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Hey /diy/ I want to start growing strawberries, or just fruits in general, just as an aside, I've found it interesting to watch plants grow as time passes. I figured strawberries would be easy, so I could start there. Is it possible to grow them indoors, or is it preferred to grow them outside? I'm aware that if you cut the crown off a strawberry, you can find the seeds inside and use those to plant strawberries.
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hello /diy/ i want to build a shielded tent for an art project. basically what i want it to do is to block wifi and cell reception. i'm currently looking into different shielding materials. can anyone of you suggest a certain material or can tell me if this is even possible? thanks

what to plant

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I have access to all this land. But I never do anything with it. I thought I could give it a go this year. What are some good hardy veggies to be planting this time of year in southern Quebec? Any reliable websites to buy bulk seeds from? I'm thinking of diversifying with lots of veggies instead of a monoculture but I'm not sure yet which would be best. I have a small river/stream flowing nearby, should I set up some some sort of pump with sprinklers, or can I get away with letting mother nature do the work? Pic related, tho it keeps going over the hill and I have two of these field but I doubt I will use that much

Tallow uses

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I have like 10 pounds of extra beef fat... I come from /ck/ but i come in peace. I don't need 10 pounds for cooking... can I make candles? soap? Would be fun to try. Any ideas?

Its 2014. We need hover shit

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Hovercraft time, /diy/ As a summer project, two friends and I are going to make a hovercraft from a leaf-blower as a downward flow, and we have access to other materials. I need tips, ideas, and all your collective knowledge and experience. Let me be your conduit, oh /diy/nasaurs.
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sup /diy/ im working on a farm this summer and as part of my employment, im in charge of finishing up this half assed treehouse a previous intern never got around to completing. im an architecture student so this is a great opportunity for me, cus i can create a better housing situation for myself (currently just living in the owner's spare room, not so much privacy), can create a great portfolio piece, and will get paid for anything i complete. my chief design concerns include: >use of existing materials (really just an economical concern) >sustainability (use of low impact practices and materials) >thermal manipulation (ease of heating/cooling) >efficiency of space in response to the limited space, and building on the farm's already developed ideals of sustainability and ecological responsibility, ive settled on creating some kind of micro living residence. at my disposal is a shit ton of reclaimed/distressed wood, multiple masonry products from concrete to slake to brick to slate to clay to cob, and the vast array of stereotypical farm products like feed bags, straw, hardware mesh and chickenwire, all sorts of paneling and corrugated metals/plastics, pretty much anything you can think of. heres a pic of the platform as layed out by the last builder. roofing in place is a reciprocal 4 beam system.
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I was stripping the paint of an aluminum bike I have, and this dark grey stuff is under that paint. What is it? Is it like bondo? How can I get rid of it?
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Does /diy/ have any experience making their own steadycams? I'm using this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da4dTGk-G6g&app=desktop) to try and make mine and I was wondering if there were better options. All help appreciated (pic unrelated)

Making a wind turbine

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Hey Guys, Been working on this for a little while, pretty new with this stuff but i had an old computer fan and decided to make an AC supply then rectify the signal with the 4 diodes (3A Schottkey) I'm not sure whether to add a capacitor so it is slightly smoother but im only really hoping to demonstrate that this conversion can be done. Now beside the electronics anyone know where i can get new fan blades that i can make or buy that will catch air well?
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hey all, first-time homeowner here. my bathroom sink has started to drain incredibly slowly over the past few days. to my knowledge, there isn't anything that has gone down the sink which would cause it. i've checked the p-trap and it's clear of obstructions. i've tried using drain de-clogging solution to no avail. i assume using a snake is the next step. should i attempt to remove the pipe that connects at the wall opening? any other advice would be appreciated as well.
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Warranty void stickers... on things that never had a warranty.


Painting 4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Any tips on painting a kitchen? Just about to get some paint t Thanks!
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Will this fuck up the motor?


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I need some help guys. I'm building a work bench, and I have it all finished. However, I got myself a nice cast iron table vice, but I have no idea how to bolt it to the table. Keep in mind, this vice is only for hand work items, nothing huge. It's only a 4.5'' I do carvings and dremmel work, and I will use this to hold things down to do detail work. So, how do I screw/bolt it down? Should I drill a few hole and bolt it? Or will just a couple long heavy duty screws work just fine? pic related, its what I got.
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I'm an amateur comic book artist and I want to have some panel grid templates made. 2x3", 2x4", 3x3", 4x4", 3x4", etc. to expediate the layout process. Art is drawn on 11x17" sheets so thats how big I'd like the templates to be (to make alignment easy). Generally speaking how much does it cost to have something that size cut from thin steel?

BIC mods

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is it possible to mod a bic lighter into a torch lighter? I know you can open the valve to increase the size of the flame, but I want to mod it into a true blue (pun intended) torch lighter. I have access to a plethora of tools and materials if it involves heavy modification, seems like it would be neat if its even possible.
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How would one go about making vid related? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JnSQ5wfIAk

Case fan died :(

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Hi there 4 chan I've got a tacens Aluminium extreme PC case and recently it died, I'm trying to repair it but have no clue how to do it, any help? Thanks

Concrete Wall Form

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Hi /diy/ So I'm pouring a reinforced concrete wall, which isn't that hard in itself, but the wall needs to connect to the uneven surfaces next to it. I'd like to build a form so I can pour it all in one go, was hoping someone here would have a few pointers on this since wooden planks are a pain in the ass to carve down to fit correctly. Excuse the horrible paint skills.

LazeeEye: Turn Your Smartphone Into a 3D Camera

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Hello /diy/, I found this on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/332648737/lazeeeye-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-3d-camera , it's literally a low-cost alternative to Project Tango, you can DIY it for 50$ and do not need to buy a specific smartphone model just for having a 3D camera, it's adaptable to all Android and iOS smartphones, even support Raspberry Pi and have ROS drivers for Robot Operating System middlewares! I really love the idea of using this for SLAM Augmented Reality and 3D scanning, quality look pretty good for such small device: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/332648737/lazeeeye-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-3d-camera/posts/830400 If it succeeds, I think it would be very beneficial for the DIY community, pledging for the developer edition give you the source code, 3D CAD files, B.O.M, it's possible to build one completely from scratch, unlike other commercial solutions you become completely independent (spare parts, repairs, support, etc.), the possibilities are endless, so far I've not found a way to do it DIY on a smartphone, if anyone knows an open source solution like this please let me know, I searched hard for it. However, if this continues like this I'm afraid they won't make it with the funds, honestly this leave me a bit disappointed, because commercial solutions like the Structure Sensor by Occipital has reached over a million dollars, and it's not completely DIYable, as we speak lacks support for Android, it's much more expensive and at first glance the resolution doesn't seem much better or worse. Apple bought PrimeSense, blocked sales, pulled down OpenNI website, stopped the development of open source solutions, I hate to be forced to depend on them. So, it's not my intention to spam, but I think this would greatly benefit the DIY community, I always wanted to be able to build these from scratch, so I can customize/tweak according to my needs, if it interests you, please spread the word, I've already funded it.
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