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I have a question for those who work or have worked at a McDonald's restaurant. One of the things I really dislike is the seemingly recent inconsistencies regarding the portions of shredded iceberg lettuce in McChicken and Big Mac sandwiches. I first noticed it around the first or second week of April and it seems to be getting worse. How do McDonald's employees portion out the iceberg lettuce? Do they have a specific scooping instrument that ensures consistent dispensing or do they simply use their hands? I cannot imagine the latter, especially from a restaurant known for their consistent food quality. For a recent example, yesterday I purchased a McChicken combo with a Diet Coke and a bacon cheeseburger on the side and there was so much iceberg lettuce in the McChicken that it had overflowed into the wrapper and I actually had to use two napkins to remove the excess. I also ended up removing the majority of the McChicken mayonnaise sauce, but luckily I had asked for extra packets to apply to my French fries and the bacon cheeseburger. Today, I ordered a Big Mac sandwich (no combo) and a chicken wrap. The Big Mac sandwich has very little iceberg lettuce while the chicken wrap had a noticeably above average amount. Does McDonald's allot different amounts of iceberg lettuce per sandwich, or is it simply according to the training and subjective judgement of the worker? Can one ask for whole iceberg lettuce leaves instead of shredded iceberg lettuce, or would that be considered too finicky by the staff? I think that whole leaves would be texturally superior on a McChicken but I would prefer the shredded version on a chicken wrap or Big Mac. Thank you.

Official Fruit Preserve Power Rankings

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1. Strawberry 2. Blueberry 3. Raspberry 4. Blackberry 5. Boysenberry 6. Apple buter 7.Cherry 8. Plum ... 9997. Peach 9998. Apricot 9999. Mango .... 999999. Orange Marmalade
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Noticed a post about natural stones in another thread, I'm considering purchasing one so I have some questions. Anyway when sharpening are there any extra precautions I should take compared to using a waterstone? Or do I just do a little splash of water then get to work, followed by drying the stone off. Pic related, stone I'm considering.
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ITT we post the best recipes we have. No trollish criticisms allowed. I'll start: Zuppa Toscana: 1 lb Italian sausage 2 large russet baking potatoes, sliced in half, and then in 1/4 inch slices 1 large onion, chopped 1/4 cup bacon, cooked and crumbled 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 cups kale or 2 cups swiss chard, chopped 2 (8 ounce) cans/cups chicken broth 1 quart (4 cups) water 1 cup heavy whipping cream Chop or slice uncooked sausage into small pieces. Brown sausage in your soup pot and remove, set aside. Saute onions in remaining sausage fat until soft. Add chicken broth, water, potatoes and garlic to pot and stir. Cook on medium heat until potatoes are done. Add sausage, bacon and kale. Simmer for another 10 minutes. Turn to low heat. Add cream. Add salt and pepper to taste. Heat through and serve. (found a .txt with tips to myself) dice onions extremely fine and cook on low for a long time measure the potatoes follow the amounts on the recipe exactly (except for kale n' bacon) make sure potatoes are cooked through before adding the stuff put in breadsticks after the soup is done (turn off the burner) taste for salt right after adding cream (leve only slightly undersalted) don't forget the parmesan
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so am I the only one who finds mosogourmet extremely relaxing to watch/listen too?
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Hey Aussie /ck/suckers. What is restaurant culture like in Australia? I look at the prices on your average restaurants in Melbourne and it seems like you can't eat in the city under $25. I specifically looked for budget restaurants and still found some shocking results, like tacos going for $6 per each taco or burritos costing $16. I realize you guys have high wages but those prices still seem ridiculously high. So my questions are, how often on average do people go to restaurants? Are take aways popular? Is going out for dinner seen as a special occasion? What's the go to budget food in restaurants?(not counting fast food) And I heard a long time ago that you guys don't take leftovers home for later, is that true?
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Good dip to make or buy for these?
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Children of /ck/... gather around the virtual campfire... for I have a story to tell...
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/Ck/, post stories about times you ate rotten/poisonous food from any place besides your home, tell us which stores we should look out for. >go to local supermarket >get cheap 2$ tuna salad >wake up next morning at 6 am >ohshitmystomachhurts.jpg >go to hospital >ameoba I actually slept for 16 hours that day, my god.
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Is there a way to wok without gas?
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failed attempt thread
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hello friends i am launching a food truck this summer and I was wondering what is the best way to find a neet chef who is desperate for work and willing to work minimum wage+a portion of whatever profit we make on a shift. should i list on craigslist? if so, how do i identify and focus on the autists who will obsess over every meal being perfect i will also be hiring qt3.14 girls to take orders and they will be bumping into each other all day if that is a bonus to push
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After the match i'm gonna go to the store and buy a bunch of sliderburgers and sliderbread. I thought i would ask here for some tips for shit to put on it. I'm very open here, so just shoot.Thinking about some guacemole and jalapeno for example. Pic related
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Just found this on /pol/. >>>/pol/31324847 What the fuck?
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So how do Restaurants on these type of shows past the Health Inspector?
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Let's talk about cilantro for a bit. I'm one of those who, if I'm served a dish with cilantro, thinks it tastes like the dish soap on the plate wasn't cleaned off properly. But I've talked to several people who like cilantro, and the usual story is that they hated it at first, but like it now. Some of them even describe the "soapy" taste as something positive, something I find baffling. Raw cilantro is definitely a lot worse than cooked, and the stem is way worse than the leaves. I usually never have a problem with cilantro in pre-made meal packs from the store for some reason. They say it contains cilantro, but I don't taste any soap. I also find it weird that not only does it have a strong hint of soap in the taste, but it also smells soapy, though in a less pleasant way than regular soap. So what is it? Is it really just getting used to the soapy taste? I've heard it's a genetic defect, but if others describe the taste as "soapy" too, and they like it, maybe there is hope.

Eataly Thread

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what's your favorite spot to eat at here? I just had a 3 course meal at manzo and this shit was so cash, and I want to try their other places too. any recommendations, /ck/?
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Does the temperature of food matter as far as digestion/bioavailability of nutrients goes? I've read that cold water increases your metabolism and can also solidify fats in your stomach if you have it with a meal and I'm wondering if food temp matters. I've been busy a lot recently and I want to start making large amounts of food (for a few days) and refrigerating it but I want to know if I'm losing out on anything by not eating it warm/hot.
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Can we please talk about soups? Recipes? Favorites?

chinese food never tastes the way it does from takeout

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theres an entire scam industry built on selling chinese cook books that dont actually show you how to make chinese takeout food. it pisses me off, even most of whats on youtube is scam chinese food by supposedly chinese chefs. i wish they would just disclose their ancient chinese secrets
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