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So, a few months ago, I mentioned how I was going to redo my basement flooring in foam play tile. I used it because my area seems to be having a flooding streak (2yrs in a row, may continue), there is a suspicious crack in my basement wall AND/OR my weeping tile might be old and defective now. Basement is finally done, here is the lessons learned: 1) Was able to trim it with scissors, which was infinitely more convenient than the vinyl click floor I just put in my upstairs. 2) Insulates pretty good. The concrete floor is cold as balls, the foam is warmer (and softer) than, again, the click tile upstairs. 3) The foam does indent from pretty much anything, but the indents don't seem to last longer than 24hours. Unsure about extended pressure (like what the tile underneath the bookcases will have for recovery time, or if they'll be flat forever) 4) I should have coordinated the colour better. I asked the wife if we should do a pattern or coloured sections, but we decided the only rule was the same colour tile cannot be side by side. 5) Fits together mostly well, there are a few areas where they don't click together perfectly and there is a bit of a gap. 6) You can feel the slightest bumps through the tiles. If it floods again in spring, I can comment on how well it cleans and replaces. Also, I don't know if I didn't put under flooring between the concrete and the foam, I am not sure if I should have.
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Does anyone here have any experience with drones? I want to get into aerial pornography
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I live in a house that is essentially a giant heatsink. It was built in the 1920s, has absolutely no insulation whatsoever, there's no foundation (it's just sitting on hundreds of wooden posts), wood floors everywhere, and nothing is properly sealed. Oh, and there's no fireplace or anything, of course. Oh, and it's in the middle of a huge flat plain with almost no shielding from cold winds. So whenever it's below freezing, the central heat runs virtually nonstop just to keep it in the mid 60s, resulting in electric bills that are around or above ~$800 from November to March. Now, because I would also like to be able to eat this winter, is there any possible way to reduce heat loss from this retarded house, aside from just not running it and hoping I don't freeze to death?
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Where does one even start to begin when it comes to learning how to build a shed/small house/cabin/etc? It's obviously not as simple as buy a shitload of wood + nails/etc and start throwing shit together. I'm looking to want to build my own small home, not as big as a regular home, but not one of those tiny house shits either. I'm looking to have solar/self sufficient energy, so that may play into it. And there's also the whole building code/permit etc bullshit, which I know absolutely nothing about.
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Painting help Ive repained several guitars before; each one was a total experiment. The spray painting went fine; thin layers that are well cured.. but its the clear coat that trips me up. Now i got 2 more just waiting to be clear coated and i need to do this right. What ive used before >Spray clear Wipes right off. Not a durable shell at all... its like dust. >Brush on waterbased polycrylic 3 guitars were done this way years ago. One feels hard-ish.. Finger nail cant scratch it but on a corner that presses up against me, it wore away and exposed the paint which also rubbed off another done this way feels hard at first but if you press your fingernail into it, you can tell its gummy a bit.. It also stuck to some of the hardware and once when i took that off, it began to peel like latex. So, whats the best thing to use? It needs to be hard shell and really durable for constant rubbing on clothing; just like the factory clears that they come with. Im too afraid of something like Pour-On cuz its too viscous and i heard some are dark yellow in tint.
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I want to grow a cool or useful plant (legal) what should I grow?
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So I was going through my dad's old stuff and I found some ancient tools could diy help me identify them and there uses. These things are easily 40 years old

Public holidays in Japan

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My friend is going to make 2015 diary book by DIY. And he showed me the page of Public holidays in Japan like the image. Is not that bit odd?

Barn interior walls

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Hey, I'm going to be building interior walls in a pole barn for dog kennels. Any ideas for making the ceiling?
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Homeless woman builds herself a home. In a perfect world that would be a happy ending but in the real world the government seizes it and fines her $10k http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/homeless-woman-fined-for-building-her-own-home-1.2824688 pic unrelated

Christmas Diy

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Sup diy it starting to get close to the holiday season (I know its before thanksgiving but you can never be too early) and i was wondering what you guys and gals will be making this year. I plan on making a cutting board and a machined alluminium and walnut book stand for me mum along with a pendant and prolly something else, along with a pipe for my step father along with some german beer if I can get it imported( dont know bout the laws on that shit, and he loves the stuff) along with a old fashioned beer case with them and some homemade beef jerky to chew on, oh yeh maybe a cribbage board if i have time. As well and a puzzel for my gramp with something else and some novels for my gran(not sure what to make her yet)and who knows if I got some extra time ill make a wooden sword for my brother as well, but who knows, wont know till the stuff is done. As you can see I got a lot of shit to do this next month, im not asking for help I know how to make all of these things I just figure d Id make a thread for people to post their current christmas gift ideas or even past ones, hell it doesnt have to be a presant can be anything christmas related. >tl;dr show me what you are making, are plannng to, or already have! Ask Questions and enjoy the fuckin holiday cheer! http://www.instructables.com/id/Customized-wooden-heart/ Link to pendant
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Hey guys, i recently saw japanese bakeries burning their logo into their baked goods. I kinda liked the idea, and wanted to try it out. So i formed a rabbit (in case anyone was wondering what it's supposed to be), borrowed a bunsen burner from my dad and got started. I like how it's turned out but i'd like to make the whole thing a bit more convenient. Could i convert a soldering gun into a branding iron? Would it get hot enough? What material should i use? I suppose i could just wrap the wire around the soldering tip, but i doubt this would be efficient enough. I'd be thankful for any suggestions.
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Hey /diy/, I tried google but to no avail. >tl;dr, how to make an indestructible children's book I have a three year old daughter with cerebral palsy and likely autism. She's doing really well, all things considered, and she's great fun. She's obsessed with reading, and has one favorite book in particular. She'll read it and re-read it and she loves it. But her motor skills are such that she easily destroys books, especially her favorite. The original copy is a patchwork of sticky tape that we stored after a while as a keepsake. Her aunty made her a reinforced copy with a nice folder and individually laminated pages. This, too, she has destroyed. I want to make her a copy she will not be able to wreck. It has to be able to resist mostly tugging, and a degree of dampness as she can be messy, though we could avoid this if necessary. We'd be looking at a4 pages. I don't mind spending a little cash and time on this. Maybe heavy-laminated pages inside solid plastic sleeves that we can replace? In a strong ring binder folder? How could we reinforce it as much as possible? >tl;dr, how to make an indestructible children's book
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My grandma has a 1957 Sears Coldspot fridge in her basement that she bought new back in the day. It works fine but the handle broke off some time in the 70s. Is it worth trying to get it fixed?

Mushroom growing UPDATE

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Not sure if anyone still remembers but over a month ago i made a thread about trying to grow gourmet mushrooms from used coffee grounds i got for free from the local coffee shops. anyways, the thread since died because there was nothing to update with for over a month and frankly i thought that i messed up and that the batch was ruined, i did let the oyster mushroom mycelium colonize the grounds until it was almost all white, at which point i opened a hole in the side and put the whole thing in a highly humid glass tank, more then a week passed but all i got was a small deformed bud that stopped growing. so... thinking it was a failure i took the whole thing outside to dry out in the sun so it would be easier to throw away later and to my surprise, a week later not only was it not dry, it grew pic related...
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pls halp I need to build an arc welding machine for a school project. It's all about taking 2 transformers and reverse them so they output a current of +100 amperes. That's easy, but the problem is, I can't just plug the transformers into the power outlet because it'll burst into treats. I need a way to safely regulate high currents like a Variac. But a Variac is too expensive for me right now, is there another way I can do this? pls if you know how to make something that regulates high currents of 15 amperes let me know
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I wanted to make some gold rings, does anyone have any idea about: Official prices of precious metals? Where do you buy such things? Alloy composition? Best casting techniques for batches of ten or so rings? Polishing? Legality of stamping gold? Any advice appreciated
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Hey, long story short, I got my girlfriend pregnant and we can't afford abortion, plus it is not allowed in our state anyway. We really don't want to bring a new life to this world without the capability to raise him/her properly. She is already 3 months pregnant. What can you do to induce an abortion safely?
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Picking up a 90 amp flux wire welder from harbor freight, im going to make sure to buy a better tip and wire. What are some cool projects I can make to learn welding.
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So this girl https://www.youtube.com/user/LisaMurielBrandt/featured Makes realistic baby dolls. My question is: How the fuck does she do it? How does she mold them? What materials does she use? Anyone got any experience with this?
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