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Spring rolls?

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Every time I go to any Chinese restaurant in my city I end eating almost identical spring rolls that most probably they just buy frozen somewhere. So I decided I want to try to cook some Spring rolls at home. Yet I understand real Springs rolls must have some variations depending of local cuisine, not only in different regions of china but also in some near countries. Any chinese, Chinese born, Chinese diaspora or Chinese food apasionado to help with some recipes or ideas?
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Hey /ck/, what's a good pasta dish to go with fish? I'm poaching some fish for dinner (not sure what kind, depends what's fresh at the fish market today), and I want to make pasta to go with it, since I have an overabundance of pasta in my pantry. I can stop at the store for ingredients, so options are limitless. Anyone have any amazing ideas?
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are there any good recipes that can accommodate an excessive amount of bacon grease? i have way too much of it.
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Objectively best grill.
Just made some homemade... 33 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Just made some homemade pretzels
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hey /ck/, who is your favourite tv chef, and why is it keith floyd?
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Is it possible to buy the seasoning for these type noodles separately? Or something close to it.
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How would you fry a weiner like this? I think the wings are impossible without twisting the cuts so much that they actually rip off, not to mention getting two wings that long. The hair on top can be done, but it's going to look like a bald man's combover. The beak is impossible too, but let's just pretend no one cares. The tail is a little perplexing, I think if I did it myself it would turn out a little flat. The back is definitely going to look all meat and no tubing.
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I kinda wish Soda companies would go back to selling Soda in Glass Bottles Plastic Bottles warm the beverage up too fast because the distributors shelve them instead of keeping them cold and refreshing Also fuck the cost they make too much money anyway. Look at the 1899 Coke Bottle. Jesus Christ I'd pay good money to drink outta it
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Hey /ck/ can we have a fuckups thread to make me feel better about my disaster tonight. >Be poorfag who has eaten off the same 3lbs of 70% ground beef all week to surprise wife with steak on the weekend when she comes home >Buy two New York Strips (well wife bought, marbleing wasn't the best) >Cook in oven because no charcoal for grill >500F, put in my cast irons >Take temperature: 60? Well my room temperature is 54 so I guess they have cooked but why so slow? >Put in oven longer >70? What is going ooooooh my god my thermometer is set to C! And that is how I ruined two steaks. In hindsight 60C was already overcooked for me but I ruined two steaks tonight and my wife won't let me get upset over it.
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What herbs can you reasonably grow in an indoor garden, year round? I find myself always being without fresh cilantro, and fresh parsley. There was a time when I could buy it by the pound for a reasonable price from the supermarket, but now it's sold by the bunch (like a huge, fist sized bunch, that I can never come close to using before it spoils), or vac-packed for a monster markup. Just how much room do I need to grow enough for my own use?

2lbs of peppers

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So i recently received from a friend about 2 lbs of these peppers... Though i'm not sure what they are or what i should do with them... Co/cks/ halp

Should me and my girlfriend go to "wing night"?

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When me and my girlfriend met we were both very slim and fit. We watched what we ate and were always at the gym. We also used to make fun of the fat people in our group of friends. We have been together for a year now and the scale has risen and so have our thighs. I have got a big potbelly now, and her buttocks have gotten huge. I guess it's just overindulgence in the sweets (cakes and pies on dates, donuts with our feet up watching TV). Bottom line, though, our friends from college (we all graduated last year and have been quite busy) invited us to wing night to reunite again (and it does sound fun). But, the last time they saw us we were wearing tight jeans and styling. Now, I wear sweatpants with socks and sandles, and my girlfriend wears elastic pants with these "comfy shoes" pictured. So my question is: should we go to wing night, a night that involves eating messy food with your hands, when we both got fat? (even worse, we used to be the skinny couple that made fun of the fatties in the group), now I can barely button my pants, she complains that she can't see her shoes when she looks down, and we both are panting, grabbing our knees when we go up stairs. I also feel bad for my girlfriend because one of our friends whose weight my girlfriend joked about a lot, will be there, and she has lost it all. It doesn't seem fair that she should be able to watch us pig out on a sloppy meal. So, should we go?
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Someone told me about this recipe, I cooked it for a girl I'm currently seeing at the moment. I mean, it looked a lot nicer in the pictures online than mine did, but would you eat it? Anyway it was delicious so I'll explain the recipe since I was pretty proud I'd cooked something since I'm not normally proficient at it: >Get like 3-4 sausages with a few rashers of bacon >Fry in pan for a while until soft enough to cut into little slices (no fat on the bacon) >Chop some mushrooms and fry with garlic and butter until soft/cooked. >Slice cherry tomatoes >and onions (chopped finely) >Line the baking tray with parchment paper (or foil)?, then put all the sausages and bacon in spread out over the tray, then spread the mushrooms out along with the onions >Next use 6-8 eggs and whisk them along with some milk, add some seasoning, whatever you want, I added some black pepper because fuck yea I love black pepper. >Empty it all into the baking tray then add the cherry tomatoes on the top evenly spaced out. >Put in oven at 180C for about 20 minutes checking on it. I guess next time I'll add jalapenos or something and maybe some more sausages/bacon, but shit it was really nice. I realise the picture looks pretty disgusting but I was quite proud. Plus that bitch seemed to like it
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How do you like your hotdog /ck/

What to Cook

What to Cook 18 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey guys, I'm basically poor as shit until Friday and I might literally starve if I don't find some mad cash soon. So, I need some ideas of what to make with the ingredients I do have. I have a big ass bag of flour, a bottle of canola oil, milk, water (obviously), salt, sugar, some spices, butter, pizza sauce, and I think some pancake syrup and chocolate syrup. Oh, I also have some flour tortillas! What can I make? I was thinking about crepes, but I don't know how to make crepes that aren't just a desert. I don't want to die!
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Does anyone watch Top Chef? These guys can cook! I've watched seasons 1 and 6, and currently watching season 3 of masters. My favourites were Harold and the guy who got kicked off right at the start of #1, Byran Voltaggio and the fat dude who loved pork from #6 and so far I'm liking Hugh and Suvir from masters #3. I like the creativity and dishes that get produced, really reflects the different culinary backgrounds of the Chef's although some of the judging seems to be slightly bias or in the quickfire challenges, the some of guest judges appear to not be knowledgeable enough on gastronomy to be making judgement. Anyone else watch this show or have any comments on it?
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You know, I'm starting to think there maybe something to this whole cooking-at-home thing after all. I was kinda hungover this morning and I wanted nothing more than to go to McD's and get a McMuffin or a steak bagel or a couple of those egg burritos. Then I looked out the window and saw frost on my car and didn't really feel like braving the cold. So I whipped up something with what I had in the kitchen. Fried a 1-egg omelet with some black pepper, heated up a Quorn chik'n patty and melted a slice of processed cheese over it, then put everything between 2 slices of whole wheat toast with some Durkee sauce. Served with a side of steak fries, and a glass of o.j. mixed with ginger ale. Fan. fucking. tastic. One of the best breakfast sandwiches I've ever had. If I could change anything it would be the cheese; this was just what I happened to have lying around. Maybe a mild cheddar or something. It wasn't gourmet but I was real pleased with myself!
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