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So /ck/ what're your BEST recipes using Hamburger Meat as your main ingredient? I know most tacos or burgers but what are the best of those too?


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Making Sourdogh bread.... From what i understand, supermarket "sourdough" is not real sourdough, yet still good/alright... Basically all they do is add a tablespoon of vinegar... Slice, and paint the loaf with oil... Pre baking... I have become an expert at this... My question is: what is real sourdough bread like/involved?? I can make supermarket sourdough like the back of my hand.... NEVER had authentic... Describe.. PLS...
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What's the best red wine to use for General Tso's sauce? I make Gen Tso's tofu a lot, and the recipe calls for red wine, soy sauce, vinegar, cornstarch, sugar, and spices. But only about half the time does it really taste any good. I usually use Yellow Tail for cooking, but not being much of a drinker I always get confused by how many reds there are. Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz... I just can't keep track of which ones are sweet and dry, and half my dishes just taste awkward.
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Dollar Store Steak, anyone?
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Let's do this, ro/ck/stars or co/ck/ su/ck/ers, whichever one you want to be. Fill it up and call eachother plebs or scholars according to their tastes! Template on the next post.
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I am preparing this meal for my family saturday. Will be my first attempt at fine dining or anything of moderate culinary skill. >arugula salad and stuffed salmon balls >prime rib and baked potato cup >ozark pudding not of drinking age (18) but im sure I can convince them to buy some Cabernet Sauvignon for the ribeye >ITT: Post your best personal dishes
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I just moved to eastern Massachusetts, around Worcester specifically, and I ask any New Englanders where I would find the best lobster roll in the area.
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I want a demi-glace for the steaks I'm going to be making for a party. Will a store-bought demi-glace be as good as, or not substantially worse than, one made from a store-bought stock at home? Also, how do the stocks rank beyond veal being the best?

Question about uncooked black beans

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So I figured it would be cheaper in the long run to buy bulk beans since a lot of the recipes I like have beans of some sort. I'm making this: http://www.budgetbytes.com/2014/05/southwest-chicken-skillet/ tonight and I'm using two cups of the beans. Anyways I am slightly worried because although i followed the bag's instructions and let the beans chill in some water overnight, they are still a bit toothy. Do you guys think they will cook with the rest of the skillet and be softer by the time this thing is done cooking, or did i soak the beans wrong?
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What would /ck/ use to marinade this to get rid of the "strong blood odor"? I've tried apple cider vinegar, but it just ended up tasting like apple cider vinegar, which was terrible. What other cheap, but good parts of the cow should I cook that nobody else does? I'm poor.
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I did not see a tea thread. Tea newbie here. Where would one go, preferably online, to buy good quality loose leaf tea? What would you recommend for the innitiate to try? Thanks in advance.
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Variant of the Monte Carlo: The "Royal". Butter Bread Eggs Sliced Turkey Sliced Ham Slicing Cheese (Cheddar, Havarti or Swiss recommended) Mustard (Yellow or deli) Paprika Eat small disc-shaped centers out of your bread. You can throw these discs away but seriously, just eat them. Whip up 1-2 eggs (2 for heavy appetite) Butter a pan and heat it up to medium-low. Slap in a piece of bread and pour some egg in the middle (think egg in a well) Wait until the egg is almost completely firm then flip the toast. Wait a few moments then remove. The bottom piece goes toasted side up. Rebutter, then toast and fill the other bread with the remaining egg, same way. Apply cheese, turkey, ham, mustard, and paprika. If you are a perfectionist and you want to melt the cheese, briefly broil or toast in a gizmo (like an oven toaster) That's the "Royal" - a variant on the Monte Carlo with slightly less messy egg, and paprika added to the mustard.
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would you consider yourselves chemists light?

Saturday night service thread

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post itt about your service tonight chefs how did it go? what did you run out of? how much does you back hurt? just had a shit to service, had to make sabayon to order. also post your prisons
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Alright /ck/ I just moved into my new place and need to cook dinner with the ingredients available. Give me your best recipes for water.
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tl;dr Newly apartment'd uni student who wants to lead healthier but still cheap lifestyle fucks up black beans and rice, seeks advice on where he fucked it up. Alright, /ck/ I fucked up, I admit it. I fucking failed at what should be one of the simplest meals known to man: Black Beans & Rice I looked up a recipe online, but made modifications for certain reasons. The rice came out dry, crunchy, and kinda flavorless. If anyone knows how I could've fixed the main issue, I'd be grateful. I'll greentext what the recipe called for, and post if I modified it. >1 tsp olive oil >1 chopped onion Replaced with celery. Not fond of onion, and thought it was just because it needed an "aromatic" >2 chopped cloves garlic >3/4 cup white rice Used brown rice, because I've come to like it, but I've never cooke with it. >1 1/2 cup Veggie Broth (Low sodium, Low fat) Didn't adhere to low sodium, low fat. Walmart already had very few choices available in the broths. >1 tsp cumin >1/4 tsp Cayenne >3 1/2 cups black beans, rinsed & drained. Used double that, because 3.5 cups of black beans amounted to half a can, and fuck the notion of having to store the extra beans, just toss them all in. >Sweat the Onion (Celery) and Garlic in the olive oil. >Add the rice, sautee for 4 minutes. >Add the Broth, bring to a boil, then reduce heat. >20 minutes >Add spices and beans, cook until beans are warmed through. What do you think, /ck/? Where can I fix my grave mistakes? For those wondering, I'm still going to store and eat it later, since fuck you think I'm going to throw away this perfectly edible (if not particularly good) food?
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How do you deal with picky eaters /ck/? Would you be able to date one?
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Last night I had a big salad with Thousand Island dressing and then 3 chicken fried steaks drenched in country gravy. I'm better than you.
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soup /ck/ My grandmother recently passed and I have come into a rather substantial wealth of cooking related items. She was a wealthy old broad and spent her entire life as a homemaker and therefore had the best of everything. My mom, while not nearly as wealthy as her, also has an amazing kitchen, so aside from like 3 things I got the choice of the entire kitchen. Haul includes a kitchenaid with every accessory possible, full sets of ceramic/cast iron, some german made 12 piece knife set, a meat grinder, new blender (upgrade over mine), couple epicurean cutting boards and then I'll pick through the other stuff and see if her stuff would be an upgrade over my current stuff (which most probably will as I only graduated college last year). However, beyond that awesome haul, I was offered a couple of items that I have no experience. First I can have (if I want, otherwise we're going to sell them) a large amount of real crystal glassware, everything from standard drinking glasses to wine glasses, tumblers, port/sherry glasses, and a couple of decanters. I've also been offered all of her fine china, including some bone china tea sets and a fucking beautiful English bone china tea pot and some pot she got in Japan after WW2. Finally I've also been offered her silverware, which my great grandfather bought in the early 1900's. It needs polished, but is very fine looking. However, are these utensils (the crystal, china, silverware) just for showing off how much money you have or do they actually enhance the dining experience? I'm not a particularly wealthy or fancy kind of guy, but I do host dinner parties 2-3 times a month and will be having Thanksgiving at my house this year, so having nice stuff would be cool. If I don't take them my parents are going to sell it all, because they don't want/need it and they could probably make a pretty penny. Thoughts or opinions?
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