /vp/ has helped me rule out the anime color and go with the official art. But for some reason it's harder finding that color in anything. It's a tan color, but also there's some yellow mixed in there? So it's like a mustard or something. I'm trying to find this longish tunic style thing with leggings underneath...I don't even know exactly how to phrase it so it's harder to find anything like it online. Don't even get me started on going to local stores. I don't have a fabric store here besides Wall-Mart (if you even count that) and they don't have the color. Would finding anything in "light orange" be too much? For some reason, I have trouble translating colors so I see things a little differently than other people. What can I look up and what's the name of that style? I've been looking up "tunic" in large styles hoping they'll come down past my butt. The closest example of the style I'm thinking of is pic related, but it doesn't have to be a sweater.
Anyone else going to MCM... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Anyone else going to MCM Belfast on the 7th and 8th of June?

The Guild Thread

The Guild Thread 10 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I feel like this is going to be a regretful decison later but oh well. Anyone on cgl actually watch the show? What did you guys think of season 5, when they were at that convention? Do you guys think it accurately depicts con goers and cosplayers?

Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular Opinions 219 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click to view.
What's something you like or dislike about cosplay or lolita that everyone else seems to disagree about? For me, for whatever reason, I actually kind of like women with mature faces cosplaying younger characters sometimes. As long as their skin is clear, they have good makeup, and the costume is well put-together, I think more defined features/sharper angles can look really nice. What's your unpopular opinion?
ITT Japanese lolitas that look... 87 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click to view.
ITT Japanese lolitas that look like shit >no wig >socks don't match >shoes don't match >no accessories I don't understand how someone can wear such a dress and still look like shit !
What would you say are the top... 13 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
What would you say are the top 5 conventions to got to in the US? Which conventions are your personal mainstays?
2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Why are there barely any good Godzilla cosplays? I thought it would be actually quite an easy (though time consuming) build for Cosplayers who are experienced in latex and foam work. Especially since there are so many references to the actual Toho Godzilla suits to use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGAggwEEvhM This is basically the only great one i've ever seen. What would make a Godzilla cosplay so hard aside from the time consuming (doing the texturing on the latex.. I shudder thinking about it)

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 77 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click to view.
This kid already looks like he's wearing a bad wig so it'll be easy for tumblrfags to FIRSUTO all over him. Which they already have. Firsutos just prove they are the cosplayers in it solely for attention and not construction or experience.


JessNigri 19 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Post your Jessica Nigri pics??
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