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Can someone help me out?

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Sup /k/. I should preface this by saying I know almost nothing about guns. I've just read an online owners guide and gone out shooting once when I was a kid. I live in Washington State, and I'm 19 years old. I found pic related when I was digging through some of my dead grandfathers stuff. It's an old Winchester Model 94 manufactured in 1918. I cleaned it up and bought some ammo for it so I can test it out to see if it still works. Thing is, I'm a little unclear on the gun laws in Washington State. Is it legal to have this thing without a permit? Can I take it in my car? And most importantly, can I test it out in the forest, preferably near Stevens Pass?
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Hey /k/! SHTF! Zombie Apocolypse! SHTF! Governement collapse! WW3! End of the world fatasty thread! I recently moved out my my parents house and all my guns are in their basement... My current stuff that I have is... >WW2 canteen, no plastic in this motherfucker >Super warm ushanka, shits freezing out. was -9 Fahrenheit today. >Iphone 5 for masturbating and browsing 4chan >King Oscarâ„¢ sardines w/ jalapenos for maximum proteinz >Thai MaMa noodles for more gains >Fenix LD01 flashlight w/ spare batteries >Keys to my badass whip >Cold Steel for choping peoples heads off and main defense weapon >Strider SNG GG, main knife for non defense. does /k/ even high quality? >Money clip with debit card, ID, and $40 >Leatherman Wingman should come in handy a lot >Vostok Komandirskie so I can look at the time in style would /k/ operate with me? I can operate mosin nagant. Anything I should lose? anything to add? pls respond
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Time for another /k/ theoretical thread. Suppose it became necessary to move you and 3 other people across the country during a precursor to the happening. Due to the nature of situation, stopping is discouraged when avoidable, and staying in hotels/motels is out of the question due to heightened security measures. at certain points across the country you will encounter sympathizers who can provide fuel And supplies. However, you cannot stay for long. certain areas will be more militarized than others, and you may encounter checkpoints along your route. Before you begin your journey, you will have access to a junkyard containing >a deuce and a half in running condition, with minor surface rust >An aging Vista Cruiser >A 1968 Chevy Impala, with some cismetic damage >A 1995 jeep Cherokee >a dirt white astro van >A Toyota Tacoma with camper shell >a moving truck >a Winnebago with minor transmission issues and chipping paint >various scrap parts, including license plates from non working vehicles >two single shot .50 BMG rifles >2 AR15's >one scoped hunting rifle, mauser action, chambered in .338 Lapua >several homemade Luty machine pistols >one NEF single shot, 12 gauge >one mossberg 500 >a gallon of napalm >an old flare gun What vehicle do you chose? How do you modify it, if at all? what weapons do you bring with you? keep in mind that if you hit a checkpoint, you have the option to either > attempt to blend in and risk being recognized >fight your way through If you look too suspicious, you may be stopped. if so, what do? go!
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The Ruskis just parachuted down in the next town over. Its some red dawn shit going down. They're already 15min from your house by the time your fellow /k/ommandos can warn you. What do you grab before you go innawoods


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>Be me >Be at zoo with GF >At food court removing burger >Me: if you know who Mikhail Kalashnikov is, you get a point >I make all the ladies wet with my stimulating questions >GF: Is that the name of your penis? >lolwut.docx Should I name my penis after Glorious Mikhail Kalashnikov? Also general questions and shit
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Any remington fags in here? Looking at purchasing a Remington 700 sps tactical. Did they all come with the XMP trigger and need to be recalled?

Life After I-594 in WA

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Sup /k/ So what's going on in regards to a lawsuit to overturn? In the days following the election there were tons of petitions and such. Then talk of having 30 days to prepare arguments before filing suit and such. What I was hearing is with things like this, any announcement of a suit is kept pretty hush hush until the deadline so as to keep arguments under wraps and shit like that or something or other That being said has anybody heard anything? In this case no news isn't better than bad news.
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What are the best places for black friday deals?
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At the risk of overdoing it, another AK thread. Because the ARfags keep theirs going. Pic related. High Capacity Liberal Tears
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Does anyone else get that autistic impulse that makes you want a bunch of guns, then suddenly you only want below a "manageable number" of guns, and then suddenly you feel like you only want one or two guns?

VSS thread

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Hey /k/, it's been a while since any of us has posted here, but the main site for Project Yedinorog is up. We'll still be posting updates to the tumblr as well, but this'll be our main site from now on. http://vssvintorez.com/ In case any newfriends are wondering, Project Yedinorog is an attempt to reproduce the VSS Vintorez, AS Val, and the like. I'll be awake for a bit longer to answer any questions or just hang out, shit I don't know.

3 Gorges Dam

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So, 3 Gorges dam. How would you take it out? Assuming nukes aren't an option. Pic kinda related, what the Brits did to German dams

Good Youtube channels (Non Shills?)

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Hey /k/omrades, Could you recommend any youtube gun folks for me. Ideally not obvious shills. Rundown of people I've watched, opinions of a complete faggot. Add your own if you like Nutnfancy >takes forever, MUH TNP, Shills for Kel-tec, talks down to people who are noguns but want to learn Sootch >Shill, unfunny, HPR AMMO! Yeager >dudebro, SOE/Maxpedition shill, couldn't be subtle if his life depended on it. Hickok45 >fun guy to watch, not really reviews, but long ads. Colion Noir >Unfunny NRA token black, tries to be cool, edgy. Turns out to be boring hipster with lame one liners. Old stuff was much better. The Late Boy Scout >Alright guy. Shortish reviews. Nutnfancy Lite NeverEnuffAmmo >occasionally alright videos mixed with shitty "versus" vids that are a cry for help from his subscribers. The Yankee Marshall >most reviews are tryhard "funny". Not terrible, just liberal dad humor from a nerd who likes his own voice. Hoss USMC >Shills for literally anyone who will give him gear. GunWebsites >Not bad, not great. Very short and informative videos. Decent sense of humor. Gets buttblistered way too easily. Stoneguy 223 >Fellatio for Yeager at the drop of a hat. Boring. Zombie Tactics >excellent "dad level" gun advice, very down to earth. Longer, but detailed videos. Not a frequent updater. TheRealTrippleB >lawyer tries to be funny with quick cuts. Fails. MainePrepper >Sucks the government dick to death. Long winded and boring. Little information. Worse than nutnfancy. Thanks in advance.
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How do I decock a Remington 870?

/k/ humor thread

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>ctrl + f >"humor" >no match found initiating obligatory thread

Help me choose my new rifle.

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So, I'm making a choice between two unorthodox 5.56 rifles. A: MPAR Gen II B: Saiga + Canis STANAG adapter. inb4 "AR-15", as I already own one.
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GI bill, worth it, or not.
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So I need some advice, /k/. I'm in the process of getting my CCW and I'm learning to carry. I'm a small guy (32" waist and 130-150 lbs.) and I'm having issues properly concealing my firearm. I'm going to carry a Ruger LC9s, love the little thing so far. It's a single stack 9 so of course it should be easy, I just need a good holster setup. Can't do 3 O'clock carry, and 4-8 doesn't work so great with previous attempts but I'm open to suggestions on it. tl;dr: Carrying small single stack 9, how should I do it as a small man?
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Well, I'm sad you guys hated the green I did recently but I think it might make a nifty innawoods color. My next one is blue. Will post pics later.

ITT: Anything that made you crack up at in the past 24h.

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hello /k/, registered slavaboo here. you know what to do.
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