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Okay, so, I don't know if... 7 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Okay, so, I don't know if this means anything but I installed a new shower head as my other one was falling apart. It's actually the one pictured here. When I turn off the water, some water comes out where I've circled in the picture. I've tried tightening the nut more but it doesn't seem to make a difference. When the shower's running it's fine and it doesn't drip when it's off so it's not a HUGE deal but I don't know what to do to fix it or if it needs fixing.
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Hi /diy/. Newfag here. So I basically have 2 black t-shirts with stamps that I don't like. Both stamps are from their respective factories and are your regular shirt stamp, but a little bold/salient; you can really feel them when you pass your fingertip over it. I want to take those stamps off because the shirts are great and I want to keep them. How do I do that? I've browsed youtube and found some videos showing how to take off similar stamps from football/soccer shirts. I think the material for that kind of shirt is different from mine, so is the process the same? I've googled and stuff but I'm still anxious of damaging 2 great shirts. Any tips? Here is one of the vids btw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z4aemfDdAc Pic sort of related
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I wanted to make my car into a place where I can sleep and live comfortably. How would I do this/start. My car is a Chevy Malibu Classic '04. Ideas I have had already: >turning the backseats into a bed of sorts. >putting something on the backseat floors to add bed space. >putting small curitans on all the windows that can be lifted and pinned to the roof of the car when in use. Any other useful ideas?

Homemade VR Tech

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Hello /diy/, craftsmanship newbie here. Ever since virtuix omni came out, I thought to myself, hell, that's a lot of cash for a slippery plastic bowl to stand in. (pic related, if you don't know what is this, its a so called "passive multi-directional treadmill, that records your movement and works as a controller for games) I decided to recreate it with budget as low as possible (and hopefully to release blueprints so no other poor soul will ever overpay again) So, my idea for it (stolen from a homemade "touchscreen" concept) would be to make the bowl out of some more or less opaque material, put LEDs on shoes and some camera (cheap webcam) underneath it all, in such manner that light from LEDs close to the surface would be visible (therefore trackable) but not much other light would be (so actual tracking is not a jittery pain in the ass later). Biggest problem is, I don't know where to get the bowl to start with. It has to be slippery and have slight curvature, but not too steep because who wants to stand in effectively an equivalent of a foot-wide hole in the ground. Does someone here know where to start at? low price is the priority. Come to think of it, the bowl itself could be transparent, given that LEDs are infra-red ones and that we put a piece of photographic film over the webcam so that infra-red is all it sees. Is it completely dumb to not worry about the frame now, and giving yourself an excuse that without the bowl it all won't start anyway? If we get somewhere I'll post progress, either here on on another thread, is this one to die.

Kill me pls

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>be me >18 >fresh out of highschool >not many friends >invited to party >ohfme.jpeg >decide to go >it's a nerd party >I know some people there >but I see a girl >6/10 would do >she comes up to me >we get to know each other >huge boner >longstoryshort.jpeg she ended up asking ME on a date. >we went to Taco Bell >we go on regular dates for 2 months >one day we kiss >she calls me one day wanting to talk to me about something >lolok.jpeg >she says that she makes meth and smokes it >I said ok trying to be cool with it >"I want you to help me make some" >trying to not let her down I agree >I go to her house, there are barrels and masks everywhere >she stars mixing various chemicals while I sit down >I hear knock at the door, but they are violent knocks >"NYPD OPEN THE DOOR" > holy fucking shit it's the cops >she looks at me and told me to run to the basement >we lock the door and the police are upstairs >mystealth.gif >knocking on basement door >"OPEN THE DOOR" >suddenly alpha instincts kick in >I open the door >cop busts me in the face >I stagger back >"GET ON THE FUCKING FLOOR" >I slowly lower myself, and motion gf to do the same >we are on our stomachs >police gets in my ear and stars to whisper something >"walk the dinosaur"
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Is this a good build for $820? I already have a monitor. CPU:Intel Core i7 4770K Haswell Processor 3.5 GHz Quad-Core 256KB LGA1150/Socket H3 GPU:NVIDIA GALAXY GEFORCE 2GB GTX 650TI BOOST 650 Ti Boost GTX 650 NEW RAM:16GB DDR3 DESKTOP RAM 2X8GB 1333MHz SSD:Crucial M4 128 GB,Internal,2.5" (CT128M4SSD2) (SSD) SATA 3 Solid State Drive HD:Western Digital WD20EZRX 2TB Sata 6 Gbs 3.5" Green Hard Drives TOWER:LDiablotek EVO RPA-6170 Black 0.6mm SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case MB:ASRock Z87 PRO3 LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

Road Bike Restoration

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Hey /diy/, I recently bought a bike relatively cheap off kijiji, and I'm fixin to restore it to something that looks more like pic related. I've looked up online best ways to go about this, and I bought a book on road bike maintenance, but I was just wondering if anyone here had any pointers or advice that might save me some hairpulling? Also, the bike itself is completely roadworthy, other than the back break pads needing to be replaced, I just wanna spruce her up real nice
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Hello, /diy/. Mead maker here, finished my first batch of desert mead, and would appreciate suggestions for how to flavor my next batch. First batch was simple orange and honey, with allspice, etc. Considering juniper and jasmine for my next batch, but open to suggestions. Currently only have a 5 gallon carboy, so I can only make this shit 5 gallons at a time. Have heard rave reviews from family, friends, and experienced wine tasters alike. Again, open to suggestions, so I'd love to hear them! Thanks! Pic related, though, not mine.
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hi /diy/ i have a pool and i want to paint the tiles any recommendations?
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How can I create my own Toilet Paper dispenser, so that it "dispenses paper" when I swear to it?


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Alright so my pals room has is carpeted but has ripped parts and smells like shit due to a dog that used to live in the room. Can we simply rip the carpet and leave the smooth concrete underneath? I realize it'll get cold as shit but does it really matter besides that? If so, are there any cheap alternatives to flooring? Wood and tiles are expensive as shit.
Hey /DIY/!This thread is about... 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey /DIY/! This thread is about cooler stereos (or bike, cart, etc). Post yours and about your experience making them! I am currently designing a small waterproof one using an engel 13qt drybox/cooler, a pair of Pyle marine 6.5s and a single Pyle marine 6x9 (bridged) on a 300w 4 channel Nitro mini amp. I am worried about the battery though. The biggest that will fit is a 12v 18ah scooter battery. Do you think that will be big enough?
Since I've got shit ton... 9 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Since I've got shit ton of jumbo-sized paperclips, I thought that I might be able to make a rudimentary ALU almost purely out of them (No electrical influence), has anyone made Logic gates out of paper clips before? Pic related is my attempt at making an AND gate out of them.
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Hey /diy/nosauers. I'm a noob at electronics, but quick question: I have a small solar panel which says [pic related] on the back. Can I use it for charging a 12V motorcycle battery?
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Hi /diy/ i bought a shitload of resistors from some guys on ebay who was selling random electronic packs and some of my resistors have a vertical line like this one on picture, what does that mean is that a special resistor ?
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i have a question can i use a 2.2kw variable frequency drive to run a 200w ac induction motor ? will it overpower the motor , or would it just draw as much power as it needs ? thanks

Independent contractor

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Hi guys, dunno if any of you have any experience with this, but I dunno where else to start asking. I'm in college, and I started working for this property management company. I've been doing handyman/construction work my entire life (my family owns investment property). In the past I've been an actual employee, but for this company I am an independent contractor. I don't carry insurance or bonds because I've never needed to before. This guy who I'm now working with/for only pays $18/hr, which is fine for me since I can set my own hours and stuff, but I guess he's been disgruntled in the past that none of his contractors are willing to bear the cost of materials until they're billed back, don't carry insurance, etc. I know for a fact that people who do those things charge a lot more than $18/hr, at least around here. The cheapest I can think of that might is 25/hr, but honestly I'd say that for someone that's insured, bonded, and willing to eat materials until they can bill it back, those guys are probably closer to $35/hr or up. So my question is this: Since the owner of the company seems like a cheap, stingy bastard, I could see how protecting myself would be in my best interests. Is there anything I can do if he decides to try and sue me over something? I obviously won't do any jobs that I'm not comfortable with, but is there a liability waiver or something that I should look into? Thanks in advance, sorry if I was a little wordy.
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Okay, so /diy/ anyone here ever build a mechanical box mod, raptor chip box mod, or OKT chip box mod or any box mod for vaping at all? If yes, I need help. I want to make my own a mech box and then a raptor chip box mod but need help with it on parts and wiring. Pic related I want to make one like that with copper strand wire for the mech.
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Today I pulled the tarp off my pool and I filled the reservoir. I tried to prime the pump but the water doesn't flow through the system. It's a Hayward Vari-Flo XL. The next two posts will be photos of how it's set up. I don't see any leaks in the system. I am using a pool cleaner to grab the grime I've scraped off the bottom. I cleaned the filters and cleared any debris. I cleaned the main intake at the bottom of the pool too. What could it be? Does anyone here have experience installing/replacing pool pumps?

Laptop self servicing help

Laptop self servicing help 4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey /diy/ so I need some Laptop service help. Short and sweet Problem >Own VAIO Flip 15" Laptop >Previously opened laptop to service >feel like when opened, shell lifted headphone port >Now only plays through headphones if pressed hard and held Is this an easy fix? is it worth the hassle of opening my PC again? Longer version, I opened my Laptop to fix a power button issue but when I opened the laptop I felt the shell slightly lift the headphone port up. didnt think much of it at the time but now I realize the headphone jack doesnt work unless I press hard and hole in the headphones to the jack. I dont want to send it back to sony because the last time I did (for the power button issue), it took a month to fix. Now I ask, is this an easy fix or a common thing to happen? Can I just press the headphone jack down and it will be secure and play correctly? If I have to end it back I will but id really like to just fix this myself. Please help. Thanks all. The video is of my laptop being opened so you can see how the inside is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFxufF4LSS0
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