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Public holidays in Japan

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My friend is going to make 2015 diary book by DIY. And he showed me the page of Public holidays in Japan like the image. Is not that bit odd?


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cook pasta in 3 sec

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Tic Tac Toe robot

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I'm planning on doing a Tic Tac Toe playing robot. What is the best way of doing it? I thought of using OpenCV. How should I design the arm? Should it be a standard 3 DOF arm or maybe some arm that can only move vertically, horizontally except for the handle that would hold the pen. How can OpenCV interact with an ATMega?

wooden psy #gangnamstyle

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DIY drugs? oh lord, here come the meth responses.
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Any way to make some sort of DIY camera for VR?

Source for Very Long Springs?

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I'm looking into finding a source for some very long springs like those used to make this instrument, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45m0TkLpmQg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71GUmCFznkg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm4ziVpV008 So far, I've found "garage door extension springs", but they don't seem to be the right kind as the ones in the above videos seem to be less bulky. You can see their thickness better in this video around 44 seconds into it, but I think the first video above uses a thicker spring than this one which is why it sounds so different. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vCdymtRp3k
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Greetings friends, I'm currently working on a comission for a fallout terminal. I have a 60's era mono monitor I will be using for the display and will be using a pi to run it. now i've converted the BNC fitting to an RCA to make it easier to hook up but it seems like the pi and the screen are not compatible. I'm a fair noob when it comes to video equipment. I have the pi set to PAL currently. and all of the converters I've found go from analogue to digital. some info to get these two parts working together would be grand. thanks /diy/
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Hey guys, i recently saw japanese bakeries burning their logo into their baked goods. I kinda liked the idea, and wanted to try it out. So i formed a rabbit (in case anyone was wondering what it's supposed to be), borrowed a bunsen burner from my dad and got started. I like how it's turned out but i'd like to make the whole thing a bit more convenient. Could i convert a soldering gun into a branding iron? Would it get hot enough? What material should i use? I suppose i could just wrap the wire around the soldering tip, but i doubt this would be efficient enough. I'd be thankful for any suggestions.
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pls halp I need to build an arc welding machine for a school project. It's all about taking 2 transformers and reverse them so they output a current of +100 amperes. That's easy, but the problem is, I can't just plug the transformers into the power outlet because it'll burst into treats. I need a way to safely regulate high currents like a Variac. But a Variac is too expensive for me right now, is there another way I can do this? pls if you know how to make something that regulates high currents of 15 amperes let me know

Method for keeping snakes out of yard?

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I have a fairly large yard, near the end it's mostly brush with a stand of maples and cottonwoods in one corner (this end borders a large nature area with wetlands). Further in there's a small patch of lawn, before a large garden with native grasses and wildflowers towards the house, which includes a few artificial ponds and marshes. The garden and maple/cottonwood stand attract all kinds of wildlife from the nature area, and among those are snakes. The main culprits are garter snakes, copperheads, and water snakes, although I'll also see rat snakes and milk snakes. I don't really mind them, but my husband and his parents can't stand the thought of snakes on the property, even things like garters make them uneasy. Most of the recommendations I've seen for getting rid of snakes involve clearing brush, something I don't want to do. Is there a way to repel snakes that doesn't involve any major alterations to the landscape?
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I wanted to make some gold rings, does anyone have any idea about: Official prices of precious metals? Where do you buy such things? Alloy composition? Best casting techniques for batches of ten or so rings? Polishing? Legality of stamping gold? Any advice appreciated
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Hey /diy/, since these little fuckers here are the most irritating thing I get around in my house a lot, tell me... What do you all /diy/ guys do or even use to kill these stupid things?
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so I am pretty sure there is something wrong with my lockup clutch. honda legend 1988 2.7L took air filter housing out to access transmission. solenoids are caked in black grease from a dead rocker seal. so going to replace the rocker gasket soon. I am going to a car wash soon to hose the solenoids off with pressure wash/engine degreaser wash stuff. I tried adjusting the control cable but no luck. I also changed the transmission fluid by doing the old, empty, fill, disconnect cooler pipe, run engine for 10seconds to purge the shit out of the torque converter but not let run dry then top up(the problem started before the ATF change. what happens: >engine revs high when accelerating. goes up to 6000rpm when accelerating then back to 2-3000rpm when cruising >can go from 0-100 without redlining so it's switching gear >it used to clunk when switching from neutral to drive or 2nd. still does but now without a lurch or nearly as loud. I looked up the price of a new set of solenoids and it's about 200$ for the lockup solenoids and 200$ for the gear changing solenoid pair. kind of want to avoid but oh well. will test to see if resistance of coils matches service manual specs once I've cleaned up the gunk. I tried asking on /o/ but got no responses any ideas?
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Hey, long story short, I got my girlfriend pregnant and we can't afford abortion, plus it is not allowed in our state anyway. We really don't want to bring a new life to this world without the capability to raise him/her properly. She is already 3 months pregnant. What can you do to induce an abortion safely?
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So with the change over to digital TV frequencies, my place of employment has now given me a variable analog channel filter, the same one pictured. What fun things can I do with this?


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What does /diy/ think of house automation, specially smarthomes? Do you think there'll be more DIY prospect in a few years? Or is the future now for us to fully control our houses in order to improve productivity? http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_automation


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Sup /diy/ I'm looking to repair a galaxy s3 instead of taking it to some chink at the mall to do the repair, but I wanted to know should I replace the digitizer or LCD? The screen won't turn on but the buttons light up.
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I've always wanted to build a gazebo (or pergola) from scratch. I don't have any direct construction experience but I have done a few good furniture making projects and a fair bit of electrical, plumbing, and drywalling for home maintenance. 1) Anyone have experiences or tips? 2) The basic construction steps are sinking concrete pylons, laying down the joists/floor, framing, putting on the roof, and finally the roofing. Are any of those going to be particularly difficult for someone without experience? 3) I'd like to run some electric for a ceiling fan and lights, but I don't know anything about outdoor electric. Would it be OK to just wire up the structure so it can be energized with an extension cord? If you came over to my house would you think that was stupid? 4) Any good mosquito/bug control solutions that don't look like crap?
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