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So we all agree that strawbale is the best material if your country has code for it, right?
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Is there anything in the law which says that I cannot try to make my own medicines, specifically antibiotics? These would only be used by me. Nobody else. I would not allow anybody else to use them and all the testing would be done on me. I speciffically aim to make penicillin using the mould from a cantaloupe
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Does anyone have an idea on where I can purchase gears/spurs and racks in person? I need two very small racks and spurs to create a project that I'm doing. I would like to weld each of the tracks to two tiny rods and have the middle square be attached to four spurs that run along the tracks. The entire length must be six inches, the track itself must fit inside 1/4th of an inch and be as wide as 1.5 inches. I live near most major hardware stores but I can't seem to have any luck. Are there specialty stores that I can go to? (NYC/Long Island)


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Hey /diy/ planning to build an aquaponics system probably going to use tilapia since the climate here is pretty suitable for them, willing to buy about 50-70 fish the thing is I want to know what size of tank & how many square meteres of growbeds I will be able to sustain, the general idea i've seen is the ratio of fish food per grams (per day) to the grow beds by square meteres should be from 60-100, but I don't know how many grams of fish food 50-70 fish will eat (per day).
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Hi folks, complete neonate to this topic and could use some help. I keep hermit crabs as pets. I've just added a fifth crab to this ten-gallon aquarium they've been in for the past 5 years. It's beginning to be a little cramped. Rather than simply buy a bigger aquarium, I kind of want to make some kind of an extension like you'd see for gerbil/hamster cages with a tube that would lead to another similarly sized tank. It would be nice because I could isolate new crabs and also rearrange their environment more often. I'm sure I could find some servicable plastic tubing somewhere, but I don't know how to go about making a hole in the glass of the aquarium. II'd like to make it a pretty big one. Is such a thing even possible? Appreciate any advice.

need help deciding...

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So /diy/, my grandma died last year and left me $40k. A friend of mine has a 70x16 1972 mobile home available for $500. Note, its not perfect, needs some work. There are five small weak spots in the floor, but I know how to read a tape and swing a hammer. It needs appliances. There's a small number roof leak, but I know how to hot mop. I found a parcel of land, three lots with a double wide foundation on one of them, city water and electricity on location, about 15 miles from the trailer's current site. It's $16.5k, $100 annual property tax. Is this a doable project? I'd like to have enough left to get a Prius.
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Okay, so, I don't know if this means anything but I installed a new shower head as my other one was falling apart. It's actually the one pictured here. When I turn off the water, some water comes out where I've circled in the picture. I've tried tightening the nut more but it doesn't seem to make a difference. When the shower's running it's fine and it doesn't drip when it's off so it's not a HUGE deal but I don't know what to do to fix it or if it needs fixing.
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This motor is off of an outdoor box fan. Can anyone tell me what that black box mounted on the side of the fan is called? What it's purpose is? Can it be eliminated? Any info is appreciated.
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Do you play Fallout? Do you want to have youre own Nuka Cola? Pic shows a liquid that look like in the game...bought it in the Netherlands for 50 cents. What do you think?


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How does one make BigDog?
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Say I were an outside machinist at a shipyard (kinda like an industrial maintenance tech.) looking for "moonlighting" work. How might I go about getting side work? I don't have much experience in automotive other than working on my own truck and I don't own auto-specific tools. Marine engines are not my forte, but given a manual specific to the model, I can handle it. Picture somewhat related, it's of a boat I helped fix way back when I was a greenhorn at the trade.
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hey /diy/ been working on this here anvil for a while and im thing instead of killing another file on this thing i was just going to get a new steel top but on it, i think its iron (not sure it rot, or cast) but would welding a steal top plate on it make it more useful, because i know cast iron anvil are pretty much useless for anything other than looking cool, would i still have to worry about it cracking its not very big only like 50 pounds also weekly blacksmithing, forging and metal working thread
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Hi /diy/ I want to make an arcade stick that turns on an LED when I do either one of 2 specific combos within 1 second. I don't know where to start searching and my googlefu is taking me nowhere, I don't know much about microcontrollers and I feel that an Arduino is too much for such a small job. Where do I start?
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http://ineedmoremoney.yolasite.com/ I made this website(took long as fuck) for accepting paypal donations. Provide proof of donating more than $5 USD and I'll record myself doing anything you ask
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Can you guys help me do my mother a favor? The entertainment center holding this tv used to be like 4 feet taller with lots of shelves and doors and stuff. My mother bought this big screen and had to take the top part of the entertainment center down to be able to fit the tv in the living room. But now you can see a hole in the wall she used to split the signal between the living room and kitchen. She wants to cover the hole. My idea was to make a little hollow platform they she could also use to put the remote controls and stuff. (I'll post a pic in next post). My problem with this is I'm not sure how to make it strong enough to support the tv. Any suggestions? Or any other ideas for a quick fix? She doesn't want to hang it on the wall
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>>>/wsg/429823 This is fascinating; I want to make that does something like this. It looks like the pod's walls are rolled and unraveled under tension, and it 'explodes' by rolling the walls really fast. How would I build something that does this? What kind of material could these be made from?
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Hi /diy/, i'm a first-timer here, i asked on /g/ first but they pointed me here: i know very little about electronics (high school level stuff) and i'd like to get into it. Like designing circuits and stuff. Can i make it for the end of this summer? I'd like to build something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IFOuKHjjos pic unrelated
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Hey /diy/ /k/ommando here. Any one have any plans for a simple bunk bed? wanna make one for my two kids. Cant find one i like with google. Also would 2x4s or other basic lumber be ok?
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Hello /diy/ Just broke my blinds. I'm renting this place and I'm poor as shit for now, and the blinds are around 2m wide and probably hard to find. Any chance I can fix it? The "plank" at the bottom snapped in half where the plastic screw thing goes in when I slightly pulled down on the middle because it got stuck. Need a picture?
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does anyone on /diy/ build guitar pedals or tube amps? post your builds or share any interesting schematics for some fuzzboxes. overdives etc.
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