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Any vegetable side dishes I can make that are tasty and low calorie? I like mushrooms, onions, peppers, carrots, okra, spinach, broccoli... pretty much any vegetable. I can't use stuff like potatoes though since they're quite calorie dense.
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Dublin (CNN) -- As further proof that you can now 3D-print anything, a company called Natural Machines has introduced a 3D printer for food. The "Foodini," as it's called, isn't too different from a regular 3D printer, but instead of printing with plastics, it deploys edible ingredients squeezed out of stainless steel capsules: "It's the same technology," says Lynette Kucsma, co-founder of Natural Machines, "but with plastics there's just one melting point, whereas with food it's different temperatures, consistencies and textures. "In essence, this is a mini food manufacturing plant shrunk down to the size of an oven," Kucsma said, pointing out that at least in the initial stage the printer will be targeted mostly at professional kitchen users, with a consumer version to follow, at a projected retail price of around $1,000. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1fFKqWH0Ec
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just thought I'd share this with you guys. On paper, it doesn't sound like a horrible idea, but dear god the execution is so poor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxklXh3ulkU&list=UUoZnm-beM69I2Vcz3LtdXUQ
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So, /ck/, I'm looking to convert a recipe from roasting a turkey to frying it. Originally, it was for a turkey that is essentially a roasted with garlic, onions, and "roadkill spice", with chicken broth in bottom of pan, and butter shoved between skin and meat. I was thinking best way to go about it would be to really finely mince or puree the garlic, onions, add smaller amount of chicken broth to make more liquid, maybe some of the spice in there, and inject that. Thoughts?
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This is delicious. >shish barak from lebanese neighbor Little dumplings in yoghurt sauce, heaven.
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