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So my fellow /diy/no dudes. What's your /diy/ job? I see a thread like this on /out/ and it seemed like quite a good idea so here goes. >what's your occupation >what main /diy/ related skills do you use >how does it help your hobby >what would your ideal /diy/ job be?
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I'm salvaging doors from picrelated. What to do with them ?
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Anyone know if these water based air purifier works? Or alternatively anyone have experience diying one yourself? Thanks for any input.
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Yo /doy/, any methods to remove a cockroach infestation?
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i got to reflow a little chip on my phone motherboard (the phone felt, and poking a chip fix the issue) pic related is not my phone, but as exemple it would be the little chip in the middle on top problem, i dont have a soldering iron nor a heat gun i do have an oevn with temperature, but i feel reflowing the whole motherboard for a single little chip is too much, plus it is double sided board, and also i want to keep the stickers (imei and all) i could find anything about alternative ways to reflow such a little chip i was thinking of putting a match over the chip or i got a steel pen cap with flat end, i was thinking of pouring some white spirit/alcohol and light it on fire, then i sit the flat cap over the chip for some minutes do you think it will work? can i damage the chip if i light a match over it? i don't know temperatures of a match, but to reflow i guess i would need to heat at around 200° do you have other ideas?

Help with phone screen replacement pls

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Okay /diy/, I need some help. So my freakin galaxy s4 fell, and with my otterbox defender and the beast screen on the s4, dropping it isn't an issue usually. But the other day it fell on a metal corner and shits cracked on the bottom. Keep in mind, still works 100% perfect and cracks are only noticeable on bottom 5% of screen, because s4 is like phone Jesus. It is minorly annoying, so I looked up a go cell phone repair video that showed exactly how to fix it. Motherfucker parts cost $165 though. >owmyanus.png What is the cheapest way to replace this screen that requires minimal experience on my end? I don't have the experience required to pull some ninja shit on these parts, I would like low risk if possible. My s4 model is the i337 under at&t. Pic related is the extent of the damage. It barely goes past the home button area, so I can live with it not getting fixed. It is just minorly annoying.


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I have a 15.4 lcd panel from a laptop,now I don't have the lcd controller kit,but i found a lcd controller from a older 17 inch lcd monitor and the conectors plug in like it was made for it,now if I turn it on,IS THERE ANY POSSIBILITY i COULD DESTROY THE LAPTOP PANEL ??
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Any tips on converting an SLR camera(one which uses film) into a DSLR, one which saves pics on a memory stick digitally?

Cordless screwdriver battery replacement

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Where should i look for suitable 3.6V Li cells? It would go into a Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver. Will i need to find the exact same battery to keep the charging safe or i can deviate in voltage or mAh?
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Hi /diy/, I'm currently building myself a watercooling setup for my next PC. What coolant should I use? I was thinking of distilled water and some sort of anti corrosive additive. Any recommendations?

Colored acrylic in Toronto

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Hey /dyi/, This is a very long stretch, but I don't know who else to ask so I came here to see if someone can help me. I live in downtown toronto and in the end of august we will have Fan Expo here. As I have no costume or anything like that to go, I was thinking about doing a pair of the shades Kamina uses. Now I found a lot of dyis on the internet and they all use acrylic. Problem is I am new to toronto and I have no idea where to buy some. So my question is: do anyone knows where I couls get some? Any other alternative material that would be easier to find?
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Hey /diy/, I'm interested in pressing my own olive oil and milling flour from wheat that I grow, does anyone have suggestions for a hand powered mill or oil press? Preferably something cheap but well made. Thanks

Humidor Humidifier

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Hey, /diy/ Looking to build my own small humidor (10-20 cigars), but am stuck on picking the right humidifier. I'm looking for something I'll only have to deal with every few months. Any suggestions?

Colour painting patterns

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>>669718 So guys, I'm making a guitar for my brother's degree. Problem is, I'd like to swirl paint it but he arleady had a similiar, Steve Vai styled guitar he quickly sold. I dunno what colour pattern should I use, I don't want to do anything classic (single colour, sunburst, etc.). Ideas? The only condition is that it has to be doable and relatively simple. Thanks for the replies. Pic unrelated - a bass I recently swirlpainted with old-as-fuck enamels, came up quite disgusting, in a good way


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I was curious about electromagnets for a small science project, but i'd like to make a large enough one that E.G.: if a human stood over it, it would have enough power to tug at their necklace. Or something of the sort. Are there any downsides to electromagnets? E.G. Some kindof bodily harm from radiation or whatever. Are they rapid electric drainers? Would a car battery be powerful enough for something like that? Just wondering if you guys had any insight on it, or if it was only a "experiment with it until you find out" kindof deal. What would be the most efficient way/materials to build a prototype quickly? Just bend an iron pipe and wrap it with fine wire as many coils as possible? Do they pull all metals or just ferrous metals like regular magnets? I'd just like to ask real people for some insight vs study everything down to the origin of electromagnets online (which is obviously what should be done instead.)

Flashing HTC one to Metro PCs

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The subject is fairly self explanatory, Wanted to know how if there are any resources out there for flashing an AT&T phone to Metro PCS. Also I'm under the impression that Metro doesn't voluntarily allow this anymore, so my other concern is how and or if that will affect using Metro as my next service provider. Lastly I've seen 3rd party flashing available through ebay and what not, but A. Can I just flash it myself with proper instructions and B. If I dished out the money accomplish my goal without personal intervention is this a safer route to take? Or a more reliable route for transferring service providers?
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Hey /diy/ just bought an old house with a backyard in pretty shitty condition. The whole backyard is covered in broken twigs, bark, trash, leaves, and huge ass mounds that are apparently from gophers. I just moved in with my dog and he needs a place to shit. I figured why not make a decent lawn out of this. As you can see, it is not very level and there's a fuckton of rocks lining the house. I was reading a bunch of stuff on laying sod but they don't really account for the backyard being completely fucked. Anyone know how I should approach this? I already started raking the yard trying to get all the debris gone and started pulling the very few weeds that were there.


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does anyone of you have a copy of this software? apparently i cant afford $50 software

Penny Stove

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Anybody have an alternative for using a penny as the blockage? The fumes given off by heated coins are toxic.
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How feasible would it be to brew beer from homegrown crops? From what I've heard hops are easy enough to grow and I assume barely is easy to grow as well. But what I'm concerned about is how well I can malt barely at home. I don't have a kiln, though I'm willing to make one, so I was wondering if there's any other way to malt the grain? Would all the work even be worth it? Do any of you have experience brewing beer from scratch? I'd love to hear about it.
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