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Hey, /diy/, i've decided to start a project to create a Teas-maid (See picture; basically makes tea for you in the morning) but for coffee. Most of the system i have sorted out but i cant for the life of me work out how to create a hatch that opens when the water is ~100 degrees. Any ideas?
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Hey /diy/nosaurs I'm looking for a book it's called "Con nuestros propios esfuerzos" or "With our own efforts" It's a book published in Cuba to help aid people in re-servicing and re-purposing various items along with various other things Anyway the only copy I've found is in Spanish so I was hoping someone would be able to help me find an English translation of it.

Outdoor mobile fireplace heater

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I have been planning to build one of these for a while but been playing with ideas as to how to optimise design (possibly adding chimney) to maximise heat radiation and minimise smoke in your face when sitting around it with a bunch of friends in the garden. And ideas as to how to address the smoke problem?
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I have a chimney pot similar to pic related. Its split in half vertically but the two bits fit nicely together. Google suggests epoxy. Where does one get epoxy in volume in Australia or would silicone do? I'm avoiding PVA because it gets wet.
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does anyone know of any sort of DIY air conditioner one can make if they live in a humid climate? or, has anyone tried one of these homemade evaporative coolers in a humid climate with any success? i can't imagine them working too well. i really just need something for camping, in a small-ish space, for a few hours in the morning while i sleep.
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I went to replace a bulb and the replacement wouldn't sit in the socket properly. I took it out and had a look and noticed one of the "bayonets" has fallen off or something. What do? pic related, the part that's missing.

Trade School General

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Right now I work as a loading lead for an major auto service company. It's a pain in the ass, as I spend 10-12 hours/day working for next to nothing. I want to get into a trade school, but I can't seem to find a lot of good information out there about them, so I figure /diy/ is the best place to ask. >What are some good trades to get into? (in terms of pay, I don't mind working hard) >Are apprenticeships paid? Really, any advice is appreciated.
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hey /diy/ what tools would one need to become a full scale vigilante?
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hey /diy/ so 6 months from now we need to submit a prototype of an automatic lawnmower. The point of the project is to make the AI reasonable and able to navigate relatively well. Problem is that out of our group of 4 people none of us have a lot of experience with with hardware or circuitry and what we have comes from house related labor. That's why i'm here, /r/ing any useful literature, contacts with people who've done or documented similar projects as well as general do and don'ts.

How can i let people know about that ?

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Hi people. I have advanced experience with molding of polyurethans, so i can make or copy any components / crafts / anything... quite cheap and on high level of detail. I have been making crafts for some time but here in my country is no way to make some real money (unrealible people and most of all, poor country). So id like to show some people that would be interested in my work, what i can make out of that. But most importatnt question is - where ? if anyone has any idea, ill be thankfull for anything... PS : mostly id like to get people from USA (many reasons) . Here i give some little example
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so i'm making a tiny house and everything is going very well except for this one detail that has been bugging me for the past few days. there are these empty spaces in between the beams of the ceiling structure that aren't going to get insulated ... this is a lot of wasted space and i'm thinking i could do something useful with it. i have considered something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dufa9M7DzVI but that's just too amateuristic. any suggestions?

DIY Smart Surge?

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I've been wondering if anyone has any idea how smart surge bars are made. I have an old APC Network Surge Arrest rackmount and I was wondering if it would be a fun project to add in a master controlled socket that would shut off others when the PC goes to sleep.

Air Compressor woes

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Heyo /diy/na-sores. I'm having some trouble with my air compressor that I received as a gift a few weeks back. I turned it on today and was using it for about an hour when it sputtered and stopped pumping in air, so I turned it off. After a half hour I turned it back on again, and instead of pumping air in, I only hear a hum, like an electrical buzz. After a little youtubing and googling, I tested the start capacitor and it's testing good as far as I can tell. It has approximately 145V and is steadily declining, so it's holding charge. My question is this - What other steps can I take to diagnose the issue? Are there any other resources you'd suggest to refer to? I want to become self-sufficient and want to learn how to properly use and maintain my equipment, pls halp. Pic related, it's the compressor I was given.
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So /diy/, I came into possession of a clay mug. It's absolutely huge, which I like in a cup, and it's microwave/dishwasher/oven safe. The issue is, the seal along the bottom of the mug doesn't hold, it leaks. Is there any food-grade equivalent of epoxy that I could use to repair this and make it usable? I don't have access to a kiln and it would be a shame to see this mug go to waste. Terrible cell phone picture related, it's the bottom of the mug where the seal doesn't hold.
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this might not be a typical thread for this board but this seemed like the most qualified place to ask my question. im currently in a trade school for residential/industrial electrics and next year i have an option to take a side course and get a second degree. my question is should i take a heating/cooling/green technology class and further my electrical knowledge or should i take a course for a different trade like carpentry or welding to have another trade to fall back on if i cant find a job as an electrician?

CRT Vertical Deflection

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has anybody worked on this, what was your solution
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I fly high-powered rockets, and I'm interested in using an Arduino to build a flight computer. Both because I think it would be fun, and I think I can save quite a bit of money over buying a commercial model. I'd eventually like it to have dual-deploy capability, as well as a GPS locator/transmitter, accelerometers, and data logging. I'm a complete novice with Arduino though, and haven't really done a whole lot with electronics since college, which was almost 10 years ago. So I figure I'll start with one of the simpler (I think) parts; dual deployment. I basically want to build an altimeter, and be able to program it to set off two black powder charges, one at apogee, and one at a set altitude. The programming for this seems fairly simple, and I know the main parts I need. I need the Arduino board. For the time being I'm just going to go with the basic Uno, since it's going in a 4" diameter rocket. And I'll need a pressure sensor. I was thinking of this one: http://www.adafruit.com/products/1603 Mainly, I'm looking for advice on what other hardware I'll need. A battery obviously, but I'm not sure what else. Anyone done something like this before, and got any advice on what else I might need?
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Hey /diy/ers I am wanting to center my comic books in this frame >pic related and I was wondering what material can I use to border the comics and keep them from falling like in the picture?
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Hi /diy/ what are these screws clip things called used in the video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPrCi9S1LGY
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