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Hey /k/, it's not too late to turn in your guns and get a $50 gift card or a sweet pair of Jordans http://youtu.be/cPX9ArpbGzo http://www.realradio.fm/pages/kicksforguns.html
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I've got $1600 in the bank right now but I hate making decisions. Trips decides what gun I buy
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Since the cops in MO have pretty much set the precedent that it is OK to tear gas peaceful protesters... Will this ole boy right here with some standard 40mm NATO filters protect me from the effects of the tear gas?
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Are you done with 4chan? Did moot hurt your feelings? Are you tired of having your threads deleted and the no fun allowed mods? <--- pic related, it´s literally 4chan on steroids but much better reverse trigger warning: this thread was advertisement and you were just e-raped
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ITT: phrases or words that should be wiped from the earth. I'll start. >military-grade >assault-anything

Knew nife for Kanadian

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Hi /k/ Canadianfag here. I need a new knife for self defense. I only need it for going out back of my house for smokes, so Im still on my property and cops can't bother me. I don't want to open carry cuz I dont want to scare my neighbors. Something that fits in the pocket would be nice. So I'm thinking of a fold out. Bear spray as a first line of defense, if that doesnt work for whatever reason I'll have the knife as backup. So far I'm thinking of a Gerber 30-000698 Propel, Assisted Opening Knife
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You're in the icy deserts of Nairobi hunting gazelle when suddenly THIS guy starts sprinting toward you firing off shots from his 30 OP 6. A few bullets whiz past your face and then you are lungshot and fall to the ground bleeding out. He is rapidly gaining on you, What do?
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Do any reputable companies make any decent unmolested M16A2 clones? I want the 20'' barrel, and the carry handle. Shit looks like sex, and I fucking hate ARs.
>Daily reminder the T-72... 135 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click to view.
>Daily reminder the T-72 has more kills than the Abrams


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http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2a5_1408021957 (nsfw) General self defense thread, Preferably with weapons that are unusual or not firearms.
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In afense situation, exactly how bad is the possibility of severe hearing damage? I'm talking no ear pro, no ear protection at all. In situations ranging from shotguns in a hallway to ARs or handguns in a spacious living room. Is permanent damage likely? Yes I know its better to live with some slight ringing than to not live at all.

This fucking guy

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Put level 4 plate in backwards and shoots same exact spot with "3 30.6 rounds" Buy their shit they seem legit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkhkuRst_uQ
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Why does everyone ignore the Portuguese Colonial War but instead jerks off to Rhodesia? >Implying this wasn't a better example of jungle warfare >Fighting on 3 fronts at the same time against rebels backed by ALL world powers at the time >Winning the war until the faggot military decided to do a revolution in Portugal
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BoB thread >them boner inducing "PINGs" >1911s, 1911s everywhere >dat Wild Bill Guarnere >have you seen a luger ? Who is your favorite character and why ?
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Hey /k/omrads! I'm in the market for a nice high-cap rucksack and I've been seeing the 72 Rush from 5.11 come up again and again. Do any of you own this backpack and have anything good or bad to say about it? Or maybe have a suggestion of a similar backpack. I don't want to spend 600 buck on a bag but I'm willing to pay a good price so if you guys have any suggestions throw 'um at me! Pic related: It's the 72 Rush from 5.11
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Hey /k/ I need some honest real world advice. I'm going to California for a while and I have two questions. 1. My understanding is that since a few years ago it's now legal to have a magazine loaded next to a firearm. So if I keep a loaded mag next to a pistol in the same case am I good to go? 2. I plan on bringing my Mora knife. It looks to have a blade of just about 4". Any issues with knife blades. I've Googled the magazine issue and I get conflicting information. Thanks bros.
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So I got my LaRue BUIS last night and I had ordered the VFZ mount with the upgraded XS aperture. They sent me the upgraded Lever Mount but the standard A2 aperture. Should I return it? Or should I keep the lever mount and add the XS aperture later? Is it really worth adding? Is A2 a pain in the ass to anyone?
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Who here lives in a nofunz state? Chicago Illinois here. Looking to move to Colorado.

I need your advice /k/

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An AR-15 Colt Sporter manufactured before the early 1980's was designed to fire the 55 grain M193 FMJ bullet from a 1-16" twist rifling. This was done to cause maximum wound ballistics using a non-frangible bullet, and was tested on hundreds of large breed dogs adopted from animal shelters by the Army's Ordnance Bureau in the 1960's. A lightweight round moving VERY fast, but a comparatively low rate of spin, would yaw and then tumble once it struck bone or dense muscle mass. Luke the Gook would get dinged with a tiny entry wound, but you could pour his guts out into a bucket after the round had "pinballed" all up inside him. The rifle wasn't nicknamed "The Poodle-shooter" for nothin' y'know. In the mid 1980's, the Army and Marines decided to go to to the 62 grain boat-tail bullet and "sped up" the rate of rifling. This made all the clerk-types happy because it resulted in better rifle range scores from the troops, but what it ALSO did was utterly destroy the wound ballistic character of the system. In Panama and Somalia, the targets would be hit three or four times with the new configuration rifle before they even realized that they were shot if none of the rounds struck a bone. The fact that this alteration was great for target-shooters but bad for warriors is why the military is yet again looking for new combat rounds. The fact that they just need to "reset" to the old rifling and old bullet,(and old "full auto" sear instead of that fucktarded 3-shot burst nonsense), will never happen because the Armed Forces never admit when they made a mistake. Anyway, taking all of that into consideration, should I get a G19 as my first handgun?

Kahr Pistols

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So /k/, anybody here who owns a Kahr? How are they? Good carry pieces? Worth the money? Is it true that you can use 1911 mags in the 45s with minor modifications? tl;dr lets share knowledge about Kahr pistols
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