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/ck/ board - Food & Cooking - 9th October 2014 at 2h

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I have ten eggs. What can I do with them besides frying, boiling, or scrambling? I need some inventive and/or delicious ideas instead of just your standard blah blah egg

Artifical Coloring in Food

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Does anyone care about what color their food is? This isn't even from the viewpoint of "oh, I wanna keep my body clean and organic." It makes little sense from a cost point or even effort. Take pic related for example. I'm drinking the one in the carton right now (though it's melon flavor, not banana) and for some reason there's coloring. Adding color to a drink like this doesn't make sense because the carton is solid and so is the straw and no one is ever going to see the drink itself. I recognize that some foods, take for example gummy bears, need colors to differentiate flavors. But it seems a lot of time food coloring is pointless, so why do companies insist on adding them to their foods?
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