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I need to get a pair of steel toe boots for my new warehouse job. These Timberland Pro Pitboss boots have good reviews on amazon, but I feel like I should be spending more for a pair of high quality boots. So, price not being an issue, which boots do you guys recommend as far as durability, comfort, (maybe even looks?), etc.? Sorry if this is not the right place to ask, I figure you guys probably know more about this sort of thing than /fa/.
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So, /diy/, I've decided that I'm going to be brewing both apple and pear cider. What can I do with the leftover pear pulp? The apple recipe leaves none, but I can't bare to waste good fruit material.
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so /diy/ I'm thinking about changing careers and starting a welding course. Anyone have any experience with actually working in this field? I was going to do part time courses because I really just wanted to learn as a hobby for building bikes, but realized cost wise it would almost be more worthwhile to study full time. I don't know where to begin, what sides of welding are the best $ wise and enjoyment? TLDR; >is wielding a good career or does it get boring?
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Spent days searching google for this, but have to admit defeat. How do you *precisely* calculate the patterns for creating curved surfaces using flat materials such as paper or cloth or sheet metal? I can sort of eye it, but it would be great to be able to have perfectly fitting seams and higher quality curves. Surely there's an expert on this sort of fabrication here who can answer?
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Anyone ever built a gas fire pit? Moving into a new place, and is setup for a new fire pit, but I do not know how I am going to go about building it. The builders original plan was to have one circle as a firepit, and the other as a waterfall, but I am thinking about combing the two to have a double fire on water pit, etc, just don't know how I want to go about it. It has the electrical, natural gas, and water line all right there, as well as drains at the bottom of the enclosures. Mainly looking for ideas and advice, and would much rather prefer to do it myself, as these things can get extremely expensive in a hurry. Wouldn't mind buying certain parts pre made, but have the ability to fabricate if need be. Help me /diy/, you're my only hope.
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I need help, guys. I'm trying to get all of these rust spots off of my grandfathers old knife for my dad's birthday, but nothing I've tried seems to work. Which has been the lemon juice thing, and the lighter fluid. Can anyone give any suggestions, or tips if you've done this successfully?

BIC mods

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is it possible to mod a bic lighter into a torch lighter? I know you can open the valve to increase the size of the flame, but I want to mod it into a true blue (pun intended) torch lighter. I have access to a plethora of tools and materials if it involves heavy modification, seems like it would be neat if its even possible.

LazeeEye: Turn Your Smartphone Into a 3D Camera

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Hello /diy/, I found this on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/332648737/lazeeeye-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-3d-camera , it's literally a low-cost alternative to Project Tango, you can DIY it for 50$ and do not need to buy a specific smartphone model just for having a 3D camera, it's adaptable to all Android and iOS smartphones, even support Raspberry Pi and have ROS drivers for Robot Operating System middlewares! I really love the idea of using this for SLAM Augmented Reality and 3D scanning, quality look pretty good for such small device: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/332648737/lazeeeye-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-3d-camera/posts/830400 If it succeeds, I think it would be very beneficial for the DIY community, pledging for the developer edition give you the source code, 3D CAD files, B.O.M, it's possible to build one completely from scratch, unlike other commercial solutions you become completely independent (spare parts, repairs, support, etc.), the possibilities are endless, so far I've not found a way to do it DIY on a smartphone, if anyone knows an open source solution like this please let me know, I searched hard for it. However, if this continues like this I'm afraid they won't make it with the funds, honestly this leave me a bit disappointed, because commercial solutions like the Structure Sensor by Occipital has reached over a million dollars, and it's not completely DIYable, as we speak lacks support for Android, it's much more expensive and at first glance the resolution doesn't seem much better or worse. Apple bought PrimeSense, blocked sales, pulled down OpenNI website, stopped the development of open source solutions, I hate to be forced to depend on them. So, it's not my intention to spam, but I think this would greatly benefit the DIY community, I always wanted to be able to build these from scratch, so I can customize/tweak according to my needs, if it interests you, please spread the word, I've already funded it.

xyz table

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I'm looking to make a xyz table, but I do not have access to any metal milling. I can't find the parts to attach 3 rails with each other to create a xyz movement system. Alternatively I could get a complete set, but I can't find any without motors/rotary control. I know it's a simple problem. /diy/ because it's part of a bigger project I'm working on. tl;dr pic related with free movement, not restricted by the screws or motors.
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Building a front stoop/staircase that will be 60" wide. Treads will be 2x6 treated pine. Rise = 38" over a 50" run, with a 30" deck as the final step. Do I need 4 stringers, or will 3 work? tl;dr, how few stringers can I get away with for 5' wide steps?
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Hey /diy/, I need some carb tuning help on my dirt bike. My bike is stuttering at high revs, but is fine at low and idling is great, so I take it that my fuel mixture screw is okay where it is. Should I adjust the needle clip? And just to be safe, the stuttering suggests its running too lean right?
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Does anyone on /diy/ live on a sailboat or yacht or can give some insight? I've been looking into this a lot recently. I don't know shit about sailing but I can sure as hell learn though. I can get a pretty good sailboat for around $80k. Is it better than renting or buying a condo? On a sailboat you have these pros: -no property tax yet you own your boat and it's not money in the trash like renting -extremely cheap utilities -I live on the Florida coast so I can go to the Keys every weekend sailing cons: -repairs might be expensive (?) -smaller than a condo -boat insurance is expensive in florida
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Can someone help with this? This usb tip had all the wires except two barely hanging on. I re soldered the red, white and blue properly back on the positions but I am confused with the yellow and black as there is only one hole left. My knowledge on this stuff is very very basic so I appreciate anyones input. Thanks
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Hey /diy/. I need to get a motor going. And I have to use a star delta starter. I have three cables coming from some contactors, but the motor only has three terminals inside the terminal box. How do I go about hooking this up?

Own Keyboard

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Hi /diy/ im new here so don't be shitty w/me. I wanna make my own game keyboard (arround 20 or 15 keys) for play MOBA games or games like WoW. Can you help me do the circuit on PCB? PD:I will use mechanical keys PD2: Im from spain sorry if i have bad english :P

Portable speakers

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hello! I've an old guitar amplifier (10W) and my idea is to install a batterypack and use it as a portable speaker for parties and stuff when you need music. But i dont really know how i should build it, so please give me some tips. Picture: that's the one i wanna "convert"
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Okay so I'm trying to make some lightning for my desk.I have 3 bulbs that are rated 12v 35w each and have a question,can I run both tree on a 12v 60w power supply,would it cause any problems,and would they shine at 100% ? Can I also use a lm317 as a lightning regulator for these tree bulbs ?
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what is this metal lift apparatus called? where can i buy them? looking to use them as part of experiment apparatus.
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Hey you frigging /diy/ouchebags. I've got a cuntload of 2x4s.What should I do with them?

Getting a Patent

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I am trying to patent an idea. I already have a working model, have tested it and I feel very confident that I could sell it to a company. Only problem is I can't really afford to pay a patent attorney 5k or whatever to get it patented. I know you can do it yourself but the US patent web site seems like a super pain in the ass. Anybody have experience with getting a patent and how to navigate the obtuse website. I can't find any direct links to where you actually fill in forms or anything. Is saving my pennies for an attorney really going to be worth it in the long run?
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