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Supplemental AC Condenser Water Mister Cooler?

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Found this web page while doing an image search; http://jeffrieselectric.net/that-is-shocking/mister-water-or-water-mister/ It's a DIY water mister system that provides additional cooling to the AC condenser, greatly lowering the electric bill. I'm thinking I'd like to do this (but with small diameter copper tubing) but it seems to me there needs to be some kinda automatic control for the water mister, as I ain't going to run out and turn the water on / off every time the AC kicks on / off. What say you, /diy/? From the web page: "Years ago I helped a restaurant to keep the lights on in their business by lowering the electric load to the air conditioning. The main breaker had tripped on a hot day and the whole restaurant went dark. As I diagnosed the reason the main breaker was tripping, I found the building was not designed to handle the heat load from all the people and the stoves that had been brought in for the kitchen. When they added extra AC units to keep the dining room cool, it overloaded the main system and the breaker tripped. I suggested they use a water hose on the roof to lower the temp to the overheated AC units. When they sprayed the AC units, the electric load dropped immensely. I learned that day, that the cooling effect of rain or water on the AC unit is quite large. My measurements showed an energy savings of 22% and more. WOW ! This saved the day for the resturant and they were in business for many years and never did upgrade the electrical system."
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I am having trouble with clear resin. it dries hard but the out side is somewhat sticky, so it will pick up dust and stick to things and end up mucky ruining the purpose of having it clear
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hello /dyi/ on local craigslist someone sells a yamaha xt250 for about 650$. up until now i have no additional details ill post them later when i get it. general purpose is to get into riding motorcycle and also to work on it as a hobby. am i being blunt and throwing cash away or do you think when i get this and the manual im good to go as a newbie /diy/ to start out? Machine is working thats all i know so far.
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You guys like interior design inspiration threads? I know I do, but I have pitifully few pics now thanks to a hard drive crash. So feel free to join in!
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Hi /diy/, I tried posting this in /g/ but all that I got was a lot of hate. I like this board, it's polite and full of good & patient anons, so bare with me (and excuse my bad English!) >laptop screen broke several months ago >removed it >using the computer with a monitor (via VGA) and a TV (via HDMI) (pic related) So, here's the idea: I'm gonna replace it soon and I'd like to transform this old machine in a dedicated live VST host. To do so, I already have: >a 2 rack unit case (similiar to pic related) >some fans in it to keep the case cool >audio\midi interface I already made a custom frame to keep the pc firmly blocked in the case, even when I'm moving it around. Temps are good (around 50-60° when working) Now, the only thing that remains to be settled is getting a form of video feedback. Since I can't bring with me a monitor because it's too bulky and would eventually broke up (during gigs I'm surrounded by savages), I came up with 2 options >usb powered monitors there's a lenovo one, but is too big, and there are Lillipad ones, but anyway these are too expensive(120-150 €) >LCD TFT car rearview\DVD monitor+RCAtoVGA adapter This combination seems to be a good choice, mainly because I already have a chinese adapter, and a 7'' screen costs me 30€, inc shipping. I know that the resolution is gonna be awful (480x234 pixels), but keep in mind that I only need a monitor to select\mute programs\patches\instruments, since I do all the editing at home. Do you think there's a better solution regarding video, /diy/? Some kind anon suggested me a VGA-ready car screen, but sadly it was on dx dot com, can't import it (because customs+VAT=killer combo). When the thing eventually comes together, I'll post results (sorry if I'll reply only tomorrow, It's late here and I'm going to bed)
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Hey /diy/ 1st thread so sorry if I do this wrong or break any rules. I'm looking for something to do with a wall. its a huge blank wall, its like idk 9 wide foot by 14 foot tall... any cool ideas? I'm really tired of looking at this fucking wall... I was thinking about a projector screen... if that narrows it down, I dont want anything cliche like a mural or that faggy chalkboard paint... other than that idk, any ideas?

Small wood shop / Japanese woodworking

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What would you put in a minimalist wood shop? I'm reorganizing my studio space, and while it's plenty big, with the editing bay, photo sweep, equipment racks, etc, I want to keep my woodworking bench *small*, and keep dust and noise to a minimum (I'm hoping to avoid power tools altogether, except for maybe a small drill press). Most of the projects I want to do are small--benches, chairs, modifying existing furniture, things like that. I'm also interested in Japanese tools and techniques--is there a good brand for "apprentice" tools (maybe sets) that I can look for to try it out without spending a grand on handmade saws and chisels?

Japanese Bettles.

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What are some good ways to keep these little bastards of my trees? I've been using the bag traps, but they're still treating my trees as an all you can eat buffet. Are there any kinds of repellants/sprays/powders out there that will kill/repel them?

my tvs fried

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basically my TV is fried its a Samsung LN32S403E4D im pretty sure it has something do with a thunderstorm that passed by recently because my router fried too. anyway the light signaling its on comes on but just dies away unless you plug it in and out be aware im n00b with tech but own a soddering iron and am cheap ass hell
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Can you open this thing up and close it again without too much damage? It's a vacuum cleaner motor. Took the vc apart because it was making a weird nose and want to learn more about electricity/electronics anyway. A vc is pretty simple and fun to start with, but I want to open the motor and possibly re-use. Anybody ever tried this? Can I do it with a normal screwdriver and hammer or something?
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My brother is going to go officially propose to his girlfriend tomorrow, they already have a date picked so its not a real proposal but still. Anyhow he's a starving university student and decided to make the engagement ring. I'm helping him because I have cnc machines and an annealing kiln at work. I know its a sin to destroy nearly 100 year old silver coins just for the metal but this was all last minute and I don't have another source of silver readily available. And before you ask no we don't really know what we are doing, I have only casted a tiny bit of aluminum before.

Can`t find blueprints

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/diy/, I need blueprints of guillotine like that were in the Middle Ages. Guillotine should be with such a hole for the head and trigger. It would be nice with sizes. I`m going to make it about the desktop scale for fingers and/or pinus. I think of materials use plywood and stationery knife blade. Need your advice.
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Hey /diy/ friends, first post here, so please bear with me. I'll try to keep this short. I'm trying to enter the pet food business, and after several other packaging disasters, I've decided on using retort pouches. I think I'm going to buy : http://www.homebutcher.com/meat-packaging-vacuum/vacmaster-vp215 It allows for evacuation of all oxygen, and can properly seal a retort pouch. My question to you guys is, do you have any experience with retort pouches or vacuum chamber sealers. My primary concern is that I won't be able to make the package look self presentable. Some of the videos I've seen show as the chamber equalizes, it contracts so fast that the pack takes the form of whatever is inside of it. I don't want to order a $1000 machine if that is the case. My fills will be almost liquid like meat, almost like the starkist tuna is after you open it. tl;dr Does anyone have experience with retort packaging.

1978 Pacer P-14

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Hey /diy/, I figured you'd be the best to go to with a moped question. Have you seen any service manuals for a Pacer P-14 moped circa 1978 anywhere online? I'v spent time seraching but I've only found the wiring diagram. I've asked the mopedarmy forum with no success. It has a LOT of slop in the swing arm which I think is due to the wrong bolt or bushing to mount the swing arm to the frame. I want to know what the correct hardware is to use. The bolts to attach the plate on the top of the fork too would be nice to know because I bought replacement ones like the ones that were in there and they were wrong. Thanks in advance.

Cigar Box Guitar

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I'm thinking of making myself a cigar box bass-guitar. Does anybody have any good tips?
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So I bought one of these a while ago for 50$. Not the one in the pic of course, that's a tablet of actual quality. But it's 9", has a white background (with some flowery-shit design), and has 1 awkwardly placed camera on the front. What should I do with it?
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I've seen threads about making an Iron Man suit. Why not a thread about Green Arrow? How doable is his arsenal? >Zipline Arrows >Smoke Arrows >Taser Arrows >etc
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So I'm drilling a hole through a bunch of 2x4s and something really bad happened. The drill stopped, I kept forcing it, but the drill started to smoke and is now dead. I looked in the hole and saw pic related. It also kind of chewed up my auger bit. How can I cut through that screw? any ideas?

Collection room ideas

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Hi, i am a retro toy and game console collector. i will be moving into a new house soon and i will have a new collection room for my toys, games and consoles, just wondering if anyone has any cool ideas of any cool and fun ways i could display my stuff or anything else 'collection room' related setups.
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