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Upgrading Power Supply

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So, I have this power supply, 12V 1A, but my pcb needs 1.5 Amps. Is there a way to mod this power supply so it can provide 1.5 Amps ?

Gas mask waterpipe/hookah

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I just built a waterpipe out of an old soviet gas mask and some trash. It looks just like a regular gas mask outside. It can be placed inside a carrier bag while in use, so it's a quite mobile. It works better than I expected. I'll dump pics and I would like to hear what you think.
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Hey /diy/ I need help desiging a monitor mount. I've got a 21 inch computer monitor, and I'd like to mount it to the top of my bed. I previously did this with a plank with holes drilled in it, and a monitor mount on top, however I've recently lost said mount. Any sugestions on how I can do this on the cheep?

MiniSail boat part repair/construct

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This plastic part is from a 1960's sailboat; it holds the boom to the mast via the sail. It allows the boom to swing back and forth. You can see that one corner has been sliced away. How can I make a new one? Should I make a mold and cast using resin? Or would a 3D printer spit one out? It is 2" x 2.5" TIA!
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Just got a pipe from my uncles for my 18th birthday, it being a family tradition for all the of age men of the family to sit around and smoke at family gatherings. Thing is, I don't like buying tobacco because I really don't know what's in it. I was thinking of setting up some sort of hydroponic tobacco growing system, but even if I did that, I have no idea how to treat it. I'd really like to know what I'm smoking, so can I get some help with either one of these steps?
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Hey guys, I wanna build a boat. I know how to weld. Not really a good aluminum welder but I know ppl how can help me out. Do any of you know where I can find free boat designs or blue prints. Everything I find they ask money. (pic related I perf want something like that)
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I've got a problem: in 8 hours, i will be departing to a small festival for 10 days. The place is on a grass field, by a river, surrounded by forest. I will need to build a tent for myself. All the stores are closed, and won't open until after my departure, so all the materials i have available are at my apartment or found in nature. So, how can i build a tent that will keep water and bugs away? My idea so far: gather small stones from river for foundation. Staple together some plastic bags from home and put them above the stone layer. Put 3 large sticks in the ground, that will support themselves. My biggest problem so far is how to find a cover over my head, against possible rain and high humidity in the mornings. I will be checking google and this thread for ideas for 8 hours.
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Sooooo my friend and I are trying to set up a Mesh Net system. We were gonna use HAM radio to set it up. Would Baofeng stuff work? Other radios? Or what other hardware would work for this? Pic unrelated
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Good evening /diy/ I'm an amateurish blacksmith practicing my pattern welding and was wondering if anyone knows any good steels to use. Google gives some info, but most of it is about making knives and swords and other stabby things, while what I want is just something that looks good and is clearly visible. Also, what's the best way to expose the grain? Polishing? Etching? Polishing then etching? Etching then polishing? Ritual sacrifice?
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So my father has been going through his mid-life crisis and is going off of the deep end. His job just shitted on his life by switching his shifts, a tree fell in the back of his house and messed up his patio, and the recent snow storm destroyed his driveway. I did my best to clean up the backyard for him, but I honestly have no idea how to pave a driveway by myself. He does not have the money to do it, and neither do I due to being a full time student. How much does it typically cost to buy the materials to pave a driveway? It's about 14 feet long and 10 feet wide. Is there a way that I could gather the materials in a cheap way? I seriously can't afford anything expensive unless I raised some sort of money to get materials or have it done. I really feel like it would lift his spirits if I were able to do this for him. If you guys have any ideas, please let me know on here, or via email - acrylicdrip@aol.com Picture related, but not his driveway.
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Hi everybody, I'm creating my own website with HTML5 and CSS right now. I've nearly completed the basic design and I was wondering which host I should use, what the costs will likely be, how to add a forum to the website, and how to take donations. It's a nonprofit site, and before I launch it I'm going to use Legal Zoom or something like it to complete the paperwork. So any advice on nonprofit start ups would be great too. Thanks.
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hia /diy/ whats the best sound insulation / board / panel thing to use for blocking the sound from a room. i was looking at this stuff but im not sure if it is any good, or whether i should use it with and extra layer of wall aswell. http://www.audimutesoundproofing.com/soundproof-wall-sound-deadening-insulation.aspx

how to stop smoking cigar!

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How to stop smoking with BONAA!: http://youtu.be/5OElYf6mjZo
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I have a few metal chests (81mm mortar ammo cans) that I need to drill a bunch of holes in (6 holes each, 3 cases) to mount hinges onto. Since this is a one off thing, I don't want to spend much money on it. Never drilled steel before, one aluminum once for a PC mod. Would I be better off picking up a cheap hand drill and slowly working my way through, or picking up a shitty harbor freight drill and some step drillbits? Final holes are going to be 1/4" In case anyone is interested >drill holes >JB weld hardware to box (already did this, thinking it would hold, but it busted when I was camping, despite about 4 sq inches of properly done JB weld) >coat bolt threads in JB weld >bolt hardware to box >cut off protruding bolt when cured I can provide pics of previous failure of so desired.
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I'm starting an internship at a fire department, and what I tasked with doing is organizing files and folders to get them ready for scanning. Is there a scanner and/or software that can convert the scanned pages into text, or automatically into folders via their content?
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sup guys, Im a complete beginner when it comes to electronic circuitry and was simply wondering if this parallel circuit would run successfully, i may have not added all the information needed to determine if it would run so i can give more if you need it
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Shower handle fell off and won't go back on. Googled it and a bunch of stuff about busting open the wall and fiddling with stuff in there popped up. Help?

Setting Up Outdoor Hose Timer (Sprinkler Box) Protection/Shield?

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Hi /diy/ I recently bought an Orbit Automatic Yard Watering Kit (Digital Hose Timer with valves) so I can automate my watering and not have to do it manually since I will be gone during the week. I simply program the digital timer that is connected to the hose and my drip irrigation line(s) and then it automatically waters for a specific amount of time (e.g. 15 minutes) up to 3 times a day. I am worried because I live in Southern California where it gets extremely hot and we are about to have a heatwave (100F+ weather) and I'm worried about my main line for the drip irrigation parts (since they are colored black) and what the extreme heat could do to my timer and the filter/backflow preventer/main hose line from the faucet so I wanted to know if you guys had suggestions on how to protect this area from the extreme heat as best and as cheaply as possible as well as protect the hose timer from the rain when that eventually comes along. I need to create some kind of guard/protection area that blocks sunlight and rain from this area and also allows me easy access to the hose area and to program the timer when necessary. This part of the yard gets full sunlight over half of the day and I'd like to keep these parts in working condition for as long as possible without having the weather destroy it so quickly. If you guys have suggestions on how to protect this area with anything from around the home or other quick fixes for it or maybe you have one of these digital hose timers outside and also shield it from the weather, can you let me know what you do? The hose is about 15"-16" from the wall and the hose is about 2' to 2.5' above the ground. My connection chain is: hose -> 4-port manifold/digital timer -> valve(s) -> backflow preventer -> hose swivel adapter -> drip irrigation filter system -> pressure regulator -> hose swivel adapter -> drip irrigation hose line to the garden. All parts are about 1.5' when connected at a ~30 degree angle outward from the faucet.

Solar power help

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Hey /diy/, I would like to invest in an off-grid solar power supply in hopes that it can supply a grow light throughout my plants light cycles. Im not too sure what amount I should have to cover for the grow light system (up to 600 watts which would be on 24/7 for 1-2 months, then 12 hours per day for 1 month) as well on what parts I should use along with the panels for minimal power loss and proper storage for the light cycles.
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