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Militarization of police thread. I'll start with my own real life experience with police brutality >be in a walmart >getting new cargo shorts with my mom >fucking pig walks in the store behind us >says to me "Hello" what a smug cunt >notice he's carrying a M&P, why does he need such a modern gun? Fucking militarized police... >so anyways, after I get my cargo shorts and flame button down shirt and mom gets her groceries we check out >pig is there checking out in front of us >im CCing my airsoft Glock at the time (practicing until mom lets me own real guns) >bet this fat pig is buying donuts or something >hear the FUCKING BOOTLICKER of a clerk say "Here's your vitamin water and change" >even told him to have a nice day, what a fucking sheep, suck his dick while you're at it... >then this fucking cunt turns around and asks my mom if she wants any help taking OUR groceries to the car >she says it's fine, she has her little helper with her, that's me >fucking pig almost triggered me Anyone else got any stories about these monsters?
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Just picked this up the other day for a good price. Russian made in amazing shape. The shop owner didnt know much about its history but he seems to think it was almost never fired, more used as a collectors item. I tore it all down yesterday and its incredibly clean, appears that the previous owner broke it down, cleaned out the cosmo, and kept it for long time storage. Anyways, I'm new to these old Russian relics, but I want to turn this guy into a cheap plinker and deer hunting rifle, but I hear theres trouble mounting scopes. Any way to get a scope mounted that will retain zero, without permanently altering the gun? I'd like to have the option to restore it to factory in the future. Also general SKS modding thread, show me your mods, I may pick up a 2nd one if I like this one for modding purposes. Shop keeper had two but the other one was well-used.
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Which is the better grip, the Magpul MOE-K2 or the BCM Gunfighter Mod 0, 1, 2, or 3?
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Good guns that a britfag can own? Anyone got any suggestions we are limited to rifles and shotguns We can have airguns and air rifles as well as blank firing guns Any suggestions? Can't wait to leave this anti gun hellhole when I do I'm going to be armed to the fucking teeth in a new country that allows it
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Why was the XM8 project cancelled anyways? I always loved the look of them.
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What happened to this round?

Hogue Grips

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What does /k/ think about Hogue grips, I found some a a local store and thought "why not?" I can't let go of this thing now.

CAA Lower Handguard

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Are these worth getting, or are they shit? I am entertaining the idea of getting one so I can use a snubby VFG for when gloves don't cut it as far as keeping the heat manageable. Should I go for it, or just stick to the gloves and not fuck with the rifle?
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You guys seen the oil filter suppressors? Is that shit legit or will it blow me up? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_pcWPdSDs
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http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/knifelies.html What's your thoughts on this article? You can arguably replace this bit with guns tho: > One of the strongest indicator of this fantasy mindset is the reaction when they are told to flee instead of fighting with a knife, literally the next words out of their mouths will be "But what if I am cornered and can't run?" There are many such similar excuses that they can use and they all start with the word but: "but what if I am with old people or children and can't run?", "But what if I am out of shape (or infirm) and can't run?" In all cases, of the millions of possible options available they always seem to focus on the one that requires them to engage in a knife fight. > If you ask any experienced LEO, corrections officer or mental ward orderly which they would rather face, a person who wants to fight them, or someone who will climb over them to escape, to a man they will tell you the former. They know the latter will hurt them more and be harder to defeat. That's because that person is fully committed to a course of action. Whereas a person who has allowed themselves to be "cornered" will still be of a divided heart and therefore not able to fight at full capacity. And that is exactly what it will take in order to survive such a "no win" situation that they have put themselves into. > That is the true danger of this kind of thinking. Because part of you does want to know if you have what it takes and "can do it," you can unconsciously trick yourself into not taking appropriate precautions and ignoring danger signals. Your pride and ego will blind you about what you are doing until it is too late. Once there however, your life -- if it continues past that moment -- will be utterly destroyed. > Don't fantasize about being in a situation where you have to use your knife fighting skills, because you can end up tricking yourself into just such a situation by blinding yourself to possible escape routes.
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Hello, /k/. I'm a nogunz in every sense of the word. Never fired one. I am, however, looking to purchase one for both recreational shooting and home defense. I'm mainly interested in a semiautomatic rifle. Caliber doesn't matter very much. My main qualifiers are that the firearm be relatively easy to maintain, clean, care for, and fire. I'm looking for a general beginner's rifle, preferably under 300 dollars. I plan on moving to North Carolina soon, so there are relatively few legal limitations. Thanks!

S.H.T.F. Thread

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What's a unique idea, or skill that you've created yourself for when shtf? Mine is inserting auto-darkening welding lenses into a gas mask for flash bang protection.
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>Driving to work this morning with the radio on >http://youtu.be/aWxBrI0g1kE comes on the radio >catch myself scanning for IEDs and suspicious people I do this almost every time I hear disturbed because my driver would listen to them on patrol. Post-military life thread >pic unrelated

Questions that don't deserve their own threads.

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What's the GIST of this "Third Offset Strategy" that I've been hearing about?

1960 browning Belgium A5

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A guy on my Facebook groups has this gun posted for $1250. He says it's worth double that and triple with the barrels that he is selling with it. What do you guys think? Is that a good deal? Pick related, it's the gun.
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LEO/Military discount on Glocks and Sig Sauer This discount also extends to firefighters and EMS but I can't find out exactly how much of a discount you can expect from it percentage wise. I'm mostly interested in a Sig. Anyone else a use the discount? How much was the discounted price? Paramedic fag checking in.
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Hypothetically, has anyone ever hypothetically seen an hypothetical ATF agent at their hypothetical range? Someone may need to hypothetically time their hypothetical muzzle device before hypothetically pinning and welding it but doesn't really want to get a literal penis in the anus... Hypothetically... >7 hypothetical proxies
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I'm thinking of getting an ultimak gas rail for my wasr 10. Does anyone have experience with the ultimak? my concern is that mounting it on the barrel will affect any accuracy I squeeze out of it, but it seems to be a pretty solid design. also AK general thread.

Army Questions

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If I were to enlist in the Army Reserves as 11B, how hard would it be to get a slot in specialty schools after completing BCT and AIT? I'm specifically looking at Airborne, Pathfinder, Mountain Warfare, and Sniper. Thanks.
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Alright /K/, you are in charge of ISIS and now a Muslim (Gypsy magic or something, idk just go with it). You must complete these three tasks to secure your caliphate. 1. Capture all land in between Damascus and Bagdad. (Anything last bagdad is shia and will be protected by Iran. Attacking the kurds would be too difficult too) 2. Spread into Jordan and gain footholds in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 3. Fight off the West and possibly Russia if they defend Assad
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