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/diy/ board - Do-It-Yourself - 2nd July 2014 at 6h

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Electricians of /diy/

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>switch is in the off position after some searching I'm assuming there isn't enough load for the switches nightlight to stay on, after swapping the LED bulb for the old halogen they stay on solid I believe in the past CFLs made the switches flicker too but the bulb didn't flash like this... so do I change switches or some other solution so I can keep using my LED bulb without it dying needlessly?

ip67/68 connector advice

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so I've assembled this battery and attached the balancing leads for this 48v lifepo4 pack. it's going to have a case built around it probably with ply and epoxy. so what is a good water proof connector for say 30A max and also water proof. I am tempted to use solar panel connectors for their water resistance but is there an automotive or RC equivalent? the pack is 48v, 15Ah, the motor runs at 17A max continuous current.
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