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30th November 2014
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Does anyone here have any experience with drones? I want to get into aerial pornography
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I wanted to make some gold rings, does anyone have any idea about: Official prices of precious metals? Where do you buy such things? Alloy composition? Best casting techniques for batches of ten or so rings? Polishing? Legality of stamping gold? Any advice appreciated
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so I am pretty sure there is something wrong with my lockup clutch. honda legend 1988 2.7L took air filter housing out to access transmission. solenoids are caked in black grease from a dead rocker seal. so going to replace the rocker gasket soon. I am going to a car wash soon to hose the solenoids off with pressure wash/engine degreaser wash stuff. I tried adjusting the control cable but no luck. I also changed the transmission fluid by doing the old, empty, fill, disconnect cooler pipe, run engine for 10seconds to purge the shit out of the torque converter but not let run dry then top up(the problem started before the ATF change. what happens: >engine revs high when accelerating. goes up to 6000rpm when accelerating then back to 2-3000rpm when cruising >can go from 0-100 without redlining so it's switching gear >it used to clunk when switching from neutral to drive or 2nd. still does but now without a lurch or nearly as loud. I looked up the price of a new set of solenoids and it's about 200$ for the lockup solenoids and 200$ for the gear changing solenoid pair. kind of want to avoid but oh well. will test to see if resistance of coils matches service manual specs once I've cleaned up the gunk. I tried asking on /o/ but got no responses any ideas?
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What makes tags disintegrate like this? Is it too hot during washing? Left in the dryer too long? I must be fucking something up dying laundry
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When dealing with lithium ion batteries, what is the acronym "lt". I understand it's the characteristic current that discharges the battery in 1 hour, ie 1.0 lt mA discharges in 1.0 lt mAh. When I search google it says lt stands for lithium ion technology, not helpful. pic related, 2950 mA gives a discharge capacity of 2950 mA = 1.0lt
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Hey Guys I want to start tinkering with electronics and try and get my daughter involved a bit too (6yrs old). Figuring a circuit board with a switch, led and battery would be boring to her, I thought I'd make an Elderman out of Lego and put some LEDs in for his eyes and conceal a little battery and switch to turn them on an off. I've bought a pack of LEDs rated 3.2-3.4 V, Question 1: What kind of small battery could I get away with to power 2 of these for his eyes? Question 2: Would a small slide switch 5V .3A be ok for it? Photo shows size of Elderman I intend to use.

diddley bow

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i made a diddley bow and my brother wants one i made mine out of an old beer bottle but i was wondering could i use one of those big Jack Daniels bottles or would the "corner" make it not work right>
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A conundrum: I need some sliding contacts for this thing, roughly 20 inches long. About the best I can easily find is nichrome, which is passable but not great, given its relatively high resistivity. Any better suggestions? Making some out of copper clad and electroplating them myself sounds tempting, but that would be yet more money spent on equipment to make stuff JUST for this project, and that's getting old.

unusual fixings making a metal through hole in wood.

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I am looking for something like a rivnut but unthreaded. or a hollow rivet or an eyelet for wood. I am building a battery box that needs to fit around my bike out of fibreglass and plywood. I need to assemble it in three pieces so that it will snugly clamp onto the frame and not be easily stolen but still removal for maintenence. I want to install eyelets in plywood for passing bolts through where they will meet up with rivnuts or t-nuts. the reason is to distribute the force of sudden jolts across the ring rather than on a focal point like an unshielded bolt hole in wood would do.
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anyone have plans to make a backyard nuclear reactor?
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So, a few months ago, I mentioned how I was going to redo my basement flooring in foam play tile. I used it because my area seems to be having a flooding streak (2yrs in a row, may continue), there is a suspicious crack in my basement wall AND/OR my weeping tile might be old and defective now. Basement is finally done, here is the lessons learned: 1) Was able to trim it with scissors, which was infinitely more convenient than the vinyl click floor I just put in my upstairs. 2) Insulates pretty good. The concrete floor is cold as balls, the foam is warmer (and softer) than, again, the click tile upstairs. 3) The foam does indent from pretty much anything, but the indents don't seem to last longer than 24hours. Unsure about extended pressure (like what the tile underneath the bookcases will have for recovery time, or if they'll be flat forever) 4) I should have coordinated the colour better. I asked the wife if we should do a pattern or coloured sections, but we decided the only rule was the same colour tile cannot be side by side. 5) Fits together mostly well, there are a few areas where they don't click together perfectly and there is a bit of a gap. 6) You can feel the slightest bumps through the tiles. If it floods again in spring, I can comment on how well it cleans and replaces. Also, I don't know if I didn't put under flooring between the concrete and the foam, I am not sure if I should have.
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I have a raspberry pi that I'd like to put inside my desktop, allowing me to use it for turning on and off my desktop to save power while I'm away but still being able to access my desktop remotely. I'll also be using the pi for regular pi things like shitty web servers or whatever. Can/should I use one of those USB battery packs to keep the pi powered while the computer is off? I could then charge the pack while the computer is on. Would I also be able to check the level of the battery and then turn the computer on to charge?

Why I believe (American) prepping is bullshit

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Why I believe (American) prepping is bullshit So let me make clear that I think the basic idea behind prepping is great. Having a place to seek shelter in case of an emergency is extremely important. But the way 90% of you (Americans) execute it, makes me want to cry. I don’t want to take a shot on the serious preppers. (The ones who buy used missile silos and reconfigure them). I get pissed because of the wannabe DIY bunker builders. All I know about (American) prepping I have learnt from Videos, TV-Shows or read on the internet. So I’m aware that some things might not represent reality in every detail but that won’t hinder me. In this short text I will cover following topics: Why I think I can talk about the subject “The buried garden shed” aka shipping container bunker A bunker in the woods? Fucking great! Conclusion

How to hook up 9mm headphone jack to a speaker

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Hey /diy/, I want to know how to hook a 9mm headphone jack to a regular positive/negative 5 watt speaker. I had an old double ended headphone jack just laying around, so i just cut it in half and split the wires. Anyhow, i plane on making a portable speaker. Webcam took a blurry picture so I just made one quickly on paint. Thanks in advanced.
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How the fuck do you remove this bastard without breaking it???
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Show me your best Altoids can survival kit
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I live in a house that is essentially a giant heatsink. It was built in the 1920s, has absolutely no insulation whatsoever, there's no foundation (it's just sitting on hundreds of wooden posts), wood floors everywhere, and nothing is properly sealed. Oh, and there's no fireplace or anything, of course. Oh, and it's in the middle of a huge flat plain with almost no shielding from cold winds. So whenever it's below freezing, the central heat runs virtually nonstop just to keep it in the mid 60s, resulting in electric bills that are around or above ~$800 from November to March. Now, because I would also like to be able to eat this winter, is there any possible way to reduce heat loss from this retarded house, aside from just not running it and hoping I don't freeze to death?

Beginner woodcarving general

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This might get posted a lot, if so, I apologize. Nevertheless, I want to get into wood carving, particularly small-ish things. Whats the best way to get into this? Where do I get wood to carve? whats the best kind of wood to carve? Whats the best tools for small detail and shaping carving? Thanks in advance
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Is it possible to make a soho router based on a programmable microcontroller? I need a final project for my EE bsc and i work in the area of networks. Would like to create/write as much as i could for it

LFO- Low Frequency Oscillator

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i'd like to build a basic LFO but i don t have any knowledge in electronics so far. Is there a guide or something that could help me out? I'm not looking to build a super advancede oscillator for the time beeing, just a very basic one. THX
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