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Hey /diy/ How practical would it be to resole my leather boots? These are Canadian army boots which I use for outdoors and reenacting. The tread has worn to where climbing any muddy slope becomes a challenge. Winter is even worse. The leather is good, the sole is the only issue. If I find it feasible to resole with a new treaded sole I may take it another step and add a hob nail sole instead in the style of WW2 German styled ankle boots as thats half the reason I have them for reenacting.

Measure rubber band force

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Ok /diy/ I need a way to measure rubberband tension in real time. The rubber bands will be wrapped around rollers either fixed or mobile (shown in black). And they can be wrapped in either configuration 'A' or 'B' that is wrapped around completely or just pulling on. The actual force of each band isn't important only the ration between the two forces. I'm aware of other solutions such as putting marks on the bands and comparing the stretch of the marks. But really I would prefer a digital readout of the force of each band. I am kind of stumped here.
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I have a question /diy/nosaurs. What is the best torch fuel? A fuel that burns vigorously, but lasts a long time, and isn't easily blown out by wind, or dampened by rain. Currently I use a mixture of charcoal starter, gasoline, and oil, with a small amount of other stuff thrown in for fun. >inb4 don't breath the smoke from that shit Yea I know. I use it outdoors, ventilation is not a problem. What petroleum hydrocarbons would you suggest for a medieval style torch?
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hi /diy/! i have a question. I like to make props and stuff like models from scratch. to this end, will sketchup be more useful then blender? i'm currently learning blender, just wondering if sketchup would be easier and better to pick up to this end. thanks for your time.
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Can someone provide me with a guide how to send electrical shockwaves with reduced voltage from a car battery using some sort of a switch? and what would be the right voltage to repell pigeons without killing them?
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Hello my anglosphere /diy/ friends! I don't understand shit about your bolt sizes. I need one bolt of 1/4" diameter in order to complete the making of a camera stabilization. It must at least a few centimeters long. It will never have to hold more than three kilograms. I've read a couple of guides on the internet on how to choose the right bolt and how to make sense of bolt notation, but it didn't help me much to choose from options such as (but not limited to): UNC GRADE S HEXAGON HEAD BOLTS (SELF COLOUR) 2.1/4" X 3/8" (PACK OF 4) Trend - Bolt hex Unc1/4 -20 x 1 CRT - WP-CRT/24 3/8UNF x1.1/4 HT HEX HEAD BOLT SC (PACK OF 10) 1/4-20 x 7/8 Imperial Full Thread Hexagon Bolts - A4 Stainless Steel. Pack of 10 3/8-16 x 1.3/4 Imperial Hexagon Bolts - A2 Stainless Steel. Pack of 10 UNF GRADE S HEXAGON HEAD BOLTS (SELF COLOUR) 2.1/4" X 3/8 (PACK OF 4) Would you spare any help please?

Battery Usage and Charge Life

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Power source: 12v 50aH battery with 115vac inverter Device: 115vac 7amps (805 watts) That means the draw on the battery is actually 12v 67.08amps (805 watts) and last only about 31.3 minutes, right?
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built me a semi mobile craps table. just thought id share
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He /diy/ I recently moved into a new home and am working on some repairs. One that has been giving me issues is the railing o the stairs. At the top it is disconnected from the support screwed into the wall. I would put a new screw in, but the previous owner did that twice and there is two screws with the head ripped off from the head stuck in the wood. So heres my problem how do I remove the screw up that is still attached.(pic related) I don't have a drill and have the tools in pic related.I have been trying to just unscrew it but is stuck pretty good in there and don't have any ideas.
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hi /diy/, I've been working on some electronics and came across this component on a few AC plugs. What actually is this, and what is its purpose? thanks for your help.
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Anyone know where to get small (tiny) copper or brass bolts/screws? For a e-cig repair.
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Anyone have any thoughts on how to possibly obtain EEG equipment? I know it exists for prosthetic limbs and I'm trying to make a replacement arm using my 3d printer. Any help is greatly appreciated
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Hey, so I blew out the fuse on my famicom by using an nes adapter on it. I replaced the fuse similar to pic related but I wanted to know if those two points circled in red and pink are supposed to be bridged. The one circled in red seems to be connected to the shield, i'm assuming grounded.
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Making soap for my girlfriend here soon. The only thing is I don't know what girly smells she would like. Any suggestions for exfoliates, essential oils, and scents I should use?
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Tl;DR I'm making a radio repeater system. It has a 400mA draw. It runs off solar panel. Without a charge controller, how can I make sure that the batteries do not over charge? MISC IDEAS AND ADDITIONAL INFO: I am putting up a temporary ham repeater(The current one was vandalized). It only needs to last a month or so. I have wired two commercial radios back to back for Rx and Tx. I'm getting around using a duplexor by using the existing antenna/ mast for TX and another antenna in the shack for RX. Raspberry PI for station ID. Interfaced in to the bidirectional cable for the radios. The thieves who broke in smashed up the solar charger with a pipe/screwdriver/shotgun. There are some hefty batteries up there. Some charge would be better then no charge.

Battery Powered LED Light Strip

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sup /diy/ first time creating something by myself and i decided to make an infinity mirror I don't know much about rigging up the strip to work but I know I want it to be battery powered. Anybody have a recommendation for good battery powered LED strips?
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So the room i'm moving into in august has an ugly ass ceiling fan that I want to rip out. I was thinking what I could put in to replace it, it feels like a waste to not use the electrical outlet there. Anyone have any cool ideas?
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So I have this hole from my dog (he chewed when he was a puppy) The red circle was a full hole The next two pictures will show the result of two people who never fixed anything before The spot is out of the way and it just needs to be decent enough to pass inspection

Footswitch midi controller

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Need to build a footswitch similar to the FS3X but with 5pin midi output (or usb-midi) instead of trs.

th3 Fake iMac Project

th3 Fake iMac Project 6 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hello I´m making an fake iMac only to have fun and do not trow on trash my old laptop so i did this !!! i used an Compaq Armada E500 ( he is ''glued'' on the back of the LG Flatron M1921A The softwere is ready but the visual isn´t that good any suggestion? The reason that i did this was that i has the screen and my moms want to put it on trash like the laptop PS i removed the laptop LCD Panel and Keyboard so he has one USB 1.1 but i use a switch to use USB Keyboard/Mouse and another empty port for an flash drive or an external mass storage device Give your opinion!!! In the Case i´m From Brazil and i know that brazil loses the cup at 1x7 i saw the game and i love it ;)
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