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I have no tools but a bunch of crap laying around, I want to sell 3d printed hydroponic underground bunker home kit plans, this is super secret so please don't steal the idea I have a free way to generate limitless light in the bunker by converting radiation from americium into light but I cant tell you about it here because the nsa will kill me for it because they don't want the world to know how easy it is. Also you can use solar panels from the light to power the home but 220 v should be wired instead of 110 because it can send more energy over smaller wires. The hydroponics system will be mostly automated by arduous but right now I need to use my parallel port to control the gpio's because I don't have an arduou yet or money to buy one because employment rates in america suck. I don't really have any skills at this yet but I know it will be an awesome business, if you want to do some of the work for me I can offer you some stocks in it.
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So I want to build a bicycle garage. Basically the plan is to build a 6'x9'x6' wooden box that's open on one side, on a concrete slab floor. Problem is, I've never done this before. So would this work? >nail together a wooden frame and throw it on the ground >put concrete slabs in the middle and in front so they sit level with the frame >erect 4 wooden "pillars" on each corner using angle brackets >nail 4" wide wooden boards to these horizontally on three sides, all the way to the top >use angled overlapping wiooden boards as roof, also nailed on >should look similar to the pic in the end.

Cheap truck modifications

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Hey i have a truck. 98 ford ranger 4.0L. I just made side walls for it with scrap lumber and recycled screws. Any other thoughts of cheaply making neat things for a truck? Pic related not mine though ill upload if anyone is interested
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I see you guys have a few 3D printing thread dedicated to specific items, so I'll start another one. Pic related is the digital gauge cluster on my supermoto. Underneath is a bracket that clamps the handlebars on with 4 bolts. I have access to a 3D printer and want to make a bracket that will hold this gauge, my ignition, a 12v power plug, and a connection for a RAM x-grip (google it) to hold my phone. The RAM grip uses 1" balls with clamp connectors, so I was thinking about having a 1" ball on a post on my bracket but the plastic might not be strong enough. Any ideas on how to organize all of these things and connect the x-grip?

TV with no power button

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I want my old CRT to come on when power is supplied to it, just like my computer does {these are in a Mame cabinet]. Is this impossible or dangerous? Kinda kills the mood when you have to use a remote to play games.


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Hi, I want to make a little Box out of stained glas, and maybe later modify it into a lamp or some shit. Anyone of you done somethign like that before? Can you tell me whats the best glas to use? normal glas and paint it? or can i buy professionally prestained glas somewhere? Also, how to connect the parts without using lead? i thought about a wooden frame with a notch. would that work? Pic is what i want to build in miniature... with less pieces obviously.
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I must be stupid. Surely its not hard to change a light bulb. Just moved into my new place and smashed one of the bulbs in the first night trying to swat a gnat. Not a big problem normally, but I cant for the life in me work out how to remove this cunt lightbulb. No combination of twisting, unscrewing, pushing pulling or pinching is working. Im sure the answer is simple, in a smack-myself-for-not-realising sort of way, but obviously im suddenly a retard. Pic related is the broken bulb. help me diy
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hey /diy/ having a couple problems with the house water seems to be pooling on a part of the driveway leaning towards the foundation the basement wall seems to be damp but no puddles or the such we had a massive rainstorm the other day and i think thats what the issue is water collecting on the driveway is about 3 inches deep. so i need to fix the grade red is where the water is pooling purple is railway lumber on neighbors property used as a retaining wall it drops about a foot the soil type is a shitty sand green is the property line so my question is how do i remedy this, can i get away with resurfacing? should i get it all ripped out and redone, or can they pump something (mortar) underneath then resurface or could i just use patch asphalt and do it myself? pardon for the shitty diagram
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Hi anons. Does anyone here have an experience in Amature Telescope Making?
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So my fellow /diy/no dudes. What's your /diy/ job? I see a thread like this on /out/ and it seemed like quite a good idea so here goes. >what's your occupation >what main /diy/ related skills do you use >how does it help your hobby >what would your ideal /diy/ job be?
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Hey guys, need some help installing this switch for two different lights. There are a total of three wires, but I'm not sure how to connect it properly. So far I've only gotten one lamp to turn on/off.
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diy/ how many yard of concrete I need to pour this slab and column.? Thank you in advance!
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Does any one on /diy/ know about automatic gates? I dunno whether to buy some $500 thing off ebay with solar or what. Needs to open two gates inward and it would be nice if they were somewhat secure so someone couldn't just push there way past and walk in.
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I'm going to be painting my laptop, and I want to know if anyone else here has done this. I'm doing the exact same laptop in the exact same color. The top of the lid is rubberized, and I think that might present a problem with the paint.

I want to build this

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Anyone have any links to build one of these? Only drawback I can see is pinched fingers.......


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I dont know if this is the right place for this... I've recently adquired an interest for woodcarving. Any tips for not screwing up/breaking my tool? Pic related. Its what i will be using
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Yo, /diy/. Can I paint the plastic scale of my knife in Orange, withe a plastic spray paint? Am I going to fuck up my knige. Is the result durable? Thank you very much. You are the best board of 4 chan.
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Been thinking about making this guitar amp. I have a question though. What is that 8 ohm 1w "power soak resistor" doing? I can't find any 8ohm value resistors. Also, how would I have to alter the output for use with headphones.


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I have a Super Nintendo. I want a 3D model of it so I can print a miniature or a RPi case. What is the most viable option? • 3D scan top and bottom shells, get 1:1 models on computer • Take 10/10 photographs from left, right, top and bottom and model it myself • something else wat do
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Hey /diy/, I'm interested in pressing my own olive oil and milling flour from wheat that I grow, does anyone have suggestions for a hand powered mill or oil press? Preferably something cheap but well made. Thanks
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