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Alright so I'm a board game enthusiast and I had this idea to create these high quality remakes of classic board games out of wood. What type of wood should I use for something like that and where would I find it? Hobby Lobby? I just need something close to the size of a monopoly/candylane board that would look nice painted and is closer to cheap than expensive.
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I converted my cotton cargo pants into shorts because the bottom kept tearing. Pic related, it's the shavings. A quarter is given for scale. Does /diy/ have any cool or utilitarian uses for this amount of cotton in its current condition or should I Just discard this stuff?
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Hi Anon. I was thinking of cooling down my bedroom by installing a board with computer fans to my ventilation window (175mm / 1110mm). During day it would blow out the hot air from the room and during night it would suck in the cool air. Would this work with 3 fans and could I use a universal AC to DC 12v adapter to feed them power? The fans are www .arctic. ac/eu_en /arctic-f12. html 12v DC, 0,25A

Need help

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Hey /diy/, I come seeking advice. This morning, I came out to my car to find the passenger side mirror broken off, glass in one piece laying on the ground, and a large chunk of the plastic shield laying beside it (in two largish pieces). This photo isn't my car, but it looks similiar (except my missing chunk is much cleaner and taken out of the top). Aside from wrapping in duct tape and doing my best to jam the mirror glass back in place, what do? TL;DR - Mirror broken kinda like this, how fix plastic and glass THANKS
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Are there any zoning laws or other regulations against converting garage, dining room, and living rooms into rental rooms? I.e., making walls to separate each. Each could have its own tiny AC unit, etc. You could convert a typical 3 bd, 2.5 bath, 2 story house into a 6 bd, 3.5 bath (just add another bath upstairs), and rent each for like $400 each and make a killing. Parking might be an issue, but there might be some way around it. How much would it cost to make 1 wall (about 12 x 8 x .5 ft)?

Refurbishing an old <2009> PC. HELP

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I normally don't ask for computer help, but now, I kinda need it. I currently have a Lenovo H215. <link for specs: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883108314> And I've realized that I kinda need an upgrade. I have alot of decent equipment, I just kinda need a new power supply <at least 400+ watts>, a new processor and motherboard. If the processor is decent and supports fairly good integrated graphics, I may settle for that instead of buying a GPU. I just want to be able to easily update perticular parts of this computer later, such as the GPU, and not having to worry about a shortage of watts, or bottlenecking.. I want somthing that can at least run Source games like: TF2, CS:GO, SFM, Portal, Gmod and occasionally games like, Warframe. I am currently running Arch Linux <Gnome>, however, I will probably switch back to Ubuntu once this build is complete. I will happily supply dimensions, additional specs, and photos if needed. Feel free to emal me at: Geobevlog@gmail.com. I would really appreciate your help, and thank you in advance. Also, if you do believe that I should upgrade anything else, just tell me. I will happily intake your advice. I will also post this onto /g/

Need Help fixing old Camcorder

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hey /diy/, i found this old camcorder, the door is busted and wont stick to the camera(like its supossed to do) also it has a cassete inside and i wanna take it out, would it need to be on for it to work since the battery is chargin right now. can anyone help me? and what is this Jlip thingit has on the side, it looks luke b some kind of connection but i cant find much info on the internet camera model is JVC GR-AX730
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I want to build a 3d printer or buy it for cheap. What's my best option? (I still want decent precision with creating cogs & other plastic-mechanical-esque devices)
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do i need to put a backer in between the studs? im trying to repair this drywall thats in someones bathroom not sure where to start im doing this with my dad so he knows more than i but he wanted to know if he needed backers between the studs also on other side of the wall where the hole is in picture is a closet with a bigger hole same spot, they have a baseboard that a plumber tore off the wall to replace where the hole in picture is though
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Me and my friend are making a two man band. We can play almost anything. We can't find people who can play as good, no offense to them, so I had an idea to record basic rhythms and sounds and shit and replay them via laptop. However, I do not know of any amateur ''DJ'' programs which would let me just record sound easily and then assign keys to sound or just loop with the occasional mid song change in rhythm. I'm basically looking for this, just more basic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F6EoMdn95E
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Hello! I need to make fake heroin for a movie. It needs to look very convincing.
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Hey /diy/nosaurs, I'm strapped for cash (and have a hankering for a project to do) and need to make a marching bass drum practice pad. I have already made the stand/body of it, but I want your opinions on which material I should use for the padding itself (see the white circular material in pic). needs to be bouncy, capable of rebound, and cheap.


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its that time again diy! i'll start
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Has anyone heard/tried doing this? I'm considering it but not sure how to go about it. I was thinking about testing it with a lawnmower or small bike first before trying it on a junker car. Are there any major side affects? anything I should be worried about?
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I had an idea a few days ago. I basically want to use google glass and somehow attach stuff like radiation meters, thermometer, hygrometer and possible even an infrared camera. I know that there are cheap and interfaceable readers out there but does google glass have the capacity to support something like this? How open is the system?

Speaker help.

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So I have been refurbibg an old Nintendo Cab I found on the side of the road back into a Donkey Kong style Mame machine. I wanted to use the original speaker inside. All I did was connect a Mono Speaker plug to the speakers wires. I know the speaker works fine but when connected to the pc inside the machine the sound is much too low. What can I do to make it louder? I'm trying to avoid using an amp that requires a battery or external power source.
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I'm looking for a ballpark estimate of how much engineering design consulting services should run for a clandestine subterranean object. Details: It need an interior size of 40x40 feet, 28 feet high, reinforced concrete construction with an access tunnel for light vehicles, all excavated out of hard clay with quartz deposits. Requires redundant blast doors capable of withstanding a 2MT NUDET at a range of 1.5km. Consulting would not include any interior finishing work or utility hookups aside from groundwater sumps; only structure design, FEA, etc. Pic very related.

What to do with this remote start kit?

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Helping my dad move and found this remote start kit. My car has one from the factory and my girlfriend doesn't trust me to install it on her shitty Korean car... even though I work diagnosing agricultural equipment wiring harnesses. It has 6 or so inputs to check the state of the transmission, hood, etc. as well as outputs to start the car and to control accessories. Any ideas on what to do with this? Maybe a home automation project of some kind?


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Some places, like Amazon, seem a bit expensive for full electromagnets; so a good place for getting pre-wound, soft iron core products or separate parts would be neat. Also, what's the overview of wiring up a resistor -- as in, is the coiling specific? Here's a decent part list: 25 electromagnets of various sizing Multimeters Motors, both DC and AC, strong enough for quadracopter (how strong is strong enough) -- probably for something else, but the idea is variability How to set up a brush with a charge through it How to make CNCs if any experience
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What should I do with this sunroom? I already use a spare bedroom as an office/music room (guitars & recording). My tv is too big to fit in the white shelves. I'd like to just remove the shelves but I'm a renter and they have to stay intact. I thought about putting a pool table in there but the room is too narrow. Any ideas?
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