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Hello, /diy/. I was curious as to how high-detailed photo blankets are made. Can they be handwoven?
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Eagle Project thread: post pics and descriptions of yours or friends'. Mine was a shelving unit for my high school's computer lab

Android LAMP Stack

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I recently found a renewed interest in building my website back up, which I haven't touched in nearly a year. I have Ubuntu almost ready on an old laptop I can set up and leave alone as a temporary host, but I was wondering: is it possibly to install a LAMP stack onto an Android-based device? Since there are now things like the Amazon Fire TV, Android Mini PCs, etc. I thought it might be an interesting feat.

room stuff

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feww weeks ago i got a new room. it is painted now, has basic furniture... now i want some home made decorations (e.g. book holders) with some utility in them. I would appreciate your ideas. pic semi-related

Motorized Bike

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I'm new to building motorized bicycles in general and I gained a lot of knowledge through some forums but also have some questions of my own. I am looking at building my own bike, after not being able to find a schwinn occ stingray like I wanted to locally. I would like to build a frame similar to the stringray or chopper, but have no idea where to start for measurements, what type of material to make the frame out of (i.e. aluminum, 4130 Tube), Would round stock or sq. tube work better? As for the motor kits, are the china kits worth it or am I better off making my own? Is there any good sites for buying the parts that I cannot fabricate, such as tires, rims (one wide for the back tire), chain, tail light, head light ect.. As for lighting, should I use a motorcycle battery and allow the engine to charge it? That way I won't have any issue about not having lights when I run out of batteries / don't have any spare. I have no issues welding, but what is a good cheap tig welder? The only ones I have used are the larger transformer or small inverter miller machines and they can be expensive if cannot be found used, even used can be expensive. What material should I use for a custom exhaust? One that wouldn't lose it's chrome or other properties when heated. I'm only a college kid and a bike would be great to get around town / campus on. It would be a lot cheaper than my truck for the small investment.

Own Keyboard

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Hi /diy/ im new here so don't be shitty w/me. I wanna make my own game keyboard (arround 20 or 15 keys) for play MOBA games or games like WoW. Can you help me do the circuit on PCB? PD:I will use mechanical keys PD2: Im from spain sorry if i have bad english :P

Getting a Patent

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I am trying to patent an idea. I already have a working model, have tested it and I feel very confident that I could sell it to a company. Only problem is I can't really afford to pay a patent attorney 5k or whatever to get it patented. I know you can do it yourself but the US patent web site seems like a super pain in the ass. Anybody have experience with getting a patent and how to navigate the obtuse website. I can't find any direct links to where you actually fill in forms or anything. Is saving my pennies for an attorney really going to be worth it in the long run?

How To / Self Enema

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For all of you who are looking for a cure for hemorrhoids, to finally get rid of them and constipation for good, for only 2 dollars at your local pharmacy. This is for serious people only. Watch "How To / Self Enema" on YouTube How To / Self Enema: http://youtu.be/kR40HOGl8lM
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hey guys, i need your help. I want to start making a humanoid robot. The thing is, that i have no experience with mechatronics nor with programming and i don't have the money to afford a humanoid robot starter kit. Now is my question: Does anybody of you know how to build a humanoid robot, like what parts i need, how to assemble the parts etc.?
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Hey diy, I'm trying to make a concave depression in a log of wood. About 1.5 inches deep and with a diameter of about 4.5 inches. I have an adze, hammer, hand drill. How can I do this? It's to make a shield boss... eventually.
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Hello /diy/ i am looking for a good quality set of tools for repairs such as nice set of ratchets and screwdrivers, mostly for fixing cars and computers, i need some miniature sets as well. Any good brands? Best website to order from? I ve heard snap on makes quality tools but they are way expensive. Thanks in advance!
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Hello /diy/, any electrofags here? so i got this little powerbank right here and it only charges my devices for like 3 minutes and then it stops charging. now this happened from one day to another, so the other charging cycle before that it worked fine and charged for hours. the battery also merely has ~80 cycles or so. being the technology illterate faggot I am I opened it up, which was easy as fuck by the way, that thing has a screw thread and the plastic cap was just held in place by some foil, and measured voltages. the battery was at 4.15V after I emptied it and that's fine voltage, far from empty. weirdly the thing output 5.3V which is alot for USB isn't it? Anyways, I charged it up again (which only took a few minutes of course since it already was at 4.15V) and then measured the battery's voltage while it was charging my phone. it dropped very fast. so fast that after 3 minutes it was at 2.7V and at that voltage it stopped charging again. then the voltage of course rised very fast, up to over 4V. What is happening and how can I fix it?
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So we all agree that strawbale is the best material if your country has code for it, right?
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Is there anything in the law which says that I cannot try to make my own medicines, specifically antibiotics? These would only be used by me. Nobody else. I would not allow anybody else to use them and all the testing would be done on me. I speciffically aim to make penicillin using the mould from a cantaloupe
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I'm pretty interested in making a tobacco pipe, but I want to make it out of a solid piece of wood, and I was wondering if I'd be able to use a lit ember to burn out the wood in order to hollow out the bowl and the stem of the pipe. Additionally, I was wondering if I could get any advice on how to pursue this from anyone else that's tried. Pic related, but for simplicity I want to give it a straight draw and let gravity do all of the work hollowing it out.

Run a 240 VAC motor from 120vac or 12dc source

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I have 240vac motor from an old hvac compressor that I'd like to use but I don't have the wiring(plug) accessible. Is there a way to make it work with 120vac or even 12vdc?
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Hi, sorry for crapping up the place but i have a question, and my google-fu didn't got me any closer to an answer. I got a noname controller that i replaced, but decided to mess around with, so i took out its motors and tried to hook things up to it so when it would rumble it would flash warning lilghts or stuff, or write a "driver" of sorts for things connected to it to work when i say that the controller should rumble through a program. I was running motionjoy to use this cotroller for games and now to test the motors. My problem is however, that i can't get anyting else other than the original motors to work, not even an other, similar motor. Is there some built-in limiter, or am i missing something more complex or plain obvious? Note that i'm using stuff i had laying around, and would like to avoid using relays, microcontrollers and the like.
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Hey /diy/ so I'm not sure if this goes in here or the auto forum, figured I'd ask here first.so here's the thing,I have a 2004 jeep liberty sport, and I want to add the option to turn my brake lights on with a 2 way switch,(as well as having them work as normal as well) my plan for this is to just solder a simple switch into the circuit and drill a small hole in the dash and put the switch there.what do you guys think? Good idea? Better ideas? I haven't taken anything off the vehicle yet to look at the wiring. Btw my skills include soldering, basic circuit knowledge, basic car knowledge.
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how to do /diy/
How would I go about... 11 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
How would I go about jerry-rigging one of these into one of four 5.25" drive bays? Any ideas on a lock of some sort for it? I think I could build some sort of enclosure in the slot I want, and find some way to easily open the front cover of that slot, foregoing the drawer mechanism altogether.
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