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How to hook up 9mm headphone jack to a speaker

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Hey /diy/, I want to know how to hook a 9mm headphone jack to a regular positive/negative 5 watt speaker. I had an old double ended headphone jack just laying around, so i just cut it in half and split the wires. Anyhow, i plane on making a portable speaker. Webcam took a blurry picture so I just made one quickly on paint. Thanks in advanced.
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How the fuck do you remove this bastard without breaking it???
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Show me your best Altoids can survival kit
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I live in a house that is essentially a giant heatsink. It was built in the 1920s, has absolutely no insulation whatsoever, there's no foundation (it's just sitting on hundreds of wooden posts), wood floors everywhere, and nothing is properly sealed. Oh, and there's no fireplace or anything, of course. Oh, and it's in the middle of a huge flat plain with almost no shielding from cold winds. So whenever it's below freezing, the central heat runs virtually nonstop just to keep it in the mid 60s, resulting in electric bills that are around or above ~$800 from November to March. Now, because I would also like to be able to eat this winter, is there any possible way to reduce heat loss from this retarded house, aside from just not running it and hoping I don't freeze to death?
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Is it possible to make a soho router based on a programmable microcontroller? I need a final project for my EE bsc and i work in the area of networks. Would like to create/write as much as i could for it

LFO- Low Frequency Oscillator

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i'd like to build a basic LFO but i don t have any knowledge in electronics so far. Is there a guide or something that could help me out? I'm not looking to build a super advancede oscillator for the time beeing, just a very basic one. THX
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Painting help Ive repained several guitars before; each one was a total experiment. The spray painting went fine; thin layers that are well cured.. but its the clear coat that trips me up. Now i got 2 more just waiting to be clear coated and i need to do this right. What ive used before >Spray clear Wipes right off. Not a durable shell at all... its like dust. >Brush on waterbased polycrylic 3 guitars were done this way years ago. One feels hard-ish.. Finger nail cant scratch it but on a corner that presses up against me, it wore away and exposed the paint which also rubbed off another done this way feels hard at first but if you press your fingernail into it, you can tell its gummy a bit.. It also stuck to some of the hardware and once when i took that off, it began to peel like latex. So, whats the best thing to use? It needs to be hard shell and really durable for constant rubbing on clothing; just like the factory clears that they come with. Im too afraid of something like Pour-On cuz its too viscous and i heard some are dark yellow in tint.

Help me to design a high current PSU.

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I found this huge transformer inside a big audio amplifier and I wanted to make a high current PSU with it, it has a 2 amp fuse at the primary, so I guess the max power is 460 watts, what translates into 15 amps at 30 volts or 7.5 at 60, I don't know it this transformer should be able to handle more power. The main outputs are those three cables at the top, from red to black and from orange to black I can get 30 volts, and from red to orange I can get 60. Can I just wire the rectifier circuit to the red and orange cables without using the black one to have a rectified signal of ~60 volts? I'm thinking about adding a switch to be able to change from 60 to 30 volts at the input to get some more amps if I'm using voltages below 30 volts. Another problem I have is the capacitor value, I guess It needs to be huge, but I don't really know many capacitors I need to have a steady voltage signal with high currents. The last thing I need to solve is the regulator, I've seen many schematics using an LM317 and a bunch of transistors and I wonder which would work best. Also I wanted to know if the IN/OUT voltage difference, which is 40v in normal cases for the LM317, still applies when using transistors, if yes, I guess I'll have to use 30 volts as the input.
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allright DIY... my cat is an asshole. He likes to knock his water dish over... he's got toys.. we keep it clean.. it's not near the litter box... so I've finally given up on trying to find the cause for his behavior and have decided to cat proof the water dish... I want to use the water dish I have because it works great. and I want it to still be easy to pick up and fill/clean... below is my idea and efforts... would appreciate any input or ideas on how to improve it. also getting rid of the cat isn't an option, other than this he's a pretty great cat.

Fresnel Lens and parting a TV

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So I'm about to pick up a 65in TV from CL. My main goal is to build a Fresnel Lens w/ the screen. Has anyone else done it? How about other parts of the TV? Anything cool I can use them for? How big was your Fresnel lens http://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Fresnel-Lens-Deathray-An-Experiment-in-Opti/ http://www.cnet.com/products/mitsubishi-ws-65819/ This website here is selling Fresnel Lens for $400 (WOW).

How Do I Stay Warm Cheaply?

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So a couple of years ago I moved into an older house. It has an electric furnace for the heat. The last 2 winters have been really cold and it's created hell for my electric bill. Also, it takes forever for my house to warm up which causes the furnace to run practically all day. And once it gets real cold out, it struggles to even stay warm. And running constantly puts my electric bill up around 400 dollars a month. I've had the furnace looked at and both guys told me the same thing, the furnace is old and woefully inadequate for a house of this size. So they have all recommended new units but i can't afford one right now. I have a fireplace but as you can imagine, those actually don't do a lot because you lose so much heat up the chimney. I've got a kerosene heater that I plan to use on real cold days, but that is not as cheap either. So is there anyway I can keep it warmer inside and cracking down some on my electric bill?
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What CAD projects are you guys working on? i'm currently building a crossbow for fun


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/diy/, I really want to learn about lockpicking. The first time I decided that was when my mother forgot the key in the house, and a policeman friend of her unlocked said door with a x-ray sheet. He thaught me that there were many ways to open a locked door, and it fascinates me. Problem is, I don't know if it truly is hard with door locks nowadays, but I'm willing to invest a lot of time in practicing that skill. Wahat do you think? Where could I find material and informations on that?

Locking mechanism

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Need some help I need suggestions for mechanical locks that are are like pic related (+spring) and ONLY use mechanical movement to achieve it. Basically I need something that's easy to unlock, can carry up to ~80 kg and is durable. I also thought of using a cam follower lock but I don't know the specifics yet. It would really REALLY help me if I got some lock type suggestions.
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Sup /diy/kes. I've posted about this before, but I'm finally at the point where I can start working on this. I recently bought a 1978 moped, engine included. Problem is, the engine is so fucking filthy the crank won't even make a full rotation. I'm relatively familiar with small engines, but I've never had to clean one with anything but water. This is an aluminum engine, so muriatic acid is out, along with a lot of other things. I've heard people suggest brake cleaner, that purple stuff, even oven degreaser to get the caked-on carbon and grease and shit off. /o/ was little help, mostly What does /diy/ use to clean their engines, besides water?
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is it viable to etch my own circuits at home? Get a cheap laser printer, glossy paper, etching acid, glass dish and some copper, and a lacquer or something to coat and protect the board from corrosion? I'm making kinda big single projects but I'm over using veroboards. Manufacturing is expensive-ish and usually gives me more than i want ( 10 boards or something, for instance) viable for the above reasons or am I retarded?
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My Dremel 3000 arrived this morning - initially very impressed witht he build quality and quietness. I'll be using to polish stainless steel watch cases. What do you use your rotary tools for? Also rotary tool tips welcome.
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Best of /diy/
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Its surprisingly difficult to source a shower toilet sink combo unit like pic related. 1000 internets for any assistance
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I want to grow a cool or useful plant (legal) what should I grow?
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