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/diy/ board - Do-It-Yourself - 2nd July 2014 at 18h

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I live in an apartment that has a column in the middle of the main space. Not quite as big as in the pic, but still rather massive. Pure concrete. I would like to turn it into a punching/kicking stand but I'm not sure what the best approach to take is. Ideally it would be something I can remove and put away when not in use. I was thinking of sewing a massive "pouch", filling it with something and tying it around the column. Not sure if this is the best approach and what I would fill the pouch with, however. Any ideas?

Garden hose storage

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/diy/, I need a way to store my 35-40m garden hose daily, but I've never had a garden hose before. This much hose is heavy and a pain in the arse to coil every single day, are most hose reels okay for daily use? My budget is around £20 at the moment and I'm worried that I fuck up and make a wrong choice. Any recommended brands, how do you store your hose?
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