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/ck/ board - Food & Cooking - 9th October 2014 at 0h

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Pizza Hut BOOKIT program

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Just a reminder the free personal pan pizza only runs through the 10th. http://bookitprogram.com/bookitalumni/ (took me a day to get the coupon code, others got it instantly) Also note you can combine this with a new HutLovers account for Free Cheese Sticks for Hut Lovers (Pizza Hut mailing list) https://order.pizzahut.com/hutlovers (got this code instantly) The cheese sticks can only be claimed with a purchase, but when you apply the free personal pan pizza, it sees that as a purchase and allows you to get the sticks. So free pan pizza and cheese sticks for supper!
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I've just started living alone /ck/, and I've decided the first dish I want to try and master is fried rice. Any tips? What sort of rice should I use and why?
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Post pictures of food that taste disgusting
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What does /ck/ thinks of "The best chocolate cake in the world" brand? This is a weird cake that started as a dessert in a restaurant in portugal and now has brand named stores in Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Spain, Australia and UK. (also used to have one store in new york but surprisingly it closed after some agressive counter-marketing, which actually surprises me and considering the brand sucess I'd say it was more of a territorial feud)
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