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Ok so I have already checked google a few times and found tons of opinions on this, hoping you guys can clear the air some. We just bought a 114 year old house that has been sitting abandoned for about four years in the basement there is a rather large heating oil tank. It seems to be drained and is definitely not being used anymore. What I wanted to do was cut the top half off and then scrub it clean so I could eventually use it as a garden box. I know there's gunna be gunk etc in it not worried so much about that. for tools to cut it basically all I have is a angle grinder and a rather large stockpile of cutting blades. I have tons of free time to devote to this as well. So is it feasible to try to cut it with the angle grinder, could it catch fire or explode Those are my main concerns at the moment. Thanks in advance

I have an ambitious project that needs to be finished in two weeks

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Cross Post from /g/ I have a VB background and I can wire, but what I want goes beyond what I know. The idea is for an art class. Its a box with two buttons each with 3 leds. one button is pushed, one of the other buttons lights goes off randomly. If it's pushed twice, same thing but now after the first comes back randomly. And if the button is pressed three times it goes back and forth endlessly, until a button is pushed. If this were just a computer program I don't think I would have a problem but without any interface other than the button I'm confused on how to engineer it. Also it has to be a 6'' cube.///// What hardware materials do I need? What programs do I need to download to get the commands in?

Post your Leatherwork and patterns!

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I just finished my Tooled Leather Grolsch Bottle Holder. (Great for taking your home brews with you) If you wanna make your own, here's a how-to: www.instructables. com/id/Tooled-Leather-Grolsch-Bottle-Holder/
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How small of a display can I use on a raspberry pi and still have a full raspbian desktop? I'm planning to go as small as 1.5 inches. Forgive me if I don't understand any technical terminology.
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Hey /diy/, Whats the best way to make a functional deer skull mask? I need it for Halloween/raves.
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Will a wire wheel remove temper or damage the steel in anyway? I've always been curious about this. Not much info on it really. I'm curious because I've come across a truckload of extremely rare antique tools and want them in usable condition. Is it ok to use clean them with the wire wheel all the way down to clean metal? Most tools are down to that blackened but not rusted look. Wondering if it's cool to take that off.
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So I'm trying to set up a arcade stick set up for one of my friends. He wanted to make a MAME arcade cabinet Anyways, it's so fucked I have 8 buttons and a 2 pin stick. They are all plugged in, I assume they a my PC just doesn't detect it, almost as if I've never plugged it in, but I get power to it, the board's light is on and all the buttons light up when you press them Fucking google hasn't helped me at all, since I've been doing this for like 4 days, unless I'm just terrible at google
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I'm looking to work with component video. I want to build a switcher that can switch between four or five inputs, to one output. In the past I have used a simple rotary switch for composite video, but it seems to me that high definition Y/Pb/Pr signals would be more sensitive to interference and the like, and would need to be handled more carefully than composite video signals. I imagine the best way to go is to make the signal path as short as possible, so I plan to use reed relays positioned close to the connectors to switch the signals from each input to buses connected to the output. Control circuitry would close one set of relays at a time. My TV is controlled by RS-232, so I want this switcher to be, as well. The TV will ignore incorrect commands meant for the switcher, and likewise the switcher will ignore commands meant for the TV, allowing me to use the same interface for the both of them. That, I am fine on. The part I am shaky on is avoiding quality degradation, interference, crosstalk, and video ghosting. In addition, is it desirable or necessary to ground out the unused inputs, or leave them floating?
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I work in the automotive industry, so spark plugs cost me like 90c each. Is there anything fun I can do with these guys?
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Is it really possible to build your own home?

Plasti Dip!

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I'm going top Plasti Dip my laptop lid matte black in a few days and I'm wondering if there is a limit to how small of pieces you can peel off without peeling up parts you want on. I need to get it off the Asus logo without damaging the rest. I've seen how-to's on HOW to do it but not the limits of it. If anyone knows, /diy/ knows. On a side note, what are some other cool tech related things /diy/ has done with plasti dip?

scultping over plastic

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I'm wanting to modify my Roboreptile (or Robotyrannus) into a dragon. I'm attaching movable wings and skin. I'm also wanting to sculpt the head a bit to look more realistic (with scales and horns). What is a good sculpting clay I can use to cover the plastic? I'm wanting it to dry/ cure in place on the plastic. (I've dried simple play-doh, which worked, but shrank a little. I was just wondering if there is a better clay to use.)
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Started wing chun a few weeks ago and I'm getting a wall bag so I can practice form at home Trying to avoid mounting it to the wall because I have a small apartment and there's not really anywhere I could keep it permanently. I have normal finished drywall in here so I'm going to put the bag on a 3/4"-ish 12"x20" plywood sheet with some 1"x1" bars behind it for the bounce Is there a way for me to set this up so I can put it up somewhere and then take it down when I'm finished?
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does anyone know of any sort of DIY air conditioner one can make if they live in a humid climate? or, has anyone tried one of these homemade evaporative coolers in a humid climate with any success? i can't imagine them working too well. i really just need something for camping, in a small-ish space, for a few hours in the morning while i sleep.
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Hey /diy/ any ideas on homemade graffiti tools? (Specifically steel tip markers?)
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I went to replace a bulb and the replacement wouldn't sit in the socket properly. I took it out and had a look and noticed one of the "bayonets" has fallen off or something. What do? pic related, the part that's missing.

Building Outdoor Furniture

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My dad recently spent a large sum of money renovating our back yard. He wants to finish the job by buying cheap walmart furniture. I told him a would build him a couple of chairs and a tressel table. like this


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Want to put a road bike together, buying parts seperately. The only problem is, I know fuck all about bikes? Anyone recommend any site/books to get me started? Thanks.
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Sup /diy/, I got a question. How feasible would it be to dig underneath one's home to create a "hidden" bunker for various activities. What kind of soundproofing would I need quiet down sounds of about 120dB? How much would the house above the and the dirt around it muffle noise? If it matters, I'm not making a rape dungeon (although that would be cool too), I'm trying to find a way to discharge firearms without anyone hearing.
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