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>tfw you have one of these monstrosities in your bedroom in your parents house >slept on this thing with a twin mattress for the first 18 years of my life before going to college >parents trying to get rid of it now >the thing is in an upstairs bedroom and weighs probably 250-300 pounds of solid oak even after taking out the drawers and unscrewing the endpieces >looks like
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Ok so this is my lock and I rly need help locking it without a key, since my roommates don't respect my privacy at all

Mold Making/ Casting

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Does anyone here have experience in mold making? I found a few great posts on google, but wanted some 'first hand' experience If that makes sense. Curious as to the kind of molds used, materials, what is easiest to cast material wise (rubber, silicone, plastic etc)... If it helps, I'm looking to try and cast tiny figurines/toys that would hopefully be sort of 'bendable' or stretchy... Thank you in advanced!

Football throwing machine

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hey /diy/ i´ve practiced football for a while and want to build my first football throwing/passing machine. current state of project only a bunch of metal pipes and parts waiting for welding will post advances trying to keep money at lowest recycling pieces of metal YES IM A CHEAP FAG
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https://bitcoinstarter.com/projects/795 3D printers general, mainly RepRaps Also hopefully someone can support our worker owned coop business.
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>pulling apart pallets >nails have been driven below the surface of the wood >wood splinters when trying to pull it off
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Hi folks, complete neonate to this topic and could use some help. I keep hermit crabs as pets. I've just added a fifth crab to this ten-gallon aquarium they've been in for the past 5 years. It's beginning to be a little cramped. Rather than simply buy a bigger aquarium, I kind of want to make some kind of an extension like you'd see for gerbil/hamster cages with a tube that would lead to another similarly sized tank. It would be nice because I could isolate new crabs and also rearrange their environment more often. I'm sure I could find some servicable plastic tubing somewhere, but I don't know how to go about making a hole in the glass of the aquarium. II'd like to make it a pretty big one. Is such a thing even possible? Appreciate any advice.
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So... I'm starting to get flies in my house and I guess it doesn't really bother me too much but it's freaking my mama out. I've been just killing them with my fly swatter but I'm guessing there's going to be alot all summer long so what are the best types of traps/baits/repellents to use and where am I suppose to place them?
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Alright fellas. Looking to build a pedal board that is reasonable weight because I don't want to pay 100$ for a pedaltrain or more expensive option. I need something around the same size as the JR model. They make theirs out of aluminim alloy tubing. Looking more for supply and conveniency ideas than a full out design.

Custom machined gauges

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my buddy wears gauges and he asked if i could custom machine him some what considerations should i make for this and what stock should i choose that would look nice but not be harmful to him


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I bought a year license to this software which normally costs $4000 and it expired. The dongle that came with it is pretty useless now, too. http://www.livesforce.com/Easytoy_eng.html http://www.livesforce.com/PatternImage.html Basically, it lets you specify seams on a 3D model and then does a sort of "unwrap" to make a 2D pattern. When it works, it works REALLY well. Regular 3D programs that do a UV unwrap don't quite work as well. Even options such a Pepakura aren't really the same. I want to release this out onto the internet in hopes that someone will crack it and make it available for the masses. $4000 is WAY too much for this software. I'd gladly pay $50-$100 for it. As far as I know, nobody has ever had a working edition of the English version PatternImage available that is cracked. Here is a link to EasyToy and PatternImage, that's locked behind a login/signup screen. The HASP dongle driver software is included as well, in case that helps. GO CRAZY: https://www.mediafire.com/?72rc07t10td8pd9
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Any homebrewers out there? I was thinking of picking up homebrewing as a hobby. I'm wondering which starter kit I should by if any. Does anybody have any tips?
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hi /diy/. I want to be an autodidact. I do not want to attend school, indebt myself, and come to no fruition. In the time it would take me to do my re-assessed degree (8 years, originally was physics and german/french but I would add political science and philosophy) I could learn much more than that and work at the same time. I could pay off my debt within a year and save up, and by the 4th or so year I could travel. Anyone have resources to help me? I know of things like khanacademy and such, I prefer large collections such as below: openculture.com/freeonlinecourses quantizd.blogspot.ca/p/so-you-want-to-become-physicist.html physicsdatabase.com/book-list-by-title academicearth.org/online-college-courses I've been collecting books, too. I have a whole course on world history focusing on communism and marxist ideology, lots about genetics and biology, political strategy, etc. and a lot of other books. even a textbook on canadian politics and a bunch of canadian history books (home country), a book about what the 'self' is, and a copy of a bunch of dialogues by Plato. I feel as if I will never get to read these if I don't do this. I feel as if I will never learn quick enough. Help me, /diy/. I don't want to be a slave.

From Seed to Smoke

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Hello /diy. I'm browsing 4chan for a while and i thaugth you are the best guys to ask. Did anyone buld his own growbox? I have a buget of 70eur and want a small growbox. For two plants (lowriders). First of all how is with blueprints (height, width, length) ? How is with air circulation, is it two vents 120mm enough? If I put alu-foil, will it burn the leaves? Witch bulp should I use, i know it shold be HPS, but how many Watts? I really want it to be wooden. Anyways any suggestion would be welcome.
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What's the most efficient way to go about if I want to try rooftop farming? A cheap and lightweight solution is what I'm looking for here.
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Hey /diy/, I want to make one of these, a throttle for my flightstick, because the only real options are pretty expensive. The actual throttle bit looks easy enough, just a potentiometer on a hinge, that'll be no real trouble to make out of wood. As are all of the buttons, a few hat switches and analog switches can be easily linked up to an arduino or teensy to control the whole thing through software. My issue is in what to build the handrest out of. The ideal would be some cheap, light plastic product I can buy in a similar shape, drill a few holes through, and mount with no problems. But I can't really seem to find anything like it. Any ideas?
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Hello! Realizing this might appear as a somewhat laughable question, I'm going to ask anyway. So long story short. My roomie is hosting a party. I won't be home. Roomie's friends are assholes and they've ravaged my room before. I collect antique books, hence I am not exactly pleased. Our doors are able to lock, however the previous owners painted everything on the doors, including locks. So my question is, is there an easy way to dissolve the paint so I can lock my door and go on vacation with a peaceful mind? pic unrelated
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Not sure if this board is the right place to post this. But I moved into a new apartment and it has this type of floor which we are trying to clean. I have no idea what it's called, or how to clean some black stains that it has here and there. Thanks.

what are these holes for?

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What are these holes at the bottom of my front door for /diy/? painting front door and about to sand but considered filling these holes first (my next door neighbour has his filled), but don't want to be a complete noob if they're for something important
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Yesterday I rode my motorcycle to work. Unfortunately, when I got home I noticed there were a bunch of black spots all over the bottom of my right pant leg. They were khaki pants, so the stains are really obvious. Are there any way to get the stains out? Putting them through the clothes washer didn't seem to work, they're slightly fainter but still there.
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