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The heater in my room is causing me some unbearable sore throats. I'm ordering a humidifier that'll arrive Monday However, I'd really enjoy some suggestions on how to improve my situation in the mean time, cough drops and lots of water is doing very little for me.
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A conundrum: I need some sliding contacts for this thing, roughly 20 inches long. About the best I can easily find is nichrome, which is passable but not great, given its relatively high resistivity. Any better suggestions? Making some out of copper clad and electroplating them myself sounds tempting, but that would be yet more money spent on equipment to make stuff JUST for this project, and that's getting old.

How to hook up 9mm headphone jack to a speaker

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Hey /diy/, I want to know how to hook a 9mm headphone jack to a regular positive/negative 5 watt speaker. I had an old double ended headphone jack just laying around, so i just cut it in half and split the wires. Anyhow, i plane on making a portable speaker. Webcam took a blurry picture so I just made one quickly on paint. Thanks in advanced.
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good day, first time on this board and i come here with a question. How do i do my own fur? Lets say i go out and shoot a raindeer, i gut it and take the meat and maybe the trophy. Some of the bones i give to my dog, now there is the skin/fur over, normal hunter (at least in my area) throw it away, but i would like to have it as a carpet/blanket in my cabin! someone have infosheet or similar for me?! pic somewhat related
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Sup /diy/ I've made some arduino-dependant projects and now I'd like to remove arduino from all of them, I want to use electronics componants instead of the arduino The problem is I only know the basic things about electronics and I don't know how to do that I assume I'd have to use pic related but how do I flash it with the code I want to use ? Looking for sources/books/tuto on how to program, use a micro-controller and what components does it needs to works TL;DR : how to become arduino-independant
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Hey /diy/, don't know if this is the right board for this but I figured I'd give it a shot. Can anyone tell me what the fuck this black stuff is? These are points that are generally meant to be soldered, but instead have this black stuff holding everything together. It feels rubbery to touch, it looks like some kind of ghetto way of avoiding soldering but can anyone let me know?
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Where does one even start to begin when it comes to learning how to build a shed/small house/cabin/etc? It's obviously not as simple as buy a shitload of wood + nails/etc and start throwing shit together. I'm looking to want to build my own small home, not as big as a regular home, but not one of those tiny house shits either. I'm looking to have solar/self sufficient energy, so that may play into it. And there's also the whole building code/permit etc bullshit, which I know absolutely nothing about.
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Painting help Ive repained several guitars before; each one was a total experiment. The spray painting went fine; thin layers that are well cured.. but its the clear coat that trips me up. Now i got 2 more just waiting to be clear coated and i need to do this right. What ive used before >Spray clear Wipes right off. Not a durable shell at all... its like dust. >Brush on waterbased polycrylic 3 guitars were done this way years ago. One feels hard-ish.. Finger nail cant scratch it but on a corner that presses up against me, it wore away and exposed the paint which also rubbed off another done this way feels hard at first but if you press your fingernail into it, you can tell its gummy a bit.. It also stuck to some of the hardware and once when i took that off, it began to peel like latex. So, whats the best thing to use? It needs to be hard shell and really durable for constant rubbing on clothing; just like the factory clears that they come with. Im too afraid of something like Pour-On cuz its too viscous and i heard some are dark yellow in tint.
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Hi does anyone know how to make a heater, not one of those can heater it has to be powered by a solar planel?
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Imagine for a moment I have a clean plastic barrel. I've taken the lid off and placed the barrel outdoors in a non-sheltered area. It rains very often here. Within a few days, it should fill to the brim with water. Ipso facto this will earn me a constant supply of drinkable water. Where have I gone wrong? Where is the misstep of logic?

Barn interior walls

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Hey, I'm going to be building interior walls in a pole barn for dog kennels. Any ideas for making the ceiling?
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Any way to make some sort of DIY camera for VR?
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Hi /diy/, I'm halfway through building something, and have thought about using capacitive buttons instead of physical. I've seen a few cheap 'modules' on ebay that are designed for arduino, though i'm wondering if there is any way I can use capacitive buttons without having to incorporate an arduino/custom microcontroller circuit. Do 'standalone' capacitive button modules exist? Any info would be great, thanks!

Shisha / Hookah from a wine decanter

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Hello dear anons, I recently built this shisha / hookah will be uploading WIP pictures

SAE to USB charger

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I'm not good with this stuff and I want to ask this here instead of /o/ because this board is really good with electronics. I've already installed an SAE battery tender wiring harness on my motorcycle however it does not have an inline fuse. My issues are as follows: -do I actually need a fuse? -will the product posted protect my phone so I don't need a fuse in the first place? - If I do put a fuse in what rating do I need so the charger doesn't blow it but will also protect my phone? Specs for my trickle charger: -2amps @ 12 volts -4amps @ 6 volts -DieHard brand I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 but I don't know what it pulls for amps. Motorcycle is 12 volt system Thank you and pic related.
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Needing help on where to find/get tools and a screen to replace the current one on my Nokia Lumia 920. If anyone has experience with tho please help. The reason I need it fixed is because I recently raged on it and slammed it on a counter in mg kitchen, and the damned thing finally shattered. >pic unrelated.

Charge Input Selector Circuit

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I need to figure out a way to automatically choose between 2 power sources for a charger of sorts that I'm working on, (pic related) I need it to be able to automatically detect if A (say, a power outlet, or something) is suupplying enough charge, and to B (an internal battery) as a charging source whenever A is supplying too little or no charge. The reverse also needs to be true as well. (Stop charging from B if enough of a current is detected from A, and switch to A) Ideally, It would be mechanic, but I'm all out of ideas. Something like digital logic would need to be constantly powered to operate,(I think?) and because it's something portable, I don't want the internal battery being drained unnecessarily just to sustain the switch circuit. I'm stuck, so if anybody has any insights, they're more than welcome. Thanks!

GFCI issues

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Dear /diy/, I recently had a GFCI outlet stop resetting on me. The reset button is pushed out, won't reset (go back in), and none of the lights work when I press the buttons. I've checked the two other GFCI's I have - they're both working, reset, and after resetting them, had no impact on my other GFCI that is giving me an issue. Am I safe to assume my GFCI in question has simply died due to use? This is my third month in a condo that has been renovated along the way, in a 6 unit condo building, built in 1988. I also reset all of the breakers, which should have tripped all my GFCIs as well, which was apparent with the other two still working ones I mentioned before. The GFCI in question I think tripped and broke I assumed when the last thing I did with it was going to run a 1500w space heater to warm up my bathroom (with the GFCI being the only outlet) before a shower. Any other ideas? This is from 2.5 hours of googling, I have no prior electrical work or experience, and am planning to also call/pick the brains of the electrical guys at my hardware store tomorrow or Sunday.
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Hi guys, while i was desoldering my keyboard pcb i did something wrong and some of the holes are still closed. How can i unclog them?
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What's the cheapest way to get paraffin or make candles? I know night lights are much more cheaper, but candle making could be cool.
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