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>tfw you have one of these monstrosities in your bedroom in your parents house >slept on this thing with a twin mattress for the first 18 years of my life before going to college >parents trying to get rid of it now >the thing is in an upstairs bedroom and weighs probably 250-300 pounds of solid oak even after taking out the drawers and unscrewing the endpieces >looks like
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Ok so this is my lock and I rly need help locking it without a key, since my roommates don't respect my privacy at all

giving home theater bluetooth

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I want to connect my bluetooth Monster Clarity to my Yamaha receiver. The way I want it connected is from an aux I cut and soldered to the bluetooth speaker wires and connect it through the front aux input on the receiver. The speaker itself is modified since there is no default output connection. I spliced an extra aux cord into the two bluetooth speaker's wires (right red, white left and the one black negative on the left speaker's negative. My problem was the sound was flat and distorted. So I removed the output connection from the speakers so the aux is directly connected to the bluetooth signal. The connection still has bad distortion and sounds flat. I had successful modding some old bluetooth headphones with the system without this issue, but it only ran off of the battery power. I could not keep it connected while charging. This bluetooth speaker works even while charging. I don't know why there is still distortion, its just like the connection I made with the headphones. Am i suppose to connect the two negative wires that went to the bluetooth speakers to the one negative aux cord i spliced?
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https://bitcoinstarter.com/projects/795 3D printers general, mainly RepRaps Also hopefully someone can support our worker owned coop business.
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Hi folks, complete neonate to this topic and could use some help. I keep hermit crabs as pets. I've just added a fifth crab to this ten-gallon aquarium they've been in for the past 5 years. It's beginning to be a little cramped. Rather than simply buy a bigger aquarium, I kind of want to make some kind of an extension like you'd see for gerbil/hamster cages with a tube that would lead to another similarly sized tank. It would be nice because I could isolate new crabs and also rearrange their environment more often. I'm sure I could find some servicable plastic tubing somewhere, but I don't know how to go about making a hole in the glass of the aquarium. II'd like to make it a pretty big one. Is such a thing even possible? Appreciate any advice.
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So... I'm starting to get flies in my house and I guess it doesn't really bother me too much but it's freaking my mama out. I've been just killing them with my fly swatter but I'm guessing there's going to be alot all summer long so what are the best types of traps/baits/repellents to use and where am I suppose to place them?
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Any homebrewers out there? I was thinking of picking up homebrewing as a hobby. I'm wondering which starter kit I should by if any. Does anybody have any tips?
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Hullo Would making gymnastics parallel bars like pic related from plumbing pipe/iron pipe/galvanized steel pipe be feasible? Or would wood (next pic) be better?
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i play soccer for hours on end and i'm starting to worry about my joints. would it be a good idea to cut open my bike's padding addon and take the white jelly stuff and put them in my cleats? the thing is already ripped and that shit usually falls on the floor and i have to pick it up anyways. it'd be a waste to throw it away. anyone have any ideas how to make that stuff contour to the sole of my shoe? i wandered if heating it up to the point of melting would allow me to mold it to the right shape somehow. it doesn't take much for it to melt, i've seen bits of it flake off into my dad's truck and come back to see those bits melted the next day from the sun for those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about, it's this thing in the picture that you can put on and remove from the seat. it has this white jelly thing that is really squishy. i'm looking to buy a replacement for it and use the current torn up one for the shoes
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Hello /diy/ Is it worth buying a kit to make fruit wine? What are all these other chemicals in the kits from midwest brewing for?
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Wow. Long time lurker, first time poster. I can't believe I am finally getting the courage to post on your board! I really think you guys are cool and I hope we can get along. The question that brings me here is this: What do you do yourself?
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hey /diy/ So I am building a coffee cart. The structure is already built. Framed with 2 x 4s and plywood and finshed with some nice stained pine. It looks pretty awesome, but is useless until I install the electric and some light plumbing. Requesting some help with building the electrical system today. My expierience with this is fairly limited to installing a couple outlets. I am unfamiliar with load capacities of wires and such. I need to run the following things: Grinder(used sporadically but plugged in at all times): 115v 13.4a 1541w Grinder 2(same usage as grinder #1): 110v 650w Espresso machine(always on): 110v 2070w Water Heater(always on but saw a claim that it only uses 50w once water is already heater): 120v 800w Water heater(always on): 120v 1000 watts water pump: 115v 100w There will probably be a couple other random things such as water filters, softeners or lights that are relativley low power usage. So I would like to put together a system that ties together about 8 outlets that will be powered by a single plug. Initial plan was just to tail a couple 15 or 20 amp outlets off a GFI but I am unsure of how heavy wire I will need. Do I need to make an electrical panel? Power source requirments for plugging into builing or heavy generator? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey /diy/ folks heres a question I've got a cheap ass portable air compressor (pic related). Not sure how much power it draws but it only draws power from a car cigarette lighter socket. I saw some cheap $3 AC to Car lighter socket adapters on dx but they're only good for outputting 500mA. I have no idea how much power this thing draws from the lighter socket. Any ideas?
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What's the most efficient way to go about if I want to try rooftop farming? A cheap and lightweight solution is what I'm looking for here.

Replacing solder pads

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I fucked up, /diy/ I was working on modding something with surface mount components- I haven't worked with these very much, but in the past I haven't had much of an issue. I needed to solder a wire onto the bottom half of a resistor for an extra data connection, and I accidentally ended up removing the resistor. A little of toying around trying to get the resistor back on and I noticed- the pads had completely unstuck themselves from my board and now I can't solder anything where I need to. How do I unfuck myself? Replacing the board's not an option because it's extremely rare and sorta valuable (also, I assume that that's a resistor given my knowledge, let me know if I'm wrong
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Hello! Realizing this might appear as a somewhat laughable question, I'm going to ask anyway. So long story short. My roomie is hosting a party. I won't be home. Roomie's friends are assholes and they've ravaged my room before. I collect antique books, hence I am not exactly pleased. Our doors are able to lock, however the previous owners painted everything on the doors, including locks. So my question is, is there an easy way to dissolve the paint so I can lock my door and go on vacation with a peaceful mind? pic unrelated
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Not sure if this board is the right place to post this. But I moved into a new apartment and it has this type of floor which we are trying to clean. I have no idea what it's called, or how to clean some black stains that it has here and there. Thanks.
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Yesterday I rode my motorcycle to work. Unfortunately, when I got home I noticed there were a bunch of black spots all over the bottom of my right pant leg. They were khaki pants, so the stains are really obvious. Are there any way to get the stains out? Putting them through the clothes washer didn't seem to work, they're slightly fainter but still there.
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What is the best way to give yourself a tattoo?
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What does diy think about this in an rv? http://www.daichstore.com/spreadstone-countertop-finishing-kit/
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