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Hey, so my sax fell out of my case today and beveled it. Does anyone know of anyway to fix it, or how much it would cost to repair? I need it for a performance tomorrow night.
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Hey /diy/. There is a contest where you can win pretty neat charger. In order to win it, you need to take picture which proves that you really need it. Can't think any original ideas, just to smash my charger or photoshop error on phone i.e. your charger can't charge shit. You need a new one. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Tips and tricks!

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I am stoked, I have new additions to my pepper plant collection, just got "Black Pearl" ornamental pepper plant seeds:) I am attempting to germinate 3 of the seeds right now! Does anybody else have a garden with veggies or peppers? Maybe fruit? Any tips, always looking to strengthen my green thumb! Also, working on transplants maybe in two weeks, tips? I always worry when transplanting haha

Fix a PSU?

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I lost my second enermax power supply now after about 10 years on this machine. I have a psu tester that shows it's not supplying the -5v on the cpu 20/24pin. Could this be as simple as opening it up and replacing a capacitor? I already purchased a cheap replacement but I'd like to fix this one and keep it as a back up if possible.
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I got a Trace Elliot bass amp that needs a few replacement parts. This is my first /real/ try at replacing circuitry on a pcb and I definitely want to fuck up my amp by being an idiot. Hoped you guys could help Is there a significant difference between 1/4" input jacks that are PCB mountable and ones that aren't? All the input jacks in the amp are either mono or stereo like in the picture (gold plated, but w/e)

Making a table out of a cedar deck board

Making a table out of a cedar... 5 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Ok, /diy/ I picked up some 5/4, radius edged , cedar deck boards for next to nothing. The wood is clear and knot free. I want to make this lumber into a table top. But I have questions 1, should I run the boards through on my table saw and remove the radius edge. 1a, should I use ny electric hand plane on the edges to true them. 2. How should I do the edge joint. Pocket screws, or dowel ( I have jigs for both) If I use a dowel joint should I use 1/4" dowel or 3/8" 3, should I finish it or leave it bare ( tools I have, table saw, circular saw, electric hand planer , plunge router , drill, hand tools, kreg jigs, doweling jigs, clamps,

focusing/compressing sunlight

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Im stupid and incapable of creating anything of value, but i like to think. I recently wondered to myself if there was some way to create a device to focus light into a fiber optic cable. if you created like 100 of these, and then ran those fiber optic cables into another lens somehow, and then created 100 of that, could you create some kind of super fuckin boss power source? Like would you be able to focus the power of shitloads of square feet of sunlight into one optic cable after shitloads of series of lenses into lenses into lenses? I dont have the mental capacity to figure out if this is possible which is why i ask you competent folks. Awful pic to try to explain my thoughts. I realize how awful my image and explanation sounds but just try to understand the goal and discuss. Can you focus and compress a shitload of light into one optic cable to create a super fine beam of sunlight with the power of thousands of square feet of sunlight? I apologize in advance for my ineptitude

Matching Furniture Wax to Varnish

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I sell white oak "hammock chairs" that I finish with Last N Last Marine Spar Varnish. A customer was recently wondering what furniture wax he might use to most closely match his chairs and some furniture he wants near them. I'm not very knowledgeable about furniture waxes, and this question seems a bit specific for google, so I'm wondering if you guys could give me any help. The varnish I use, itself, doesn't lend much color to the chairs. It really just brings out the color and grain of the white oak underneath it. Here's a picture for reference. Thanks.
Currently re-spraying a car... 14 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Currently re-spraying a car body panel Prepare yourself i didnt know this many noob errors was possible... considering ive re-sprayed entire cars before with rattle cans and been complimented for the professional look. i digress... so im using black auto paint (rattle can, finishing with lacquer) to change the colour of a friends mx5 boot lid (because race car? its making me money) I didnt bother priming, gave the lid a good de-greasing and a thorough sanding with 1000 grit to key the surface. everything was going fine until the bottom of the can caught wet paint and made a dent, (first noob moment) i sprayed on top of it in an attempt to fill it (fucking idiot i know) ended up spraying to much leaving a large raised patch of paint, waited a bit and attempted to sand but it was to high a patch to do by hand, plugged in the electric sander (second noob moment) didnt check the grit of the paper and went straight at it, it was 150 grit..... the patch still isnt smooth and it scratched the hell out of the surrounding paint. So, i have surface visable through sanded patches, lumps of paint about 3-4mill high and scratched up surrounding paint whats the best way to salvage this? the black paint is proving an absolute bitch to sand smooth. Could i use various layers of primer to fill said gaps? or should i just persist and sand the whole thing flat pic unrelated
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hi /diy/! i have a question. I like to make props and stuff like models from scratch. to this end, will sketchup be more useful then blender? i'm currently learning blender, just wondering if sketchup would be easier and better to pick up to this end. thanks for your time.
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So the room i'm moving into in august has an ugly ass ceiling fan that I want to rip out. I was thinking what I could put in to replace it, it feels like a waste to not use the electrical outlet there. Anyone have any cool ideas?
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So I have this hole from my dog (he chewed when he was a puppy) The red circle was a full hole The next two pictures will show the result of two people who never fixed anything before The spot is out of the way and it just needs to be decent enough to pass inspection
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He /diy/ I recently moved into a new home and am working on some repairs. One that has been giving me issues is the railing o the stairs. At the top it is disconnected from the support screwed into the wall. I would put a new screw in, but the previous owner did that twice and there is two screws with the head ripped off from the head stuck in the wood. So heres my problem how do I remove the screw up that is still attached.(pic related) I don't have a drill and have the tools in pic related.I have been trying to just unscrew it but is stuck pretty good in there and don't have any ideas.
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I want to build a rc buggy out of a 2stroke chainsaw motor I have wheels and the steel to build it I just need the electronics Im on a budget of 200$ under 100$ preferred I can fabricate parts I have access to pretty much any tool through my uncles what do I get and where do I get it
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Does anyone know a way to upgrade from windows 2000 to a version of windows that fucking use able? I tryed upgrading IE or downloading chrome and it isnt comapadable with anything. The computer also has a broken disk tray, so simply buying a windows 7 disk or whatever isnt an option. >pic related, its the same model

Stuffing Machine

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I have a small business where I make hats and plushies. We have to hand stuff everything and that takes forever. We have been r all in about making a machine that would do the work for us. The closest thing we can find is what they have at build a bear. Any ideas on how to make something similar?
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I'm growing crystals as a hobby and I am planning to grow them on plastic, plexiglas or maybe even wood to hang it up like a painting. Here's my problem: I need to make sure they don't fall off. would hairspray do the trick? again, I am growing them on the surface, not glueing them on. I'd just need some kind of thin layer as protection. any ideas?

varnish catalyst

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is there such a thing as a catalyst for oil or water based varnishes? I live in tasmania. hot days are 20C. usually its less than 10C all year round. I've applied varnishes to a number of things but the ones I've bought are meant for climates of 25C minimum. as a result it can take four or five days for each coat to dry. I'm thinning and applying the finishes like cabothane or deck sealants or even linseed oil very thinly but it still takes days to even partially dry. I've been doing fibreglass stuff for the first time while building my e-bike battery box. it dries in about an hour. Is there some kind of mix of metal salts I can add to catalyze oil or water based varnishes?
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Everyone on /DIY/ knows this is the best Spider-Man costume ever. Now, because I'll never be able to find something like this on the market I'm planning to make one of my own. One that'll fit perfectly. It won't be stunning like the one in the film. But I will do my best to make it great. I'll start August. Now, I've never made a costume before, and I'm asking you guys if you could help and guide me. I'll also try getting help from a friend who's been making costumes for a couple years now. Where would I start /DIY/? I wanna make this costume for Halloween and just enjoy it for the rest of my life. Huge Spider-Man fan.

How to know if receptacle is safe

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So I installed a new 3 prong receptacle in place of a 2 prong using instructions online. >metal box, not grounded >bought 12 gauge wire and a 3 prong plug >fish wire to breaker box, installed on old breaker exactly where old asbestos wires were plus new ground wire >wire up receptacle fine, check with multimeter and everything looks to be right >still on a 15a breaker The problem is, there is another set of wires chained in series from my plug. They go up the wall to an overhead light and to 2 other receptacles in the next room (plugs are controlled by a lightswitch). I had no idea they were on the same circuit, because the other 2 plugs are both 3 prong receptacles, I just assumed they had been rewired and had already bought the shit when I killed the breaker Either way those wires are the same horrible 1950s asbestos lined wires. The copper felt really soft and frail. I am afraid that the wires where I was messing with them to install them back onto my receptacle could fail somehow, the breaker gets blown a lot more than it should because it has a window AC on it. Can blowing the circuit cause weak wires to fail or heat up or something? How do I tell if the receptacle is safe and working OK, is there warning signs if for some reason I didnt do it right? Ive been watching it with anxiety the last 4 hours. First electrical work ive ever done. Also another question just because im curious. >same 2 prong plug before replacement >multimeter checking across hot and neutral, 118v >multimeter checking hot and middle screw (to test for grounded box) 24volts >multimeter checking neutral to middle screw 8volts Why the fuck would it read anything to the middle screw, and the actual box itself (results were the same)
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