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Not sure if this should go on /diy/ or /ck/, but has anyone got into bee keeping? I'm got a lot of room, extra money to burn, and some time on my hands so I'm interested if anyone has any pointers.
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Hello /diy/, any electrofags here? so i got this little powerbank right here and it only charges my devices for like 3 minutes and then it stops charging. now this happened from one day to another, so the other charging cycle before that it worked fine and charged for hours. the battery also merely has ~80 cycles or so. being the technology illterate faggot I am I opened it up, which was easy as fuck by the way, that thing has a screw thread and the plastic cap was just held in place by some foil, and measured voltages. the battery was at 4.15V after I emptied it and that's fine voltage, far from empty. weirdly the thing output 5.3V which is alot for USB isn't it? Anyways, I charged it up again (which only took a few minutes of course since it already was at 4.15V) and then measured the battery's voltage while it was charging my phone. it dropped very fast. so fast that after 3 minutes it was at 2.7V and at that voltage it stopped charging again. then the voltage of course rised very fast, up to over 4V. What is happening and how can I fix it?
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Hey /diy/ Sorry if this is for the wrong board. I have a Pz. I tank model I want to build but it is my first time making a model. Do I build the entire model before painting? And how would I make the paint look more realistic then just one coat of paint. Thanks in advance.
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Sup Im trying to make some eco projects give some ideas like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehDgXrpRlTU TL:DR general DIY
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Give me a reason to not drop 665+ shipping on this http://www.justbricks.com.au/lego-products/limited-edition-collector/10221-lego-star-wars-ultimate-collector-series-super-star-destroyer-10221.html
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Could someone please let me know how the heck do I get this off, there's no screws or anything. I feel like I'm going to break this shit. I need to remove it for painting the wall. In Germany btw
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Hey /diy/. I have no experience in building stuff but I want to build a loft bed. I don't own any tools aside from a battery drill, a hammer drill and the usual bunch of screw drivers and bits. I'm sure I'll need to buy some tools accessories to get the job done, but the options are so vast. pic related is my rough sketch of the finished bed. It's just a scribble of the initial idea. I'm currently working on more sophisticated and accurate concept drawings but this will do for now. The bed is going to be 200x180 cm and I wanted to leave some room surrounding the mattresses for easier maintenance. The bed must be a rock solid construction because the walls in my apartment are shit and I am a tall and heavy dude (110 kg). Maybe you got some tips for me on this. Thanks in advance. :)
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Has /diy/ ever used electrolysis on any of their projects? Any success?
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is it feasible to make a lame homemade NPN transistor
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Greetings /diy/ requesting a Self-tie Bow (The kind you tie yourself) DIY instructional or any videos. Keep in mind this is for my gf who's been a tailor for a bit longer than a year, so equipment is not a problem
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Hey /diy/, so I got this qi charger powerbank which basically is a qi charger but has a battery. I'm planning to mod it so that it takes the power directly from the USB input rather than the battery. How easily can this be done? Could I just connect the 5V DC from the USB to where the battery is connected? Then the inpupt voltage would only be about 1V higher.

Run a 240 VAC motor from 120vac or 12dc source

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I have 240vac motor from an old hvac compressor that I'd like to use but I don't have the wiring(plug) accessible. Is there a way to make it work with 120vac or even 12vdc?
Hello /diy/,I am looking to... 4 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hello /diy/, I am looking to make a shelf. Nothing fancy (see picture). My concern is the choice of wood, is there something I should prefer? My other concern is whether just screwing all the boards to the 2 200cm boards is enough. The regular shelves usually have a backing board which prevents them from swaying. I suppose the bracket will prevent that, but I am not sure. Should I use two?


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Not really sure where to put this thread but maybe here would be the best? I'm trying to plant some herbs and other plants to keep flies and mosquitoes away. They are driving me crazy and I thought this might help. Anyone have info about insect-repelling plants? Pic related.
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HELP. WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING FOR CRAP? every video or instruction says PVC is there a reason they use PVC specifically? HELP IM MELTING
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Hi, sorry for crapping up the place but i have a question, and my google-fu didn't got me any closer to an answer. I got a noname controller that i replaced, but decided to mess around with, so i took out its motors and tried to hook things up to it so when it would rumble it would flash warning lilghts or stuff, or write a "driver" of sorts for things connected to it to work when i say that the controller should rumble through a program. I was running motionjoy to use this cotroller for games and now to test the motors. My problem is however, that i can't get anyting else other than the original motors to work, not even an other, similar motor. Is there some built-in limiter, or am i missing something more complex or plain obvious? Note that i'm using stuff i had laying around, and would like to avoid using relays, microcontrollers and the like.
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One of the hands has fallen off a watch and I need to put it back on. Which screws should I undo to get to the face? All I know is it's a ?????? cal 2209.

First time with leather, need some advice.

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I've wanted to make a leather hood for this mask to start off getting into leather. Most of the outfit that goes with this mask is made of leather, the rest being some sort of cloth. I've never worked with leather before and I've looked at several things on google trying to figure out some stuff but it's a bit overwhelming. I was wondering if anyone could help me with what I'd need to get started on this such as materials, names of tools I'd need, etc. I plan to attach the leather around the inner perimeter of the mask and using the lace on the back to tighten it (the mask moves around a lot of it's not on dead tight and blocks a massive amount of my vision. All the padding that is on there now is just a place holder. I will post images. I've posted a couple questions on forum boards but I thought I'd post here for other opinions. Thanks in advance.
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How would I go about jerry-rigging one of these into one of four 5.25" drive bays? Any ideas on a lock of some sort for it? I think I could build some sort of enclosure in the slot I want, and find some way to easily open the front cover of that slot, foregoing the drawer mechanism altogether.
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