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Wooden Sword

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Well Hello guys, so i recently made a Wooden sword to beat the shit out of my friends and have fun (yaaaay). We belong to a HEMA group so dont worry guys we are trained semi profesionals. MATERIALS: --1x8x10.5 pine plank --2 small nails larfe enough to nail the crossguard and the sword --copping saw --wood sandpaper, at least 2 sheets --hammer --duct tape --pyrography pen This first pic is the sword finished If at least 2 guys show interest in this project i upload the photos and steps to build the sword
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Polishing Electronics

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I recently started polishing up some of my shiny electronics with a car polish. In particular the Nu Finish, once a year car polish that I had on hand. It's not a wax and non abrasive, gives it a good smooth finish, I even tested it on screen protectors and right on the screen and it works fine, and helps bead up water. Anyone think of a reason this might be bad in the long run? Do any of you have a better method for restoring and maintaining your electronics?
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Hey /diy/. I bought a little quadcopter yesterday to get my feet wet. Ultimately I'd like to build and especially program one myself, but you gotta start somewhere, right? So I was thinking to get some cheap RC toys first and try to "hack" their remotes and such. Are there any invaluable resources (tutorials, websites) I should be aware of? I'm a software dev and have some experience with writing firmware for ARM based gadgets with sensors and stuff, so that part can't be too hard I guess. But I don't know shit (except trivial stuff everybody knows) about the engineering / electrical engineering part. Specifically, I'd like to get an idea about the equations involved for calculating power/fuel usage per time related to weight and all that. But I don't know where to look for such basics because I lack the vocabulary to ask the right questions, if you know what I mean...
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Hello /diy/ I want to make a 3D model of a coat of arms to give it to a CNC machine. I have 2D pictures as well as an embossing of the related coat of arms. Is there any way to get at least the model done for a newbie on a free software? I have people for the CNC machine, they could also possible do the polishing of the data. But I have to do the main work. What do you think? Pic related, not my coat of arms but the result i want to have. Material should be some metal, and it will be used as a buckle in the end. Thx for your help
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>Reach into my pocket after work yesterday >Pull this out I realize this is probably a relatively simple fix, but I'm bad at coming up with solutions to this kind of stuff. Anybody know how I could fix this, and still be able to hang it on my keys without worry about breaking? Replacements are quite expensive. Thanks, /diy/.
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Greetings, /diy/ers! I want to get some tips on how to desoldering some leds from a PCB. Thats a homebrew option for removing the leds that came on my fan speed controller. Thanks in advance to everyone!

Audio amplifiers

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I'm pretty interested in electronics, just wondering if there is anyone out there with any resources that would teach me -from scratch- how to design and create a stereo amplifier and all the theory behind it.
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my local hobbyshop is closing down after over 60 years in business. They're having one huge close out sale on the third and everything must go. So my question is what do you think I should buy, they have everything from model kits to quadcopters and they will all be dirt cheap. I'm thinking of buying lots of tools like a high quality excel hobby knife set, model paints, miniature clamps, brushes and files. I really dont have many tools for general /diy/ stuff and I am hoping you guys could give suggestions on important things I should get while I can get them really cheap. I am also going to get models and hopefully make something like the pic. The store is Als Hobby Shop for any of you guys that live near chicago.
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I live in an apartment that has a column in the middle of the main space. Not quite as big as in the pic, but still rather massive. Pure concrete. I would like to turn it into a punching/kicking stand but I'm not sure what the best approach to take is. Ideally it would be something I can remove and put away when not in use. I was thinking of sewing a massive "pouch", filling it with something and tying it around the column. Not sure if this is the best approach and what I would fill the pouch with, however. Any ideas?

Garden hose storage

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/diy/, I need a way to store my 35-40m garden hose daily, but I've never had a garden hose before. This much hose is heavy and a pain in the arse to coil every single day, are most hose reels okay for daily use? My budget is around £20 at the moment and I'm worried that I fuck up and make a wrong choice. Any recommended brands, how do you store your hose?

¿Correlación o causalidad?

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Pozole y Coca Cola. ¿Se les ocurre algo más saludable?
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So /diy, time to change my cheap bench PSU. I already have a lovely transformer (24v@3A) and the preregulating will be done with some good old 2N3055 in parallel and a basic ripple filtering. Now about the interesting part, i was planning in doing the voltage and current control with PIC, and the control circuits made with opamps and transistors/fets (no lt3080 or other linear regulators bs). The current control is pretty straightfoward, so i don't have doubts about that, but the voltage regulation is another thing.. I found to designs I like, maybe with modifications, Both are here, http://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects/general-purpose-power-supply-design-7488/, the first in page 3 and the second in page 15. I like more the first one, any suggestions? critics? why should i not do that? why are you all fags? etc.
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I'm looking for a free pdf download or torrent of Contemporary Lampworking: A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame (Volume 1 and 2) Third Edition ISBN 0965897214, 9780965897211 Contemporary Lampworking Volume III ISBN-10: 0965897230 ISBN-13: 978-0965897235 I can't find any torrents or .pdf's that don't actually work and come with a ton of bloatware. I've asked elsewhere but no one responded. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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So I want to melt down some Aluminium Cans and do whatever with the metal afterward. Thing is, deciding how to do it. I've talked with a few people and personally decided that I may as well try using an insulated bucket with a hole in the side as the furnace. Options are to use the hole to feed air through a tube and feed charcoal, or to poke a home-made LPG burner (like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MQZ3WRB0rM ) But my friend seems to insist that I use a camping stove and an LPG heating torch to melt the cans. What would you suggest?
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Anyone converted a van into a living space? How do you manage to make it not stink like dirty pantsu?

ip67/68 connector advice

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so I've assembled this battery and attached the balancing leads for this 48v lifepo4 pack. it's going to have a case built around it probably with ply and epoxy. so what is a good water proof connector for say 30A max and also water proof. I am tempted to use solar panel connectors for their water resistance but is there an automotive or RC equivalent? the pack is 48v, 15Ah, the motor runs at 17A max continuous current.
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I'm pretty interested in making a tobacco pipe, but I want to make it out of a solid piece of wood, and I was wondering if I'd be able to use a lit ember to burn out the wood in order to hollow out the bowl and the stem of the pipe. Additionally, I was wondering if I could get any advice on how to pursue this from anyone else that's tried. Pic related, but for simplicity I want to give it a straight draw and let gravity do all of the work hollowing it out.
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Hi /diy/, I'm going to assemble, glue and paint some warhammer 40k fine cast. However I'm new to this sort of thing. What I have: >one glue for fine cast >the unassembled figures I'd like to paint them to the ultramarine colors, I've been browsing around, but I don't want to fuck it up, can anyone give me some pointers?

Xbox 360 Controller Skin

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My girlfriends birthday is coming up and I would like to get her a customized personal Xbox 360 controller, but I don't want to pay the ridiculous amount most sites are asking. I was think of printing out a cut out for the controller and attaching it to the face plate with some sort of adhesive. After it was attached I wanted to put some protective coating on it so it would last. Does anyone have any suggestions or methods I could use?
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