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TV with no power button

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I want my old CRT to come on when power is supplied to it, just like my computer does {these are in a Mame cabinet]. Is this impossible or dangerous? Kinda kills the mood when you have to use a remote to play games.

Cheap truck modifications

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Hey i have a truck. 98 ford ranger 4.0L. I just made side walls for it with scrap lumber and recycled screws. Any other thoughts of cheaply making neat things for a truck? Pic related not mine though ill upload if anyone is interested
so, i 'm 33. and just... 16 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
so, i 'm 33. and just today learned of the RAM PUMP and it's various forms. what other cool, low impact, environment friendly, free-to-use, etc... "tech" have i been missing out on? sure, i know about using fresnel lens' to heat water and other things. geo-thermal has several options solar photovoltaics, earth batteries, etc... what's your favorites?
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How do you do this again? Serious question, I always break the bread and we're dealing with Chunky.
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I am working on a "t-shirt hack" like the one in the picture, however instead of using scrap t shirt to tie the back, I want to use multiple colors of ribbon to tie up the back. I am trying to find a tutorial on wrapping the ribbon in a creative way instead of just tying bows or something else like that. any ideas?
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Hey /diy/, I did something really dumb the other day. I was on vacation and decided to grab a small souvenir for my girlfriend like I usually do, and she's been on a reading kick, so I thought I'd get her a book from this nifty little used book store I found. I asked for a book that could be considered 'surreal', per my girlfriend's request, and the proprietor brought me a book that seemed interesting enough, it was titled "The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate". I opened it up and read a few lines and saw what I thought was a decent literary reference. Turns out a 'hound of Baskerville' is golf terminology. The book was about golf. Whoops. Anyway, I've decided to turn it into a secret stash box, but I have a few questions on how to do this, and since I'm using up way more characters with this explanation than I ought to, I'll keep brevity in mind for the rest of this. >What kind of glue works best? >Is there a method that anyone has used that works best? >If I were to collage most of the cover, what would be the best method for that? (the book is much like what is pictured, but doesn't have all the embellishments.) I have a dremel, which I've read can be good for channeling out the cavity, but I don't know much about that.
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Anyone ever made anything useful with one of these?
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/diy/ Can we make a dense magnet of our own? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGytW_C6hR8 I really want to see if I could run one of these with a tesla coil near it. >it levitates fruit
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hey /diy/ having a couple problems with the house water seems to be pooling on a part of the driveway leaning towards the foundation the basement wall seems to be damp but no puddles or the such we had a massive rainstorm the other day and i think thats what the issue is water collecting on the driveway is about 3 inches deep. so i need to fix the grade red is where the water is pooling purple is railway lumber on neighbors property used as a retaining wall it drops about a foot the soil type is a shitty sand green is the property line so my question is how do i remedy this, can i get away with resurfacing? should i get it all ripped out and redone, or can they pump something (mortar) underneath then resurface or could i just use patch asphalt and do it myself? pardon for the shitty diagram
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Hi /diy/, is there a way to use a cellphone li-ion battery to power a camera that uses 2xAA batterie. I have spare nokia batteries (BL 5CB 3.7 V) and the camera uses 2 AA batteries. I can figure out the mounting on the camera. How do i get 2.4 - 3 Volts from a 3.7 Li Ion battery? Here in my country is cheaper to buy this cellphone batteries than nimh and i have a lot working from old cellphones anyway Pic related, one of the cameras
Hello /diy/namos I am making a... 9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hello /diy/namos I am making a little outdoor hydrorig for lettuce or tomatoes. Does any more experience see flaws in this detailed schematic pic related. MC will be an arduino and I have a cheap ebay "water sensor". Will pump when water goes below some level. I have a small 3-5v pump and tested it with AA batteries for 20mL/s, which I believe to be sufficient. That's just a belief though cause I have never done any of this. Please drop some knowledge on me. Will it work simply hosing together multiple net buckets to one master net bucket and reservoir for adding fertilizer.
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I'm looking to build a sous vide, any advice on a portable heater wattage? I was looking at this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Travel-Heater-Element-Mini-Boiler-Hot-Water-Coffee-Immersion-500W-220V-Adapter-/390861718400?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5b012c8380 But I'm not sure if 500W is excessive for a just a cooler full of water. Since they're so cheap, I think I want to use multiple so they distribute the heat more evenly
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I am thoroughly confused as to why niggers is OK but tips for avoiding poison gas are not ok. its like the whole thread evaporated over it.
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Hello Guise I'd like to have a switch that gets input from my laptop (macbook pr 2011) and then enables me to switch from one display to another . (Only one display is used at the time, I basically allows me not to have to plug/unglug manually) Thanks Is this feasable
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I want to make a mask like this for Halloween. I am leaning toward Paper Mache but I am not sure. What do you think /diy/?
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I want an arcade for my mancave. Thinking about building one. The Cab costs $500 shipped from http://www.recroommasters.com/x_arcade_p/rm-xt-arc-t.htm The Tankstick is $190 shipped from http://www.xgaming.com/store/category/arcade-joysticks-and-game-controllers/ which includes for free Maximus Pc Software. Thinking I can find a tower and 22 inch screen for around $400. Am I missing something? Good build? If soo for around $1100 I think its not a bad deal.
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So my fellow /diy/no dudes. What's your /diy/ job? I see a thread like this on /out/ and it seemed like quite a good idea so here goes. >what's your occupation >what main /diy/ related skills do you use >how does it help your hobby >what would your ideal /diy/ job be?

Fixin' Headphones Gen.

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So, my cats go to my phones when I was away and chewed the bit of cord that wraps around the base of the phone. The cord 'pops' out now and it's disconnecting one of the speakers (the left one). I've tried ducktaping it in place, but it doesn't really help. Is there anyway to diy fix this or am I fucked? http://www.amazon.com/Technica-ATH-AD700-Open-air-Audiophile-Headphones/dp/B000CMS0XU/ref=sr_1_2?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=undefined&sr=1-2&keywords=audio+technica+ad700
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So like, the things that dn't go a csretain wyae. Denderfrost. Finish lines.
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I'm trying to fix my bike's flat tyre but I ended up having to put on the patch the wrong way up. Does it matter or can I leave it like this?
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